Disclaimer: The charas are not mine. The 'legend' is based around YYH but this in not a crossover, it's more like a guest appearence.

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Summary: I've read a lot of GW and YYH stories where a male chara is pregnant, but only 2 fics where Xander and Spike have a baby. One is a tear jerker and the other is fluff, so I wanted to write a happy ending, Xander-gets-knocked-up fic and here it is.

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All In The Blood


Part One

"No! no no nonononono, this can't be happening now!"

   The small apartment was filled with clattering and banging as Xander Harris, scooby gang member, zeppo, and none college, working class guy, panicked.

   "Of all the times for it to happen it had to be now! Shit! I can't go home, if my dad. . . but there's no one else. . . oh Inari! Spike! He'll know! Damn it!"

   He slid to sit on the floor of the apartment, all of the anger gone from him leaving him tired but in control again. "What the Hell am I going to do?"

   *ring ring*

   "Hello, Xander's house of shame. . . oh hi Wills." He stood and began picking up the mess he'd made while he listened to his oldest friend. Then promtly dropped the phone and fought down another panic. "Oh man! Sorry Willow, the phone slipped. uh, There's a scooby meeting? Tonight?"

    "Xander! Come on, focus for me. We need you to come to the scooby meeting. Yes it's tonight. Giles says there's a whole group of baddies in town now. We need you."

   "But I'm human boy Wills, no powers or anything, and I have work and. . ."

   "Xander please?"

   "But . . ."


   He cracked. No one could stand up against a weepy Willow. Oh that was a bad joke "Ok, ok, I'm going to be at the meeting. Promise. Wait, will Spike be there?"

   "Giles knows all about these demons. We didn't need to ask him so I don't think he even knows."

   He let out a sigh of relief, "Ok Wills I'll see you later then."


   Hanging up the phone the boy set to straightening the room again. As long as Spike wasn't there he'd be fine. No one else would smell anything different. He showered and dressed then rushed out into the dusky Sunnydale evening. Praying that no day time dwelling demons picked up his scent.

   Why did it have to start now?!

Part One

Spike sniffed the air testily. Something was off in the room. The slayer and her pets were meeting at Giles' apartment as usual and he had come for blood only to stay when the scent caught his senses. It was a powerful scent, but a good one, like a woman on her menstrual cycle. Only from what he could tell, it was coming from the whelp.

   What did he get into? Could 'ave 'ad a wank before 'e came and 'ave a cut some'ere. But it's not exactly like that, smells. . . bloody hell what IS it?!

   "So what is it we need to know about these creepys?" Buffy grinned and sharpened a stake for the new 'Baddie' in town.

   "They are Galf'itish Buffy. A pack of them, and from what I can tell, they're hunting for something."

   "Yeah? So we let 'em have it and they go bye bye?"

   "Well it isn't quite so simple, you see, they're after another demon. One we know very little about."

   "Well what do we know about them?" Willow asked from the loveseat.

   The watcher wiped at his glasses nervously and Spike inched to stand behind the couch Xander was resting on. He wanted to hear this, and he liked the boy's scent.

   "There's an old legend in Japanese mythology about a race called Youko. Fox demons who control one element be it rock, plant, or flesh."

   "Yeah, I've seen 'em in a anime." Xander nodded, "So what?"

   "In this particular legend, two male demons, one a very strong Youko theif called Kurama, the other an equally powerful prince of Koorime and fire demon decent, met and loved and bore a child. The child was raised in the demon's world but because his parents had conceived him in the human world he went back to see it for himself. While he was there he fell in love with a human girl and married her, but she wasn't really human at all. She was a banished Chimera who had taken human guise. A very evil Chimera in fact and their son was raised by her to be a mean and spiteful man. He vanished shortly after coming of age and hasn't been seen since, but it's said that he had a child. The child would be a perfect way to bend Makai to the Galf'itish's rule. You see, Hiei and Kurama still rule the demon world, along with their friend and team mate Yuusuke. If the Galf'itish had their great grand child. . ."

   Buffy stood up, "Hold it! Great grand child? What kind of a threat could these two be if they're that old? Why don't the Galf'itsh just fight them?"

   "Makai demons age differently." Xander said it quietly but they all turned to him in shock.

   "Xander how did you. . ."

   "Anime." He grinned, "I'm right aren't I? Kurama was like 700 when he met Hiei and he still looked like a teenager."

   "Xander we don't have time. . ."

   "Actually, he's right." Giles cleared his throat. "Hiei and Kurama are both well over 1000 years old now and they are still in their adolesence."

   "That's sad."

   Again all eyes turned to Xander in shock and he shrugged, "Who would want to outlive their own kids?"

   "How did you know the son died?"

   "It's obvious, if he hadn't would he have let that bitch raise the baby?"

   Giles gave him an odd look and nodded, "Actually Xander is right again."

   Buffy snickered, "Twice in one night! Careful Xan, you feeling dizzy? Need to lie down?"

   Spike frowned when Xander sunk into the couch and tried to become invisible. Why did the bint DO that to him?! Didn't she realise how insecure he was?

   An hour later Xander stood, "I'm heading back to the apartment ok?"

   Giles waved at him distractedly and Spike stood to follow.

   Once they were outside Xander froze, "Spike why are you following me?"

   "Feel like some action pet. Waiting for a demon to try for you so I can pound it."

   "You don't have to protect me Spike."

   "What?!" He went game face and was acutely miffed when Xander just walked by him. "What makes you think I'd protect a piece o' shit like you?!"

   Xander waited until Spike was next to him and then began to speak, "You always hang around me saying you want to pound a demon and I'm the bait, but you never take me toward demon infested places, you just follow where I'm going. I might not be a slayer but give me a little credit."

   "Maybe I'm just letting you walk into trouble, you do that enough."

   "But you always make sure I'm safe."

   "Not bloody likely!"

   "I see the way you check me after you've beaten the bad guys."

   "You got a lot of cheek if you think. . ."

   "Thank you."

   Spike stopped his rant and stared at Xander like he was a pod person. . . although in SunnyHell . . . ok, maybe like an Elvis impersonator, never seen one of 'them' here, and they're scarier than pod people.

   "For what?"

   "For caring." Xander shrugged. "To the rest of the gang I'm kinda invisible, even with Anya I was just an 'orgasm friend.' It's nice to know somebody cares. I mean 'really' cares about what happens to me."

   Spike was speechless for a while but finally he lowered his eyes, "Ain't gonna tell anyone are ya?"

   The boy shook his head. "None of their business is it."

   That made Spike grin.

   "Can I tell you a secret?"

   "Wha's that pet?"

   "I care what happens to you too."

   "Did we just have a caring conversation?"

   "Don't panic, but I think we did."

   "Friendly even?"


   Spike smiled, "Just makin' sure luv."

   Xander smiled and took Spike's hand, waiting for him to jerk away. He didn't.

   When they reached Xander's house he turned to Spike and smiled, "Wanna come in? We could have a sleep over."

   Spike cocked his head and smiled, "'aven't 'ad a real sleep over since I was human."

   "NO!" Xander dragged Spike up the stairs, "No way I'm letting you go now. Sleep over it is! Complete with popcorn, movies, and secret telling!"

   "You know once you invite me in I might not want to leave again." He warned softly.

   The slayerette blinked at him and smiled, "I might not want you to."

   Spike grinned and nodded. He hadn't had a real friend in over a hundred years, and he did like the human. He was nummy, with a dark sense of humor, and was very smart even though he played dumb at times. And he was sexy as Hell and getting more so every day! He would make a perfect childe if Spike ever got the flamin' chip out. But I ain't doin' ta him what Angelus did ta me. I'll ask 'im first.

   "Spike?" Xander waved a hand in front of the vampire's face, "You in there?"

   "Just thinking."

   "You hurt yourself?"

   "Ha bloody ha."

   Xander giggled at that and put the popcorn in before sitting next to Spike. "So what were you thinking?"

   "That you're a sexy whelp."

   He gasped as the vampire touched their lips together slightly, but it felt so good!

   "That you'd make a perfect childe."

   Xander paled and jerked away from him so quickly he almost fell off of the couch. The boy wasn't just frightened, the thought terrified him. Well there went that idea.

