Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: One of Willow’s potions meets with Xander and he thinks he’s a dog and that Spike’s his Master.
Disclaimer: I didn't make them up. I wish I did but I didn't. I do get to play with them sometimes though, and I say 'play' because I don't get any money out of it so it cannot in any way be described as 'work'.
Author's Notes:
I killed Anya before she got to Xander and conveniently disposed of the body somewhere were no one would find it. ::evil laugh::
Written for the Choose Your Own Author Ficathon.

A Puppy is Forever


Part One

Wherein Xander wags his tail.

Spike walked into the Magic Shop to find a scene of seeming chaos and disarray. Willow, Buffy and Dawn where kneeling on the floor around the research table talking to it in calming soothing tones while the table alternated between whimpering and growling at them.

Before Spike even had a chance to question either the scene or his sanity, he was thrown on the floor and his face was being enthusiastically licked. He lay there for a moment, too stunned to do anything. The blond could hear the girls gasp and shout in surprise and he pushed his assailant back, holding him far enough away to see his face.

To Spike’s great surprise the person he was holding back was Xander Harris. Xander I-hate-your-undead-guts Harris, who was, at this very moment, wriggling happily and trying to reach Spike’s face with his tongue. Gritting his teeth, Spike frowned at the girls. He took in Buffy and Dawn’s worried expressions and Willow’s guilty one and glared at all three.

“Will someone tell me what the bloody fuck is going on?” He demanded, struggling to hold a squirming Xander off his face.

Staring at her friend, who was still persistently trying to lick Spike’s face, Buffy answered dazedly. “It’s a long story.”

Dawn rolled her eyes, pointed at Xander and said, “Got mojoed.”

Buffy gave her sister a resigned look. “Apparently not that long.” She mumbled.

Spike turned to Willow and glared accusingly at her. “Well?” he asked, “what did you do to him this time?”

Willow blushed at the exasperation in the vampire’s voice and protested that this time it really wasn’t her fault. “I was working on a transmogrification potion. I warned everyone! Didn’t I warn everyone?” She looked around for support, receiving a few nods, before continuing, “I told them not to touch it. ‘Cause I made some changes so it’s experimental and I didn’t know how much was needed or what it would do yet. Not really. I even put it in the middle of the counter so it wouldn’t be accidentally knocked down. And then Xander stepped on the counter to fix the shelf and he tripped and fell on the bottle. Now he thinks he’s a dog! At least I think he thinks he’s a dog. And he won’t let us near him.” Willow concluded sadly.

Buffy turned to look at Dawn triumphantly. “See?” She pointed out, “Long story!”

Spike tried to ask Willow why they didn’t just give the boy the antidote but he was stopped by frantic licking all over his face. Xander had managed to free himself enough to reach the vampire’s face again and was happily licking him. “Oh for fuck’s sake boy, just sit!” Spike yelled impatiently.

Xander gave Spike a happy look and, to everyone’s surprise, crouched next to the blond, looking up at him eagerly.

Dawn frowned thoughtfully. “I think Xander thinks Spike’s his Master. Or something.” She ventured.

Spike just glared at her as he finally managed to get himself off the floor and moved to sit on the research table.

“What does the Watcher say about this new experiment then, Red? I’m sure he knows how to fix this fairly easily.” He drawled.

Willow blushed an even deeper red. “He doesn’t know. We finally convinced him to take a vacation,” she mumbled.

Xander let out a little whine, tilting his head and looking at Spike beseechingly. He was told to sit there, and he would obey, but he really wanted to go to Master. When he was hiding under the table and keeping those humans away, he’d been hoping that Master would come for him. Xander had been so happy to see Master walk through that door he hadn’t been able to help himself. He added a little whimper to the whine hoping that Master would get the hint.

Spike glared at Xander. What did the idiot want now?

“Spike I think Xander wants to sit close to his Master.” Dawn observed, grinning at the blond.

“Spike is not Xander’s Master.” Buffy protested frowning at her sister.

