Fancy a Ride?

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Three

Spike pulls Xander back towards the bedroom, which is no longer partitioned off. Xander’s friend Tara is a dressmaker and he has the screens stacked up next to the front door to take to her. He thinks that she might be able to repair the silk tapestries.

Spike yawns as he starts to peel his day old clothes off. “What day is it anyway?”

Xander shrugs and thinks back. “Um… Saturday, I think.”

“Fuck. Have to play tonight. What time is it?” Spike peers at the clock, noting that it is late in the afternoon. “Man. I wanted to spend some time with you today. Maybe talk and get to know each other.” Spike opens a drawer and pull out a pair of shredded jeans. He sighs, drops them back in the drawer and slams it shut.

Xander tries not to grin, but finally gives into the urge.

“Don’t you dare laugh!” Spike scowls at Xander, but can’t maintain it when Xander begins to snicker. Spike collapses to the floor, laughing so hard that tears are rolling down his face.

Xander grabs spike by the arms and pulls him to his feet. “’Come on, Blondie. Let’s go to my place and shower. Bet I have some old jeans that’ll fit you.”

Spike pulls his shirt back on and both men begin searching for their shoes. “This really bites, you know?”

“I know.”

Spike grabs the phone and hits redial. “Rupert? Yeah. Look, I can’t make it in tonight. My clothes are all shredded, my bike is gone, if my stuff wasn’t at the club, I’d… You don’t have to do that. Ok. Well sorry for cutting out on you. Yeah, I know. No, I don’t want… Ok. All right! Bye.” He leads Xander out the back door of his apartment and waves him towards the passenger side of an old DeSoto. “My baby,” he confides in Xander.

Xander grins as Spike slams the engine into gear. “Pretty girl.”

Spike glances at Xander out of the corner of his eye. “So, you want to tell me where I’m heading?”

Xander blushes and laughs. “Sorry. I feel like I’ve known you forever already, I just expect you to know everything about me.”

Spike stops at a red light and reaches out a hand, running it through greasy brown strands. “I feel the same.”

Xander gets lost in the stormy blue eyes that are holding his and jerks out of his reverie when the car behind them begins blaring its horn. “Turn right. I live off of Austin Avenue on Quail Run.”

“Right then.” Spike reluctantly moves his hand away from Xander and sticks it out the window, flipping of the driver behind him. He turns and follows Xander’s instructions, pulling up in front of an older house. “This all yours?”

Xander is halfway out the door, hand already deep in his pocket, reaching for his keys. “Nah. The owner split it up into four apartments about fifteen years ago. It’s nice. I was really lucky to get it. Just happened to be walking by when he was sticking the ‘For Lease’ sign in the ground. Come on up.” Xander leads Spike up the stairs on the left side of the house.

When the door opens, Xander turns and blocks Spike’s view of the interior. “Now remember. I am but a poor college student.”

Spike nods and Xander allows him to enter the living room. Bookshelves line the walls and there are bare spaces where Anya has obviously removed things. A ratty couch on thin wooden legs rests against the wall and a decent entertainment center sits across from it. Xander moans when he notices that the television is gone, as is the DVD player.

Xander disappears around a door and Spike hears an explicative. “She took the coffee maker!”

Spike wanders towards another open door, stepping over the piles of clothing that litter the floor. “Did she take the bed?” He peeks in the room, pleased to see box springs and a mattress.

“Did she?” Xander’s disembodied voice makes it around the corner before he does. He drops his head to the doorframe and grunts. “She took the fucking bed.”

Spike smiles and points. “At least you still have a mattress. That’s more than I’ve got!”

Xander gives a passable growl and grabs Spike around the waist, backing him towards said mattress. He shoves the blond down on the bed, falling to land on top of him. “You think this is funny, huh?”

Spike grins. “Hell, yeah. We both had our apartments trashed by our ex girlfriends in the same twenty-four hours. It’s bloody funny!”

Xander presses down further into the body below him. He thrusts his hips gently against Spike’s, feeling not only his own cock fill, but Spike’s as well. Spike’s hands come up to twine in dark waves and he pulls Xander down for a kiss.

Their lips meet gently at first, but quickly move into a more passionate embrace. Their tongues fight for dominance, but Spike wins, choosing to thrust his tongue in and out of Xander’s mouth, mimicking the action that he so desperately wants.

Xander moans and begins a soft rhythm of thrusts against Spike. His hands dig into Spike’s shoulders as he presses down. The kiss stops when neither man has oxygen left. They pull apart and Spike smiles an evil grin. “You smell, pet.”

