The Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG. Barely.
Spoilers: None, not really, unless you've missed the whole concept.
Summary: It's just a drabble. I was feeling ... mathematical.
Warnings: None. None whatsoever.

The Numbers

Rayne Jelly

Xander was bent over a piece of paper, scribbling quietly, frrowning. Spike was pouting across the table, and Xander pointedly did not look up - the vampire had said something unusually irritating, or he was feeling unusually sensitive to Spike's bluster, but it bothered him. Spike's bragging about his debt to the soul being nearly paid off, the balance of good and evil nearly restored because he'd rescued another three people tonight. Xander couldn't help but feel cheated, he carried the bruises, the injuries, and the guilt of failure every time something went awry, made his life more difficult daily for people that would never really care or realize why, and he had no debt to pay, had never taken a human life. He was the only person he knew that hadn't.

He stopped scribbling for a moment, and Spike started rapping a beat on the table with his fingertips. "From the years 1753 to 1900 Angelus was in operation, correct?" Spike nodded warily - Xander had been ignoring him for the last five minutes and the buoyant feeling that had lifted him from the scene of the fight back to the apartment was sitting in his stomach now like a lead weight. Xander continued to scribble, and wouldn't look at him. "Working on the assumption that Angel never took a life after 1900, which is completely wrong by the way, but working on that assumption, and assuming he ate one person, that is killed one person, a day - that's fifty three thousand, six hundred and ninety two souls. Aproximately."

Xander finally looked up, staring passively, and Spike returned the look guiltily. "Including leap years." Xander sounded like an accountant. "Want me to do you? Just tell me how many people you ate every day."

"No." Spike felt his shoulders droop, "I get the point."

I felt like doing the math. Though I can tell you between 1800 and the chip, one person a day (including leap years) would be 43,830 people.

The End

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