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36 - Blood

The waitress came back after a while and asked Spike if he wanted a refill. Xander looked her over discretely from his cage. Her lavender skin, dark blue eyes, spaded tail and soft sheen of scales truly made her beautiful. And wasn’t that strange, Xander thinking of a demon as beautiful? But she was, and her tail was snaking its way into his cage to stroke his face and chest.

Spike immediately grabbed her by the wrist, dragged her forward enough for him to wrap an arm around her waist, and suddenly she was in his lap, a hand over her mouth to keep from screaming. “Ever touch what’s mine again, and I’ll keep the bit of you that touched him. I’m letting this first offence slide, but you better spread the word I won’t be nearly as forgiving as I am now.”

She just whimpered and trembled in Spike’s lap, having heard stories of his jealous rages. She was no longer so sure those stories had been more rumor than truth. Spike’s arms and hands were like steel cords wrapped tight together around her, holding her immobile, her tail trapped beneath her.

“Y-yes Sir, I’ll spread the word,” she whimpered out, truly terrified of the possible consequences of what she thought of as harmless flirting, it’s not like she was going to try to take the boy or anything! He was Spike’s, that’s all there was to it. She hadn’t meant anything by it! She trembled in Spike’s arms, and whimpered again.

Spike released her and let her drop on the floor with a thud, and kicked her rudely away from them. “And get me a blond while you’re at it! A natural blond too, not some dye job! If she’s not, well… you get the idea. And if she’s drugged I’ll have your hide, prefer my prey to struggle and scream,” he called out after her

She got to her feet and scurried away, murmuring, “Yes Sir” as she left, her tail no longer waving and weaving with seduction, now it was curled tightly about her body, she looked thoroughly chastened.

Xander looked up at Spike and shuddered, he had forgotten how possessive Spike could be about what he thought of as his, and Xander definitely was his. Spike swung the cage in front and put his feet back up, relaxing yet claiming at the same time. Xander lay on his side and reached up for a pant leg, giving it a light tug. Spike looked down at him over his glass and waved him on.

“Master… are you going to kill her?” he breathed out, terrified of what Spike may say, he had been infamous for playing with his food. Spike barked out a laugh that startled those that were close by and made Xander jump in startlement at the sudden mirth Spike was showing. He didn’t look happy, just amused… Xander hoped he’d be amused enough not to use him as a piñata.

“Demon girl? She ain’t mine to kill, though I will have a word with her owner before we leave. She’ll be chastened. Unless you meant the blond? Of course I am pet, still a demon, still a monster, gonna kill to survive, you need to learn to accept that. Can’t change, don’t want to change, and I won’t change. Where the bloody hell do you think I’ve been going every night for hours on end? I’ve been feeding pet. Now be a good boy and shut up until you’re spoken to.” Spike looked pointedly away and eyed the crowd, sipping his whiskey, staying clear headed for once.

Finally the waitress came over with a burly man following her, a girl slung over his shoulder. Her feet were tied together, and Xander was pretty certain so were her hands. The big beefy guy dropped the girl non-too gently on the table, and he heard the girl screaming through a gag.

“Now, if I take this off, will you scream?” Spike asked, fingering the gag with the knot between her teeth. She snarled and tried to get away, only now seeing Xander in a cage almost underneath the table. Spike grabbed her by the throat and slammed her down on the table and snarled, “I asked you a question bitch!” He slapped her then, hard enough to send her head spinning. Xander winced in sympathy, but it worked, she stopped screaming behind her gag. Now she just whimpered and cowered, trying to curl up in a ball on the table, sobbing loudly through the gag.

Spike motioned a waitress over, “Does that gag need to stay in, or are you sound proofed?”

“We’re totally sound proofed in here, it’s just most people don’t like to hear women screaming, makes some demons positively jumpy.”

“Not my look out for them, besides, want to hear her beg and plead.” He smiled down at her and stroked her hair almost gently. Xander could barely see it, as he looked out of his cage from nearly underneath the table and shuddered.

He knew Spike fed, he’d always known, but now it was being shoved in his face. He looked up at Spike and heard him murmur soothing words into the girl’s ear, who just sobbed and cried. The vampire undid her gag and kept stroking her hair, and she kept right on crying, oblivious to everything.

Spike kicked the side of Xander’s cage and asked him, “You got any pointers for this girl puppy? How to make this easier on herself?”