“He is, too!” Dawn insisted. “Look at how Xander’s looking at him! All puppy-eyed and eager,” she pointed out, smiling at Xander.

“He did follow Spike’s instructions to sit there. He hasn’t moved since.” Willow said, looking worried.

“Look, you daft bints, I am not donut boy’s Master okay? He just responded because I ordered him. He would have done the same if the Slayer had used that tone of voice.” Spike protested. Having a pet human who thought he was a dog and licked your face was neither big nor bad and he wanted no part of it.

“Well, fine then.” Dawn pouted. “We’ll test it. Buffy order Xander to do something.”

“Okay.” Buffy said, taken aback by Dawn’s bossy tone. “Xander, come here!” She commanded.

Xander gave her what could only be described as a disdainful look and resumed gazing adoringly at his Master.

“See? Now Spike you do it. But don’t order him, just, you know, suggest it or something. That way we’ll see if it was you or the order. And call his name.” Dawn bounced on the spot, happy to see that she was finally right about something!

The vampire sighed his put upon sigh and said softly “You wanna come here then, Xander?”

Xander smiled happily and bounced over to Spike. ‘Master had called him over!’ He thought happily and settled down next to the vampire’s chair.

“If he had a tail he’d be wagging it!” Dawn said triumphantly.

The rest of the night was spent researching an antidote for the spell. Buffy had insisted that they let Giles enjoy his holiday. Xander was in no immediate danger and Giles really needed some time off. Spike was cajoled into staying with bribes of human blood and a meat lovers’ pizza.

At around midnight, Spike declared that he needed to kill something before going to his crypt for the day and strode out of the shop. Xander had fallen asleep next to Spike’s chair, and hadn’t even noticed the vampire’s exit.

Xander woke up a few minutes later and immediately looked for Master. Where did he go? Was this a game? Master was hiding and wanted Xander to find him! Having decided that he liked this game, Xander started searching the shop for Master, trying to avoid the silly humans who kept asking him what he was doing and pleading with him to just sit still.

When the first search of the shop revealed no Master, Xander began to panic. Master wouldn’t just leave him here would he? He frantically searched a second time, trying to follow Master’s scent out to the street. When he reached the open the door, one of the pesky humans did something to it to keep it closed. He growled at the offender and tried to find another way out. He had to find Master!

When all avenues of escape were barred, Xander slowly came to the realization that Master had indeed left him there with these humans. He pressed himself into a corner and started whimpering. Master had left him here alone. A little while later, he was howling his despair at being abandoned by his Master.

The girls looked on in horror as Xander ignored all their efforts to help him by growling at them before returning to his grief.

“Oh God, Buffy you have to go find Spike,” Dawn said, tears trailing down her cheeks.

“Great, just great,” Buffy grumbled before running off to find the vampire.


Buffy found Spike fighting a fledge in Christchurch cemetery. The blond was simply toying with the young vampire, enjoying the fight without losing control of the situation. Buffy ran up to them and quickly staked the fledge.

“Spike, we need you at the shop.” She said urgently.

“What did you do that for? I was enjoying myself!” Spike protested glaring at her.

“Shut up, Spike. Xander needs you to come back to the shop.” Buffy repeated returning his glare. “He’s pushed himself into a corner howling and whimpering for his Master and for some reason he thinks you’re him, so get your undead ass over to the Magic Shop right now!” she finished with a growl.

Spike smirked at her and shook his head. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Slayer. If the boy needs a strong hand to guide him, I might as well have the pleasure.” He drawled.

“Spike I swear if you so much as harm a hair on Xander’s head you’ll be dust in the wind,” Buffy threatened following him back to the Magic Shop.

Her threats were summarily dismissed by a wave of Spike’s hand. They quickly made their way back to the Magic Shop, finding Xander in the exact same state he was in when Buffy had left. Willow and Dawn kneeled next to him, still trying to offer comfort but to no avail.

Spike took a deep breath at the sight before him. The boy was truly pathetic cuddled up into the corner like that, crying and howling.

