Puppy Love

Perverted Pages

Part Twenty-Six

Xander woke up to the sound of Spike hammering a nail into the wall beside the bed and rubbed his eyes sleepily. Spike handed the hammer back to a minion and waved another one forward. Xander watched, transfixed, while Spike orchestrated the hanging of a very large and ornate mirror behind a retractable curtain. Spike tossed the remote to the curtains onto the nightstand and stalked over to his pet. He looked hungrily at him and Xander started to breathe rapidly in response.

God, even half dressed in jeans and nothing else he’s sex on legs… and he wants me. He could have anyone, take anyone he wants and he still comes back to me. Can it really be that bad if he wants me that much? No one’s ever wanted me that much, not anyone, not even close. But why the mirror in the room? He’s never wanted a mirror in his private rooms before; he doesn’t need one because he’s a vampire. Does that mean the mirror is for me? I don’t remember asking for it…

“Got a new pretty for the bedroom puppy, do you like it?” Spike drawled as he got onto the bed, moving towards Xander. Xander’s gaze flitted over to the mirror again and his mouth fell open when he realized he couldn’t see Spike reflected off the shiny surface. Of course not, he’s a vampire, but look at that, every time he puts down his knee the bed depresses and the mirror shows it… oh… I think I know what the mirror is for.

“It’s beautiful Master, very, uh, large and shiny.” Oh yeah, I do English well.

“Thought you might enjoy it, watching yourself while I fuck you till you scream, you’ll know what I see every time I plough into you. I know I’m going to love watching your face when I take you from behind, want to see every blush and twitch, see you beg me to fuck you harder, faster. You’re such a good pet, puppy o’ mine, so good.” Spike was on his hands and knees, keeping his body from brushing against Xander’s nude form as Xander lay flat on his back between Spike’s legs and arms . He leant in and pressed his cool lips to Xander’s warm ones, broadening the kiss as Xander opened up beneath him, legs falling open as his lips parted and gave full access to Spike.

Spike deepened the kiss, tasting all of Xander’s mouth with his cool and agile tongue, one hand reached to pet a claiming scar, eliciting a moan from his puppy. Spike knew it felt nice, felt bloody good, actually, and he felt like rewarding his pet after such a lovely show in front of his guests so he stroked it again, harder, making Xander buck and writhe beneath him.

He finally stopped the kiss and looked down at Xander’s debauched form, “‘Look so pretty like that, all spread out beneath me. Do you want to touch me puppy? Do you want to feel my body against yours?” He watched the tremors wracking Xander’s body at his words, the hastily nodded head.

“Yes Master, please… please touch me, let me touch you, please?” He’d been teased and taunted for days, brought to the brink and then left to deflate on his own with no release in sight. It looked like Xander might finally be allowed to get off and he wasn’t going to do anything to fuck it up. He was willing to do anything, say anything, so long as he got to cum! And besides, it all… felt… so… good.

Spike chuckled down at him, “Undo my pants then, gotta strip me before you can feel me.”

Xander’s hands flew to respond to the command, undoing the belt and fly in smooth, practised motions. Spike lifted his knees when needed as Xander hurriedly stripped him, eager to get his reward. He laid back to where he had been and lifted a trembling hand, stopping just before he touched the vampire, suddenly remembering. “Please Master, may I touch you? Please?” He breathed the last plea, swallowing thickly. He started to pant, whining softly, eager and waiting for Spike’s permission.

Spike’s voice was husky and deep when he responded, his own arousal blatant and unashamed. “Touch me pet, wherever you want, however you want to.” At those words Xander’s hand connected with Spike’s cheek and he sighed with contentment.

Xander’s hand snaked down, thumb tracing a plump lower lip in passing and he couldn’t help thinking how soft it was. The searching fingers traced down the curve of Spike’s throat and continued south. Spike arched gently at Xander’s touch, gasping softly now and again when those searching fingers caressed a sensitive area; Xander tried to remember each and every one.

He looked into blue eyes darkened by lust and begged softly, “Please Master, kiss me?” The words were barely out of his mouth when Spike descended lightning fast to latch onto Xander’s mouth. The kiss was searing, building a growing heat between them that left them panting for more.

Xander’s explorations came to Spikes cock, which he didn’t touch, and then his balls. He enjoyed rolling them about in their sack, he loved the soft moans it drew from the vampire and delighted in the returned favour. Spike took the human’s balls gently in his hand, massaging and tugging them gently, stroking and rolling them in their sack making Xander squirm and writhe beneath him.