Xander whimpered and looked away from her. He bit his lower lip, and with tears in his eyes said, “Don’t fight, he’ll make it easier if you don’t piss him off.” He curled up around himself in the cage and whimpered softly, not wanting to be a witness to this.

Spike meanwhile flipped the girl onto her back, her hands still tied together in the small of her back and started kissing along her throat, gentle and kind. The girl even moaned unintentionally, though she was obviously still terrified. “Please, don’t….” she whispered out, sobbing softly.

Spike just smiled and ran his fingers through her hair, smiling softly, almost angelically down at her. Her trembling began to stop and her panting slowed down as Spike continued to pet her hair, a nice natural blond with not a whiff of dye or bleach to it, Spike was pleased he was feared enough to be obeyed. Maybe all the damage Angel had done them was starting to fade in the demon communities memories, or his own exploits were starting to distance himself from the souled Poof.

The vampire dragged her by the hair until her head was hanging off the edge of the table and morphed, making the girl shriek and scream, sobbing that she didn’t want to die! Spike leaned down and roughly tilted her head to the side by her hair and licked along the pulse point on her neck. She only cried louder. “Please don’t, please don’t kill me! Take me, I can be another pet for you, please don’t kill me, I promise I’ll be good for you, please please don’t kill me, please!” She was almost screaming, her face drenched in tears, thrashing her bound body on the table, terrified, sobbing and screaming.

“Was gonna make this easy for you pet, haven’t hurt you yet, not really, and you’re all blubbering about what might happen. Might make it easy for you, might make you enjoy it, but not unless you shut the bloody hell up!” He snarled in her face, which only made her cry louder.

Spike snarled as she kept screaming and roughly bit into her, letting her feel every ounce of pain, every dribble. She screamed then, so loud Xander winced, no one so much as looked their way. Spike drained her and dropped her on the floor, in front of Xander’s cage.

“Gotta remember that pet, I’m a demon, I’m not a nice guy.”

Which, Xander decided, was the closest he would ever come to apologize for traumatizing him, but cause he was right, there was no real reason to apologize, he was a vampire after all, and his pet better learn to live with that!

37 - Stage

Xander was shaking, obviously distressed by the girl’s painful death. He felt his cage shake a little as the door was opened. Spike snapped his fingers and pointed at his feet. Xander crawled backwards out of the cage. He was immediately shackled about the wrists and a lead clipped to his collar.

Spike led him crawling to a stage set up in the middle of the floor and led him up, tying his chain leash to a binding point, giving him enough room to move about the entire stage while standing. Spike had pulled his collar upwards until Xander had got the idea that he meant for the boy to get up, but when he did he felt Spike’s hands dancing along his body. He moaned and writhed against the vampire, hands fisting in his shirt, whimpering softly. Wanting to kiss him so bad it hurt, and finally he was being kissed like he’d always dreamed. Full of hunger and need and want and possession. He’d come to the same conclusion he had before, he didn’t want to die, so he wasn’t going to. He was going to be a good pet and not freak out about his owner’s eating habits, because really, what could he do?

He moaned into the kiss, coppery taste invaded his senses, the dead girl’s blood. He’d had a lot to think about, staring into that girl’s dead eyes until they’d carted her off, and the one mantra he’d kept saying over and over again “I don’t want to die!” He’d come to his decision, as distasteful as it was, he’d play along with the vampire’s games and taunts, he’d not fight when Spike fed, because really… what could he do from inside a cage? Glare at him until he felt guilty? Not going to happen!

He whimpered, wishing he could beg permission to speak again. Spike saw his distress and smirked, leaning down against him, arm on the pole, his whole body covering Xander’s, pressing him against the icy pole.

“What do you want this time?” Spike asked, murmuring close to his ear, nuzzling it. “What could my pet possibly want? Speak boy, speak.”

“Why did you bring me here Master?” Xander again spoke low in his throat, knowing only the vampire and not much else would hear in the din of pain and pleasure the club had to offer.

Spike laughed and patted the top of the boy’s head, “To show you off, of course. No one believed me when I said I had a Slayer’s minion under my control, so I decided to show you off. News about you is going to spread in the demon community, that’s for sure, they’ll know to leave you alone, at least the smart ones. And I’ll gain a new kind of respect. No one else in history has taken a Slayer’s minion as slave and pet. I’m the only one, and I want everyone to know that it’s actually true and not just a rumor”

They were already getting side long glances and a steady circle of empty space formed around them, no one wanted to be on Spike’s bad side, and absolutely no one dared to look at the human underneath the vampire on the stage, even though that’s why he’d been put there. Xander’s hands were at about chest height from the chains Spike added to him from above. He sighed softly, wondering what Spike was up to.

