Puppy Love

Perverted Pages

Part Six

Xander was kneeling in the middle of the shower room, head hanging so low his chin touched his bare chest, eyes almost lethargically closed. The chains had long been removed but the cuffs were left locked around each ankle and wrist. It felt strange, vulnerable, somehow even more nude than just being naked. Every scrap of his body hair was gone, removed, and would never grow back, if the fanged menace was to be trusted. Except he wasn’t to be trusted, why would a vampire be trusted? Trusted to eat him, sure, but nothing else, nope, not at all… but it was just so much easier to give in… relax.

“Gonna give you a bath pet, gonna get you squeaky clean. C’mon pup, follow.” Spike clipped the lead on to Xander’s collar and led the unresisting boy through to the next room. The muted tones of the tiles were echoed in the next chamber, but this one wasn’t for showers.

Spike led him around the large oval shaped multi-person Jacuzzi that echoed the shape and form of the spacious corner free room and stopped in front of a large claw foot bath tub. Xander’s steps were muffled by the damp heat, a light sweat breaking out on his skin making certain raw patches start to sting. He looked slowly about the windowless room, wondering where everyone else this house had obviously been built to contain were. Bet they’re all watching fang face here give his pet the two dollar tour…

He looked down at the tub and watched the water inside steaming gently, hazy wisps of vapour rising like ghostly portents from the milky water within. There was a tub on either side of the one they stood in front of and Xander shivered silently. So far everything had been communal, large rooms lavishly appointed but obviously not built with privacy in mind. It made him nervous about what the future might hold. Vampires don’t er.. use the toilet.. so I should be able to do that alone, at least, right? He wouldn’t make me go to the bathroom in front of a guard or anything, because it’s not like I can run away, we already covered that! So it should be fine, it will be fine, and besides I really don’t think I can pee in front of an audience….

“Get in then,” Spike waved his hand towards the tub. Xander looked up at him sceptically, trying to understand what hidden motivation the vampire had to have for giving Xander an apparently warm bath after all the irritation he’d caused.

Spike took the hesitation for something it wasn’t, which was good for Xander’s continued health and well being. Spike may be somewhat lenient because of the spell’s restrictions but he did have a limit to his patience. The sides of the tub were tall and imposing, making just climbing in problematic at best. Spike nodded to himself, thinking the whelp was trying to figure the best way to get into the tub.. “There’s a step stool at the head o’ the tub. Bring it to the side, step up, step in, lay back,” he motioned with his free hand, pleased when Xander jumped into action. He watched him climb up the two steps and climb carefully into the tub. The soft hiss of pleasure that escaped the human’s lips made a smirk tease the vampire’s.

“There’s a good boy,” Spike murmured. The flash of irritation was quickly smoothed away; his eyelids were heavy, struggling to stay open in the humid heat of the room. “That’s right, just sit back an’ soak. Been a long day for you, tomorrow will be worse. Rest up while you can pet.”

Xander was already nodding off. He didn’t stir once while Spike chained him to the tub, links clacking against each other in almost musical tones. Once Xander was secure, Spike took a few steps back to take in the view. For some unknown reason the scene made him feel an echo of retribution, like he’d righted some wrong done to him in another life. He puzzled over it for a few seconds before shrugging to himself, dismissing it from his thoughts.


He woke up, hours later, after the water had cooled. Groggily, he moved about, wanting nothing more than to curl up and go back to sleep, when he noticed he couldn’t. He was chained and immobile, and he realized with a start that they’d kept him from accidentally drowning himself in his sleep.

He sat up straighter, watching the cool milky water slosh about, breaking the dancing rainbow pools of scented oils on the surface. It was quiet, the occasional plink of condensation into the Jacuzzi tub the only discernable noise. The room was lit with soft lighting behind ceiling panels, giving everything a comforting glow. He slowly slid back under the tepid water, a heavy lethargy taking him over.

What the hell am I doing? He thought to himself furiously as he sat up and started to pull madly against the chains. He scowled at the thick links and heavy weight, pulling ineffectually against them until his muscles twinged in protest and he fell sagging into the water again. Oh wait, that’s right, nowhere to go if I get out of the chains anyways, no way to get off the damned yard without being turned into a crispy critter, so it’s pretend time again. He plotted silently, trying to ignore the chill in the mineral rich water.

He’s gotta get blood from somewhere, and even if he has a stable of tasty humans to choose from in the basement, he’d gotta get them food. There has to be a way to get from here to a city, I can’t see Fang Face enjoying isolation, he enjoys the chase and taunt too much. So… I pretend… until I find out how to get out of here. Because there has to be a way to get out of here… there has to be.

He spent the rest of his time in the tub trying to plot his escape… and trying to forget how Spike had made him feel just a few short hours ago.


Xander was a shivering ball of misery by the time Spike finally made it back to him, pushing a little metal cart laden with a pitcher of gently steaming water and a large assortment of bathing supplies. The vampire frowned before walking up to the tub, curiosity was soon replaced by astonishment.

“Are you daft, or just glutton for punishment? Gave you enough wiggle room to reach the faucets, why the bleeding hell didn’t you add more hot water once it chilled? Or are you just tryin’ t’ beat me to the pass? You’ll be punished for your transgressions at my pleasure an’ by my hand, you doin’ this to yourself don’t change that,” Spike berated as he circled behind Xander, pushing the cart along with him.

“I…I… wait, what?” What the hell is he talking about? I was allowed to… why didn’t I even try? Why did I just… what, wait here like a good boy? What the hell is the matter with me? Xander gaped open mouthed at Spike, trying to think of something to say, but kept coming up blank.

Spike sighed and shook his head, tsking softly in gentle reprimand. He leant over the back of the tub and reached into the tepid water to unplug the drain. He smirked at the sound of the chains rattling against the tub as Xander flinched instinctively away from him. Such lovely sounds they make. Bet he’d look pretty in bells… His nostrils flared as he caught the scent, cool lips parted to dance it across his pallet, tasting the fragrant bouquet of fear wafting from the boy. “Smell so good pet, want to taste you….” The fear was now laced with a bubbly explosion of pheromones. It was a heady mixture that raced through his blood, stirring his more carnal hunger to echo his thirst.

With a careful eye on the temperature of the water, he refilled the tub. “Suppose I should ‘ave told you ya? Yeah? Could, but you’ve got good instincts, might just live longer than you give yourself credit for,” he murmured in the human’s ear, watching the goose bumps dance down his skin at the feathery caress of his cool breath. Suddenly the chains clanked as Xander jerked his hands towards his crotch, but the chains prevented him from hiding his erection from view.

“Can’t touch that pet, it’s mine.”

“Wait, what? I wasn’t touching!” Xander looked panicked at the thought, Spike’s clear blue eyes boring into his in a smirking disbelief. “I wasn’t! You don’t make me want to touch myself!”

“Sure pet, keep tellin’ yourself that.” Spike fiddled with the water temperature again before turning on the free shower head in it’s little wire holder. He picked it up and aimed it at Xander’s brown waves.

“I wasn’t!” Xander fumed, determined to get the truth out there. Why would I want to touch myself because of him? That was just the injection, before, right? That shot they gave me before they put me in that damned bag? It’s over! It’s done! And I wasn’t! I really really wasn’t! “I was trying to hide… myself. I didn’t-don’t want to touch myself! You’re using vampire tricks to get me relaxed and all thralled and stuff! I’m not falling for it blood breath! I’m smarter than I look you know!” Oh yeah, that’ll teach him. I bet he’s all scared and stuff from my manly Man-Man powers! He sighed to himself, trying to stop his trembling before it rattled his chains.

