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Watcher Kink


"Spike, are you sure you want me to do this?"

Spike gave a short nod, looking decidedly disgruntled.

"'Cause if you're not sure, I have no problem not doing it. Trust me, no-problem-guy here, guy with not a one problem not talking to Giles about this."

His efforts at casual and accepting earned him a hard glare from the vampire.

"This is bad enough as it is Xan, you don't have to make me think about it this much! Go ask."

"Okay, okay, don't get your panties in a bunch." Xander raised his hands, taking a couple of steps back before turning around to knock on Giles' door. He looked back at Spike, "Are you going to come in with..." Seeing no vampire behind him, Xander rolled his eyes and finished his sentence, "me? I'll take that as a 'no' then."

"Talking to yourself?"

The amused tones of Giles' voice snapped Xander's attention back to the doorway.

"Erm...no, I thought...never mind."

Xander smiled nervously and gestured for them to go inside Giles’ apartment. He'd been feeling oddly calm about this but now that the time had come to talk to Giles he couldn't seem to find the words.

"Of course." Giles smiled that little amused smile he had that used to make Xander's insides tingle back in high school and stepped aside, allowing Xander to precede him.

"See Giles, it's like this," Xander started as soon as he stepped inside, "Spike and me, well, more Spike than me...actually it's just Spike. So. Just Spike has this thing and usually I have no problems keeping him happy with the thing. I mean, it's not like I mind, I have nothing against the thing!" Xander stopped pacing and shook his head emphatically to show how little he minded the thing, "I would even say that I like the thing too. It's a fun thing. But the thing is, Spike has a very specific idea for the thing and I can't do that because I don't have the right quality for the specific thing. Which is where you come in. We need your help and I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy it, even though I shouldn't assume ‘cause you might not but I kinda thought you would. So what do you think? You can say 'no', you know that right?"

Xander looked on expectantly as Giles blinked, removed his glasses, frowned down at them, blinked again and put his glasses back on.

"I'm fairly sure I didn't understand a single word you said."

Xander sighed and started over, "Spike has a thing..." Suddenly there was a hand over his mouth and Giles was glaring at him.

"Do not start with the thing again Xander. Or rather, please explain what 'the thing' is. Small sentences please!" Giles added just as Xander opened his mouth to launch into an explanation.

Xander blushed and looked down at his feet, shifting nervously from one foot to the other.


He looked up through his lashes, watching as Giles decrypted his mumble. As he watched, Giles' eyes widened, the glasses came off and the furious polishing started.

"Xander...are you saying that Spike wants t-to have s-sex with me?"

"Hell no!" Xander exclaimed, "Like I'd ever let him fuck someone he wants to fuck!" A shocked second later, Xander blushed furiously. Saying 'fuck' in front of your whatever-Giles-was was weird.

"Then what, may I ask, is all this about?" Giles asked, putting his glasses back on.

"Spike wants a watcher to erm...do him," Xander explained, feeling the heat in his cheeks intensify, "You're the only one we know and trust so you're it. It's not you personally, I don't think I could deal if it was." At the mere thought that Spike could want someone else, Xander felt lost for a moment, a shiver working down his spine.

"So Spike has a-a watcher kink."

Xander nodded, rocking backwards and forwards on his feet.

"And you both want me to ahem...satisfy it."

Another nod, this time accompanied with yet another fierce blush.

"Xander...I'm not sure I like this."

"It's only for one time Giles! Spike's been driving me crazy wanting this and I promise we'll all forget it ever happened after. Well, I will ‘cause it'd be squicky to think of you like that." Giles raised an eyebrow and Xander's eyes widened as he realized what he said. "Not that you're not a very attractive man, I even had a crush on you in high school but I was all repressy then and now you're whatever-you-are to me like in the family zone and it'd be weird, like thinking about sexed up Willow and oh God now I have to bleach my brain."

Xander turned towards the wall and knocked his forehead on it.

"Very well. As long as you promise never to speak of it again I shall comply."

"You will?"

"Do not let me think about it too much Xander, I may change my mind."

