Fancy a Ride?

Randy Sex Kitten

Part One

Xander’s dancing.

He is not thinking about Anya, who just left him… again. He is not thinking about Willow, who Anya left with. He is not thinking about the classes that he is missing by being at a club in the middle of the afternoon and he is definitely not thinking about the blond punk sitting at the bar who hasn’t taken his eyes off of Xander ever since he got up to dance.

Xander looks again, yep, the guy is definitely staring. He’s not been with another man in a couple of years, not since he and Anya got together. He thinks about what it feels like to take a cock into his mouth, into his ass…

The blond is breathtaking, but definitely not Xander’s type. He has piercings along his eyebrow, accentuating a scar that Xander can see clearly from across the room. His eyes are a deep blue and are set off by dark eyeliner. Xander can’t tell what the blond is wearing. His clothes are covered by a heavy-looking leather duster that he has pulled tightly around him.

A cigarette droops out of the blonde’s sensuous mouth, making Xander wonder what that mouth would feel like wrapped around his cock. The blond takes the cigarette out and licks his lips, a flash of silver dances across his mouth and Xander shudders to think what the metal adorning the blonde’s tongue would feel like touching his own tongue.

Xander feels his pants tighten and curses himself under his breath. He is only wearing jeans and a fucking tank top. No way the blond won’t notice. Xander turns and presents his backside to the intriguing stranger at the bar.

Spike is watching.

This is not the type of club that he usually comes to. The music is too melodic and the beat is annoying, but he had felt drawn to the place when he had woken up this afternoon. He looks around, noticing that the clientele is a lot different from the morons who dance to his music every night. He looks at the brunette on the dance floor again… He is breathtaking.

Spike usually goes for feminine curves, but a nice, thick dick every once in a while is good too. He wonders if the glances that he is getting means the guy is interested. His thoughts are interrupted by the waitress who slaps down another beer in front of him. She wrinkles her nose at his mostly full ashtray, cleans it out and places it back in front of him, just as he flicks ash off of his cigarette.

Spike ignores the waitress and goes back to watching the brunette on the dance floor. The man is tall, several inches taller than Spike and much broader. His dark brown hair flops into his eyes as he dances and Spike can see a tan line across his forehead as he flips his hair back.

The dancer has turned his back to him and Spike takes in the picture of well-toned buttocks in too loose jeans. He catches sight of chocolate brown eyes as the man glances over at him.

Xander peers back over his shoulder and quickly looks away as he locks eyes with the blond.

There is something about the brunette, something… Spike snarls and crushes out his cigarette as he shrugs out of his duster. He stalks across the dance floor, eyes locked on his prey. When he reaches the brunette, Spike grabs Xander by the upper arms and drags the larger man against him. He feels a spark flow through him from the heat of the other man’s body. He yells over the throbbing beat. “I’m Spike!”

“Xander!” Xander’s reply is almost drowned out by the music. He is shocked by Spike’s aggressiveness and the blond smirks, having a good idea of what is going through the other man’s mind.

Spike releases Xander’s arms and wraps his hands around the brunette’s waist. He tugs the taller man close, brushing their erections against each other. Spike thrusts against Xander, undulating his hips to the rhythm of the music. Xander relaxes and presses back against the attractive blond, flinging his hair back to get it out of his face.

A bead of sweat flies off of Xander and lands at the corner of Spike’s mouth. Xander looks mortified, but Spike simply snakes out his tongue, the silver ball of his piercing once again catching Xander’s eye, and draws the droplet into his mouth. He grins at Xander, his blue eyes sparkling in the light of the club.

The two dance together, drawing closer as the music slows. They look deeply into each other, neither one speaking.

An hour passes, then two. Spike and Xander’s eyes never move, only seeing each other. The waitresses look on and enjoy a sight they never see, two men dancing closely, moving as a single entity.

The music stops and the lights come up to allow the club staff to prepare for the evening. Xander looks down at the blond in his arms and shakily speaks, “Want to grab something to eat?” He can’t believe he had the courage to do that!

Spike smiles in response to the question. Xander blushes.

“Yeah, pet. That’d be great.”

The two move over to the bar to retrieve Spike’s cigarettes and coat. He flings the leather over his arm, too warm from the exertion to put it back on yet. Spike tosses a few bills onto the bar to cover his tab and follows Xander out the door.

Xander waits at the door for Spike to join him. His palms are wet and he is struck by the thought that he has never before asked another man out. He was always the askee, not the asker. Spike stops just outside the door and lights a cigarette. The smoke drifts towards Xander and he takes a deep breath, tasting the air. The smoke smells different. Not pot, but not a regular cigarette either. He looks at Spike through his eyelashes as the blond digs through impossibly tight pockets.

“Where the fuck are those bloody keys?” Spike mutters around the cigarette in his mouth, exhaling little puffs of smoke with each hard syllable. Xander notices that Spike has other piercings. There are two silver loops in the lobe of each ear and his left ear has a tiny hoop in the cartilage.

