Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Spike's plan goes awry.  Hot Spandery sex ensues in this ficlet.
Characters: Not ours, Joss' – we're just playin' with 'em

Spike's Plan No. 1034


Virtual Personal

Spike pushed Xander inside the smokey club. "Come on, nothing to be a 'fraid of."

"I'm not afraid," Xander muttered. He stumbled as he went through the door and turned to glare at Spike.

"I can smell the fear. Plus you're trembling... that's quite the tip off. Come on, front and center. Let's get a few drinks into you and then..." Spike's gaze slid to the stage where several women were making hardcore love to poles. "You'll play one... a pole I mean."

Xander followed Spike's gaze and gulped. There were women. Half-naked women. Half-naked women doing stuff that he hadn't seen since Anya had decided to learn how do a strip-tease. Which reminded him..."I don't think this is such a good idea."

"You're right, it's not a good idea, it's a bloody fabulous idea," Spike tugged him along, then all but shoved him into a seat . From here, they had a good view of the stage, and were accessible for lap dances. "Look at her... quite clear why she's called a cock - tail, yeah? Cause mine's wagging, and it's not a drink I'm thinking of." He rubbed Xander's neck a few times, trying to relax him. "Come on... lean back and enjoy it." It was time for the boy to get back on the bicycle seat.

"Uh-huh..." Xander murmured. He followed Spike's directions and leaned back, enjoying the impromptu massage. There was some wagging going on in his own trousers. His eyes started to drift closed...

"Harris, you git!" Spike smacked him on the side of his head. "You can't watch wth your bloody eyes closed. The entrance wasn't free so you'd best make sure to get my money's worth."

When a cocktail waitress approached, Spike motioned for her to give Xander a treat. The twenty that he slipped across the table went a long way in getting her cooperation.

Xander's eyes snapped open and he glanced guiltily at Spike before focusing on the stage.

"Spike I'm telling you this is not a good idea," he started to say. The sentence ended in a yelp when suddenly there was some woman rubbing herself on him!

Thrusting her double D breasts, held back by a too small bra, into his face, she blew into Xander's ear. "What can I get you sweety? An orgasm? A screw-?"

"Erm...hi, can I have a whiskey?" he asked, pulling his head back as far as he could, "Neat," he added, as the breasts seemed to follow him. "Now!" he yelped, awkwardly grabbing her hips to push her away.

"He's all worked up," Spike offered. "Brought him here to relax a bit. Come on Harris... go with it. Do it for me?"

"Do it for the girls," the waitress said in a smokey voice, undoing her bra and letting it fall into Xander's lap.

Xander glared at Spike, ready to yell at him for being so...Spike-like but then the waitress did something and there were breasts! Naked breasts all over the place and little Xander was all quiet, not even a twitch could be felt!

"Now that ought to get a rise out of you," Spike said, leaning forward. It certainly got a rise out of him.

"I don't...I mean I can't," Xander stammered, looking from the breasts (they were naked! and there!) to Spike and back again. Spike chose that moment to smirk and oh there was a reaction, maybe he could fake it through this.

Spike was enjoying the waitresses teasing almost as much as Xander. "Straddle him," he snapped, pushing another twenty across to her. "Make it good."

"Anything you want, lover." The girl raised a long leg up over Xander's head, then brought it down so she was straddling him. Her hips gyrated a few inches above him, as she leaned back and allowed the blond a better view of her breasts.

A curse escaped Spike, who licked his lips. "More... contact." Additional bills exchanged hands and the girl whipped her head up. As her long hair spread around her shoulders, she slammed herself into Xander, and gyrated back and forth. "That's it baby... that's it," she bit her lip and started to make little sounds.

Any interest there my have been died when the woman plopped on his lap. When she started moving, Xander was sure there was actual shrivelling. He tried to stay as calm as possible but then she was moaning! "Look," he said awkwardly, trying to shift away from the gyrating. He lifted his hands up and to the sides, trying not to touch her anywhere. "This is propably not a good idea," he continued, tilting his head to the side just as she snapped her chest forward and right in his face. There were breasts on his face and her hair managed to snap right into his eyes and he hated every single moment of it. "Will you just stop it!"

"Wrong time to panic boy. Turn around, I think he's overwhelmed by your charms," Spike suggested.

One acrobatic move later, she was pressing her rounded ass against Xander, rubbing it up his chest and down to his groin.

"That's it... that's right..." Spike didn't even realize he had gotten so pulled into the little scene that he was begging them to continue, same as he would if she'd been in bed with him. "Oh yeah...."

With the woman's hair out of his eyes, Xander could see how turned on Spike was from the whole thing. Spike's eyes were trained on them and Xander couldn't help but be instantly hard. He was transfixed for a moment, staring at Spike, growing harder at the blond's encouragement to continue. The second time Spike's eyes flickered to his and then back to the woman, Xander knew he had to do something before he got caught for sure. Time to cut this thing short before he really embarrassed himself.

"If you like her so much you can have her," he snapped and pushed the woman off his lap and onto Spike's. "I'm leaving."


Spike had been shocked by Xander's sudden insistance on leaving. The boy was aroused, Spike knew this for a fact. But why ... bah, there was no explaining Xander Harris... no use trying. But he had looked sweet and on the verge of losing control for a few minutes... Spike wondered what he'd look like when he did lose it.

After he'd knocked back a few drinks, he'd decided to head back to Xander's apartment. He'd become fast friends with the couch, and it was better than some other places he'd stayed.

Quietly, he opened the front door, then stood stock still as rythmic sounds coming from the bedroom washed over him.

