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31 Chains

Xander hobbled about the room. The vampire had a new way to torment him. Xander was shackled and chained, his movement severely restricted. Chains went from his collar to his cuffs then locked to the chain around his midsection, from there two more chains led to his ankles and again from ankle to ankle, keeping him hobbled and helpless.

He made his way with mincing steps to the bed and lounged as much as he could in his bindings. He eyed the door and scowled softly. Ever since that day in the shower, Spike had been acting strangely. His good humor and the indulgences he gave Xander were gone like a puff of smoke. It wasn’t that Spike was suddenly cruel, he really wasn’t, but he was stricter, making him do things he’d never insisted on before.

He heard the key in the lock and immediately got up and hurried to the floor. He prostrated himself as he knelt there, forehead to the carpet, arms strewn over his head, fingers splayed. He heard the door open and Spike’s footsteps as he entered the room. Xander held perfectly still, the chains taut.

“Up puppy, watch and serve,” he was told, same as most nights these days. He knelt and watched as Spike took out a cigarette and lit it while making his way to his desk. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the ground beside him Xander crawled carefully to the spot and knelt, watching Spike without meeting his eyes.

The vampire took out a piece of paper and his fountain pen and inked a lengthy note, his hand straying now and again to stroke Xander’s hair, enjoying the length it had grown to. Xander swallowed and closed his eyes in bliss as the fingers carded through his hair, he moaned lightly, leaning his head on Spike’s lap as he was petted.

He liked these times, these times when Spike was distracted and always absentmindedly soothed him somehow. Once it had been his hand, drawing circles on his belly, another time it was gentle petting on the small of his back, a very erogenous zone for him, for hours. Spike just lost himself in thought and coddled the boy.

The pen was capped and replaced in the cup, and the letter was softly blown on. Xander could tell that much from the sounds going on above him. Spike folded the parchment paper into a parchment envelope and sealed the envelope closed with a dollop of sealing wax.

Spike looked down at his pet, so obedient, even in his restriction, maybe the boy had earned a prize. He smiled evilly to himself. Maybe he’s earned himself some pretty shinies. I bet he’d like those.

Xander groveled unknowing at his feet, drinking in what comfort the vampire offered him. Spike ran his hands through the boy’s hair again, then suddenly got up. He walked over to the roomy cage and tapped it, Xander didn’t so much as grumble as he climbed in. Such a good little bitch for me.

Spike locked the cage shut and tossed a blanket over it to block out sight and some sound. He chuckled to himself and shook his head. He opened the door and handed the envelope to the minion there and closed the door immediately after, walking back to the bed. Spike stripped quickly and hopped up onto the silk covered bed, pulling the blanket up and rolling to one side .

He grit his teeth when a part of him wanted nothing more than the heat of the boy, the closeness they used to share but he shook his head and snarled softly, he wasn’t weak! He was a Master Vampire! Feared and respected! He didn’t attach himself to a bloody pet!

Spike turned over and curled up under the blankets and fitfully fell asleep, while Xander hunkered down in his cage, trying to get comfortable on the padding and with the chains. He eventually found a comfortable position and stared unseeingly at the blanket on top of his cage. He didn’t understand it, and he didn’t understand why he felt hurt inside because of it.

32 Darkness

He screamed out as his darkness turned to horrible pain, Spike had bitten him on the inside of his thigh.

His eyes were wide open but he stared unseeingly around him, the room almost pitch black, yet Spike never seemed to miss a strike. He twisted in his chains, pressing his front against the St. Andrew’s cross he was bound to and screamed again when another lash fell. It felt like his skin was being flayed from his body, ripped from his bones, but it was just a pocket snake whip, such a small thing to cause such intense pain.

Spike didn’t seem to be letting up, striking all over Xander’s back, ass and thighs. He paused now and again to lick up the spilt blood, but that was the only reprieve Xander seemed to get. He sagged against the bonds, panting hotly, trying his damndest not to cry. He hadn’t done anything wrong! He’d obeyed every rule, he never complained, he did everything he was told, so why this pain was being inflicted on him he had no answer, and he wished he knew!

Darkness usually brought him peace as nothing else could, brought him to a safe place covered in velvet and softness, but this whipping was making his soft haven a hellish one. Each fall of the lash caused him to scream and moan loudly. He felt droplets of blood ooze down his back before they were licked up and the wounds caressed.