Impatient to help her friend, Buffy nudged the vampire. “Well? Do something!” She demanded.

“Right.” Spike kneeled on the floor, holding his arms open and tried to adopt the tone he used to talk Dru out of her mad spells “Xander? Come to Spike, luv. Spike’s here to make it better.”

Xander immediately stopped howling and lifted his head. He turned to see Spike kneeling a few feet away. Master hadn’t left him. He was back! Xander immediately launched himself at Spike, all happy little growls and licking tongue.

Spike couldn’t help but laugh at Xander’s enthusiastic welcome. No one had ever greeted him with such joy before. He let the boy push him back to the floor and petted whatever part of him he could reach; enjoying the playful mood Xander seemed to be in now that his Master was back.

The girls looked on incredulously as Xander and Spike played on the floor. The last thing they had expected was for Xander to choose Spike as his Master never mind Spike accepting the role with such gusto!

Buffy finally got herself together enough to make a plan.

“Spike, you take Xander back to his apartment. This is a fairly sunny shop, and it’s nearly daylight. I don’t think Xan would cope well with seeing his Master go up in flames. And try to feed him something, he hasn’t eaten since lunch and he’s been doggie-fied for nearly five hours now. Willow, Dawn and I will try to find out more about this spell.”

Spike, having grudgingly accepted Buffy’s proposal, drove Xander’s car to the apartment. When Buffy tried to protest on Xander’s behalf, saying that her friend would have never let the evil undead drive his car, Spike simply pointed out that he was sure the boy would rather Spike drove his car than to be seen bouncing merrily along, following the evil undead on all fours.

Taking the Slayer’s words to heart, Spike decided to feed the boy. He opted for some kind of take away, thinking that if the human version liked it, the dog version would like it, too.

“How do you feel about Chinese, then? Back in the basement days you used to love sweet and sour chicken,” he asked carding his fingers through Xander’s hair with one hand and dialing the number with the other. The boy just made a blissful growly sound and closed his eyes to better enjoy the petting.

Xander was content. This place felt familiar and warm and his Master was petting him so nicely. When the doorbell rang he growled angrily, upset at having his peace disturbed and deeply suspicious of whoever was at the other side of the door.

“It’s just the delivery guy, luv. Stay here and stop your growling now, you don’t want to scare away the food do you, Xan? Stay there… good boy,” Spike cajoled and ordered until Xander seemed to settle down, albeit unwillingly. The boy’s body remained tense, as if waiting for a reason to launch an attack.

Shaking his head fondly, Spike opened the door and paid for the food. He put Xander’s share in a plastic plate and set it on the floor in front of the couch along with a bowl of water.

“Probably gonna hate me for this when you’re back to human,” Spike observed. Xander just looked at him adoringly.

“Wish you’d look at me like that when you were yourself,” the blond said wistfully and ran his fingers through Xander’s hair. “Wanna eat then?”

He sat on the couch and turned on the television, plate balanced on his knees and a beer in his hand. He was changing channels looking for something decent to watch when he felt a weight on his leg. He looked down to see Xander resting his chin on Spike’s thigh and looking up at him pleadingly.

“What’s wrong, luv?” he asked, a little worried.

Xander just whined softly. Spike looked around to see that Xander hadn’t touched his food.

“You’re not hungry then Xan?”

Xander inched his head closer to Spike’s plate and looked up at him again.

“You want my food?” Spike asked and smiled down at the boy. “Or do you want me to feed you?”

Xander looked so happy at the last question that Spike couldn’t help laughing. He picked a piece of chicken from his plate and held it out for Xander to eat before eating some himself. The rest of the meal was divided that way, with Spike feeding Xander a piece before having some himself. By the time the dinner was over, they were both full and sleepy.

Spike patted the couch next to him and Xander immediately climbed up and curled into his side laying his head on Spike’s knee. Spike absently petted the boy until they both fell into a light sleep.

Spike was woken by the phone ringing, to find Xander sniffing and nuzzling his crotch. Apparently, his cock had decided it liked the feeling of hot human flesh pressed against it and the sight of the boy’s warm face against it only made things worse.