Xander lay on his bed, hand wrapped around his cock and moving fast as picture after picture ran through his mind. Spike's eyes tracking the stripper's movements. His movements sped up as the stripper was mentally removed from the picture and Spike was looking at Xander instead, licking his lips the same way he had at the club. Spike's voice as he urged her to go on. He moaned, tightening his fist, as his own name fell from Spike's lips. He could practically hear the blond encouraging him to go faster, move in just the right way.

Making sure his footfalls were not heard, Spike entered the bedroom. Without lights to warn the boy, and as deep as he was into pleasuring himself, it was no wonder he didn't realize he had company.

Spike watched him for a while... getting hard, and very curious. So curious, he couldn't help himself ... Getting down on his knees next to the bed, he whispered into Xander's ear. "What are you imagining? Tell me..." Seeing the shock in Xander's reaction - releasing himself, Spike moved his own hand around Xander's now free cock. "No one here but us men, tell me," he said, voice dropping down an octave as he concentrated on pleasuring Xander in such a way that the boy would have to either give him his thoughts or risk losing this.

The shocked scream quickly turned into a moan as Spike's voice washed over him. Spike knew just the right way to move, driving all thought away but one. Xander spread his legs wider, arching his hips into the blond's hand.

"Oh God, don't stop."

"Tell me." Spike smirked, "everything's got a price, yeah?" He desperately wanted to know how Xander was mentally doing the cocktail waitress, or the strippers. "Tell me who you're fucking... how you're fucking," he growled, running his calloused palm over Xander's tip, before going back to sliding his fist up and down the boy's now thick and hard shaft.

"Keep talking...oh fuck..." A clever press of Spike's thumb just there and his plea was cut short.

Xander bit his lip, hands clenched into fists at his sides. He was so close, so damn close and Spike's voice would push him over the edge if only he would go on.

"Have it your way, Harris." Spike stopped moving his hand, and just held Xander's cock captive, felt it twitch, felt Xander move restlessly under his hand. "If you can't multi-task, gonna have to tell me before I help you shoot bullets all the way across the room. Come on... you were saying don't stop... don't stop..."

"No, no, you can't stop. Your voice...oh fuck your voice, you have to keep talking. Got so hard just listening to you talk, you can't stop now!" Xander babbled away, not caring what he said so long as he had Spike's hand on him again, Spike's voice in his ears. He grabbed at Spike's hand trying to force him to move.

Spike rose, and looked down at Xander, trying to get through to him. "Bloody fucking tell me who you're doing and I'll get you there." One stroke... just a taste, one pass of his palm over Xander's tip... one carress of his thumb, right underneath the head of Xander's cock. He wanted it ... the boy wanted it bad, and Spike wanted to give it to him almost as badly.

"You!" Xander finally burst out. A moment later, the meaning of his words struck him. He'd begged Spike to touch him and then..."Oh God," he moaned, the sound miserable instead of aroused. He started to move back, intent on hiding until this all went away.

"Me?!" Spike had expected Xander to lie and claim he was only kissing someone, and to demand the truth. But abrupt and raw as Xander's answer was, the vampire knew the truth. "Don't move away," he snapped, tired of the boy's silliness. First with the cocktail waitress, and now with him.

Wrapping his fingers back around Xander's cock, he moved it up and down. "Relax. Fuck my hand... fuck it harder, that's it..." Spike found himself pressing his own cock against the side of the bed as he slowly pushed Xander to that state he'd wanted to see him in.

Xander's brain might have taken a moment to process the difference from the expected rebuff to the reality of Spike's hand on him but his body caught on fast, obeying Spike's order to the letter. His hand grabbed hold of Spike's wrist, holding on for dear life as he was pushed higher and higher. "Keep talking," he breathed and closed his eyes to better enjoy the low thrum of Spike's voice.

The other shoe dropped, and Spike was now aware of another hot button. Leaning over him, he spoke close to his ear, never taking his gaze off the boy's features. Eyes closed tight... probably imagining Spike fucking him, soft breaths that caught and went harsh ... labored... fingers dug into his wrist, pleading with him. "That's it, oh yeah, fuck... harder... that's it...." When Xander threw his head back, Spike bit down on his lip. "Don't hold back... shout my name... come on..."

So close...he was so close, just one more word, one more touch should do it. "Fuck...Spike please," he moaned. His muscled clenched, holding him up as he hovered over the brink.

"Yeah... I'm here... I'm here... come on, fuck harder, that's it, come for me... fuck me..." The urge to lay down on top of Xander came as a surprise. Another time, maybe. "Harder!" he ordered, instinctively knowing the command was what the boy needed.

Just like that, Xander was finally there, his hand tightening around Spike's wrist as he came. He slumped back on the bed, shivering every few moments. A soft sound came from his right and he felt Spike lean forward, hair touching Xander's thigh as the blond rested his head on the bed.

"Did you?" Xander asked, gesturing.

"No," Spike answered thickly, his voice coming from the back of his throat. "Was more interested in seeing you." The admission was followed by a trail of hot kisses down the side of Xander's leg. "I do need a smoke, though."

"Ashtray's on the balcony. Blood's in the fridge," Xander said. He watched, mildly confused as Spike got up and headed for the bedroom door. "Get me a beer while you're at it?" he asked.

"You put the telly on, then," giving him an enigmatic look, Spike disappeared from the room. Maybe he'd spend the night on a soft mattress instead of the couch.

Xander just sat there for a moment. His dramatic revelation of lusty feelings for Spike had been met with orgasm and now beer and television. Huh... He wondered if he should be freaking out or something.

"Nah," he said to himself, grabbing a pair of sweatpants and following Spike out of the room.

The End

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