   "Pet? Pet. Xander. I'd ask first. Never turn you if you didn't want it."

   That seemed to snap the boy out of it and he smiled, "Really?"

   The vampire groaned, "Keep this up and I won't be able to stay big and bad."

   "Then don't. This can be your free zone. You know?" Xander grinned, "You can just be William here."

   "You're one strange human."

   "I try."

   "You really mean what you said?"

   "'Course! I. . ."

   Their heart to heart was interupted by the crashing of the apartment door. Ten large, armored demons rushed in and charged.


   Spike looked them over quickly, "They're Galf'itish. Must'a followed us from the watchers pad."

   Xander grabbed Spike and pulled him toward the window.

   "What'r you doin'?!"

   "These are just the first wave, come on! We gotta leave now!" The youth pulled the vampire out the window and tumbled down the roof to the ground. "Damn it!"

   Spike watched Xander yank the bone of his leg into place and stand again. "Shit whelp! You possessed again?!"

   "I'm me. Come on, they're coming!"

   "Why are we running? We c'n take 'em."

   The boy pulled them both inside a group of trees and began posting wards around it before settling down in the center. "They'll have to go back to their power supply in a couple hours, and they're too dumb to take shifts, we'll go home and ward it when they leave."

   "Ok! That's it! Who are you and where's my pet?!"

   Xander blushed when Spike called him 'his' and looked up at the blond carefully. "When you lived with me, how much did you learn about my home life?"

   "Your mom's a bitch, yer dad's a drunk. 'e likes ta hit you, but what's that got to do with. . .?"

   "Remember Giles story?"

   "Uh. . . Yeah."

   "Spike, this is really important ok?"

   "Sure pet."

   "No. You have to swear, on your unlife, that you won't tell anyone."

   Now the vamp was curious. "'K I swear. What's the deal?"

   Xander closed his eyes, "My dad is a demon."

   Spike froze, "Come again?"

   "My dad is the grandchild of Kurama and Hiei. I. . . I'm what the Galf'itish are after."

   The blond stood and rolled his eyes before turnning away, "Sure. Funny. Can we go now?"

   "Spike. Catch."

   That stopped him. The voice was different. A lower pitch but higher frequency, with an echo in it. He turned toward the boy and his eyes went wide, "Oh Shit." He grabbed up the tiny piercing Xander'd thrown at him. It was obviously an anchor for a glamour. A site spell. A magical hologram that the boy had been using to hide his true apearence.

   "Don't get all wiggy on me! Come on Spike I need you to listen to me ok?"

   The blond nodded, wide eyes raking over the nude fox demon before him. Xander's skin had become pale and soft looking. His hair lengthened and lightened in the front in a starburst pattern. Body grew taller, less bulky muscle and more flowing structure, perfect for running or jumping. Two sliver ears tipped in black grew from the wild hair and he blushed slightly and looked down at his hands. They were larger, slimmer now, with claws in place of nails. To top it all off a long, bushy fox tail curled from the small of his back, over his hip and discreatly covered his bits.


   He shook his head clear and looked up. Damn! Kid had bigger fangs than he did! A whole mouth full! and what was. . . he rubbed his eyes and looked again. He did! He had another eye on his forehead! It was closed but the slit it would open from ran vertical instead of diagonal. "What are you?!"

   Huge, Golden eyes with chocolate flecks looked up at him. I'm a Youko/Chimera/Human breed."

   "And Xander?"

   "I AM Xander! I just don't look like you guys think I do! It was an illusion. A glamour."

   "This whole time."

   "I couldn't risk telling the slayer. I don't want to be used against my Grandfathers. I don't even KNOW them! I really grew up on the Hellmouth, got bad grades in school and beat up by my parents. I'm still me. I told you because you were most likely to understand."

   "Is that all?" Spike sat in front of the Youko and waited.

   "Baby steps here Spike ok? I've just told you a whole lot of secrets and I'm exhausted. We can talk about how hot you are later."

   Spike grinned. "I'm hot am I?"

   Xander didn't answer, he'd curled up like a fox cub and gone to sleep.

   The vampire stood quietly and took off his duster, spreading it over the naked man before pulling the boy to rest his head on his lap. Spike ran his fingers soothingly through the silky mane and leaned back against a tree. "What the Hell have I gotten into?"

   Ok, let's recount the facts. Always thought the kid was a nummy treat. He's got a great sense of humor, can't be kicked down for very long, he's loyal to a fault, and he would rather kill himself than hurt any of his friends including me. I was going to seduce him as a human, do I still want to? Hell yeah! Wanted to make him my consort and later my child, still want to? Yeah. Still do. Is he still Xander? Yeah. Looks different. Looks hot as all Hell! Damn it he's fuckin' beautiful! So what do you do when the guy you've been lusting over for years is suddenly sleeping naked in your lap in a secluded grove he's rigged so no one can get inside? . . . Oh yeah. I can do the math!

   But wait a mo, Don' wanna hurt him or scare 'im off now do I. Just because he looks like a debaunched angel doesn't mean he IS one. He trusted me. No one ever trusted me before. . . I guess I can wait then, give 'im time. Fine, I'll take it slow then. I can do slow.

   Xander's arm crept up to pillow his head and his hand rested limply against Spike's crotch.

   "Oh bloody 'ell."

   "You're hard."
   "Xander! You're awake?! Shit!"

   "Don't be shy baby. I want to help you."

   Spike blinked owlishly, "Help me?"

   "Mmm. I want to," He licked the denim over the vampire's weeping cock and grinned, "Kiss and make it better."

   "Aaaaaaa Fuck! Xan!"

   "Calm down baby, we have all the time in the world." He crept up Spike's body until the brit was on his back, Xander pressing him down into the grass, nipping at his neck and collar bone. "Where does it hurt baby? What needs a kiss?"


   "Sorry, not into that." Xander grinned and Spike found himself chuckling as he covered his eyes with one arm.

   "You're some piece o' work nummy." He chuckled, "Some piece."

   "I try. " The fox grinned and wriggled around a bit on Spikes lap. "Ooh! Someone wants to play!"

   "Holy fuck!"

   "It sure will be baby. Black mass style." Slim fingers freed the vampire's straining need and Xander licked his finger before tracing the head of the huge length. "I want you in me. All of you. Fucking my tight ass. Can you do that for me baby?"

   "Hell yeah!" Spike flipped them over and tackled the fox, devouring his mouth in a needful fury as he buried himself to the hilt in the burning hole. So tight! So hot! Xander sqeezed him like no one had ever. . . a tightening of the flesh around him stole all thought, "SHIT! You did that on purpose!"

   Xander grinned and raised his hips, pumping in time with Spike. "Mmm. Baby you're so big! So hard. Deeper lover. Fuck me faster."

   Spike gave a harsh scream as he came so hard light flashed before him and suddenly darkness took him into it's veil.

   Xander groaned as he slipped back into consciousness. He noticed two things simultaneously and felt threads of apprehension bind his insides painfully. One, he was in his true form without the glamour to hide it and Two, Spike was laying on top of him smelling of sex.

   SEX?! FUCK!

   He jumped slightly and Spike slowly opened his eyes. "Xan." He smiled and kissed his neck sleepily.

   "Spike?! Spike! Wake up!"

   "Wha?" the vampire flew to his feet and shot his gaze around the clearing, "Wha's wrong?!"
   "Spike, listen to me. It's a few hour till dawn, were you here all night?"

   "Yeah. Worn out I was." He grinned.


   The grin fled when he saw how upset Xander looked. "Huh? Xan, what's wrong? Did I do something to upset you? Did I hurt you? Oi, I didn't hurt you did I?"

   "N. . . no. I've wanted to do that for a long time but. . . Spike how much do you know about Youko?"

   "Fox demons, theives mainly. Pack demons. Bad reputations but they mate for life . . . Is that what's bothering you? You don't want to be mated to me."

   "No! I do! I mean, I'm glad that we. . . uh.  . . did it." He blushed, "Made love I mean but. . . we did make love right? You weren't just fucking me were you?"

   "No! Told you I liked you before I even knew you weren't human didn't I?"