Spike couldn’t help sliding his tongue up the shell of Xander’s ear, lapping at the warm water covering it. He heard Xander gasp in a breath in surprise, the end fading off into a barely heard moan. Don’t want me at all, do you boy? “What about now?”

Spike’s voice echoed huskily in Xander’s ear, making him shiver instead of tremble. He looked down at his hands, watching with detached interest as his hands almost rhythmically tightened into fists instead of laying spread out and open to protect his blatant arousal from view. It bobbed in the water, obviously eager and stupidly responsive.

“I-I-I… I’m not… I don’t want to, no.” The last word faded out into a needy whine when Spike’s cool fingers caressed his nipple almost casually.

“Good thing then, since you aren’t allowed.” Spike smirked, massaging the boy’s scalp as the shower head sprayed a soft stream of warm water. He turned it off and got a handful of unscented shampoo. He massaged it gently into the scalp with his slender fingers, frowning softly at the length. “Not nearly long enough,” he twined his fingers through the short sable locks. Suddenly he pinched what he could into his fist, “I prefer a nice fistful, better to guide you with.”

Xander flinched away as soon as Spike released him, failing to evade the caressing fingers. They are so not soothing and calming and making me all relaxed and …. Killer vampire dammit! SNAP OUT OF IT! “What are you talking about? I’m not about to let you tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body! Not that I want to do anything, but you’re so not the captain of this Xander-ship! And I like my hair short, it’s easier to take care of!”

Spike slapped him gently on the back of the head before going back to his shampooing. “Watch your tongue, or I’ll rip it from your skull an’ throttle you with it. Don’t need it to whimper an’ moan. Or make those cute beggin’ sounds with your pleading eyes all warm and wet…” Spike seemed to drift off into a pleasant thought before he shook himself and rinsed the shampoo out of Xander’s hair, careful not to get any in his eyes.

“You’re mine, pet. I bought you, paid good bloody money too. Besides that I want to own you, my little puppy, all warm and human. Gonna treat you right, get you trained an’ all well behaved… an’ as part of your training, whelp, you’ll be forbidden to touch yourself. This means no wankin’, no scratching, no washin’ yourself, and if you take a piss my hand will be the one guiding you. I don’t trust you not to ruin what’s mine, so you aren’t permitted to touch. Oughta thank you, I suppose, for tellin’ me you won’t obey that, just means you gotta stay bound.” He applied more shampoo to Xander’s hair, washing away the stink of the stables.

“What are you doing Spike? Since when have you taken a human pet?” Xander blurted out.

“Been readin’ up on me, have you? Good, should know what I’m capable of,” Spike said as he rinsed out the shampoo. He then gently worked in a thick conditioner, coating each strand carefully.

“Dru sent me t’pick you up, an’ I’m glad she did. Been wantin’ to sink myself into you since the night Peaches offered a taste. Just like the good ol’ days. Him an’ me, some poor unlucky sod mauled an’ abused between us as we drank our fill. Was lookin’ forward to that, reuniting with my Sire.” Spike sighed, “But course he ‘ad to be all souled, an’ just usin’ a nummy treat as a distraction. He picked you, you know, knew my weakness for your type. Anyways, you’re mine now, I have no inclination t’ get rid of you. Kill you, maybe, maim you, possibly, but I’d never just get rid of you pet. I keep what’s mine.”

Xander had stopped struggling long ago, falling victim to the experienced hands, Bet he does this for Miss Loony Toons, is why he’s so good, really. All unfair, stupid vampire, with the practised fingers and stuff!

“Gonna give you a choice, pup. Tomorrow we finish the claiming, you have no choice on that, but you get to decide if you join in an’ enjoy it, or fight it an’ suffer. Thought I’d give you some time on that.”

“WHAT? Like I’d ever just… just let you do anything to me or like I’d just sit back, or join in! Why would I join in? I’m not letting you do anything to me!”

Spike growled. “You’ll get your punishment for your disrespect an’ disobedience after, pet, so you get t’ decide how you go into it. Remember, I won’t let up just ‘cause your arse is raw an’ bleedin’. You can go in strong, maybe earn some brownie points, or go in already broken an’ get me while I’m angry.” He calmly rinsed the heavy conditioner out of his human’s hair.

“And I said-”

“Won’t take your decision now puppy, want you to think on it first.” When Xander opened his mouth to retort, Spike popped in a ball gag and swiftly locked it on behind his head. Xander made a muffled sound of protest.

“You need to think, and your voice is gratin’ on my last nerve pet. Stop pushin’ me or I’ll just forget the claim an’ drink you dry right now. Give me less of a headache and a tasty snack.” Xander quieted almost instantly, Spike smiled as he scrubbed Xander’s torso with a soapy wash cloth.

The rest of the bath went on in silence, Spike tending his pet while his pet tended his thoughts.

Part Seven

Xander groaned loudly when the second finger breached him, slowly stretching him out with plenty of slick. It hurt and no matter how much he fought it, no matter how much he tried to clench his muscles and keep the invader out, to struggle in his bindings on that horrid contraption, Spike didn’t stop.

He’d fought at first, who wouldn’t? Back in the beasts den, cool words of seduction whispered in his ear, and a bondage device out of some kind of DeSade novel right smack in the middle. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was about to happen. So Xander made up his mind and fought.

Spike must have noticed, something about the way he held himself or a look in his eyes, he knew Xander was about to fight. Without warning Spike knocked Xander’s feet from under him and pushed him down on the device. Xander was kicking out and screaming at him, struggling in vain while cool hands pressed him down. The quickly buckled gag muffled his cries and the locks attached at his collar, wrist and ankle cuffs took care of the rest.

He felt the thick padding cushioning the hard wood across his chest, it was leather and stuck to his sweat dampened skin. Another bar across his hips held his ass up and out, forcing him into a kneel with his arms locked to the wooden beam between them. His ankles had also been spread and locked to another wooden bar coming from the base of the one holding his hips up. The most he could do was take the weight on his chest and hips to twitch his knees closer together, and that didn’t do a damned thing to stop the probing fingers.

Words of lewd praise filled his ears, telling him to relax, to enjoy it like a good little bitch, that he smelled sweet, that Spike just wanted to eat him up. His normally traitorous prick was for once flaccid and limp, the pain and humiliation driving every thought of pleasure from his mind. He was crying, great big sobbing heaves wracking his body while a river of tears escaped his clenched shut eyes, and couldn’t seem to stop.

Stop, stop stop stop stop, please stop. I don’t want this, I don’t, I never did. No means NO you bleached reject from an eighties music video! Please, just stop, please please stop. Why won’t you STOP? Please, oh please stop.

He shook his head wildly when a third finger joined in, begging behind his gag for Spike to stop, to just stop. He said this would happen tomorrow! He said he’d be finishing the damned claim then. Why is he doing it now? Please stop, please, just stop. Oh gods, please stop, it hurts, it hurts and hurts. Telling me to relax isn’t going to make me relax, you stupid leach! I have someone’s fingers where they don’t belong, and he won’t just TAKE THEM OUT. Please, please, just stop, please just stop…

“Know it hurts, it’s gonna hurt, first time an’ all. Won’t have time, tomorrow, to get you ready so you don’t tear an’ bleed all over the place. I could take you without it, you know, force myself inside, rip you up so bad you’d need a healer to tend you, but I’m still giving you that choice,” Spike ran his free hand down Xander’s trembling spine, drawing air through his teeth in a sharp hiss when Xander clenched down even harder on his fingers in response.

