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Lovers Walk Redux


Part One

Spike was standing outside Angel’s mansion watching his grandsire go about his business. He couldn’t overcome the bitterness against Angel. It wasn’t enough that Angelus had walked out on him all those years ago, he had to come back and ruin things for him and Dru.

“We were happy!” he whispered balefully, “You brainwashed her. I could just...”

He looked at his bottle and took a long drink. “Yeah, I'll show you who's a cool guy. You’ll regret splitting us up when you see who I picked to replace her.” He muttered and laughed softly, sauntering away.

After his breakdown in Dru’s bedroom the previous night he’d decided to turn over a new leaf. He had come back to the Hellmouth with one objective in mind: to get his Dru back. Well that was utter bullshit. If the bitch wanted to go shag a chaos demon that was her own fucking loss. Spike was not going to just sit around and wait for her to remember he was undead. He had better things to do now.

Instead of pathetically trying to win Dru back, he’d do something bigger, better and a thousand times more rewarding. He’d make himself a childe.

Spike’d thought hard about who to pick; turning some random stranger just wasn’t his style. He’d even considered turning the Slayer for a while. But demons took on aspects of the person and Darla had filled up his quota of vampire-bitch for eternity thank you very much.

After rejecting several candidates, he’d chosen to turn the boy his grandsire had gifted him with. He’d looked so good struggling under Angel’s arm, and Spike knew he’d been the one to drag the Watcher away from the mansion after Angelus’ little torture session. The boy was beautiful and he had fire. Spike was well aware of his short attention span and Xander wouldn’t bore him.

He made his way to a small magic shop and quietly let himself in. He’d need something to distract the rest of them before he went for the one he wanted…cursing Angel would do the job nicely. His boy hated the poofter so odds were the Slayer and her Watcher wouldn’t be able to talk him into helping. That would separate him nicely from the herd and lead him straight to Spike.

“Yeah. I need a curse.” He demanded loudly but the stupid shopkeeper didn’t seem to understand. “A curse!” he repeated in exasperation before he elaborated, mentally picturing Angel’s suffering. “Y'know, something nasty. Boils. I wanna give him boils all over his face. You know, dripping pustules. Let's really go for the gusto here.”

The girl was saying something but Spike was too caught up in imaginary Angel’s pain to pay attention. “Leprosy!” he exclaimed, “Alright, a spell that makes his parts fall off. That sounds proper.”

He turned to the shopkeeper only to see her talking to a little redhead. Well, well, well if it wasn’t the Slayer’s other groupie. A love spell huh? Maybe he should alter his plan a little. Make the slayer fall in love with her watcher or something. What a great distraction that would make. Maybe he would change the plan, have a little fun while he was in town, he smirked. But first, a little snack was in order, Spike thought, looking hungrily at the shopkeeper.

Dumping the body, he wandered outside to track the witch just in time to see Xander walking by. Maybe he should follow his boy, see where he was going. Wouldn’t do to have a nasty catch him before Spike did. He followed the boy into the school, planning on grabbing him quickly. When he saw Willow he immediately amended his plan one more time. He’d have to grab both of them. He didn’t want her to go screaming to the Slayer. He had to have time to turn Xander before anyone realized what he was up to. He might even get her to do that love spell while he had her.

He silently walked into the room, grabbing Xander by the neck and carefully squeezing enough to cut off his air supply. The boy wouldn’t stop struggling though. Feisty little thing, he thought fondly and punched him hard.

The witch turned out to be more aggressive than he’d thought and tried to get him with a microscope.

“Threatening me?” he smirked. “That's not nice. We're all gonna be very best friends.” As he finished his sentence he sensed his boy getting up. He’d picked a good one, never say die, that’s his pet, Spike thought in amusement and yanking the microscope from Willow's grip he hit his boy hard enough to knock him out.

After that he had no reason to linger and quickly knocked the witch out too, carrying them both back to the factory. He tenderly laid his boy on the bed, dumping the girl in the next room and locking the door.

Spike lay down next to Xander and waited for him to wake up. He wanted the boy to know what was happening when he was draining him.

Xander woke up with a blinding headache. A rush of jumbled memories invaded his brain and he moaned in pain. Before he could even open his eyes a soft voice whispered to him that everything would be okay. Feeling a little comforted by the voice he opened his eyes to find Spike smiling at him and oh, no things are not okay, not okay at all.

He managed to stammer out Spike’s name before he lapsed into terrified silence. The vampire was making no move to bite him. He was just sitting there, smiling reassuringly down at him!

Taking a deep breath, he tried again. “S-spike? Why are you smiling at me? Not that I mind the smiling, in fact please keep doing that, but aren’t you supposed to want to snack on me or snap my neck or something? And I’m not saying you should do that, I’m just wondering, you know, why you wouldn’t and when you’re going to.”