Xander flushes and steps back when he thinks about what else might be pierced. He himself has never had any piercings and he wonders what it feels like to have cool metal shoved through your skin.

“Ah!” Spike’s cigarette bounces as he shouts in triumph. “Found ‘em. Fancy a ride?” Spike holds up a set of keys and waggles his eyebrows towards a beat up motorcycle sitting against the curb.

Xander swallows and nods. He walked here today, too upset to trust himself to drive. The dancing has helped, he thinks. Anya and Willow thrusting up against each other in his bed is no longer foremost on his mind. Another blond has taken their place, gyrating as he pumps his hand up and down a thick erection.

Spike looks at Xander, wondering what made the brunette blush this time. “C’mon, then.” He throws his leg over the seat of his well-loved bike and jumps the engine to start it. Xander waits until the engine is throbbing and them clambers on behind the attractive blond.

Spike and Xander roar off into the night. Xander wonders where they are headed, but finds that he really doesn’t care. Spike takes corners and curves at an obscene speed and Xander uses that as an excuse to cling tighter to Spike.

Spike grins into the wind as he feels Xander’s arms tighten. Xander’s cock is pressing up against his ass and he can feel it hardening as they speed down the road. Xander’s arms tighten a fraction more and Spike is no longer able to take a deep breath. God, this man was strong!

Xander feels the vibrations of the powerful machine throbbing through his groin. He can’t believe that he is sitting on the back of a motorcycle with a guy he has exchanged almost no words with, hoping like hell that the guy will want to fuck him. He blushes at his own thoughts, not believing how easily he is falling for the blond.

They pull to a stop in front of what looks to be an old abandoned warehouse and both men get off the bike. Xander glances around, noting that there are no other vehicles in sight. “Spike?” His voice sounds meek and he coughs to deepen his voice a little. “Where are we?”

The blond looks at him and unlocks the door to the warehouse. He leads Xander inside and silently invites him to sit. Xander looks around in awe. The warehouse has been transformed into a massive studio apartment.

Spike wanders through, hangs his duster on a coat tree and kicks his boots off before peeling his damp socks from his feet. He lights a cigarette and walks to the left side of the room where a large kitchen area has been set up.

“What’s your pick? Can cook about anything you want.” Spike opens the refrigerator and reaches into the bottom drawer, pulling out various vegetables. Xander wanders over to the island and sits uncomfortably on a stool.

“Um, anything really.”

Spike looks over his shoulder at the nervous brunette and grins. “How about pig, then?” Spike grabs a package of pork chops out of the refrigerator and tosses it on the counter, winking at Xander. He shoves an iron skillet into the oven and turns it on high. A couple of potatoes are stripped, finely chopped and put in a pan of water. Spike sets it on the stove to boil.

Xander watches as Spike methodically cuts the fat off of the pork chops and seasons them heavily. The potatoes start boiling and Spike reaches into the oven to pull out the skillet. He turns a burner on high and places the skillet on the burner. “Want something to drink?”

Xander nods and Spike leans back into his fridge. “Wine, milk, beer or orange juice?” Blue eyes peer at him and Xander shivers uncontrollably.

“Beer is fine.” A beer appears on the counter in front of him and Spike returns to the stove. The pork chops are placed into the hot skillet, and Spike sears them on each side for several minutes. He then puts the skillet back into the oven. Turning to the potatoes, Spike tests one by pulling it out and popping it into his mouth. He nods and pours the potatoes and their liquid through a strainer that he has placed in the sink.

The potatoes are dumped back into the pot and an excess of butter, milk, salt and pepper are added. He reaches into the oven, turning the pork chops and then returns to the potatoes, whipping them into submission.

Throughout this show, Xander stares. Spike is easily the most beautiful person he has ever seen. The long thin toes that pad across the floor as Spike moves from one part of the kitchen to another intrigue Xander. The wooden floor of the kitchen lends its own atmosphere to the room, allowing Xander to hear each soft step the blond takes.

Spike is obviously extremely comfortable in his own skin, something Xander has never experienced. He watches as Spike takes a drink of his own beer, that pink tongue darting back out to tease him.

Feeling unsettled by Spike’s apparent ease, Xander stumbles over his words. “A..anything I can do to help?”

Spike nods and points at a baker’s rack along the far wall. “Yeah, get the plates, forks and knives, alright?” Xander heads over and looks at Spike’s collection of utensils and dishes. He can see every imaginable color and shape of plate. No two forks are the same and Xander grins at the eclectic assortment. Loading up with the requested items, he returns to the island, sitting back down on his abandoned stool.

Spike finishes the potatoes and spoons them out onto two plates. He pulls the pork from the oven, cuts one open to insure it is cooked and then places them on the plates next to the potatoes. Smiling, Spike puts a plate in front of Xander before clamoring onto the stool next to him, diving into his own meal.

Xander takes a bite and is shocked. “Wow!”