“Gonna feel so good to be in you, you’ve been all puckered up an’ waiting since the Poofter first offered you to me, haven’t you? Bet you’ve lain awake at night, day dreamin’ about what’d ‘ave happened if the charade had gone on longer. Part of you excited, part of you terrified, part of you curious, an’ just the tiniest sliver of self disgust.” His voice was a low rumble, impossible to ignore, “Bet you haven’t admitted to yourself that you like blokes yet, have you pet? But you know part of you likes ‘em. Know part of you wants it, no matter how many times you jerk off lookin’ at a girlie mag, ‘cause we both know you’re not thinkin’ of her, you’re thinkin’ of the guy shaggin’ her. You’re wishin’ he was bonin’ you, bent over the back of a couch, or forcin’ you on your knees…”

What??? What???? I never! I never! I never ever ever thought about guys that way! No! You’re wrong so wrong! I’m a ladies man! Well, no, not yet, but I will be! Not a man’s man! I’ve never wanted this you little Billy Idol wanna be!

Spike leaned down and licked around his fingers, tasting the minty tang of the lube, “Is it burnin’ yet?” He chuckled softly at the rapid nodding, “Woulda been the normal lube if you hadn’t fought me.” He sighed softly, “I’ll only punish if you earn it pup. Long as you behave, you’ll be treated like any good pet. If you don’t… you will get punished.”

He shivered in pain that wasn’t really pain. The mentholated lube sneaking into every single miniscule tear made him clench his hands into trembling fists. It hurt, it burned, it made him want to promise to never ever again try to stop the vampire from… from…

Xander suddenly started trying to buck madly, shaking his head while Spike continued to push something hard and alien into his slick passage. That can’t be his cock, that can’t, he can’t be doing this now, oh gods, no not now. He’s going to fuck me while I’m trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey, and he’s gonna get his jollies, and I’m gonna have no choice. He screamed behind the gag when the widest point finally breached him, and felt it stay there inside.

So… not his cock, just… just a plug? He’s plugged me? Like, I’ve got a plug up my ass? Suddenly what Spike was saying started to make sense, So… this is to make it easier on me? This… this… whoa, hello, what was that?

Spike wiggled the plug again, watching with amusement as Xander stilled in confusion and shock. “Feel full?” Xander threw a are you ACTUALLY asking me that? look at Spike over his shoulder.

Spike chuckled, ignoring the venomous glare aimed his way, “Not nearly as full as you’ll feel with me there.” He smirked when Xander started shaking his head no. “You got no choice pup, you know that. This’ll keep you nice and stretched, so tomorrow won’t tear you up too badly.” Xander kept shaking his head, crying all over again. Please, why are you doing this? Please, just let me go. Why are you doing this? Why? Why? Why? Why...?

Spike sighed, “Before, thinkin’ ‘bout gettin’ your jollies with a bloke, couldn’t do it, could you?” He asked softly, running a soothing finger down his back, “You couldn’t make that decision ‘cause you were afraid what your friends an’ family would say, you couldn’t think of how you were gonna survive in that school with the whole world knowin’ your dirty secret.” The fingers were gentle, almost soothing, as they stroked his hair from his face, cupping his distended cheek.

“Now, there are no school mates to give you a ribbing, no friends or family to reject you.” His voice was soft, almost earnest. It teased at the edges of Xander’s mind, fighting to ease away tension and fear.

“Slavery is freedom, boy,” he whispered with cool breath into Xander’s ear. “Freedom from makin’ decisions, from thinkin’ for yourself, from everything; the only thing you have to do now is obey.” Pale fingers twined in sable locks. “No one you knew will ever find out, pet. No one you will meet from now on will care. ’m just givin’ you something to ponder while you wait till tomorrow,” he murmured gently, wondering why he was trying to placate the pup all of a sudden.

With meticulous care he wiped the tears and snot from Xander’s face. He slid his cool fingers underneath Xander’s chin and lifted his face till they looked eye to eye, “Gonna leave you gagged for the night, if you keep crying’, breathing ain’t gonna be fun. Settle down or you’ll start chokin’.” He spoke gruffly, trying to temper the concerned words with a harsh tone.

He got up, and roughly pushed Xander on the whole wooden and metal contraption back into the doggy crate, muscles in his jaw jumping with pent up anger. Anger at what, he couldn’t say, but it was there. With a silent flourish he threw a blanket over the cage, giving the human a dark and quiet space to think about what his decision was going to be. He then crawled into the large and empty bed, pulled the covers up and over him and for all appearances went to sleep.


He fought against his tears, gulping them back hurriedly. If Spike was going to leave him like this all night, he probably wouldn’t notice or care that Xander was choking on his own snot, and he didn’t look forward to that. His breathing settled back into shuddering heaves, then soft sobs and finally whimpers as he concentrated on it instead of the sharp burning of his ass hole.

The cage was dark, the blanket over top was thick and a dark red. The faint light of the room barely pierced the fabric, odd lumps of shadows showing where the filling was bunched up, but there wasn’t enough light to bother him or keep him awake. That was alright, he had his imagination to do that instead.

Tomorrow… it’s almost tomorrow. He said it would happen right after we woke up, that he didn’t want to wait. How’m I supposed to sleep, knowing soon as I wake up I’m gonna get raped? He clenched his ass against the thick plug, trying to push it out, and gasped softly, that odd sensation trembling through him once more.

Wh-what… He grunting in surprise, his cock started inflating of it’s own volition. Not that I have any control over the damned thing normally. DOWN, Down boy! C’mon, get down, why are you up, you shouldn’t be up, there’s the vampire, just over there, gonna RAPE US tomorrow, and you’ve got a happy?? WHY do you…” which was when he clenched his muscles in anger, and again that sizzle danced along his spine.

Wha… what was that? Was that my prostate? Is that what that was? Xander clenched and flexed his muscles, feeling the stiff rubber rub and stroke minutely against something that… just… felt… good… G-ho g-had, whoa… why didn’t Spike do that before? Xander scowled, biting hard into the gag, No, why would he? Much more fun to just make it HURT instead, isn’t it? Xander paused to rethink that statement.

He didn’t though, did he? He just… didn’t do anything to make me enjoy it… but he didn’t make it as hard as he could have… and he could have just not done anything at all. Xander stewed, scowling as he tried to decipher the pattern of care and abuse so he’d know which way the fangs leaned and so stay away from it. He sighed and sucked on the hard rubber ball between his teeth as he thought, then shook his head.

He’s just trying to get my defences down, that’s all. He wants me to think he’s a nice guy. Because hello, LUBING me in preparation for my RAPE does not mean he’s a nice guy! Xander swore at himself, suddenly struggling in his bindings all over again. Tears built up in the corners of his eyes as he thought about what Spike had made him feel before.

Of course he doesn’t like me, or care about me! It was all a lie, just a lie. He blinked back furiously as his tears threatened to overwhelm him again. Trying to hold them back with sheer willpower. He flexed in his chains and locks again, gasping and sucking in air around the ball gag when the plug caused that same thing inside him to sizzle, shooting desire and need into his pulsing, heavy cock.