Spike smiled indulgently at the boy. He was going to spoil his childe. Xander wouldn’t be beaten within an inch of his unlife, he wouldn’t be left to starve locked in a room alone. He would treat the boy with care and love and his childe would love him for it.

“Hush now, pet. I have no intention of hurting you,” he said, leaning close to lick Xander’s neck. “I’m going to give you the greatest gift a person can receive,” he whispered before sinking his fangs in the boy’s neck.


Leaving his childe to sleep in peace, Spike returned to the room to find the witch nervous and fidgeting. He’d decided that going through with the love spell afforded way too much fun to be abandoned so easily.

“A spell. For me. You're gonna do a spell for me,” he said calmly.

“Uh, what kind of spell?”

“A love spell.” Spike grinned, “You’re gonna do a love spell. You can do it, right? You can do a love spell? Make someone obsessed with…me?” he concluded, not wanting the girl to catch on to his plan.

“I-I can try.”

Spike mentally rolled his eyes. What was it about humans that they had to be intimidated to get anything done? Grabbing her neck, he squeezed just enough to scare her. “What are you talking about, trying? You'll do it!” he ordered angrily.

“Yes, I'll do it!”

Letting go of her he broke his bottle against a bedpost and pushed the sharp edge towards her face.

“You lie to me, and I'll shove this through your face! You want that?” he said, smiling inwardly when she whimpered a ‘no’. “Right through to your brain!” he added, emphasizing his threat.

“No, please, no...”

“Good,” he said, anger swiftly subsiding, and sat down next to her. He wondered if you should maybe ham it up a little. Make the girl think he wanted the spell for someone she didn’t care for.

“She just left. She didn't even care enough to cut off my head or set me on fire. I mean, is that too much to ask? You know? Some little sign that she cared?” he said sadly, trying hard not to laugh. He launched into an anti-Buffy, anti-Angelus diatribe, explaining how much Dru loved him. The only thing real in his entire speech was the offence taken at being left for a Chaos demon. Really, those things were literally slimeballs with antlers!

The girl tried desperately to placate him, patting his knee and whispering reassurances that Dru would come back.

“Mmm. That smell... Your neck...” he drawled, leaning in to take a better whiff. Was there time for some fun before his boy woke up? he wondered. Maybe they could share her after…

“I haven't had a woman in weeks,” he leered.

The girl looked at him and jumped up in fright.

“Whoa! No! Hold it!”

“Well, unless you count that shopkeeper,” he remembered, ignoring her little outburst. “Not much of a lunch, that girl. Didn’t taste quite right.”

“Now, now, hold on! I-I'll do your spell for you, and, and, and I'll get you Dru back, but, but there will be no bottle-in-face, and there will be no 'having' of any kind with me. Alright?” she said, trying so hard to be brave.

Spike stared for a moment before he grabbed her by the neck and bent her over, squeezing a little more fear out of her.

“Alright,” he said as he pushed her away. “Get started.”

Spike watched Willow step carefully around the bed to where he had dumped the box of supplies.

“Now, I'm not a real witch, you know. I-I don't know if this is gonna work right away,” she said, fearfully.

Oh great, she was going to try and play it hard.

“Well, if at first you don't succeed, I'll kill Xander, and you try again,” he said. He’d already killed him but only to bring him back. And she didn’t know that now did she?

“This isn't enough,” she said nervously, pulling him out of his daydream.


“Well, there are other ingredients, a-and a-a-a book. I need a, a spell book. This isn't it.” Willow stammered, trying hard to be brave. She just needed to buy them some time. Buffy was sure to notice they were missing, right?

“You've got one, though, at home?”

Trying not to sigh in relief she tried to buy more time. Maybe if she sent him to Buffy’s house. Buffy may be home and even if she wasn’t Joyce was sure to call her if she saw Spike.

“Not at home,” she said, “I left it somewhere.”


Five minutes after he showed up at the Summers’ house, Spike found himself drinking hot chocolate and telling Joyce his woes.

“So I'm strolling through the park, looking for a meal, and I happen to walk by, and she's making out with the chaos demon! And so I said, 'You know, I don't have to put up with this.' And she said, 'Fine!' So I said, 'Fine, do whatever you like!' I mean, I thought we were going to make up, you know,” he concluded dejectedly, staring into his cocoa.

“Well, she sounds very unreasonable.” Joyce said sympathetically.

“She is. She's out of her mind. That's what I miss most about her,” he moaned before regrouping enough to explain. “I have someone new now though and he’s everything she’s not. Sane for one. It’s just that she left me. She saw what Angelus leaving did to me and she just blithely followed in his footsteps. And to add insult to injury she left me for a chaos demon for crying out loud. Have you ever seen one of those?” he asked, indignation making his voice rise.