Xander mock-scowls and climbs off of Spike, both men moaning at the loss of contact. He reaches out a hand and pulls the blond from the bed. “Yeah, and you smell like a rose. Come on.”

Xander pulls an unresisting Spike behind him to the tiny bathroom. A large shower stall takes up the entirety of the floor space with a toilet tucked in the corner and a pedestal sink next to it. Xander begins to pull of his clothes and then starts digging through the egg crates under the sink. He stands up, triumphant, and presents Spike with a toothbrush and razor.

“You trying to tell me something?”

Xander uses his now empty hands to open Spike’s jeans and tugs them down, stopping to finger the heavy steel gracing the end of his cock. “This is so hot, Spike.”

Spike stands dumbfounded in the middle of the bathroom, his jeans around his knees with a toothbrush in one hand and a razor in the other, as Xander fingers his cock lightly. Strong fingers gently caress the edges of his foreskin and he shudders. “Xander!”

Xander pulls away from Spike, pressing a quick kiss to his lips and slips out of the bathroom. “Be right back.”

Spike tosses his toothbrush and razor into the sink and quickly finishes stripping, leaning against the wall to tug off his boots. He starts the water and hears Xander enter into the room, shutting the door behind him.

Spike grins as Xander wraps his arms around him. “Missed you, pet. What took you so long?” Xander opens one hand to show Spike several square, foil packets and a bottle of lube. Spike smiles and turns in Xander’s arms. “A bit sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yeah.” The words dance across Spike’s lips and Xander crushes his mouth against the blonde’s. They stand there, tasting and teasing each other’s mouth until Spike pulls away, gasping for breath.

Xander stripped in the bedroom and is currently enjoying the feeling of his bare cock rubbing against Spike’s. Spike reaches into the sink and collects his stuff before stepping into the spacious shower, dragging Xander behind him.

They stand, pressing against each other under the hot spray, neither one saying a word. The water sooths sore muscles, strained by the heavy cleaning and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. Finally, Xander begins to move, dragging his fingers up Spike’s sides. He grabs a bathing sponge and pours a large dollop of gel onto it, rubbing it harshly to produce foam before pressing it against Spike’s satiny skin.

He rubs the sponge over Spike’s abdomen and chest, watching the muscles twitch under his hands. He drops the sponge to the floor of the shower and threads his fingers in the rings adorning Spike’s chest, tugging lightly.

Spike moans and leans into Xander’s touch. “No fair, you got nothing to grab.”

Xander releases a ring and grabs Spike’s hand, moving it to cover his throbbing erection. “You could hold on to this.” His voice hangs in the air, a sultry sound that dances over their skin like oil.

Spike chokes, squeezing Xander’s cock. Then he snorts, scoffs and finally laughs. The intense mood is broken when Spike falls to the floor, clutching his stomach.

“What?” Xander demands, his hands on his hips.

Spike looks up at his soon to be lover, gasping for breath as he laughs, taking in the soaked hair and drops of water running down lean muscles. “That had to have been the corniest line I have ever heard.”

“Yeah? Well you try to come up with something original when you’ve got the world’s hottest guy in your shower!”

Spike stops laughing and raises onto his knees. “Don’t need a line when I have this.” He holds up a foil packet and tears it open with his teeth. He keeps his eyes glued to Xander’s as he opens his mouth, placing the condom on his tongue.

Spike leans forward, slowly engulfing Xander’s cock to the root. The slide of the condom, combined with Spike’s talented tongue almost makes Xander loose his precarious control.

Xander’s hands curl into damp blond curls as Spike continues his sensual assault. Up and down Xander’s shaft he bobs, taking more of his length each time. It feels so odd to have a cock in his mouth again. Spike smiles and swallows around the spongy tip of Xander’s erection.

He sucks and pulls, using his musician’s fingers to pull moans of desire from his lover. He drops one hand down, releasing his hold on Xander’s hip, and searches for the bottle of lube. When he finds it, he pours some out on his thigh, running his fingers through the puddle to coat them.

Spike pulls back and releases Xander’s cock with a soft pop. He looks up to find that Xander’s eyes are still trained on him. Xander is leaning against the wall, his head cushioned on his forearms as he watches Spike devour him whole.

Spike smiles deviously and slides one slick finger over Xander’s sack, back across taut skin to finally circle Xander’s tight pucker. He smiles as Xander’s eyes widen and just as the taller man begins to relax, Spike breaches him.