He shook his head madly, thinking about the plug, and the tender care Spike had taken to stretch him. It just means he doesn’t want to bother taking me to the hospital. That’s it. I’m just food and a fuck for him, and once he’s gotten what he wants, he’s going to kill me.

Xander froze, I won’t be able to stop him. He felt like a shard of ice had replaced his spine when the reality of his situation finally dawned on him. As much as I would fight and kick and resist, I’m just human, and he’s a vampire. He’s faster, stronger, deadlier... He could kill me before I’ve realized he’s moved, I wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Finally, he hung his head in defeat, a single thought echoing in his mind, I’m going to die here…

Part Eight

He curled up on the soft mattress, pulling the plush blanket tighter around his cool body, lamenting the fact that Dru had taken the electric blanket to her own room the night before. He hated sleeping without his dark princess cradled in his arms, but he hated sleeping alone and cold even more. He couldn’t wait until his new pet was broken in enough to use as a nightly bed warmer, he was very much looking forward to that. He also couldn’t wait for this spell to be over and Dru to return to him. He sighed softly, and reached up, pulling Dru’s pillow to his chest, wrapping his legs about it as he buried his nose into her clinging scent.

He drew a deep lungful of her plum and musk scent over his pallet, tasting her essence with ardent hedonistic hunger. He wanted her here, in his arms, thrashing beneath him as the whelp listened on. He wanted to ravage her and hear her fractured screams as her twisted pleasure breached her again and again. He ached to hold her, treasure her, cradle her and whisper the sweet words of worship she sometimes permitted him when she was in her fits. She was gone most days, at night he was lucky if he heard her tinkling laughter strike at him from a shadowed alley, quickly eclipsed by her fevered feedings.

He knew she liked to play with her food when she was possessed by these slivered realities. She was broken down to her most basic parts, reacting purely to need and harshly ingrained instincts. She would find herself a tasty morsel and draw it to the shadows with seduction as her bait and a slight thrall as her inescapable hook. The prey would come to her willingly, blinded by lust and entranced by the promised whispers cast on breezes. She was a deadly seductress when the fits took her.

They rarely suffered, but Spike didn’t care. He knew it wasn’t his dark princess’s fault, she hardly drew the visions in or wanted them when they arrived, so he didn’t hold it against her. Besides, they were always dead at the end, drained and discarded of discreetly, never to come back and worm their way between them. They were passing dalliances that he could tolerate, just to be with her. He accepted them because the only alternative was to loose her, he’d learned that very early on.

He tried to console himself with the thought that, even in her delirious state, she was thinking of him. She’d sent him to his puppy just as he was starting to despair about never being held in her arms again. She knew he was lonely, in need of a project, and she’d hardly admit jealousy when she was the one that had set them upon each other. Besides, she knew he’d share as soon as she asked, he’d hardly say no over such a paltry thing as using his new pet. He’d draw the line at any serious changes to the boy’s appearance though; he was so very pretty as he was.

He tossed over to his other side, biting back hard on a growl of frustration that just wanted to erupt when suddenly a new scent tugged at him. He lifted his head from his reclusive world and peered down at the blanket covered cage. A heady burst of pheromones fizzed in his blood like pop rocks chased with soda. It fizzled and itched and burned oh so sweetly. He smirked to himself, Pup found his prostate did he?

The scent grew and grew suffusing the room with such potent and innocent arousal, Spike shivered in response. He breathed in deeply, rubbing himself gently against his Dru scented pillow and shivered again, yearning to take what he so badly wanted.

He’d missed it at first, and now he couldn’t believe he’d overlooked it so easily. This low sweet thudding echoed gently in the room. He could hear it as it sped up with arousal, the soft whisper of blood pushing through veins caressed him like a well trained lover. It knew just how to attract him, how to keep him involved and interested and aware… Oh this was divine, this sweet whisper, the soft beat, tempo increasing into panic frenzied pace, oh it was delightful.

A delicacy he was rarely treated with, and never before had he indulged alone. Always Drusilla had been by his side… or underneath or on top or… well… never you mind; some things are meant to be private. Alone, it was maddening to him, especially now that he had to reign in his carnal hunger in favour of long term contentment. He didn’t want to wait, he wanted to slide into that tight heat and feel it grip and shudder and twitch around him.

He wondered if this was part of some plan of Drusilla’s, leaving his bed tonight so the human would be firmly bound to him and only him on the morrow. If his precious plum had been there tonight, he wouldn’t have cared about the spell, or his hunger to have the boy firmly under his thumb. He’d be beside himself with lust, just as he was now, but he would never have taken her pleading and begging no seriously; it was one of her favourite games after all. She would have been mounted and ravaged as the prat listened on, twitching in his bindings as she screamed and begged.

The next day the binding would have picked up both their essences. That must be why she left him, so the puppy would be his and his alone… Though why his love wanted such a thing confused him. It confused and puzzled him, really. Why would she not want to share, why would she not want to be his partner in this?

Could it be because she didn’t trust herself around him? That made sense. If one of those spells took her over who knew what she’d command and demand of the boy, and his failure would only anger and enrage the demon until it properly chastised him. Unfortunately that would make the boy dead just like every single other one of Dru’s pets and that was hardly a well thought out place for him to be. Dead was not warm, dead was not fragrant like chocolate and sunshine, dead was not pulsing and hot and enticing.

Ah, it called to him now, drew him to the human’s side, but he daren’t move. He’d neglected the ear plugs, the whelp could hear everything, and he couldn’t know. He should never ever know. If he knew the power he held over his new master, ah… that would never do. He had to fight the siren song, master the beast within and the urges it demanded he follow through on.

There was a reason he’d finally gotten the title of Master Vampire, even without his Sire’s proclamation to the conclave that met once every half century. He’d shown his control over his demon’s hell bent cries. He had been tested, directly and indirectly by his fellow vampires, and had shown time and again that he could overcome the beast’s instinctive urges regardless of what they threw his way.

He’d proved himself smarter, faster, far more deadly and far more merciless than the one’s sent after him. He’d earned their respect by taming his demon and forcing it to submit to his control. He had proved his strength and determination when he’d killed the Slayer in China and the second one was a coup de gras. Not only did he add a second Slayer to his record but he also dispatched her in such a way that was contrary to his very nature. A broken neck and not one drop spilled or tasted showed more self control and inner power than any of the so-called Master Vampires who had been properly presented to the court. He’d earned his title the hard way, and thus earned respect that being handed the title never could have achieved.

And then Peaches just had to go and ruin everything by teaming up with that damned Slayer bitch. He brought them all down, ruined almost everything he’d fought so hard to get and all of it for a wisp of a girl that ended up sending him to hell for his troubles. Now look at them; his Princess mumbling about sunshine burning her and how it wasn’t fair he got another chance and then cackling about the dancing reindeer and how it prances when it dances. He was holed up in the middle of nowhere with no one around for miles… He’d die of boredom before the month was out if he didn’t have something to do.

And now he did. This was such a good choice his princess had made, bringing a warm and tasty treat into their exile. It would take some time before this stain on their honour was washed away. He’d have to come out from hiding in a little while to reclaim his integrity, and prove that his debilitating injury was fully healed, but until then he had his nummy little puppy all ready to be trained and taken care of.

