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Pairing Spike/Xander
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Warnings: Non-consensual, BDSM, very dark, not nice at all, folks, so be warned.



Alexander stifled a yawn as the last of Angelo's stock, the golden haired Elisabeth, finished her dance and sank down to the floor in front of him, her forehead to the ground.

Alexander despised Angelo, but had to admit that Antioch's most celebrated slave merchant had the best stock, his slaves were always totally broken-in, submissive and docile. None of that rebellion nonsense that had broken out in Rome not so long ago from any slaves from Angelo's house, they had that nonsense completely beaten out of them early on in their training.

He let his eyes rest on the prostrate Elisabeth. She was a beauty, he could see that, he had eyes, after all, but her perfect body and golden hair affected him only as a beautiful work of art would.

Alexander needed a new slave for his bed. Badly. The previous holder of that position could be seen by anyone who cared to look through the open window to the courtyard, hanging from his shackles as he awaited punishment.

Angelo's arrival had interrupted the slave's discipline, Alexander could see his slave-master Tomas waiting patiently, whip in hand, for Alexander's signal to begin.

The young boy had choked and gagged on Alexander's cock, and had been removed, retching, from his bed the night before. Alexander had no patience with poorly-trained bed slaves, especially when they left him hard and wanting. A substitute slave had hastily been provided and had been able to satisfy his needs, but the disgraced slave boy was going to receive thirty lashes with Tomas' oiled whip today, and then spend some time with a large fake cock down his throat.

Tomas had promised to re-train the boy to swallow cock properly before sending him to his bed again.

Alexander felt his cock begin to harden as he contemplated the punishment waiting on his order to start. Tomas was an artist with the whip. The slaves cock was cunningly attached with wire to the whipping post, every jerk the slave gave in reaction to the whip would result in extra punishment. Turning back to Angelo impatiently, he said, "Is that all you have to offer today?"

"I'm sorry, master," Angelo replied smoothly. "You've seen all my trained stock, there is only one newly arrived slave left, but he's unbroken and not fit yet to be displayed."

"Nothing I've seen so far appeals," Alexander complained. "Can't you bring the new one in anyway?"

Angelo turned to his stock-master and signaled to the man to comply. "William's a barbarian from the land of the Gauls, and completely wild. You'll have a hard time breaking this one in, if that's what you're intending. Better to leave it to me to tame him."

A scuffling from the doorway signaled the return of the stock-master and one of his stable-hands, struggling to bring the slave through the doorway. Alexander saw a flash of startlingly blue eyes and wild long white-blond hair flying as the slave fought with his captors.

He was naked as all slaves offered for private sale were, and Alexander felt himself grow hard as he looked on the perfectly formed body struggling in front of him.

He moistened lips that were suddenly dry, and said "I'll take him, how much do you want for him?"


Each lash of the whip sent an extra pulse of blood to Alexander's cock. The bed slave's punishment had begun once negotiations had been settled for the purchase of the new barbarian slave, William.

Angelo had gathered his unsold stock slaves and departed, after trying to organize training sessions for the new slave, but Alexander couldn't bare to part with him.

William knelt now between two burly guards, his hands and ankles bound, watching the whipping with avid interest and his cock, Alexander noted, was hard and leaking.

The young bed slave screamed as another lash cut into his back. How many was that? Alexander had lost count, his attention distracted by the sight so close to him. Alexander's eyes narrowed as they rested on his new slave's straining cock. William was getting off on watching the bed slave being disciplined, and Alexander's cock was aching between his thighs.

He needed this one tamed quickly, he wanted him in his bed, that perfect pink mouth stretched around his cock, or lying spreadeagled while his master pounded into him.

Abruptly he came to a decision. He would have the slave today, before his training began. "Take William to the slave's quarters," he commanded the two guards. A despairing howl followed another crack of the whip as the bed-slave's punishment continued outside. As soon as Tomas was free, Alexander would bring him to the new slave. He was determined to enjoy William today, before he vanished for the weeks Tomas would need to condition him


William glared furiously at Xander over his gag. He lay securely bound to the bed, hands and feet spread to each corner, displaying the fine lines of his back and buttocks to Alexander's eyes.

Tomas removed the large fake cock from William's oiled hole and reached for the next larger one in the series of fake cocks that he'd been using to prepare the slave's channel for his master.

"Leave us," Alexander ordered, losing patience and waving the slave master from the room. The man had worked increasingly larger fake cocks into the slave's ass, but enough was enough! He was so hard he was hurting, and knew he wouldn't last long, but preparing William had taken longer than expected, as they had found with amazement that the barbarian was a virgin.

The screams he had given when the first small fake cock had been inserted into his ass had compelled Alexander to gag him, and the remaining increasingly larger dildos had been inserted one after the other in raging silence.

"Oh fuck, you're beatiful," Alexander breathed as he positioned himself above William, his hard cock prodding at the oiled entrance. "This is gonna hurt you a bit, none of those fakes is as big as I am, so it's gonna be a tight fit, but I couldn't wait any longer."

William bucked in his restraints, which only made Alexander harder. He pushed inside William's tight virgin hole, breaking through the resistance from the ring of muscle at the entrance and gasping at the tightness around his cock as he sank deeper inside.

Finally he was seated balls deep in William's ass, just a breath away from coming. He took a deep breath to steady himself, feeling Williams ass spasming around his cock as it tried to adjust to the enormous intrusion.

He pulled out a bit and then thrust back in hard, he wasn't going to last, it was too tight, too intense, he gave another couple of hard thrusts and felt his balls drawing up tightly.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!...I'm coming! I don't believe this! Oh Fuck, so tight!" Alexander screamed as his orgasm overtook him and he shot pulse after pulse into his slave's ass, finally dropping onto William's back, replete for the first time in months.


