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21 Black

He’d lost track of time, no longer sure how long ago he’d been captured or how long he’d held out before he’d given in. He told himself it was a strategic retreat, waiting in his best health to be rescued, but part of him knew the truth of it. A dark, persistant, impossible to ignore anymore part of him. He wondered how long it had taken to admit he liked it, to beg for it from the blond haired vamp. He wondered what he’d do if someone came to his rescue, like anyone ever would. He wondered if it mattered anymore.

He was blindfolded and left on his back on the bed, the only restraint on him was his ever present ankle chain locked about the bed post. He wondered what he’d do if he was ever left without any restraints whatsoever; would he fight, flee? Maybe he’d find some way to get the collar off, maybe he’d… he’d… but no. That same dark part of him knew he’d never leave, not anymore. Not only was there nowhere to go, but life was… good here, better than anything he’d had before.

Ever since Spike had found out what kind of reaction a blindfold drew from his pet, he’d found plenty of excuses to use them. Xander had never found it within himself to dread the moments when he was stuck in a black void, how could he when he felt so free every time the darkness over came him? It made him… quiet, calm, at peace. Even the whistling of an incoming riding crop couldn’t make him flinch, not when he was blindfolded.

It made him feel… almost safe behind the leather, silk or whatever it was that Spike had covered his eyes with. He had absolutely no control, not even the ability to flinch in apprehension while watching a downward swing, nothing, and it was utterly freeing. The noises, voices, doubts, fears, urges and everything in his head just melted away like smoke, leaving nothing but himself, his pure self behind. Part of him wondered if he should be afraid, being flayed so openly for Spike’s personal consumption, but most of him just didn’t care anymore; it wasn’t as if Spike punished him for nothing or hurt him maliciously…. At least, not yet.

His fingertips twitched slightly when he felt weight settle on the mattress beside him, but otherwise he held still, it was more fun if he played along. He felt something run lightly along the skin of his side, for a moment he thought it was the sharp edge of a blade before his memory catalogued it as the Wartenberg pinwheel Spike was often of a mind to use; it felt like a sharp edge yet left him unmarked… as long as Spike wasn’t over zealous and didn’t press too hard. Not that Xander often minded when Spike pressed too hard… sometimes he even asked for it.

Sometimes he begged.

Xander wondered time and time again if he’d really given up to live longer, healthier out of logic or some sick, perverted, unvoiced fantasy he’d masturbated to countless times. Spike read him, read the body language he’d fought to hide at first, read the unvoiced pleadings and fulfilled them. He sometimes made Xander beg, sometimes he didn’t have to, but Xander admitted in a deep dark corner of his mind that those times Spike made him beg, those times were the best.

Then again, those times that Spike just stormed into the room, ripped the plug out and fucked him senseless were pretty damned good too, sometimes it was hard to draw the line.

He hadn’t asked Spike for a new plug, it had happened on its own when Spike felt it was time, leaving Xander to ponder if Spike had wanted to hurt him so badly the first few times or if he was just too loose for the smaller plug. He felt a chilled hand stroke the base of his plug and gasped out loud when it buzzed to life; they stayed away from the vibration option on this toy because it made Xander cum too hard to think coherently afterwards. At least, that’s what Xander surmised since Spike so rarely used the option on the toy, and it really did make him cum till his eyes rolled back in his head.

Surprisingly gentle lips found his, devouring him languidly, like he had all the time in the world to stake his claim on Xander’s mouth, and Xander supposed he did. He kissed back hungrily, reaching his arms up to pull Spike hard against his chest but the warning snarl stilled his actions; he’d learned the cues and subtle permissions granted him. Right now he was to be passive, but he didn’t trust himself. Without thought he shoved his forearms beneath the small of his back, making him arch slightly, but it guaranteed no chance loss of control. Xander curled his hands into useless fists in the small of his back before finally whimpering softly in need.

“Say it pet, ‘m past playin’ games, past pretendin’ this is what it isn’t. You aren’t able to lie to yourself anymore, gotta say it to get it, gotta ask an’ beg pretty before you’re indulged. Come pet,” cool lips nibbled at his ear before they murmured, “tell your Master what you crave.”