He fell asleep listening to that sweet heartbeat. The soft, fluttering, thudding heartbeat that fuelled and drove the sweet, soft human at his feet. He’d listen to it through every emotion, every reaction, until he knew his boys song by heart. He smirked ruefully at the pun, blissful oblivion finally taking him over in a numbing caress.

Part Nine

Xander woke with a start, sleep fading from his mind in a flash of panic fuelled fire. His memory kicked in a few moments later, putting a label to his fear up in front of his mind’s eye where he couldn’t blink and stop looking at it. He couldn’t deny it, he couldn’t pretend it wasn’t there, it was there, right there, right now, right this second! Well, okay, maybe not this second but his cage had been picked up and put on a wheeled cart and it was being pushed smoothly down a corridor to a dreaded destination. Not that he knew exactly where they were going, or why they were going, but he knew what was going to happen when he got there, so that made anyplace that they were going a bad place to be!

He panted around the gag, air whistling harshly through his nose, and cursed it silently. He felt dizzy and parched; his long and strictly held fast was finally catching up with him. He was weak, he felt his lips crack and bleed around the tightly cinched gag while the rest of him sagged weakly in his bindings. Ya know, it’d be good to know that fang faced realized I’m human, and for optimum blood letting and active resisting to rape he should feed me. Possibly water me. I feel like a plant. I should have come with a tag with caring and planting directions, he snorted to himself. Plant away from direct long term sunlight. The Xan-plant thrives best in casual lighting with care that it doesn’t overheat or freeze. Please remember to feed and water your Xan-plant or it may wilt, wither, no longer react in classic Xan-plant ways, and eventually die. Please see your dealer about further Xan-plant caring instructions

He re-thought that last line and felt a little green. He really did have a dealer. He had a dealer, and a buyer, and let’s not forget a trainer too. He was essentially a trained show dog, though thankfully he hadn’t been trained in much yet. He was rather apprehensive about that, actually; the training that is. He wasn’t sure what Spike expected of a bought and paid for slave, but he was rather sure he wasn’t going to like it.

He finally thought about what was going to happen today. Well, no… he’d thought about it pretty much as soon as Spike had said anything about it, but he hadn’t thought about the actual choice… to obey and submit and get off easy… or fight and resist and suffer for it.

He wished he had more time to think about this, but he could tell they’d already reached their destination. The cart had slowed to a careful stop and he was lifted, blanket, cage and all, to be put down… somewhere. It felt solid and firm, but beyond that Xander couldn’t tell. He was then pulled out of the cage, backwards, and before his head passed the blanket so he could see where he was, a blindfold was pressed against his eyes and bound tightly behind his head.

There he was left to wait, bound and on display as he’d been left all night but now he was vulnerable to any who would touch or violate him, the security of the cage a clearly denied luxury. He couldn’t help shivering… though he wished he could stop, it made his chains rattle loudly and he really didn’t like to draw any attention to himself right now.


He stalked into the room. There was no other way to describe the feline grace and hungry stance other than ‘stalked’. He was hungry, famished, starved, parched and wanted nothing more than to sink his fangs into that tasty morsel of captured flesh to sate his thirst and sink his cock deep into the velvety heat to sate his hunger. Oh he wanted the boy. He wanted this human that he’d found at an auction miles away from his natural habitat. An exotic specimen bought and paid for with his hard earned… well… hard stolen money.

He wondered what the whelp had chosen, but found himself equally divided when it came to deciding which one he hoped for. A warm and willing human was a definite treat, one he would be hard pressed to improve upon. Wiggling and squirming beneath him, panting and sweating as he reached shuddering climax after climax. Ahhhhhh, how sweet that blood would taste, almost over-powered by lust and hormones and the sharp tang of fresh orgasm dancing across his pallet when he drank…

Or he could fight. He could cry and beg and it would just add an appetizer to the main course. The tears would fall like bitter rain, curses and heart felt fear and revulsion spat at him with venom and heat… all while forced to climax after climax. Fighting against his treacherous body while Spike played him like a well tuned electric guitar, it just made the prize that much more exhilarating. He wasn’t sure which side he was rooting for, they both had their more appealing aspects now didn’t they?

A minion darted forward in the chamber and took Spike’s black silk robe from his shoulders, leaving him nude in the candle lit room. The house’s occupants lined the walls deep in recessed shadows and were eerily silent. They waited to see where this would lead them, what their night’s entertainment would bring with hungry eyes.

He crouched beside his pet, running a light caress down a shivering back and made soft calming sounds. With deft fingers he undid the clasp on the gag and slid the drool covered ball free of slack lips. He heard the puppy take in deep breaths, whimpering almost inaudibly in pain as he closed his abused jaws.

“Know you’ve been thinking, pet, so…,” he almost purred, tongue dancing out to trace the shell of a sweat damp ear, “do you get shagged on a nice comfy bed or strapped down to this contraption?” He watched as the shakes increased, the heartbeat tripping along at dizzying speeds. His boy smelt of terror and loathing but also a frisson of lust, and the lust seemed to have won out.

“Please Sir,” he whispered, eyes clenched tight behind the blindfold as he tried to deny to himself what was happening, what he was asking. Anything to make this easier…

“Please Sir, the bed…” he swallowed thickly, feeling his tongue stick to the roof of his dry mouth. Shame burned inside him as he felt himself responding to Spike’s feather light caresses along his bare skin. He felt those sneaky fingers toy with the base of the plug, twisting and twitching it, making it touch that place inside him once more. His breath caught, and he couldn’t help but lean back into the touch.


When Spike heard those words fall from trembling, numb lips he felt something uncoil inside him. He felt a hunger flare deep inside and almost consume him. He rubbed the boys aching jaw for a brief moment before rubbing lightly down his neck and back. When he finally reached the base of his spine the human was shaking so much the chains were rattling musically around him.

He twisted the plug, turning it and twisting it and pressing it… against… that… special… spot. Xander jumped at that touch, that stroke. Spike could see beads of sweat burst down along his spine and the scent of arousal was so blatant he almost felt like he was drowning in it. If that wasn’t proof enough of the whelp’s needs, the dripping and heavy erection surely was. Finally he pulled the plug free, delighting in the sharp cry and gazed hungrily at the nude and glistening pucker just shuddering closed on itself.

Spike held out his hand, the expected keys were quickly pressed into his palm and he set to work undoing the brat’s bindings. He left the cuffs and collar locked on and turned one long chain into a leash. He tugged once on the leash and frowned when Xander didn’t move.

The next tug was markedly sharper and Xander scrambled to follow its lead, stumbling and crashing about as his stiff and aching limbs took longer to respond than he was used to. He tangled himself in the metal and wood, never sure where one hand fell or his knee pressed against. Finally he freed himself and followed at a silent and bow-headed crawl. He looked so meek and timid, trembling still and blushing like the virgin he was. Heat pooled under his skin where his blood painted the surface as he blushed.

Spike tugged him up the steps to the large silk covered bed and pressed him onto his back on the cool fabric. He lay down beside his warm and nummy pet and ran his fingers down the heaving chest. He heard his pet gulping, trying to swallow to ease his parched throat. Poor thing had been without food or water since before he was bought, he was probably feeling the effects by now.


Xander felt those cool lips return to his ear, nibbling and teasing the sensitive flesh. He tilted his head and felt the cool links of his dropped leash press against his skin, causing him to gasp in shock and surprise. He heard Spike chuckle before he shifted his weight. Xander seized his chance.

