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Rating: NC-17

Summary: A series of drabbles exploring my favorite kink. Written for [info]summer_of_spike 2004.


Randy Sex Kitten


Chocolate, back in the day, was a sweet treat, never openly offered, as it would surely spoil him. Boys weren’t to be spoiled in such an obvious manner, and so he wasn’t. He did as was expected, took care of his mother and their home, carried the responsibilities of a man.

But when they were alone, and she was reading to him from the family bible, she would slip him tiny nibbles. William knew that if he commented, the treats would disappear. So each evening, he sat at his mother’s feet listening and indulging in bittersweet bites of dark chocolate.

Educational Dilemmas

Public school. The corridors were crowded and William peered warily around the corner of one long hallway, hoping that a teacher was within sight.

He was a slight child who was continuously taunted and teased by the other boys. However, that didn’t bother him. Words could be manipulated, changed, but the physical violence… William shuddered and tensed. Coming down the corridor was the largest of the bullies. William’s fingers drifted down to his wool-covered arm, rubbing the bite marks that were still visible from the last attack.

Taking a deep breath, he gathered himself together and stepped into the hall.

Dark Princess

William screamed as her fangs slid into his throat. It hurt. A lot. His voice echoed off the building surrounding him and he marveled at the ferocity of her bite. How could such a delicate looking creature cause so much pain?

His thoughts drifted as he faded away and he couldn’t recall how her tiny wrist found it’s way into his mouth, but he was biting down on it hard, drinking thirstily from the fount of her blood. He knew it was blood. He knew that he should be ill, but instead he bit harder, tasting her sweetness… like chocolate.

The Bite

The bite. It was everything to Will. It could be rough and harsh or gentle, almost loving. Will loved feeling a warm body in his arms, draped in his embrace, almost trusting after the fear dissipated. Their racing hearts were music to his ears.

Will sometimes watched Drusilla feed and wondered why she even bothered. She treated it as a chore, something that had to be done to survive. But Will, he loved the bite itself. The feeling of his strong, sensitive fangs sliding through blood warmed flesh, the first taste… He felt himself harden and quickly finished his meal.


Will writhed under his master, under his love. Angelus could be cruel, make no mistake, but he could be gentle when needed. Will had resisted the first few times, and Angelus had declared his dominance with blood and violence. Then Will had discovered that submission was much sweeter.

The hands roughened as demons came forward. Will leaned his head to the side, offering what Drusilla had never been given. Angelus grinned and, as he drove into Will’s body, leaned in, pressed a kiss to the smooth line of Will’s neck and sank in his fangs, tasting honesty, submission and love.

Forever Longing

Spike leaned against the brick wall, remembering the first time he had set foot in the store. The woman had been ever so helpful. His sarcastic inner voice growled, his lip curled in disgust. But she had been delicious. He flung his cigarette away.

It was all gone now. That feeling of life, of hot, sweet blood flowing down his throat as he lead them in their final dance. Gone. His fangs ached to tear through something, preferable human flesh and… Pain. That was his companion now. The soddin’ chip, the Scoobies and hunger. It was all he had left.

Blow Up Dolls

Spike looked at the boy suspiciously and wondered what had inspired this insane idea.

“I just thought…” At Spike’s snarl, Xander turned away and walked towards the door. “Never mind. Do whatever you want.”

Spike watched as the door shut behind before turning back to Xander’s gift. Xander had bought him a life-sized sex doll.

Not to fuck, but to bite.

Xander had emptied out the neck and head of the doll, and built empty compartments that could be filled with anything… with blood.

Spike reached out a hand, brushed it over the supple skin of the doll and smiled.


The boy came over regularly to make sure that the doll was still working and didn’t need anything replaced on it. When asked why he had done it, Xander’s answer was always the same.

“Just thought you’d like it.”

Spike thought back to the basement and remembered nights when he thought Xander was asleep, sinking his fangs into his own flesh over and over again, seeking out the satisfaction of the bite.

“You saw me.”

Xander flushed and looked at the ground. Spike reached out a hand, brushed back Xander’s bangs and kissed him lightly on the mouth.

“Thank you.”


It was Xander who thought of it.

He had been sitting on Spike’s crypt, shirt off and lips kiss swollen. He kicked his feet and watched as Spike dug through the fridge. “Why not just do a spell?”

Spike peered over at his would-be lover. “What?”

Xander shrugged and continued, “I was sitting with Willow the other day and she was using her computer.” Spike lifted an eyebrow and Xander laughed. “Patience, vampire. Anyway, she doesn’t hook it up to anything anymore, she just uses magic to manipulate stuff.”

Spike shut the door and grinned at Xander. “Big word, pet.”

The Spell

The spell was simple. Angel found it and, at Xander’s insistence, forwarded it to Spike, reminding him of what would happen if people started dying.

Spike prepared carefully while Xander went to the Scooby Meeting to see where the Slayer would be for the evening. After he returned to the crypt, they finished the preparations and began the spell.

It hurt. Bad. Worse than the chip ever had. As Spike lay out on the floor he wondered if the bloody thing would end up being the death of him. He moaned in pain as Xander chanted, freeing him from his leash.


Xander bathed his lover gently, removing all traces of blood. They had known that this might happen, but it had been horrible to watch. Now Spike was comatose and Xander was terrified.

He watched over Spike for three days before there was any sign of life from the vampire. He had moved the vampire to his apartment after Buffy stopped by the crypt the first night.

Spike groaned and shifted on the bed, Xander leapt to his feet.

“Spike, Spike!” Xander’s warm hand caressed Spike. “Spike?” his voice desperate.

Spike opened his eyes, his demon rushing to the fore. “Xander.”


“Xander.” Spike’s voice was hoarse and he felt a terrible hunger deep within. Xander hovered over him, anxiety filling his eyes.

Spike forced his arms up and wrapped them around Xander, drawing him down for a kiss. Spike moved his head, bumping Xander with his forehead, moving the man to where he wanted him to be. “Xan.”

Spike felt his fangs break through Xander’s skin and then the taste overwhelmed him. Love, adoration, loyalty, they were all there, the only thing lacking was fear. Spike pulled back and looked deeply into Xander’s trusting eyes. “Mine.”

Xander smiled and nodded. “Yours.”


“I can’t believe she’s gone.”

Spike reached out a hand to comfort his lover. “I know, pet.”

Xander looked up. “She was so young! They all were!”

Spike pulled Xander to his feet. “I know. Now come on, Peaches is waiting.”

They moved away from Dawn’s grave, the last to go. Xander was quiet as they drove towards L.A. “I love you, Xander, you know that.”

Xander turned his head. “I know.” A small smile appeared.

Angel had already prepared the spell, and was waiting. “You ready?” Xander nodded and they moved towards where the Orb of Thesula lay waiting.

The End

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