Fancy a Ride?

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Five

Outside Compulsion, Xander is still trying to calm his lover. Spike coughs and sputters as he talks his way past the line of patrons waiting to get in. The crowd roars in anger and Xander and Spike slide past the bouncer and into the velvet darkness of the club.

The music is heavy and dark, but the singer is laughing as the lyrics wrap around him. Spike waves at the band, receiving a quick nod in response. The drummer waves his sticks in the air and Spike laughs.

The club is one giant room with pillars all around. Couples are making out in the shadowy corners. Spike grabs Xander’s hand and drags him past the bar where a dark-skinned man was juggling bottles. “This way.”

The bartender yells, “Spike!” as the couple passes and Spike yells back. They cross the club, finally coming to a door at the back of the room. Spike knocks once before opening it, sliding cleanly into the room and dragging Xander along with him.

The door shuts and the sounds of the club are gone. Xander looks around the room and almost laughs. He doesn’t understand how this can possibly be the same building as the club.

The room he is standing in makes him think of the documentaries he’s seen about the British Monarchy. The room has high ceilings but feels cozy. The walls are lined with wood paneling and a roaring fire stands in the corner of the room. Large, comfortable looking armchairs sit in front of the fire; a large desk nestled behind them.

Xander is intrigued by the paintings that line the wall. Scenery is prevalent, but there are also portraits and home scenes. His eyes finally land on the man behind the desk, who is rising and moving towards them.

“Wil. Are you alright?” The man embraces Spike, holding him close for a long moment.

“Yeah, Rupert, I’m fine. Got no clothes…” He plucks at the black t-shirt and Rupert laughs.

“Yes, well, I’ll be taking care of that.” When Spike begins to speak, Rupert cuts him off. “No, Wil, I said that I would take care of it. Now if you would introduce me…”

Spike jerks and blushes. “This is Xander Harris. Xander, this is Rupert Giles.” Xander reaches out and shakes Rupert’s hand.

“Hello, Xander. Please feel free to call me whatever you wish. I respond to Rupert or Giles.” Rupert smiles at Xander.

“Or Rupes,” Spike adds.

Rupert rolls his eyes and Xander can see that this is an ongoing joke between the two men. “Please sit down.”

Spike grabs Xander’s hand and guides him to one of the armchairs. He pushes Xander into the chair and gracefully sits on the floor at his feet. Rupert walks over to sit in the other armchair, smiling warmly at Spike.

“Tell me what happened, Wil.” Rupert’s gaze never falters.

Spike blushes and looks at the floor. “I just couldn’t do it anymore, Rupert. I met Xander at a club. Was it just yesterday?” Spike looks up at Xander and they both nod. “We hit it off and for the first time in forever, I felt like it was right.” Xander reaches out and strokes Spike’s cheek. Spike smiles. “So, I took him home, fed him, did my big seduction scene, then she showed up.”

Rupert sighs, leans back and closes his eyes. “I knew this would happen eventually. I am so sorry, Wil.” He opens his eyes and looks at Xander. “I am very glad to meet you, Xander, and I am thrilled that Wil has found someone that he can truly care for.”

The truth shines in his eyes, and Xander smiles in return. “Thank you.”

Rupert’s eyes fall shut once more as he begins to speak. “I’ve spoken with her doctor and we’ve agreed that it is no longer safe for her to be out in the community.” Spike reaches up and grabs Xander’s hand, squeezing tightly. “He has recommended that she be committed for ninety days, to be evaluated for further treatment at that time.”

Xander shifts uncomfortably in his chair and Rupert’s eyes open. “I am so sorry you had to see this. Buffy, well, she was a lovely girl. Losing her mother was simply too much for her. I had hoped that my…” He breaks off and a tear rolls down his face.

“Rupert.” It is barely a whisper and Spike is now sitting at Rupert’s knee, holding him tightly as he weeps.

“Xan. Could you go out and get us a couple of drinks? I’ll be there in a minute.”

Xander nods. “Yeah. I’ll be outside.”

Xander stands next to the bar and catches the bartender’s attention. “Coke.” The man returns not a moment later and Xander sits on a barstool, watching the dancers on the floor.

A couple catches his eye. Both men are dark skinned and tall. They are dressed similarly and are grinding against each other in time with the music. Xander feels himself harden as he catches sight of one man grasping the other’s cock through his pants.

He felt fingers brush up against his own hardened length and jumped up, coming face to face with a laughing Spike. “Wanna dance?” Xander grins and nods and the two slip out onto the dance floor, moving as one.

