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46 Twelve

Xander trembled.

Spike cuffed him securely before locking him to the rings on the St. Andrew’s cross. Even his ankles wore cuffs, better to fight against soft leather than rough rope, less damage. Xander panted heavily, not permitted a blindfold, made to stare at the vampires collected in front of him to see his expressions and listen to him scream.

Xander sobbed, he didn’t think he could do it, already he was making the locks rattle with his trembling. Spike didn’t seem to notice, he lined himself up beside and behind Xander, the cane in hand. He swished it through the air, hearing it swoosh clearly and saw Xander jump, he’d expected a blow.

Spike ran a hand over his perfect ass, “You gotta count ‘em pup, gotta tell me which one I’m at. You get it wrong we start over, you got it puppy, got the rules?” Spike stroked down Xander’s trembling back.

“Yes Master, I got it, I have to count them, I have to get the right number or you start over again at zero. I understand.” Xander whispered through a fear constricted throat. He whimpered and clenched his eyes in apprehension of pain. He wasn’t to be disappointed.

His Master struck him once across both ass cheeks, making him scream in agony, he felt the tendons on his neck stand out as he screamed, and then the wave of pain came back and washed over him again, making him gasp and struggle briefly. The crowd tittered as they watched him suffer.

“One Master!”

His Master hit him again, across both cheeks, making him scream again, thrashing and aching, wishing he could just get this over with.

“TWO Master!” His world was awash in pain, the waves washing over him nearly drowning him.

His Master brought it hard against his right cheek and Xander shrieked, screaming, and forgot to count, even though Spike waited.

“Back to one it is. Count puppy, don’t make me repeat myself! Now again!” He brought the cane down again, already there were lines of cut and inflamed flesh from the first two strikes, the cane was a wicked implement, so thin that with the strength Spike was using it easily split the skin.

“One Master!! One, one one one! One Master!” Xander started babbling when his throat stopped being too constricted to say anything. He was panting, face scrunched in pain, the crowed tittered again, pleased that he’d fucked up.

Spike brought it down again, the graphite cane whistling through the air before connecting solidly with Xander’s flesh. The boy howled and struggled, lost in pain, wanting it to stop.

“Two Master, two, two, two Master” Xander panted out, not daring to miss again, he wanted his punishment over as soon as possible.

Spike brought it down again and again Xander shrieked and screamed, thrashing. If the cross hadn’t been bolted down Spike was sure the boy would have knocked it over.

“THREE Master, three!” Xander sobbed now, it hurt, but it was worth it, this pain was worth saving Giles.

The rest of the caning went without incident he didn’t forget a number, didn’t displease, but he was crying in pain at the end, sobbing with it. When he was led back to his cage and he lay down he shivered and pulled the blanket tight around himself, he was going through sub drop, his body just this side of sliding into full blown shock.

He lay there and thought; this was nothing. He’d happily go through it again to save Giles’s life. He remembered the old man bleeding on the floor from his chair, remembered the bravado and how he tried to “save” Xander from his existence.

Xander snorted, saved, right. He’d always crave pain, now that the dam for those hungers had been broken he couldn’t stem the tide, his Master was right, he really was a perfect bottom boy. He thought back to when his Master had suddenly started to treat him harshly and shook his head, nothing close to that had happened again, and his Master was ever attentive. He knew as soon as he got home he’d get his lash marks seen to and properly taken care of… his Master just couldn’t do anything overly caring to a slave he was supposed to be punishing.

Xander looked out the cage at the vampires milling about the room, some shooting him hungry gazes as they smelt his blood and got hungry, several shifted to game face. That’s when Xander understood, the cage was there to protect him as well as show him his place. His Master really did think of everything. Well, everything except the Slayer, he always under estimated her.

He stopped and thought about it, really thought about it, Buffy was alive! She hadn’t died, she’d just run away because things had been too much. Xander could understand things being too much and just wanting to get away, even if it’s only for a little while. He tried to think of what his girls were doing, probably at the hospital with Giles, or at his bedside at home. He smiled to himself, thinking of the girls tending the old man.

Then he thought what Buffy would do when she heard Giles’ message from him, if it was even given. There was little to no chance Buffy was not going to try something… unless Giles managed to convince them not to. Maybe the fact that Xander told Giles about the binding, that would keep them away. They couldn’t kill his Master without killing him too, and there was nothing they could do to keep his Master from taking him back… maybe he’d be left in peace. Maybe he’d be allowed to live his life happily and without interruption.

