Puppy Love

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16 Leather

He woke up once more on silk sheets strewn over a plush mattress, but for the first time he didn’t have a sinking, clawing feeling in his stomach. For the first time since his capture he woke up rested and calm, almost at peace. That’s when he shifted slightly and felt a sharp twinge of pain from sore muscles put to strenuous and vigorous use. Using muscles I’ve never used in ways they’ve never been used and probably not meant to be used, of course it hurts! Good god, if I didn’t hurt I’d be worried! I mean Spike? Not that small. And apparently the plug isn’t quite big enough to take him without any other prep. Maybe I should ask him for a bigger one? He groaned to himself, Right, because asking the psycho, distraught, freaking out and not tame vampire for a larger sex toy to ram up my ass makes perfect sense in the self preservation department. Though he’d probably not say no; I mean, he enjoys making me grovel and beg and know my place, that would just be the cherry on top of this whole wacky blood topped sundae. He winced as he shifted slightly to see the clock on Spike’s nightstand and understood why he felt more rested.

I’ve slept twelve hours. Wow. I’ve never slept twelve hours straight unless I was sick or drugged or something. I am so wide awake, wow. He settled back down and winced again, grimacing when the pain settled into a dull throb. I wonder if haemorrhoid cream would help. I wonder if Spike would get me some. I wonder if I’ll ever have the guts to ask, because really, my comfort? Not high on his list of priorities which are him, him aaaaaand him.

He sighed silently and settled in more comfortably underneath the soft, fluffy covers. At least I’m not scared anymore.


Spike nudged the door closed behind him with a twitch of his hips, his hands were far too occupied with the heavily laden tray to deal with it. He heard the lock click as it slid home and smiled to himself, May have given himself to me, but he’s still a sodding white hat.

His pet was sprawled under the blankets barely asleep, lengthening hair tousled and mussed giving the impression he was a well fucked pet; which he was. Gonna treat him right, I am. Long as he’s a good puppy. I won’t tolerate bad manners in what’s mine. He put the tray down on the empty side of the bed and saw Xander startle awake and struggle to open his eyes.

“Shhh pet, know it’s hard, don’t have to open your eyes just yet. Took a lotta blood from you last night, left you weak as a kitten it did. Don’t worry pet, we’ll get you back to yourself soon enough.” He stroked fingers through Xander’s hair, soothing his human and was rewarded with a happy unconscious sigh.

“Now, just let me move you, don’t fight an’ don’t try to help; I know what I’m doing.” As he spoke he climbed onto the head of the bed, and gently lifted and turned Xander so he was cradling the human’s back against his chest. He lifted the blankets up and over Xander, cocooning him carefully and leaving only his head free. Spike smiled and stroked the side of Xander’s face, “Just like that pet. There’s a good boy.”

He wrapped an arm around Xander’s waist and used the other one to drag the tray close to his side. “Got breakfast for you puppy, juice, cereal, eggs, the works. You need to eat to build up your strength, so I’m going to feed you an’ you’re going to eat it. I’ll teach you later the proper way to take your food from your Master’s hand but for now I just want you fed.”


Xander heard the words, but he was really too cold to get excited, blood loss would do that to you.

Besides, for all I know he’s lying to me. Or the food is drugged or something. Maybe he spat in it. Can vampires spit? I don’t see why they couldn’t, Spike’s mouth was mighty moist last night. Oh good gawd, what did I do last night? Did I actually not only get off and have the most intense orgasm ever, but I actually instigated it? I musta been crazy, crawling over to him like that, baring my throat to his murderous fangs and hey! That smells like waffles and maple syrup!

Xander cracked an eye open and saw the forkful hovering just outside his lips, which he licked as his mouth filled with a flood of saliva. He felt tears fill his eyes, it was so close, so very very close and after nothing but that horrid gruel every day which he thought he’d be eating until the day he died, this was sheer torture.

“Open up pet,” The voice rumbled gently against his ear. “If it’s too much, let me know an’ I’ll give you smaller bites next time.”

Xander numbly opened his mouth, stunned that this was actually going to happen. The unending weirdness of his reality was starting to make him a dizzy. Or maybe that was still the blood loss. So he was actually going to be fed, real food, with flavour and texture and everything! Even different temperatures! He struggled to swallow the flood of saliva while keeping his mouth open but it was soon full of food and really, did it matter?

Xander felt his toes curl and he let out a full throated moan of intense enjoyment as the mouthful flooded his senses. Oh good gravy, if all I gotta do is show a little neck, go through a little pain and have the most amazing orgasms ever to get food, you better believe I’ll put some serious consideration into doing it again! I mean… WAFFLES!!! With real maple syrup! So very very good.

Spike kissed the side of his head and chuckled softly, “Good to know there are other ways to make you moan like that pet. ’S a sound I like to hear from you. Gonna find all the ways that make you sound like that, gonna find out all the lovely sounds you can make.” He lifted another forkful to Xander’s waiting mouth and got a happy wiggle and smacking sounds around more moans of delight.