A minute later a new song started, something with a heavy beat and electric guitar, it blasted from the speakers. “Dance for me puppy, show me how much you love being mine…”

Xander looked at him with comically open eyes, disbelief in them. Him, the zeppo, dance for a sex on legs vampire? What the hell was going on? He looked nervously around the room, and remembered Spike’s rules, he was showing him off, so he’d better obey if he knew what was healthy for him. He slowly swung his hips to the music, hands ghosting over his body to clutch and pinch at his nipples, pulling hard on them. He moaned softly and spun around the stage, eyes closed as he tried to dance for Spike, so he thought to him, maybe hoping he could pick it up over the link, but really hoping Spike could understand body language.

Please Spike, he thought to himself as he danced and writhed on the stage in front of a whole passel of demons, but it was all for Spike, every twitch of his hips, every swing of his arms, every spin, every movement a plea to Spike, begging him, pleading with him

Please Spike, take me back. I don’t care that you’re a demon, that you kill to survive and for fun, I can’t live on the outside looking in, used for your pleasure and left in a heap, I want to be yours, take me back, make me yours Spike, make me yours again.

Xander danced and sighed happily, the music reaching its crescendo, leaving Xander hanging from his chains on his knees, arms above his head, pleading and yearning in his eyes for Spike. Spike clapped softly, and the rest of the demons joined in out of pure will to live, and pretty soon Xander was receiving a standing ovation, the human turned red while his vampire seemed quite pleased.

Spike got to his feet and undid Xander’s chains, whispering in the mortal’s ear, “Gonna take you home and ravish you, you know that, right? You’re the one that woke the beast, gonna have to live with that puppy…”

38 - Robin Hood

They were lounging in bed, Xander was laying on his back with his head on Spike’s tummy, the vampire running his fingers through his human’s hair, his free hand tracing whorls on the boys stomach. They were both off in their own little worlds, replete after having sex like bunnies for a few hours, and he’d even been allowed to cum! Xander felt like a cat that had been given cream. After all the abuses he’d suffered at the vampire’s hand, he still craved to be treated well and sweetly, even if the pain was slowly morphing to pleasure.

He’d been startled at first, when he’d realized that this was what was bothering him, but when he’d finally brought it up with Spike, the vampire had only nodded and pet his head, “You’ll crave it, yearn for it, ache for it, because you’re a natural bottom, a masochist born, even if you won’t admit it to yourself, you’ll eventually have no choice pet. Pain will always bring you pleasure, of some sort or another.” He stroked his hand along his pet’s cheek, he’d cupped it, feeling the boy nuzzle and sigh at the contact.

“Yes Master, I’ll try, I promise I will, it’s just… nothing here is the same as it was back home, I’m scared of screwing up and letting you down Master, and I couldn’t figure out what I’d done to piss you off before, I was so confused Master, I still am. I’ve never been owned before, never mind by a vampire, and… I don’t want to be punished again, I don’t think I could survive it Master, I was so… very much at the end of my rope. If you hadn’t… hadn’t changed how you were treating me I was going to… try to end it somehow. I was so lost Master, everything I did was displeasing, every word out of my mouth was unwelcome, I just… I couldn’t do that again Master, please.” He was crying now, slow silent tears which he tried to sniff away.

Spike sat up suddenly and dragged Xander into his lap as he pushed back so Spike was leaning against the head board, Xander between his legs. He kissed the side of his pet’s head and wondered what to say, the truth would be hard, but the boy had been so honest with him until now, it only seemed fair… but to admit to a weakness, even to someone who could do nothing about it went against every instinct he had. He coughed to himself, and kept petting Xander’s hair, holding the boy close.

“Wasn’t you that did something bad, was me dealing with some things. Didn’t mean to hurt you, not really, not that way, but I just needed… I just needed to deal with my issues before I could be a good Master to you. Aren’t I better now, aren’t I treating you as you deserve, as a treasured pet instead of a toy to be passed around and used till you die? You’re mine, won’t ever forget that, won’t, can’t.” He ran his fingers over his gelled head, giving a big sigh.