And that was it, wasn’t it? That first time he’d called Spike Master. That first time he’d felt safe, cared for. Cared for like a new puppy but cared for. That first time he gave himself over completely, that first time he stood without reservation or guilt. The first time he let himself feel gratitude towards his captor. Stockholm’s or am I just… realizing a truth about myself. Maybe this was what I was looking for, before, without realizing it. Cruelty and caring side by side, sadism and masochism. Hey, you think that’s why so many people get into S&M?

He lost himself completely then, feeling the vibrations of the plug, Spike nestled between his thighs while he ran the pinwheel up and down his arms, thighs, cock and even along his balls. He loved it, wanted it to never end, he gasped and threw one hand up to lock around the bars of the metal headboard so he could bite into his bicep while his other hand fisted and shook in the small of his back. He was losing control quickly, it felt like pieces of himself were flying off and he couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Please… Master, please, fuck me. Don’t ever stop fucking me. I need you in me Master, I need you to fill me, fulfill me, make me whole. Please… oh god please Master, fuck me.” The pinwheel pressed harder suddenly, and Xander hissed in a surprised breath. Spike latched onto the abused skin and laved it with his tongue before going back to drawing designs with the pinwheel. I made him lose control. I made him draw blood, I did it, me. I made him growl, I said those words and made him lose himself.

It was weird… the more power he gave up, the more control he gave away, the freer and more powerful he became. He tilted his head to the side and heard a rolling snarl and couldn’t help the answering curl of his own lips as he smiled. I did that, me. Lips traced the intricate scar on his neck, making him gasp and moan, biting his bicep even harder to keep himself in control. It ate at him, this emptiness he now felt inside, ached to be filled and full.

The plug was pulled out and tossed aside, swiftly replaced by cool silk, Spike had lubed himself liberally beforehand it seemed and Xander wondered if he should feel ashamed that he’d secretly wished for a rougher ride. When Spike’s cock slid past his prostate he didn’t think he cared. He heard the low rumble, heard Spike give him permission to touch, hold, and caress him and he gave in like a man drowning. It felt so good, so full, so real, he lost himself in it, drowning in a sea of sensations poured into him by his Master.

22 Spicy

Oh god it hurt, but it hurt so good. Figging, Spike had called it, telling him what it was as he slowly pushed the hand-carved plug into his ass. It had taken a second or three for the burning to start, but once it had nothing he did could make it stop.

Ginger should not be used up butts! What the hell was Spike thinking? He groused silently to himself while he neatened the bedroom and bathroom. Spike meanwhile sat at his desk and wrote a lengthy letter of some kind. He had to prance sometimes, squirm and twist his hips when it got too bad and once or twice he’d caught smouldering looks aimed his way because of it.

If that bleach for brains honestly thinks I’m feeling sexy or that I could -take- his cock, never mind -want- his cock, he’s a damned idiot! It feels like he shoved hot peppers up there! I’m in -pain- dammit! Not erotic, not fun, just irritating, annoying pain while I clean up an apartment he spent all week messing up. Like it takes extra effort to kick his boots towards the door? Or what about those socks. I know he balls them up and tosses them under the bed on purpose, just to make me crawl under there with my butt in the air.. I know him, I’m onto his little games!

“Gonna have a bit o’ a bash soon,” Spike’s voice cut into his internal babble like a knife, silencing it instantly. It had only taken two beatings for that rule to stick in place. He put down the dust rag and hurried to kneel at the vampire’s feet, looking up at his lips as he spoke. “Want you on your best behaviour for it, mind. Disappoint me an’ let me down in front of others and your punishments will be much, much worse pup. I won’t be havin’ those nattering busy bodies go gossip ‘bout my badly trained pet to any an’ all that’ll listen. Spent much too long building up my rep after that damned Peaches got through with trashing it.”

Xander stayed silent, questions bubbling behind his lips but he’d been trained by now to keep them from spilling. He felt his hands start to tremble at the thought of having to perform in front of an audience. It was different, doing it here in Spike’s room, Spike’s lair. There was no one around to ridicule or point fingers at him, he had become a fixture around the house and the minions knew what to expect of him. Now he was going to be put on display in front of a group of… of beings that were going to try to come up with reasons why he needed to be punished just for being human, never mind actual reasons why he’d failed his Master.