And unchaining me from that stupid torture device definitely made things easier! He thought to himself before he punched Spike hard in the jaw and sprung from the bed at the same time. He ripped off the blindfold and opened his eyes to figure out where to run to when he realized pain!! The light blinded him and sent sharp strikes of pain through his eyes so he closed them. He scrambled to his feet beside the bed, stretched his arms out in front of him and shuffled forward, doing a mighty strong impression of a classic horror movie zombie.

He made it three blind shuffling steps before a delicate white hand shot out with chilling accuracy to snatch the swinging leash still attached to his collar in a white knuckled fist. Xander, of course, didn’t see any of this since his eyes were closed. The first indication he had that anything was wrong was when he was yanked harshly back to the bed, cool silk bunching up beneath his naked ass and WOW wasn’t it fun to remember you were naked when you’d forgotten and you can’t do anything about it? Oh yeah, this is great, this is… crap!

A low voiced growl echoed in the silent room, filling his ears and head with such staunch anger and disfavour heralding a long and torturous regime before falling back in the vampire’s favour. If ever. At least he’ll kill me instead of keeping me now.

Xander kicked out hard, connecting with something solid that made the vampire snarl. He swallowed thickly and thought, Being dead makes things easier too, when those cool slender fingers belied their appearance and wrapped about his throat like a well controlled vice. Steadily they pressed him down into the soft mattress, cutting off his air with an alarming precision and chilling patience. Xander kept gasping in breath after struggling breath, thinking each one would be his last but it never was and he couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed that his ploy hadn’t worked.

Not as impulsive as previously advertised! Xander babbled to himself as he gasped for air, suddenly understanding a little better about the situation he was in. Not only was Spike obsessive and controlling and slightly ADHD, he was also chillingly in control even when in a rage. Any hopes he’d held, however weakly, that Spike would just flip out and kill him, freeing him from this hellish reality were soundly dashed to pieces.

He’ll never let me go… His breath caught at the realization and he clenched his eyes shut tightly in denial. Spots danced in his vision, a red tinged haze, but it was okay, because his eyes were closed, so he couldn’t really see any of this. Nononono, the stars exploding in his eyes were fine, because… because… be… becau-


The whelp was finally out, conciousness fleeing with the lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain. He’d been careful, hadn’t crushed anything, hadn’t injured him beyond repair. Other than a bruised and sore throat with a pounding head he wouldn’t have any lasting damage. Spike was good with that, good with limits and boundaries. He knew when to temper his needs, how to sheath his desire behind the silky caress of control. It was like a drug, sometimes. Pushing himself to the limit, and not letting himself get any further, no matter how much he yearned and burned for it.

Quickly he bound his human’s arms together with a stout length of rope and looped the loose end over the wrought iron headboard. He tied a swift and secure knot as he gazed down at the dark beauty bound to his silk strewn bed. Almost gently he slid the gag back between lax lips, locking it tight behind his head once more.

He sighed contentedly to himself, the human was already beginning to stir beneath him, making faint sounds of distress. He settled himself between Xander’s splayed thighs before he came to enough to realize what was happening. He smirked to himself and leant forward, scenting the human’s neck as he slowly rose to consciousness. Aaaaaaaah…. There it is…

The boy smelled sweet, even half starved as he was, but that burst… Ahh, that made it that much more perfect. He loved how it always came with that sharp tang of shame and self loathing. The boy lusted for him, he just hadn’t admitted it to himself yet… Or if he had, he hadn’t been willing to give in to temptation. Didn’t matter, in the end he’d be panting with it, squirming and begging to be filled and used and left to lick his dribblings from the floor. And then he’d come back begging for more. Spike would see to it, he’d make sure of it, and after years of being the pupil to an artist, he was going to strike a blow on his own block of marble. And Xander would be exquisite.

Spike could see himself presenting his boy to their conclave, letting them admire his new prize. It made him groan low in his throat, and it caused Xander to stir beneath him. He chuckled, delighting in the shiver his questing tongue elicited. He curled it around a fleshy earlobe and applied suction, grinding against his pet when it brought out a gasp. Should pierce these… he mused. Maybe if he earns it, Spike decided. Unless I get bored and just wanna see him in a pretty pair of sparklies, he amended with a smirk.

Xander stirred beneath him again, this time in fright. He swallowed a sob that the vampire still heard and kicked out suddenly with his legs, twisting so his knees went between his own body and the cool one draped atop him. He kicked out futilely, trying to dislodge the vampire who only chuckled and enjoyed the ride.

“That’s it pet, fight me,” he crooned in Xander’s ear. “It makes this just that much more fun.” He pressed his body down the length of the human’s, drinking in the delicious heat and the tantalizing aroma’s. He couldn’t help the chuckle that danced past his lips when he felt Xander relax tensely beneath him and then the out right laughter when suddenly he started fighting again.

“Can’t even make up your mind about what you want, can you? You want it sweet an’ tender, rough an’ wild, cool an’ indifferent. Got a whole dark closet full of dirty little fantasies, don’t you? Gonna be so much fun findin’ what makes you scream loudest.” He held Xander down with one hand on his shoulder while using the other to slide Xander’s legs over his shoulders. He quickly positioned himself at the human’s clenched opening and looked down at his face to drink in every emotion darting through those gorgeous brown eyes.

Xander was madly shaking his head from wide to side, screaming behind his gag in abject fear. His chest was heaving with shuddering sobs as tears streamed from his brimming eyes. Spike traced their path down his temple, lapping at the salty offerings and shuddering with pleasure.

Xander pleaded with him, whimpering and moaning because the gag stripped him of words. He sobbed, crying in earnest as he tried to squirm away and failing. The fear, the terror, the desolation and pure lust rolling off the boy made Spike’s gums itch until his fangs descended in answer. Xander screamed at the demon’s sudden appearance and struggled even harder than before, no longer fully in control of his body as instinct took over.

He’s going to kill me! KILL ME!!! Wait, that’s what I wanted. But I don’t want to die! Please! No dying! I’m rather sure it’s a hard and fast rule for being a part of the Scoobie gang and I’m a member and I can’t die! We always win, we never loose, we don’t die dammit!

Spike groaned low in his throat at the warm thrashing beneath him. The groan lengthened into a low voiced growl that echoed in the quiet chamber. He felt Xander gasp in a breath, hot chest pressing up against his morbidly cool one, pressing fear scented sweat into his skin, and thrust as hard as he could in without any further warning. The answering muffled scream ignited a fire deep within him, dancing a spark from the base of his spine and up to his brain. It left behind a slow burning fire that pulsed under his skin, spreading out to his limbs and digits making them tingle and twitch.

Oh sweet pet, yessssssssss… Waiting for you was worth it, waiting for this. Never gonna give you up, never gonna give this up. Mine now puppy, my pet my whore my little boy. Gonna fuck him every night, gonna have him full of me, dribbling my seed down his thighs whenever I’m not. He’ll stink of me, of us, and I’ll never let it fade because sweet mother of fuck I can’t remember when this last felt so good…

He felt Xander surging beneath him, sobbing in earnest as the pain drowned out everything else and he fought for his freedom. Spike darted down and licked his parched and bleeding lower lip, tasting the heady musk and the sharp tang of lust and terror in those few drops. He pulled out and thrust in again, the scent of Xander’s blood perfumed the air and teased his senses almost to the point of frenzy.

