Fine Tuned

Randy Sex Kitten

Part 4
Learning to Live

It was gone.

Spike had searched the entire house. Quinn shifted uncomfortably in his arms and grunted at him. Glancing down, he loosened his grip, bouncing her lightly as he flopped down on the couch.

Quinn cooed at him and Spike smiled. He had hoped that this would happen, that Xander would trust him enough to leave his daughter with him. It was their routine now. In the two months since he moved in with the pair, he had fallen more and more in love with Quinn… and her father.

But the beautiful Washburn was gone. Nowhere to be found.

Xander walked in to a familiar scene. Spike was on the couch, purring lightly in his sleep with Quinn lying on his chest, snoring in that sweet baby way that she had.

He quietly dropped down to the floor next to the pair, contemplating everything that had happened in the last three months.

Anya left. Leaving him and their baby girl. Their baby. Tears filled his eyes when he thought of his Quinn having to go through life without a mother. Quinn began to shift, wriggling around on Spike’s chest. Spike purred louder and patted her tiny rump. Xander’s hand, which had automatically reached out when she began to fuss, dropped to his side.

Xander smiled, closing his eyes and laying back on the floor, enjoying the sounds of the happy baby and her vampire.

Spike puttered around the house, trying to ignore the cries that were filtering through the walls of the house.

That level of pain was something he didn’t know how to deal with, didn’t know how to fix. Too many years spent causing pain prevented him from being able to help with this.

“Bababa!” Quinn called to Spike and he moved over to her bouncing saucer and smiled down at her.

“It’s Spike, love, not Bababa.” He touched a finger to her cheek and received a gummy smile in return.

Another cry of pain, and Spike closed his eyes against it. He couldn’t let it touch him, couldn’t let it get near. When Xander was ready, Spike would tell him how falling in love again was the only way Dru’s betrayal had faded from agony to misery in his heart. He would tell him how kind brown eyes and dark, warm skin had replaced her insane ramblings in his heart.

Someday. When it didn’t hurt so badly.

Xander closed his eyes, his head resting against the hard wood of the door. He was so tired. Tired of work, tired of home, tired of Spike, tired of Qui… No. He stood up and shook his head roughly. No. He wasn’t going to do this, wasn’t going to let it in again.

Taking a deep breath, he unlocked the door. “I’m…”

He could hear Spike and Quinn in the bathroom, water splashing, Quinn laughing. Spike’s voice was low, teasing as he spoke to the nine month old. “Now stop, love. Want to be gorgeous for Daddy.”

Quinn’s voice was too sweet to be described and Xander smiled as he heard her slightly accented words. “Sing, Baba.”

“It’s Spike, Quinnie, not Baba.”

Xander smiled. It was an ongoing battle between the vampire and the child.

“Sing, Baba.”

Spike began to sing and Xander’s jaw dropped. He hadn’t heard those words, that tune in almost a year. His fingers began to twitch as he thought of caressing his guitar, drawing out the music that hid deep within. His mind’s eye moved to his beautiful guitar, locked up where no one else could ever find it, but where he could see it every day.

His heart filled with music and he moved away from the door, walking to the kitchen, wondering if he remembered how to make pancakes.

Spike shrugged his shoulders, guiding the leather into place, its heavy weight comforting. He walked through the living room after blowing a kiss to a sleeping Quinn.

“Later, Xan.”

Xander looked up from the notepad on his lap, a guilty expression fleetingly crossing his face. “Where are you going?”

Spike bounced on his toes and grinned. “Gonna go kill something.”

Xander rolled his eyes. “Well, have fun!”

Spike grinned and stalked out the door. Xander laughed at the persona that clung to Spike like a cloud. He grinned and turned back to his notepad, tapping his pencil on his lips before jotting down a few more notes, humming quietly under his breath.

Quinn’s party was finally over. She was asleep on Spike’s shoulder, her sticky fingers having left a trail of blue from his ear all the way down to his collar.

Xander smiled at Spike and attempted to pry the stick of candy from his daughter’s hand. “She’s filthy, Spike.”

Spike chuckled and knelt down on the floor, laying Quinn down and unbuttoning her dress. “That she is, Xan. A lot like her Da, she is.”

Xander snorted as Spike finished stripping the girl and tossed her diaper towards the overfull trashcan. He leaned down and accepted a waking Quinn. “Time for a bath, sweetie.”

Quinn rubbed her eyes and peered around the room. “Where Baba?”

“Right here, love.” Spike waved at her from the floor. Quinn waved back, smiling over Xander’s shoulder as he took her in to bathe.