   "Yeah but. . ."

   "No but. I'm your mate. I like that. But I'm claiming you too."

   Xander smiled, "I'd like that."

   "Now that 'at's settled what 'as you so tense?"

   "There are no pure blood female Youko Spike, there are two clans is all. The one clan is the plant wealders, the life givers, the other are earth manipulators, protectors."

   "Yeah I remember Angelus saying something like that."

   "I'm a Life giver."

   "So you do plant magic."


   "So what's the problem?"

   "Life givers are the birthers."

   "B. . . uh. . . pet what are . . ."

   "Remember what Giles said? Kurama and Hiei, two MALE demons had a baby. Kurama was a plant wielder. A birther. Like I am."

   "You're sayin'. . ."

   "I was in heat Spike."

   "That was that smell!" Spike paused and looked up in denied comprehension, "Wha'd ya mean 'was'."

   Xander bit his lip and forced himself not to panic. "It ends after half a year, or when the egg is fertilized."

   "'as it been 'alf a year?"

   Xander shook his head.

   "And I was the only. . ."

   He nodded.

   "Bloody 'ell."

Part Two

  Spike stared at Xander in awe and touched his flat stomach with gentle reverance he hadn't known he could show. "You mean. . . inside here? We made a little me?"

   Xander bit his lip, unsure of what to say. Finally he went with what came to mind first. "A little us."

   The vampire looked mystified. "Di'n't think vamps could have kids."

   "Now you know." He closed his eyes and held his hands protectively over his stomach. "Are you. . . I know you didn't understand what you were. . . I mean. . . you don't have to . . . I don't want to trap you into something."

   Blue eyes widened and Spike got to his knees beside the unsure boy. "You really think a kid could make me stay if I didn't want to?"

   "Well I saw how you were with Dru and you love kids and I. . . I don't want to end up like my parents. I'd never do that to myself. Or to a baby."

   "Xander. . ."

   "No." He covered Spike's mouth, "Please listen to me ok? I . . . don't commit to this if you don't love me." He finally lay the words he'd been holding down for Spike to see. "You won't lose your baby. It's as much yours as mine, but I can't do this if you don't love me."

   "Why all of this talk about love pet?" Spike grinned, "You already gettin' all 'ormonal on me?"

   Xander smiled, "Oh no, this is nothing. You'll KNOW when I get hormonal." The smile disapeared at those words, "That's why I need to know. I don't want you to hurt us or hate us. And you said it yourself,  Youko mate for life. I don't want to go through life without knowing what the big deal is."

   "Said I wanted to Sire you didn't I?"

   "We kill fledglings all the time, where're their sires?"

   Spike shook his head and scooted closer, "Pet, minions are what the slayer kills here. Mindless drones that only got made because the masters here are sloppy eaters. I'm a childe. Angel and Dru and Darla and I are all childer of the master's line. There aren't many of us."

   "Why not? If you're so much more powerful than minions why don't you make childer instead?"

   His eyes lit up like this was what he'd been waiting to say for a long while. "Because a Master has to love someone to Sire them. Sure, mostly it's a sad an' twisted kind o' love, but that's cause it's between food and feeder. It's different with you an' me. You aren't food. I couldn't eat you if I wanted to, but I 'don't' want to. I wanted to Sire you so you'd never go 'way. 'cause you make me feel all warm inside. At the risk of sounding like a complete sap. . ."

   "I like you sappy sometimes." Xander had tears in his eyes, "And no one else can hear you in here."

   Spike took a calming breath and reached tentativly out to the Youko before him. "You. . . make me feel like I'm home."

   Xander grabbed the vampire close and held him tight and was held just as tightly in return. "Spike."

   "Name's Wil nummy."

   Xander smiled and tightened his grip.

   "I'll be a good mate luv, and a good daddy, I swear." He paused to think of something strong enough to swear upon. In his vampiric life he'd given up almost everything, except that one trait that Angelus hadn't been able to beat from him. "On my honor."

   Xander curled closer, sitting in Spike's lap and kissed his chest softly, "I know."

   "We can go back now luv, it'll be dawn soon."

   Xander sighed, "Just a little longer."

   Spike found himself lothe to disappoint his mate in anything. "A'right luv. Jus' a little longer."

   Angel stood stock still beside his answering machine. Cordy had told him he'd want to listen to this message and then left without even warning him! When Spike's voice had played for him, at first he hadn't recognised the Brit. All of the attitude was there but pushed back. This wasn't Spike talking to the Pouf. This was Wil speaking to his Sire. The master vampire had never heard Wil sound so sure and serious. It was frightening.

      ~Next Message; Friday, 5:45 AM~

   ~Sire, I need your help. Please don't turn the machine off, this isn't a joke or a trap. I've taken a mate, Sire. A youko/chimera demon. He is a life giver Angelous. And we are going to have a baby. I know I haven't given you reason to care, but I need your help. I need to protect them. I need the chip out to protect them. I am staying with my mate. Our number is 884 954 8662. Our address is 623 Centurbury road. Apartment 313. I need you sire.

    ~End of recording~

   A mate. His Childe had a mate! A male plant controler! A Youko! And the Youko was pregnant! He slammed out of the agency office, past Cordelia and out the door. The car screeched into action and the vampire stared ahead of him with firey resolve. His Childe needed him. For the first time in decades Wil needed his Sire and Angel was not going to disappoint him. Not this time.

   Spike could smell Angel miles off. The pouf had actually listened to him! His sire was here to help! Xander could smell him too, but the Youko/ningen was reacting in a less promising manner.

   "You called ANGEL?!"

   "'E can 'elp us pet."

   "He'll run straight to Buffy! Spike she can't know! If she finds out. . . you heard her! She'll just give me to the Galf'itish!"

   "They're your friends pet." He frowned though. He knew what the slayer would do in the name of good. Getting rid of Xander wouldn't be above her. No way would he let the slayer touch what was his! "Drop the glamour then."


   "Angel doesn' know it's you. drop the glamour an' I'll introduce you as my mate, Alex."

   "But Buffy would still. . ."

   "She won't touch you pet. Not while I'm around." Spike vowed and hugged his lover and mate close as the boy shimmered into his true form.

   "Are you sure about this Wil?"

   "Sure as I get pet." He winked and Xander groaned.

   A knock on the door stopped any further words. Angel.

   "Go inta the bedroom an' change inta some o' my clothes, the pouf'll know who y'are easy in that."

   Xander kissed Spike softly and smiled, "We're gonna be ok right?"

   Spike nodded, "Promise pet."

   Then Spike gently pushed Xander into the bedroom and walked to the door.

   Angel stood looming over him and waited.

   "'fore I let you in you promise me you won't hurt Alex."

   "I won't hurt your mate. I wouldn't have come all this way for that."

   Spike searched the other vampire carefully before nodding. "'k. I trust ya. Come in Angel."

   "You look. . . happy." The eldest vampire noted.

   "Sure thing. You gonna 'elp us?"

   "I want to see this mate of yours."

   "Tol' you it wasn' a joke."

   "Forgive me if I'm a little skeptical."

   Spike rolled his eyes, "What 'appened to trust?"

   "You happened to it."

   Xander opened the door slowly and hid behind it, "Wil?"

   The blond was instantly focused on the doorway of the bedroom. He jumped to his feet and rushed toward it, "What is it luv? Are you ok?"

   "Let's forget this ok?"

   "He's my sire pet. 'e's 'ere to 'elp us."

   "I don't trust him."

   "Do you trust me?"

   A long pause followed then finally a growling, "Damn you."

   "Come on luv. I swear it'll be ok."

   "But it isn't you I'm worried about."

   Angel watched with keen interest as Spike tried to convince his mate to join them. Even as Angelus he'd never seen a Youko, their people were too elusive. Too quick. He'd been robbed by one. Youko Kurama to be precise. He admired their skill and even though he worked for good now, meeting one of the 'charmed foxes' was still high on his wish list.

   Spike moved back from the door and both vampires shuddered when the tall beauty came into the room. The Youko were solid sex as a rule but combined with tight black jeans and 'only' tight black jeans, he was the embodyment of cool desire.