47 Blue

Spike woke him up earlier than usual and Xander mumbled into his pillow, not a morning person. Spike smacked his fully healed ass and told him to get out of bed. Xander sighed and rubbed his eyes clear of sleep and swung his legs off the side of the bed. He slid to his knees and yawned and spread his thighs, hands behind his back, once more grateful Spike had eventually used that unguent that had just healed him overnight. He had to learn his lesson after all, so he had to suffer, but kneeling was definitely easier after the use of the unguent.

“You’ll like this puppy, come,” his Master called to him and patted his leg, pointing to the floor at his heel and started to walk to the door. Xander scrambled to follow, noting, with some confusion, that Spike hadn’t needed to unlock the door to let them out for once, and he wasn’t even leashed! He followed closely, being led in a direction he wasn’t familiar with. Finally when his knees were hitting cold tile, he realized something was up and lifted his head.

They were in the main foyer, Xander recognized it from his mad dash to get out of here that day, so long ago. He remembered his lessons well from that day. Spike opened the door and led Xander outside. The porch was huge and very shady so the vampire could easily sit and watch his pet play.

“Go on puppy, you know you can’t leave, I know you wanted to get your tan back, go on, get out there.” Spike nudged him with a foot.

“Master? Really? You… you aren’t afraid I’ll just run?” Xander stayed on his knees beside his Master, just inside the door, afraid.

“Got the fence still up, and I like you better with a tan. I trust you puppy, I know you know the rules.” Spike smiled down at him and pet his head, then urged him forward.

Xander smiled and slowly crawled outside, timidly into the sunlight, his pale skin almost glowing under the sun. He crawled down the verandah steps and crawled blinking into the light. His Master stayed well back out of the sun, deep in the shade of the verandah and smiled down at Xander as the boy just flopped on his back on the grass and looked up at the clouds, not too far away from where his Master was sitting.

Xander looked up at the blue, blue sky, dotted with clouds and felt tears grow in his eyes. He never thought he’d ever see the sun again, never mind a blue sky. He got up and ran over to his Master, kissing his feet. “Thank you Master, thank you, I never thought to see the blue sky again.”

“You done then? Thought you humans preferred a little more sun than that. Get out there, don’t want to have to start buying you vitamin D supplements and injections. You’re to go outside for at least an hour a day, sometimes more, never less. I want you nice and golden brown, so get your arse out there!” Spike smiled down at him and ruffled his hair before the human scrambled back into the sun.

Xander knelt and leaned back until he was resting on his arms, and just drank in the sun, letting the tears silently fall. He really had no complaints now, nothing real. Spike really was the perfect Master for him.

Spike watched his pet on the thick lush grass and smiled. He’d always meant the boy to go out into the sun, and now that he could trust him, he would. He’d get sun every day if that’s what he wanted, which he obviously did. The only regret Spike had was not being able to be in the sun with his boy, not being able to play with him, stroke his sun warmed skin, nothing… At least the boy would tan again, and he wasn’t joking about vitamin D shots, he wasn’t going to have his puppy get sick!

Xander was sprawled again, and called out to his Master, “Master, next time, can I bring some crayons or something out here? Maybe some comic books?”

Spike chuckled, “How about we put together an ‘outside’ bag for you, full of stuff to do in the sun. I don’t recommend the crayons though, those’ll melt out under the sun in no time flat.”

Xander smiled and looked up at the clouds. “Yes Master, thank you Master.” Master I love you. It was right on the tip of his tongue to say it, but he held it back, sure his Master could never feel the same for a pet and he didn’t want to be crushingly disappointed. He could love his Master in secret if he had to, grateful for everything he’d done, everything he’d given, for the life he now had thanks to the vampire.

Xander looked over at his Master and smiled then looked straight up again, hands behind his head. He was truly happy, for the first time ever in his life he was as happy as he’d ever been, more, ever so much more happy then he’d ever been. His Master was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

48 Romance

When Xander got back to the room, he knew something was up. Spike was hesitating at the door. The vampire took a deep breath and opened the door, motioning his pet in. Xander looked around in wonderment.

The bed was strewn with thorned roses and rose petals, every candle was lit, there was even a table set up with a dinner already served and waiting, steaming faintly. Xander looked up at his Master in surprise, and tugged the vampire’s pant leg. “Master?”

“Yeah pet?” Spike voice sounded a little guarded, as if waiting for the human to laugh or reject this show of affection.

“Why are you being so nice Master? Letting me go outside? You don’t even chain me to the bed anymore, or lock the door, and now roses and dinner at a table and just… why are you trusting me so much Master?” Xander looked up at him, so very, very confused, life had had a normalcy before all this; a kinky and perverted normalcy, but normalcy non-the-less.