They mirrored each stroke, each touch, and when Xander finally reached for Spike’s erection and his own was touched in response he felt like an electric current had been sent through him. Xander stroked the whole length of Spike’s cock, feeling the foreskin move and slide with every movement. Xander decided he liked foreskin, especially when he saw how Spike reacted to a pre-cum slicked thumb over the mushroom head, and lamented his own lack. I wonder if there’s a way for me to get mine back. Maybe with magic. Would I be willing to do it out of curiosity about the sex? Entirely possible.

Spike deepened the kiss, never letting his lips leave Xander’s, leaving the human to gasp in air through his nose or not at all. He slowly devoured the young man, tongue invading and searching the moist cavern of his mouth.

Xander arched upwards, aching and wanting his fevered body against Spike’s cool one whimpering softly when he was denied it. He wrapped his legs around Spike, thrusting into the fist that held him with every stroke, lost in a sea of sensation.

Finally Spike broke the kiss, and slapped Xander on the thigh, “Let go pet, want you on your hands and knees. Face the mirror puppy, there’s a good boy.”

Xander moved into position with a soft whimper, not sure if he was about to be punished or rewarded for his wanton behaviour. Spike got up and knelt on the bed between Xander’s knees, he could feel the bed springs depress and saw the linen shift in the mirror.

The human gasped at the cool touch between his cheeks, Spike stroking and pushing at the base of the plug up Xander’s ass. Without further warning Spike pulled the plug out and slid right in, using the lubricant that was there for the plug to ease his way in. Xander cried out at the rough intrusion and heard Spike chuckling darkly behind him, “Love that look on your face Xan, love that I put it there.”

Spike pulled out until only the head was in and slammed back home again, making Xander whimper and gasp beneath him, “Look in the mirror pet, keep looking to where you think my eyes would be, let me watch your face.”

Xander gulped, panting softly and whispered “Yes Master,” and tried to find Spike eyes on the reflective glass. He felt Spike withdraw from him again, an agonizingly slow pull that left him wanting to beg for more.

Spike fucked him like that for fifteen minutes before Xander finally broke, “Please Master, more.”

“More what puppy? Gotta tell me what you want if you expect to get it.” Spike teased him.

“F-fuck me harder Master, please? Fuck me harder and faster Master.” Xander trembled on his hands and knees, aching, wanting more and more of Spike’s cock.

He was swiftly rewarded with a brutal pace, “Like that puppy? Love my cock so much you wish I never left your ass, don’t you? Don’t you?”

“Yes Master! Yes, please, oh god, fuck, Master, it’s so good… please Master please, fuck me till you bruise me, please Master, oh god.” Xander trembled and shook, biting his lower lip as he struggled for control while Spike hammered into him from behind. Each rough and quick thrust pulled a moaned grunt from the boy leaving him to twist his hands in the silk sheets.

Xander pushed back when he could, loving the feel of Spike’s cock almost roughly sliding in and out of him at a bruising pace. He felt Spike’s hands dig into his hips, drawing him back, drawing him hard against Spike’s thrusts; he knew there would be bruises to show for it.

The whole time he looked up at the mirror, up where he imagined Spike’s face would be if he had a reflection. He couldn’t help seeing himself reflected though, couldn’t help seeing how he writhed and the expressions of bliss, lust and need that danced across his features. He heard Spike grunting behind him, whispering a string of filthy words and encouragement to his pet and it only made him harder.

Spike watched the back beneath him, watched his cock slide in and out of a hungry little hole and then looked up at the mirror. Oh yes, the mirror had been a stroke of genius, letting him see the parts of Xander that would normally be private and denied to him. He delighted in the expressions he drew from his pet, drinking each new one in, and Xander’s eyes… oh Spike liked looking into those warm, wet eyes.

Xander looked faithfully upwards, even when his eyes rolled back in his head he kept his head lifted, baring every emotion to his captor. Spike drank it in, gritting his teeth to keep from cumming early from all the sensations his pet was drawing from him. “Love those eyes pet, love how you look at me,” he grunted as he continued hammering against Xander’s prostate with every thrust. Spike looked down at his pet, so debauched and tied securely beneath him and could feel himself get harder, wanting everything of the boy.

“PLEASE! Master, Master Master please! Please help me!” Xander’s cries of anguish slowed Spike for a moment, exaggerated confusion plain on his face; this was a game they played often. Xander sounded panicked, in deep distress even though every scent, every line screamed how much he was enjoying this and Spike loved it.

“What is it pet, tell me what you need? Gotta tell me what you need for me to give it to you.” Spike was practically taunting him, leaving the human to squirm and try to regain his control.

“PLEASE If you don’t help me Master I’m going to cum. You feel so good, please please help me MASTER,” he screamed the last word, control slipping.