   A glance at his childe told him Spike thought the same thing. The blond looked like he might spill his seed right there in his pants! He's really hooked on this fox!

   Spike was more than hooked! He was already reeled in and flayed on the alter of his fox's body. He was head over heels, no return, stone fast and deep as the ocean in love with Xander Harris. The thing that worried him was that he didn't mind a bit. Who in their right mind would argue over being mated to such a wonderful creature. The looks were a big plus no doubt, but that wasn't what made him love the boy. He'd loved the boy as plain, human Xander before he'd even known about the slick and sexy Youko that hid behind the glamour.

   "Spike?" Xander nibbled his lower lip worriedly, "Wil?"

   "Pet you look . . . wonderful. Stole all the fancy compliments right outta me brain!"

   He blushed and stepped behind the vampire to pull him into an embrace. Spike's ultimate comfort position was any way he was guarding Xander from the world. In bed at night, Xander woke all the time lately to find Spike sprawled on top of him, face buried in his neck. The first time he'd kinda freaked, but now. . . well, those moments were a comfort to him too. He was loved.

   "Sire, this is Alex. Alex, Angel."

   Angel nodded and Xander held Spike tighter. "Hi."

   "This is bloody uncomfortable. Right then, I'll just fetch us all some drinks, you two get to know each other."


   "Come on pet. Fer me?"

   Xander gave up. He knew when he'd been foxed. Saving that mental chuckle for later, when he'd be trying not to wring Angel's neck, he forced himself to relax and melted into the couch.

   "You give a whole new meaning to the concept of sitting." Angel tried to break the ice.

   "I don't sit."


   "I don't sit. I loaf. Couches were made for vegging, not sitting."

   The master vampire smiled, "Spike said you're pregnant?"


   "Wha?" He stuck his head in from the kitchen.

   "You TOLD him?!"

   "Had to give 'im a reason ta 'elp us luv."

   "But HIM?!"

   "If you're worried about Angelus. . ."

   "You're enough to worry about Deadboy!" Xander barked then froze. Spike froze. Angel froze. Angel thawed first.


   "Shit!" The Youko jumped behind the couch and Spike was beside him in an instant. "I'm sorry, I blew it, I knew this was a bad idea, he's gonna tell Buffy, Oh shit! Our baby! She can't give me to the Galf'itish! What about our baby?!"

   "Xan! Luv! Calm down! That can't be good for the little bugger now can it? Shhh. That's a luv. It's ok. I'm here."

   "Spike, I don't wanna die yet. I just found you. I don't wanna. . ."

   "No one's gonna be dyin' pet."

   "Does Buffy know that?"

   "If she touches you she's dead, chip or no bloody chip. But you aren't dyin' luv."

   Angel glared, "I want an explanation. NOW."

   By the time they were done explaining, the sun was up and Xander and Spike went back into Xander's bedroom leaving Angel to the couch.

   The master hadn't said anything after they'd finished. He'd begun to brood and Spike assured Xander that he would brood all night. He ushered his mate to the bed and kissed him lazily with slow and tender kisses that promised forever. The kind they both loved. "It'll all be fine luv. 'e'll 'elp us. You'll see."

   The Youko nodded but remained tense.

   "Pet? Come on luv. relax. I'm here."

   They lay there floating in and out of sleep for a couple hours before either spoke again.

   Xander snuggled up to Spike and held him close, "Spike?" He asked softly.

   "Yeah pet?"

   "Would you. . . I mean. . . could we. . ."

   He frowned, "Can we? With the baby an all I wasn' sure. . ."

   "Is that why you wouldn't touch me?"

   "Why else?"

   "I thought. . ."

   "Hold it. You thought I was mated ta you for the kid only s'that it?"

   "Y. . . yeah."

   "Xan-luv. 'ow can I show you tha' I love you?"

   "Love me now? When I'm not emitting phermones. When it's just between us, not nature or science. Just you and me."

   "'s that all?"

   Xander smiled.

   "Thought you'd wan' me ta do a strip tease or somethin'."

   Xander smacked him with a pillow.

   "What?! I c'n do a fairly decent Tease I'll wager!"

   "Oh yeah?"

   "Yeah." Spike grinned, "Anyday."

   "You better keep it between us. Wouldn't want to hire you out for parties."

   "I dunno luv, could be fun. . ."

   "So could I."

   "Oh I 'know' you're fun pet. Yer a nummy treat."

   "And don't you forget it." Xander smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

   Spike complied and then smiled and licked his lips. "Moist and delicious."


   Both turned to the doorway to see Angel standing there.

   "You've already done enough of that." He said dryly.

   Xander growled and threw the alarm clock at the vampire hitting him right in the nose, "Go 'way. I'm sleeping with My KOI!"

   Spike grinned, "'e's 'ormonal."

   Xander growled again and pulled Spike close. "We'll have to finish this later, but do you promise me you're here because you love me."

   "I swear." Spike smiled and kissed his fox before sliding out of bed and dressing quickly.

   "Xander." Angel ordered, "Get dressed."

   "Get bent."

   Spike howled with laughter and slipped under the covers to slide a pair of jeans over his lover's legs and hips. A sudden thought made him pause and he poked his head up and stared at his mate, "You're gonna need bigger clothes."

   Xander bucked him onto the floor and glarred at him. "So much for romantic good mornings."

   The vampire kicked out and brought Xander crashing down on top of him. He smiled and licked the kiss swollen lips, "'mornin' luv."

   The answer was so faint Spike almost missed it, "Now that's what I needed."

   "Alright, this is the deal." Angel sighed, "I'll help you get the chip out, but you swear on your honor that you won't kill anyone but criminals. You can't kill Buffy or any of her friends or mine unless they are going to kill you or your family and there's no other way around it. You will raise that child to be a help to the Powers. Do we have a deal?"

   Spike agreed right away. Angels 'rules' were nothing if it meant protecting his mate and child. "So where do we get started then?"

   Angel frowned, spike wasn't going to like this at all. "We tell Buffy what's going on."

   "No effin' way!" He growled and stood in front of Xander, "She wants to 'and 'im over to the baddies!"

   "Buffy wouldn't. . ."

   "Sent you to 'ell didn' she?"

   Angel closed his eyes, "Buffy needs to know. This is one of her friends were talking about. And it has to do with the demons she's hunting."


   Xander cursed and activated his glamour. Buffy'd found them first.


   "What are you doing here? Are you helping us with the newest do baders? Xander? Why'd you find Spike and Xander first? Did Spike do something to Xander?"

   Xander tried not to laugh, Spike let it all go. He laughed until his sides ached.

   The ningen/youko blushed and Angel groaned. This was not going in a promising direction.

Part Three

  "You're WHAT?!"

   Xander bit his lip and backed closer to Spike instinctively.

   "Buffy. . ." Angel jumped when she turned on him with the same glare.

   "Stuff it!"

   Spike snickered and hugged Xander tighter when the irrate slayer turned on them again, "Now just a mo slayer. . ."

   "I don't think so." She pulled out a stake, "How much did you pay Xander to go along with this you sick bastard?  As if I don't have enough to worry about with the gaviltafish demons. . ."

   Xander blinked, "Galf'itish."

   "Shut up!"

   "Shuttung up."

   "That's it, we're going to Giles' right now!"

   Angel tried again, "Buffy."


   They were out the door before the building stopped shaking.

   Giles jumped to his feet when the door was kicked in by his agitated slayer. "Buffy?! What on Earth?"

   "Inside." She ordered in a bark and two vampires and a human quickly entered.

   Willow stood from the table where she and Tara were researching, "Angel?!" She smiled, "Are you here to help us? How did you know I mean did Buffy. . .?"

   "Spike called me."


   The blond was eyeing the slayer warily, standing carefully between her and Xander who was sitting half naked on the couch.

   "Aa. . . Buffy, perhaps you could explain why it is you brought Alexander here so quickly he hadn't time to even . . . aa. . . button up?"

   Xander looked down and blushed bright, quickly doing up his jean's said buttons.

   "This is sooooo more than I need to deal with right now." She growled. "Giles, Xander has something to tell us. I don't know how much he's being paid to go along with this stupid story but. . ."