Spike waited until Xander was done swallowing before he ran his own tongue along the almost healed wound closest to him. Xander couldn’t help the gasp of surprise or the soft groan when Spike wiggled his tongue against it. He could feel his cock starting to swell beneath the swaddling blankets but it was still slightly trapped and not inflated enough to become apparent. Spike had no problem smelling it though.


“That’s my boy, open up,” Spike murmured against warm silky skin and held up a glass of orange juice with a bendy straw. He bent and aimed it at Xander’s mouth, tapping him lightly on the chin to remind him to open up. Xander did and looked up imploringly at Spike as he held it between pursed lips. Spike gave him a nod of assent distractedly and Xander sipped and swallowed contentedly.

He fed his pet the rest of the meal in quiet contemplation. The despair and anguish had been flushed away, the demon in him finding it hard to lament the loss of love when such a lovely treat sat against him. This also meant he was better able to concentrate on the items at hand; the main item being his brand new pet.

He’d read the bidding sheet carefully, Xander had never been trained beyond the crating stage, yet he reacted and responded like someone who’d been given a crash course on how to behave around a dominant vampire. There were poses, reactions and words, phrases really, that stroked his demon just right, reminding it that it was in control, that it was in power, that Xander was owned and submissive and oh so good for a freshly caught slave. He’d taken it for granted, since the boy was a natural submissive, but now that he thought on it, it wasn’t really believable. How many unbroken humans knew to ask permission before they drank? Even if the straw was fed to them? How many unbroken humans knew the one act that could save them from a messy death at the hands of a half mad grief stricken vampire when others would have cowered or screamed or even fought?

Something wasn’t right and as befuddled as his wits were these days even he couldn’t mistake that something wasn’t adding up.


Xander snuggled into the blankets again. He was finally warm, his tummy was full, his dizziness seemed to be passing and best part of all was he didn’t have a sore throat or jaw from trying to give that damned dildo a blowjob all day long just for a mouthful of tepid, bland, icky sludge. So worth it.

The tray was littered with dirty plates, cups and utensils, fruit rinds and even some foil from a Hershey’s Kiss. He didn’t bother opening his eyes when he felt Spike shift behind him and reach once more for the tray. I so could not eat another bite. Whatever is left on that tray is gonna have to stay there. Tummy full.

He felt Spike scoot so he could lean against the headboard and drag him up there with him with a firm grip about his hips. He couldn’t find the strength or even an urge to resist. He leaned his head back against Spike’s shoulder then winced at the sharp twinge of pain from sliced muscle and skin. Ow… fuck, okay, that part I could do without next time. Not that getting it was totally unfun, because that second time? That was… just wow. Okay, so maybe again. Never say never, especially when you’re living with a vamp. He shifted slightly so he didn’t have to tilt his neck and settled down once more against Spike’s shoulder.

“Feel better pet?” he heard murmured in his ear and barely stopped himself from nodding in response. “Yes Sir, much better. Thank you. That was a wonderful breakfast a-and thank you for feeding me. Sir.” Nope, still kinda loopy. Did any of that make sense? Wow, he musta taken a lotta blood last night.


“Open your eyes now, need you to pay attention.” Spike kept his voice low, soft and comforting. He watched as Xander struggled with his eye lids, finally blinking owlishly and trying to look up at Spike’s face. He shifted the warm bundle in his lap so he was still cradling him but Xander was sideways against Spike, his legs slung over one of the vampire’s legs, his cool arm supporting Xander’s blanket covered back. Spike fiddled with the package cradled in his human’s lap.

“Wanted to give you a pretty, for being such a good boy last night pet. Was… lovely, and… wanted you to know it.” Carelessly yet deliberately he tore the plain white paper off the natural wood box underneath.

“You were a perfect little pet, thought it was time to give you an upgrade to reflect that.” He waited for Xander to tense, to pull away, but he sensed nothing from the boy but idle curiosity and the sickly smell of exhaustion. We’ll make this quick.

Spike smoothly opened the plain dark wood box and revealed an ornate leather collar on a bed of red velvet. Spike saw Xander’s eyes round and widen before looking back at his face, uncertainty and confusion plain. “Had it made for you a while ago, was lookin’ for a reason to give it to you. Now I got one. Never meant for you to stay in that ugly old thing anyways.”

He unlocked Xander’s collar quietly and slipped the thick leather through the buckle. Spike watched the human carefully as he slid the leather through the buckle at the nape of his neck; he didn’t so much as twitch. Either he’s actually broken or smart enough to realize he couldn’t walk, never mind outrun me. Wonder which it will turn out to be?

Almost reverently he placed it on the covers before he picked up the slim and decorative new one and held it to Xander’s lips. “Kiss it in gratitude and thank me pup, that’s how you receive a gift from your Master.” He watched his pet hesitate for a brief second before he tilted his head and pressed his lips against the new collar.