Spike grins around his bottle of beer. “Yeah, ‘s my favorite. Just takes a few minutes to prepare and always turns out good.” Xander smiles at the blond and continues to eat; amazed at the talent that Spike has shown in creating such a simple looking meal.

After polishing off their food, the men get up and move back into the kitchen, rinsing off their dishes and enjoying just being together. It feels so strange; they both feel as though they have known each other for years. Spike leads Xander over to the couch and pushes him down onto it, climbing into his lap to straddle the other man.

“What are you thinking, pet?” Spike smiles down at the most beautiful pair of brown eyes that he has ever seen.

Xander smiles back. “I feel like I’ve known you forever. I don’t know anything about you except that you can cook an amazing meal, that you drive with abandon and that you dance like you are having sex on the dance floor.” Xander’s honesty shocks both men.

Spike can’t say it. He can talk dirty to a lover and he can carry on with worthless prattle all day, but he can’t tell Xander that he feels the same way, can’t tell him that he is already falling for the tenderness that he sees in those dark eyes. Instead, he leans in closer. “I can tell you something else that I am good at.” His lips barely brush against Xander’s.

“What?” Xander’s whisper barely reaches Spike’s ears.

“This.” Spike presses his mouth against Xander’s. Drawing the other man’s tongue into play slowly, barely caressing the silky muscle, teasing, tasting. Xander moans and Spike kisses him harder, pressing his jean-clad groin up against Xander’s, feeling an answering hardness in return.

Xander flicks his tongue over the ball on Spike’s tongue. It feels so amazing! He runs his tongue under Spike’s searching for the matching ball on that side. What he finds instead is a metal plate that he laves with his own tongue, tasting the metal, tasting the essence of Spike.

Spike breaks the kiss to breathe and presses his forehead up against Xander’s. “Like that?”

Xander growls and grabs Spike’s head, drawing the smaller man back into the kiss. When he is sure that Spike is going to stay where he put him, Xander slides his hands down Spike’s torso, digging his fingers into Spike’s thighs, pressing their erections closer together.

Spike pulls away once again. “Why don’t we take this into the bedroom?” Xander nods, panting, and Spike gracefully lifts himself off of Xander’s lap, pressing a chaste kiss to the brunette’s mouth before leading the way to the bed.

Several silk screens partition off Spike’s bedroom. The bed is a massive iron piece of art that stands away from the wall, drenched in soft cotton sheets. Spike grins at Xander. “If I’d known I was going to meet you tonight, I would’ve put on the silk ones for you.”

Xander smiles back. “I like cotton.” He pulls Spike back against him and kisses the blond once again. This could be addictive. Spike allows his hands to drop to Xander’s waist, pulling loose the tank and raising it up over the taller man’s head.

As he drops the shirt to the floor, Spike allows his fingers to trail over the skin that he has just discovered. Xander is dark, tanned and muscular. He looks as though he does manual labor. He looks up into Xander’s face and smiles. “Work out, pet?”

Xander bites his bottom lip. “Er, no. Work construction when I’m not in class.” Spike keeps running his fingers over Xander’s taut skin, comparing the differences in their coloring.

Xander decides that Spike is wearing too much clothing and begins to unbutton the long blue silk shirt that is hiding Spike’s chest and abdomen. Spike shrugs the material off of his shoulders and it floats to the ground. It is Xander’s turn to be amazed. Spike’s muscles are well defined. Pink nipples stand out on whiter than white skin, silver loops accentuating each nub. Xander’s hand looks so dark compared to Spike’s paleness.

Xander leans down and captures one of the rings in his mouth, flicking it up and down with his tongue. Spike moans and wraps one arm around Xander’s head, pulling him closer.

Xander pulls away with a pop, gazing at Spike closely. At Spike’s questioning look, Xander grins and begins running his tongue over every piercing he can find. Nipple, eyebrow, ear, other nipple, other ear. Spike groans this time and rubs his aching groin against Xander’s leg.

The eroticism of manipulating the piercings surprises Xander. “I had no idea that little bits of metal were so fun to play with!”

Spike laughs aloud at Xander’s innocent expression and tugs the brunette towards the bed. “Got another one if you want to suck on it.”

Xander looks down Spike’s body, not noticing any more piercings. Spike grins and pushes Xander down on the bed, standing between his legs. Spike looks Xander in the eye and pops loose the first button on his faded back jeans. Xander’s eyes drop to the expanse of skin that has just appeared and his breath quickens.

Another button, another pop. Xander quits panting and begins to hold his breath. His hands lie dangling at his sides as he stares at the beautiful body before him. Xander sees a flash of silver and another button slips free. The head of Spike’s erection peeks out at him and Xander’s mouth fills at the sight of the thick horseshoe ring peering at him from Spike’s drooling cock.

He swoops in and runs his tongue across the uppermost ball, amazed at the heat that the metal transmits. Spike throws his head back and sighs, forgetting that he still has two more buttons to go.