Xander cries out and Spike immediately latches back onto his swollen length. He stretches and prods within as he draws hard on the cock in his mouth. He feels Xander tense above him and begin to shudder, and moans as the warm release floods out of Xander’s body and collects in the tip of the condom. Spike moans in disappointment, wanting desperately to taste Xander’s essence.

He pulls back and looks into stunned brown eyes. “We are getting tested tonight. Hear me?” Xander nods and Spike remains on his knees in front of the brunette, placing sweet, warm kisses to hips and abdomen.

Xander’s eyes drift shut as Spike slips a second finger in to join the first. Xander is tight, tighter than he could have imagined. Spike is in heaven as Xander’s ass clenches and pulls at his fingers. His own cock is purple with need. He pours a bit more lube onto his thigh, using both hands to insure that Xander is well coated, inside and out.

Spike’s hands shake as he opens another package and slips the condom over his hardness. He stands and Xander pushes back from the wall, making room for the blond to stand within his embrace. Brown eyes open and Xander smiles as he whispers, “Need you in me, baby.”

Spike shudders at the sound and moves around Xander’s body, kissing and caressing bare skin, refusing to move an inch away from his lover. He slides up against Xander’s back, enjoying the feel of his cock slipping between Xander’s cheeks. He’s suddenly aware of the warm water raining down on them and wonders why he didn’t notice it before.

Xander moans and reaches back to capture Spike’s hip and pull him against him. “Now, please.” The words come out as a whimper and Spike steps back, taking in the sight of Xander before lining up his cock and thrusting smoothly into Xander’s heat.

Xander moans at the sensation of metal balls rolling against his skin and thrust back against Spike, wanting the other man deeper.

“Like that, love? Just imagine what that would feel like rubbing against your sweet spot, pounding into it mercilessly. Gonna do that, baby. Gonna fuck you face to face, catch your moans in my mouth…” Spike cries out as Xander clenches his muscles tightly around his cock. “So tight!”

Xander is lost. He can’t feel the water running down his skin or Spike’s fingers digging into his hips. All he can feel is Spike’s cock, filling him, making him complete. Spike’s words filter through his mind and he sees himself laid out under Spike as that talented tongue spins more tales of lust and that cock pounds into his soul.

Xander gasps and jumps as Spike hits his prostate over and over, his cock hardening once again. Spike reaches around Xander’s body, quickly stripping the condom off of Xander’s reinvigorated cock and dropping it to the floor. He pulls hard at Xander’s erection, almost brutal with his touch. Xander, unable to control himself, feels tears begin to escape from his eyes.

Spike feels a slight tremble and stops his thrusting, wrapping his arms around his lover. “What is it, Xan?”

Xander sobs aloud. “So good. Oh, Spike, it’s been so long. I feel whole, I feel loved.” The arms around his waist tighten and Spike begins thrusting into him once again.

“You should feel loved, because you are.” At Spike’s whispered words, Xander comes again. Spike doesn’t even try to resist, his orgasm washes over him as whispered words of devotion slide across his lips.

Spike stays where he is, leaning heavily against Xander. His eyes tingle painfully and he blinks back the tears that are threatening to fall. Xander is leaning boneless against the wall, so Spike pulls out, unhappy with the loss, and drops his used condom to the ground. He picks up the discarded sponge and pours more gel over it. He quickly bathes Xander, then himself, before grabbing the shampoo.

When Spike’s fingernails scratch at his scalp, Xander stands up a bit, groaning and leaning into his touch. “Feel good?” Spike mutters. Xander nods in reply. Spike maneuvers Xander so that he is standing under the spray and rinses the soap from his body and hair. A toothbrush is pressed into Xander’s hand and he automatically brushes his teeth, happy to be rid of the grit that covers them.

Spike moves Xander out of the way to rinse his own hair, and then shuts off the water. He steps out of the stall and pulls a large, fluffy towel from wall. He dries Xander thoroughly, enjoying the feel of strong muscles under his hands. “You are so beautiful, Xander.”

Xander blushes and Spike dries himself off. Xander grabs Spike and draws the smaller man against him. He peers deeply into cerulean eyes, then leans in and presses a warm, chaste kiss to Spike’s mouth. “Thank you.”

Spike smiles And Xander leads him to the bedroom where he tosses a pair of shorts at Spike before pulling on a pair of boxers. He drags Spike against him once again and falls back onto the bed, pulling Spike closer and drifting off into sleep.