Spike returned to his previous pace. “Want to grant your request pet, fuck you till you’re bruised, still got a ways to go. What do you want from me pet? Tell your Master what you want boy.”

“PLEASE Master! Please! The cock-ring, oh god the cock-ring, please please please the cock-ring.” Xander was sobbing, tears streaming down his face as he struggled to keep from exploding without permission all over the sheets.

“Since you ask so pretty.” Spike reached over and got the rubber cock-ring, folding it over once to make it even tighter and slid it over Xander’s cock and balls. “That better puppy?”

“Thank you thank you thank you thank you Master, thank you.” Xander sobbed out. He knew what would happen if he dared cum before Spike and he didn’t want to experience it again; Spike was a very good teacher. He took a deep breath and pushed back with a gasping moan, more able to enjoy it knowing he wouldn’t be going against his Master’s wishes.

Spike flipped him over and slid right back in, fucking him face to face. He locked his lips on Xander’s parted ones, sliding his tongue between them with ease. He breathed in each puffed exhalation, tasting his pet completely as he kissed him. Xander started to whimper, drawing restricted air through his nose while his Master kissed him but he never once struggled to get away; Spike was quite proud with how far he’d gotten with his pet.

Xander felt his legs, spread and resting on Spike shoulders, tighten slightly, wanting Spike to touch him, needing to be closer to him. He cried out with each thrust and grabbed another handful of bedclothes before Spike eased him over to another angle, pulling him so they were parallel with the mirror.

Spike hissed in his ear, “You like watching yourself, don’t you whelp? Like seeing how you look to me, like seeing how my fucking you makes you look . Go ahead, look, watch yourself pet, watch while I plough into you.”

Xander gulped in breaths and let his head fall to the side, an open invitation to the vampire but Xander didn’t care; Spike had told him to watch himself and watch himself he would! He looked hot, sweaty, and red in the face and chest. He rhythmically bounced on the spring mattress, he legs moving with each thrust. He looked lost, no not lost, surrendered. Is that what I’ve done? Surrendered? Given up completely on ever getting away? Do I still –want- to get away?

Spike ripped the rubber ring to shreds, “Cum puppy, cum for your Master.” Xander howled his release, spasming and arching beneath Spike. The contractions milked Spike’s own explosion from him, filling Xander’s bowels with his tepid cum.

Spike stroked the sweaty hair at Xander’s temples gently. “There’s a good puppy,” Spike praised. “Do you like the new pretty then?”

Xander gulped and nodded fervently beneath him, “Yes Master, very very nice pretty. I very much enjoyed it Master, and hope you did too.” Perfect words from perfect lips, Xander knew just what to say.

Spike stroked his long waves then pulled out of Xander, “C’mon pup, you can clean me in the shower.” He made his way, unabashedly nude, to the bathroom, fully expecting Xander to quickly follow. He wasn’t disappointed.

Got such a good pet, really oughta thank that Watcher for what he kept locked up. Glad my boy found it and read it, made him oh so very ready for me. Maybe someday I’ll turn him, after he’s out of the gawky phase, after I’ve built my puppy into the pet I know he can be. He’ll make such a delicious vampire, all dark grace and deadly smile. He’ll be perfect, after a while. I can wait, I’ve got forever.

27 Silk

Xander luxuriated on the silk strewn bed. It had been ages since he’d been locked in the crate, as spacious as it was, but he was never without his ankle chain. He loved it, the freedom granted to him; he knew why it was possible and oddly felt no twinge of regret. Everything that was given to him, everything that he’d been granted and presented with had been a reward for his excellent behaviour.

He remembered how it had felt to fight, the constant thread of fear in his every waking moment, the bruises and abrasions, the burns and lacerations. This was so much better. So what if he’d had to give up his very being to a soul sucking demon, it felt good. He was well nourished, cared for, and distracted and in truth he didn’t mind most of what was expected of him in return. He was quiet, soft spoken, respectful, not that different from home really but now he didn’t get the tar beaten out of him anyway, no matter if he kept to the rules or not.

He enjoyed his silent solitude surrounded by colouring utensils and drafts of drawings or just luxuriating in that sumptuous silky bed. He stretched again, feeling his skin slide on the soft and divine surface of the bed, Really? Why fight? Oh god, why fight when it’s just so good if I toe the line, keep behaving. He’s not even asking much of me and the sex ... is it really rape? When I ask and beg for it, when I plead and cry for it?

The door clicked open and Xander sprawled on his stomach, face propped up on his folded arms as Spike walked in, drinking in the sight of his owner. Spike smiled down at him. “Have a good rest then?” he asked.