Part Two

Wherein Xander does more than wag his tail.

“Xander, stop it! NOW!” Spike yelled, and the boy immediately whimpered and left the couch to run and hide somewhere in the apartment.

“Great, just fucking great.” The vampire grumbled and went to answer the still ringing phone. “What?” he growled.

“Spike? Is that you?” Willow asked nervously.

“Who else would be here? What do you want Red,” he snapped.

“We got something on the spell. Looks like Xan will gradually revert to his natural state. Book says that instincts and lower brain functions will come first and then the rest will follow. He didn’t get exposed to much of it, so he should be back to normal in two or three hours,” Willow explained.

“That’s good then, innit?” Spike replied, trying not to think of the way Xander would look at him when he was back. He liked this new Xander who smiled at him and looked at him like he mattered.

“Yup. How’s he going so far?” Willow asked.

“He’s okay. Had dinner and was sleeping on the couch when you rang,” Spike gave her the edited story.

“Cool. Tell him to call me when he gets back to his usual self okay?”

“Sure thing Red,” Spike replied, mentally adding, if he doesn’t stake me first of course.

Spike hung up the phone and when in search of the boy. The blond did not want to examine the reasons behind his pushing Xander away instead of taking advantage of the situation. Nor did he want to think about his body’s reaction to the boy. Master vampires do not have feelings for humans, he reminded himself. He finally found him hiding under the bed whimpering softly.

“Come on pet, you don’t want to be hiding under there. Come here Xander, come to me,” he coaxed, cursing himself for caring that the boy was upset.

Xander curled into himself as much as he could. He couldn’t understand what was happening to him. One moment he was basking in his Master’s attention and the next, he was thinking of him as a mate. Masters can’t be mates. It’s not right. Hearing his Master ask him to come out, he reluctantly left the safety of his hiding place.

“Good boy Xander.” Spike praised and petted the boy’s head.

Xander made a halfhearted attempt to wag his tail. The feelings he had for Master were still confusing him and when Master pet his hair like that, Xander couldn’t help but think of him as mate. Master led him back to the couch and settled him down next to him, still petting his hair. Xander gradually relaxed enough to let himself fall asleep.

When he woke up a couple of hours later, his thoughts were clearer. He turned to look at Spike and knew he wanted him. A little voice at the back of his head was urging him not to do anything—Spike was dangerous–but instinct was stronger and it was driving him towards the blond.

Spike heard the boy’s heartbeat speed up and absentmindedly put a hand out to pet him. When his hand was grabbed and pushed back, he turned to see Xander looking at him, intelligence shining from his eyes.

‘The boy’s back,’ he thought resignedly, ‘time for the threats and violence then.’

He opened his mouth to defend himself but before he had a chance to say anything a warm mouth covered his and a tongue was thrust into his mouth seeming impatient to explore every crevice.

All Xander knew was that he wanted Spike. Now. So he set about making it happen. He pushed the blond until he laid on the couch and tried to take off his t-shirt. Unfortunately, Spike seemed to have other ideas and refused to move his hands out of the way. Impatient at the difficulty of taking off the t-shirt without Spike’s cooperation, Xander grabbed the edges and pulled with all his strength. With a satisfactory ripping noise, the shirt was split in two and Xander had a whole chest to play with.

Having realized that Xander was not fully back yet, Spike tried to stop him from doing something they would both regret later. Rather that Xander would regret because piles of ash don’t generally have any feelings on their past. When Xander ripped the vampire’s shirt in two, Spike was immobilized with shock for a moment. Enough time for Xander to swoop down and start trailing open-mouthed kisses along Spike’s neck and down to his torso.

Spike gave up struggling and tried to verbally convince the boy to stop. “Xander, pet, you’re gonna regret this when you’re back to being you. Best stop this before it gets too far, eh?” he said, trying to catch the boy’s eyes. Xander completely ignored him and concentrated instead on licking and sucking on his nipples, alternating between them as if he couldn’t decide which one tasted better.

