Mysterious Child


Part Five

Xander woke up and yawned. He reached out a hand to sling it across Spike, but found nothing but empty air. He frowned, then opened his eyes. Thinking he was downstairs, Xander got up and got dressed.

Buffy was downstairs, but no Spike. Xander frowned again.

"Is Spike still asleep?" Buffy asked.

Xander shook his head. "No, I thought he was down here."

Buffy shrugged. "Maybe the demons came and got him."

Panic rose in Xander. "That would explain why he was trying to wake me up last night," he said out loud. "Where would have they taken him? Not here, probably, since your here...."

"Um, Xander? Why do we care?"

Xander sighed. "Look, him, okay? We have to help him."

Buffy shook her head. "Forget him, it just means he's gone, big deal."

Xander looked at her for a moment, then. "Yeah, fine."

Xander ran upstairs and grabbed the phone. He quickly dialed a number and waited.

"Angel Investigtions, we help the hopeless," Cordelia answered.

"Hi Cordy, Angel there?"

"Oh, hey Xander, yeah, just a sec."

There was silence for a moment. Xander really wasn't looking forward to seeing or talking to Angel, but it seemed to be his only shot.

"Xander?" Angel's voice came across the line.

"Hi dead-boy, I need some help."

Xander quickly told Angel what had happened. Angel listened patiently until he was done.

"Alright, can I ask why you want to help Spike?"

Xander paused. He'd lied to Buffy, it was more than like.

"Because.....because I'm...." Xander trailed off. "Can we just help him?"

"You're falling in love with him."

It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"Yeah, maybe, don't tell anybody," Xander said quickly. "Just help me, okay?"

Angel paused, then said. "Alright, I'll use the bond to find him, you come to LA."

"K, see ya." Xander hung up the phone and left Buffy's. He walked to Giles and knocked.

"Hey G-man," Xander said as Giles opened the door. "Can I borrow your car?"

"My brand new car?" Giles said doubtfully. Then he sighed. "Oh alright, but be careful with it."

Xander nodded and Giles handed Xander the key. Xander quickly hopped in the car and took a moment to admire it before jumping in and zooming off toward LA.

A small while later he stopped in front of Angel Investigations and hopped out. He walked in and saw Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn, but no Angel.

"Angel'll be down in a minute,' Cordelia told him before he could open his mouth. He nodded.

A moment later Angel came down. "Spike's not far from here," he told Xander. "I can find the place easily."

Xander nodded. "I've got Giles' car."

Angel followed Xander out. They both got in, and Angel started directing him.

Please hold on, Spike, Xander thought.


Spike slowly woke up and opened his eyes. Stacey was asleep, but Mark and Aaron were both up. He stretched and stood up.

"Hey," Mark greeted him. "You slept awhile, it's nightfall already."

Spike nodded and got himself some blood. He put it in the microwave and pulled aside the curtain to look out the window. "I still haven't come up with a way to contact him."

Mark shrugged. "That's okay."

Spike sighed. He had to get out of here. He couldn't have the kid here, he just couldn't.

He heard the sound of a car coming and peered out toward the sound. A red car came around the corner. Spike watched as it stopped suddenly and two people got out. He tried to see who they were, but they were too far away. One of them looked toward him and made a motion as though to get out of the way. Spike did so. A moment later a bolt came crashing through the glass window. It embedded in the wall. Spike yanked it out and saw a note attached.

'we can't get you out the window, it's guarded. We're going back to get Wesley and Gunn, then we'll come in through the front. Hang in there.

If Spike's heart worked it would have been pounding. Xander had come! And he had Angel's help, by the looks of it. Spike let a grin split his face.

"We're gonna get out of here," Spike said confidently.

"What makes you say that?" Aaron asked. "What's that note, anyway?"

"It's from Xander, he's gonna help us get out of here."

Mark peered over his shoulder at the letter. "Really? Cool! Hey, Aaron, can you  wake up Stacey?"