Xander lay limp and useless, totally at a loss of what to do or say, only the darkness kept him sane.

Finally Spike finished and cut Xander free, carrying him to the bed and gently laying him out on his stomach. He didn’t turn on the light as Spike administered to his pet’s wounds. Xander sighed beneath him, engrossed fully in what Spike was doing to him, every sense alive and alert to make up for his sight.

Spike massaged and rubbed every welt before pulling a sheet over Xander’s bare body. “Stay still puppy, you need to mend before we can play again.”

Xander didn’t see the smirk or the glimmer in Spike’s eyes.

33 Halloween

Xander was woken rudely from his cage and pulled out; Spike clipped a leash to his collar. “Heel pet” he commanded, and Xander did. For the first time in what felt like forever, Xander was being allowed out of the room. He crawled at heel with Spike, head submissively bowed.

Spike led the way to a very open room with a raised platform and a St. Andrew’s cross positioned on it. Spike soon had him up there and tied securely, he walked behind Xander and took the coiled pocket whip offered him by one of his minions. The entire residence was there, even every servant had found some reason to be needed in the room.

“You know what we do on Halloween? We stay in,” he told Xander as he flung his snake whip into the air, curving it and cracking the tip over Xander’s head. “Know what happens when a crowd of demons or vampires and the like get stuck indoors?” He cracked the whip in the air just beside Xander’s hip, Xander still hadn’t moved an inch terrified of what was about to happen to him. “We get bored.” Another crack, this one for his other hip. “Wanna know what happens to bored demons?” He cracked the whip over the boy’s head again, ruffling his hair. “We find ways to fight boredom.” And with those words Xander’s pain began.

He was whipped over and over again, his blood flying to splatter the walls and any anyone who might be watching too closely. Now and again Spike would pause long enough to lick up the spilt blood, soothing the wounds with his tongue, nicking his tongue on his fang to press his blood to the worst of the wounds, not wanting the boy to scar of course.

Xander writhed and gasped beneath him, panting for breath, shaking, even through the pain he felt the pleasure and was sickened by it. He felt all twisted up inside, things that should make him stop and scream and beg Spike to stop only made him press harder, beg louder, why did he want these things? Why did he crave them, beg for them even when he wasn’t told to? Why was he so wrong?

The moments of sultry pleasure were definitely enough to offset the pangs of pain, wistfully he wondered if this meant he got to go out of the cage. He wouldn’t mind being locked up in the room so much now that he’d spent so much time in that damned cage, cozy that it was. At least the room had things to do, stuff to play with, the remote in his hand. He’d watched more episodes of passions than he ever thought one person could take and still he was locked in the cage.

He sobbed, crying at each stroke, each stroke giving him pain, pleasure, torment. He arched under the lash, gasping for breath, barely able to scream from his voice being trapped in his throat, he couldn’t say a thing at first. Then his voice was suddenly free and the words began to pour out of him. The lash never fell on the same place twice, making him scream and sob, begging, pleading for mercy, knowing none would be shown.

Spike whipped him until he was covered from just below the neck to just above his Achilles’ tendon. He screamed through all of it, gasping for breath, crying big fat lonely tears, his emotions ripping through him. He heard laughter and talk going on about him, sometimes about him, usually not. He was just one show in a party after all, nothing important. He hung limply in his bonds, sobbing and crying, unable to bring himself under control. The St. Andrew’s Cross he was tied to made moving impossible, especially with the rope around his waist, holding him immobile for Spike’s enjoyment. He wasn’t gagged, Spike liked to hear him plead and beg, scream and howl in pain. The lashes on the backs of his knees felt like the worst, he wasn’t sure he’s be able to kneel, never mind sit down, for at least a week, he was is so much pain.

What did I do wrong? Why is he treating me like this? He never did before! He cried heavily He’s going to whip me till I pass out or die, isn’t he, oh god, this hurts! He hung from his chains, lost in the sensations of pain exploding along his back, noticing nothing else. He no longer even cared that others were watching, he just hurt!

34 Snow

Spike sulked on his bed and was thinking to himself. Well, arguing with himself was more like it

Why are you being a DAFT GIT.

I’m not a git! I’m doing what’s proper!

What? Being proper means you don’t enjoy what you own? You really have gone daft.

No, it means not letting my needs and wants control me! I’m a Master Vampire, not a fledge!