He leant back against Spike’s leg, a faint blush covering his cheek as he spoke, “T-thank you Sir, for your gift. It’s-it’s very pretty.” And it was. His fingers itched to stroke it, feel the tooled leather beneath his fingers. It looked butter soft, pliant yet tough and so very, very pretty. Dark ox blood red leather almost a centimetre thick had black leather sewn along the underside with the edges over the front giving it a black border.

His old collar looked ugly and plain stretched out on his lap. He frowned as he looked down at it and realized there wasn’t a battery pack or even a conventional buckle, no wonder he couldn’t get it off himself! The whole thing was obviously a magicked contraption. No wonder getting further away only made things worse. There was no field to outrun. It’s probably a proximity thing, the closer I am to the house and the property the less pain I’ll be in. Oh gawd… I guess this means I’ll have to cut it off before I can make my escape. If I can cut it off… because it’s probably magicked to not be cut off. And then, even if I do cut it off, I’ve got to outrun a mob of pissed off vampires and not die in the desert. You know, the whole ‘wait for a rescue because you can’t escape’ plan? Seems to be my best bet.

17 Pet

He was well fed and pampered for days and just when he was beginning to wonder when the other shoe was going to drop, it did. He woke up groggy and suspended by his arms in the middle of a warm, moist room. He couldn’t tell much else because the blindfold was cutting off his vision. Gee, ya think that was the point?

Well, it wasn’t so much a blindfold as a full leather hood, without a built in gag. In fact, the zipper closer in front of his lips had even been left open. Unfortunately the fact that he wasn’t gagged didn’t make him feel any better, it usually just meant Spike wanted to hear him scream. He was chained spread eagle and vertical, most of his weight supported by his arms. They had barely started to ache, so he couldn’t have been up there long. He groaned softly and rolled his head until it rested against his raised arm, feeling weak and totally disoriented.

What happened? Was… did he drug me? The last thing he remembered was Spike… What had happened?


Spike had lifted his speech ban. He was finally allowed to ask for permission to speak, and if Spike let him he could say what he wanted to say; as long as it was respectful and honest. He was never allowed to lie or be deceitful and as long as he kept to the rules he got to keep the privilege. Of asking permission to speak. Which was a privilege. Because really? It was. It was a sweet privilege he treasured completely. Add to it the sworn assurance that he could ask or say anything as long as he kept to the rules without fear of punishment and the once verbose Scooby was suddenly struck silent.

Spike eventually coaxed the words free, gently asking questions about his life and history. First with his parents, who they were and where they came from, then his childhood, almost each year discussed at length. Xander answered each question faithfully, almost fearfully, never taking his eyes from Spike’s face. he never looked into Spike’s eyes though, he wasn’t an equal or about to challenge his status or anything crazy like that. He knew better.

He spent hours spilling his guts and every single last detail of everything Spike asked him. Oddly, Spike only mentioned the Slayer when it had something to do with Xander, he never once used his pet’s intimate relationship in the circle of his sworn enemies, it was almost like he didn’t care. Xander never had to betray a confidence, never had to hide anything because as all the questions were about Xander, there was no one he needed to protect.

After a while he began to suspect this was just the vampire’s way of finding out what made him tick, what made him Xander. That was alright, it wasn’t like he had anything to hide, and telling the vampire that his father was a little heavy handed and his mother forgot he existed wasn’t a bad thing. Just because he’d never admitted it to anyone else, should they ever have asked… it didn’t mean it wasn’t true.

He hated carrying around that secret weight, part of him always secretly yearning for that after school special kind of ending, where someone would ask him and he’d tearfully break down and admit to it, to the abuse and neglect, but no one ever had. He’d always been alone, and dealt with the shame and pain the same way, alone, by himself, with no help from anyone.

He told Spike everything, and at the end Spike had looked at him almost coldly, and swept his chilly gaze up the length of Xander’s nude and unashamedly displayed body. He spoke then, voice devoid of the soft and gentle tones he’d been using earlier. Now things were much, much more serious.

“Can’t say I didn’t give it a try this way first.” His voice took on an echoing timbre as he said his last word, “Sleep.”

The world had fallen away after that, melting into deliciously cool darkness.


And then I woke up here. Right. So. Huh? He made another weak grunt before finally lifting and shaking his head, trying to get rid of the cobwebs that seemed to have taken over. Whatever had taken him in its grasp like that seemed to have finally let go. He thought he heard a sound and turned his head in its direction, the scent of leather was filling his senses and made it hard to concentrate. He felt that velvet lined well tugging at him, waiting for him to just let go and fall, but until he knew what was going on he just couldn’t relax into that dark haven.

He struggled against his mind’s urge to just… melt, and heard that sound again, directly in front of him. Every sound was heavily muffled through the thick leather, and it felt like he had extra padding on top of his ears. He wondered how loud Spike was being for him to be able to hear it.