It startled him, that he feared disappointing Spike more than he feared the actual punishments he’d have to suffer through, and left him feeling vaguely confused and wondering why he was taking things so well. Did it matter? He’d be beaten if he was afraid of it or not, and telling the bleached menace any of this would just lead to more pain so he kept that under his imaginary hat too.

Spike reached down to stroke his hair and he closed his eyes in bliss. Spike had permitted him this freedom after he found he liked the care free expression of enjoyment more than the forced open eyes. Xander felt the cool fingers stroke the side of his face and he let out a contented sigh.

No, it didn’t matter, nothing mattered but staying as alive as possible for his eventual chance to escape or be rescued. It didn’t deter him in the least that so far he’d been stuck in the house or on the grounds and that no one was looking for him; staying healthy was much more enjoyable than staying bruised and beaten constantly.

Nothing mattered, not for him. Not anymore.

23 Finger Food

Spike straightened his hair with careful fingers. He fiddled with his pet’s brand new name tag with directions to return to Spike if found on the reverse and checked the chastity belt locked around his waist and between his legs. Spike explained what the chastity belt meant, that the guests didn’t have rights over his body tonight, that he was being reserved for Spike’s attentions only; Xander remembered to thank him.

He didn’t want to think what these demons and vampires might have made him do without the “Do Not Trespass” sign, but his imagination filled in some blanks regardless. However, he wasn’t so sure how he felt when the belt was suddenly too tight around a certain appendage; Spike chuckled to himself as he drank in the scent.

“Fantasies of being whored out, have we?” Spike’s voice drawled in his ear, “Gotta remember that one for next time. But for now, remember the rules? Know what’s expected of you tonight?” Spike’s hands roamed Xander’s body, his cool touch leaving behind a legacy of gooseflesh and blatant arousal.

“Yes M-Master. Silence when anyone else is in the room, respond only with a ‘Yes Sir’ to requests and endeavour to comply. I’m to keep my eyes lowered and my hands behind my back, showing submission and obedience in all I do. I am to be fed as you’ve taught me, by your hand and with my worship. I am to accept no gift or note from anyone’s hand. I remember Master, I promise you’ll have no reason to find displeasure in me tonight.”

He wondered if he should feel worried about just how good and how right all of this was feeling, this utter control over his every movement and absolvement of blame for what those movements were. He felt so free it sickened him sometimes, making him hate himself and his weakness, while other times he felt so at peace with himself he almost glowed.

Spike nodded once to him and snapped his finger, motioning Xander to his feet and to follow. Xander complied with perfect form. He’s gonna have no reason to punish me, that’s one reason not to do this, just because I might be getting off on the idea too, doesn’t mean I’m doing this for bad and naughty reasons. I want to live a healthy, lengthy life, and that’s reason enough, I don’t need to think any further than that. Because there isn’t anything more than that… right? Right!


The party was going smoothly, various demons attended with their attendants, partners, and the occasional slave. Xander watched them all through lowered lashes, but kept a particular and careful eye on Spike through it all. Everyone seemed to want some time in quiet conversation with the Master Vampire in charge. The vampire’s smirk was impossible to miss, the party was going according to plan and no one had any reason to voice a complaint about his pliant and well trained boy.

Let’s see how this Spike feeding me in public thing goes, shall we?


He was in a high kneel with his left wrist gripped in his right hand and resting in the small of his back while Spike fed him. He obediently opened his mouth at each prompt and licked fingers clean regardless of what was fed to him. It fell into a rhythm, open, lave clean, withdraw, chew, swallow and thank Spike for each morsel. No wonder Spike doesn’t use this way of feeding me more often, we’d be at it for hours!

No matter what though, the food he was being fed was nothing he’d ever complain about. Fresh fruits to start, strawberries with whipped cream or sugar, apples and orange slices. Next came finger sandwiches, expensive delicacies on tiny crackers and sushi. The sushi was a new experience for him and he had to admit the fried shrimp tempura rolls were rather tasty in their dipping sauce. Each time he thanked his Master as he was fed, his voice soft and barely heard, as was proper in public. He thanked him even if he hated it, like those avocado rolls. Spike had fed him two; one to see his reaction, two to prove it didn’t matter and that he was owned now. But Xander barely flinched and so earned himself an avocado reprieve. See? Vampires are easy to play, as long as you stick to the rules. And the rules? Really easy. Stay respectful, stay submissive, stay obedient and life really isn’t bad.

