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41 - Candy Cane

He sucked on a candy cane lounging on Spike’s bed. He loved how if you sucked them long enough they turned into little spears. He’d poke his tongue and see how hard he had to push to get blood. If the candy was sharp enough, he didn’t have to press hard. This time the candy was sharp enough.

“OW! Dammit!” He ran to the bathroom to assess the damage, looking in the mirror. He was relieved to see it was just a little blood, a small puncture really, and he swallowed that away. He returned to his seat and went on licking the candy, sucking it.

Suddenly he wondered when Christmas was, it would be his first Christmas where he didn’t have to sleep outside to avoid the bedlam within. It would probably pass unmentioned, and Xander really was okay with that. He got that the candy was a Christmas thing, but for all he knew Spike could have picked it up on discount after Christmas was over, who knew what the date was anymore? He couldn’t remember how long it had been since he’d last asked, and his schedule was so awry with Spike keeping some day time hours, and sometimes nights, he had no idea how many days had passed.

He was humming some Christmas carols to himself, watching TV idly when Spike walked in. Xander heard the snick as the key slid into the lock even before the door opened and smiled, calling out clearly to Spike. “Greetings Master, your pet is being well stuffed with sugary goodness, I bet my breath has never been mintier!”

He smiled up at the vampire, these last few weeks had been bliss, Spike was treating him as a beloved pet again, being given all he needed, even a little pain, just to this side of bad pain but he felt it, and he even learned to ask for it from time to time. Spike was all smiles walking into the room then suddenly scowled and ran at him, instantly growling on top of him.

“Who hurt you?” Spike snarled out, carefully looking over the boy for any injuries.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what he was talking about, his tongue still throbbed. “N-no one, I sucked the candy to a spike and speared my tongue, really, I’m not hurt, it stopped bleeding and everything!” Xander cowered away from him, trembling, then he was stunned when Spike plunged his tongue into Xander’s mouth.

They kissed with a passion Spike had kept hidden for a long time, it was time the boy knew, really knew, what Spike felt for him. He tasted the traces of blood left on his tongue and accepted the boy’s story, daft as it was. He ground down against his now only ankle chained pet, letting him feel the burgeoning erection in his pants against his own. Both of them panted into the other’s mouth, Xander gasping and moaning softly, fingers clamped around a fistful of linen.

Spike broke the kiss and leaned down to murmur in the boy’s ear, “You can touch me, pet, never need permission to touch me ever again, you got that? You want to touch me, and you just go ahead and do it, as long as you deem it proper for the occasion that is. Got me pup?” Spike asked him sternly. Xander’s rapid head nodding answered his question for him. “Good boy…” Then he smacked Xander on the thigh, “Thought we were over this twitching and mumbling, words puppy, learn to use words or I’ll take them away from you, got it?”

Xander blushed and nodded, winced and said, “Yes Master, no more twitching and mumbling about.” Xander’s hands were all over Spike’s body caressing lean muscle, stroking the pale skin with his big hands ghosting over pale alabaster. How he wished he was tan so he could see the stark contrast of their skin, maybe someday he’d ask Spike to let him outside, it’s not like he could run away anyways.

Spike and Xander rolled around on the bed until Spike had him right in front of the mirror, “Watch yourself puppy, want you to see what I do to you, want you to see yourself when I’m in you, how blissed you are.” Without further ado, he pulled out the plug and slid into Xander, using the lube for the plug as lube for the fuck, Xander had learned to like it rough.

The human gasped in pleasured pain and pushed back against Spike’s hips wanting more. He may have grown to enjoy Spike’s company, but really what choice did he have? But that didn’t mean he wasn’t a damned good fuck. Xander always saw stars.

Spike gripped his hips hard enough to bruise, slamming in and out of his human’s heat, hearing his human cry out louder and louder and louder, yet watched Xander’s eyes as he watched himself in the mirror, watched the boy pant and scream, crying out with each thrust. Spike hammered into him until he came in a flood of tepid semen, and only his snarled “NOW!” got the boy to cum at the same time.