Aaron nodded. "Sure." He ran over and shook her. "Stacey! wake up!"

"No," Stacey muttered. Aaron laughed and shook her harder.

"Fine, I'm up," Stacey glared at Aaron. "What is it?"

"Spike says we're gonna get out of here!"

Stacey completely woke up. "How?"

"The guy he's got a crush on and his Sire," Aaron said.

"Oi! I don't have a crush on him," Spike mumbled. "Just kinda like him is all."

Aaron rolled his eyes. "Yeah, uh-huh."

Spike glared at him, then ran back over to the window. The car was gone, but one of them, either Angel or Xander, had stayed and was pacing back and forth. Spike waved at him, hoping it was Xander. He waved back.

Spike began pacing back and forth, waiting for Angel and the others to get back. Why were they going through the front? It didn't make any sense, the front would be most guarded, wouldn't it? And it would be four against hundreds, even if one of them was a vampire. Spike growled to himself. He wouldn't be able to fight, most of his strength was gone because of the child.

"Bloody hell," he muttered under his breath. "I can't do anything, I'm competely useless."

"Hey, what's this?" Mark asked. "You're not useless."

"I won't be able to do anything when the fighting starts!" Spike growled.

Mark shrugged. "Yeah, you'll miss out on the fun, so will the rest of us, that doesn't make you useless."

Spike's anger cooled slightly. "Yeah, whatever."

Spike waited, but he didn't hear any fighting sounds. Then somebody opened the door. He was black, but his eyes weren't quite right.....

"Hey, I'm Gunn, I managed to pull off being one of those demons, come on, lets get out of here," he said quickly.

Spike nodded, then looked at the others. "What about them?"

Gunn thought for a moment. "I'll have to get you out one at a time, you first."

Spike followed Gunn out toward the front. A few demons glanced at them as they passed, but didn't do anything more than that. Spike stayed close behind Gunn as they got out. Xander came running up as they exited and grabbed Spike in a hug. Spike hugged him back, then pulled away.

"Are you okay?" Xander asked quickly, looking over Spike.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Spike said. "They didn't do anything to me."

Xander nodded but continued checking over him. Then he did something that actually startled Spike. He bent his head and kissed Spike. Spike froze, then slowly returned the kiss.

"Gross," Gunn commented. Xander broke off and glared at him. Gunn just laughed. "Sorry, sorry. I gotta go back in, there's more in there."

"More?" Angel looked over at Spike.

"They don't have females and they can't breed with humans so they breed with us," Spike told him. "They've got three more in there."

Angel nodded. Gunn disappeared back inside.

They waited for nearly fifteen minutes before Gunn came out this time with Aaron.

"That other vamp, Mark, wouldn't let me go until I agreed to take this guy out first," Gunn told him. "I'm supposed to get that Stacey next and then him. Be back."

Aaron came over to Spike. "Which ones Angelus?" he whispered.

Spike laughed and pointed to Angel. Angel raised and eyebrow when Aaron proceeded to stare at him.

"He thinks you're cool," Spike told Angel. "How he could think a bloody poofter like you is cool I don't know."

Angel glared at Spike. "You think I'm cool?" he said to Aaron.

Aaron nodded. "Yeah, I think you're awesome!"

Angel laughed. "Okay."

Gunn came out again, this time with Stacey. Stacey walked over to Aaron.

"He's getting Mark," she told him. Aaron nodded, starting to look nervous.

Twenty minutes passed, then thirty. Aaron suddenly started walking back toward the building.

"Aaron, don't!" Spike called.

"I'm not leaving him in there!" Aaron told him. "I can't leave him in there!"

"Gunn'll be out soon," Angel said comfortingly, though a hint of doubt was flashing in his eyes.

They waited a while longer. Finally Angel said. "Five more minutes, then Aaron and I will go in. If we don't come back out soon, Wesley, you take Stacey, Spike and Xander back to the office and stay there till I come back. Got it?"