Spike let out a strangled moan and made another attempt to bring Xander to his senses. “Come on, luv, you know I can’t fight you. You have to stop this. You’ll hate me in the morning.”

Xander lifted his head up and glared at him. He gave what seemed to be like a warning grunt and then went to work on Spike’s jeans. Despite Spike’s continued protestations and the hands that kept getting in his way, Xander pulled and tugged until the vampire’s cock was released. He immediately buried his head in Spike’s crotch and started licking the shaft, needing to taste and smell his mate. Humming happily at the taste, he suckled on the crown.

Spike groaned at the feeling of a warm mouth enveloping him. Instead of Spike convincing Xander to stop, it looked like Xander was convincing him that it was better to continue. He couldn’t help but thrust into the boy’s mouth, and the ecstatic moan Xander made when Spike did that nearly pushed the blond over the edge.

As soon as he felt Spike capitulate, Xander stood up and quickly shed his clothes. He straddled Spike’s waist and was about to lower himself onto his mate’s hard cock when Spike yelled for him to stop. Frustrated he paused and glared at Spike.

“You can’t just do that pet. You’ll end up hurting the hell out of both of us. Let’s just do this my way, right?” Spike tried to explain, gesturing towards the bedroom and hoping for the best.

Xander just looked at Spike, confusion evident in his gaze. His mate wanted to go past that door? He didn’t understand why. The boy finally decided to humour Spike and got up, grabbed Spike’s hand and moved to the bedroom.

The vampire sighed in relief and looked through Xander’s drawers. There had to be some lube here somewhere. The boy masturbated, didn’t he? Throughout his search Spike caught glances of the boy looking at him indulgently and stroking his own cock. It was all the blond could do to concentrate on his search and not just pounce on Xander. Spike finally found some kind of cinnamon scented oil in the bottom drawer of the night table.

Xander grinned happily when his mate finally found what he was looking for. Following Spike’s directions, the brunet scrambled to his hands and knees and raised his ass. He heard Spike catch his breath and then slippery fingers were pressed against the young man’s hole.

The boy was happily pushing back into three of his mate’s fingers, moaning with pleasure when the thought that Spike was a vampire and dangerous and anyway Xander wasn’t gay entered his head. He froze in shock and tried to think.

Spike felt the boy freeze, and he, in turn, stopped all movement, his fingers remaining lodged in Xander’s anus.


The brunet tried to think. Apparently, at some point in the recent past he’d decided to let Spike fuck him. He gave an experimental little push, forcing one of Spike’s fingers to brush against his prostate. Oh. That felt…that was good. He tried again and was rewarded with more pleasure. Oh, yeah, that had been a good decision. Xander decided to stop thinking and just enjoy what was happening. He pulled himself away and pushed back again, letting out a hungry little moan.

“Xander? We can stop if you want,” Spike said tentatively, ready to remove his fingers and himself from the room.

“NO!” The boy whirled his head around, trying to look at Spike. “No, please don’t stop,” he begged. “Wanted this for so long, don’t stop Spike.”

“Shhh, it’s okay, pet,” Spike soothed. “Won’t stop if you don’t want me to.” The blond resumed the movement of his fingers for a while, making sure that Xander was indeed enjoying this.

After a few minutes, Spike slicked up his cock and carefully pushed the crown into Xander’s hole. He heard the boy whimper and tried to soothe him. “Just relax, luv. It’ll feel good in a minute.” He reassured Xander and slowly slid his cock a little further.

Xander tried to do what Spike had said and the burning pain somehow turned into burning pleasure and then Spike was buried in him and it felt, oh so good. The vampire was draped over Xander’s back, licking and sucking at his neck and shoulder, his cock thrusting in and out of his ass. Xander couldn’t believe how good that felt. Before he knew what he was doing, the boy was begging and pleading with Spike to not stop, to fuck him harder and harder.

Hearing the brunet’s babble Spike couldn’t help but smile. This was definitely Xander and the boy wanted him. Feeling himself come closer and closer to the edge, Spike slid his hand under Xander’s body and started fisting the boy’s cock. The blond could feel Xander try to hold back.