William realized he must have dozed off again, as he opened his eyes and blearily took in his surroundings. He had lost track of time in this room with no windows. He thought it might have been weeks. They told him he was being 'conditioned' for his new master.

On the first day they had left him alone. He sat in the dimly lit room for almost a full day, without food or water. His mouth became drier as he waited, wishing someone, anyone would enter his cell and break the monotony. Finally he heard a noise from above, and looking up saw a small bucket being lowered through a trapdoor in the ceiling.

When it reached the ground he saw it contained water. Scooping the water into his hands he quenched his thirst, only to realise that now he was even hungrier. Hopefully he waited to see if another bucket, this time bearing food would be lowered, but time dragged on, and the silence continued. Finally he tried to sleep, but hunger kept him wakeful, and he only managed to doze fitfully.

The next few days were a repeat of the first, just isolation and starvation. When he finally heard footsteps approaching his cell on the fifth day his heart leapt. He could smell roasted meat, and his mouth began to water in anticipation.

When the cell door opened he saw Tomas standing behind a large guard. The guard was holding a plate of roasted meats which he set down on the small table just inside the door, before moving to stand beside William.

The slave master stepped forward and William saw he was holding a small oiled fake cock. "I will insert this into your hole, and then you may eat," Tomas informed him.

The smell of the meat was beating at William's defences, he wanted to tell them to fuck off, but his stomach was screaming at him.

He sank down onto his hands and knees, head hanging down in defeat. Tomas pushed the fake cock in as deeply as it would go, securing it with strips of leather attached to it's base.

"You may eat now," the slave master said, and retreated to the door.


Three more days of isolation and starvation went by, and then the smell of roasted meats once again assailed his nostrils.

William got down on his hands and knees immediately, his heart beating wildly. This time the fake cock was larger, and it hurt going in, even though Tomas prepared him first with the smaller one.

William was past caring as he tore into the food on the platter.


For the last week the pace had changed, they were training him around the clock, with only short breaks that allowed him to get some sleep before the training started up again.

Every few hours the slave master or one of his assistants would insert a fake cock into either his ass or his mouth, sometimes both together. The cocks came in different sizes, and he was left with them for varying amounts of time.

The cocks for his mouth were inserted straight down his throat and held there until he turned blue in the face from lack of oxygen, then removed for just long enough for him to suck in some air before being jammed down again.

Sometimes Tomas would stimulate him first, squeezing his cock with oily hands, arousing him before using the fake cocks on him. He was only allowed to eat while he had a fake cock up his ass, and the cocks were getting bigger, and were being left in longer. Yesterday they had made him deep throat a monster of a fake cock, hurt his throat it was so thick, but they seemed pleased with him and said he was almost ready for the master.


Alexander came in a rush, deep in the bed slave's throat. The boy was much improved after his taste of the whip, Alexander thought, pleased with the improvement. The boy had taken his cock well today, without gagging or choking, and had allowed his mouth to be used as he should.

The new training technique the slave master had introduced had helped of course, but Alexander firmly believed that nothing really motivated quick learning like a proper session with the whip.

Which reminded him, he really ought to see how his new slave was getting along in his training. He should be just about ready to serve in his master's bed, earn his keep.

Pushing the bed slave away he rose from the couch, reassembling his clothes as he walked to the door. He was impatient now to see his new slave. Walking down to the slave quarters he allowed himself to remember the perfection of William's body, and felt his cock start to fill.

He bellowed for Tomas as he entered the slave house, and saw with satisfaction that the man was busy with the whip at one of the punishment posts. He didn't recognize the slave being beaten, not that it mattered really, it was enough for him to see discipline being maintained.

The slave master dropped his whip at the sound of his master's voice and came towards him straight away. "Ah, master, I can guess your desire," he smiled. "William has come along very well, and is being bathed at this moment in preparation for the honour of gracing your bed."

"As always, you anticipate me, Tomas" Alexander replied.

"I live only to serve, master," Tomas answered, secure in his position as trainer and master of slaves. "I think you'll be very pleased with William, he's been one of my best students."

"Bring him straight to my room, Tomas, and tie him to the bed posts. I want him spread wide for me."

Alexander could feel his erection growing as he made his way to his rooms as quickly as he could. He was finding it hard to wait, now his new plaything was ready for him.


William groaned and his cock got harder. His conditioning had turned him into an ass-slut. His body associated his ass being stretched open with comfort and safety and pleasure. Tomas had made sure William's prostate and cock were well stimulated every time he inserted his toys.

He'd always left William to starve in isolation an extra day or so before introducing a much larger cock.

The bigger the new cock, and the more it hurt to have it pushed inside, the longer he was left to starve first in preparation, and the tastier the food, and the more his prostate was stimulated, his cock played with, his orgasm drawn from him until he came to crave the pain of forced entry, and was aware of disappointment if the fake cock Tomas used was too small to cause much pain.

He needed to feel his ass being stretched open, he craved the feeling, and Alexander's lovely bludgeon was pushing its way inside him in such a satisfyingly painful way. "Oh fuck....more..." he whimpered


Alexander couldn't move. Not if his life depended on it. He had fucked his new bed slave all night. William was insatiable, taking Xander's cock up his ass and down his throat and begging for more.

At the end he had untied his toy and falling back against the pillows comanded William to impale himself on his still interested cock while he lay back and enjoyed watching William fucking himself to exhustion. His slave was asleep now beside him, lashes dark against his cheek, and as Alexander gazed at the marvel that had entered his life he felt a wave of possessivness flow over him. Mine

The End

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