Pop, pop. Xander releases the final buttons and shoves Spike’s pants down to his knees. He resumes his exploration, finally drawing Spike ‘s cock completely into his mouth.

Spike tastes different than the other men Xander has been with. They have been dancing all night, but the blond tastes clean, salty and almost sweet. Xander groans and tries to take in more of the delectable flesh.

“Fuck!” Spike shoves Xander back. He immediately starts to talk when he sees the flash of pain flitting across Xander’s face. “Oh, pet, that was good, but we forgot the bloody condom. I’m clean, don’t worry, just want to be safe.”

Xander relaxes when he hears Spike’s explanation and he smiles reassuringly at the blond. Spike grins back and shimmies out of his jeans, dropping the material to the floor.

“Someone is a tad overdressed, I think.” Spike runs his hands over Xander’s thighs, reaching up slightly to pull down the zipper.

Spike pushes a single finger through the open fly of Xander’s jeans. He tickles the head of Xander’s cock through the soft boxers, eliciting a groan from the brunette. Deciding not to tease, Spike opens the button of his lover’s jeans and shoves them down long, brown legs.

There’s a scuffle as Xander tries to figure out how to get his shoes and pants off without tripping over his own feet. Spike races to his rescue and Xander finds himself flat on his back in the middle of the bed with a blond hurricane at his feet, tearing at his shoes.

Finally, his feet are free and the pants fall to the floor. Spike grins and pounces. Xander finds himself pinned down and trembles with excitement. One kiss, two and Xander finds himself drowning in Spike. The emotions that the blond is evoking with his kisses…

The warm mouth dances over his own and Spike smiles into the kiss, amazed at the connection he feels with the man beneath him. Spike thinks back to the last male lover that he had. Angel. What a shit. He had left Spike for Spike’s sister, Dru.

Quiet growl pulls Xander’s attention away from the sensations of Spike’s cock rubbing blissfully against his. “Spike?”

The blond pulls back and growls again. “Oh, pet. Gonna fuck you so hard, you won’t walk for a week.”

Xander moans and jerks as his cock responds to the sexy tone of Spike’s voice. Spike notices and grins.

“Gonna stick my tongue up your ass until you’re begging me to stop and not to stop all at once. Then, when you can’t take it anymore, I’m gonna stretch you with my fingers. Not gonna touch your sweet spot, though, no, not yet. You’re gonna have to beg for that.” Spike pauses, watching as Xander’s color changes and his breathing increases. Spike leans in and kisses Xander lightly, barely touching his lips before continuing. “Gonna make you beg for it, love. But you know what?” He pauses again, waiting for Xander’s response.

“No! What?” Xander’s breathless pant thrills through Spike.

Spike grins. “Not gonna do it. Gonna wait until you’re begging so pretty and then I am gonna coat my cock and slowly slide it into you. One. Inch. At. A. Time.” Spike punctuated each word with a thrust of his hips against Xander’s.

Xander closes his eyes and focuses on Spike’s voice. This man is sex on legs. He hasn’t felt desire like this since his last time with Oz.

Spike begins to kiss down Xander’s body, licking and nipping as he goes. He wants to do everything he just said. He wants to eat out Xander’s ass, feel the strong muscles strangling his tongue. He pants and rests his cheek on Xander’s hip.

Suddenly, the sound of a key in a lock disturbs the two men. Spike snarls and jumps off the bed, pulling his pants back on and stalking towards the door. Xander looks around and props himself up on his elbows. The screens are keeping him from seeing the door, so he slides out of the bed and pads across the floor to see what is going on.

Xander peers around the edge of the silk-screen and gasps. Spike is standing next to the couch, passionately kissing a small blonde girl. A cry escapes him before he can stop it and he begins to scramble for his clothes.

He can hear the rumble of Spike’s voice and the girl’s twittering replies. Xander spins around, jeans and one sock on, searching for the rest of his clothes. His heart is breaking for the second time today. He can feel it. How had he fallen so completely, so fast?

“Shoes!” Xander’s voice cracks and he can feel tears begin to roll down his face. He was an idiot. There, under the bed. His shoes and a sock. He pulls on the shoes without thought, stuffing the sock that he forgot to put on into his pocket. He finds his shirt draped across one of the screens and tugs it down, pulling it over his head in one quick movement.

Xander peeks around the edge of the screen once more, wiping at his eyes. Spike glances back nervously and Xander jerks back, hiding behind the screen and kicking himself for his foolishness.

He waits a beat then peeks around again. The blonde has kicked off her shoes and is settling down on the couch. Xander seethes. He was such an ass to give into Spike’s advances. He draws in a deep breath and steps out from behind the screen, capturing the attention of both blondes.

“Xander!” Spike looks panicked and Xander is glad. Xander doesn’t notice that this is not the confident man he has been sharing kisses and touches with. Doesn’t notice the change in posture, in attitude. He’s had enough of people walking all over him and tells Spike that.