Xander moaned happily and stretched, leaving his arse in the air for a little longer than strictly necessary, and couldn't help but notice as Spike's eyes lay glued to it.“Delightfully Master, but I missed you when I woke up. Thank you so much for asking. I hope you slept well too?” All were words that were taught to him, all were words he was ordered to say but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to know the answers; he was bored stiff.

“Yeah pet, I did. Had some business to take care of and didn’t want to wake you. Glad you took advantage of it.” He quickly stripped and slid between the sheets, sighing contentedly. “And you kept the bed nice and warm besides.”

Xander smiled softly, put away all his drawing materials and moved to snuggle with Spike, his head on the vampire’s chest, arm about his waist comfortably. Spike had long ago told him how much he enjoyed the human’s warmth and he tried to share that warmth as often as possible. Besides, it was comfortable. Happy vampire means less likely to punish me vampire!

He lay like that for some time, listening while Spike watched recordings of Passions; he didn’t pay attention, he was too distracted. Xander thought back on that gift box full of goodies that he was yearning for and again wondered how Spike had gotten it so very perfectly right. Again he remembered falling asleep before Spike whipped him in the shower, the only precursor being Spike telling him to sleep. He hadn’t dwelt on these things for awhile but after that perfectly perfect box he couldn’t help himself. It was almost as if Spike held some kind of power over him.

The hand wrapped around Spike’s waist was idly drawing on the pale expanse of skin before him. Xander took a deep breath, Who knows what else he’s made me do if he can just make me sleep with a word. Maybe all of this, all my second guessing and fear and apprehension are because of him. Won’t know if I don’t ask, though who’s to say he’d tell the truth. Besides for all I know it’s something Sherlock Homlsey where small things gave me away totally. Right? Right. And really all he’ll do if he’s pissed is punish me... Maybe I should keep my gob shut. “Master… may I ask you something?” Or, it can work without my thinking, again. Dammit.

Spike paused the tape, “Yeah pet,” he ran his fingers through Xander’s shaggy hair, liking how the light of the room was caught in each strand. Maybe I should let the human out for some sun time… he would look lovely in an all body tan and natural highlights in his hair; something to think about anyways. Wonder what’s got him all tied up in knots? I was enjoying my little bit of warm and quiet.

“Master… Master how-how did you know? About-about what I was wishing for? I mean the box it was, it was perfect. A-and what about how you made me sleep that time? When you whipped me till I cried? Are you, do you know magic or something? Are you reading my mind and making me, making me do things I don’t want to do?” Because I apparently still have babble-foot-in-mouth disease. Oh boy, I’m gonna be lucky to get out of this without another whipping.

“Told you you were mine puppy. The binding did it, made you a part of me. I can make you do a lot of things, but I can’t change your feelings, can't blame me for those.I can, however sense your feelings and strong thoughts. What did you think the binding was, puppy? You are bound to me, I get to see parts of you no one else has seen. Also means I can make you obey simple commands like sit, stay, sleep, like any other well trained puppy,” Spike kept petting his hair calmly.

“Master?” Xander felt his heart hammer in his chest while the reality of his situation hit him. He really was bound to Spike, nothing was his and his alone anymore, not even the confines of his mind. Spike?

“Yeah pet, I heard you both times.” Spike kissed the top of Xander’s head.

“Why can’t I hear you?” he queried softly.

“Because I never taught you how to. It’s easy once you learn, lets you keep an eye on how happy with you I am. Rather handy and all that. Didn’t feel you had a need to learn, you learned well enough from body language alone. You can thank that book you read for that and the rest. Damned thing's saved your hide, if not your life, more times than I can count.” The fingers never stilled, though his other hand began to slowly roam.


“Yeah pet?”

“What-what exactly does my being bonded, or claimed, or whatever it is we did mean? I mean… shouldn’t I know so I can serve you better? Shouldn’t I be properly trained to read your emotions and stuff? Shouldn’t you teach me as much as possible about myself and the abilities you gave me Master?” Xander wasn’t sure about what he was saying, part of him believed it but the other part of him was horrified. I don’t want to be trained! I don’t want this! Not like this, the fantasy yes but not the reality! I don’t care for Spike, I don’t want to be the perfect little slave, I just want to survive as long as I possibly can.

“Means you’re an open book to me pet, means every emotion every need and want I can pick up on. Means if you think on something hard enough I can pick that up too. Means if I die so do you. Means a lot of things pet. Want me to find you a book so you can read up on it?” Spike sounded almost amused, yet Xander held still.

“No, thank you Master. I think… I think that’s enough for now. If you want me to know more Master, I can always learn but for now I think that’s enough. It explains some things.”