They nodded, though Spike could tell Wesley had absolutely no intention of leaving Angel there. Spike and Xander looked at each other and smirked at the same time.

"Think Wesley likes him?" Spike whispered.

"Maybe," Xander grinned. "It'd sure be funny."

"If they get together, can we tell the Slayer Angel'd rather shag Wesley than her?"

Xander laughed. "Just to see the look on her face, yeah."

A moment later Aaron and Angel went in. The group waited tensly for them to come back out. Then Spike heard the sounds of fighting start.

"I'm going in," Wesley told them. "Xander, could you...."

"Nope, we're goin' in too," Xander told him.

Wesley paused, then nodded. "Alright, lets go."

Xander looked at Spike. Spike nodded.

"I won't be much good," Spike warned Xander.

"Sure you will, you remember that trick you did? When you kicked it right onto Buffy's stake? I've got a stake."

Spike grinned. "Well, alright then."

The four of them ran in. Angel, Aaron, Gunn and Mark were all fighting to get out. Wesley ran straight toward Angel.

"I told you to go!" Angel yelled over the noise.

"I know!" Wesley responded. "I couldn't just leave you here!"

"You have to go!" Angel staked a demon.

"No!" Wesley staked another one behind Angel. "I'm not leaving!"

"Damn you Wesley!" Angel yelled.

Spike stood in the doorway, wondering what to do. Xander was off somewhere in the fray, and Stacey was with Mark and Aaron. As far as he could tell he was useless.

Xander managed to stake another demon and glanced at Spike. He was just standing there with a frustrated look on his face. Xander began fighting his way over. Wesley and Angel had almost made it out, and the other three were already out the door.

Then suddenly Spike cried out and fell to his knees. Xander panicked. He practically threw a demon out of his way and ran over to Spike.

"Spike? Spike what's wrong?" Xander asked quickly.

"I don't know," Spike groaned. "Hurts..."

"He's going into labor!" Mark shouted. "We've gotta get him outa here!"

Xander nodded. "Can you stand up?"

Spike nodded and forced himself to his feet even as another bolt of pain shot through him. Xander helped him out to the car. Mark hopped into the back with him.

"How long does it last with you vampires?" Xander asked.

Mark shrugged. "Between 5 and 10 hours."

"Five and ten hours!!!" Spike yelled. "I can't handle this for that long!"

"Sure you can," Mark said soothingly.

Spike groaned loudly again. "Make it stop!"

They soon got back to the office. They got Spike inside and upstairs.

"Come on, get him in my room," Angel led them in.

"Okay, I know how to handle this, you guys should probably get out until later," Mark said. "Aaron, can you help me?"

Aaron nodded. The others started to leave.

"I want to stay!" Xander protested, but Angel grabbed his arm and dragged him out.

For the next few hours Xander paced and the others just sat there. Several times they heard Spike scream, and Xander nearly went ballistic. Angel had to get up and hold his arm to keep him from running into the room.

Then there was silence. A little bit later Mark came out.

"Okay, Xander, you can come in now," Mark told him. "But be quiet, he's asleep."

Xander nodded and quietly he went in. He went over and saw Spike, sound asleep, and cuddled next to him was a small baby. Xander smiled at the two, then grabbed a chair and sat down next to the bed. Spike opened his eyes slowly and smiled at Xander.

"Hurts like bloody hell," he murmured. Xander laughed.

"I'd think so," Xander put a hand on Spike's arm, then looked at the baby. "So, is it a boy or girl?"

"Girl," Spike said. He looked down at it and smiled again. "And I think she'll be worth the pain."

"She better be."

Spike laughed. "Yeah."

Spike put a hand lightly over the small girl, then gripped Xander's hand with his free one. Xander leaned down and kissed Spike on the forehead. Spike smiled again, then closed his eyes again.

"Okay, you guys are WAY too cute," Mark spoke up. Xander just grinned.

Mark looked at the child cuddled up with Spike, then sighed. "I never got to keep one. I wonder what it's like?"