   "Alexander?" Giles asked calmly.

   "I. . ." Xander swallowed hard and glanced up at Spike who instantly went to him and took his hands.

   "We're pregnant." The blonde vampire offered, never taking his eyes from his mate.

   Giles almost choked on his tea, "C. . . come again?"

   Angel nodded with a sigh worthy of a hundred years of brooding, "It caught me by surprise as well."

   "P. . . pregnant did you say?"

   Xander blushed again and nodded and Spike proceeded to cuddle him.

   "Oh Pu~lease!" Buffy rolled her eyes, "Gag me! Would you two stop already?!"

   "How. . . um. . ." Tara looked at them, blushed and turned to Willow.

   "How could Spike get pregnant? It's not a vampire thing is it? I never heard about anything like that. Giles do you have any books that might. . ."

   Giles cleared his throat, "I don't think Spike is our worry."

   All eyes found Xander and he smiled in a questioning way, "Hi?"

   "Oh come on!" Buffy groaned, "You don't believe them do you?!"

   "A. . . angel came." Tara said softly, "W. . . why w. . . would he l. . . lie?"

   "Bloody nonce'd probably get all broody if I even 'asked' 'im ta lie." Spike snorted, "No effin' way 'e'd go along with it, any way, if me an' the whelp 'wanted' to lie to you, why bring the pouf inta it at all?"

   "He has a point." Giles nodded, "But to get back to our original discussion. Xander, why would Spike think you were having his child? Or even capable of having a child in any case."

   Xander went white and they all waited for his answer quietly. A good thing too or they would have never heard his breathed, "because I am."

   Of course after that there was no more silence, there was screaming. And Xander bit his lip to keep frightened and betrayed tears from escaping. He still remembered Buffy's solution to their demon problem. 'give them what they want and good riddance'.

   "Not gonna 'appen pet."

   He blinked at Spike sadly, "What?"

   "I told you I'd protect you an' the kid didn' I."

   "Spike. . ."

   "Shh, no one's givin' you to those wankers luv. They'd 'ave ta go through me."

   Xander leaned closer and tilted his head up for a kiss, unaware that the noise had all stopped.

   "EEEW! I sooo did NOT need to see that!" Buffy broke their embrace and Xander lunged in front of Spike who immediately wrapped himself around his mate. "What is going on?!"

   Spike ran a hand over Xander's earring and the boy tensed and shook his head, "No! Nononono, please Spike I can't. . ."

   "You 'ave ta show them luv. They need ta know in order ta 'elp."

   "But they won't help! No!"

   Large, deft and icey fingers plucked the anchor from his ear and handed it to Spike. Xander gasped and grabbed for it too late. "Angel!"

   Again every eye was upon him and Xander currled up to hide behind Spike, his tail covering as much of him as it could and his long hair forming an impromptu curtain around him.

   ". . . where are your. . ." Angel blinked in surprise.

   "I can't consentrate when my anchor is just snatched out!" He hissed.

   Spike quickly covered the shivering Youko with his duster and glared at the people around him, "Eyes off, 'e's MY mate."

   Giles' mouth hung open, "You. . . ko. . ." Then he fainted.

   "Shit pet, you 'ave some effect. . ." Spike stopped. Xander looked miserable. The vampire gathered him tight and kissed him soothingly, "Awe pet, come on. 'e jus' didn' expect it."

   Xander looked at Willow hopefully but she backed away. He crumbled before his mate's eyes and the vampire snarled at the witch. Who were the lot of them ta judge his Xan-pet?! Youko were divine creatures! Compared to his nummy the rest of them were cast offs!

   Of course, being the person that she was, Buffy just had to grab onto the facts and twist them into what fit in her own little world. "He's been possessed again!"

   The vampire looked at the Youko then back at the slayer, "Aa. . . No."

   "Buffy, I'm not possessed, this is. . ."

   "Oh come on. Of course you're not possessed, you've always been a six foot tall fox man." Buffy rolled her eyes.

   "Yes I have." The youko's tail flicked back and forth in annoyance.

   "Ok, you got us, great joke. Over now. We all think it's been great, right guys?"

   "Buffy. . ."

   "You will never grow up will you, now you have everyone worried about you. Are you pranking or possessed, I want to know. Now."


   "Well pet, you don' 'ave ta worry about 'er 'andin' ya over to the bad guys if she doesn't even believe ya." Spike shrugged, "Lets go 'ome."

   "No, wait!"

   Xander and Spike both looked down at Giles where he struggled to stand.

   "Xander." The watcher fought for the correct words, "You are. . . You have been a Youko. . ."

   He closed his eyes in shame. "Always."

   "Why didn't you tell us?"

   "Demon? Slayer? Kinda see a problem there?"

   "No I do not. You know that we care for you Xander, how could you keep something so important from us?"

   "It's easy when no one really sees you."

   "We've always. . ."

   "Giles, when we fought those big slimey things last week, where was I?"

   "I. . . Buffy. . ."

   "Yeah. Buffy. You never notice me until I'm in trouble or I mess up. I killed three of those demons. One of them I killed with a blade of grass. No one saw. I'm just the zeppo."

   "Oi!" Spike protested.

   "You know it's true." Xander soothed his mate.

   "No it bloody well isn't! You're my mate! I wouldn't mate with a no body would I?"

   "I. . ."

   "It's insulting ta me when you say that now." Spike insisted, "No mate o' mine is jus' a zeppo."

   "Spike. . ."

   "Xander, we didn't realize. . ." Giles looked genuinely sorry. "You. . . why are you telling us this?"

   The Youko blanched and Spike hugged him close, "Breathe pet."


   "I. . ." He blinked nervously, "The Galf'itish, I'm the one they're after. I was in heat and Spike and I. . . ah. . . you know. And now I'm going to have a kid and if they get their hands on me I don't. . .  we. . . we probably wouldn't make it."

   The Scooby gang was silent. Their brains were overloaded with barely believable realities.

   Xander fidgeted as the silence became loud and the Youko leaned into Spike and shivered. He didn't like the silence. He needed his friends to accept this. If they didn't. . .

   "You're scared." Willow finally whispered.


   "Why? We can beat these guys no problem right?"

   "Buffy had an easy plan."

   "What. . . Oh! Xander! Did you really think. . .?!"

   "What else should I think? I'm a demon, she's a slayer. She could kill two birds with one stone."

   "Buffy wouldn't do that!"

   "She bloody well might try!" Spike growled.

   Buffy was quiet through all of this. "Well now that we have what they want we can set a trap."

   "No effin' way! No way you're puttin' MY mate, preggie with MY kid out as bait!"

   "We wouldn't let them hurt . . ."

   "No Buffy." Giles  spoke up, "Spike is right."


   "Xander is in a very delicate condition with this child. The baby could easily be killed in any attempt to use them like that. We have to keep both of them safe at all cost."

   "Why are you so concerned about the kid?" Buffy huffed, "It's just a demon."

   A snarling brought all eyes back to the couch where Xander was standing with jerky, angry movements. He jammed his anchor back into his ear and the now human slayerette snorted at the blond slayer angrily before pulling Spike to his feet. "Come on, we're leaving."

   "Pet. . ."

   "No! I wanted them to understand and I really wanted their support, they're my friends. But I will not let my feelings come before our kid. It's just another demon to her, I don't trust her anymore."

   "Oh come on!"

   Angel looked at the door the two lovers had left through and turned back to Buffy, "That was uncalled for."

   "But it's true!"

   "If we had had a child, would it have been just another demon to you?"

   "Of course not I. . . oh."

   "Xander was very brave to face you all when he knew how you would take it. He thought you'd hand him over to the Galf'itish to make them leave."

   "This isn't a joke. . . is it." The slayer paled.

   "No. This is not a joke. Spike didn't pay Xander to put on a show. Alexander Harris is pregnant and mated to my son. He is going to go through a hard time and he wants his friends to be there. You should be honored that he isn't simply running to his Grandfathers. They could help him a lot more than we can, but he loves you. You people are his family."

   Willow lowered her eyes, "Some family."

   "W. . . we need to a. . . ap . . . apologise."