Suddenly he heard an electronic click, and he finally understood the “extra padding” over his ears were actually built in headphones. Spike could talk to Xander without having to take the whole leather contraption off. Something was tied around the base of his cock and balls and strung up directly in front of him before he fully registered what was happening. Whatever it was that bound him, it was tight and clearly meant to deter him from moving.

Smoothly he was lowered until his toes touched the cool, slick tile and Xander felt his stomach lurch. Tile for easier clean up? Is that why we’re here in this tiled, moist room? Because we’re about to make a huge mess and Spike doesn’t want to have to struggle with stained carpets? Because that can not be good for me, at all.

Something nudged at his slick anus and gently pressed inwards, stretching him comfortably and not nearly full enough. The strap around the base of his cock was pulled tight until it was just this side of painful as it pulled his organs away from his body. Suddenly his situation became clear to him. He could relax his stance and take the toy more fully inside him while ripping off his whole team or he could fight his body’s pain and instinct when his muscles began to scream.

Tight enough to keep the arms outta the way but not tight enough to keep me from moving… if I want to… if I can’t stop myself from it. I’m going to be tortured. Spike waited until I was healthy enough and now he’s going to torture me. I’m going to be tortured just like in those books, aren’t I? My blood is gonna paint the walls and if I’m really lucky he’ll make me come back in here and clean it off myself. Oh my gods, he’s going to torture me till he kills me. I’m gonna be dead and hanging in these chains because… because he’s a freak of a vampire that gets off on these things? No, wait, there has to be a reason for this, what the hell did I do to piss him off? Suddenly Spike’s voice filled his head and he had to bite back a startled shriek.

“Morning pet, got some questions for you. We tried it the gentle way so now we’re tryin’ the way much more likely to cause yourself embarrassment and possible personal harm. Now think about this long an’ hard pet, after this we go to the ‘hurt him until he sings’ way of getting my answers. Got it?”

Xander nodded timidly and whimpered, “Yes Sir. I’ll tell you anything! I didn’t…. I didn’t realize I’d been holding things back. I’m sorry. Pl-please just ask me again, you don’t, you don’t have to do this Sir, please!” He was dancing on his tip toes, feeling his legs start to tremble already. What does he want? I gave him everything, answered anything. He just has to ask, I’ll tell him! Why would I lie? Why would I keep anything to myself? The only thing I didn’t tell him was… oh dear god.

The first lash fell with a sharp slap onto his back, again Spike’s voice came through his headphones, tinny yet clear. “That’s a six foot bull whip without a cracker at the end, it’s a slapper, a long thin strip of leather. It’ll bruise and abrade, raise welts and even sometimes feel like a tender caress but it won’t draw blood. You keep playing your game an’ I’ll pull out the toys that do draw blood.” Spike’s voice was icy calm and left zero room for doubt. If Xander didn’t play by Spike’s rules, the reason for him being in a tiled room was going to become clearly apparent.

I don’t want to die. “Yes Sir, I… I understand. I’m sorry I didn’t give the information you wanted. Please, ask me again.” He was trembling, shaking like a leaf and he could hear the chains rattling. The zipper mouth of the hood cut into his lip with every word but he dared not voice any complaint.

Please please please, don’t make it hurt, don’t make it bad. I’ve been good, I promise, I didn’t know you knew! I didn’t know you wanted me to tell you! Please don’t make it hurt, please Spike. The tears built up in his eyes and spilled beneath the hood, smearing across his cheeks. Soon he was going to be snotty and snotty and crying in a hood were never a good thing. At least this time I’m not gagged… won’t be as bad. It won’t.

“Shhhhh pet, stop shaking. Take a deep breath. It’ll hurt, can’t help but hurt, but it’ll hurt good. I promise pet, you’ll like it. You’ll be begging to tell me so it’ll stop, but only so you can finish. Better game than before pet? This what you wanted from the start?” Cool hands stroked his chest and nipples while Spike rubbed his equally nude body against Xander’s. Xander breathed deep as instructed, the heavy scent of leather overpowering everything else. His head swam and he felt himself falling again, slipping and sliding down that warm tunnel where he felt safe and comfortable and even… loved.

The illusion pulled at him and he gave in. Why not? Why not enjoy what little he was permitted and explore the parts of him he’d denied about himself for years? No one would know, no one would ever know and it felt… so… good. His shaking eased but he stayed on his tip toes while Spike took careful, measured steps back.

The first slap hit him on the shoulder, and fire exploded from the site before simmering deep under the skin. He didn’t even moan, just hung his head forward and let his eyes drift listlessly in his head behind the hood’s blindfold. “There’s my boy. Don’t have to count, don’t have to thank me, just feel it and ride the wave. Let me play you like the instrument you are.”

Another strike fell on his opposite shoulder and suddenly holding himself up on his toes was proving to be a much more devious ploy than he’d realized. The strikes fell steadily, pausing in their fall now and again for Spike to run his cool hand over the heated, abused skin. He felt Spike lean forward and occasionally lick at a particularly annoying abrasion and the pain eased slightly, but he was too dazed to notice it.