“Guess we both had our secrets going in, didn’t we puppy?”


Spike mock sighed deeply, he was actually enjoying the exchange. “Yeah pet?”

“Why don’t you get angry that I call you by your name in my head Master? I would have thought you’d insist and punish me for it.” Xander held his breath, but the soothing fingers in his hair never stopped their stroking.

“It’s important that those around us hear you call me Master, but it doesn’t matter what you call me in your mind. Soon enough you’ll think Master when you think of me and then, then I’ll know I truly have you. I will always own you but when you think ”Master”, the moment you do, I'll know you've surrendered to me. You may think you're fooling me with your pretty words and pretty actions but you're not. I know you're still a bloody White Hat, know you're only doing this to stay in my good graces and not get punished. You will eventually think of me as your Master boy, and when you do... well, we'll leave that till then.”

Xander exhaled sharply, not liking the sound of that. “Master, do you just want me broken?”

“No puppy, I just want you mine and proud of it, mine and unable to deny it any longer. It’ll come, it always comes eventually. I’m willing to accept your lapse until you truly mean it as long as you keep it in your head. Think of it as just another way I’m keeping track of you.”

Xander said the only thing he could, “Yes Master.”

28 Ropes

Xander was bound in an intricate pattern, rope twined and knotted about him artistically as well as functionally. He was on Spike's bed, various tie points being used to keep him immobile. Shibari, Spike called it as he wound the rope around Xander’s body in a complex yet precise looking set of patterns.

Spike looked down at his boy spread out before him, unsure if it was going to be agonizingly sweet torment or a bone jellifying fuck. He ran his hand down the mostly bare back and felt Xander twitch in response, the hood blocking all sound and sight. Such a lovely sight, too bad the penis gag cuts off most of his sounds. He stroked the flesh again, smirking as his puppy squirmed in his bindings.

All Xander felt was intermittent cool, feather light caresses over his bare skin. The ropes bound his calves to his thighs, and ropes from the harness that had been woven on him led to tie points which kept him on his knees, but face down in the bedding. The leather hood ballooned in and out as he gasped for breath, each one laced with the stink of leather. He sagged against the rope, confident it could take his weight and keep him in position with the ropes holding him immobile. His legs ached and he wished he could stretch them out, even if only for a minute. He was pretty sure circulation was being cut. Spike tapped the inside of his thighs and he obediently spread them further apart.

Spike stroked Xander’s ass, massaging the firm globes beneath his palms, thumbs sneaking into his crack and lightly touching his quivering hole. Xander jumped in response, writhing and twitching in the ropes; Spike couldn’t tell if he wanted more or less. Knowing my boy, he wants more.

Spike slithered some lube down the boy’s ass crack, hearing the muffled yelp as the cold gel hit his skin. It warmed swiftly enough and dribbled to his ass hole, where Spike rubbed it around and around. He slowly pushed a finger into the quivering hole and was welcomed with a barely heard moan. Spike chuckled, Must be trying to fight it, stupid human.

He crooked his finger and smoothly added a second finger, gently pumping them in and out of the boys ass, stroking the prostate now and again, making him jump and gasp. He quickly added a third, with only a small peep of protest, and fucked him hard with his three fingers, fucked him till Xander was moaning and pressing back against him.

Spike smiled to himself and removed his fingers, hearing the soft whimper of protest through the gag, but slathered his own cock with plenty of lube, and pressed the hard, aching cock to Xander’s shuddering closed hole. Without any warning, he plunged his cock inside and had to bite his cheek to keep from losing all control, the heat of the boy enveloped him and made him moan. He was thankful the boy couldn’t hear this.

Slowly he started a rhythm, pumping his hips harder and faster with each thrust, gripping Xander’s hips with a grip that would bruise. Xander just moaned and tried to push back against him, wanting more, loving it, loving his owner… Spike was sure of it, even if the whelp wouldn’t admit it to himself or to Spike. Spike knew, it was enough. It was good that Xander loved Spike, that’s how a slave should feel, love and devotion, it meant Spike was doing his job right! He nodded to himself even as he kept pumping harder and harder against the boy.

He grit his teeth, hearing the muffled mews, the soft grunts each thrust produced. He could smell the boy’s precum on the bed already, dribbling and dropping in an almost steady flow. He slammed his hips into Xander one last time and came, Xander coming immediately after, as he’d been trained and taught repeatedly. He can keep telling himself that it’s training, denying what he wants and needs, but the nose doesn’t lie. The boy lusts for me, like a good owned slut should.