   Buffy nodded at the witches, "I didn't know he was serious. . . God I was a bitch to him. We need to make it up to him. . . and. . ." She rolled her eyes, "And Spike."

   Giles cleaned his glasses meticulously, "What do you suggest?"

  Angel smiled.

   Xander stopped once they were far enough from Giles' to be comfortable.

   "What is it pet?"

   "They know where I live." He realized, slightly panicked, "We can't go back there. Spike, where can we go?"

   "Me crypt is safe. . ."

   Xander shivered at the thought but nodded. Spike saw the slight motion though, and realized that this was not another vampire he was mated to, but a Youko. He had no idea how to care for a Youko mate. So the crypt was out. . . where could. . . "The mansion."


   Spike put an arm around Xander's waist in comfort, "Angelus' mansion. The pouf isn' usin' it any more. We c'n go there. 's warded ta beat the devil. No baddie will get in that place."

   "But what if Angel. . ."

   "Soul boy wouldn't kick a mother ta be out in th' cold."


   "You're carrying it, you're the momma."

   "I don't even think so."

   Spike grinned, "Well can't 'ave the whelp growin up motherless."

   "So you be the mom!"


   "Why not?"

   "I'd look bloody awful in a dress."

   Xander blinked in surprise then began to laugh.

   Spike smiled, mission acomplished. He led his mate toward the mansion on the edge of town.

   The place was dark and gloomy as ever and Xander frowned at it as they approached. "Wha's wrong pet?"

   "I don't want our baby to live like this."

   "We c'n fix it up luv. It'll be perfect. I know you don' wan' ta leave yer pals, this's a good solution. 't's safe, big, free."

   "I guess we could clean the outside so the brick showed, and I could grow some vines over it. . ."

   "Tha's the spirit!"

   "I can manipulate some sun flowers to give us light, and Makai fire flowers for warmth. We'll need electricity though, and running water."

   "I c'n pipe off the town water mains easy so that we get water here. No need fer the plumbing, Angelus had some o' that put in when 'e was back. An' there's some books in the library that 'ave simple spells. 'm not big on hocus pocus an such but I c'n do an electricity enducer."

   Xander was getting excited now, "I can fix up the inside rooms. I am a construction worker. It'll be a good challenge. Something to keep me busy."

   Spike leared at him and Xander got chills, of the good sort, "I'm gonna be keepin' yo plenty busy pet."


   "Come 'ere." Spike ran his hand up over his mate's hips, "I distinctly remember Angelus already fixed up three of the bedrooms. Let's pick one."

   "Christen the house?"

   "Mark my territory."



   The Youko dropped his glamour and smiled, "I like that idea."


   "MmmHmm. Take me to bed?"

   "Thought you'd never ask pet." Spike swept his mate up into his arms and carried him over the threshhold.

   Big, chocolate eyes gazed adoringly at the vampire and Spike blinked. "What?"

   "This is really real. Isn't it."

   "Course it is luv."

   "I kept thinking I'd wake up. Nothing this good could be real."

   "'s real a'right. An' I plan ta keep you."


   "Just like that?"

   "Can I keep you too?"

   Spike nuzzled his mate's face and licked his lips softly, "Yeah. You already got me."

   "For how long?"

   "Long as I'm able ta love pet. Promise."

   "That bed is sounding really good right about now."

   Spike growled and Xander giggled as he was swept upstairs to the master bedroom and thoroughly pounced. Oh yeah. Forever was looking really good. Reeeeeally good.


   "Mmm. My Xan-pet."

   "My deadboy."






   ". . . " Xander stuck his tongue out at his mate.


   "Yours." He grabbed the vampire and rolled over to rest on top of him. "Mine."

   Spike grinned, "Yours luv."

   "I. . . thank you. I couldn't have faced them without. . ."

   "Shh. I know. I love you too."

   "Spike. . ."

   "We'll figure it all out nummy. I promise. But fer now. . . 'ow about a kiss luv."

   Xander gave his lover a kiss and let the tension take a back seat to lust. tomorrow, they'd face the world and trouble tomorrow.

   Outside an Angel watched over them calmly.

Part Four

 "Nakiai!!!" The pure white Youko jumped from his sleep and screamed.

   Immediatly strong arms closed around his waist and his face was buried in his mate's wild black hair as he sobbed, "Calm down fox. It was a dream."

   "H. . . Hiei. . ." His shoulders heaved and the prince of one third of the demon realm wept like a human child. He couldn't help it, it had been so real. Nakiai, his beautiful son.

   "Naki is gone." Hiei tried not to sound harsh but even after decades with his mate, he still didn't handle emotional shows well. While the Youko was emotional as a ningen. Hn, 's all the time he spent with them. Damn humans.

   As if he could sense his husband's thoughts, the fox pulled back and searched his eyes, "He's in trouble."

   "He's dead."

   Kurama growled and threw the covers back, stalking out of bed, his tails twitching angrily.

   Shit. Hiei slid out of the bed and dressed slowly. His fox might be emotional, but that only made him more dangerous when he got angry. And he WAS angry. Carefully avoiding any sudden movements that would set him off, the Ice and Fire demon joined his Youko at the window. "Kitsune?"

   "It's not Naki."


   Kurama looked down at the Koorime, his golden eyes filled with blood red tears, "It's his blood."

   Red eyes blinked in confusion.

   "The child of his son."

   "Grandchild?" Hiei was suddenly paying very close attention, "Naki had a grandchild?"

   The white mane was pushed from his face and the Youko nodded, "Inari gave me a vision."

   "Fox. . ." Hiei's voice held some warning.

   Slim hands grabbed up the shorter man and slammed him into the wall in rage. "Hiei it was REAL! Some reble youkai are after our Great Grandchild! We are going to go to him!"

   A low growl issued from the trapped demon's throat and he snarled, "Put me down."

   "Hiei." All the rage was gone now but it was a thousand times worst. This voice was broken, afraid. He hated his fox's agony. "Please. I know you think I'm over emotional and I know you dislike Inari, but Inari is the Youko God and I know what I was shown."

   He closed his eyes and nodded, "Well. Where are you dragging us this time?"

   "Hiei! Thank You! We'll find him! I know we will! We'll have a part of our Naki back again!"

   "Where fox."

   "The Hellmouth."

   "Which one."

   Kurama lowered his eyes, Hiei was going to start growling again. "suneralcrfora."

   "Speak up."


   Sure enough a rumbling began deep in Hiei's throat. "That's hunter territory."

   "I know."

   "The vampire slayer is still there."

   "I know."


   "Yes Hiei."

   "You . . . you. . ." He growled, unable to think of an insult grave enough for the task, "Kitsune no baka. Go open the rift."

   Spike stood beside his mate outside the large manor front and watched in amusment as vines sprouted from the ground and crawled up the clean bricks to cover them in living green life. "Yer a real piece o' work pet." He grinned, "A real piece."

   Xander blushed and smiled, "It's not that big a deal."

   "Not a big. . . Xan, you made the bloody things grow from near nothin'! 'Ow many times are you gonna haf'ta 'ear what a bloody miracle you are 'for you to believe me?!"

   "I'm just a Youko."

   Spike growled and shook his head, "No you ain't just a Youko." He pulled his mate close, "You're MY Youko. An' you better think tha's worth somethin'."

   "Spike. . ."

   "No! Those Gits made you think yer nothin' and they couldn't be more wrong. Look at what you c'n do pet. You talk to the bloody plants! You c'n make anything into a weapon or a garden just by thinking it. Youko are favored childer of Inari, the fox God. You are a rare an' wonderful creature."

   "I don't feel like it."

   "Well then I'll just 'ave ta work harder at making you feel like it."

   Chocolete brown eyes met the vampire's serious blue gaze and he fell into his lover's arms.

   "Now now luv. 'S ok."

   "Love me Spike?"

   He smiled a tender smile that Xander had never thought to see on the hard face let alone directed at him. "Come inside pet."

   Giles led his slayer and her friends toward the place where he felt the highest disturbance in the wall between worlds. They had all hurt Xander badly and he could think of just one thing he could do to say he was sorry. They would have to get Xander's Great Grandfathers for the boy. What better protection for a young and very pregnant Youko but mate and family? Right?