Spike snuggles closer into his lover. Lover. He presses a kiss to Xander’s neck. Inhaling Xander’s intoxicating scent, words escaping as he exhales. “You are loved.”

Part Four

“C’mon, pet, wake up.” Spike smiles when Xander’s eyes open slightly. “Hello, love. Time to get up.”

Xander groans and rolls over, trying to hide from his annoyingly chipper lover. “Why are you awake?”

Spike climbs over Xander and snuggles into his chest, pressing warm lips against Xander’s face. “Want a bit more of that lovely cock. Now let’s go.”

Xander sits up groggily and tries to process Spike’s comment. “You want more of my cock and we’re leaving? Where are we going?”

“Want to get tested. The faster we test, the faster I can taste you, jam my tongue into your hole, devour you…” Spike ignores Xander’s lustful groan and tugs on his ragged jeans, turning his nose up at the smell. “And we need to get to a store and buy me some bloody clothes.”

Xander lies in the bed, watching Spike dress. The feelings that are developing for this man amaze him. “I think I’m falling in love with you.” His voice floats gently through the room, and Spike turns on his heel.

Spike climbs onto the bed, jeans open, his PA glinting in the darkness. He reaches a hand out and caresses Xander’s cheek. “Yeah.” He drops his head down and captures Xander’s lips in a kiss. “Same thing is happening to me.”

Xander looks desperately at Spike. “Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of waiting period? I mean, we both just broke up with our girlfriends yesterday!” Xander’s voice is bordering on hysterical and Spike leans in to kiss him on the forehead.

Spike kneels up on the bed, raising a hand and brushing it against the wooden frame that holds Oz’s flag. “I think that we’ve both had enough waiting. Four years for you, seven for me… I think the timing is just right.”

Xander smiles with tears in his eyes. Spike’s fingers are still reverently touching Oz’s flag and the memory of asking Oz if he sent Spike jumps back into Xander’s mind. “He would’ve liked you, you know? He was the only guy we knew that dyed his hair and painted his nails.” Xander motions toward the chipped, black paint on Spike’s nails.

“From what I’ve heard, I would’ve liked him, too. Get up and dressed now?” Spike looks so hopeful that Xander laughs.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Xander pulls out a clean pair of sweats, a size too small and hands them to Spike before digging through his closet to find a t-shirt for his lover and some clothes for himself.

Thankfully, Spike chunks his jeans into the corner of the room and tugs on the sweats and t-shirt that Xander has given him. They’re too big, and definitely not his style, but they smell like Xander, so they’re ok.

Both men head to the bathroom at the same time, and there is a friendly squabble over the toothpaste and access to the sink. Xander looks over, his toothbrush jammed into the side of his mouth, and runs a finger down Spike’s cheek. “We didn’t shave earlier. Think we should do it now?”

Spike shakes his head and spits into the sink. “Nah, we can do it later. If we start doing anything like that now, I’ll have to stop and make love to you. I called and the clinic closes at nine tonight.” He rinses his mouth out with a handful of water and grabs Xander, pulling him close. “Can’t wait to suck you and taste you, run my tongue around the head of your cock, dab it into the slit, swallow you into my throat...”

Xander feels his knees weaken at the heat in Spike’s eyes and then jumps when Spike swats him on the ass. “Let’s go, love.”

“Spike.” Spike stops and turns at the dangerous tone in Xander’s voice. He finds himself shoved roughly against the sink, the water still streaming from the faucet. Xander plunders his mouth, roughly flicking his tongue against Spike’s pallet, demanding more with each thrust of his tongue.

Suddenly, the rough mouth is gone, Spike’s hands are braced on the sink behind him and Xander is on the floor at his feet. Passion clouded eyes are staring up at him and he shivers. “You are a tease,” Xander states clearly.

Spike’s pants slip down his legs and Xander is rolling a condom down his hard length. “You may be able to wait, but I can’t. Need you now.” With those words, Xander wraps his lips around Spike’s cock and begins to make love to it with his mouth.

Spike watches as his thickness slides easily in and out of Xander’s talented mouth. His eyes are distracted from the delectable sight by a slight movement. Somehow, Spike is able to focus past the desire and pleasure to watch as Xander’s hand frees his own cock and begins stroking it.

Spike’s eyes flutter shut and he is overwhelmed by sensation. Xander is tugging at his PA through the condom, his teeth lightly grazing every sensitive part of his dick. Teeth are followed by a soothing tongue bath and the suction… Spike has no desire to thrust. He is content to stand, or try to at any rate, and allow Xander to show him the depths of his talent.