The pain ignited the fire beneath his skin, each stroke like a pump of the bellows. He began to cry out with each strike but not in pain and fear like he’d expected, oh no, the words and sounds spilling from his traitorous lips were encouraging and pleading for more. The fire burned him alive yet he’d never felt more alive in his life.

After the first dozen strokes Spike asked him for a colour and Xander answered instantly, “Green Sir,” before he’d known he’d said it. It was alright though, because according to his research green was the right answer because red meant stop right now and yellow meant slow down and green meant everything was going great, and the answering rain of slapping strikes confirmed his almost disjointed hypothesis. He wasn’t asked again. Spike didn’t need to.

They moved to soft floggers, light and teasing until it was finally a heavy thud and that’s when the tears came unbidden. His hair was drenched in sweat beneath the hood and the tears had soaked into the built in blindfold. He sobbed openly, body wracked with giant sobs and he couldn’t for the life of him understand it.

He was immediately taken down, a fleece comforter pulled over his sweating and shaking body was a much welcome treat and the fingers releasing the laces of the hood was even more so. He took in deep lungfuls of air before breaking down into a sobbing mess once more, and he still couldn’t understand it.

I’ve been beat worse then this, this isn’t from pain. This isn’t from humiliation, this isn’t… this doesn’t feel… I feel so free. Oh god I feel so free. He clutched blindly at Spike, eyes clenched shut against the glare of unaccustomed light while the tension and emotional poisons he’d kept bottled inside since almost the day he was born broke the dam and spilled heedlessly forth.

And through it all, Spike never once demanded or cajoled, he just held him, stroked his shivering body and comforted him until the storm passed. “There’s my boy, feel better now, yeah? Less full of all those annoying thoughts and distractions.”

Xander let out a happy sigh and nodded before remembering and snapping his eyes open to look at Spike, “I mean, yes Sir!”

“Shhh… this is the afterglow, you’re dropping. Your body is reacting to the pain and rollercoaster of emotions you just put it through. You’re gonna feel cold, possibly giddy or sleepy, it’s all alright and perfectly normal pet, ‘m not angry. There’s my boy, blow.” Spike held a tissue to Xander’s nose and the boy obediently blew it while Spike wiped it clean. He picked up a clean tissue and wiped the boy’s eyes dry, patting down sweat and tear streaked skin while he crooned wordlessly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I really didn’t know who knew. He said… he said he wouldn’t tell anyone because… because I wasn’t his. I’m sorry, I tried to forget it, I really did.” Xander sobbed almost continuously, blubbering and sobbing openly and without shame. Well, without shame now, he was entirely too distracted.

Spike tucked a finger beneath Xander’s chin and lifted the tear streaked face. He spoke quietly, “What did you try to forget puppy? Who wouldn’t say anything? Not angry” –yet- “Just wanna know. Wanna know why you know how to be around me, wanna know who trained you, wanna know so I can kill those filthy Vor’nock’s for lying about their training.” He was rocking the flannel wrapped bundle gently, coaxing the words out of him.

“Wasn’t the-the demons. They didn’t… they didn’t do anything, really!” And now I get to admit to a cold blooded killer something no one has ever talked about. Because no one asked. Because no one noticed. He swallowed tears and blinked rapidly to dry his eyes.

“After… after I showed down Angelus in the hospital I think he got a little… irritated with me.” A glass of water appeared at his lips and he drank greedily before continuing. “It was just before the whole school team turning into killer tunas incident.” He coughed slightly and struggled briefly to straighten before giving up on the iron grip Spike had on him.

He looked up at Spike, at his lips, never his eyes, and tried to finish the story without panicking or freezing up. “I’d read a bunch of locked Watcher’s diaries in Giles’s desk. I broke in and…” he shrugged to himself, he had no need to be embarrassed about that part; the worst was yet to come.

“I found them, the diaries about you, about Angelus, what you did together. I… I also found a book there. Well, I found a lot of books, really, but this one’s the important one. It was… it was about how to survive as a vampire’s captive through blatant shows of submission. It said… it said if it was explicit, if it was blatant enough, the demon usually took control over rational thought. The vampire was no longer angry, they were possessive and aggressive with it. The demon would surge into fuller control, pushing aside petty games and human failings to make him assert his dominance and clearly proclaim who the submissive was. You’d probably get a violent but very satisfying fuck out of it but you likely wouldn’t die unless you’d really pissed off the vampire.” Spike didn’t once stop rocking gently or slowly petting sweat dampened locks. It gave him enough confidence to go on, though the loopy feeling of the endorphin and adrenalin rush was definitely helping with keeping things as unsteady as possible.

“I read it.” He swallowed, “I read it a lot. I memorized almost all of it and took notes of the parts I couldn’t. I learned… I learned about body language and how to… to look certain ways. I learned how to submit to a vampire and one night… one night the lessons really came in handy.” He found another glass of water at his lips and he drank it slowly down, feeling just the barest twinge of unease at this level of vulnerability he was opening himself to.