Spike had looked all over and he couldn’t find it. Xander was too good at hiding things. A growl escaped his lips and the little girl toddling along behind him began to giggle. “Monster face, Baba! Monster face!”

Spike spun, vamped and pounced. Quinn shrieked with laughter as Spike rubbed his face into her stomach, growling and nipping. They spun around, laughing. Quinn’s fingers lightly traced the demon’s lines, smiling sweetly. “Pretty Baba. So pretty.”

Spike’s eyes began to water slightly and he sniffed, forgetting that he was looking for an intriguing but closely guarded notepad. Forgetting everything but the precious bundle in his arms. His face dropped into his human planes and Quinn leaned in, pressing a kiss to his lips. Her chunky baby fingers patted his face. “Love my Baba.”

Movement at the door and Quinn wriggled down, racing toward the front of the house. “Daddy!”

Late night and two men sat on the couch, exhausted after a day of play. “She like that everyday?” Xander turned his head to the side to look at Spike.

“Yeah. All the time.”

“Don’t know how you do it, Spike.” Xander turned back to staring at the ceiling.

“Can’t not to it. Love her.” Spike’s eyes dropped closed and he smiled.

Xander looked at the vampire again. Spike was beautiful in repose. Xander reached out, touching one sharp cheekbone. The connection that he had felt so long ago, the feeling of rightness that had prompted him to invite the vampire into his home was still there.

Spike turned into the touch and purred lightly, almost asleep. Xander grinned and settled back into the couch, his own eyes shutting.

The rain poured down.

Xander sat on the porch, tipping back his beer, watching as Quinn rocked along beside him in the chair that he built for her.

She cocked her head to the side, and looked at her father. “Daddy?”

Xander turned and smiled, his daughter’s faint British accent once again capturing his attention. “Yes, baby?”

“You love Baba?”

Xander turned back to watching the storm, wondering at the observation skills Quinn had developed. “Yes, Quinn, I love Spike.” As he spoke, Xander realized that it was true.

Quinn, happy with his answer, turned back to the storm, rocking solidly back and forth.

Xander was nervous.

He double checked the door, making sure that the deadbolt was open, wondering when the vampire would get back. Xander had sent Quinn home with Willow, Tara and Bonnie, the eighteen month old eager to go help take care of the new baby.

Xander had set the mood; the lights were off, only candlelight shone throughout the house. He drank down the rest of his coke and waited for his vampire to return.

As the last candle began to flicker and die out, Xander fell asleep.

Part 5

The door closed behind him as Spike snuck into the house. He’d been out on a killing spree, trying to get control of his emotions once more. Too much. Too much had happened with Xander and Quinn… Spike smiled as he thought of Quinn, the light of his life.

He listened for her heartbeat as he dropped his duster to the floor in the mudroom. He panicked and raced up the stairs, heading for her room. Her bed was empty, the toddler bed that Xander had carved lovingly over many long weekends was untouched. Her duck was missing, though and Spike smiled. Must have gone home with the witches.

He walked back down the stairs, following a second heartbeat to the living room. Xander was asleep on the couch, surrounded by burned out candles, a warm smile on his face.

Xander woke as he was lifted into strong arms. “Spike,” he murmured, snuggling down against a cool chest.

He groaned as he was placed on his bed, stretching out sleep-stiffened muscles. He tugged Spike down on the bed with him, pulling him close and falling back to sleep.

Spike woke to warm arms wrapped around him. He stretched, his toes popping as he pointed them towards the foot of the bed. Xander was still sound asleep, snoring lightly. Spike heard a scrabbling noise, recognizing it at once. He wriggled out from under Xander and headed for the stairs, meeting Quinn halfway.

She squealed and kicked her legs into the air, throwing Spike off balance and sending them stumbling down the stairs.

“Baba! The baby screams and he smells! Tara let me change his nappy! It was gross! Where’s Daddy? Why is your coat on the floor? Daddy!” Quinn ran for the stairs once more and Spike turned at a giggle.

Tara smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Wonder where she got that from?”

Spike grinned and waved a hand towards the kitchen. Tara moved forward and they sat down, discussing the joys of their children over tea.

Xander’s hands caressed the smooth wood of his guitar. He closed the lid reverently, rubbing the smooth case before walking away. He locked the door behind him and jogged to his car, his ever-present notebook in his hand.

Another birthday.

Quinn screamed as Benjamin wriggled towards her. The baby giggled and the adults smiled down at the pair.

Spike walked past Xander, dropping his fingers down to brush against the other man’s neck. Xander leaned back slightly and turned to smile up at Spike.