Hours later, hot and dripping with sweat, Spike and Xander move back toward Rupert’s office. Spike pulls Xander close and presses a kiss against warm lips before opening the door and stepping through.

“Ah, there you are. I was about to come looking for you.” Rupert smiles at the pair and waves Spike toward the bathroom. “Towels are in there.” Once they are somewhat dry, Spike and Xander sit in the chairs across from Rupert’s desk.

“I have gone through everything and I think I have come up with a total that will be amenable to us both.” Rupert picked up a sheath of paper and began flipping through it.

“No, you haven’t, Rupert. I told you that you don’t have to pay for anything.” Spike glares at Rupert and Rupert glares back.

“Guys, I can leave…” Xander turns toward the door, but is stopped by two voices.

“No!” Spike and Rupert are now glaring at him and Xander begins to laugh.

Spike and Rupert look at each other then back at Xander and both begin to smile. “Fine, Wil. How about this: I will bankroll a trip for you and Xander to wherever you please and purchase a wardrobe for each of you. “ Rupert pauses before continuing. “And, I will be repairing the motorbike.” When Spike’s mouth opens, Rupert’s finger came out. “No argument. I will pay for the repairs and a vacation for you both. Agreed?”

Spike sighs and looks at Xander. “Agreed.”

“Good.” Rupert’s pleased grin shines throughout the room.

Spike pulls Xander back into the club and they dance for several more hours. Xander pulls Spike to the side and asks, “Ready to go home?”

Spike nods and they leave the club.

Spike reaches out and grabs Xander’s hand as they walk towards the car, earning him a smile. “So where do you want to go, pet?”

Xander shrugs. “I don’t know. I do know that I have to go to classes next week.” Spike pouts and Xander grins. “I have to! But the week after that is Spring Break…”

Spike wraps his arms around Xander’s waist and squeezes him. “Yes! Time to make plans, then!”

Part Six

Xander stretches out his arms, basking in the residual rays of the setting sun. His bare chest glinted in the dim light entering through the open wall of the small bungalow.

He grins and turns on his heel when he hears movement behind him. Spike is lying on the soft pallet in the middle of the floor; his hair is sticking up, tangled from sleep. He rubs his eyes and squints up at Xander. “Whas gnon?”

Xander grins and drops to the ground next to Spike. “Watching the sunset. You about ready to get up? Tonight’s the night.”

This makes Spike sit up and grin. “Tonight!” He wraps his arms around Xander’s neck, pulling him in for a kiss.

Xander scrambles back to his feet and laughs. “No more, baby! Gotta get ready.”

Spike stretches and watches as his lover leaves the room. The phone rings in the middle of an impressive yawn and he stretches out for it, snagging the receiver and grunting.

“Lovely way to answer the phone, Wil.”

Spike snorts and grunts again. Giles laughs and continues, “I have everything arranged. All you have to do is show up. Think you can handle that?”

“Yes, Rupert, I think I can handle that.” Spike snorts in annoyance and hangs up the phone, scratching his stomach as he walks to the bathroom. Spike stares over his shoulder at Xander as he relieves himself, enjoying the unobstructed view of his lover’s body.

Xander is standing in the middle of a sunken tub. Water flows over him from an opening in the ceiling. Xander stands with his arms over his head, his abdomen stretching and twitching as he washes his hair.

Spike flushes and steps into the sunken shower, stepping around his lover and wrapping his arms around Xander’s waist. He kisses his back between the shoulder blades.

“What are you thinking?” he mumbles into Xander’s back, his lips tickling the flesh there.

Xander grins, his fingers buried deep in his hair. He keeps scrubbing, but turns to look down at Spike. “I’m thinking that in the year and a half that I have known you, I have gone on more trips than any one person should.”

Spike laughs and reaches up, entangling his fingers with Xander’s. “Yeah, well. I don’t know how to get Rupert to stop.”

“I know.”

Xander ducks his head under the water falling from the ceiling and rinses the suds from his hair. He reaches for the shampoo and starts on Spike’s head. “You’ll leave it loose today?” he prompts Spike, receiving a nod in return.

He moves Spike under the stream of water and, when the soap is gone, back against the wall of the shower. He smiles, pressing a kiss to Spike’s mouth, and drops to his knees.

He looks at Spike’s cock, standing tall and proud. A tiny bead of moisture hangs from Spike’s PA and Xander flicks out his tongue to taste it. He tugs on the ring a bit before sliding his mouth down the length, tasting every part of his lover. Spike’s fingers find their way into his hair and he smiles around the flesh in his mouth.

