Rating NC 17
Pairing Spike/Xander
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Disclaimer: Not mine yet. But I live in hope.
Summary: Spike wants Xander to become his willing pet, now that the chip has stopped working.

Thanks to Laazikaat for the beta

Educating Xander



The meeting was in full swing when the whelp finaly arrived and I could see he'd been drinking deep again. He thought nobody knew, and it's true his so called friends never took their heads out of their own arses long enough to notice what was happening to the whelp these days, but demon here, and the boy was a real demon magnet, especially when he trod the dark side a bit like he'd been doing lately, and I couldn't take my eyes off him.

I couldn't understand why his friends hadn't seen the change in the boy. Didn't take demon senses to pick up the odor of cum that clung to him as he took a seat next to me. Boy'd been smelling like heaven since he'd lost his last minimum wage job a couple of months ago and found a whole new way to make a living down at the local gay bar. And it wasn't just serving drinks that was paying the rent on that fancy new apartment the boy had moved into, no matter what his friends believed.

I had to fight my demon down as the remains of what smelt like the cum of three men mixed with stale whiskey and the whelp's own musky male smell wafted around me. I was instantly hard. Didn't help that I could detect traces of blood in the mix too. So he's into a bit of pain with his pleasure? I made a surreptitious adjustment as my jeans became painfully tight. Well, plenty of ways I could help him with that, now the chip had stopped working. My cock twitched as a few images came to mind. I'd been free for nearly a week now but I'd bided my time, waiting for the right moment to claim my new pet.

Spike's looking at me strangely again. No, he's looking past me at Buffy. Of course. Why would anyone as sexy as Spike even notice a loser like me? I might not be very bright, like Willow, but I'm not blind, and he's a walking sex god. God, what I'd give to have him obsess over me like he obsesses over her.

I try not to wince as I sit down beside him, not that I need to make the effort, no one seems to notice that I'm walking with a bit of a limp. The third John tonight had been a bit rougher than usual but a whiskey chaser had helped numb the pain. I'd been making the cuts a bit deeper this week as well, trying to take away the emotional pain with physical, and the cuts were only half healed and still hurting. I think the rough sex had started them bleeding again.

Spike's shifting restlessly beside me. I could almost think he's grown uncomfortable in his pants, but if he has, it's not over me. He doesn't know I exist, so devoted to Buffy that he is, not that it gets him anywhere, poor bastard. Bet his hand gets a workout as often as mine does. At the thought of Spike wrapping his long fingers around his hard shaft my own jeans become painfully tight and I realise I have no idea what Giles is talking about.

Giles is droning on but all I can concentrate on is the boy shifting and squirming beside me like he's got ants in his trousers. Oh...that smell...he's got something tucked away in those baggy britches but it's not ants. My demon's trying to break loose again and claim the boy, and I have to concentrate hard on not just taking him right there in front of them all. Gonna have to punish him for this a bit when I do finally claim him. Got a nice leather flogger in mind to start off his training, nice and gentle like, but if he keeps this up he'll be feeling the bull whip before he's much older. Fuck, that thought's got my cock trying to push its way through my zipper. Damn, but I can't take much more of this. Gonna have to take the boy tonight. His friends probably wont notice he's gone missing anyway, not 'til they need someone to do a doughnut run.

Great, meeting's over and I don't have a clue what it was about, or what demon de jeur we're supposed to be looking for. The only demon I give a damn about is getting to his feet now beside me.

"C'mon, whelp, I'll walk you home."

He's offering to walk me home again. Doesn't mean anything. Only does it to get in Buffy's good books. Beginning to wish I hadn't hit the whiskey so hard earlier this evening. The booze combined with all the blood in my body heading south is making my head swim a bit.

Whelp's not too steady on his feet. I reach out to steady him and he nearly falls into my arms. Shit, how much did he have to drink before he came here? And have his so called friends even noticed he's developing a drinking problem?

Luckily no one's looking our way as I cling to Spike for balance. He feels rock solid under my hand and I hold him a little longer than I should. He's looking at me strangely, maybe a bit concerned? Nuh, probably just weirded out and waiting for me to start walking. I can do walking. Still a bit sore, but I don't think there's anything seriously wrong, and I'm almost sure the bleeding has stopped. Nobody's watching as we leave the house together. My friends never notice me any more. Spike sets a brisk pace that I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up with. Guess he just wants to get this irritating duty over and done with. At this lowering thought my cock shrivels.