“Was my issues, yeah? Not yours, you were and have been a good pet for a Master Vampire to have, it was me. I can’t promise it will never happen again, sometimes the demon just won’t shut up, but I promise to try to never do that again, is that good enough for you? Doesn’t mean I won’t in play or what have you, but I promise not to do it seriously unless you’ve earned it.” Spike spoke softly, kissing the top of Xander’s head.

Xander smiled and snuggled against the vampire even more, even with the past little while of pain for no reason it was still better than home, being a vampire’s chew toy and Barbie and everything else he treated his pet as was infinitely better than being at home, and the promise just made everything that much easier to live with. “Thank you Master,” he whispered, resting his head on the shorter vampire’s shoulder and kissing his throat. Why he thought he could trust the vampire was anyone’s guess but it probably had to do with the fact that Spike had yet to lie to him, and treated him well when he wasn’t in a “Kick-the-Xander” mood. He just felt relaxed.

“Rented a movie, yeah?” Spike said to Xander. “Everything’s set up in the DVD player, just need to turn it on and hit play.” He held out the universal remote to Xander and he stared at it dumbfounded. Why would Spike give him that kind of control? Usually the vampire was a remote hog.

Xander hit power then play, and was delighted to see it was the old Disney version of Robin Hood, one of his favorite movies. He bounced a bit in Spike’s lap excited, then he heard the vampire groan. “You don’t sit still, you won’t get to watch the movie, will be too busy screaming out my name, now be a good boy and wait to be ravished at the end of the movie,” he chuckled.

They sat in companionable silence, Spike’s hands stroking his hair, his back, his ass, never stopping touching, and Xander just melted into it. He’d never realized what a tactile person he was until he’d hooked up with the vampire… if you can call being kidnapped, drugged, tortured and sold a hook up.

It was alright, he’d take whatever he could

39 - Seventeen

Xander was busily colouring in his colouring book, once more allowed to lounge on the bed, even if his ankle was still bound to the bed post. At least this way he could always get water, or food, or even use the bathroom…. But he knows Spike has that timed, and always shows up when it’s time so he doesn’t. He colours a goat green, with purple and red highlights. He never was one to do things the easy way. Well, okay, so he did most things the easy way, but colouring wasn’t one of them. He wanted his creations to be original and pretty.

The door opened and Spike sauntered in, smoking a cigarette which he quickly stubbed out in the ash tray by the door. Now that Xander thought of it, he rarely, if ever saw the vampire smoke anymore… was it because he didn’t like it anymore or because his pet was human and he didn’t want him to get lung cancer?

“Master, your slave offers you greetings and is so very, very happy to see you.” Xander had gotten into a kneel on the bed, smiling to himself. He was getting better at this greetings thing.

Spike plunked a plastic bag onto his desk and collapsed into his desk chair with a sigh. Suddenly he sat up and looked the boy over. “How old are you puppy?”

Xander blushed and looked down, ashamed to ask this, “What’s the date Master?”

“November 12th,” he answered easily.

“Then I would be seventeen by now Master, why do you ask?” Xander looked nervously up at Spike

“Never celebrated your birthday, I figure it’s time we did.” He smiled and stretched. “Got plans for you puppy, think you can live up to them?”

Xander shivered and barely hid a shudder, good times for vampires usually involved death and mayhem, things Xander didn’t want to be involved with. “You don’t have to celebrate it, never had it celebrated before, except by Willow and even then it was awkward.” He pleaded with Spike through his eyes.

“’M not your parents Xander, gonna make this seventeenth birthday one to remember, now I just have to plan. Next year, I plan on you telling me way in advance so I can plan something appropriate.” Spike practically clapped his hands with glee, he was very excited about his plans, and it was definitely not something Xander had ever done! This was going to be so sweet.

40 - Twins

He saw Spike walk in, his arms around a pair of twins, and lead them towards the bed. Xander, meanwhile was scrambling to put his paper and colouring mechanical pencils away. He cleared off the bed and watched with amazement as Spike led the girls towards the huge bed.

“Told you he was precious, didn’t I? Now which of you two lovely ladies wants first crack at him, I’ll take whoever’s left… just remember, he’s a virgin so be gentle with him, never had a girl, poor thing. That’s what happens with over protective parents, but he’s with me now and I decided he deserved to know what he was missing, what do you think girls?”