“Want to open presents?”

Spike nodded and Xander swooped in to grab his daughter.

Spike climbed into Xander’s bed, his movements slow and careful. Every night was the same, Spike sneaking into the bed in the middle of the night and Xander pretending that he didn’t notice the bed shift.

They curled up together, waking in the morning with a warm body between them, her chattering beginning as soon as either of them opened their eyes.

Spike closed his eyes, pretending that this wasn’t happening. There was no way that this was happening.

He opened his eyes once more to discover that it was. Quinn stood over him, frowning; her tiny fists perched on her hips. “Baba! That is not how you do it!”

Spike sighed and picked up the doll, moving it as he spoke. “May I have more tea, milady?”

A snicker from the doorway alerted him to another presence and he growled, earning him a smack from his lady.

Spike pressed Xander against the wall, their faces only inches apart. “You think it’s funny, do you? The Big Bad playing tea?”

Xander tried to contain his laughter as he shook his head. Spike moved closer, enjoying the warmth of the body he slept next to every night. Suddenly, the laughter was gone. Their lips met, soft, warm. The truth behind this first touch burning them with its intensity.

“Daddy and Baba sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Daddy with a baby carriage!”

Their kiss broke as they smiled, turning in unison to look at their child. Quinn grinned and bounced back into her room, her dark ponytail swishing behind her.

That night, Spike came to bed at the same time as Xander. They stood on opposite sides of the bed and smiled shyly, unsure as to what the kiss meant to their relationship.

Xander climbed in first and threw back the covers, silently inviting Spike in. As they curled around each other, Xander’s voice was soft, “Wanted this for so long, Spike.”

Spike turned, capturing Xander’s lips once more. “Me, too.”

Part Six


Spike woke with a start, jerking his head up and twisting to look at Quinn. “What, love?” He turned to look at the empty pillow beside him. “Where’s your Daddy?”

Quinn clambered onto the bed, snuggling close to Spike. “Daddy had to go out. He said that there was something that he had to do today. Can we make pancakes?”

Spike rubbed his eyes and nodded. “’Course, love. Let me get dressed, yeah? Then we’ll make some cakes.”

“’K Baba.” She pressed a kiss to his cheek and disappeared out the door.

“Oi! Put some clothes on!”

Pancakes were messy. He had no idea why he always agreed to make them. He was on the floor under the table, scraping up the last sticky chunk from under Quinn’s spot when he heard to door crack open.

“Spike?” Xander’s voice sent a thrill down Spike’s spine and he smiled.

“In the kitchen, love!”

Xander appeared in the doorway, his frown transforming to a grin when he saw Spike. “Pancakes? How did she talk you into that?”

“Oh, shove off, Harris,” Spike growled, shifting back and rising gracefully to his feet, only to trip over a tiny pink shoe covered in rhinestones and feathers. Xander caught him as he fell, taking the opportunity to catch him in a deep kiss.

Later, after a shower, three glasses of water, a promise of a pony ride, and a snuggle, they sat in the relative quiet of the living room, pretending not to hear Quinn’s feet pitter-pattering above them when she was supposed to be napping.

“So where did you go, love?” Spike asked, his fingers trailing up Xander’s arm.

“I had to go pick up something.” He stood, dislodging Spike, and walked to the other side of the room, reaching behind the couch and pulling out an all too familiar case, his eyes focused not on Spike, but the floor in front of him.

“I’ve heard you singing to Quinn. It took me a while, but I figured it out.” The case opened and Spike smiled at the sight of the beautiful guitar, obviously well-kept, no sign of two years of neglect anywhere on it. Xander came and sat next to Spike. “Thank you for this,” he whispered, as his lips met Spike’s.

“Daddy! Benjamin is… Daddy!” Quinn’s shriek drew all the adults up the stairs, leaping over the gate at the top, and racing to Quinn’s bedroom.

Spike’s heart almost began to beat as he looked down at the pride in his daughter’s eyes. Quinn smiled up, not seeing Willow’s tears or Tara’s joy as Benjamin let go of Quinn’s finger and took a step toward the giant Tigger in the corner.

Xander moved in closer to Spike, letting his hand drag down the smooth skin of Spike’s hip, allowing his fingers to linger. “Spike,” he whispered, sighing as Spike rolled, kissing him deeply.

“Oh, Xan,” the words a gasp, breathed out between slow thrusts.

Clenching, shuddering, they reached completion, Xander’s breath light, quick. Spike snuggled close, pressing kisses to his jaw and throat.

“I love you.”