He licked his lips clean, then blushed while Spike cleaned him off with a napkin before telling him to kneel beside Spike’s throne-like chair once more. He felt the vampire pull his head into his lap and begin petting the lengthening waves with gentle fingers. Xander couldn’t help the shiver of sick delight that slithered down his spine at the light caress. He loved the attention Spike lavished on him, clearly stating to all those watching that Xander was owned completely by Spike.

He was rather sure he didn’t like the message itself, but the way it was delivered was something he could easily get used to. The other demons in the room gazed at him either with contempt or with lust, but Xander felt confident in the unspoken demon code of chastity belts and pets. He nuzzled Spike’s knee in gratitude, knowing who he owed this safety to. Just because he’s a jealous psycho doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the good points when they happen. Actually, that’s pretty much the only good point, but I am thankful for it.

Spike tugged gently on his hair in a soothing motion that made him slowly close his eyes in bliss. Owned, yet oddly safe… that’s how he makes me feel, owned but safe. We all know how much of a lie that is, but it’s how I feel. I’m losing so much of myself, every day I lose a little more. Is this what he planned? Is this what he’s wanted from the beginning? Does it really matter anymore?

24 Santa

Xander lounged in his cage, crayon in hand, while he looked down at the last page of his colouring book. He’d fought himself over colouring in the damned thing but in the end the boredom won. He actually found the practice relaxing, soothing, and it took up a lot of his time; once more he was reminded of his ambitions of having his own comic book. And hey! Crayons can’t explode like pens! Maybe I can ask Spike for some white paper or something and start drawing again. Crayons can be an art medium!

He started in on the duck, deciding on giving it a vibrant purple crime fighter costume. Maybe I could even sketch out new characters, though I’ll probably have to ask him for a crayon sharpener too, especially if I want to write text. Oh, hey! There’s one on the back of the box! Nifty!

He hummed quietly to himself as he coloured the duck into a ridiculous purple costume with fangs and hypno-twisted eyes. What I wouldn’t give for a real comic book though. Comic book and chocolate bars. Maybe some strawberry liquorice too, while I’m daydreaming. Ooh, and some Twinkies. Good god what I wouldn’t give for a Twinkie right now. Not that I have anything left to give, really.

He pushed his thoughts away from where they were headed. It wasn’t constructive. He got up from his sprawl for a snack instead, wondering idly when Spike would be back, and if he’d get anything other than the cereal to eat all day.

He crawled to the drooling dildo, the cage being slightly too small to stand in, and knelt on the cushion Spike had given him. He licked his lips and looked at the familiar appendage attached to the side of his cage before sliding the head past his lips. He’d learned a long time ago that this dildo was shaped out of a mold of Spike’s own penis and quickly fell into a rhythm he’d learned from Spike’s tender tutelage.

His eyes drifted closed while he worked on memory, head sucking and bobbing along the length while the slurry filled his mouth and was rhythmically swallowed. He had all day, as far as he knew, so he drew out the feeding as long as possible, going slow and sensual when he’d usually rather get it over with as quickly as possible. Not like anyone’s around to watch… unless he’s watching on cameras, which is possible. I wouldn’t put anything past the vamp.

He heard the door creak and blinked his eyes open starting to pull away but Spike stilled him. “No, keep going pet, wanna watch you work your magic. Close your eyes like before, there’s a good boy.”

Xander felt his eyes drift closed but that didn’t stop him from hearing Spike set up a chair in front of his cage and fall noisily into it. He breathed in through his nose and sucked a comfortable portion of the cock into his mouth running his tongue under it to coax another outpouring of tepid sludge and swallowing it. Gently he began to bob his head, fist milking the bit of shaft not in his mouth while he did it and heard a familiar button fly being popped open.