They giggled and looked at each other, one flickered her gorgeous blue eyes at him, and flipped her dark hair over her shoulder, her identical twin eyed Spike hungrily. “Decided then, have you?” Spike smirked at them

“Now remember, we’re playing a game, me and him, he’s not allowed to leave the bed and is chained by his ankle to it. I catch one of you trying to free him and you’ll be ruining the pleasure and surprise”

Xander just stared, gape mouthed, wondering what Spike could possibly be talking about. These girls, they were obviously identical twins with sparkling blue eyes and long dark hair. Xander bunched up the blanket in his crotch trying to hide his erection, this was his first glimpse at a woman in months and his teenage body just had to go with it. He watched one of them slink over to the bed, the other wrapped herself around Spike and was slowly leading him to the large bed too.

Xander let out a surprised whimper, the girl crawling up his body to give his lips one soft, long kiss, even the blanket couldn’t hide his erection now, and she was rubbing her body against his anyways. He looked fearfully over at Spike, knowing how possessive and cruel he could be to someone playing with something he thought of as his, which Xander most definitely was. Spike, however, waved him on, and grabbed his girl by the head, hard, kissing her hungrily before he flopped down on the bed beside Xander.

Xander pulled his mouth away from the girl’s and reached one hand over to squeeze at Spike’s hand, needing reassurance and comfort. Spike caressed the skin between his two first fingers, stroking and fondling it, making him feel a little dizzy. “Please Master?” he begged quietly, hoping the girl’s wouldn’t hear him calling Spike Master.

“Fuck her, my little chickadee, make her scream your name, which is Xander in case you girl’s forgot, make her writhe beneath you, want to watch you in action.” Spike winked at him and smirked, making Xander shiver and shudder in apprehension. He may be giving permission now, but he’s afraid of what will happen later when Spike thinks back on tonight.

“You’ve got my permission pet, I won’t retaliate against you, give you my word and you know I never go back on that, now enjoy your girl before she starts to get a complex. This is your birthday surprise! I expect you to enjoy it…. Unless you don’t like girls any more?” He smirked and rolled over, pinning his girl beneath him, slowly undressing her.

Xander looked up at his twin and swallowed nervously, “Like he said, I’ve never been with a woman before, I don’t know… if I’m doing it right or not. I need you to teach me, can you do that? Or I could try to fake it, but I’m sure you’ll never like it then.” Xander was playing with her straight black hair, unable to look her in the face.

Suddenly he was being kissed deeply, passionately, hungrily, and ground against the bed as she straddled his hips. Her kisses were hot, that was the only difference he could tell between her and Spike. Both had soft lips, both knew how to kiss, and both made him feel dizzy when they pulled away from the kiss. He moaned , and gripped her by the back of the hair, fisting it, and bringing her down for another harsh and hungry kiss.

He turned carefully over and started taking the girl’s clothes off, piling them haphazardly on the floor beside them until she was only in her heels and stay up stockings, he left those on, they made her look good and her legs look like they were longer thanks to the heels. Who was he kidding? She looked hot with only those on. He’d never seen a naked woman before, and it definitely had little-Xan’s attention!

He whimpered low in his throat, and she put a finger to his lips. “Nothing scary is going to happen, we have proof we’re disease free and I promise to be gentle and not laugh. Unless you make a joke.” Spike smiled at him and ran his hand along Xander’s skin, licking at his finger now and again, teasing and taunting him, urging him onwards.

She leaned conspiratorially towards him and whispered softly, “I can even make it hurt, if that’s what you want… or you could take me like an animal, all dominant and cruel, not even letting me cum. Or I could make it sweet and tender, or even, if you wanted, treat you cruelly and make you scream. Your partner said you’ve never had a woman, want you to remember this in a good way, something you’ll think back on with fondness if not outright creaming your pants… come on baby, tell aunty what you want, whatever fantasy, come on, I’ll only bite if ask , you know you want to.” She said all of this while rubbing against him tauntingly

Xander looked at her with surprise and shock, but kept his wits about him, knowing there was no way to weasel out of this one. Spike’s hand left him, this was all up to him now. “Just please…. Please just treat me like I’m normal and having fun with another normal girl? Please? I just want this to be as sweet and normal as it can be.” She smiled and nodded, slowly kissing down his chest, until she reached the blanket which she tossed to the side and kept kissing down his nude treasure trail

He looked over at Spike and bit his lower lip. Unsure if he should enjoy this when he normally would run screaming, not out of fear, but fear for the girl he was with. He perceived a faint nod from Spike, permission given. He gasped as she rubbed her crotch against Xander’s throbbing erection.