"No! No thinking. You just stay here, have your tea and I'll be back with Spike in a moment. Don't move and don't think!" Xander waved his finger at Giles and ran out the door as fast as he could.

"Spike! Spike, get your ass back here, he said 'yes'!"

As quickly as he'd disappeared Spike was back at his side and Xander had to laugh at his lover's attempt at casual.

"Put that look away, Spike, it won't work on me."

"Yeah, yeah, let's get this show on the road," Spike grumbled but Xander paid no attention to the tone as the blond practically bounced into the apartment.

Xander followed Spike back in, fighting back the urge to tease him about the bounce. The moment he stepped in, Giles handed them each a glass of whiskey. Spike immediately gulped his down and looked at Giles impatiently.

"Well? Are we gonna do this or what?"

"Perhaps I should start by ordering you to remain silent until I give you permission to speak," Giles snapped, "Go upstairs and present yourself, vampire."

Xander gasped at the sudden transformation from mild mannered librarian to in-control watcher with a capital W. He looked wide-eyed at Spike, expecting at the very least a growl. What he got instead was a small nod in Giles' direction and a swift retreat up the stairs. He turned to Giles to find him looking right back.

"Come witness how a true Watcher treats a beast, Alexander," Giles said and moved towards the stairs, leaving Xander to follow.

By the time Xander walked into Giles' bedroom, Spike was naked and on his knees on the floor, with Giles walking slowly around him.

"This, Alexander, is William the Bloody, otherwise known as Spike, a feared member of the Scourge of Europe. He likes to call himself Slayer of Slayers," Giles sneered, grabbing hold of Spike's hair and pulling his head up, forcing him to look towards Xander. "Pretty, isn't he? Such a fine animal. Would you like to have a taste, Alexander? Try him out?"

As he talked, Giles' other hand moved down, tracing Spike's throat then wandering further to tweak a nipple. Spike moaned and pushed into the hand, earning himself a vicious tug on his hair.

"See how he likes it, Alexander? Vampires do not care who they rut with, they just want the pleasure, the pain."

Xander shivered at Giles' tone, all calm and serene, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

"Xander? Are you sure you can do this?"

The return of the Giles he knew and cared for calmed him a little, as he took in the worried looks both his lover and friend were sporting.

"Yeah, just...freaked out a bit there. Don't stop."

A nod and the cool, controlled watcher was back.

"Vampires need discipline, Alexander. Their clans are ruled by their master with an iron fist," Another vicious tug at Spike's hair, pulling his head back so that his body resembled a bow, trembling slightly with the effort to keep still, "They need to be shown who the master is. William here," Giles placed a finger in front of Spike's mouth, and Xander had to hold back a moan as Spike immediately took it in, suckling it strongly, "has been taught that in this clan, he is the lowest member. It took me years to…convince him but he finally understood his position."

Xander stepped forward, reaching out to touch Spike's mouth as it closed tightly around Giles' finger. Giles immediately withdrew the digit and suddenly Spike was taking Xander's own finger inside his mouth, tongue swirling around it as he sucked in deep.

"God, Giles, he's so..."

"Perfectly trained, my boy. You wish to see what he is truly able to do?"

Giles voice held nothing more than mild curiosity, and Xander felt like the young watcher he seemed to have been cast as.

"Yes, yes please."

"Very well then. William, you shall undress young Alexander here, and show him what that lovely mouth of yours can do."

Xander stayed still as Spike reached for him with trembling fingers and started slowly removing his clothes. Spike had done this act so many times before but never with such deference. Instead of being torn away as usual, his clothes were carefully removed and folded before Spike gently placed them on a nearby chair, the blond's eyes never meeting his own.

Apparently thinking that Spike was nowhere near fast enough, Giles put his hands flat on Spike's shoulders and pushed him down until he was once again kneeling in front of Xander.

Xander looked up, into Giles eyes, noticing how they seemed flatter, less sparkly than usual. His thoughts were interrupted when a cool mouth wrapped around his dick and his hands immediately came to rest on Spike's head, tangling in his hair.