“Angelus… he didn’t like how I’d shown him up, couldn’t understand how mousy Xander was suddenly confident and even slightly intimidating. I don’t think he cared very much about that though, well other than really liking it and helping him make his decision. He said… he said he was recruiting and I was lucky number one, that I had a choice stay dead or no, that I had no choice whatsoever. He l-loves doing that, right? The whole ‘oh you have a choice, no wait you don’t because I’m the big vampire in charge and I say so’ thing.” He swallowed thickly, hoping he hadn’t overstepped any boundaries but Spike just kept holding and stroking him lightly so he went on.

“I… led him to believe I was very very sorry for what I’d done and that I would never do it again. He accepted as long as I paid some penance, he said. He… he beat me with my belt. Gagged me with my favourite Hawaiian shirt and just beat me.” His voice was quiet but he knew it was alright, Spike was a vampire, he’d easily hear. He hadn’t expected the gentle hands that had been cradling him to suddenly grasp him so tightly.

“He made me… he made me beg whenever he took out the gag, made me… made me say I was a filthy little animal that-that deserved to be punished. That I was a bad pet and needed to be shown how to properly behave. He said… he said that he couldn’t do anything more, that he may be a bastard but he kept to the code and that I may be a pet but I wasn’t his. He made me promise and swear to report to you… report anything of importance. Of course you already had an ‘in’ that night without me. Doesn’t matter. That’s why I know. That’s why I practised.”

His voice was a whisper, shame robbing him of volume, “I knew I’d probably end up as bait or captured and tortured or something if I stayed with the Slayer, I’m just human after all. No witchy powers, no Slayer strength and healing, just a normal, frail, easily broken human. I knew the best way to survive was to stay alive until I got saved since I’d never save myself because I am not the saving kind, being saved yes, but…. So, yeah. I learned. I taught myself. And I promised him I’d remain the loyal and obedient little pet that I apparently already was and give you reports and let you know if it was a good time to strike. Guess I meant it, huh?”

Spike heard what was unsaid, what kinds of retribution Angelus would reap from this willing boy, though none sexual. The boy was his and his alone, he’d granted no one sharing rights. He was also very right. That damned book had probably saved his life countless times over by now, and made him into the perfect malleable, innocent yet educated lump of clay for him to create a masterpiece from. And now to make sure of the final bit he was already certain of, but it did the boy good to say it himself.

“Wasn’t the only reason you memorized those pages, was it pet?” he murmured softly in the shell of an ear before lipping the cartilage and soft lobe.

“I… No, it wasn’t.” Xander felt his face flush and his ears heat with shame, the vampire was actually going to do it, was actually going to make him say it even though Xander was sure he knew. Of course he knows, freaky vampire nose and it’s smelling and sniffing and he knows oh god he knows he knows.

“What was it pet? What was it that made you blush so pretty? Why else would a growing boy read such horrible, dirty, wrong filth? Why else would a pretty human boy who plays with demons late at night want to know what they did behind closed doors? What made you want to learn the best and quickest way to get a demon randy and possessive? Tell your Master boy, come on, tell your Master, there’s a good boy…”

How could Xander refuse? “Because it’s what I wanted!” He clapped his hands over his mouth tightly, holding in a full throated screaming sob with a white knuckled grip. He’d said it, admitted it, admitted it to the bleached menace when he’d never fully admitted it to himself before.

He forcefully pulled his locked hands away from his face and admitted the rest, “I wanted it and I have it and this is all my fault! I got Buffy killed, no one is looking for me because they all think I’m with my cousin but my cousin never found me so he probably thinks dad didn’t let me go. I did this, I made this, this is all my fault and I didn’t want it! Not like this!” He was sobbing again, and once more Spike was rocking him tenderly while petting his drying hair.

“Doesn’t mean you can’t like it. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong to live the life you’ve always dreamed. And if it’s not exactly what you dreamed your fantasies were, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this too. You’re mine pet, my lovely boy, my human, my pup. I’ll teach you what your body craves and needs, and you’ll thank me for it well before the end. It’s what you are and what you’ll be.” He felt Spike kiss his temple while he kept crying.

“Besides, you’re mine now boy, and I never give up what’s mine.”

18 Deprivation

He woke up alone. Alone and in considerable pain. It wasn’t an evil pain though, this just… it warmed his skin and gave him pleasant twinges when he moved in certain directions. Memories of his previous night’s activities just made the ache more pronounced. It was all he could think about and it just made him squirm harder. He didn’t feel any serious damage, nothing that would require medical attention of any kind, well, beyond a massage, Xander wouldn’t say no to a massage. The thought of how it would hurt - Spike’s slender, strong fingers digging into knots of tension and clusters of bruises, never too hard but always hard enough, and he was pulsing against his curled thigh all over again.