“You know, I think too much of myself to get involved with someone who plays more than one person at a time. Fuck off, Spike.”

Spike opens his mouth to reply, but before anything comes out, Xander is gone. His beautiful, strong, tasty Xander is gone. Xander’s words lash through his mind and Spike knows what he needs to do. He turns and glares at the blonde on his couch. “You absolute bitch! I told you weeks ago that I wasn’t going to play your fuck toy anymore!”

Buffy smiles and curls a finger through her hair seductively. “You don’t mean that, lover.” She stands and walks towards Spike. “You know you are all I ever wanted, baby.”

Spike shoves her back before she can get any closer. He is furious that her lipstick has removed the taste of Xander from his mouth. “No. This is over, Buffy. You cannot come back to me again and again and again. I may be Love’s Bitch, but I am not a fool. Give me my key. You are not welcome here. Don’t come back.”

He grabs her arm and swings her towards the door. Buffy’s mouth is open in shock. “Wha… What the hell are you doing?” Her shrill voice echoes off the walls and Spike flinches at her tone. “Stop right now!” Spike automatically obeys and then growls at himself for his actions.

“You belong to me, Spike. I don’t care if you fuck around with other people when I’m not using you, but you will not speak to me like this!” Spike flushes and cringes as Buffy rants at him before feels himself finally break.

“No! I do not belong to you!” He seems shocked at his own outburst. “I don’t.” He stares at the floor, avoiding Buffy’s angry eyes. “I can’t love you, anymore, Buffy. I need someone who will love me and only me. I need someone who puts me first, above everything else.”

He thinks of Xander, feels braver, and continues, glancing up at her furious face. “More than that, I deserve it! I am better than that. I do not have to hang around, waiting for you to feed me scraps of affection in between your conquests. Now go the fuck away.” Spike storms off to the bedroom, his voice trailing along behind him. “Keep the bloody key. The locks will all be changed by tomorrow.”

Spike quickly pulls on his shirt and races for the door, flying past a shocked Buffy. He pulls on his shoes, ignoring his socks and the demanding voice as he runs from the apartment.

He reaches the street and spins around, searching for any sign of Xander. He has to tell Xander… well… everything. About Buffy, about his feelings for Xander, about what his life has been like over the past seven years.

Nothing! There is no sign of Xander. Spike growls and runs down the street, retracing the route they took to get to his place from the club.

Part Two

Xander is running, as fast as he can. He’ll go back to school, go back to his apartment, go back to his life, and just ignore all the attractive people in the world and hide from his feelings and desires. He slows to a walk. Yeah. That’ll work.

Xander frowns. He thought that there was really a connection between him and Spike. Granted, he shouldn’t have fallen into bed so quickly with the other man, but there was something about Spike. Xander sighs and leans against a wall, rubbing his fists into his eyes. “Damn it!”


Xander turns and sees Spike running down the street towards him. He straightens and walks stiffly away, trying to gain control of his emotions before Spike reaches him.

“Xander, please!” Spike’s voice sounds desperate and causes Xander to pause. He turns and looks at the man who is chasing after him. When he sees the expression on Spike’s face, he stops and waits for the other man to catch up.

Spike is winded. During his run he made a decision. He will tell Xander everything, beg, if he has to. The pain and honesty behind Xander’s eyes have captured his heart.

“Please, let me explain, don’t leave, not yet,” Spike pants as he tries to calm his breathing.

Xander watches for a moment, considering. He could be an ass, tell Spike ‘No.’ and walk away clean, or he could listen. He looks into expressive blue eyes and sees only pain and truth. Xander sighs, this is a stupid idea. “Ok.”

Spike seems shocked at Xander’s words. “Ok? You’ll listen to me?”

“Yeah, ok.” Xander shoves his hands in his pockets and continues his route down the street, away from Spike’s apartment.

Spike wonders what the other man is doing, but Xander turns and waves one hand at him expectantly. Spike follows. What else can he do?

Xander walks in silence until he reaches a diner several blocks down from where Spike caught him. He opens the door for the blond and follows him to a corner booth. He sits quietly, seemingly waiting. As Spike opens his mouth to speak, Xander shakes his head. Spike’s teeth clack together as he snaps his mouth shut. He glares at Xander, ready to demand an explanation, when a waitress appears.

“Two cokes, two apple pies a la mode.” Xander orders without asking what Spike wants. Spike notices and feels a tingle within his soul, his inner voices insisting once again that he needs Xander. He needs to be with this man.

Xander notices the faint smile on Spike’s face and wonders at its cause, until he realizes what he did. “I hope it was ok that I…” He waves his hand in the direction of the waitress.

“Yeah. Fine.” Spike looks down at his hands and wonders if Xander is going to allow him to explain.

As if reading his mind, Xander speaks. “You wanted to talk, so talk. Why did you take me back to your apartment, Spike? Did you take me there to piss off your girlfriend or what?”

“Buffy is not my girlfriend. I…” Spike sighs and glances towards the windows behind Xander.

