First Date

Randy Sex Kitten

Waiting sucked. Nothing else could really compare. Spike paced the long hallway and wondered what was going on inside. He pressed his ear to the door and listened. As soon as he did that, all movement inside ceased.

“Go away, Spike! Don’t come back until it’s actually time!”

Spike snarled and spun on his heels. He stormed off down the hall, clomped down the stairs and sat on the floor in the lobby, his legs splayed so that none could pass.

He looked at the clock on the wall and growled. That was not the right time. When a well-dressed man attempted to step over him, Spike grabbed his arm and twisted it to look at his watch. “Fuck!”

The man scampered away as Spike contemplated what he could do for twenty more minutes. As a woman stepped out of the old fashioned telephone booth that had recently been added to the lobby, Spike got an idea.

He dug through the pockets of his duster and swore, finally locating a dime and a quarter at the bottom of the inside pocket. He squeezed into the telephone booth, dropped in his hard earned change and dialed a number.


“Hi, pet.”

“Spike, I told you, not until eight!”

“I’m not there, am I? No, I’m sitting in the lobby like a soddin’ git who’s too worked up to go up and get his date.”

“Spike. It’s our first date. I want it to be special.”

“This from the guy who’s never really dated anyone.”

“That’s not fair. I went to the prom with Anya.”

“Anyanka and the prom. That was not a date. She told me all about it. Sounded like a drawn out torture session to me.”

“Hey! I dated Cordy!”

“Snogging in the janitor’s closet, does not a date make, pet.”

“Ok. Well, um, I… well.”

“Don’t even try to say that you dated the evil Slayer. Poof told me all about that one. Said he found you almost dead while she…”

“Shut up, Spike! And when did you talk to Angel and why in the hell did you talk to him about me?”

“Wanted to know, well, I. Um.”


“I’ve not been on a date before, ok, you git? Didn’t exactly date when I was alive and Dru was a sure thing.”

“Hey, calm down. Tell you what. Come on up here, and I’ll tell you about the only date I’ve ever been on, ok?”


Spike slammed down the phone and raced back up the stairs to the apartment. He waited impatiently by the door for it to open. The door opened a crack and Spike pushed, only to find the chain locked. “Xander!”


Xander’s voice came from much lower than it should’ve and Spike squatted down to peer through the crack in the door. “What are you doing?”

Xander sighed. “Told you that we weren’t going until eight and I meant it. Now sit.”

Spike dropped to the floor heavily. “I want to see you. Why do I have to sit out here? I live here!”

“I know, Spike, but I wanted to tell you about something. Someone.” Xander paused and Spike could hear his breath moving quietly on the other side of the door.

“Jesse. You know about Jesse.” Spike grunted in acknowledgement. “He was, well, we were… together. We played straight for Willow and I think we did a good job of keeping it from her.” Spike leaned closer to the door, his head resting on the cool wood. “Don’t ask me why we hid it, we just did.” Xander shifted and Spike recognized the sound of Xander’s favorite shoes scuffing across the floor.

“One night, he decided that we needed something more than groping through our jeans and kissing. So, he called me and asked me to go out with him.” Spike heard the smile in Xander’s voice. “He showed up at my house, dressed to the nines and carrying a tiny package of chocolate with a single daisy on it.” Spike snorted and Xander answered with laughter. “Yeah, it was stupid, but nice. We went out to a restaurant that neither of us had ever been to before and then went to the park. He had a blanket laid out on the grass and we watched the stars for hours, just talking.”

Spike could hear the yearning in Xander’s voice and stayed quiet for a long moment. “That wasn’t safe, you know.”

Xander laughed out loud and the door shut before opening wide once more. Spike looked at Xander in awe, dressed in dress slacks, a well-fitting brown shirt and his favorite, worn out shoes.

Spike lifted his eyes to Xander’s and smiled, holding out an elbow to his date. “You look gorgeous, pet. Shall we?”

The End