The Eternal Question

Randy Sex Kitten

Xander looked at his lover, wondering what it was about the vampire that was so attractive. He knew that he loved Spike and therefore thought he was gorgeous, but Willow had asked him…

“What is it about Spike that makes him so attractive? I mean, gay here, but still… He’s amazing! What is it?”

Xander had contemplated that ever since. He came home from the meeting tonight to find Spike in bed, asleep. That almost never happened.

Closer investigation showed a gash down the entire length of Spike’s left leg and four empty blood bags in the trash. The bags were the remains of the ‘special reserve’, human blood, O negative, that Xander usually kept on hand for emergencies. Spike had gotten hurt on patrol, filled himself with human blood and then fallen into a healing sleep.

Xander examined the wound more closely and, seeing that it was healing, shrugged off his instinctive worry and took the opportunity to ogle his mate in private.

Xander sat on the bed next to Spike and began running hungry eyes down the blonde’s back. Spike was well muscled and, even in sleep, Xander could see the muscles in his back and ass twitch. Well-defined arms wrapped themselves around a pillow, snuggling in more closely to Xander’s scent.

Xander smiled. He loved watching Spike sleep, but didn’t get to see it often enough. “Focus, Xander,” he muttered to himself. Xander climbed off the bed and instead sat in a chair that Spike had procured from an antique store.

The first time Spike laid eyes on the chair, he had declared to everyone in the shop that it was the perfect size and shape for shagging. He had been right. Xander loved the chair.

“Start at the top.”

Blonder than blond hair jutted up from Spike’s head. He had gone back to his white-blond color, rather than just bleach blond. In sleep, his hair became curly, the harsh gel that dominated the daylight hours surrendering to the soft insistence of the pillows.

Xander could just see Spike’s closed eyes. Spike’s face relaxed in sleep, making him look cherubic. Long eyelashes fluttered against pale, white flesh and Xander had to fight to keep from running his fingertips over that fine fringe.

Spike snorted and rolled over, turning his face away from Xander.

Xander continued to examine his lover’s body. The muscles in his back and arms were well defined and looked harsh, but Xander knew what it was like to dig his fingers into those muscles and feel them relax beneath his touch.

His eyes drifted lower, taking in the sight of muscular buttocks. An ass that anyone would be proud to wear, that Xander loved pounding into night after night. An ass that Xander loved to hold tight to as he himself was split open by his lover’s flesh.

Xander paused, allowing his breathing to return to normal and trying to turn a more critical eye on his lover. Long legs. Longer than you would expect.

The healing gash in Spike’s leg distracted Xander momentarily.

Strong feet and toes. Many a night had been spent with those oh so talented appendages teasing him…

Spike grunted and rolled once again, now lying on his back. Xander held tightly to the arms of the chair. Starting at the toes this time, Xander continued his examination. Spike’s feet were long and delicate looking, his ankles fine boned. Xander wondered how such breakable looking things could do so much damage.

Back up the strong legs and knobby knees, up to the hips and the stomach. Xander avoided looking at the half-hard flesh between Spike’s legs. He focused instead on Spike’s stomach, watching for a moment before he stretched out and ran his fingers down a single sculpted line.

Spike twitched as Xander touched him and a smile crossed Xander’s face. Once upon a time, that gentle touch would have awakened the vampire. Now, it was a comfortable, recognizable touch.

Xander pulled back and sighed, closing his eyes momentarily. When he opened them, he focused on soft pink nipples and a long, supple neck. There, on the base of Spike’s neck was Xander’s mark. Milky white, obvious even on the vampire’s pale skin. Xander fingered the matching mark on his own neck. He belonged to Spike.

Another contented sigh and Xander looked at Spike’s face. Such an angelic face. He laughed aloud when Spike frowned and seemed to suck on his tongue, his pouty lips flexing and tensing before relaxing back into sleep.

“Focus, Whelp,” Xander muttered. “Why is he so attractive?” A simple reminder to himself. Xander sat back and tried to be objective once again. He began listing attributes.

Nose. Too big and a bit crooked.
Forehead. Long, flat, so incredibly sexy when wearing its demon aspect.
Lips. Thin, soft, warmer than expected, sweet tasting, bottom lips succulent when sucked into his own warmer mouth, rough/smooth tongue caressing his own…


Cheekbones. Strong and sharp. Sensitive to his touch.
Chin. Round/pointy, sharp when it dug into his shoulder while they made love.
Teeth. Straight and white. Fangs. Liquid passion digging into his skin. He loved the sensation of Spike biting him, possessing him in every way.
Eyes. Blue and black, the color of the sea at night. Deeper than any pool Xander has ever seen. Eyes that can look into his soul. Eyes that are devouring him right now.

