Randy Sex Kitten

Xander pushed Faith away, his tongue moving out to touch the drop of blood that resulted from her violent kiss. “I’m not going to do that, you bitch,” Xander muttered sliding his cigarette back into his mouth.

Faith laughed. “C’mon, Xan! You know it’d be good. And I’d let you top this time…” her tongue curled and she slid a fuck-me-pump encased foot up his calf to rub gently along the seam of his jeans.

He cocked an eyebrow at her, and dropped the cards he was shuffling. Exhaling as he grabbed the cigarette, he pointed it at his sometimes girlfriend. “Fine. I’ll do it, but I get to top, and I get to go up your ass.”

Faith crinkled her nose. “Fine, but it’s not gonna happen, you’ll chicken out.”

She turned her back and Xander stood, crushing out his cigarette and dropping it into her beer. “Right,” he agreed with a sneer, and walked away from the table.

“Two minutes!” Laughter followed these words and Xander turned to glare at her, still moving across the room, moving toward his target.


Shy, bookish and recently bleach blond by virtue of a cosmetology accident by his friend Buffy. Faith was in the class when it happened and she had told Xander how William had paled and raced from the room.

“Hey,” Xander said, spinning the chair next to William around and straddling it.

“Um, yeah. I mean, hey,” William answered, his eyes suspicious.

Xander reached out a hand, flipping through the pages of the book William was reading. “What’s’ this?”

William pulled the book away, shutting it and dropping it into his bag. “It’s Tolstoy.” His chair scraped the floor as he pushed away from the table and stood up, quickly walking away.

“Shit,” Xander muttered, glancing over at Faith. She smirked and dragged a blood red nail down Larry’s chest and Xander rolled his eyes, turning to look after William.

William disappeared around a corner and Xander scrambled to his feet, quickly moving to the hall that the other boy had disappeared down. William stood at the end of the row of lockers, pulling books out of his bag and lining them into the locker.

A quick glance at the clock showed Xander that there were only about five minutes left in the lunch hour. He walked slowly toward William, leaning against the locker just to the right of him. “Hey,” He said, and William jerked, stepping to the left.

A deep sigh and William turned to look at Xander, pulling wire rim glasses off of his nose as he did so. “What do you want?” he asked, his words tense and clipped.

Xander shrugged, forgetting his answer as he looked into eyes that were more gray than blue. Eyes that had lines of white and dark gray flowing through them. He straightened and shook his head. “What?”

William closed his locker and slid his glasses into his bag. “Why are you following me? Why are you talking to me?”

Xander moved quickly, pushing William back against the lockers, placing his hands carefully on the lockers on each side of William’s head. “I want to kiss you.”

“Excuse me?” William gasped, just as Xander’s lips met his.

Soft, warm, soft, and Xander pressed tighter against William, hearing the bell ring in some distant corner and the sounds of people crowding the halls. Someone bumped him and he moved closer to William, gasping with William as their cocks brushed lightly.

William’s mouth opened and Xander slid inside, tasting sweet tea and fruit and he groaned, letting his hands slide off of the lockers and down William’s arms. Something fell on his foot and he knew without looking that it was William’s book bag and William’s hands were moving, barely touching the waistband of his pants.

William’s tongue moved against his and Xander groaned again. His mind catalogued each tentative brush of William’s cool tongue, each breathy moan that escaped his chest, each brush of his fingers against the bare skin between Xander’s wife beater and jeans and when he heard a caustic voice yelling his name, he ignored it, only wanting more of this sweetness, this beautiful compliance, this partnership that felt so right…

… and then was gone.

Faith stood between him and William, but he could see William’s tongue dart out to lick his lips, would see William panting lightly as he leaned down to pick up his book bag, his eyes moving around the room, taking in the group of people who were just standing there… watching.

“William,” he whispered and those eyes met his, and Faith’s voice was an irritation at best and he moved past her, grabbing William’s arm and walking away. Away from hatred and mad fucking. Away from a cold heart. Away from rare biting kisses that hurt.

Moving away from the crowd he smiled at William. “I’m Xander. You’re William, right?”

William nodded, smiling back. They walked down the hall, their hands almost touching, as they began to talk.

The End