I can taste the misery pouring off the boy and it's ambrosia to my demon. My steps speed up, I can hardly wait to get my new pet indoors, away from prying eyes. My cock is painfully hard and making it hard for me to walk, something else he will have to be suitably punished for. Of course I know there wont be a collection of whips in the boy's apartment, more's the pity, but there's more than one reason I always wear this heavy belt. Dwelling on this pleasant thought is not helping my raging hard on, so I try to concentrate on just walking.

My apartment building comes into sight and Spike speeds up. Looks like he can't wait to dump me at my door and be gone.

At bloody last! I thought we'd never get here. The whelp stops at the entrance but I've been here before and need no invitation, so I push him on ahead of me and follow him into the lobby. Thank fucking Christ we made it. I couldn't have held out much longer. Grabbing hold of his hand I haul him up the stairs to his front door.

What the fuck? I can't believe Spike's dragging me to my front door. I don't get it. Is there some demon following us I don't know about? Only demon I can see is the one snarling in my face.

"C'mon, Harris, get the bloody door open before we freeze our arses off out 'ere!"

The whelps barely got the door unlocked when I've pushed him though, slammed it behind us and plastered myself against his lovely hot body. He's putting up a token resistance but his mouth has opened under mine and I've taken control of the situation. He tastes divine, just like I knew he would. I shift my hips a bit, lining my cock up with the hardness I can feel growing and thrust against him.

Oh fuck! Spike's wrapped around me and I must be dreaming. My cock doesn't care if it's a dream, it's just very happy at the attention. My head is spinning and if he lets go of me I'm going to fall. It just feels so good and I can't believe Spike is really doing this. Now he's licking and nibbling at my neck and I never knew doing that could feel so erotic. My hips are thrusting back against his body when I suddenly feel his face change and his fangs sink into my flesh.

That's my boy, struggle all you want, pet. You'll soon realise it's pointless. My pet's blood tastes so sweet, I have a hard time stopping the demon from just draining him dry. But I don't want that, I just want him quieted a bit, docile enough to relax and learn his new status. Gradually his struggles slow, and I know it's safe to release him down onto the couch.

Going to educate my pet, but first I need to mark him to keep the demon satisfied and under control. Tearing his shirt off, revealing a nicely defined torso, I release the buttons on my levi's and allow my erection to spring free. His eyes go huge as he watches me wrap my fist around my cock and start to jack off. I know it wont take long, I'm so close already from the torment he's put me through tonight, the torment he's going to be paying for soon.

The picture my mind presents, Xander on his knees, arms spread and tied above his head, as I mark his back with another lash of my favorite crop sends me shooting cum all over him. The look on his face as my cum splashes onto his bare chest and face is priceless.

I can't believe this is happening. Spike's face as he jacks off, staring at me with such concentration will fuel my own personal time with my hand for years to come. No one's ever looked at me like that, like they wanted to consume me. I've never been the focus of such intensity before, and now as he starts to cum, his head tilting back with a look of pure ecstasy on his face I can't help reaching for my own cock.

Shit! Spike's free hand has shot out and taken my wrist in a grip of steel. He's still spurting cum over me and my balls are aching from the need to cum.

"No, pet, not without my permission," he says. "You gotta earn the right to cum."

I've never heard him sound so dominant, and it's having a strong effect on my cock. It's trying to stand up and beg. Spike smiles in an evil kind of way and pulls something out of his pocket.

My pet's panting slightly and looking like he's going to burst any minute. Can't have that. I suddenly remember I've got something in my coat pocket that might help with his problem. Yes! I bring out the cock and ball ring Buffy used to make me wear too often and before the boy realises what's happening I attach it firmly to his cock.

Lovely! His cock looks painful, all hard with precome oozing from it's purpling head. I know exactly how constricted and agonizing wearing that ring can feel, Buffy used to torture me with it for days at a time. Perfect!

