Secret Rendezvous


Part Twenty-Six

"Don't get it, do you? Spike asks, heatedly. He is pacing and smoking, gesturing all the while. Xander stands back and watches. Spike is all movement and billowing leather jacket. It is a wonder to watch him, his crystal blue eyes wide with a sort of madness in them, but hot and penetrating all the same.

"What? What am I not getting? You left. You made the fact that you were pissed quite obvious," Xander says crossing his arms. He does not want Spike to see his pain and hurt. Does not want the vampire to know just how much Xander actually cares for him. That is just a little too bare, too naked. He could get hurt, immensely so, if he shows his emotions. Especially to Spike, since, as of late, he has been the expert in knowing just how to cut Xander and make it bleed for days.

Spike watches Xander, watches the wall build until it is solid. He imagines that if he were to reach out to touch the boy, he would encounter resistance. And for a moment, Spike does just that. He reaches out, staring into Xander's eyes, but stops just short of touching him before his hand drops back to his side. He cannot touch him, not yet, not until Xander knows and understands.

"Do you want to know why I did that? Trashed the bloody place? Left? Spike asks softly.

The tone of Spike's voice makes Xander hesitate. Does he want to know? He is not sure and cannot bring himself to look into those crystal blue eyes. Xander is afraid of what he might see there. Hatred, loathing...pity? He does not want to know - could not stand it if those are there. Suddenly, he feels tears prickle behind his eyes and he closes them, not wanting Spike to see the unshed tears shining in his eyes.

"No," Xander says, his voice shaking. "I don't want to know." He does not, he really does not. Xander cannot handle it any more and turns angry tear filled eyes upon Spike. "Don't give me your pity Spike. I don't want that. I want to know why. Why did you...why?"

Schooling his face, Spike tries to not show pity, not show any emotion. He lets the human be the one to rage and scream now. "Haven't figured it out yet? Spike asks calmly.

"Just fucking tell me! Quit with the games. I don't want to play. And I don't want to hear the excuse that you're a vampire and evil, because I got to tell you, get's old after a while."

Xander's anger fuels Spike's and he gets right up on Xander, almost eye to eye.

"Because I sodding love you, you twit," Spike says softly with barely controlled rage. His eyes glitter between blue and gold in the moonlight. He fights with his demon who wants nothing more then to take the boy and show him whom he belongs to, claim him, and take him. However, Spike holds back, taut like a bow fit to break.

Part Twenty-Seven

Xander breaks the tension, walking quickly up to Spike, grabbing his head, and kissing him with a deep, delving tongue. Spike moans, wrapping his arms around the boy.

"Love you too," Xander says, panting heavily. His eyes go wide, realizing what he said, but at the same time, he realizes he means it. He does love Spike. Has loved Spike, but was just too afraid to admit it.

They kiss and feel, soft little murmurs of 'yes' and 'please'. They reacquaint themselves with each other, finding what feels best, what hurts in the right ways, what they want for and from each other.

Moans ring through the night as Spike enters Xander. They stay locked, Spike looking down at his boy, because Xander is his now. He will not let go, not again. Learned his lesson once. No matter how hard Xander shoves, Spike will not back down, will not be pushed away.

"Love you, Spike," Xander says, open mouthed and heavy lidded, trying to get Spike to move inside of him.

"Always," Spike says, sliding slowly in and out of him. His movements are languid and soft, hitting the pleasure spots he knows from experience, learning which earn him a moan or a gasp.

They make love on the lawn like that, heedless of the three women watching from an upstairs bedroom window. Quickly Tara pulls Dawn away as she gasps. Willow smiles and draws the curtains, taking Dawn back to their dorm room. She knows Xander and Spike will be all right now.

The End

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