"Keep your eyes open, Alexander. Look at me."

Half-closed eyes snapped back open just as Spike took all of him in, sucking and licking along the way.

"Have you ever had someone so powerful, so strong kneel to you, Alexander? William the Bloody is on his knees before you, servicing you like a small time prostitute. Yours to play with, yours to fuck, yours to use."

Caught up in those green eyes, Xander pushed hard inside Spike's mouth, his hands tightening into fists around the blond's hair. A small whimper from Spike and Xander was back to reality, pulling back immediately. He looked down but all he could see on Spike's face was pleasure.

"Don't worry so Alexander. It's not like the beast needs to breathe after all."

Giles' voice came from behind Xander. Before he could react, he felt Giles press his body against Xander’s back, warm hands tangling with his own in Spike's hair.

"You can sink into that mouth and hold him there for as long as you want." Giles spoke right next to Xander's ear as he used his hips to push Xander forward, his hands holding Spike's head steady. "Just like that, feel how he swallows around you? See how his eyes light up? The little beast loves being used." Another push with his hips and Xander slid in just a little bit more.

Xander could feel Giles hard against his ass, pushing against him, guiding his cock in and out of Spike's mouth. He was close to coming, ass pressed hard against Giles' erection then forward to push deeper into the cool wetness.

"William, get on the bed."

"No," Xander groaned, reaching out to hold the swiftly retreating blond. He had no idea what Giles was doing until he felt a sharp slap against his ass. Xander tried to turn around, but Giles had a hand clamped hard around his cock forcing him to stay still.

"You must realize your own position in this group, Alexander," Giles whispered in his ear, smacking his ass hard. By the fifth slap, Xander was near coming again, begging Giles to please just let him.

"Do you want to fuck him? Or would you rather he used this lovely cock on you."

At first Xander thought the words were directed at him, but as he looked to Spike, checking out his position, spread eagled on the bed, the blond replied in his stead.

"Whatever you wish, master."

Soft tones, clear accent, nothing in his eyes but obedience...Xander could barely recognise his own Spike in the stranger lounging on the bed. That wasn't near as surprising as the orgasm slamming through him at the mere thought of this stranger fucking him.

"I suppose that decides it for us," Giles remarked, "Get on the bed Alexander. William will position you as you must be."

Xander climbed on the bed, expecting Spike…no, not Spike, William the Bloody, Watcher’s pet. Expectations changed and were met as William followed Giles’ directions and positioned Xander on his back, knees raised up to his chest.

“Hold yourself open Alexander, give the beast room to work. He’s really quite talented at this.”

Spike seemed pleased by the praise, smiling proudly as he bent towards Xander. Seeing nothing but eagerness in Spike’s face, Xander finally allowed himself to sink into the fantasy.

William stopped, millimetres away from Xander’s skin, waiting for Giles’ permission before sliding his finger inside. Alexander clenched around the invading digit, eyes trained on William. He may be tame but he was still a beast and Alexander had been trained to be wary around his kind.

“Relax, my boy. The vampire has been fully trained and he is very obedient.” Giles approached the bed, reaching out to pet William’s hair. “I believe it’s time for more, William.”

Alexander gasped as a second finger was pushed inside him. It felt strange and kind of painful and he was on the verge of calling the whole thing off, career be damned. He opened his mouth to voice his objections when the vampire did something with his fingers and a shock of pleasure shivered through him. He blocked out Giles’ delighted laughter at his reaction and pushed his body down trying to recapture that feeling.

“Very good, William, get him nice and ready for you.”

Three fingers pushed in. Alexander’s eyes snapped open at the burn, landing on Giles’ face. The watcher was staring down at William’s fingers, watching them sink in and out, an expression of pure lust in his eyes.

“Enough William, I wish to see you fuck the boy.”

Alexander tried to protest. The thought of being under a vampire was repugnant and wrong, but before he had time to move, the beast had reared up and slammed inside him. Alexander turned his head to the side, away from those unblinking yellow eyes, level with his face now and staring at him.

“You don’t wish to see the beast that is inside you, Alexander?”