Some lube was still there to ease his passage, but not much, not enough to stop the tearing of a vicious fucking like the one he was getting. It added a little burn and tingle to Spike’s cock, the menthol still present and activated itself the more he thrust inside. Spike forced his way inside, feeling the heat, the walls fluttering and clutching about his thrusting cock as the whelp tried to force him out but it only spurred him on. He pressed deeper and deeper into the resisting flesh, hammering in and out hard enough to bruise Xander’s backside and still it went on.

Without warning he snarled out a single word and struck like a snake at the vulnerable curve of the boy’s throat, instinct driving him to bite the opposite side from his first tasting. His yellow eyes rolled back in his demon faced head at the pure bliss that rolled down his throat. It was heady, thick and rich, flooding into his mouth before streaming down his throat and it was so good.

He understood now, what Angelus had meant when he’d said most pet’s don’t survive a claiming. Most vampire’s probably couldn’t control themselves after the first taste of what was now bound and tied as theirs, but Spike… he’d been trained by the best to control his urges when the need arose.

He pulled back well before things got dangerous for his newly claimed pet, and gasped in a lungful of breath while he emptied himself inside the hot channel. His snarling howl fillied the room as the deal was sealed shut and the bindings laced tight with adamantium cords. No demon would ever be able to mistake the human’s new scent, it was marked as indelibly as his skin, owned and possessed by Spike and none other. He pulled back his fangs and howled once more into the air, now scented with his and Xander’s cum that had spilt when his fangs slid into warm and yielding flesh. The scent was heavy and cloying and entirely decadent.

Lazily he thrust in and out of the nearly unconscious human, his passage well slicked and it was easy going without the active resistance from before. He leant down and lapped at a fat drop of Xander’s cum like a kitten at cream and couldn’t stop himself from licking his lips. He is a feast, this one…

Efficiently he released the lock by twisting it off, not even bothering with the key, and unbuckled the gag. He tossed it aside and listened as his claimed pet whimpered in pain and distress, working his stiff jaw gingerly. He drank in his misery while he tore into his own wrist. His own cool blood dribbled into his mouth before he held it above Xander’s gasping and panting mouth.

“I said it once, and again I say MINE!” Spike roared.


Xander convulsively swallowed, consciousness was tenuous at best but he heard it the second time Spike said it. He’d hoped, really and truly hoped, that Spike wouldn’t stop. It had seemed like his wish had been granted for a little bit but at the last moment Spike had withdrawn and forced his blood down his throat.

It tasted thick and cool and soothed his parched throat. It tasted… it tasted… over powering. It was heady with power, sending a jolt to his heart. He panicked for a second and wondered if Spike had given up on the human part of a human pet and had instead started to change him into a vampire. He thought about fighting it, he really did, before he decided at least as a vampire he wouldn’t have a soul. He wouldn’t regret anything he was forced to do, then. He’d probably enjoy everything Spike forced on him, so why not?

With his eyes clenched shut he swallowed, welcoming oblivion as it claimed him.

Part Ten

He woke up in the crate again, this time minus the pillow and blanket but plus a stiff neck and uncontrollable shivering. I’m so cold… He wondered if Spike had taken too much blood. He remembered reading about blood loss making you feel cold, and he had been drunk from twice in as many days. The only thing he’d had to eat or drink was a mouthful of vampire blood and while it eased his parched throat and cleared his head he was sure it had no nutritional value.Gotta be running low on red corpuscles, everything’s all spinny and cold and I feel all floppy..

He curled up tighter, feeling tears prick his eyes and tremble to spill down his cheeks while the reality of his situation slowly sank in. He was alive, he knew that that one last hope had been taken away as soon as he woke up. He was alive and dehydrated and oh so very hungry. He’d been violated in front of an audience while he cried and screamed and begged. And now he was bound and claimed to a psychotic vampire who’d earned his nickname from his favored torture-to-death technique.

He looked briefly around the room before he crashed back down on the thin mattress. Floppy. So very very floppy.. Not that there was much to see when he looked around. He was back in Spike’s well appointed room; apparently he’d been brought here after everything had been… completed, and he was still as naked as before. This time though, he was even more naked since he wasn’t wearing the blindfold or gag.

His thoughts were interrupted when the door opened to let in a smirking and satisfied looking Spike carrying a covered tray. The vampire strode leisurely into the room wearing nothing but black denim jeans with the top button undone so it rode low on slim hips. The vampire put the tray down on top of Xander’s cage before sprawling out on his side beside it, stretching languidly. Xander heard his stomach growl and tasted his own sticky blood on his tongue when it snaked out to lick his bleeding and parched lips. He swallowed back a flood of saliva and thought, Finally! Food!

“Have a nice sleep then did we?” He sounded smug. Smug and satisfied. Smug, satisfied and completely at ease as he gazed with open lechery at his caged pet.

Xander looked away, ignoring the warning tsk that Spike gave him for breaking the very first rule. He didn’t care, he was too tired to fight against his body anymore. His eyes drifted closed, lids too heavy to keep open any longer.

“Still tired pet? Poor thing, had a rough night, didn’t you? I’ll let you off this time puppy, but don’t make a habit of it. Now, got your din-dins here an’ you gotta learn the proper rules for it.”

Xander kept his eyes closed, swallowing back another wave of saliva at the mention of food. He tried to hold still, fighting back against whimpers. Food… what’s he gonna make me do for food? Oh god. He’s gonna make this hard for me, I know he is. He’s probably gonna make it so hard for me that I can’t do it, so I may as well not get my hopes up. I’m gonna starve to death or die from dehydration or something, aren’t I? Stupid vampire, with his stupid vampire kinks and stupid vampire urges.

He heard the tray being lifted, something being picked up and rattling against the side of the cage before Spike spoke again. “This is what you get each day. Either finish it on your own durin’ the day or I force what’s left down your throat with a funnel. No pet o’ mine is gonna get sickly from under eating.”

Xander frowned as he listened, wondering at the apparent concern in his captors tone.

“Got way too many plans for you.”

And there’s the open lechery. Of course he doesn’t care. Why would he care? I’m just a toy to him. His stomach growled loudly and he sighed, opening his eyes to see what it was he was supposed to eat. When they finally focused on the contraption attached to the side of the cage he had to rub them in astonishment.

“You want me to what?” Xander exclaimed with a cracked and rough voice, backing up until he was pressed into the bars of his crate. It stared back at him, a mocking, single eye dribbling something brownish in a slow fat drop. The rest of it was a clear cylinder, showing just how much he had left to consume for the day.

Spike smirked down at him, resting his elbows on top of the crate as he squatted beside the feeding device. He ignored the outburst, delighted that there was still so much fire and spark left in the boy. They’da just sold him for fodder, he’d never have survived, never have been treasured and appreciated. He’s such a lucky puppy, so lucky my Dru took a shining to him.

“Yeah pet, that’s right. Either you do it an’ train yourself proper or I ram a funnel down your neck an’ pour it down. It’s all you need, hydration, nutrients, vitamins an’ all that rot Everything a human needs on a daily basis to be healthy an’ safe. Taste is rather bland, what with it being meant for coma patients and all, but it’ll keep you going.” Again that smirk teased his lips while Xander glared balefully at him from his hunched position. “Keep you goin’, so you won’t have any excuses.”