Part Twenty-Nine

Xander was back in the damp shower room standing patiently still as Spike wound rope around him in another intricate pattern, more shibari knot work. It was different this time, there were a lot of knots along his back. He felt Spike tie rope around his legs, tight and secure before giving him a push and knocking Xander off his feet.

He let out a startled, muffled yelp as the ground rose up to meet him, unable to even bring his hands up to stop his fall… but he didn’t fall. Something caught him. Spike worked on the knots on his legs and suddenly his legs were being pulled up and behind him, so his weight was totally supported by the knot-work around his body.

Slowly, so very very slowly he felt himself being inched up, further away from the floor until he was at hip height for Spike. He felt the cold hand slap his unprotected ass, and wished Spike hadn’t bound his cock and balls in such a painful and tight way… the spank just made little Xan twitch and Spike chuckle above him.

The gag was unlocked and the phallus shape was pulled out of Xander’s mouth, Xander worked his jaw, trying to work the cramps and pain out. “Thank you Master,” he said softly, wincing slightly at the sharp pain he got in his jaw.

“Not done yet boy. Suspension’s an art, and I intend to enjoy my masterpiece.” He tapped the underside of Xander’s jaw and he opened his mouth obediently, even though he whimpered in anticipated pain from keeping his mouth so wide again.

Spike paced around him, checking the knots, making sure Xander’s circulation wasn’t impaired and making sure he was secure enough for a little rough play. Xander felt every twitch of the ropes and whimpered with his mouth wide open. He didn’t see Spike nod his head in satisfaction, but he did s stick out his tongue towards Spike’s crotch, knowing what was expected of him and what he would likely end up doing anyway. .

“Eager puppy, aren’t you? Want to please your Master, want to keep him happy so he’ll keep you happy and healthy.” He petted Xander’s head, stroking the lengthy locks. Like him so much better with long hair, all chocolate and sunshine.

Xander kept his mouth open, looking up at Spike without moving his head and flexed his fingers and toes, the only bits that were able to move through all the bondage. Spike pushed him by the shoulder and chuckled as Xander swung easily in the ropes.

Xander looked Spike over again, from naked feet to naked chest, with black jeans in the middle. Xander eyed the sculpted muscles of Spike’s body, the smooth expanse of skin not even glistening with sweat from the humid room. He felt the sweat drip off himself as his body tried futilely to cool itself down.

Spike walked up to him and ran his fingers through Xander’s hair, “You’ve been a good little bitch for me, taking to your training well losing almost all of your inhibitions. I’ve broken down almost every door puppy, and I’m always hunting for more to smash up but I got to admit, they keep getting harder and harder to find. Don’t worry though, I won’t stop any time soon. And now, though you deny it, you’re getting a treat. I expect a ‘happy ending’ if you know what I mean?”

Spike tightened his grip in Xander’s hair, making the human whimper quietly, but his cock betrayed him, leaking precum all over the floor in an almost steady flow as it twitched and strained in its rope prison. Spike looked down to chocolate eyes dark with desire looking up at him, Can’t keep denying it pet. I’ve already won.

Spike undid his tight jeans with a practiced ease, flicking his fingers so the button fly undid itself in one fluid motion. They dropped to the floor with a little wiggle of Spike’s hips which looked to mesmerize his pet. His cock sprang free and was inches from Xander’s seeking tongue. Spike just smiled.

“Keep that mouth open and that tongue working hard to please me puppy, I won’t take anything but the best from you, and I know your best.” He stepped out of his jeans after forcing them down and off, kicking them away to the side as he gripped each of Xander’s shoulders, rocking him gently in his bindings, teasing Xander, so he only got a taste on his tongue tip when he was close enough.

Xander whimpered again and looked up at Spike, a quiet pleading in his eyes. Spike chuckled. “Tell me what a cock sucking whore you are, tell me how you crave it, how you need it, tell me pet, I want to hear it all.”

Xander swallowed thickly, since talking meant being able to close his mouth, he knew it was allowed. He looked a little pale, almost like he was about to have a big secret revealed. Can read you like a book puppy, you’re not going to be able to lie to yourself for much longer.

“I-I… I l-l-love, I love sucking cock, I l-love the taste and feel of it in my mouth. When I don’t have it I yearn for it, day dreaming constantly about the next time it will happen, b-but it’s always your cock I day dream about! I need it, I need it because… because it’s the only time I feel like I’ve done anything good, and it makes me feel good to know I did that, I made you cum, with my mouth and lips and tongue. I did it, me, and I can’t live without it…. Please… please let me suck your cock. Please let me try to please you, please…” He looked like he was holding back tears, his nose scrunched up cutely.

