Dark Night

Randy Sex Kitten

A dark night, two outcasts flying through the desert, wind pouring in the open windows, brunet strands flying madly, stiff blond peaks rocking slowly. Silence, except for the pounding of a single mortal heart as the engine drives them toward L.A. The spell they seek waiting there.

Spike’s hand jerked at the steering wheel, forcing the car over, crossing lanes quickly as Xander struggled to regain control of the car. A variety of horns sounded and finally, they were at the side of the road.

“Step on the brake, then,” Spike prompted, the car speeding down the shoulder. Xander nodded and stopped the car too quickly, causing the seatbelt across his chest to tighten uncomfortably as Spike flew forward and hit the window with a thud.

“Sorry,” Xander offered meekly, before shouting. “What the hell were you thinking? We could’ve been killed, you assho…”

No more words were spoken as soft, cool lips covered his.

Wet. Cold, wet, soft and Xander couldn’t focus on anything but the mouth pressed against his. A mouth that wasn’t gentle, wasn’t coated in sticky lip-gloss, wasn’t Anya’s. Thoughts of his girlfriend made him pull away abruptly, his eyes wide as he stared at Spike.

No words were spoken as they drifted toward one another, eyes wary, bodies drawn irrevocably together. Their lips met again, their eyes falling shut.

Spike’s hands move to find the edge of Xander’s shirt, tugging it up, baring tanned flesh a bit at a time until he had to break the kiss to remove the shirt all together. Appreciative sounds escaped his lips as he buried his face in Xander’s neck, inhaling deeply.

“What?” Xander gasped, arching his neck in offering. “What are you…”

Spike worked his mouth up Xander’s neck, along his jaw and up to his mouth, tasting him deeply. His hands stroked up and down Xander’s back, holding him close as he plundered his warm mouth.

Xander’s hands began to move on their own, pushing at the leather keeping him from touching Spike’s skin. Breaking the kiss one more, Spike shrugged off his duster and yanked his shirt off before wrapping his arms back around Xander.

Xander groaned into Spike’s mouth as their torsos met. His hands flew down to Spike’s jeans, clutching at denim covered globes. “Spike, I want…”

Spike nodded and reached down to rip Xander’s jeans open, immediately taking the rigid flesh there in hand. His lips met Xander’s once more, tongues dueling for dominance as he opened his own jeans one-handed before drawing them together.

Xander’s eyes flew open at the sensation of Spike’s cool length brushing against his. His eyes rolled back as Spike’s tongue brushed against his at the same time that he encircled both erections and tugged.

Spike drew back, focused entirely on watching as Xander’s seed spilled out over them both. He leaned in for another kiss as he gathered the spendings, using them to slide his hand slickly up and down his own shaft. He reached over and hit the button to retract the convertible’s roof and spoke lowly, “Lean over the seat, Xander.”

Trembling, Xander waited as the top folded down then he turned, bending over the seat, his head dropping lower as Spike pressed him further down. “Good,” Spike grunted, and suddenly there were fingers brushing over his virgin hole, pressing in, forcing their way deep inside.

Xander cried out in something between pleasure and pain as Spike’s fingers explored him. Another finger and he shuddered, feeling a single, long digit press into something he had heard about, but never experienced. “Spike!” he cried, his voice hoarse.

Spike withdrew his probing fingers and Xander could feel him centering himself behind him. He waited, breathless, as the blunt, wet head of Spike’s cock began working its way into him.

“Hurts, hurts! Spike, it hurts!” His words were ripped from him as the wind renewed its assault on the arid landscape.

Soft words made their way past the pain and he could hear Spike speaking quietly. “So good, so tight, shh shh shh, it’s ok, just let me get past…” More pain and then, as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

He panted, waiting for the pain to resume, not expecting the bolt of pleasure that shot through his system as that spot was brushed by Spike’s cock. “Oh,” he gasped.

“Yeah, pet. Oh.” Spike began to move then, his hips thrusting gently as he moved deeper and deeper into Xander. Long moments of quiet are punctuated only by the sounds of Xander’s gasping and moaning at each movement.

Spike tensed, and then shuddered in relief. Xander’s moans increased as he was filled with a cooling rush of fluid. His knees weak, he breathed for them both, feeling the hardness of Spike’s chest against his back.

After an eternity, Spike sighed, slipping out of Xander’s body and tugging him down into his lap. Xander turned, following the urgent prompts from cool hands on his chest and back and his mouth was once again reclaimed.

Their mouths merged, not letting go. Sweet, warm kisses that went on and on until the song of a bird flying over head caught their attention. A quick glance and they were scrambling to get pants back into place as Xander hit the button to raise the top.

The sun broke as the top clicked into place and Spike dove into the backseat, burrowing under a mass of blankets and clothing. Sliding the car into gear, Xander pulled cautiously back out on the highway, heading for the city of Angels.

The End