Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, they are owned by Joss and Co.
Summary: Written for [info]willowschild – BTVS Halloween. Spike and Xander go trick-or-treating. Xander gets something that is better then candy, but what could that be?

Better Than Candy


“I don’t get it, Pet,” Spike said, walking beside Xander through the child-filled streets. “What’s so fun ‘bout this?”

Xander looked over at Spike and couldn’t help but lick his lips. He’d begged, no pleaded, with Spike to dress up. He’d complained as always, saying that it wasn’t proper for vampires to go out on Halloween. Xander had just rolled his eyes before rolling Spike’s balls in his mouth. After that, Spike capitulated amongst pleas and groans for more, for anything that would promise more.

So, Spike had grudgingly dressed up under the threat of no sex for a week. That was longer than the vampire thought anyone should wait, especially with the young morsel at his side. It had taken them days to find something that Spike thought was suitable. He’d even repierced his ears and eyebrow.

“It’s Halloween. Free candy. What’s not fun about this,” Xander said, taking a moment to pull Spike in for a kiss.

Xander couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of Spike. It had to be the costume, though, it looked more like everyday wear on Spike. Punk. Pure punk, and Xander would be damned – and is – if it didn’t look delicious on the vampire. Leather, tighter then anyone should legally be allowed to wear it, black eyeliner, piercings…it was enough for Xander to think about foregoing the Trick or Treating – almost. Free candy was not to be taken lightly.

“You just wanted to see me trussed up like this. Should’ve never told you ‘bout that time,” Spike said, scratching his eyebrow. It had healed not long after he’d pierced it, but now it was irritating.

“You’ll get something for the trouble,” Xander said suggestively.

“That so?”

“That’s so. Promised, didn’t I? Besides, it’ll be worth it.”

“Better be,” Spike said under his breath. It wasn’t fair, though Spike couldn’t help but notice how good the leather pants looked on Xander. He had dressed up in just the leather pants, boots, and black eyeliner to match Spike’s. The vest hadn’t looked good at all on the broader man. His hand snaked back behind the human, running a finger or two down the well defined crack and eliciting a sharp intake of breath and a fresh wave of arousal from Xander.

“Spike,” Xander said, a warning in his voice, “Keep this up and we won’t even make it to the first house.”

“I know,” Spike said, smiling lethally. Xander groaned.

Seeing Xander capitulate, Spike dragged him through the streets to a wooded area. Kids ran by, just feet away and Xander’s eyes went wide with realization.

“We can’t do it here, Spike!”

“Why not? Could take you out in the middle of the street if you like, Luv, but I didn’t think you’d like it.”

“But – but- kids…feet away. Not good,” Xander said, trying to concentrate on his argument, but it was hard with Spike licking and sucking on his nipples.

“Be quiet then,” Spike said simply.

“Trust you to – Guh – think like that,” Xander said, stifling a moan in Spike's shoulder as a cool hand unbuttoned the leather pants, grabbing his erection firmly.

“Priorities, all about what’s at the top,” Spike said, slipping gracefully to his knees.

Xander leaned back against the tree, biting his lip as Spike’s cool tongue darted out to lick the pre-cum that had already started to form on the head of Xander’s swollen cock. Spike slowly slid Xander into his mouth, working his tongue around the shaft until it hit the back of Spike’s throat and he swallowed.

Crying out, Xander bucked into Spike’s mouth.

“Shh, Pet,” Spike said after pulling Xander out of his mouth. “The kiddies.”

Xander wanted to swat at Spike but at that moment, the vampire had pulled a small bottle of lube from somewhere on his person. Xander didn’t have time to ask how he had managed to hide it in those tight clothes because Spike had turned him around, pulling his pants to the ground, and bent him over.

“Hold on,” Spike said, slicking his fingers and pushing two into Xander before he actually had time to brace himself.

“Spike,” Xander cried out. Those skilled fingers found their way quickly to Xander’s prostate, scraping along it. In no time he was babbling mindlessly, begging for Spike to take him.

“What is it, Luv?” Spike asked in a sickly sweet voice, “What do you need?”

“Need you! God Spike I need you,” Xander said, pushing back on the fingers that were still knuckle deep inside of him. A third finger was added, stretching him, giving him a wonderful burning sensation that he knew would only get better. He whimpered when the fingers withdrew and turned his head to look over his shoulder.

He watched as Spike spread the lube over his own erection, pulling, watching his boy. Spike knew that Xander was crazed with need. He could smell it on the air, could see it in Xander’s eyes. He couldn’t wait any longer. Spike bent over Xander and laid a kiss on those soft, full lips before pushing into the tight hole.

Swallowing Xander’s cry of pleasure and pain, Spike kissed him, holding still and sheathed within the tight, hot body, waiting for Xander to signal he was ready.

“Please, Spike. Now. Fuck me, take me, love me,” Xander said into Spike’s lips, pushing back on him.

That was all the encouragement Spike needed. He laid one last kiss on his boy’s lips before pulling back and pulling out of him. He stayed like that for just a second before thrusting back into Xander, causing them both to cry out with the pleasure of it all.

Moans and cries of pleasure could be heard ringing through the night, but no one paid attention. They thought it all part of the night. The two lovers were oblivious to anyone around them but themselves.

Spike was close, could feel himself on that edge of oblivion, but didn’t want to cross over without his love. Reaching around, Spike grabbed a hold of Xander and pulled in time with his thrusts. Fangs came down and Spike howled his release and Xander cried out his.

They stayed in that position, panting, coming down from the euphoria of the moment.

Finally, Spike broke the silence and said, “Better then any bloody candy.”

“Oh yeah,” Xander said.

The End

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