Xander begins to moan. He has held himself back since Spike woke him, made it through the teasing words, but the feeling of this man, the hardness in his mouth such a striking contrast to the soft and pliant body in his hands... Xander shudders and comes, streaking Spike’s shins with his seed. Spike jerks when the warm stripes hit his skin.

Xander takes in as much as Spike’s length as he can and swallows. Spike comes with a scream, his eyes wrenching open, wide and unseeing. Xander sucks gently for a moment and then stands, pressing a kiss to Spike’s lax mouth. Spike responds, tasting toothpaste and latex and underneath, Xander.

They cling to each other for a long moment. Xander finally releases his lover and grabs a towel, holding it under the running water before dropping down to remove his release from Spike’s legs. When all traces of his passion are gone, Xander stands, deftly removing the condom and pulling up Spike’s sweatpants as he does.

“Now I’m ready to go.”

Spike snorts as Xander closes his own pants and begins to lead the blond from the apartment.

They take Xander’s car, much to Spike’s disgust. “I cannot believe that Buffy shredded my bike. Argh!” Spike shouts out the last word and Xander grins at him.

“What are you going to do about all of the stuff she destroyed?” Xander turns when Spike points.

Spike chews on his lips before answering. “Unfortunately, Rupert is gonna to pay for it all. I didn’t want that, but he feels responsible. He wants me to come by the club tonight.”

“Tell me more about him.” Xander peers at Spike out of the corner of his eye.

“Who, Rupert?” Xander nods and Spike continues. “He is a fine man. I met him right after I got here. Buffy took me to meet him on the way back to her apartment. I liked him immediately. Turn here.”

Xander turns into the parking lot of the clinic and the two men climb out of the car. Spike continues. “He has loads of cash with nowhere to put it. Buffy likes to spend it and it keeps her happy, so he lets her.” Spike shrugs.

They pull open the door at the same time and spend a few moments being absolutely ridiculous, waving each other in. Finally, Spike gets irritated and shoves Xander through the door and into the clinic.

A lot of paperwork and thirty seconds of bloodletting later, Spike and Xander head back to the car, trying to figure out if there are any stores open that they might be able to buy Spike some clothes in.

“I’m telling you, Spike, the only stores open this time of night are Wal-Mart and adult bookstores.” Xander laughs at the expression on Spike’s face. “Oh, hell no, Spike.”

“Yeah! The Toybox! It’s about a block from the club; I’ve driven by there a million times. They have leathers in the window.” Spike bounces on his toes, his excitement at the thought of leather palpable.

“No way in hell are we going into a porn shop to buy you clothes!” Xander is frowning at his lover.

“Oh, come on, pet! We can look at the toys they have, too. Let’s go.” Spike pulls Xander back to the car and digs the keys out of the brunette’s pocket.

“Spike, unless you want to be jumped right here in the parking lot of an HIV clinic, you’d better get your hand out of my pocket.”

Spike contemplates this and asks, “Did you bring any condoms?” Xander shook his head no. “Ok, then. Can I drive?” Spike dangles Xander’s keys from his index finger.


Spike drives with abandon, his thoughts focused on the lovely boy beside him. His mind is filled with erotic images and he wants so desperately to make them all happen, just as they appear in his head.

There are a lot of people in the porn shop. More than Xander expected to see. He gapes as a three hundred pound woman, dressed in leather chaps and matching bustier, drags a tiny man around the room by the chain around his neck.

“I don’t think we want to be here, Spike,” he whispers in his lover’s ear.

Spike is also stunned by what he sees. He has never set foot in this shop and cannot believe some of the toys that are on display. He sees the mismatched couple, but is more interested in the items on the shelf behind them.

“Look at that!” Spike grabs Xander’s hand and drags him over to the display of body jewelry. Spike longingly fingers a chain.

Xander looks away from the tiny man, who is sitting at the woman’s feet, licking her boots. He fingers the chain that Spike is drooling over and wonders what it’s for. “That’s a strange clasp for a necklace,” he says, looking over at Spike.

“It’s a nipple chain. You can either attach it to clamps or to rings.” The chain is heavy and is the same design as Spike’s favorite necklace. “Shit. I hope she stayed out of my jewelry...”

Xander contemplates Spike, sitting on his cock, bouncing up and down, a heavy chain stretched out between his nipples as Xander tugs at it.