Spike smiled and patted Xander’s head. “Such a good little bitch, takes to orders quite well. You did good puppy, and now you get the reward you’ve been craving. Open wide,” he said with immediate results. Swiftly he plunged his cock down Xander’s pliant throat and grunted in pleasure. So hot, so hot. Want to be inside him always.

Spike hammered steadily into Xander, rocking him back and forth in his rope harness to meet his thrusts. He heard the human gag, and even retch, but he didn’t care, it felt so fucking good. Through it all, Xander’s tongue was agile and alert, licking and stroking actively while he sucked it as hard as he could manage. He started to cry from the retching, and the fact that Spike didn’t even seem to care, so he tried even harder to please Spike, wishing he had a tongue stud. Maybe I’ll ask him for one. If I tell him it’s for mind blowing sex he’ll probably say yes no problem.

Spike meanwhile, was fighting hard to keep his composure, unwilling to show the boy just what he did to him. He snarled suddenly and sped up, feeling Xander start to struggle for breath, fighting against his bonds futilely. Spike pulled on the ropes, swinging Xander on and off his cock, stuffing his throat and barely touching his lips in strong, hard strokes.

Spike threw back his head and felt his face shift, knew his eyes glowed golden, and he kept his head upraised so the human wouldn’t know. It was the best blowjob the boy had ever given him and he was so very happy the training was coming along so swiftly. He snarled again and held Xander on his cock, buried to the hilt in the boys throat and mouth, and spewed forth a tepid load, he pulled back so the last few spurts landed on Xander’s tongue so he’d have to taste it. He grunted when Xander happily swallowed and kept sucking on his cock head, wanting more, then chuckled. “Can stop now pet.”

Spike stroked the boy’s skin and petted his hair, listening to him pant loudly, his whole body heaving and quivering. Didn’t get to cum, did he? It’ll better teach him his place if I leave him be. He smirked down at the boy and pulled back, putting his pants back on and leaving Xander hanging. When he heard sounds of surprise and protest he snorted and said, “You’re the slave puppy, you don’t get to decide when and if you cum. That also means no playing with yourself.” He turned around and faced Xander again, “You got me?”

“Yes Master,” Xander whispered. He closed his eyes and held still, the ropes supporting and holding him immobile.

Eventually he was let down and was forced into the cage for some contemplation time with his wrists cuffed to his collar. He spent the entire night going over what he’d told Spike, and wondered why such a declaration would feel like he was ripping off a piece of skin and showing what’s beneath. He didn’t really care for Spike…. Spike was his captor, his tormentor, his torturer, never anything else. So why feel this way?

How’d he know I’d need time to think things over anyways? He remembered their past conversations of what his claim meant. He’s so attuned to me… it’s kinda scary… does he really care that much about what I feel, what I think? Why does it matter to me if he does? What’s going on in my head?

Part Thirty

Xander lounged on Spike’s bed, idly playing with his ankle chain. It rattled and slipped sinuously with a slithering sound against the silk strewn bed. He sighed in boredom and pondered taking a shower, then quickly dashed that idea; Spike would have been displeased, he much preferred supervising, if not active participation.

He looked around the room and leaned against the headboard. He drew his knees close to his chest, resting his head on them as his thoughts drifted in a cloud of utter boredom. He was bored! At first he’d been easily distracted. Colouring books, his little box of treasures that Spike had gifted him with, along with the new comics Spike sometimes brought, he’d had a lot to do, but he’d done it all so many times before! He felt petulant and sulky, alone and so bored.

The remote let him flip through the few channels Spike permitted him to watch when not supervised. He yawned at the boring cartoons he’d seen in reruns so many times before he could recite the lines by memory. He sniffed and rubbed his nose, an odd scent wafting his way. An odd familiar scent

He shifted on the bed, crawling closer to the door, the bed soft and luxurious beneath his knees. He sniffed again, eyes slowly widening. He’d wondered if this was a taste he would ever be permitted again and it smelt like Spike just may be giving him a treat. The door opened and a heavy waft of spiced air entered the room, (full stop here instead of comma) Xander’s mouth watered.

“Master, are those Cinnabon’s? They smell so good Master.” He crawled off the bed and crawled sensually across the floor to Spike’s feet, kneeling back with his thighs spread wide apart.

Spike laughed down at Xander, at how eagerly he waited at his feet, nose twitching. He closed and locked the door behind him, pocketing the key, and walked over to the bed. Xander crawled along beside him at a perfect heel, sniffing and looking up at him. “And if they are?”