"Well, pet, I'm guessing you realize the chip's not workin'?" He looks a bit fearful but thanks to the cockring his erection doesn't falter. "Now I know I always said I'd be giving you lot a painful death when I lost the chip, but I find I've changed my mind about that." My pet is losing the fearful look now and it's being replaced with a look of curiosity. "See what I'd rather have is a willing pet."

A pet!! What the fuck? I didn't think it was possible to get more turned on but I was so wrong. A pet. His pet. Me? He wants me? He's watching me with a smirk on his face, like he already knows what my answer is.

"A pet," I croak. "You want me as a pet? And you won't kill my friends?"

"That's right, pet," he agrees. "'course there are rules an' all fer ya to follow, but that's the deal."

"Rules," I repeat blankly.

"Tha's right, pet. Rules that come with punishment if ya break 'em, but there's also rewards if ya do well." Spike reaches over and squeezes my cock gently. "But ya have to earn ya rewards."

His look promises a world of pleasure and pain and it's all I can do not to throw myself onto his chest. I'm guessing I won't need to cut myself any more with Spike ready and willing to deal out punishment for breaking the rules.

"Well, as long as you promise not to kill anyone," I respond, but I know I'm not fooling him. For what he's offering I'd put up with him eating half the population of Sunnyhell. I'd feel guilty as hell, but there is no way I can refuse his offer.

His look scorches me. "I'm not a fledge, I've got control, pet, an' I'll only hunt in the seedier part of town, thin the criminal population, so to speak. Most of the time I should be able to leave 'em only half drained." He leans back and his eyes become heated as they slide over my body. "Think it's time for my new pet to earn a reward," he says, running a hand over his fully recovered large erection.

I gaze at his perfect cock, hard as a rock again, with a bubble of precum at the bulbous head. I lick my lips and lean forward until I can swipe a long lick with my tongue up the shaft. He reaches towards me and takes hold of my hair, just holding on. I've been doing this for money for months now, and I know I'm bloody good. My new master is in for a treat.

Fuck! I can't believe what my pet can do with his mouth. And his tongue. And oh christ! his teeth. Fucking hell, I'm gonna shoot my load again. I pull my pet's head off my cock just in time and swoop down on his mouth in a kiss designed to show him who's in charge. I also wrap my fist around his abused cock and begin to jack it off.

With the cock ring still in place he's not going anywhere, and he starts to beg so nicely."Please, Spike, need to cum, please Spike." I know his pain, I've been there so often myself when Buffy would refuse to let me cum, but I know my pet's only human and can't take as much as that bitch dealt me.

Well, looks like it's time for Lesson 1. "Ask properly pet," I say, but he's pretty far gone what with the things my hands are doing to his cock and balls.

"Need to cum so bad, please Spike."

Twisting the fat mushroom head a little to get his attention I repeat, "Ask me properly, pet."

His eyes meet mine as he struggles to understand what I mean. Finally I see comprehension in his face. "Master, please, I need to cum so bad, please Master, let me cum."

The thrill of hearing him call me master shoots straight to my cock and I push his face down to my cock again. As his warm mouth takes me in I reach under and release the cock ring, and then pump him hard and fast. I'm coming so hard I'm seeing stars, and as my vision whites out I feel his cock pulsing in my hand. Looks like Lesson 1 has been learned fully. It's okay, though, I've got a whole lot more lessons for my pet to learn. And tomorrow I'll fetch my whips from the crypt. I'm sure my pet's gonna need a firm hand at times, and I've never believed in sparing the rod. I feel my cock twitch in anticipation.

I can't remember ever coming so hard. I still can't believe this glorious creature wants me. I'm trying to absorb it but it seems unreal. I hope he won't be squicked when he finds out I need a bit of pain sometimes. I know it's sick and wrong and bad, but I can't help it, and hopefully it won't be a total turn off for him.

2 Learning to Stay

A shudder runs down my body as I kneel beside my master. My knees are hurting bad, but "Sit there, pet, an' don't move," Spike told me as he sat down, and that's exactly what I'm trying to do.

I so need a drink, but Spike's forbidden it. Says he doesn't want a pet with addictions. Says he won't take second place to anything. The morning after he brought me home I had a shot of whiskey to take away the morning shakes while he was out fetching his things from the crypt.