   What he hadn't counted on was that the so named family would open a rift to the Hellmouth first. They had found out somehow, and now all the Scoobies had to do was lead them to their kin.

   "Giles, up there." Willow pointed to a dark tear that seemed to hover in front of them like someone had simply hacked the fabric of the world open from the other side. Two beings slipped through it before it closed and landed in the shadowed park below.

   "That was them." Giles nodded, "Let's go."

   Kurama sniffed the air. "Ningenkai."

   His mate snorted, "You were always to attached to this world fox."

   "Because this is where I learned to love, and where I found you. Now it's where we'll find our Nakiai's grandchild. It is a good place Hiei."

   "Hn. Think as you will fox."


   "But do it later."

   Kurama blinked and sniffed the air again. "Hunters."

   The fire demon nodded, "One watcher and slayer, two ningen hunters with high reiki." He looked up at the fox, "They smell like Nakiai."

   The Scoobies walked into sight of the two demons with their hands held out in peace. Giles knelt graciously and bowed his head. "Lord Kurama-sama. Hiei-sama."

   "You know us."

   The watcher nodded, "We were coming to look for you."

   "I was not aware the watcher council would send an ambassador of good will. They seem quite happy just killing our kind."

   "Most likely but I am no longer a part of the council you see, and I am not doing this for myself or them. We were searching for you because our friend is in need of your protection."

   "We haven't time for this fox." Hiei growled.

   Kurama nodded, "Before we leave, you smell like our Naki. Why?"

   "Our friend. Xander."


   Giles stepped forward a bit and found a sword placed at his neck. "W. . . wait! Xander is your grandchild! We were coming to lead you to him!"

   "Why should I believe a ningen waste like you?" Hiei growled, "I am not as trusting as the kitsune no baka. You smell like deaths of demons."

   "That's what we do!" Buffy huffed, "But Xander isn't just another demon! He's our friend! And just because he married that icky Spike that doesn't mean. . ."

   "SPIKE?!" Kurama's eyes widened. "Hiei our baby's baby is married to William the Bloody? We have to find him! What if. . ."

   "H. . . he's at A. . . an. . . angelus' m. . . mansion." Tara chewed her lip and looked down shyly, "w. . . . we can s. . . . show you where."

   Hiei paused and then lowered his sword and looked at Kurama. "Fox?"

   The silver Youko nodded slightly and Hiei growled.

   "Well let's go!"

   "Mmm, nummy. Love you pet." Spike smiled and curled closed to Xander in his sleep. "Mine."

   "Yours." Xander yawned, "Now sleep. Four times in one night is enough!"

   "Never enough."

   "I know Wil, but the baby doesn't agree."

   "I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl."

   Xander blinked sleepily and covered Spike's hand with his over his slightly rounded abdomen. "I don't care, as long as it's ours."

   "I hope it has your eyes pet. A sweet baby girl with your eyes."

   Xander smiled, "And your skin."

   "We'd spoil her rotten."

   "I wouldn't mind having a baby boy with your cheek bones."

   "Your hair."

   "Your eyes."

   Spike kissed his lover softly, "We'll make beautiful babies love."

   "Babies? Plural?"

   Spike licked his ear contentedly, "Mmm. Always thought five was a nice number."

   Xander blanched, "You want five kids, you carry the next one!"

   Spike jumped at the harsh tone and caught himself from feeling upset. Hormonal Xander was unsettling but he didn't mean what he said. "Would if I could luv. Love you."

   "Love you. Sorry."

   "S'ok. Does it hurt?"

   Xander smiled, "Not bad. The morning sickness will go away soon, that's the worst of it now. My back and feet will hurt like hell later because of the extra weight, but it's worth it. Everytime our kid moves inside me. . . It's amazing Spike! And I love our kid so much, and I love you so much."

   Spike crushed his mate closer and trailed kisses over the joyfull tears on his face. "Didn't dare ta hope fer so long. Love you. Love our whelp and love you."

   A knock interrupted their lethargic loving and Spike growled protectively and slipped out of bed and into his jeans. "Stay here luv."

   "But. . ."

   "Stay." He grinned, "S'probly the poof. He'll be wantin' ta tell me what a mistake he thinks this is."

   Xander smiled, "Promise you'll be back soon?"

   "Sheets won't even have a chance ta cool down."

   Xander was already asleep. The vampire smiled and tucked him in safely. "Beautiful." He kissed the soft cheek and then lifted the covers to kiss the abdomen that held his child.

   Another knock dragged him away and he combed his fingers through his gel free hair trying to bring it to some order. He opened the door and growled, "Sire." Before realizing that Angel wasn't there.

   The two demons were unknown to him but the tall one was Youko. Had to be, he looked so much like Xander. The smaller one had a starburst and midnight black hair with glaring red eyes. William the Bloody blinked, "You're the Makai Lords."

   "I am Kurama, this is my mate Hiei." The tall one smiled ferally. "We are here to see our grandchild."

   Spike looked from one to the other and back again. "You here to take him from me?"

   "NO!" Kurama looked truly stunned, "That would be completely evil! You're mated! We would never. . ."

   "He gets it fox." Hiei rolled his eyes. "Where is he?"

   "Sleeping." Spike stepped back and allowed them to enter. "I'll wake him up, wait here."

   Kurama nodded and Hiei glared.

   Spike walked up the stairs with all of the regal grace he could muster. He felt like one inch given and those two would tear him apart! The short one had an air about him that the vampire didn't like at all and the youko looked a bit on the bad side of desperate. But if they can give Xander family. . . the whelp always wanted a loving family.

   He opened the door quietly and slipped in, "Luv, there's a surprise for you downstairs."

   The lump that was Xander shifted slightly and mumbled and Spike laughed and coiled himself to pounce. "Xaaaaaaan pet. . ."

   Just as he was above him the shape in the bed moved and two of the vicious things from the apartment shot out and latched onto his flesh with sharp fangs. Spike roared in pain and anger and twisted himself to try and find his mate. "Xan-pet!"


   He lunged at the window and saw only a flash of white fur fighting against the demons that held him before the two on Spike dragged him back.


   When he woke up, the first thing Spike noticed with that he couldn't feel his nummy nearby. "Xan. . ." He struggled up and groaned when the room spun.

   "Woah! Spike sit!"

   "Eff off red I ain't a fucking dog." He growled, "Where's Xan."

   "The Galfitish have him." Buffy said softly.

   The blond shot to his feat and toppled toward the floor only to be caught in strong, lightly furred arms. "It won't help your mate if you can not walk. Drink." He bit open his wrist and offered it to Spike, ignoring Hiei's protesting growls. He had seen the vampire fighting even as he bled to a second death, to get to his lover. This one loved their grandson and Kurama refused to let him get hurt.

   "Kitsune no baka! Youko blood!? He'll be invincible until it wears off!"

   "He will help us save Nakiai's kin. Our grandkit."

   Giles hoped he didn't look as pale or as old as he felt. He sat beside the fire demon and bowed his head, "Alexander is like a son to me. All of them are like children to me. Please. . . I can't loose him. Not like this. How can we help?"

   "You can stay out of my way." Hiei growled. "It's your fault he's gone. You call those weak guards 'wards'? a first year could do better."

   "Hiei!" Kurama curled the fire demon into his arms and licked his cheek, "Koibito I know you are frightened for the boy but these people know him more than we do even if they are not family of his blood. Have patience."


   "Mr. Giles." The youko turned to the watcher, "You know where the demon's nest is?"

   "We know almost nothing about them."

   "Maybe I could be of assistance."

   Kurama looked up and promptly hid his face.

   "What's wrong fox?" Hiei blinked and looked at the pale man who'd spoken.

   "Angelus. William the Bloody's Sire." He mumbled, "I . . . "

   "I didn't catch that kisune."

   "I stole his whole fortune years ago."

   Hiei blinked. "The money you came up with to search for Nakiai. It was his."

   He nodded.

   Angelus knelt and sighed as he caught the last of the conversation. "I was honored to be of service." He assured the fox. "And my childe is in danger as is yours. I want to help."

   "Hn. What can you do?"