Xander shrugged. "Guess you'll get to find out now."

Mark grinned. "Yeah, I guess I will."

Xander looked back at Spike. Mark left the room, shutting the door quietly behind him. Spike's eyes opened again.



"Can you come down here with me and Ginny?"

Xander nodded and carefully climbed onto the bed behind Spike. Spike sighed contentedly and again fell asleep. Xander put his hand over the hand Spike had on Ginny, then let himself fall asleep as well.

Part Six

Xander looked up from the TV when he heard Spike laugh. They had been together since Ginny had been born. Spike had seemed to be waiting for something, and Xander wondered if it had happened.

Spike came flying around the corner suddenly, grinning happily. Xander had quickly learned that Spike was not the big bad he made out to be, and Spike had learned to let himself go around Xander.

"She spoke!" Spike said happily. Xander laughed.

"That's what you've been waiting for!" He got up and followed Spike back into Ginny's bedroom.

"Dada!" Ginny said as Spike walked in. Spike did a little happy dance and Xander laughed.

"Not fair, she acknowledged you as dad first!" Xander pretended to be hurt. Spike laughed, then walked over and kissed Xander before going back over to Ginny. He picked her up and brought her over to Xander. Xander took her.

"I'm your other dad, you know," Xander said in a pretend stern voice. Ginny laughed, then reached out and grabbed Xander's nose. Xander crossed his eyes at her, which always made her laugh. She let his nose go and then reached out toward Spike again. Spike took her.

"See him? That's daddy too," Spike told her. Ginny turned her head to look at Xander, then said "Dada," again at him. Xander laughed.

"Right," He grinned. "There, she's got it now."

"It's gonna be confusing for her when she gets older and starts wondering why she's got two dads and everybody else has got only one," Spike said in an amused tone.

Xander laughed. "Yeah. Passions is on, you gonna come watch with me?"

Spike nodded and the two of them went out to the couch, Spike carrying Ginny. Spike cuddled up against Xander's side. Soon Ginny fell asleep. Spike watched her for a moment, then looked back at the TV.

"Xander," he said after the show was over.

"Yeah Spike?"

"I want another one."

Xander looked down and stared at Spike. "What!?"

Spike laughed at Xander's reaction.  "I said I want another one. That way she's got somebody to play with, and I want a boy too."

Xander shook his head. "I think you're crazy, but okay. When's the time you can have another one?"

Spike grinned and held something up. "You remember when Angel went and wiped out the demons that had me and the others?"

Xander nodded.

"I went back and got this stuff. Stacey showed it to me when she showed me around, it's the stuff that gets around the whole I can only have kids at a certain time."

Xander grinned. "Well, that works out well." He looked down at Ginny, then leaned over and kissed Spike. Spike kissed him back. Xander broke off and trailed down to his neck.

"Wanna go do that now, while she's asleep?" Xander aksed.

"Yeah," Spike tilted his head farther, then something occured to him.

"Hey, Xander, before we do anything, we forgot to tell the Slayer."

"About what?" Xander lifted his head.

"We forgot to tell her Angel'd rather shag Wesley than her."

Xander laughed. "Lets do it later, when I'm not aroused and wanting my Vampire."

Spike grinned at the words, 'my Vampire.' He kissed Xander again, then got up and quickly put Ginny in her room. He went to their room and Xander was already there.

Much later, Xander was looking down at Spike, who was sound asleep ontop of him. He reached over and stroked Spike's hair, then grinned suddenly. He reached over and grabbed the phone and dialed Buffy's number.

"Hello?" Buffy answered.

"Hey Buffy, it's Xander."

"Oh, hey, what's up?"

Xander's grin widened. "I wanted to tell you something. Did you know Angel'd rather 'shag' Wesley than you?"

There was a pause, then "WHAT!"

Xander laughed and hung the phone up. Oh, he and Spike were gonna have fun tomorrow..........

The End

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