Xander slaps the table. “What, Spike? Look, I caught my girlfriend of three years with my best friend, who also happens to be a girl, in my bed this morning. They told me that they were in love and were leaving to move to Aspermont or someplace. I skipped my classes, which I never do, asked you out, which I also never do and immediately jumped in bed with you…”

“Which you never do. I understand. I know you don’t believe me, but I don’t do that either. I haven’t been with anyone except Buffy in the last seven years.”

Xander takes a deep breath and glares at the table. “I already feel something or you, Spike. I don’t know what it is, but there is something there.” At Spike’s questioning look, he continued, “I have been with guys before. I was in love with a guy named Oz. He was my best friend my entire life and it seemed so right when we fell in love. We planned our life out, knowing what we wanted from the future. I went to college; he went to join the military. All the men in his family have served and it was important to him. I lost him…”

Xander pauses and drinks from the glass that the waitress delivered. “He volunteered to go assist the refugees during the Serbian War. I don’t know what happened, but his flag hangs on the wall in my bedroom.” Tears leak out from his eyes and Xander wipes at them angrily. “His parents supported us, our relationship. They had the serviceman give the flag to me rather than to them. It was hard, Spike.”

Xander looks up at Spike and gets caught in the icy blue depths of his eyes. “You were lucky.” Spike’s voice is gravely and he clears his throat.

“Yeah. I was. Wish he hadn’t left me, though. I sometimes get mad at him about it.” Xander chuckles. “Anya always had a crush on Oz and he would tease her that I was the only one that could satisfy him. A few weeks after his funeral, she offered herself to me. I was getting her a drink and turned around and she was standing there nude with a strand of condoms in her hand!” Both men chuckle at the thought. Spike thanks the waitress when the pie appears and they begin to eat in silence.

Halfway through his pie, Spike stops and puts down his fork. “I was in love with a guy named Angel. He was perfect. Big, dark, built like a Clydesdale…” Spike shivers in memory and Xander laughs. “I would’ve done anything for the git. I did do anything for him.” Spike sighs and contemplates a cigarette, noticing unhappily that Xander has them sitting in the non-smoking section.

“Turns out he wanted into my sister’s pants. They had a great set up. He would come climb into my bed at night, then sneak into hers after I fell asleep, and come back to mine before dawn. I don’t know how long that went on, but eventually, Dru got pregnant and they told me the truth. I was crushed. They got married, had the baby plus two others and are happily ensconced in public housing in Croydon.”

Xander has quit eating his pie, enthralled with Spike’s tale.

Spike takes another large bit of pie and continues. “That’s where Buffy comes in. Her old man runs several clubs here in town and was looking for some fresh meat. Buffy convinced him that he should send her to England to scout out new talent. Dru and Angel had been shacked up about a week when this little blonde chit blows into my practice one day and demands that our band play for her.” Spike snorts and shoves a too large bite into his mouth.

Xander smiles around his fork. Obviously Spike’s feelings for the blonde are not what Xander originally thought. “So, we play for her and she has an absolute fit! Starts going on about how we’re going to be famous and all this shit… Anyway, I was lookin’ for a way out of town anyway and followed her here. That’s it.”

Xander looks suspicious.

“That’s the entire story, pet, I swear! I came to the US and got set up in a few clubs. My band ended up going home after we didn’t make it as promised. I became Buffy’s toy and truly didn’t care. I was still hurting over Angel. I mean, bloody hell! I was planning on spending my life with him and he runs off with my sister!” Spike jams his fork into his plate and looks sheepish when the tines bend. “Oh!” He straightens them and shoves the fork under his plate. Xander laughs out loud at the blonde’s antics and Spike smiles in return.

“You have a gorgeous smile, pet.” Spike pauses and watches as Xander blushes at his words. “Seriously, though. I let Buffy play me because there was no reason not to. But that’s not true anymore. I broke up with her a couple of weeks ago. Got tired of being her yoyo, not to mention the fact that she has been getting heavy into drugs and I don’t play that scene. I had this feeling that everything was about to change. That I was going to meet someone that I could love again.” Spike reaches across the table and brushes his hand against Xander’s. “And I did, didn’t I?”

Xander grins and Spike smiles back, enjoying the light that is now filling Xander’s face. “Come home with me? Just to talk. Maybe catch something on the telly?” Spike’s seductive purr vibrates through Xander and causes his head to nod up and down.

Xander twines his fingers with Spike’s as the two slide out of the booth and head towards the cashier. He draws a bill from his wallet and barely glances at it before handing it over and dragging Spike out of the diner.

The walk back to Spike’s apartment is done in silence. However, this time the silence is pulsing with promise and affection. When they round the last corner, Spike stops suddenly. Xander is jerked back by their conjoined hands and glances at Spike to see what is wrong.