When he got back he threw the glass across the room and thrashed me with a bloody bull whip! Fuck! A bull whip! I blacked out from the pain, and when I came to he was balls deep in my ass, and licking the blood from my back.

I haven't had a drink since. Seems it's okay for him to live on JD and smokes but his pet has to be pure.

I can feel my pet shuddering and figure he's got to be in severe pain by now, kneeling so long like that. Want to see how long he can go before he has to move. He's a stuborn one, though, so it could take a while. But learning to Stay is an important lesson, before we move on to the harder stuff. I finish my whiskey and can almost taste the longing coming from him as he watches me swallow. The boy was sliding down into alcholism, would think his friends would have noticed, what with his family weakness an' all, but the gits are too caught up in their own lives to notice how close to the edge he'd come.

Nipped that right in the bud, I did. Not having him craving anything but me. Found him tossing down whiskey for breakfast that first morning. Bloody hell! Well, it gave me a chance to introduce him to my toys. I'd just come back from the crypt and had my arms full of floggers and such like so the timing was right.

I might have lost it a little bit, but I've never been one for sparing the rod, if yer know what I mean, and I made it up to him afterwards. Fucked him through the floor and let 'im cum, which I hadn't intended to that first day. Let him cum, I mean. I'll fuck my pet any time I want. The image that thought brings to my mind is makin' me hard, but training up my new pet is more important at the moment, so I'll have to hold off. Told 'im to sit still, and that's what he's going to do, until I tell 'im otherwise. Pet's gotta learn to Stay. I call the barman over and order another bottle. Looks like we could be here for a little longer yet.

I'm in real pain now, but Spike seems to have forgotten me. He's laughing with a vampire ho who sat down at our table earlier, and he's got an arm draped around her shoulders. I'm not jealous, I'm not! I just wish we could leave. I don't think I'm going to be able to stand up when he tells me I can. Shit! Will that earn me punishment? My cock gives a throb at that thought. God, I'm a sick fuck. He seems a bit drunk and his whole attention is focused on that stupid cow, so I risk moving my legs a fraction, wriggling my feet and... fuck! His hand shoots out and his fingers grip my shoulder like steel bands.

My pet needs to learn to do as he's told, and I know I 'ave to make the sacrifice and invest time in 'is training, but this stupid bitch is boring me to a final death. It's almost a relief when my pet moves. "Told yer to stay still, pet" I say to 'im, squeezing 'is shoulder a little to get 'is attention.

I hang my head down to hide my smile. So Spike was keeping tabs on me all the time. My knees are killing me, but I have to admit I love being the focus of such concentrated attention. I straighten up and resolve to endure this.

My cock hardens as I watch him straighten up and become immobile again. Such an obedient pet deserves a reward. Shame we're in the middle of a trainin' session. If not for that I'd allow 'im to get off 'is knees and sit 'imself under the table where 'e could 'ave a little taste of master's cock while the circulation returns to 'is legs. But first things first. He'll have to forgo that little treat until after he's properly trained up. I signal the waiter to bring me another bottle of JD. I'm starting to feel a nice buzz.

The pain in my knees has spread to my thighs, and there's a sharp pain between my shoulder blades. I don't know how much longer I can do this. I've always been restless, never good at staying in one spot, so this is torture. The vampire ho has gone, but she's been replaced by a tentacle demon who keeps staring at me. I don't like the expression on his face. Spike is deep in conversation with him, he's been hitting the whiskey pretty hard but I don't risk moving. Surely he'll end this soon and take me home? What's he waiting for? Me to fall on my face? Shit..what was that? Fuck, that demon has slipped a tentacle under the table and is using it to rub my dick. I'm not going to be able to hold still if he doesn't stop.

I see Dvernish can't keep his tentacles to himself as usual. This is going to be fun. How long can my pet hold out? Of course as soon as he breaks I'll have to take him home to be disciplined. He has to learn he's not allowed to make me lose face in public. I can hear his heart speed up and he's breathing a bit faster, Dvernish can do amazing things with those tentacles.

Oh fuck, that feels amazing! If he keeps doing that I'm going to cum, cock ring or no cock ring. Fuck, gotta keep still....gotta keep still. Spike's gonna thrash me if I move again but I can't help it. Wonder which whip he'll use? Oh fuck, why did I think of that? That did it, oh shit!

