Rating: G
Notes: Written for [info]ladycat777. Just because.

Summary: Xander wishes for the world to be as it's supposed to be.

How it Ends

Nasty Shrew

It isn’t an accident. It isn’t a slip of the tongue or a spiteful shot of sound uttered to the wrong person. The words were meant to be there. The words were meant to fall on the ears of a demon eager to meet its quota.

‘I wish’.

It isn’t a mistake. He knows these words, how dangerous they can be. But he’s been pushed far enough, hard enough, to know that this is the only way. God knows he’s looked for another, searched books and consulted oracles from the deepest parts of the earth. There’s no other way.

It isn’t right, it never will be. This is shifting across the edges of evil. He will do this, regardless. He’s a man now and the world has been awash in grey since his vision. Since he saw how the world would crumble, how man would be tested and how he would fall.

Xander sips his drink and says those words deliberately, though his hands are shaking around his glass.

“I wish Spike had fallen in love with Buffy instead of me.”

Now Spike will save the slayer from herself instead of helping to destroy her by leading her boy away from Sunnydale. He’ll burn for the world instead of laughing by the ocean. He’ll play the role he was destined to play, one in which Xander will be cast to the wayside. Spike will save the world, but he won’t save Xander. It’s a sacrifice that has to be made.

The demon blinks, its skin pulling back from its teeth.


Xander’s words will bend the world, pull it sideways, and lives will be unwound.

He can only hope it will be for the better.

The End

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