Xander could feel his pulse racing. Calmly, he ran his eyes down Spike’s body, continuing his evaluation of his lover. His eyes rested on the soft brown curls and the growing flesh nestled therein.

Spike’s cock was growing, stretching, raising from his body, seeking out his mate. “Xan.” Spike’s voice was scratchy and soft and heat flushed through Xander’s body.

Xander’s fingers deftly moved down his shirt, releasing the buttons before he shrugged out of the sleeves. His pants dropped to the floor as he rose and crossed to the bed. “Hey, Spike.”

Spike wrapped his arms around Xander, pulling his love into a kiss. Xander leaned back to breathe and Spike asked, “What were you doing?”

Xander nestled his head into Spike’s neck, licking at his mark. “Looking at you. Trying to figure out why you are so damn attractive.”

Spike smiled and adjusted them so that he could nibble at his mark. “What did you decide?”

Xander smiled into Spike’s neck and breathed in the scent of his lover. “I didn’t. You’re gorgeous just because you’re you. I love this part.” He pressed a kiss against his mark. “And this part.” His lips moved down to encircle a hardening pink nub. “And this part.” His voice became husky as he licked down to the hair leading to his favorite place to play. “And this part…”

Spike groaned and thrust upward into Xander’s warm mouth. The brunette was teasing him with licks and nips, driving the vampire mad with desire without offering release. Spike growled and grabbed Xander’s hips, positioning his lover over him. Xander groaned at the rough treatment and the vibrations set off a chain reaction in Spike.

Unable to control it, he allowed his demon out. Sharp fangs pierced Xander’s thigh and the brunette moaned again around the flesh in his mouth. After several deep swallows of Xander’s blood, Spike drew back and wrapped his lips around his lover’s cock, careful not to slice it with his fangs.

Xander loved when Spike lost control. Made him feel so virile, so potent. He sucked harder at Spike’s swollen length, setting a pace he knew would drive the vampire insane. Spike snarled and sank his fangs into the base of Xander’s cock.

Xander screamed and came in huge, violent bursts, his hips slamming into Spike’s face. Spike swallowed the mixture of blood and come, savoring it as one would a fine wine. Xander rode out his orgasm and then renewed his efforts, dragging his teeth up Spike’s cock and following it with his tongue. A quick nibble to the foreskin and Spike convulsed underneath Xander, spilling his seed into his lover.

Xander collapsed bonelessly.

Spike gently withdrew his teeth from Xander and carefully laved at the wounds, lovingly healing them. He pressed a kiss against Xander’s thigh and whispered, “Sorry, pet. Couldn’t help it.”

Xander moaned and wiggled around until he was lying face to face with Spike, resting his entire weight on the smaller man’s body. “Don’t be sorry, baby. Don’t ever be sorry.”

They drifted off to sleep like that, neither moving until morning when a knock at the door pulled them from their dreams. “I’ll get it,” Xander muttered, smacking his sticky lips together to moisten them.

Spike rolled over and groaned, quickly and effectively falling back to sleep.

“Stupid vampire,” Xander commented fondly.

He pulled on a pair of sweats and hobbled to the door, grabbing a bottle of juice from the fridge on the way. He opened the door to find Willow turning to leave. “Wills?”

“Oh, Xander! I didn’t, well, I mean, I wasn’t. Well. You didn’t have to… I’m really sorry.” Willow babble struck again.

Xander yawned and took a swig of juice. “Why?”

“What I said about Spike, what makes him attractive, I’m sorry.” Willow blushed and looked at the floor.

“It’s ok, Wills. I figured it out. It’s because he’s Spike. That’s the entire reason.” Xander grinned and shut the door, locking it behind him. Finishing the juice, he tossed it over the bar and dropped his sweats to the floor.

Spike grunted when Xander got back into the bed and Xander moved the vampire into the position he wanted. He then reached into the bedside table for their knife. He carefully climbed onto Spike, positioning his cock against his lover’s mouth. He then leaned in, kissed the head of Spike’s lax organ and moved his hand up to make the first cut. He grinned, knowing that Spike was going to love this. Time for a little payback.

The End