Xander saw white, his eyes rolled up in his head as he exploded all over the blanket, he let out a little hiss as Spike withdrew from him, missing his presence inside him. He panted, but didn’t move, watching himself recover from an intense orgasm, sweat glistening on his skin. He wished he could see Spike behind him, but all he saw was the indents he made on the mattress behind him and between his legs. He panted and collapsed with a groan onto the bed, Spike had withdrawn so he knew he was allowed to move.

“Mmmaster,” he sighed and rolled on the bed, nuzzling Spike’s knees. “That was a lot of fun Master, thank you Master, I enjoyed that a lot, thank you Master, for letting me cum.” Xander was babbling, feeling weak and worn out, Spike had really hammered into him this time.

Spike gripped him by the cheeks and lifted him till they were eye to eye, “You ever hurt yourself again, I’ll beat the bloody tar out of you. No one gets to hurt you but me, got it? And if an accident happens, you tell me before anything. You listening puppy?” He shook the boy for emphasis.

“Yes! Yes Master, never, I’ll be good, I didn’t know I’m sorry.” Xander looked fearfully at him, and bit back a whimper of fear. Spike looked positively ferocious, the intensity he was giving him.

“No one hurts you but me puppy, no one.”

42 - Senses

He was blindfolded once more, but this time it was the kind that he liked, where he could travel down that velvet tunnel and everything was alright. He felt safe now, like never before. Whatever had set Spike off before seemed like it was gone, and it didn’t seem like it was coming back. He moaned when the lash fell, when each lash fell, moaned and lost himself in the haze, in the special place where pain was pleasure, such sweet pleasure.

Xander’s body twitched and jumped now and again at particularly painful lashes that fell against his back, but his head was bent forward, fallen forward, against the St. Andrew’s cross, hanging between the beams. He moaned and panted softly, he wasn’t gagged, he was so very rarely gagged, Spike liked to listen to him moan and groan and plead and beg. He appreciated that, meant it was easier for him to breathe because lately, lately every time Spike beat him… something inside him broke.

It was like a torrent of feelings, falling free of his shoulders, his woes, everything, gone, and he’d cry. Big tears would streak down his face, his nose would get all snotty. Usually Spike had him blow his nose regularly so breathing wouldn’t have been too horrible, but often times he just let Xander suffer, leaving him a liberated weeping mess. He’d get cleaned up at the end then.

He was already crying, big sobbing heaves, tears escaping his blindfold. He sobbed even as Spike stopped whipping him and lifted his head by the hair. Xander winced slightly, but he couldn’t hold up his head on his own, he felt too lost in happy dopey Xander land where everything felt, just, right. Spike mopped his face clear of tears and snot, getting Xander to blow to empty his nose. Spike nodded to himself and walked back behind the boy.

Gently Spike undid him, ankles first, then with an arm around his waist, the boy’s wrists. Spike led him to a bondage table, keeping the blindfold on, telling the boy to hop up and lay on his back. He was quickly obeyed, and Spike chuckled at how obedient his boy was turning out to be. He still hadn’t forgiven himself for his “Prove I’m a Master Vampire by not letting my lust or want of a slave control me” thing. He’d done some unforgiveable things to the puppy, but he was doing better now.

Xander was panting, his sobs stemmed and the walls went back up again inside. He was shocked when he felt a strawberry at his lips. He smiled softly and opened his mouth, biting into the fruit, chewing and getting the rest of it, the green bit having been cut off. Even taste was a new sensation, the strawberry exploded on his tongue, filling his nose with the scent of strawberries. He swallowed and was presented with a firm, tangy grape, which he gratefully consumed. Everything was coming alive.

After being fed for a while of a varying arrangement of fruits, making sure to cleanse and worship the fingers that fed him, Spike chuckled. “Just wanted your energy up pet,” Spike whispered into his ear, Xander started to tense. “Don’t worry, the blindfold will stay on and it’s not nearly as bad as the whip. Just want to decorate your front as well as your back.”

Spike rubbed in mineral oil all over Xander’s body, making his body shine under the lights. Something was wheeled over and Xander started to tense again, Spike soothed and caressed him, “You’ll like it pet, you’ll really like it, I promise.” Xander slowly relaxed again.