Ah, active participation in the audience is it? Guess I better put on a show, he thought to himself as he drew in a deep breath and swallowed down the entire shaft. He heard Spike make a low, soft sound that he could swear was a breathy, needy moan. He swallowed around the cock, his gag reflex long since trained out of him, knowing Spike would see it, remember what it felt like, and felt trickles of cereal ooze down his throat. Spike hissed in a single loud breath and Xander couldn’t help the smile around his eyes. I made him do that, me, my power.

He slid the dildo out of his mouth, and quickly took a few deep breaths before sliding the cock deep into his throat. Once more betraying sounds reached his ears, this time it was the unmistakable sound of someone jacking off. He moaned low in his throat, just like he’d do if this piece of fleshy silicon was Spike’s real flesh and blood cock, then let it go, sucking just the tip while his fist jacked off the rest of the shaft. Feeling Spike’s eyes on him, hearing the evidence of his arousal, Xander realized he was growing an erection. He shied away from thoughts of trying to understand it, instead he blanked his mind and lost himself in the Zen of giving head

He moved between the techniques of deep-throating, sucking and jacking off while his tongue worked noisily beneath. After a short while he heard the tell-tale grunt of Spike cumming all over his fist and smiled again. My power, mine.

He kept up his routine since he hadn’t been told to stop, slurping and sucking until he felt Spike open his cage, “Can stop now puppy, been a very good boy, you have.”

Xander felt his cheeks heat. “Thank you Master,” he murmured after letting the dildo go. He followed Spike’s command of ‘snap and point at his foot’ and heeled on his hands and knees as the vampire turned to walk back to the chair. His cock hung like ripe fruit between his legs, unfulfilled and weeping from it. Xander had long ago learned to get used to being left unfulfilled and that complaining about it only got him put in the chastity belt so he stayed silent.

“Got a reward for ya,” Spike said softly. “Kneel pet, got a box for you to open.”

Xander took the rather large box with an enormous red bow from Spike’s proffered grip. He quickly kissed the box and then Spike’s hands, exactly as he’d been taught. The box weighed down his erection which was slowly starting to fade. “Thank you Master, I’m honoured and grateful you see to my needs,” he said softly, keeping his eyes on Spike’s lips. Something inside of him quivered at the smirk they twisted into, part fear and part lust even though he’d deny the latter if questioned. I don’t lust after my tormentor, I fear my tormentor. I just happen to have a really perverse reaction to fear.

Spike reached down and ruffled his hair before straightening, “Go on, open it up pet.” Express permission given, Xander quickly opened the lid of the wooden box undoing the red bow and found a treasure trove inside. A couple of new colouring books, a pad of drawing paper, new crayons and a set of mechanical colouring pencils, no wood involved. And food, glorious glorious flavour driven food, he felt his mouth water at the sight. Xander smiled down at the chocolate bars and the Twinkies, The evil tormentor has been turned into Santa. A demonic Santa, who’da thought?

“Thank you so much Master,. I am very grateful, thank you Master,” Xander couldn’t think of what else to say. He kissed Spike’s hands reverently in gratitude, blushing lightly at the almost benevolent smile Spike was gazing down at him with and felt a bubble of warmth grow inside. It’s like he knows me, like he’s been paying attention to me, all of me. I didn’t even have to ask for any of it, he could have had me beg, but he’s rewarding my good behaviour. I bet he even knows the parts he didn’t give me. I bet he knows and is leaving them out so I have something to ask for later. He’s such a sneaky one.

25 Eggs

He squirmed on the linen sheets, clenching and unclenching fistfuls of sweaty fabric in a feverish rhythm. Slowly he calmed, lying still and whimpering in anticipation. He’d already been told he wouldn’t be permitted his release until Spike was good and ready, but he couldn’t help the constant murmur that spilled from his lips; a constant stream of begging, pleading, crying to cum. The evil, sadistic vampire just kept on saying “No” in an almost calm voice that simply drove him mad.

Early on in the night, Spike had mentioned that Xander was to receive a gift and he’d be given the choice of asking for it now and getting it used on him immediately, or be given it later and have it used then. The mouth skipped asking the brain what it thought and just asked, begged, pleaded to be given the gift early, and so Spike had happily obliged. Now Xander wished he’d shown a little more restraint, because this was just torture.