I can't believe the boy managed to cum while he had that cock and ball ring on. Buffy only managed to get me to explode once while I was wearing it, after hours of torment, and Christ, it'd hurt so good. I wonder what pushed him over his limit? Well, the boy's in for a proper thrashing for making me lose face like this. I can't be takin' a poorly trained pet about with me, and putting up with gropes from various demons while we're out is only a small part of what he'll have to learn to put up with.

"Stand up and give yer knees a rub," Spike orders, and I fumble to obey. "Yer let me down badly pet, gonna hafta get yer home now and teach yer to obey yer master." His words might say one thing but his eyes are saying another. Spike's looking at me like I'm the last bag of blood at the blood bank. I know he's going to get off on this. I'm limping a bit as he hustles me out of the bar and towards his waiting car. Looks like I'll be finding out which whip he prefers when he's had a few drinks in him. I can feel my cock making a recovery. The thought of a drunken demon with a whip shouldn't make me hard, but it does, it seems, if the drunken demon holding the whip is Spike.

I drag my pet into the car as fast as I can, considering I'm almost as unsteady on my legs as he is. Maybe I shouldn't have 'ad that last drink. No matter. Got my duty to do. Boy's gotta learn that when his master tells him to Stay, he has to obey and not move all over the place. And not cum. Definately not cum. He's only allowed to cum when master says. And then only after master cums. But he's not gonna be allowed to cum tonight. Pet, that is. Master's gonna be cumming real soon. Oh yeah.

We get home in record time and Spike's hauling my ass through the front door. Guess I'm in for my punishment now. I'm still hard inside my cock ring. The dry orgasm I had back at the bar hurt like fuck but hasn't dimmed my cock's enthusiasm at all.

"Pick one," Spike says, and I see he's pointing to the rack he had me build to hold his collection of whips.

Oh bugger, this is a first. Which one am I supposed to choose? Is this another test? They all look like they'll hurt like fuck, all good quality leather, none of them are toys. So far Spike has only used the bull whip and the riding crop, and I so don't want either of those again. My cock is trying to make a liar of me but I ignore it. I don't want this decision.

I lean back against the wall as I watch my pet try to choose. Angelus used to play with me like this when I was a new fledge. He loved mind-fuck games. There's nothing more stimulating than being beaten by a whip of your own choosing. Each lash making you wish you could have your choice over again, to choose differently. My cock is trying to push it's way past the buttons on my fly by now and I give myself a quick adjustment. "C'mon, pet, choose one and bring it 'ere."

Shit, shit, shit. Which one? He's getting impatient, I have to pick one. I reach for one that's twice as long as the riding crop he used the other day but the leather looks softer, when I notice the small piece of metal worked into its flexible end. Fuck! What kind of sick fuck would attach a piece of metal to a whip? My cock is getting so hard its hurting. I lower my hand and turn back to the others. Bugger! How do I choose? I realize suddenly that as these whips are Spike's, there won't be a soft option among them. Shit! It's embarressing how hard I am.

"That's a good pet," I encourage him as he holds his choice out for me to inspect. He's chosen one of my favorites, but then, to be honest, they all are. I know I'm in for a good time, but this isn't all about me. I'm doing this for my pet. The Queen's got royal Guards outside her palace in London, stand still for hours, they do, not movin' and nothing can distract 'em. Bloody brilliant they are, so if they can do it, so can my pet.

I'm running my hand over the smooth leather of the whip, enjoying the feel of it in my hand, and the weight of it as I shake it out.

I can't afford to lose control tonight, I want my pet consious when I fuck 'im, so he knows who he belongs to. Just need to make him realize he did wrong. I figure just five lashes will do it. Can always flog him unconsious if he fucks up another time. "You know why I have to do this?" I ask him.

"I'm sorry, master, I really tried to stay still," he replied

"Tryin's not good enough, pet," I pointed out. "Next time I expect better." I nod towards the wall and he gives up trying to make excuses for his bad behaviour and places himself in the shackles.

