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Summary: My response to a [info]bloodclaim challenge. I have no idea when this is set. It’s a little snapshot of life in Sunnydale. Dawn is having a party. Spike’s chip no longer works. Buffy stayed dead.


Randy Sex Kitten

“I don’t want to do this!” Spike snarled as he glared at his lover.

“Oh, come on, baby! You look hot!” Xander sidled closer and rubbed his jean-clad erection against Spike’s. “Look at what you’ve done.”

Spike scoffed and pushed Xander away. “Please. Like I can’t get you hard just by looking at you. I look like an idiot, I’m not going.”

Xander stepped back and looked at his lover. Spike was wearing crisp, tight blue jeans that caressed the sharp lines in his legs and ass. The white t-shirt wasn’t any looser, his abdomen rolled under the cotton as he pouted. A pack of cigarettes was rolled into his right sleeve and his hair had been slicked with grease and coerced into a classic pompadour with a duck ass in the back. A single blond curl grazed his forehead. Spike’s eyebrow piercing and labret had been taken out, and Xander felt a pang of disappointment when he noticed they were gone.

“Spike, you look great. Come on, it’s just a party!”

Spike pouted, thrusting his bottom lip out and glancing at Xander from under his lashes. “Don’t know why we have to dress like this, though.” He eyed Xander, his dark lover was also wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, but instead of cigarettes, he had a package of jellybeans rolled in his sleeve. “I didn’t dress like this when it was the fifties.”

“It’s Dawn’s party, Spike! You’re the one that insisted that she have whatever theme she wanted! You know how upset she’ll be if you don’t come.”

Spike slid into game face and growled at his lover. “That was a low blow, Harris.”

Xander laughed, knowing that he had won. “Let’s hit the road, Spike. I’ll make it up to you later.”

Spike dropped into his human guise and grabbed Xander before the taller man could pass. “You could start now.” He pulled Xander down and engaged his lover in a kiss.

Xander moaned into Spike’s mouth, relishing the feeling. He ground his hips against Spike, smiling into the kiss when Spike thrust back at him.

Spike drew back suddenly. “Not fair! Why do you get to keep that one in?” Long, thin fingers invaded Xander’s mouth and tugged on the bar embedded in his tongue.

“Bwacs a co…”

Spike frowned and removed his fingers. “What?”

“Because I don’t heal as quick as you do and don’t want to have to get this redone tomorrow.” Xander flickered his tongue at Spike and turned towards the door. “Let’s go, Blondie.”

Spike watched as Xander walked away. He tilted his head and curled his tongue as Xander dropped his keys and then leaned over to grab them. Xander’s ass was round and tight and Spike wanted to do nothing more than rip the new denim off of him and fuck him senseless.

Xander felt, rather than heard, the subsonic growl that was emanating from his mate. He turned around and backed away from Spike. “No, Spike. Not now.” He held his hands up in a defensive posture, trying to ward off the vampire that was prowling towards him.

His words were cut off when he was pressed against the wall by a blond bundle of energy. “Now,” was growled in his ear, weakening his knees.

Xander, never one to deny his baser instincts quickly gave in and, as Spike shredded his shirt and latched onto his nipple, he sent a silent thanks to Dawn who had insisted that he buy doubles of their costumes, just in case.


An hour later, clean and dressed once again, Spike and Xander left the house, Xander still trying to get his D.A. to lay right.

“Leave it alone, Xan. It looks fine.”

“It feels weird!” Xander dragged the comb through his locks it once again.

“Of course it feels weird. You’ve got three pounds of grease in your hair.” Spike maneuvered Xander onto the motorcycle and raced off towards Revello Drive.

Dawn opened the front door, wearing a big smile and an even bigger skirt. Spike picked her up and swung her around. “Bit! You look gorgeous!” He set her down on the porch and stepped back to get a better look at her. She was wearing a massive circle skirt made out of dark gray felt. She had stitched on a classic poodle that had been died purple and pink. The poodle’s hair had been snipped into a Mohawk and it had fangs and horns.

Spike punched Xander on the shoulder. “You made me take off all my rings! You said we had to look authentic! She’s wearing a bloody demon-dog!”

“Poor Spike! Now quit whining and tell me how good I look.” Dawn smacked Spike to draw his attention back to her.

Spike took in the rest of her outfit. A thick patent leather belt adorned her waist, emphasizing its tiny size. She wore a simple white button down shirt and had her hair up in a ponytail. Bobby socks and saddle shoes completed her look.

“You look perfect, Dawn.” Xander hugged her and opened the front door, waving Dawn and Spike in before him.

Obviously the witches had been busy. The house was decorated to the hilt, with a Wurlitzer sitting in the corner, blaring out an Elvis tune. Spike snarled and stomped over, pushing the buttons until the sounds of Chuck Berry filled the room.

Xander grinned and wandered over to kiss Tara and tickle Elisabeth under the chin. Willow and Tara were extremely secretive about who their daughter’s father was, but expressive hazel eyes made Xander suspect…

“Giles! When did you get back in town?” Xander flung his arms around the older man, laughing as Giles stepped back from the embrace, running his hands through his own D.A.

“Watch the hair, mate.” Giles laughed at his own words and the two men wandered to the kitchen, searching for something to drink and talking about Giles’ latest travels.

Spike, spying his favorite girl, swooped in and grabbed Elisabeth from her mother’s arms drawing out a squeal of joy from the nine month old. “How’s my kitten, eh? Got any kisses for your Spike?” Elisabeth grabbed two handfuls of slick blond hair and dragged Spike to her mouth, drooling extensively on his chin. “That’s my girl.”

Willow passed by and leaned in for a bit of drool herself before walking over to join Tara.

Dawn appeared at Xander’s side, pulled his beer out of his hand and took a swig before handing it back. When he opened his mouth she waved a finger at him. “Nuh, uh! Legal now!” She kissed him on the cheek and wrapped her thin arms around Giles’ neck briefly before responding to the call of one of her friends.

“She has turned into a lovely young woman.” Giles looked after Dawn with pride and affection in his eyes.

“Yes, she has. Makes me feel old, you know? All that’s happened. Angel and Wes having a commitment ceremony, Cordelia running off with Anya, Elisabeth being born…” Xander watched closely as Giles flushed at the mention of Tara’s daughter. “I knew it! It was you!”

Giles shook his head frantically as Spike wandered into the room with the child in question. “My kitten wanted a treat, didn’t you, kitten?” Elisabeth waved one fat fist and a box of Zwieback crackers flew across the room. “Oi! I told you no magic around your Spike, now, didn’t I?” He grabbed the box out of midair and opened it to present Elisabeth with her prize. She chewed on the biscuit happily, turning her gaze to Giles and Xander. She laughed and patted Spike and all three men languished under her attention.

“Time for the cake!”

Spike, Xander, Giles and Elisabeth joined the rest of the partygoers in the living room, enjoying the celebration of life.

The End

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