Spike led the way to the table and pulled out a chair, motioning Xander to sit. Xander sat down awkwardly, unused to sitting on furniture after so long without doing so. He sat with his hands at his sides, waiting for his Master to answer. Instead his Master pushed the chair in and sat down across from Xander and looked at him before looking submissively down.

“No pet, not tonight. Tonight’s special, we’re celebrating. Should’a done it sooner, but you know my rules, gotta get any punishments out of the way before any reward is ever given.” Xander winced and rocked on the chair, the healed lashes still stung horribly in memory.

“Why am I being rewarded Master?”

“Well, after your confrontation with the Watcher, and your change in thought… did you notice you call me Master in your head now? I’m celebrating you finally becoming mine, totally, truly, mine. I also… I also heard you, outside, what you nearly said.” Xander flushed and Spike looked almost bashful. “I don’t have to ask if you meant it, because I felt that you did.”

Xander stayed silent, hands in his lap, waiting for Spike to get to the point of this beautiful room. He was so embarrassed, he should have remembered the bond, the fact his mind wasn’t his anymore, not really, nothing was his anymore. “Yes Master,” he finally said when it looked like his Master was waiting for an answer.

“So, we’re going to have a date, dinner, maybe a movie, and a definite bout of shagging on those roses, and yes they have all their thorns. You’ll like the pain pet, promise.” Spike smirked and had a forkful of food, and motioned to Xander, “Want that plate cleaned pup, even all the veggies!” Spike motioned with his fork.

Xander smiled and nodded, “Master, may I eat?” he asked softly.

“Yes pup, good boy. New rule, we’re ever in a restaurant or eating at the table, after I start you are allowed to start eating yourself. You’ve taken to your training well puppy, quite well, I’m tempted to take you out in public more often. Demon only places, of course, but some are nice dining establishments, sure we can find something for us.”

Xander smiled and dug in, it was meatloaf, peas, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots and a green leafy salad with grape tomatoes. Xander dug in with a relish, it may not have been the most romantic of foods, but it was the first time in a long time he’d been able to feed himself, and he missed simple meals like meatloaf.

Quickly and quietly they finished, it was a comfortable quiet, with the radio playing something soothing in the back ground. Xander wiped his face with his napkin and finished his glass of juice, and looked shyly at Spike.

“So, movie?” Spike asked with a smile.

“Don’t care, won’t be watching it, will be watching you as I strip you and worship your body with my mouth, tongue, lips and hands, so if you really need a distraction from that, by all means!” Xander said daringly, his Master just chuckled, as eager as his pup.

Spike got up and walked over to Xander. He held out his hand and smiled when Xander took it. With ease he picked him up and dropped him gently on the middle of the bed and Xander was already wincing from the thorns. Spike looked down at his pet and stripped, climbing on top of his pet.

Xander parted his legs and held his arms out towards his Master, and moaned happily when Spike lay atop him and kissed him deeply, grinding his erection against Xander’s. They both writhed on the bed, the thorns ripping and cutting at their skin.

Xander moaned into Spike’s mouth and shifted so the plug was easier to remove. Smoothly Spike pulled it out and slid inside his pet, and slowly, almost lovingly, fucked him into the bed. Both were sweating, grinding against each other, pressing their bodies against each other, hungrily kissing and devouring each other’s mouths.

Xander urged his Master deeper, harder, with his feet on Spike’s ass as his thighs wrapped around him. Spike chuckled and whispered in his ear, “Didn’t want the roses to tear too badly into you, but if you insist,” and really started hammering into him.

Xander started calling out with each thrust, nails digging into Spike’s back as the thorns dug and tore into him. His Master kissed his lips then down his throat, and finally started nibbling with blunt teeth at the boy’s scarred neck. Xander cried out loudly, so very close to the edge. “MASTER!!! PLEASE!!! I need to cum Master, please!!”

Spike chuckled and mumbled “cum” into the boy’s ear then bit down on his throat with his fangs. Xander screamed in pained bliss, his cock spurting all over their chests and stomachs.

Xander fell back, panting, gasping for breath. “Master… I love you.”

Spike kissed the top of his pet’s head. “I know you do puppy, and I… I love you too…”

49 Play Time

Xander pranced about the room, cleaning it, bending over at the waist to dust and pick up things, letting his skirt lift up and show off his bruised and striped ass. He was wearing high patent heels, fishnet stockings, a little maids uniform and the little matching hat. His Master was exploring another kink, it seemed.

Spike sat at his desk and watched, tongue curled behind his teeth, smirking, knowing the boy bent over at those angles just to show himself off, Probably hoping I’ll fuck him and he won’t have to clean any more. Spike snorted and kept watching, tapping a riding crop against the boot of his crossed leg.