The sound of a cover coming off and a liquid dripping was heard before a wash of warm paraffin wax was spilled over his torso. The melted wax conformed to his body, Spike chuckled as Xander gasped in shock at the surprising level of heat coming off the wax as it solidified around his body.

Spike walks around Xander, filling his ladle with more melted paraffin when needed, and spread it over his entire body. He smiles as Xander gasped and arched for each one, almost pleading for more, never fighting, never trying to escape the wax, Spike was right, he did like this pain.

And then Spike poured the wax over his cock and balls, he let out a startled yelp, and moaned, shaking his head, the heat almost unbearable, but so very, very sweet. The pain washed over him like a lover’s caress, filling him with peace and joy, he started crying again, he just felt so good. Spike got him to blow his nose when he needed it and tended him as he poured on the wax.

Finally it was over, but then he realized he was completely covered, from collarbone to knees with wax. He lay on the table, panting, relishing the heat, sleeping with a vampire had really made him appreciate heat. He twisted his wrist slightly, then frowned, the wax was stuck to his skin! How were they going to get it off?!

Suddenly something cold touched his cheek, and he recognized one of Spike’s favorite blades. With practiced ease Spike slid the razor sharp blade between oil slicked skin and paraffin wax, carving the wax away from his skin. He stiffened and held totally still when Spike went near his boys, but he didn’t need to fear, Spike was a blade expert. The oil had really helped from keeping the wax from totally adhering to his hairless skin.

Finally Spike was done, and ran his hand over Xander’s heaving, panting chest, he leaned over and whispered in the human’s ear, “Told you, you’d like it,” and smirked his classic smirk, not that a blindfolded Xander could see, but he could tell. He jumped when he felt a warm washcloth being rubbed over his body.. He was rubbed and massaged with the soft towel as it took away all traces of wax. Xander sighed happily and lay still, letting Spike tend him.
He’d been doing that a lot lately, letting Spike tend him, bathe him, groom him. Spike seemed to enjoy having someone to look after, and Xander had never been looked after like this so he was soaking it up like a sponge. He knew it was probably Stockholm’s syndrome, but he didn’t care. Life was good for him now, for the first time in forever. He was being fed every day, several times a day, not just once! He felt… loved. Loved like a pet, but loved.

He drank it all in, every kindness, every kind word or gesture, every time Spike did something for him “just because”. He felt like he was being wooed, next he was expecting poetry, wasn’t Spike a poet when he was human? Anyways, he loved this tender care, he was getting everything he’d ever wished for, with a twist but everything he wished for, and loved it.

He was growing to admit he loved what Spike did to him, what he made him feel deep inside. Now, whenever the door opened his heart didn’t hammer in terror, it fluttered in anticipation. Not a night went by without Spike showing him some kind of kindness, and he drank it in like he’d been staked out in the desert for his entire life. He was actually starting to feel human. Funny that, finally feeling human with a vampire as the cause. He wasn’t normal though, that he accepted, his cravings and yearnings were too deviant for that.

But he felt loved, and that’s all that mattered.

I know wax isn’t nearly as easy to get completely off as I said, especially over the entire body, but the oil and his hairlessness would help most of it come off and my muse says that means all of it is gone. Just work with her, there’s no talking to her, unless you want silence for a while.

43 Red

Xander didn’t even flinch any more. Spike would bring the scalpel blade to his skin, and cut, and he didn’t even flinch. They were light cuts, only deep enough to draw a little blood, which the vampire licked up, he still didn’t want the boy to scar. Spike carved and looked down at his creation occasionally lapping up the blood, smiling softly as Xander gazed at him with lust hazed eyes.

Not that long ago, the idea of this would have had him screaming, and he would have shrieked if anyone ever did it to him, now he just melted against the bed and watched Spike carve into his arm. He never questioned him, never asked what was being cut into his skin, latex covered hand holding his arm in place, the other latex covered hand carved into him and was stained red at the finger tips.

Finally Spike was done and doused the entire thing with rubbing alcohol, making Xander cry out in surprised pain, Spike’s grip held him firm and immobile. Xander grunted and grit his teeth until the waves of pain passed. He moaned again, panting, when it was finally over, conscious of Spike wiping up the blood with some gauze, cleaning his wound.