Oh that’s rich. That’s the whole bloody point of being a Master Vampire, want, take, have. You have him, you want him, now take him, make him writhe beneath you again, calling out your name. Have him worship your cock and give you pleasure, let the boy be the best slave he can be, because you know he’ll be something stunning.

You want to know what’s bloody daft?


Arguing with yourself.

And with that, he stopped, still thinking about it, but no longer having a conversation in his head. He’d been right, of course, that was the reason to be a Master Vampire. Want take have, the three key words to his existence. So maybe it was time he started going back to indulging in that, in the have… it was his right, his destiny, he was a Master Vampire for the devil’s sake! The boy didn’t have any control over him, he had all the power, as the vampire, as the owner, as the Master, as the bloody well god to the bloody whelp. He’d indulge if he wanted to indulge, that’s why he bought the boy in the first place, that’s why Dru wanted them together in the first place, he really was being bloody daft.

He thought back to how he’d been treating the boy, not badly, not cruelly, but indifferently, coldly. And now all the work he’d gone through to make the boy devoted to his Master was almost thrown out the window, but Spike was going to do whatever it took to get that power over his human back. Then again, this could be treated as part of his training, letting him know he wasn’t all that important, letting the boy know he didn’t own Spike, that he didn’t get a choice over how he was treated… and maybe now he’d be more than grateful at being treated as a beloved pet. Every cloud has a silver lining, this would probably step up his training incredibly, he really should have done this on purpose in the first place.

The blanket was whipped off his cage, leaving him blinking and confused in the light of the room. Xander rubbed his eyes and got up to a kneel. He felt Spike’s gaze on his body, the hairs on the back of his neck rising.

“You’ve been a good puppy for me, haven’t you bitch? You’ve done all I ask and beg for more, as any good slave should do. I’m going to give you a couple of prezzies puppy, remember and be grateful. Oh yeah, puppy, this is going to hurt you a heck of a lot more than me,” he smirked and undid the cage, pointing to a bondage table.

Xander quickly crawled out of his cage and hopped up, sitting down comfortably on the leather clad padding as he watched what the vampire was doing. He was rolling a covered tray over beside the table. “Do I need to blindfold you or gag you now, do I? I love the pretty sounds you make and those warm brown eyes flooding with tears. So do I? Or will you be a good little bitch?”

“I-I don’t know.” Xander honestly answered . He’d started to quiver in fear. He didn’t know what was going on and all he could think of was how upset Spike had been with him for the last few weeks. The vampire had seemed so cold, so distant, on the very edge of cruel. He couldn’t imagine what in the world was planned for him, he could just think it, whatever ‘it’ was, would be excruciating pain. It’s not like Spike hadn’t given him plenty of pain already.

Xander held perfectly still when Spike whipped off the cover from the tray and swallowed thickly. The tray held needles and other items that looked like they were built for nothing but pain and one bowl of snow covered ice cubes, the freezer must not be used that often. Xander continued to shake.

“Now stay still! This is a reward for how good you’ve been these last few weeks. Will only hurt a moment, and I know you’ll love these when I’m through!” Spike smiled and traced his hands over the implements.

First he brought out an ice cube and teased the human’s nipples. He saw the nubs harden almost instantly in reaction, but he held the ice against one nipple for quite a while, until Xander began wondering what was going on and winced in pain. He held perfectly still even as Spike turned back to the tray and picked up a pair of forceps with holes through the clamp.

“You’re not allergic to shell fish, are you puppy?”

What kind of non sequitor was –that- “Not that I know of…”

“We’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?” He said ominously, and he suddenly felt something cool being rubbed over his nipples. He shivered in anticipation, wondering what the vampire was up to now.

Without any warning, Spike clamped one nipple tight then pierced it through with the needle. He felt an odd clamping sensation around his nipple and whimpered softly as a needle pushed through, and whimpered while the ring jewelry was slipped then clamped down around a captured bead. It hadn’t been so bad, it had barely hurt, by the time he figured he should say “ouch” it was already over. Spike repeated the process for the second nipple, but this time Xander tensed when he knew the needle was coming, but it went as painlessly as the other one had.

Spike leaned down and licked and sucked each new hole, healing it with his saliva. He gave them a flick and heard Xander gasp. “That’s right puppy, new shinies for you, aren’t you a lucky puppy?”