I remove my shirt and slip my wrists through the cuffs Spike has fixed to the wall near the whip rack. They're purposly too high so that I have to stretch up on tiptoe when I'm in position. My cock is painfully hard and I wonder again why this is such a turn on. I think part of it is I know I have Spike's complete attention. Nothing is more important to him at this moment than me, and that's an enormous turn on. I need this.

I can't take my eyes off my pet. He looks so beautiful standing stretched up on his toes, arms spread above his head, pale back waiting for my mark, it almost makes me cum on the spot. There are faint traces of his previous beating to be seen, making my cock throb. Lifting the whip and bringing it as far back over my shoulder as I can, I release it swishing through the air and down across my pet's back in a beautiful arc. His scream is like music. I have to stop for a moment or I won't be able to hold my demon back. I gaze at the stripe of red decorating his back from his shoulder down to his waist and reach blindly for my cock.

Pulling my erection free I give myself a few rough pumps with my free hand while I use the other to crack the whip across my pet's back a second time. His scream fills the room and I nearly cum. I don't know if I can hold out for the three more lashes he needs. Squeezing my cock tightly at the base allows me to finish up without cumming, but it's a close thing, and I'm panting as I lower the whip after the last lash. Glancing at it I notice a bit of blood on the metal tip. Oh, well, there's a job for my pet tomorrow. I'm very particular about keeping my whips clean and well oiled.

I can feel Spike at my back, releasing me from the cuffs and lowering me to the floor. I don't understand why he's stopped. I was just getting into the zone. I feel his hard cock pressing into my ass and realize what's next. Christ, I hope he's not too drunk and horny to remember the lube. I can feel his cool tongue on my back, licking up the blood his whipping has caused, and it feels so good.

His blood tastes sweet and I have to hold my demon back. I'm fumbling to get my jeans down and my cock and balls free when I remember lube. Fuck! Know I have some somewhere. Ah...yes! Back pocket. Like to have it handy, you never know when you might need it.

I can feel Spike's finger slide into my ass and thank fuck, it's slippery with lube. He's not feeling very patient and hasn't stretched me much before I feel the huge head of his prick start to push its way into me. I take a breath and bear down to try to ease its passage. It hurts like fuck but compared to what he's just been doing this is nothing.

My cock is purple with need but Spike's made no move to remove the cock ring.

My pet is so warm under me and I can't wait to get inside him. I've had a bit too much JD to be patient, and I'm pushing into his tight ass with hardly any preparation. I feel him tear a little and then I'm in. Fuck, he's tight! I'm moving inside him, nice hard strokes, getting close and he's whimpering a bit and finally I hear him say "I need to cum, master, please let me cum."

Well, no, it wouldn't be punishment would it, if he got to cum? That would be rewarding bad behaviour, and he needs to learn to obey his master. This is part of his training. He needs to learn that only good pets get to cum.

I ignore the whimpers and start to thrust hard into his slick hole. I know I'm not going to last long, he's had me worked up all night. I should punish him for that.

I feel Spike's cock pulsing as he cums inside me and a wave of contentment fills me, that I was the cause of that. I enjoy the weight of him on my back as he collapses in completion. I slide my hand down to my tortured cock but my wrist is grasped in a tight ring of steel before I can snap the release on the cock ring. "Oh no, pet," he chuckles. "You were a bad pet tonight, and bad pets don't get to cum." Sweeping me up effortlessly he carries me over to the bed and drops me on the mattress.

"Restraints, pet," he says, and I spread my arms obediently. Once he has me secured in a loose hold by the padded cuffs he releases the cock ring and wraps himself around me. My cock throbs for attention but I can't reach it.

"Please master, I really need to cum. My balls hurt so bad," I beg him.

"No, pet," he says firmly. "Yer need to learn to do as yer told, and maybe this'll learn yer."

Wrapping myself around my warm pet I allow myself to drift towards sleep. I know I have to be firm. My pet has learned a valuable lesson tonight. I know he's going to be a very good pet when he's trained up and learns to pass through the pain threshold. I'm actually amazed at how long he held out tonight. I've got a winner here. Never letting this one go.

My balls are aching but I've never felt so good. Gotta try harder at that kneeling thing. I don't know what I'd do if he told me to leave. I don't ever want him to let me go.

The End

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