“Just let it happen pet, gonna come soon, want you with me.” Spike growled and brushed his lips against Xander’s neck. He felt his lover’s body tense and freeze for a moment before orgasm overtook them both and they collapsed on the bed.

Xander seemed to have fallen asleep so Spike settled him in and got out of bed. He didn’t want to stay for the threats and violence that were sure to follow when Xander woke up. The blond silently put his clothes on and made to leave the room.

“Where do you think you’re going?”


“Was just trying to save you the trouble of throwing me out. Isn’t that what humans do with one night stands?” Spike drawled, putting as much indifference as he could in his voice.

Xander frowned and sat up. Why was Spike acting like that? Yeah, evil vampire, but Xander could still vaguely remember Spike being nice to him when he was bewitched. In fact, Spike seemed terribly worried that he would regret his actions later and threaten… oh. That’d be why then. Xander took a deep breath. He wanted Spike to stay. If he could admit it to himself, then he could admit it to Spike as well.

“I don’t want you to go.” he blurted out. Once the first words came out of his mouth, Xander found it surprisingly easy to go on. “I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve wanted you for a while now. And okay, evil vampire, but if the slayer can boink the undead, so can the Slayerettes. And when you forget to be evil you’re kinda nice to hang around with. You won’t kill anyone though will you? I know you have the chip so you can’t do that yourself but you could still have other people do it. But you won’t? Cause other evil things I can deal with but not so much the death and destruction bit. And we could give this a try then... if you wanted... Please don’t laugh at me,” he concluded painfully, still staring at the sheets, afraid to look up and see mocking laughter in Spike’s eyes.

Spike was in shock. Instead of Xander kicking him out and threatening him, the boy was telling him to stay and asking if they could date? That couldn’t be right. The Slayer’s white knight would never do that.

“Let me get this straight, pet. You’re asking if we can do what? Keep shagging? Date? What?” he asked, surprise evident in his voice.


“What was that, pet?”

Xander sighed and steeled himself to repeat his words. He looked up at Spike and held his gaze.

“I said I was kinda hoping we could date.” he repeated more clearly. “I’m not good with just ‘shagging’. I tend to want more,” he explained.

Xander held his breath when Spike’s mouth slowly curved into a smile. This was where the ‘fun’ began right? Spike would laugh at him and then he’d leave. By the time Spike replied the boy was beginning to get really nervous.

“Sure, Xan. We could do that.”

Spike couldn’t believe he’d agreed to date Xander. For one thing, vampires didn’t date! Much as he’d enjoyed Xander’s change in attitude when the boy was mojoed, he wasn’t sure he could have a relationship with him. The kid was human for crying out loud!

Spike turned to tell Xander that this was a mistake but the smile gracing the brunet’s face stopped him. No one had ever been so happy for having him. The blond returned Xander’s smile and came close to drop a kiss on those smiling lips.

He liked the boy and had fun with him. Spike was a Master vampire, and if he wanted to date, he’d do it. If that date happened to be with a human, so bloody what? Master vampires did whatever the hell they wanted, and he wanted to date a human boy!

“Do you still have to go now?” Xander asked. “It’s day out and you hate traveling through the sewers.”

“Might as well stay then. Sewers being smelly and all.” Spike agreed, happy to have an excuse to get back into the bed.

Xander nodded happily and watched Spike undress. He couldn’t believe he’d actually asked the vampire out! He’d have to remember to tell Willow that the demon magnet thing worked on male demons too. Xander snuggled up to his lover and drifted to sleep with a smile on his face, thinking of hot blond vampires and their amazing fingers.

Spike smiled down at the sleeping human, still incredulous at the weird turn things had taken. But hey, if Xander managed to take it in his stride then so could Spike. Besides, he thought snuggling into the boy’s warmth, there were certain advantages to shagging humans. The heat for one. And the way their brown eyes sparkled when they were happy for another.

The End

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