Alexander shook his head, carefully not facing the vampire.

“And yet, you left your neck wide open for his mark. A watcher watches, Alexander. Never forget that, no matter the situation you must look the vampire in the eye.”

Alexander immediately turned back, his breath catching in his chest as he once again faced the beast. William smiled down at him and on Giles’ command started moving inside him, making him whimper and clench.

“That’s it boy, relax, let my William make you feel good. Vampires take their pleasure wherever they can find it, nature’s sluts, and he has been taught, he only receives pleasure if he offers it.”

Just then, William’s cock brushed against Alexander’s prostate, forcing a moan out of him. Alexander could swear that the beast’s eyes took a smug hue as the movement was repeated, making him moan again.

“Yes, such a good boy, let the beast give you pleasure,” Giles murmured. Alexander’s eyes moved to him, watching as Giles reached out to touch him a second before he felt a finger trace his hole, around the vampire’s cock. He shivered, pushing down to get more of that sensation, impaling himself harder on William.

He heard Giles laughed delightedly at his reaction and shivered once more, this time with apprehension. The head watcher was rather scary in his joy in watching the beast fuck a colleague. Just then William slammed forward hard, bringing Alexander’s attention back to him.

“Please…” Alexander gasped as his whole body rocked with the force of the vampire’s thrusts. His only reply was a growl as William sped up, still looking right into Alexander’s eyes.

Moments later William’s pace faltered and a low moan left his throat. He pressed hard against Alexander, face merely millimetres from his own. For the first time since they’d gotten on the bed, the vampire’s eyes were closed, his ridges standing out now that there was no golden gaze to grab the attention.

Alexander was so distracted by the new sensations, he didn’t realized what had caused this strange reaction until Giles spoke, his voice near Alexander’s ear.

“He so loves being buggered, such a little slut really.”

Alexander turned towards the voice and saw Giles leaning over the vampire, using his weight to push him down onto Alexander. Every move Giles made pushed the beast harder onto Alexander, thrust him deeper inside. William started growling, the sound gradually growing stronger as Giles sped up his movements.

“See how much he likes it?” Giles whispered after an especially hard thrust made William gasp.

Alexander nodded, looking at the vampire’s face as if hypnotized by the expressions flowing through it. He shuddered and moaned himself as Giles’ hard thrusts forced the vampire’s cock deeper inside him.

“Please…more…” he begged, arching his body, trying to feel more. Giles laughed and Alexander felt a warm hand pushing between him and the beast, wrapping around his cock. The added stimulation was enough to send him flying, his body freezing as he came into Giles’ fist. Moments later the two bodies above him slumped down, trapping him under them.

“One thing you must always remember Alexander, a Watcher doesn’t just watch, he also does.”

Alexander nodded, his eyes still trained on the beast, now purring contentently against his chest.

“Alexander, look at me.”

He obeyed the intstructions, tension leaving his body as Giles grinned at him and winked, returning to his normal self. “I shall help you train your own little whore,” he said, still using his watcher voice. “Perhaps another member of the Scourge. You’re a talented boy…you might benefit from training Angelus himself.”

“Bloody hell, no!” Spike erupted, turning to glower at Giles.

“Don’t worry Spike, I wouldn’t touch him with someone else’s dick,” Xander said, lips twitching minutely.

“You better not.”

Giles giggled as he climbed out of bed and put on his robe.

“So…” Xander started, trailing off uncertainly, “…now what?” he added after a moment’s thought.

“Now you take your vampire home and we never speak of this again,” Giles replied, his words softened by the smile still playing on his lips. “Just the one time, like we agreed.”

Xander smiled back and quickly hustled his half-asleep vampire into his clothes. Giles escorted them to the door, where Xander stopped to give Giles a hug.

“Thanks Giles,” he said and stepped back. He waited a moment for Spike to speak before thumping him on the head.

“Yeah, thanks Giles,” Spike promptly repeated, yawning out the last word.

“Oh trust me when I say, it was my pleasure,” Giles smirked as he closed the door.

The End

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