Xander hummed along with the music, bopping to the music now and again as he cleaned up the room, gathering all the laundry into the basket, happy a minion was in charge of actually washing them, then got to work and started on the bathroom. His Master got up and leaned against the door frame to watch him scrub the shower, the toilet, the floor, everything, getting the bathroom sparkling, and took every chance he could to show off his ass.

Spike chuckled now and again, but couldn’t fault the boy’s cleanliness, and walked back to his chair. After a minute Xander came to him, standing, head bowed, feather duster in both hands, “Please Master, I’m done.”

Spike nodded and chuckled, “A good job you did too pet, a good job. Now bend over and grab the end of the bed for support. You haven’t finished your service to me yet, and I want my money’s worth.”

Xander bent over as instructed and felt Spike flip up his skirt over his ass and run his hands over the bruised and battered cheeks, the magical unguent had only healed him so much. He’d taken quite a beating for freeing Giles, it was worth it but he still carried the marks and would for some time. He shifted, his feet so very, very, very sore from the heels and Spike smacked his ass making him jump and bite back a yelp of surprised pain.

“Hold still bitch, don’t want my aim off, now do you?” Spike pulled the plug out and slid into his pet’s ass, hissing softly at the heat and tightness. With slow steady strokes he fucked Xander, harder and harder, making the boy bounce against him, until he was bouncing off his feet, thrusting against his owner.

Spike chuckled and leaned forward to whisper at his pet, “And no puppy, you don’t get to cum this time.” Two strokes later he was emptying into his pet who was practically crying in dismay and need, wanting to cum so very, very badly.

“Please Master? I cleaned the lair up so well, please?”

His Master slapped him hard on the thigh, “When I say no, I mean no. Suffer puppy, you won’t die from it.” Spike smirked, “Just means we’ll have more play time later, doesn’t it?”

Xander smiled and sagged, feeling himself get plugged up again, trapping his Master’s semen inside him. His Master was right, they’d just have to have more play time later.

50 Magic

Several years passed with no further contact from the old gang. Giles had convinced them, it seemed, that he was happy where he was. Either that, or it was really, really hard to find and get into Spike’s lair. Part of Xander hoped it was the latter, but the other part knew he’d still say no to going back, he was so happy where he was.

Spike had never reverted back to his “I need to be cruel to prove I’m a Master Vampire” ways, treating him as a beloved pet instead and Xander flourished. The boy really was meant for a slave’s life, for the slave of a Master Vampire, and he’d finally found home.

Spike cherished him, killing anyone that got too close to his pet at the clubs, now and then taking them out to an elegant demon dining establishment, a few times to the beach, once to a demon sanctuary in Hawaii, they spent a month there. Xander was allowed out alone during the day there and he always came back home to Spike, never straying far from his Master.

They travelled the globe, exploring everywhere Xander had ever wanted to visit and several places his Master wanted to see. Xander and Spike never had problems with customs, travelling in ways that didn’t cross them, making identification unnecessary, but when it was, Spike always somehow managed to have some.

After five years had passed, Xander rolled over in bed one day and looked at his Master. “Master, did Buffy and Willow ever try to find me?” It was something he’d always wanted to know.

Spike looked at Xander, the boys head on his tummy. “Yeah pet, once. Didn’t want to tell you, didn’t want to confuse you. They found the lair and tried to find you but the minions had them pinned in the basement, they weren’t going anywhere. I’m not even sure if the Slayer knew how to get out of there if she’d ever found you. I sent them on their way, a little bruised maybe, but they were alright… Knew you’d hate it if something ever happened to the chits.”

Xander looked up at him, startled. “But…” He blinked back tears, suddenly grateful that his Master had still been looking out for him, even though he would have been justified in killing them. “Thank you Master.”

“Did a little magic after they left, over you and over me. Makes it impossible for them to track us using magical means, and we’ve left no paper trail for them to follow and find you… they’re no longer a threat my pet and they’re no longer in any danger because of it.”

“Thank you Master,” Xander smiled up at him, in awe, Spike despised everything magical before. “Thank you for doing this for me Master, I’m very, very grateful,” he whispered and kissed Spike’s tummy.

Xander looked up at him and smirked softly, “Is it sexy time yet?” He owed the vampire that much at least. He hid his tears of gratitude, and smirked instead. He owed his Master so much, he’d done so many good things to him. Besides, the vampire shagged him in all the best ways, and he really wanted to get the girls out of his head, this was the best way.

Spike rolled them over so he was on top and laughed. “Whenever you want it puppy, whenever you want.”

The End

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