   "The Galfitish are water demons. They thrive on mermaid's flesh and . . ."

   "Steam!" Buffy looked up excited.

   Willow blanched, "The school. They're in the old school."

   Kurama dragged Spike and Angelous to their feet, "Show us!"

   He needn't have bothered with Spike. The moment he heard where Xander had been taken, he was already struggling against the youko's grasp. The moment the hold loosened he was gone and all the slayerettes and makai lords could do was follow. None of them were willing to risk getting between an enraged vampire and the mate he was defending.

   "Hiei, the dragon. . ."

   "I'm well energized Fox. If we need it, I can call it forth."

   Kurama nodded. "We need to protect these humans also. They belong to the kit."

   "What is it with my family and adopting ningen toys?!" The red eyed youkai growled.

   Kurama winked and sped up. The vampire was fast!

   Spike was growling and in full gameface. He didn't even register when he slammed a human aside that the chip didn't go off. He had to find Xander. He would mourn the loss of the kit the youko was carrying but he would die if he lost his pet.

   "God, if you give a fuck for a creature of the night, please don't let me be too late."

   It was the first prayer he'd uttered in over a hundred and twenty years.


Part Five

The Galf'itish were surrounding him when Xander came awake again. He tried to cringe away but he was strapped tight to one of the benches in the old locker room. "Hey! What's the big idea!"

   One of them grinned, showing off his teeth. "Youko Xander."

   "Youko kit."

   "We will bring the Makai to it's knees. Hiei and Kurama will die and our lord will be the ruler over all of their lands."

   "You guys are really dense if you think Spike won't come for me." He sneered and tugged a bit to test his bonds. They were done well. There was no way he could get out of them.

   "We took care of William the Bloody."

   He froze, "What do you mean?"

   "He won't be helping anyone for a long time."

   "No! You're fucking liars!"

   "Why would we lie about this?"

   "Spike could kick all of your asses on a bad day! Your lying!"

   "He fought well, we fought better."


   "He wont be following us."

   "Shut up!"

   "No more. . ."

   "NO! SPIKE!!!"

   The halls of the school echoed with a choked voice screaming.

   "Xander!" Willow sobbed, "Giles what are they doing to him?!"

   "They can't be sure he'll cooperate unless he's completely broken." Hiei answered with no emotion in his voice. "They'll tell him the vampire is dead, kill the child, whatever they need to break his will."

   Spike was at the end of the hall when they caught up to him. He was pressing up against a closed door and gritting his fangs. "They're inside."

   "Then why aren't you?" Buffy accused and pushed by him.

   Giles helped Spike up and looked him over carefully. "Why?"

   "They did a disinvite spell," His voice broke with misery. For the first time since his turning, he felt regret for what he was. " I can't get in until you invite me."

   Giles nodded and watched Kurama smash the door in with extreme anger. "Come in Spike."

   The following slaughter was beyond all human description. Blood filled the old empty pool to spilling over, body parts were ripped off and shreaded in front of shocked eyes, creatures were split in two and bowels spilt in a slippery mess onto the floor, and that was only Spike's doing. The Vampire fought his way to his lover's side and faced the biggest of the demons.

   "You want the Youko? You give us the Makai."

   "I don't own the bloody Makai." Spike growled, "I'm just your average run o' the mill vamp."

   The thing looked confused and Spike used the hesitation to stick a railroad spike through it's eye and push it toward the others while he untied Xander.


   "Shh, Xan I'm here."


   "What hurts?"

   "The baby. Oh Gods!" Xander doubled over and choked on a scream as he vomited blood, "The baby's coming. It's too soon!"

   "Spike!" Buffy slammed into the largest demon who was actually getting back up to attack with the Spike still stuck through it's brain.

   "Something's controling them." Kurama's eyes widened. "They're just underlings for a more powerful enemy."

   "Well then how do we kill them?"

   "Destroy them completely." Giles choked as one got hold of his throat.

   Willow slammed a fire extinguisher into it's skull and pulled Giles back but they weren't staying down.  
   "Hiei!" Kurama cut several down but there were too many. And they were converging on Xander and Spike again.

   A screech filled the locker room and a flaming dragon reduced every Galf'itish there into ashes. The little fire demon dropped to his knees and growled, "Help him. The baby. . ." Then passed out.

   Kurama began to wrap Hiei's ward around the dragon tatoo smoking on his arm but Tara and Willow took over, "Help Xander. Please."

   Giles had doubled his jacket into a pillow and Spike was soothing the panicked Youko as best he could. Kurama could see the baby coming, way too soon. "Watcher!"

   He watched the young body on the bench breath in harsh panting gasps and felt helpless. He hated feeling helpless. "Yes? What can I do?"

   "We need a glass tank of some kind, something big."

   "There is a fire sheild in the chemistry lab if we caulked it to the base beneath it. . ."

   "So do it!" He wiped away some blood from Xander's thighs and bit his lip. "Slayer, get the blood from the pool and fill the tank the watcher is making."

   "Oh gross." She wrinkled her nose but did it."

   "Xan pet, come on love, your grandaddy is here, he knows what to do."

   "Spike!" He clenched his teeth to hold back another wail and squeezed the pale hand the vampire had offered him.

   "Breath luv!"

   "I AM! Fuck! Spike I am so going to kill you for this! I can't beleive you knocked me up!"

   "Well I did and it's done and everything will be ok." His accent had slipped, not that he cared at the moment, still it made Xander smile.

   "You sound l-like Giles."


   "Spike. Is our baby going to be ok?"

   "Of course it is pet. We'll have a beautiful baby. Remember? We'll make beautiful babies together."

   "Uh!Uhghnnnnnnnnn! Shiiiiiiiiiit! Hurts!"

   "Slayer! Watcher!" Kurama glared at them as they brought a tank in and Buffy started filling it, "Get that done!"

   "Working on it!"


   "Done!" She stepped aside and the Youko nodded.

   "Fine." He held Xander's legs apart and smiled at him, "Push Xander. It's time."

   "But it's too soon!" He wailed.

   "If you don't give birth to this kid right now You Will Die!"

   Spike turned pleading eyes to Xander, "Xan I love our baby too, it might live through this, but I can't lose you both. Please love, we just found each other remember? No dying."


   "PUSH XANDER!" Kurama growled and nodded as the boy's body tensed and he pushed. "Good! That's it! Another!"


   "I'm right here luv."

   "Again Xander, Push!"

   "ung! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

   A tiny red covered thing slipped into Kurama's hands followed quickly by the after birth. The fox demon slipped both into the blood filled tank and whispered a few words.

   "Xan." Spike smoothed his hair, "Xan it's over, done, you did it."

   "My baby?"

   Kurama walked into his line of view and nodded, "Because of it's orgin, the vampire side can live on blood, I just activated the blood in the tank to feed it. In a couple days we should have a full sized and healthy baby boy for you to hold.

   The wide chocolate eyes stared at the tiny thing it the tank, a perfect little human being. He could see the little heart beating. "A boy?"

   "Yes, it's a boy."

   "Spike." He whispered and the vampire pulled his lover close and watched the little one floating in the middle of the tank.

   "I know love. He's beautiful."

   Kurama scooped Hiei up into his lap and smiled a fang filled grin at the others in the room. "We should probably set up a camp here until the baby can be taken out safely."

   Angel nodded and walked closer to Spike. "Are you ok Childe?"

   "We're daddys. Me an' Xan are daddys." He blinked in awe. "I never thought we. . . he's so tiny."

   "And you already love him don't you."

   "Loved 'im before I saw 'im. Loved him first time I heard 'im move inside my Xan."

   Xander reached up and cupped Spike's head. "Spike."

   "Love you." He kissed his lover softly and smiled.

   "Love you."

   Kurama nodded and cradled his husband close, "Just remember, built for this or not you're not going to be doing any 'loving' for a good while."

   "Hn. Horny foxes."


   The fire demon snorted and then smiled a rare smile at Xander. "He is a strong baby. You match well with that one."

   Spike grinned and cuddled Xander closer. "I think I just got yer grandad's blessing, luv."

   Pale white fingers entwined with strong tanned ones on the glass and they watched their child grow.

The End

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