“Oh baby, so good.” Spike’s voice is muffled.

Xander groans in response and grins when Spike’s hips thrust up against him. He releases Spike, sitting back on his heels. “Can you believe this?”

Spike slides down the wall and wraps his arms around Xander. “I know. It’s too good to be true, isn’t it?”

Their lips meet as someone begins to bang on the bathroom door. Spike’s eyes catch Xander’s and he reaches out, grasping Xander’s cock in his hands. Xander reciprocates and they sit under the cascade of water, staring into each other’s eyes as they come, their seed spilling out to cover them both.

“Xander! I know you’re in there!”

Xander groans and rolls his eyes, leaning in to kiss Spike once again.

“Spike! Spike! You’re not supposed to do the groom before the wedding!”

Xander groans again and drops his forehead against Spike’s, rolling it back and forth. “Anya! Go away!”

Spike laughs and stands, dragging Xander with him. “Pushy bint.”

“I heard that!”

Spike snorts and makes quick work of lathering up both of their bodies as Xander watches. They rinse quickly and dry off, wrapping the thick towels around their waists before walking out into the main room.

Willow bounces up from the floor and grins. “Oh! You look wonderful!” Tears begin to roll down her face. Spike glances down at the towels that they are wearing and turns to look at Rupert who shrugs.


“You couldn’t keep them away until we were ready?”

Rupert shrugs again as Anya begins tugging at Xander’s towel. “Now take it off. I’ve seen it all before.”

Xander yips, holding tightly to the terrycloth around his waist. Spike strides forward and pushes Anya away. “Now see here. Those are my goodies, you stay away.”

Xander blushes and escapes to the bathroom with his suit as Anya and Spike continue to argue. Finally, Rupert herds the girls out of the bungalow, promising drinks.

Spike is adjusting his tie when Xander’s head pops out from around the door. “Is it safe to come out?”

Spike nods and Xander walks into the room. Spike’s eyes drift over his lover from head to toe. Xander is dressed in cream-colored linen, the shirt the same warm color as the suit.

His tie is an eclectic combination of browns that highlights the warmth of his eyes. His tanned feet are bare, his toes curling into the soft carpet of the floor.

“Oh, Xander.” Spike moves across the floor, pulling Xander close. They stand there for a long moment, their heads buried in each other’s neck.

“Let me see you,” Xander orders. Spike shuffles back, straightening to show off his suit.

Spike’s hair is longer than when they met, and a soft golden color rather than the white he had once worn. Loose curls frame his face and he smiles. He is wearing darker linen. His is a deep blue with a lighter blue shirt. His tie is simple, the same strong color of the suit, his naked toes pale against the floor.

He shrugs, the movement drawing Xander’s attention. “Well?”

Xander sweeps Spike into his arms and kisses him. Music begins to drift across the warm breeze and they join hands. Still staring at each other, they walk out onto the beach.

A dozen people line the sand. Locals stand holding flowers and guitars, some waving them toward the front. Spike’s band mates are dressed in all black and look distinctly uncomfortable. Willow is batting Anya’s hands away as she tries to increase the amount of cleavage that her girlfriend is showing. Rupert stands with Tara and her wife, both women smiling serenely.

Spike and Xander stop in front of a shrunken, wizened figure standing before the crowd. He smiles a toothless grin at them, and begins to speak in heavily accented English.

“Tonight, we gather to celebrate the devotion of Alexander Harris and William Jamison. In as much as these two people love each other and…”

The sunlight fades as the lovers join together for eternity.

The End

Christmas Interlude ~ Abject Fear

A Christmas Card Fic for [info] ponders_life

Spike whoops and howls with exhilaration as they fly through the air. Xander cries are closer to abject fear than any type of excitement. “Spike, you fuck!”

Xander shuts his eyes as the swing begins to slow. They dangle in the air for a long moment before the crane begins to lower them slowly to the ground. Xander’s knees buckle and he falls to the ground, pulling Spike down with him.

Spike laughs and rolls, the harness around them doing nothing to disguise the erection pressing into Xander’s hip. He leans in and captures Xander’s mouth, his smile completely contagious.

When Spike releases him, Xander scrambles to his feet. “Never, never again, Spike. Never.” He bats away the helping hands of the staff. “Never again. I don’t know how you talked me into…”

Spike lifts an eyebrow and smirks and Xander’s heart gives way. “Yeah, I do.” He grabs Spike’s hand and, kicking away the sling, drags him off towards their cabana. “Do it again.”

Spike’s laugher echoes down the empty beach.