Xander looked down and saw them glinting, they were just behind the nipples and he looked at them in wonder. They’d look wonderful on his tanned chest… if he was ever allowed out during the sunlight hours again that is. He smiled at how pleased Spike was as he cleaned up and used a sharps container. “Did wonderful pet, didn’t even make a sound. Well, maybe a whimper, but still you did well.”

“Thank you Master, they’re lovely.”

“Knew you’d like ‘em” Spike smiled and went back to the work on his desk, leaving Xander free to roam the room, for the first time in a long time. He wasn’t sure what to do, so he sat on the floor near the bed and flicked on the TV. He spent the rest of the night playing with his piercings and day dreaming about being on Spike’s good side again, he hadn’t realized he’d miss it so much.

35 Club

Xander woke up in his cage, the small one with the really thin mattress. The music was loud, really loud, a thudding beat, the vocals breathy and hoarse sounding. It was a pretty song, really, but it so wasn’t something that Spike usually listened to. He heard voices talking above him, loud and clear.

It was Spike, talking to someone else. Xander fluttered his eyes open slowly, rubbing the sleep out of them. Spike had done that Jedi “sleep” thing he was capable of and Xander had passed out on Spike’s bed, only to wake up here. He looked around warily and saw jeaned legs and booted feet on his cage, so he knew he was in the small one. He groaned and rolled onto his hands and knees, shaking his head wildly from side to side. Everyone was talking loudly around them, filling the large room with noise, it sounded almost like a club. An interracial club, he decided, since so many different languages were being spoken.

He stayed silent, Spike knew he was awake, and he was obviously having a conversation that he didn’t want to interrupt in order to talk to his slave. After a while a waitress came over and asked if they had another drink order, the other demon ordered something and Spike ordered a whiskey and a bowl of water for his pet. Xander smiled, he wasn’t being forgotten.

Eventually the demon left, and Spike dragged the cage close beside him, their heads close together. Spike spoke softly, but loud enough that Xander heard, “You did well pet, waited till you were spoken to first, you remembered the rules, good bitch. We’re at a demon club, no one here will help you, and you can’t leave without going through another barrier, and we remember what happened last time you tried to go through one of my barriers…”

Xander nodded frantically, “Yes Master, I won’t run, I promise, I’ll be good. I’ll follow your rules, I remember them from before Master, please, I’ll be good Master.” Xander was stunned! He was outside of Spike’s room, at a club, being shown off by a Master Vampire to a room full of demons the kind he’d never seen before.

Spike was right at home, having a drink, and chatting with the odd demon that stopped by their table. Xander was talked about at length, about how the Slayer’s minion had been brought to heel, how he was finally accepting his place in the food chain. He listened as he lay down on his side, staring sightlessly out of the cage.

Spike smiled, his puppy really was learning the rules and playing by them, what a fool he’d been to try to push this away, the boy flourished under him, he grew in leaps and bounds. He’d watched as his abuse had made Xander shrink into himself, shivering, shuddering, flinching. As much as he wanted the boy to fear and respect him, he didn’t want unconditional fear, which was what this had been turning into. He was so happy he’d seen the light, as it were, and was treating his pet as he should.

All of this because he was afraid of how much power the boy had on him, over him. He was afraid the boy would start to control him instead of the other way around. He was the Master Vampire here! If he wanted to indulge his pet he could, if he wanted to punish his pet, nothing was stopping him. He wasn’t Angelus, needing groveling and sniveling, those things annoyed the hell out of him, he needed a pet that was fiery, willing to speak his mind. That’s why he bought the boy in the first place, for that fire inside, and he’d almost screwed it all up!

Spike took his feet off the cage and opened the door, putting in the bowl of water the waitress had brought over. Xander had a few sips, his mouth annoyingly dry. He tried to reach through the bars and tried to touch Spike’s leg, to ask permission to speak, but he couldn’t reach through the bars. Thankfully Spike was keeping an eye on him and noticed his dilemma.

“What is it puppy?” he asked with a low voice.

“Master, where are we? Last thing I remember was you telling me to sleep and then waking up here. Master, what are we doing here?” Xander asked softly, knowing the vampire could pick up his voice.

“Wanted to show you off, didn’t I? Besides, you deserved to see outside of the room, just couldn’t have you knowing how to get out of there so I put you to sleep. You’ll be fine pet.” He took a sip of his whiskey and made a surprised face, this place had some good stock, better than he was hoping for.

“I know I will Master, thank you, I’ll try to make you proud of me in front of all these strangers.”

“You better pet, if you know what’s good for you.”

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