Spike is staring at his doorway where his beloved motorcycle is lying in bits. The words start out as low growl in his abdomen. “That bitch!” Spike drops Xander’s hand and races for the door, Xander close behind. Spike skids to a stop next to a metal bar that once belonged to his exhaust system. “That absolute bitch!”

Xander pulls Spike back when he tries to open the door. “She might still be in there. Be careful.” Spike nods and the two men stand behind the door as they open it. Spike peers around the door and his jaw drops in shock.

“What in the bloody hell are you doing?” Spike rushes around the door and Xander sticks his head around to see what the commotion is about.

Buffy is standing in the middle of the room, holding a lighter to Spike’s leather duster. Xander can see holes where the jacket has been burned at least twenty times already. Spike skids to a stop and looks around his beautiful flat. Everything is destroyed.

Tears fill Spike’s eyes as he looks around. His couches are shredded. Tuffs of cotton batting blankets the floor. The silk screens guarding his bedroom are still standing, but the delicate tapestries have been destroyed. His mattress is on fire and his bedposts are leaning as if they have been beaten with something substantial.

Xander gasps when he catches sight of the fire and races to smother it with a blanket that has been thrown across the room. He looks over at Spike, who is currently turning in a slow circle, taking in all of the damage to his home. Buffy hasn’t reached the kitchen yet, and Xander is absurdly happy about that fact. Suddenly, he realizes that the sound that he has been hearing is Buffy’s shrill voice.

“Think you can leave me? I am Buffy Summers! I brought you here! I gave you a job! You belong to me, damn it! I created you! Without me you would be nothing!” Buffy screamed gutturally and continued burning Spike’s beloved duster. “Angel, Angel! You’d be a sniveling runt still lusting after his sister’s husband if it weren’t for me!”

Xander glances at Spike and sees the blond reaching for the phone. Xander returns to Spike’s side to listen in on the phone call. “Yes, There is a stoned woman tearing up my apartment. She has destroyed my motorcycle and set fire to my bed. William Jamison. Yes, I’m safe; she seems to be a bit crazy, though. Buffy Summers. Yes. Ok, Thanks.” Spike tossed the phone and walked out of the apartment, grabbing Xander on the way.

Xander stares as Spike casually leans against the building and lights a cigarette. “What are you doing? She is tearing up your place!” Xander stops when he sees the tears rolling down Spike’s face. “Spike?”

Spike shakes his head and reaches out to pull Xander to him, pinning their bodies together, drawing comfort from Xander’s presence. They stand like this until the police arrive. “Mr. Jamison?” Spike sniffs and crushes his cigarette out on the bricks behind him.

“Yeah. Chit’s inside. Broke up with her for good tonight. She musta taken something. She’s really done a number.” Spike and Xander wait as the police officers edge open the door and peer into the apartment.

“Ms. Summers? Please drop the lighter and put your hands behind you head.” Xander snorts at the sight of the police holding tiny Buffy at gunpoint. Spike hides a grin behind his hand when Buffy stomps her foot at the officer.

“Mr. Jamison? Can I speak with you for a minute?” Spike nods and follows the officer to her car, leaving Xander to watch the fiasco unfold.

Buffy reaches out and slaps the first officer that reaches her side. Another officer is digging through Buffy’s purse, and yet another is taking pictures of everything in the apartment. The fire department arrives next and Buffy runs away from the officer that is holding her arm, trying to get to Spike, who is leaning on a cruiser, talking with the female officer.

“You bastard! How dare you do this to me! I am Buffy Summers!” Two officers join forces to shove Buffy to the ground, cuffing her roughly and dragging her back up.

The firemen examine the mattress and Xander is told that the fire is completely out. “Good Job!” A meaty hand slaps him on the back and Xander stumbles forward, bumping into the building.

The officer leading Buffy to the car is yelling her rights to her, trying to make himself heard over her screeching. The officer who was digging through her purse is bagging up a package of white powder in an evidence bag. The firemen are loading up their truck while the Captain speaks with the Lead Detective. Xander slides down the wall, sitting on the hard concrete and shaking his head. What a night.

The last of the police disappear around one in the morning. Spike has joined Xander in sitting on the sidewalk, waiting to be allowed back into his home. He stands and offers a hand to Xander, pulling the larger man to his feet. “Want me to take you home? Car’s in the back.”

Xander grins and stretches. “Nah. You promised me some talking and telly. Now give it!”

Spike laughs and ushers Xander into his trashed living room. “Man, this stuff is going to take forever to replace.” He leans over and begins picking up the shredding batting from the floor. “At least she didn’t smash the TV!”

“Or the kitchen.” Xander wanders over while he speaks. “Want a beer or something?”

“Yeah, mate. I do.” Spike slides down to the floor in front of his couch and allows his head to drop back. “Fuck, Rupert!” He reaches for the phone and dials a number from memory. “Hey, Rupes? Yeah, it’s me. I had to, I’m sorry. You should see this place! And she burnt up my duster! Yeah, I know. I told you that it was only a matter of t… OK. Really am sorry, man. Alright, Bye.” Spike sighs and hangs up the phone, reaching a hand out to capture the beer that Xander is offering.