Spike eased down on the controls and stroked Xander’s cheek with the back of his hand, drinking in every nuance of his expression of agonized bliss that seemed permanently etched into his human. He drank in every bead of sweat, every grimace and gasp, every sweet moan and every single one of those pleading, begging words, and couldn’t help but draw it out even longer.

Xander was tied to the bed; his thighs held together and pulled hard against his chest while his arms were stretched tightly above and away from him on the pillowless bed. It madehim feel bare and unprotected from Spike’s merciless onslaught. His breath was coming in rapid pants, while his body shivered and shuddered as the objects inside him slowed down to a halt.

“There’s my boy, so pretty when he suffers for me. Such a whore, it turns him on like nothing’s ever turned him on before, my boy, my pretty little bitch.” Spike tugged on the cords of the vibrating eggs deep inside his pet, watching him gasp and squirm. “And still you give to me, such a good little boy. You really did earn your pressie didn’t you?”

Xander nodded jerkily and mutely in response, lost in a sea of bliss. He never knew vibrator eggs nestled against his prostate would feel this intensely good. Spike’s habit of drawing along another vibrating egg at odd intervals Xander’s cock and balls with the intensity going up and down and up and down made the boy gasp, fires igniting inside. Xander was having a fun time trying remembering to breathe.

He sobbed, “Yes Master,” remembering that Spike preferred he be vocal rather than mute. He panted heavily, rolling his head from side to side. “Please, please Master, let me cum, please Master? Please?” Xander begged, sobbing openly.

“Not yet puppy, not quite done with you yet. So pretty when you suffer for me, squirm and beg for me. I love it when you plead.” Spike stroked a heaving, sweat-slicked side with his finger tip before licking it clean with closed eyes. “Taste so good pet, all of you…” He licked up Xander’s firm and twitching shaft before sucking and nibbling the head.

“MASTER! I can’t… please, I…I don’t want to break the rules, but I can’t hold back any longer, please please please.” Xander sobbed openly as Spike slowly swallowed him down before ever so slowly moving back up.

Quickly, without warning, Spike placed a cock ring firmly around the base of Xander’s cock. “Thank you for telling me pet, I’ll help you keep the rules, aren’t I so nice?” Spike whispered into Xander’s ear. He heard the boy sniffle, trying to get himself under control, soft moaning sounds spilling from his lips in a mindless torrent.

“Yes Master, thank you. I’ll try to be good, please, it’s just too much, feels too good. Please Master, what can I do to have you let me cum sooner? Please Master, there must be something,” Xander said feverishly, trembling with need and anticipation.

“Bargaining, eh pet? You know you’re mine, anything you could give me I could take without asking anyways, and you’d best see to it I was pleased or your backside would suffer for it. You’ve got nothing left to bargain with whelp, you’re all mine now. Every bit of your delectable body and mind are mine, now and as far into forever as you’ll ever see.” He stroked his fingers down Xander’s bound arms and the taut, shivering muscles of his abdomen and thighs, leaving Xander a quivering mess.

“M-Master…” Xander almost whined, tossing his head from side to side, gulping in heaving gasps of air.

Spike smiled down at him and turned the vibrator on high once more, getting a keening wail as a response and smiled wider. He loved the power he held over the boy and how he got him to do it all willingly. He loved the reactions he drew from his pet, loved every noise and every grimace of pain and pleasure. Mine, he thought to himself.

One by one Spike pulled the still vibrating eggs out of Xander, happy he’d sheathed them in condoms before this whole exercise. Saves on cleaning up, he thought to himself before positioning himself at Xander’s trembling hole. “They loved you last night, you know. All I got was words of encouragement from Sebassis and his demon lot. They lusted after you, longed to steal you away and have their dirty way with you, but I kept you. I kept you because I’m strong, because they respect that strength. You helped me get that respect pet. You’ve been such a good boy to me.”

Spike slid easily home, gasping in surprise when Xander flexed and shifted with a muted grunt so Spike slid in even deeper. He felt muscles fluttering around him, sheathing him in their warm embrace and groaned softly. “Such a good boy,” and Spike began to slowly and relentlessly fuck him into the mattress.

Xander lost track of time, the ache in his shoulders and hips from his bindings couldn’t overcome the pure bliss Spike was hammering into him.

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