Randy Sex Kitten

It was darker than he expected.

The bright lights that hung from the various booths and rides twinkled brightly, but their sphere of influence could not prevail over the darkness.

Xander didn’t care.

He bounced along beside Spike, happy to be out and about after dark. The nature of the hellmouth had always kept him away from the seductive draw of a carnival. He and Jesse had always talked about going many, many times, and he was grateful that they never had.


Spike felt his companions attitude change, could all but smell the melancholia. “Knock it off, Whelp. You wanted to come, we came. Back to bouncy there, mate.”

Xander shook off the pain and went back to bouncing along after the vampire. “Oh! Spike! Can we go on he Ferris wheel?”

Spike looked up at the brightly colored monstrosity and grinned. “Sure. I’ll take you on the Ferris wheel, pet, but you’re gonna need to do something for me in return.”

The leer on Xander’s face made him blush furiously, an amazing feat considering that his cock had instantly hardened at Spike’s quiet words. “Ok.”

Spike grabbed Xander’s hand and dragged him over to buy two tickets to the Ferris wheel. Spike slipped something into the attendant’s hand and whispered something in his ear. Xander leaned in to see if he could hear what was being said, but he couldn’t.

Spike tugged at Xander’s hand and the two climbed onto the ride. They settled themselves into the seat in their usual position, Spike under Xander’s arm, leaning into his love.

The wheel began to move and Xander quickly lost himself in the sights. He could identify the different parts of town as they moved up into the night. “Look Spike!” Xander pointed and Spike leaned over him to get a better look. “Our house!”

There it was, their little bungalow. The tiny house they had chosen together and completely refurbished. Their love nest. Spike snorted.

“What?” Xander asked distractedly as they began their descent.

“I can’t believe that we actually finished it.” Spike’s voice was quiet and Xander turned to look at him.

“Yeah, I know.” Xander leaned in for a kiss, brushing his lips against Spike’s softly. It had been a struggle. Fighting the city for the right to all but rebuild their little house, while fighting the Scoobies for the right to love each other.

Spike clenched Xander against his chest. Their kiss became deeper. Spike felt Xander’s tongue brush against his lips and he opened them slightly to allow his sweet boy in. As they began to rise again, Xander moved Spike so that he had a better angle.

Neither man noticed when the Ferris wheel slowed and then stopped. The kiss continued, growing more and more heated as Spike drew Xander down slightly so that the larger man was resting on his chest. “Xan,” was quietly murmured before lips met again.

Xander moved slightly so that he could move a hand between them without breaking the kiss. He found the first button of Spike’s jeans and freed it, the others quickly following. Xander pressed his hand into Spike’s chest, pushing the vampire away from him. Spike groaned in disappointment and Xander grinned.

“Just for a minute, Spike. Here, lift up.” Spike lifted his hips and Xander pulled the blonde’s jeans down. “There. Isn’t that better?” Xander looked at Spike, sprawled out on the bench seat of the ride, his eyes wide and luminous in the moonlight. Xander leaned in for another quick kiss before moving away once again, kneeling on the cramped floor.

Spike watched his lover as he peppered kisses against Spike’s cool skin. “Love you so much, Spike. Do you know that?”

Spike gasped at Xander’s words and again when a warm mouth tickled the prominent vein underneath his cock. As quickly as it started, it was over. The sensation gone.

Xander knelt back and grinned at Spike. “You know what I want, Spikey.” Spike shook his head and gritted his teeth.

“Come on, Spike,” Xander coaxed, dragging his teeth along Spike’s foreskin. “Come on.”

Spike tensed as Xander teased him, running his tongue underneath the loose skin protecting the head of his cock, biting gently at the flesh just under it, poking into the slit, lapping at his juices, but never giving him enough stimulation. “Xander!”

Xander leaned back and opened his own jeans. His cock was long and hard, blood filled, warm, throbbing. He began to stroke himself slowly, watching Spike through partially closed eyes.

Spike began to pant and reached for his own member. His hand was slapped way and he allowed his head to fall back against the wall behind him. “Xan!” he whined.

Xander continued slowly jacking himself off. “You know what I want, Spike. Give it to me and I’ll make it feel so good.” He leaned in and bit Spike’s thigh hard, never taking his eyes off of the vampire’s face.

Spike shuddered and allowed his mask to fall. In game face, he began to beg. “Xan, please, Xan, I love you do much, please touch me, love me, oh Xander, Xander!”

As soon as Xander saw Spike lose his quiet control, the brunette pounced. He sucked Spike’s cock down, massaging the thick organ with his throat muscles. He sucked hard, barely gasping in breaths as he did.

Spike’s fingers curled into Xander’s hair, tugging gently as he lost himself in the sensations. Groans escaped him and he bit into his own lip, drawing blood and moaning at the taste. “Xander… Xander!”

Xander allowed Spike’s cock to slide out of his mouth as he looked up at the blond. Spike was so beautiful, passion clouding golden eyes, blood trickling down his chin. Xander crawled up Spike’s body and lapped at the blood, causing Spike to grip him tightly. “Xander!”

Xander knew what Spike wanted. He kicked off a shoe and the corresponding pant leg. He leaned in and kissed Spike deeply while digging through Spike’s duster pockets. He wrapped a hand around the tube he was seeking and opened it, dropping out a glop of slick on Spike’s fingers. He straddled his lover and led Spike to his opening.

Spike slid one slick finger into Xander’s heat. Xander thrust back on him and ground his erection into Spike’s stomach. At some point, the kiss broke and Spike found himself staring at the lengthy expanse of Xander’s neck. “Oh, pet.”

Spike quickly finished preparing Xander before encouraging Xander to slide down on his cock.

Xander smiled happily as Spike invaded his body. “Spike.” He began to lift himself slowly before dropping down, even slower. He kept his eyes glued on Spike’s face as they slowly made love. Spike’s eyes opened slowly and he became lost in the love that he could feel flowing from Xander.

“I love you, you know that,” Spike gasped.

“And I love you,” Xander answered.

Time was endless as they rocked together, connected body and soul, dancing in the music only two lovers can hear. Xander could feel Spike begin to tense and he groaned happily. This was his favorite part. Spike’s head cocked and Xander felt goose bumps flood across his skin.

“Yes.” A hiss.

Spike pulled Xander forward and sank his fangs into the supple satin of his lover’s neck. Xander felt his orgasm spill from his body as his blood left his body, one slow pull at a time.

Spike could taste Xander’s completion and grabbed Xander’s hips, thrusting harshly once before filling his boy with his seed. He gently removed his fangs and laved at Xander’s skin until the wounds quit seeping.

Xander sat still during the ministrations, but when Spike grunted in contentment, he allowed himself to fall forward. Spike held his lover for a long moment until a fierce jerk caught his attention. “We’re moving again, love. Gotta cover up.”

Xander growled and climbed off of Spike’s lap, unhappy as his lover slipped from his body. “I hate this part.”

“I know.” Spike quickly buttoned his jeans and helped Xander back into his. Xander settled back down onto the bench and was trying to get his shoe back on when the ride stopped.

The door opened and Spike led Xander out, waiting momentarily as Xander bent over to retie his shoe.

Xander could feel Spike’s seed pooling out of him and he grinned. Spike leaned in and caught Xander’s mouth in a quick kiss before grabbing his hand. “C’mon, love. Let’s get some of those cheese fry things!”

The hyper vampire raced off and Xander followed behind, smiling.

The End