The room was utterly silent and empty, and he was so very very tempted to break one of the first rules he’d ever been told. In fact, the only thing holding him back was the inability to hide the evidence; white cum on black satin sheets is impossible to hide. He sighed and rolled his head to note the time, but not caring enough to remember it a second later. Time held no more meaning to him, not anymore. Any moment he might be alone, or he might be in service or he might just be a silent companion, he never could tell. He stretched as far as he was able while delighting in the twinges and pulls. Then he looked at the closed door once more.

They’d said some pretty big things, he’d spilled secrets he’d sworn he’d keep to the grave but it hadn’t been worth his silence. So what if Spike knew that Angelus whipped him about and made him promise to spy on his friends? It wasn’t like Spike would have asked or done anything less to him. It didn’t mean Spike was purposely staying away or anything because he was disgusted or horrified. He was a vampire for goodness sake! He’d already done a hell of a lot worse! He tried in vain to keep that idea as the truth he lived by, but abandoned it rather swiftly but his erection never wilted.

It throbbed with every beat of his heart, he could feel it twitching against the blankets and once more he had to fight off the urge to do what came naturally to a teenage boy in the privacy of his bed. He twists his fingers in the sheets, pulling and biting his lower lip to keep his hands off himself. He didn’t have a bed, he didn’t have privacy, this was all an illusion and the second Spike walked back in and scented the air Xander would soon find himself at the end of the lash once more, but this time with a cutting cracker that would flay his skin from his bones, not the nice one he’d used last night, or even some other tool of pain and torment, what’d he know?

Stupidly, the fact he wasn’t allowed to touch himself, the fact that the only reason he wasn’t was because he was invariably choosing to obey a sternly given command made him achingly harder. Slimy cold trails of pre-cum started to coat the sheets and blanket near his cock as he writhed impotently between them. He’d given himself over, voluntarily, to a beast whose instinct was to kill and rape his kind. So what if he’d done it to save his neck instead of dying a horrid death? It may as well have been for his own sick and perverted fantasies the way his body kept reacting to everything the vampire dished out to him.

He bit his lower lip and clenched his fists tightly, his eyes following suit when it still wasn’t enough. He had to control himself, he had to or things were just going to be so much worse.

19 Thunder

The door creaked open and revealed a topless Spike carrying a covered tray. The vampire leaned in and took a whiff of the scents permeating the room. His eyes narrowed sharply and his lip curled into a snarl, heated words of reprimand all but ready to blister his lips before he blistered the boy’s hide. He drew in a breath to order the pet to present himself for a whipping and realized a scent he was expecting was absent. The room was full of musky pheromones, heady and dizzying, but there wasn’t enough salt to betray an ejaculation, there wasn’t any scent to betray that the boy had spilled his seed or that he’d tried to hide it. The boy had kept his hands to himself, even though it was torture to do it.

The thundering heartbeat of his pet human added a confident leer to his lips and a swagger to his hips; the tray never wobbled an iota. He eyed his pet hungrily, the heavy scents in the air drifting past his palate made his mouth water and eyes flash, oh he liked it very very much. The sharp increase of fear the closer he got to the bed forced him to pause, his eyes fluttering while he fought for control, face flickering between beast and human mask almost too quickly to tell. Boy’s gonna get ravished if he doesn’t watch himself. Wait, why don’t I want to do that again?

He plunked the tray down on the bedside table, shucked his pants in one fluid motion and crawled up the bed to cover Xander’s trembling body. “Wanted me, didn’t you pet? Wanted me back so I could touch you, so I could let you touch yourself. You were a good pet puppy, kept to the rules, didn’t break them though you knew I wasn’t here.”

“Good boys get rewarded, did you remember that?” Spike licked and nibbled a trail from his earlobe to collar bone before he brought his dull human teeth into play. He felt Xander almost jump in surprised arousal beneath him, panting in soft heated gasps.

Smells so good… With precise care he grew his fangs and lightly nicked at the throat bared before him. The tiny droplet of heady drink made his eyes roll back in bliss. Tastes like ambrosia… Want him, all of him. Have him… he’s mine! Spike vamped fully out and lifted his demonic countenance to gaze down at the clearly terrified yet painfully aroused human beneath him.

He heard the puppy whisper, voice barely a breath on the breeze, “N-no Sir… I j-just… I just didn’t want to disappoint you.” It nearly undid him then and there. The boy wasn’t lying, he could smell the truth to his words, and the fact that his first concern wasn’t getting off eventually anyways, but out of obedience and desire to be a good little boy made him clench his teeth to rein himself in. His cock bobbed painfully in the air, drooling in its excitement and Spike really couldn’t blame it.

Xander was spread out beneath him, wantonly displayed and spread limbed, baring himself to his Master. His skin glistened in the gentle light of the room, sweat beading his upper lip while he gazed with darkened eyes at Spike’s lips, silently pleading for what he couldn’t yet voice. Spike darted downwards, wanting to taste his prize more than making him beg for it, and delved his tongue between parted lips.