“May I see it Master, please? In the mirror?” Xander suddenly asked, looking up at him, his eyes still glazed with lust.

Spike smirked, and nodded, “Yeah, go take a look”

Xander languidly rolled over to where the mirror was hanging from the wall, the curtain drawn already. Spike packed up everything but some gauze and tape, dropping the scalpel in a sharps container he was eager to fill, now that Xander was at the point that blood play was accepted easily.

Xander looked at his shoulder and smiled, laughed really. It was an ornate S wrapped around a rail road spike with an S at the top like on his brand. What else would Spike carve into his slave? More proof of ownership of course.

Spike moved over and covered it with a non-stick gauze and taped it down, covering it until it healed enough that it stopped bleeding. He smiled at Xander and stroked his finger down the boy’s face, brushing the long hair out of his eyes. “Like it pet?”

“Love it, thank you Master,” Xander murmured and looked at Spike with a hunger in his eyes and got up, moving to pin Spike down. “Now you’ve hurt me, don’t you usually fuck me?”

Spike laughed and rolled them over so he was on top and kissed his lips tenderly, softly. “Yeah, I do. That a hint puppy, that you’re needy?”

Xander rolled his eyes and lurched up to kiss and cling to Spike. “Yes Master, I’m needy, I’m wanton, I’m desperate, I crave you, need you, plead for you. Please Master, please! Fuck me already!”

Spike laughed and wrapped his hand around Xander’s throbbing member, stroking it casually. “That a fact then? So this is torture for you, is it?” He chuckled darkly.

“YES! Gods yes! Just fuck me already!”

Spike smiled and leaned down for a hungry kiss.

44 Quarter

Spike unlocked his ankle and attached a leash. “Follow at a heel pup.” And Xander did, his head lowered, barely able to see in front of him from under his long hair. The rooms and hallways were all softly carpeted so his knees never once complained, and he knelt back with a bowed head when Spike stopped, hands behind his lower back.

He heard a surprised gasp, a muffled surprised gasp. Confused Xander looked up through his hair at a beaten and bleeding Giles. He held utterly still, knowing this was as much a test of him as anything else. Xander couldn’t imagine just how long Giles had been in the building and he hadn’t known! Oh Giles!.

Spike walked up to the bound Giles, tied to the chair, fingers obviously broken, face a mess of bruises and cuts, blood splattered all over his wife beater under-shirt and jeans. Xander started to tremble the closer Spike got to Giles. He lifted the human’s head cruelly by the hair in a ruthless grip and said, “There! There’s your precious boy! There’s the one you wanted to save, go on, talk to him, we’ll try to keep our comments to ourselves.”

Giles looked at Spike and immediately looked at Xander again. “Xander, Xander listen to me! Everyone else was convinced you were dead, but when I heard you’d gone to Cleveland to help your cousin and never showed up, I knew something was wrong. I heard reports of one of the Slayer’s ‘minions’ belonging to Spike and I’ve been looking for you since! That club Spike took you to, I found one of the demons, he told me where to start looking. Then I found these demon hookers that said a blond vampire and his brunet playmate were ones they’d want to go to again and Xander, I followed the crumbs as I found them, I really did! The girl’s both believe you’re dead, but I knew I’d find you. It was a mite foolish to come here without the Slayer I admit, but I was running out of time with the ingredients to get here, I didn’t have a choice. Xander, please, talk to me!” Giles started slow, then built up speed, sounding confused and pained.

“What do you want me to say Giles?” Xander asked woodenly back.

“That now that I’m gone I’m sure Willow and Buffy will look for me and will find you, even if I’m dead and gone, you have hope dear child, to get out of this! He won’t hold you forever, not with the Slayer after him. You’ll be free! Just hold onto that, hold on tight, no matter what!”

“Free?” Xander looked up, confused at Giles. “You mean, go back to live with the people who abandoned me, who beat me for no reason, who treated me like shit, you want me back in that?”

“I’ll take you as my ward, your parents will easily sign over, it’s not like they bloody well care, useless obnoxious pratts that they are. You don’t have to go back to them.”