Xander sniffed noisily, and licked his lips. He nudged and nuzzled Spike’s legs as the vampire sat down, kissing his feet softly, respectfully. “Please Master…”

“Please what puppy? Tell your Master what you want…” Spike plunked the box down on his desk and leaned back in his chair, looking down his body at Xander who groveled at his feet.

“Please Master, may I have a bite? It’s been so long since I last had anything sweet and cinnamony, I promise, only a small bite, I won’t devour the whole thing… please Master?” Xander begged in a soft voice, trying not to whine. Spike chuckled and stroked his lengthening brown waves.

Love his hair long, want it longer, want it to go past his shoulders, perfect length then. He fisted his hand gently in the brown waves and tilted Xander’s face up towards his. “Think you’ve earned it then puppy?”

Xander looked up at him wide eyed, and swallowed thickly, thinking frantically about what he could possibly say that would let him have a morsel. “I-I think that you should decide that Master, I’m not one to judge worthiness.” He looked down at the floor between his spread thighs, trying hard not to tremble. He felt those eyes on him, those cold blue eyes, looking him over, trying to decide what to do with him. He showed every bit of submission he could.

“Alright then…” Spike ripped off a bit of a Cinnabon and pushed the gooey, icing dripping pastry into Xander’s mouth. He bit his lower lip as Xander cleaned his fingers so attentively, so worshipfully. He pulled his digits free to see Xander’s bliss filled face as he chewed and swallowed the mouth full. He smiled and ripped off another piece, eating it himself before he ripped off another for Xander, the sticky gooey frosting covering his fingers took a while to cleanse.

Spike looked down at his pet with half lidded eyes, watching him suckle and lick and clean his fingers in a very worshipful way. He relished it, feeling his cock bloom inside his pants, and seeing such a willing and eager pet at his feet only made him harder. He stuck his fingers as deep as he could down Xander’s throat, noting he didn’t gag at all when his throat was pressed down upon. Too bad Spike’s cock always pressed against the roof of Xander’s mouth, making him gag each time.

Xander chewed happily at the Cinnabon and looked up at him almost beatifically while he savored the taste. He swallowed and smiled again up at Spike. He kissed Spike’s still outstretched fingers and murmured softly “Thank you Master”

The boy had been beautifully obedient this last little while, perfectly submissive and accepting of his fate, he’d even stopped actively hating Spike and that was always a plus. Spike brushed Xander’s hair away from his eyes, then pinched the boy’s chin between thumb and forefinger, lifting his head upwards.

Spike held him at a high kneel and cupped the back of Xander’s head. He leaned forward, watching Xander close his eyes in anticipation, and he wasn’t denied. Spike kissed the human deeply, his tongue searching and probing, claiming and caressing his mouth.

Xander moaned and melted against Spike’s legs, his hands clenching and unclenching helplessly at his sides, wanting to touch him, wanting to feel him but without permission it was denied him. He kissed Spike back, his tongue almost timid, but gentle, teasing against Spike’s expert tongue. He whimpered at the back of his throat, aching to feel Spike against him, his cock hard and leaking against Spike’s leg.

Spike breathed deeply, the fizzy pheromone enhanced air cloying against his face. He sniffed heavily at the pure –want- pouring off the boy. He moved quickly, tossing the boy into the middle of the bed while he shed his pants and pounced on top of him.Dru was right, he’s what I wanted, what I needed. Haven’t thought about her in… a really long time. That’s the boy’s doing, his talent, his place, his path, and he’s beneath me now wanting more.

Spike hungrily kissed him again, this time in game face, fangs nicking and slicing lightly at his lips. Spike moaned at the taste and quickly unplugged the boy’s ass and slid inside in one smooth stroke. Xander squealed in surprise but accepted him, pressed up against him, wanted him even more. Xander had his legs hooked up over Spike’s shoulders, giving him access to his depths. Xander moaned and arched against him, moving his hips in motion with Spike’s thrusts.

Both of them groaned against the other, Spike’s lips abandoning Xander’s to kiss along the boy’s skin, licking repeatedly along the boys throat, fangs just a hairsbreadth below the skin and the boy convulsed, and whined beneath him. Spike chuckled and bit Xander on the side of the neck, hot blood flooding the vampire’s mouth. Spike came at the taste and Xander screamed “MASTER!!” as he toppled over the edge right after him.

They collapsed onto the bed, both of them panting in lust and hunger, even though they’d just been sated. Spike’s hand clawed at Xander, pulling the human close, burying his face in the newly marked neck. He breathed in the scent of the blood of his boy and shivered slightly, swallowing saliva.

He’s everything she promised, and I’m starting to lose myself in the boy, every day falling deeper. Maybe it’s time I pulled back a little… maybe it’s time this tamed “Master” came back with a roar.

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