The answering stroke of warm tongue against his own made a moan that barely slipped past his control. He hid it behind a long drawn out growl, pretending that that was what he meant the whole time, and then the growl turned possessive and greedy as the human responded by baring his throat, fists clenching rhythmically at his sides as he obviously struggled for control. Mine, he knows it, know exactly what position he’s in, he’s even bloody studied it. Knows what his life’s become, that saves on some education parts and quite a bit of time. He’s just the little pup for me.

He nudged Xander’s thighs apart with his own and pulled out the well slicked plug his boy always wore, a sigh the only response. He deepened the kiss and his human responded in kind, wrapping his arms suddenly around Spike, pulling him closer, but he kept his hips well away from Xander’s regardless of his twitching and arching. His fingers danced along sweat slicked skin, drawing intricate designs and patterns on heated flesh while the boy mewled and arched needily beneath him.

Won’t ever leave me, he thought without thinking and slid into warm and welcoming flesh. He heard the needy and surprised gasp as he quickly slid home, but the welcoming lift of the hips was what really made this a perfect moment. He’s never going to want this to end. Gonna fulfill every single one of his sick and twisted fantasies. Spike pulled back and hammered in again, setting up a brutal pace while Xander screamed in pain and pleasure beneath him.

Least those marks won’t leave the sheets bloody… He looked down idly and saw his pet was still hard and leaking, trembling and almost thrusting in air every time he stroked past the boy's prostate. And he already knows to love the pain. Such a treasure my boy is, such a treat. Almost makes the bitch’s betrayal worth it.

20 Cookies and Milk

He slid out of a shuddering body and flopped down to drink in the intense heat pouring from his human. They’d gone on a lot longer than he’d thought the boy could take; the pain must have been excruciating by the end but still he was begging Spike for more. The whimpered pleas and whispered oaths that slipped past his human’s control spurred him onwards, but after a while he had grown concerned for the amount of damage he was causing his pet and let his control go. Xander had held back until Spike’s groaned command, but when he’d finally let loose the spray from his release had hit Xander’s own face from the sheer force of it.

He was panting and gasping while Spike emptied himself deep inside, shuddering slightly before pulling himself out. Xander lay dazed and breathless beneath him, gasping in great gulps of air. It was a thing of beauty, his thing of beauty, and he was going to appreciate every single nuance of it.

“You’ll be craving food something fierce, the more calories the better,” he said softly, gently rolling off his human and reaching for the covered tray he’d left on the nightstand. “Now don’t go makin’ a pig of yourself, but you earned a treat.” With a flourish he picked up the tray, spun it around and uncovered it all at once. Xander stared agape at the revealed prize.

A mountain of chocolate chunk cookies, the good kind, and a tall, lightly sweating glass of cold milk lay revealed to him, and he couldn’t help his stomach grumbling and growling almost instantly in response, Pavlov’s dog begging for treats. The boy blinked long-lashed eyes and looked up at him in innocent wonderment, “Are those for me Sir?”

“Aye boy, they are, though you’ll share if you know what’s polite. Don’t abide rudeness in my property.” The vampire snatched a cookie off the tray and munched happily on a bitten off chunk. While he watched, his human swallowed thickly, once, twice, eyes locked on the bounty in front of him before looking timidly back up at him again.

“Please Sir… m-may I?” Spike smiled slowly in response, proud his boy knew to ask, to never assume. “Help yourself, but remember you’re sharing, mind your manners.”


Xander reached a shaking hand towards the tray and picked up a single chocolate laden cookie, feeling the once familiar texture beneath his fingers. It was weird, feeding himself like this after so long being denied it. He recognized the reward and privilege for what it was, and knew not to expect this to be the norm from now on.

He hesitated for a moment, but the nod from Spike spurred him onwards to dunk the sweet into the milk. When he finally brought it to his lips the apprehension had made his mouth water so much he had to swallow twice lest he dilute the flavour. Without another moment’s hesitation he brought it to his lips and bit the soggy milk-drenched part right off before settling in for a very satisfying chew.

He felt his eyes roll back in his head at the pure bliss in his mouth. He chewed and swallowed very carefully, wasting not a crumb before he opened his mouth for another bite. Without milk it was still good, still sweet, still chocolaty and crunchy and oh so cookie-licious.

Finally the first treat was finished, and Xander looked up at the face of his owner, eyes hovering around Spike’s lips. He felt his eyes start to film with tears against his control before he sniffled and swallowed thickly, bringing himself back under control. His voice was soft, almost shy when he finally spoke, “Thank you Sir.”

The answer was no less soft yet full of commanding confidence, “You’re welcome pet. Want the rest of that milk drunk to the dregs, got me pup?”

The misting of tears came unbidden again, but this time he knew what had caused it. Never before had anyone taken such intimate care of him, making sure he drank all his milk, wiped his nose, bathed his body…. Was it wrong of him to enjoy it? Was it wrong of him, after he’d been starved for love and attention for so long? So what if this wasn’t real love, so what if it was just the affection one might show a new pet… it was more than he’d ever really had before.

“Yes Master, I promise.”

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