“Right, because Spike is going to let you just take me out of here. You’ll be dead, how will I be your ‘ward’ then? You dead kinda negates that option.”

Spike walked back to Xander’s side and pet his hair and murmured. “You promised to never lie to me puppy, do you want what he has to offer? That kind of life, that kind of normalcy, that kind of… existence?”

Xander looked up at him, surprised at even being asked that. He thought about it for a minute, biting back his first instinctive outburst, but it turned out to be what he really felt. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted one, the less he wanted the other one. He looked Giles directly in the eye and said, “You’re too late Giles. That Xander died a long, long time ago. I belong to Spike now, this is my home, I won’t go back to that hell again! I’m loved here, alright, like a pet, but it’s more than I ever got from any of you! He takes care of me, makes sure I eat right, makes sure I have things to do, and brings me pleasures you’d just blush at hearing about. I’m home Giles. I’m never leaving here, Buffy and Willow will be coming here for no reason, I won’t go with them either. I’m sorry Giles, you’re just too late.” Xander even looked away and leaned against Spike, staring at the floor, the carved S and railroad spike clear on his arm for Giles to see.

Spike smirked and ran his hand through Xander’s hair, then nudged him so he knelt straight up and walked over to Giles, picking up the sword that was held out to him on a cushion by a minion who was standing nearby, that’s when Xander noticed the semicircle of vampires around Giles. He flinched, and tried to think of a way to save his friend’s life; even if he was too late he didn’t deserve to die!

Spike held the older man by the back of the neck when Xander finally screamed, “Quarter!”

“What’s that pet?” Spike asked him, amused the boy even knew what that meant, flipping the sword in his hand.

“I’m asking for quarter for Giles, I’ll take whatever punishment you think I’ve earned by asking this, please Master, please! I don’t want him to die, please Master! Think of it this way, if he dies, Buffy and Willow will follow him, then you’ll have a Slayer to deal with, why not just send him home so he can give them my message, that I’d rather be with you as a pet, than as a nothing with them, just the damned donut boy… wait, you said Buffy? I thought she was dead! I thought she died fighting to close Acathla!” Xander looked at Giles wide eyed, back straight and at attention, eager to hear this news.

“No! She came back! She had to kill Angel after he got his soul to close the gate and ran away to get away from her painful memories, but she’s back! She’s back and she’s alive and she’ll be here, soon, to take you home, please Xander, please don’t lose hope,” Giles said breathlessly, his pain making his breaths short and sharp, maybe a rib was broken.

“So I didn’t kill her… huh. I spent all this time thinking I killed her, suddenly I feel a lot better. But please Master, please let Giles go someplace safe where he can easily get home from? Please Master? I’ll pay whatever price you set Master! Just think of Buffy and Willow here all of a sudden, with no warning, they’d manage it, especially with Giles missing, please Master, please!” Xander looked up at Spike, careful to look below his eyes.

“I’m in a generous mood tonight,” Spike drawled. “And I’m grateful to you for those books you kept so well hidden, taught the pup everything he needed to be my perfect slave.” He looked over at Xander. “Tell you what, I’ll even get the minions to drop him off in front of his door, but that’s twelve lashes you’ve earned pet, and they will not be pleasant ones you can float away on either. These are going to hurt you very much.” Spike spoke slowly and clearly, making sure the whelp knew what he was getting into.

“Yes Master, I accept the payment that must be given, please show Giles quarter Master, please!” Xander pleaded to Spike, still obediently in position.

“Alright then, Curly, Mo,” he indicated two minions. “On his doorstep mind, and not a drop of his blood drunk, if he has bite marks on him that I have not placed myself, I will learn about it and I will be seriously displeased,” Spike told the minions. They ran over and just picked up Giles while he was still tied to the chair. Xander relaxed, Buffy would find him, someone would, he’d be okay.