“Why are you doing this?” He tried not to whine, tried to sound strong and sure and confident. Spike saw through it all with ease and let him know it with a cool assessing look. Xander blushed hotly, feeling his face burn at having his bluff so easily seen through.

“Because you’re mine,” came the easy and succinct answer.

“Wh…what?” Xander wracked his brain, trying to understand what exactly Spike could possibly mean.

“That night at the high school you silly whelp, the night m’ Grand Sire gave you to me. Been mine since then, you have. Just waited till now to come an’ collect you. And now that I got you, I ain’t gonna let you go.” He padded from the room on bare feet, a slow smile teasing his lips and left behind a confused and stubborn pet. We’ll see how long he lasts.


The first night, Xander didn’t touch it. He couldn’t bring himself to just… do it, so he didn’t. Part of him hoped Spike had been exaggerating about what he’d do if Xander didn’t eat, but most of him knew it was a hollow hope.

It glared at him, that single eye dripping pale brown drops. The cylinder was full the day was almost done and Spike was due home any moment. He stared back at it, trying to will himself to look away and failing. The pale fleshy looking column was capped by a thick and bulbous mushroom head, the center drilled hollow so the whole thing was like a giant straw. He understood the principle of it, it made sense intellectually, but he sure as hell wasn’t about to see just how right he was.

Spike strode in as dawn was kissing the sky, not that Xander knew that, and took one look at the feeding contraption before stalking towards the cage. Xander cowered away from the door, as far away from the drooling dildo as he could get. The cage door was ripped open and a searching arm thrust inside. Xander slapped ineffectually at the hand, but it grabbed a flailing wrist with ease and dragged him out.

He was strapped down to a wooden chair, secured so tightly the most he could do was flex his toes and fingers. His head was tilted up and strapped back and between his lips and teeth was a long black funnel. Spike really did pour every single drop of left over food down Xander’s throat, ignoring the coughing and struggling and barely tolerated the gasping and gagging. If it wasn’t for the vampire blood that had been forced down his throat during the ceremony it would have just surged out of him again but it stayed down, once more his body betrayed him. When he was finally finished, Xander was unstrapped and lead with bleary and tear blinded eyes to his cage where he was shoved inside again.

This went on for three days.

Three days of being forced to go to the bathroom in his crate, the tray beneath cleaned out by a minion. He was carried into the shower room and hosed down with almost frigid water, then left once more in Spike’s room with his task staring balefully at him. The room was kept at temperatures that while he wouldn’t get ill he also wouldn’t be comfortable, can’t have puppy getting sick now could we?

He tried yelling, swearing, fighting. He made promises and vows and still he was ignored. He spent every day by himself, to contemplate his fate and the ultimatum he’d been given, and when Spike returned from wherever he spent his evenings he was pulled out of his cage for his forced feeding.

On the fourth evening, he finally gave in.

Spike had just closed the door with a soft click, leaving Xander once more alone. Once more alone to ponder his fate. He was covered in bruises, they mottled his skin at ankles and wrists, about his throat and chest. He shuddered silently, reliving his hours of long abandonment, the unspoken promise for distraction and companionship if he’d just eat hung in the air before him. All he had to do was eat, and Spike was forcing him to do it anyways.

At least this way he wouldn’t get any more bruises, and it wouldn’t hurt his throat, and he’d be able to take his time and goddammit! it didn’t mean he was gay!

He crawled forward, eyeing the hollow rubber dildo with distaste and distrust. It looked like such an easy premise, suck the dildo, get the food, yet he knew Spike wouldn’t make things that easy on him. There was a trick, a trap, something that would jump out and bite him or something.

He flicked it with a finger, watching it bob in the air in response, a bead of brownish semi-liquid cereal oozed to the tip before landing with a moist splat on the tray liner beneath his cage.

Look at it this way, I can’t get it off the side of the cage… well… actually… He frowned to himself, looking at how it was attached to the side of the cage. Butterfly nuts, those are easy to undo, and then it won’t be stuck to the cage anymore and then I can- he snorted and hung his head when the reality hit him. Then I can have it fall to the ground to spill and stain the carpet. Knowing Spike he’ll make me suck it clean.

He looked around the room once more, and again came up empty. He had nothing to do all day but look around the empty room and wait for Spike to force feed him. The daily hosing down was also another high point of his day which culminated in darkness when Bleachie slept and he was left alone again to either sleep or stare into the utter darkness until it started staring back.

He knew what was expected of him. He understood the unspoken rule and the promise to end his tedium and solitude if only he’d give in. He also knew being left alone was only part of the punishment… more was coming. Why Spike was waiting was beyond him though, but he could tell he was. It hung in the air, heavy and charged, striking sparks between them when they touched or caught gazes, which was actually fairly often. Spike loved to drink in his face, and since Spike was the only ‘new’ and changing thing in the room Xander couldn’t help but watch.

Xander tried to talk at first, but soon learned his lesson. If he talked in Spike’s presence the vampire just gagged him until his next feeding, and if he talked when Spike wasn’t there the sound of his own voice filling the room sounded alien and startled him. So he said nothing, his babble removed from his arsenal of self denial and it just made everything that much more real.

It was such a small thing, and it would make his life so much easier to give him. No more being dragged out by his… well whatever Spike happened to grab that night, to be tied to that horrid chair and have that funnel shoved down his throat. Oh that would be nice. And it really was such a small tiny thing. Well, okay, it wasn’t tiny or small. It was definitely bigger than his and from what he’d seen his wasn’t that tiny either. Not that he’d seen much. Or looked. Or anything. But he knew he wasn’t small and the dildo was bigger.

He licked the small drop and pressed it down his tongue, tasting it and feeling the texture. This was his first ability to taste the food he’d been forced to ingest and as taste tests go, it was rather tame. It tasted bland, perhaps a bit sweet like plain oatmeal, but very very bland. I can do this… This is something I can do. And it’s really such a small thing, and it will make things so much easier… it will. It really will. I’m not giving up! I’m not! I’m just… choosing my battles. I’m allowed to do that! Aren’t I? An eternity of being alone and cold and force fed… or just take it how it’s offered. I can do it. I can… I can…

He kept trying to convince himself, running an inspirational monologue in his head to urge him to just… do it. Finally he darted a look around and sucked the thick mushroom shaped head past his lips. He curled his lips around the head and gave it a soft suck, and was rewarded by a tiny trickle of food. Xander clenched his eyes shut and sucked harder, biting back a whimper while he slowly filled his mouth with a tepid tasteless load to swallow.

He eventually learned the trick of it, to swallow it further, to run a massaging tongue along the underside to encourage the flow, to milk it with his fists as he sucked and swallowed.

He learned all the best ways to get more and more of the cereal while he nursed throughout the day on the dispenser. He learned how deep he could take it, how long he could suck on one breath, just how agile a babble trained tongue was, and a plethora of other tidbits. It worked wonders to while away the boring hours of his seclusion, giving him something to concentrate on and experiment with, which was probably what Spike had intended in the first place, but Xander didn’t care. It was a distraction that was very welcome during his lonely hours, and he indulged so often and for so long that he was finished well before Spike returned.

When the vampire finally came back at the end of his night doing whatever it was he did and saw the container was not only empty but completely drained dry he snorted and walked to his nightstand to turn on a radio.

Xander’s silence was finally broken. Unfortunately, the same was starting to be true for him.

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