Xander’s eyes glaze over and he doesn’t respond when Spike moves away. Spike is halfway across the room before he realizes that Xander isn’t with him, he turns to say something just in time to see Xander pull the chain off of the display and put it in the basket over his forearm.

Xander looks at Spike and realizes the blond is looking at him curiously. “What? It’s a present for somebody.” Spike grins and the two men move to the clothing section.

Most of the clothing isn’t fit for public consumption, but Spike finds a pair of plain leather pants and Xander finds a black t-shirt that says ‘cocksucker’ in tiny red letters on the left breast. He shrugs. “It’s the one least likely to get you arrested.”

Spike goes into a dressing room to change and Xander leans against the wall to people watch. The woman and her pet have left, but there are several new people for him to stare at. A girl, who doesn’t look to be more than twelve, is covered in tattoos and piercings. Her hair is purple and orange and hacked into several different lengths. She is dressed in a torn t-shirt and shredded daisy-dukes. Xander is pretty sure that she is completely shaved.

The guy she’s clinging to is the exact opposite. He’s blond, clean-cut, dressed in a Tommy Hilfiger shirt with matching navy blue dress shorts. He looks to be about sixteen, but, as Xander watches, the boy produces ID and both he and the girl are escorted into the back where the strippers are.

Xander rolls his eyes and when he turns his head to watch them disappear through the curtain, his eyes land on Spike. Spike’s adjusting the lacings that hold the fly of the leather pants shut and doesn’t see Xander approach.

Xander traces the line of a single lace with the tip of his finger. “Wow.”

Spike looks up and Xander is blinded by the happiness in those deep blue eyes. “You like?” Xander nods. Spike reaches out and pulls Xander to him, kissing, touching, devouring his beautiful boy. “So beautiful, Xan,” is muttered across damp lips and the two men dive further into each other.

Xander pulls away first. He calmly walks away from Spike to a display of condoms and lubricant. He motions Spike over. “What flavor?” Spike shrugs so Xander tosses in several different tubes. Spike reaches out and plucks a box of condoms from the display and drops those into the basket as well.

Spike snaps his fingers and races away. Xander turns to watch. Spike pops out of the dressing room, Xander’s sweats and t-shirt wadded into a ball. Xander wraps his arms around Spike and whispers, “You look so damn hot in those pants. I can’t imagine what that leather feels like against your naked cock. Want to feel it myself. Can I feel it, Spike?”

They check out quickly. Silent.

In the car, tearing sounds precede laces untying, jeans falling to the floor and the slick sound of a condom sliding onto a hard cock. Spike groans loudly as Xander slithers down onto his cock, the muscles of his ass flexing and tensing around him.

Xander grinds himself down on Spike, amazed at the sensation of the leather of Spike’s pants pressed up against his balls. “Spike! Can’t believe this…” He trails off and focuses instead on riding Spike for all he’s worth. It’s awkward and uncomfortable in the passenger seat of the car, but Xander manages to wrap his long legs around Spike to get a little leverage.

Spike clenches his hands around Xander’s hips and throws his head back. Xander only opened his fly enough to take out Spike’s cock. The leather is tightening around his erection, burning as it moves across sensitive skin. The hurt is so incredibly sensual that he wonders why he never tried this before.

Xander leans forward and latches his mouth over Spike’s pulse point, sucking hard. He moves his head back when he feels his orgasm threatening. “Fuck, Spike! Condom, mess!” Spike understands and stretches his hand out, reaching for the shredded box. He frees one from its wrapper and slides the cool latex down Xander’s length just as the larger man explodes. Spike follows, Xander’s firm buttocks demanding his pleasure.

When the shudders recede, Xander leans over and kisses Spike gently. “I have never in my life fucked in a car. Not to mention the whole public sex aspect.” Xander waves his arms around and Spike focuses on the front door of the store, which is not five feet in front of them.

“Oops?” Spike offers, too happy to care who has seen them.

Xander laughs and the tremors flash through Spike’s cock and into his body. He pulls himself off of Spike’s lap, carefully removing his condom and tying it in a knot before reaching out to help Spike. Xander tugs up his jeans and steps out of the car to toss the used condoms in the trash. A trio of college students walk by and stare. He smiles. “Just checking to make sure that we didn’t need to return anything!” The boys hurry past and Xander smirks after them.

Spike is laced up when Xander gets back in the car. There are tears in his eyes and he is gasping for breath. Xander punches him and slams the car into gear, a huge smile on his face. “What now, Blondie?”

Spike takes enough of a breath to gasp, “To the club!”