“Good bye Giles, tell the girls not to look for me, he’s done a binding anyways, he’s claimed me, I’d be back here quicker than they can blink. Just… I’m fine, I’m happy, I’m living an odd life but it’s the life I want to live. I’ve decided Giles, this life makes me feel whole in a way I’ve never felt before, makes me feel, feel important to him on some level. This is the life for me, and I’d fight just to get it back, just don’t let them come for me, I don’t want them to die. Spike has a lot more minions than these and they all live here, they would just come here to die. Don’t think Spike is stupid, he’s already thought about it, and the collar would probably shock me till I’m crispy, being so far away, just…. Don’t come after me, please don’t. I’m happy for the first time ever, please don’t come after me. A-and tell Buffy I’m sorry I lied to her.” Xander told Giles as the minions carried him out.

Giles left without another word, listening to Xander’s babble as he was carried out and not making a single retort, dumbfounded. Spike was looking at Xander with an odd expression on his face, and came over, ignoring the minions as they carried out Giles, dismissing the rest with a wave of his hand.

“Did you mean that pet? What you said, you said to him so you coulda been lying, did you mean that? Not just to save Giles’s life, I agree with your Willow Slayer eventuality so that was a done deal, did you mean that? Tell me, I won’t… I won’t hurt you if you were just lying, I promise I won’t.” Spike was looking Xander in the eye, kneeling on one knee in front of him, holding his chin so their eyes met.

“I…I… yes, yes I meant it Master,” he whispered, trembling slightly, shocked when Spike reached in and kissed him softly, tenderly on the lips.

“That’s… thank you pet, I’m glad I’ve made this better for you, happy that you’d rather be here than there,” Spike whispered to Xander, tucking the brunet’s head against his shoulder.

“Think you can do twelve then pet?” Spike asked softly, smirking as he picked up Xander’s leash again, leading him from the room.

“I know I sure as heck will try Master.” Xander smiled up at his Master, and then lowered his head for the crawl back to the room, again thankful for the soft plush carpeting.

Once they were back in his Master’s room, Xander knelt so Spike could take off the leash, and Spike patted the bed and beckoned Xander over. “Come here pet, you’ve earned the bed tonight.”

Xander smiled and crawled over, getting onto “his” side of the bed, barely registering he wasn’t chained to the bed anymore. Things had changed between them, irrevocably, thanks to the visit from Giles. He turned and curled up against Spike, with a soft voice, Xander quavered “Will I last those twelve Master?”

“Said you had to, so you will, because it’s what you earned, what you got in exchange for the old man’s life. You’ll do it because I want you to.” Spike spoke confidently, stroking Xander’s back.

Xander shivered against him and nodded, “Yes Master.” He curled up against his Master and thought to himself,I really do, don’t I? I didn’t lie to Master, I was honest… I really do love this life better than anything I ever had at home. He hoped fervently that Buffy and Willow never found them.

45 Toy Store

Xander wandered nervously up and down the aisles, fingers dancing over this implement or that. He was in a well lit store, and had appeared in a cage again so he had no idea how he got there, and was shopping for a toy. But not just any toy, oh no! It was going to be the toy of his torment, his torture, his twelve lashes of hell.

His Master was there, of course, a chatty companion, who had no shame in getting Xander to bend over and try it, just to see. They’d turned through most of the store when they finally got to the end, where all the canes were.

Xander bent over at his Master’s command, and let out a yelp and grunted, whimpering softly. They were getting close to it, the toy that Xander would pick, his Master would know if he picked something light, and things were getting more and more painful. The cane came down again, at a different angle, and he cried out, sobbing.

“Master, please Master, it hurts.” Xander panted out for the first time.

“Does it hurt enough?” Was the answer and the question.

“No Master, not enough,” he whispered and whimpered softly, knowing his Master would expect no less. He was wearing ass-less leather chaps, each blow connecting directly on his skin. His ass was mottled red all over the place, stripes and dots and every shape in between, even the word “BITCH” was slapped into his ass.

Spike nodded, and moved down the canes until he picked up a graphite cane, thin and light weight, easy to wield . He swung it once sharply over both of Xander’s ass cheeks and Xander actually screamed, “Think we’ve found it then.” he smirked.

Xander panted out “Y-yes Master,” and was led back to his cage before Spike paid for the cane and a few other things. Soon he was asleep, not even sure how his Master carried the ungainly cage with him in it back home.

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