Xander drops down to the floor next to Spike and asks, “Rupert?”

Spike looks over. “Yeah. Buffy’s Step-Da. Really like the man. He had a hard time raising Buffy without her mum. Let her have a bit too much reign, I think.”

Xander nods and looks around the room. “Well… Want some help picking up?”

Both men are sore and sweaty when they finish cleaning two hours later. Xander notices that Spike has been avoiding the area where his duster was burned. The duster has been taken as evidence, but there are bits of charred leather decorating the floor. “Spike? Did you want me to…”

Spike stares at the floor, not wanting to look at what is left of his duster. “No, I’ll… Fuck!” He screams the last word and collapses to the floor. “Why?” Xander rushes over and falls at Spike’s side. He wraps long, warm arms around the shaking man and holds him close. “It was my mum’s. She gave it to me before I left. It’s the only thing I have from her.” Warm, salty tears drop to the floor as Xander rocks Spike back and forth.

Xander reaches onto the couch and pulls down a blanket that he found behind the bed frame. He wraps the blanket around them both and allows Spike to cry himself to sleep. Xander feels Spike’s tears slow and then stop, his breathing deepening as exhaustion drags him into dreamland.

Xander nuzzles into the white-blond spikes on the top of Spike’s head. “Spikes on Spike.” Xander smiles as he mutters to himself, inhaling the scent of the man in his arms. He is scared. Spike is inspiring feelings in him that he never thought he would feel again. Xander had always believed that no one would ever mean as much to him as Oz had. He thought that was the reason he had never really felt sure about his love for Anya.

Spike snorts in his sleep and that endears Xander to him even more. Yeah, He’s lost his heart again. “Oz, man. Is he a gift from you? How else could I have found someone like this?” He smiles, finally relaxing and allowing himself to drift off.

The next time Xander is aware of anything, he is overwhelmed by smells. There is a smell of burnt things, acidic and sharp in the air, but beyond that he smells something tantalizing. “Hungry, pet?”

Xander grins at the bedraggled man in front of him. “Yeah. Did I miss you cooking?”

“Nah, just got some biscuits in the oven. Head’s over there.” Spike points towards the back of the apartment and returns to the kitchen.

Xander wanders into the bathroom and flinches at his reflection. He has soot on his face, his hair is sticking up all over the place and he is pretty sure that one of his eyes shrunk during the night. He scrubs his face harshly, allowing the cool water to wake him up.

He turns and positions himself to piss and starts giggling. Spike has graffiti covering the wall above his toilet. So intrigued with the graffiti, Xander doesn’t notice when he is finished. He stands, dick in hand, and reads the wall.

Please do not throw cigarette ends in the urinal.
– it makes them all soggy and hard to light.

The future of the nation is in your hands.

Handel’s organ works.
– so does mine.

Vaseline makes the coming easy. And the going back.

Death is nature's way of telling you to slow down.

Your karma has run over my dogma.

Please do not touch me.
Please do not touch.
Please do not.
Please do.

Sex Appeal.
Please give generously.

Ignore this sign.

Oral sex is a matter of taste.

Veni. Vidi. Vivi.
Vidi. Vici. Veni.
Vici. Veni. VD.

Smile if your not wearing any underwear!!!

(Place cool quote here)
A sudden banging on the door catches Xander’s attention. “Did you fall in, mate?”
Xander laughs. “Nope! Reading the wall!” He flushes and washes his hands. He looks back at the wall a final time and then wanders to the kitchen. Spike is plating a pile of scrambled eggs on a bright orange plate. On the counter there is bacon, biscuits, a bowl of something white, a pitcher of juice and two place settings.

“I missed the cooking!”

Spike snorts. “Sorry. Was hungry.” He sets the plate of eggs on the counter and climbs onto the stool next to Xander. “Hey.”

Xander turns to look at Spike and finds his lips caught in a sensual embrace. Spike’s lips are warm and soft and Xander moans as Spike’s tongue traces the outline of his lips. Spike pulls away and Xander stays in place, his eyes closed tight. “Good morning, Xan.”

Xander opens his eyes and grins. “Morning. What’s the white stuff?”

“Cream gravy for the biscuits.”

The quiet of the apartment is broken by sounds of forks clinking against plates and groans of pleasure as the delectable food quickly disappears.

Xander and Spike finish simultaneously and laugh as their forks hit the plates at the same time. “What now, pet?”

Xander stretches, arms over his head, and quickly jerks them back down. “Shower. Dancing, firefighting, cleaning and sleeping have effectively canceled out yesterday’s.”

Spike laughs and stretches a hand towards Xander. “Good idea, love. Let’s go.”

Latin: I came, I saw, I lived
I saw, I conquered, I came
I conquered, I came, VD
(If my Latin is wrong, forgive me. It has been YEARS since I studied it!)

I grabbed Most of the bathroom graffiti from: