I found a reference to this practice while reading Perverted Pages' fantastic story Puppy Love on Spanderfiles and this plot bunny dropped straight into my lap.

Rating NC 17
Pairing Spike/Xander

Disclaimer: Not mine yet. But I live in hope.
Summary: Spike decides to try something different.
Title: Something Different 1/1

Something Different


"Oh no, pet," Spike rebuked in a voice husky with lust. "No tensing those lovely cheeks together when I'm spanking yer ass." He gave my reddened ass a sharp slap and then rolled me off his lap before standing up. "Got something in the kitchen that'll stop that," he said as he stalked out of the lounge."We're gonna try something a bit different tonight."

I watched him walk into the kitchen and wondered why he was searching the fruit bowl.

"Come 'ere, Xan, watch and learn," he called, walking over to the sink. "No, don't put yer trousers back on, we won't be long, you can keep that arse ready for a good thrashing when we're done 'ere."

Curious, I joined him in the kitchen. I knew it annoyed him when I tensed my ass when he was spanking me, but spanking hurt, damnit, and making my ass rock hard saved me some pain. I was pretty sure whatever he was planning wouldn't stop me.

He was peeling a vegetable under the running tap water and grinning like a loon. I didn't recognize it. "So what's that?" I asked.

"Raw ginger," he replied, turning off the tap and bringing the peeled stem over to the kitchen table. It was about five inches long and not very thick. I couldn't imagine how Spike intended to use it.

"So what're you going to do? Shove it up my ass?" I asked sarcasticly.

His smile widened. "Exactly, pet. That's exactly what I'm going to do."

He began to chuckle as he carefully carved a channel near one end. It looked like he was carving a slim butt plug. When he was satisfied he went back to the sink and ran the water over it again. "Right, pet, bend over the table now and we'll just slip this inside."

He had to be kidding. It was so small, what did he think it would do to me? This was supposed to stop me clenching? I'd need to clench to feel the bloody thing. Obediently I positioned myself and allowed him to slowly slide the wet piece of ginger into my ass as far as the groove he'd carved. My ass clamped tight around the groove, effectivly holding it in place. I couldn't feel a thing. "So that's it?" I asked, puzzled by his increasing merriment.

He didn't reply, just indicated that I should follow him back to the couch and reposition myself over his lap.

Once he had me resting firmly against his hard cock he gave my ass cheeks a bit of a slap and then grabbing one in each hand, pushed them together firmly and held them in place. Nothing happened for a few moments, and I was wondering what he was expecting, when ...oh...

Oh shit, that felt odd. I could feel a bit of warmth growing. And growing. It was iritating. I wiggled a bit. Damnit, it was burning! Like hot chili peppers! I wriggled more to ease the sensation which earned me a sharp slap.

"Now pet, let's get on with that spanking I promised you." Spike had released my cheeks which gave me a moment's relief from the burning, but then it seemed to increase again. I couldn't stop myself squirming from the growing discomfort.

Spike held me firmly in place with one strong hand as he brought his other down sharply on my cheeks and I automatically clenched my ass in response. "Fuck!" I screamed. My ass was on fire! God that burned! Spike continued to spank my ass, as I wriggled in torment, every now and then clenching my ass in self defense, only to get a worse jolt from the bloody ginger which was truely getting too hot to bear. God it hurt so good!

I was thrusting my erection into Spike's thigh, it was rock hard from the spanking and the burn, and I could feel his erection pressing against my hip. The heat from the ginger seemed to be increasing all the time, and I was desperately trying to keep my ass loose, to not press my sensitive channel against the devil's butt plug inside me but it was impossible. I could tell Spike was getting off from the spanking, his hits always got faster and harder as he neared the edge. I was grateful he wasn't using the paddle this evening.

I knew my ass would be a bright firey red by now. I was intimately aquainted with the degrees of reddening Spike could produce. I was frotting desperately against his thigh, so close I knew I couldn't hold on much longer. The pain was incredible. Spike suddenly stopped spanking me and grabbed my ass cheeks again, pressing them together tightly and I screamed and came, and came, and came. On the edge of my awareness I knew Spike was also spurting cum over us both.

I lay collapsed over his lap while I waited to recover from such an intense orgasm. He was rubbing circles gently on my tender ass. The burning from the ginger seemed to have stopped now. "What the fuck was that?" I finally managed to ask him.

"Figging, luv," he answered.


"Yeah, something we used to do back in the day. Bit old fashioned now, I suppose."

I gave it a moment's thought. "Can we do it again sometime?"

The End

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