She smiled down at him and kissed the tip of his dick, giving it a little tongue and Xander nearly jumped out of the bed at the sudden sensation. She was warm, oh gods she was hot. Xander hoped every birthday would be like this, so he’d get to feel that soft skin under his hands, beneath his lips, that heat.

Spike was already to the sex, laying on his back while his girl bounced and writhed against him, making soft cries and gasps of pleasure. Xander watched Spike grab each nipple and twist, making her almost scream, but she still went on fucking Spike. Suddenly he began to wonder if they were really hookers, or if Spike had gotten these girls by other means.

He hesitantly took one nipple into his mouth and sucked at it, gripping it between his teeth and flicking it playfully with his tongue, making her arch and moan appreciatively against him. He let go of her nipple, and gave the other one the same treatment. Each of them glistening with spit, and standing perkily! He rolled them over so he was on top and smiled at her and brought his tongue to her soft folds. He tasted her, exploring the crevasses and valleys in her cunt, the tangy muskiness invading his senses. She gasped, and gripped the bars of the bed frame. Xander wondered how much was show and how much was just for his benefit and how much could possibly be real. He didn’t care, he wasn’t doing badly, that’s all, he was being a good boy and enjoying his hooker! And she seemed to think he was doing well too, considering her vocalizations.

He’d remembered hearing about the clit in the boy’s locker room and wanted to look for it. He explored every inch of her cunt, slurping and kissing and licking. She moaned loudly above him, arching her back, her hands were busy at her nipples, pinching and pulling them, rolling them between thumb and forefinger as he lapped at her cunt.

She moaned above him as he added his fingers into the mix, one set holding her lips open, the other sliding two fingers into her hot, needy, wet little cunt. She cried out now as he fucked her with his fingers, each thrust making her cry out in passion and need.

Xander and his girl tried out him being on top, but Xander found himself to be awkward and clumsy, too overwhelmed with the slick heat surrounding him, so he decided to let the pro do it. She rode him like a champion, crying out loudly with each orgasm, nails tracing down his front. He gasped for breath, panting, everything going in a whirlwind, he couldn’t understand what was going on, but it felt good! So warm!

The girl’s both kept up their duties until each man came, then got dressed and left.

“What was –that- about Master?” Xander asked him as he rolled onto his side to look at Spike. Spike rolled up on his side in response, tracing a hand down the boy’s side.

Spike looked at him and smirked softly, “When I got you, you was a virgin, yeah?” Xander nodded, “Figured you’d enjoy having that completely rectified. Now you know what it feels like to fuck a human woman, very different from a living dead vampire.” Spike didn’t know if this was a good idea, the boy may learn to crave that touch, that heat… but he had to know, had to be sure, even through the abuses the boy had stayed true.

“Thank you Master, you didn’t have to do that!!” exclaimed Xander

“I did it because I’m sorry for how I’ve been treating you, gonna be a different vamp now, you can trust me on that! Just things were… going in a direction I was afraid of but I’m no longer afraid so I… I’m no longer as scared,” he said softly, looking at Xander.

“Thank you Master,” Xander whispered, grateful, deciding wisely not to comment on Spike’s fears.

“Now you know what fucking a human female is like, gonna want that as a regular event?” Maybe I can turn this to my advantage, do this, get that… that could work!

“No Master,” murmured Xander, surprising himself. “Maybe once every year or so wouldn’t be bad. Maybe more than one year apart, maybe just a few months?” He smiled softly, he was gonna get beat for smart mouthing, but he was serious, he didn’t want a woman, he wanted Spike, but he didn’t want to give up girls all together either, they were warm and wet fun!

“We’ll see pet, we’ll see,” Spike mumbled into the boy’s hair, cradling him close to himself. “Maybe if you were a good boy I might be more agreeable to another meeting. Right now, crawl under the covers and sleep, I’ll pay the girls and be right in.”

Xander obeyed, and Spike quickly returned. Xander rolled over and snuggled the vampire, sighing happily to himself softly. Falling asleep in Spike’s arms was ever so much more enjoyable than falling asleep in the cage, he nuzzled Spike again, kissing his throat before he settled down to relax and fall asleep, Spike’s hand lazily stroked his back, easing him to sleep.

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