“Well, Spike, sometimes even when two people seem right for each other, their lives just take different paths. When Buffy's father and I...” Joyce said, trying to console him but Spike knew that it wasn’t the same.

“It was a chaos demon, Joyce,” he interrupted, “He’s green and slimy and has antlers.” He looked at his cocoa again, suddenly getting a craving. “You got any of those little marshmallows?” he asked hopefully.

Waiting for his marshmallows, Spike looked around just in time to spot Angel looking in.

“Spike.” Angel growled threateningly.

Spike looked expectantly at Joyce but instead of inviting his grandsire in, she freaked out completely. Well, wasn’t that fun? He smirked and stood behind her, taunting Angel and pretending to bite Joyce.

Then the slayer had to go and ruin things. Well isn’t that just perfect, he sighed inwardly as he fought against two opponents. Seeing the makeshift stake come at him he remembered his bargaining chip.

“Willow!” he screamed.


They knew he had the boy now. He’d told them he needed Willow to do a spell and took them for a walk, trying to figure out a way to give them the slip, pretending all along that he needed ingredients for the spell, that he was practically incapacitated with alcohol, playing love’s fool and whining about Dru. That should throw the bloodhounds off the scent. Even if Angel recognized the ingredients he’d think Spike was trying to win Dru back. Spike snickered at the thought of Angel’s face when the slayer vowed eternal love to her watcher.

He even took the opportunity to punch Angel out, and give the deluded duo a speech about love. Who did they think they were fooling with their ‘we’re-just-friends’ crap?

“Okay, Spike, we got the stuff. Where are they?” Buffy demanded impatiently and Spike rolled his eyes. Time to ditch the bloodhounds. He was trying to think of a way to escape when they found themselves confronted by an ex-minion of his. Lenny had always been an idiot Spike thought in amusement and the idiot was giving Spike the perfect opportunity to escape. He bantered a little with the slimy toad before launching into battle. Quickly dusting Lenny, he made his escape, leaving the Slayer and his poof of a sire to deal with the rest.

Spike made it back to the factory just before dawn and went to check on his childe. Xander was still sleeping. Technically dead, Spike thought, but he’d soon wake up with such life in him.

Still smiling at the thought of his childe waking Spike returned to the room he’d locked Willow in. Once again she was sitting on the edge of the bed, jittery and nervous.

“Time for you to do the spell, Red. And don’t forget our deal, you do this right and you and the boy live to see another sunrise,” he said cheerfully.

“You’re back! B-but you went…I mean I didn’t expect you back so soon.” Willow stammered. She hadn’t expected Spike to come back, hoping that Buffy would have caught him and she’d be rescued.

“And yet here I am. Now do the spell.” Spike said and handed over a scrap of silk from one of the watcher’s ties he had stolen on his way back and a button from the coat the slayer had been wearing that night. He’d chosen both items for their unremarkableness, so that Willow would be unable to recognise them.

Willow reluctantly started preparing the spell, trying frantically to find a way to get out of casting it. Spike didn’t seem to know much about magic but he was sure to know that a spell hadn’t been cast. She could always do something wrong with it, make it malfunction. Looking at the ingredients Willow was suddenly inspired. She would do the delusting spell she would have cast on her and Xander, then Spike wouldn’t even care whether Dru loved him and even if she messed it up and he did care then he wouldn’t know it’d gone wrong til after he found Dru.

Happy with her plan Willow started chanting as fast as she could, wanting to get this over with quickly and see if Xander was okay. Maybe Spike would really let them go.

Satisfied with the way things went, Spike went back to his own room, lying down next to his childe, awaiting his awakening.


Xander slowly swam back to consciousness and felt...strange. He kept his eyes closed, not quite ready to wake up yet, trying to catalogue the feelings coursing through him. Kinda hungry... rested, definitely rested... strong?... naked; not cold though... quiet, why was he feeling quiet?... wanting, he wanted something, no not something, someone.

Frowning he tried to think; hungry and rested were okay, he usually felt that after a good night’s sleep. Strong though, he felt stronger than ever. Maybe those Weetabix really did help strengthen you up. Which left the odd quietness, shouldn’t he be making some kind of noise? When he realised what the missing noise was, his eyes immediately snapped open. His heart wasn’t beating! He was dead! A minute’s pause to digest this. He felt pretty good for a dead guy, he smirked, wondering why being dead didn’t freak him out.

A whimper caught his attention and he looked up to see a redhead cowering in the corner. Seeing the girl made him even hungrier, and he could see himself tearing into her. Well, there you go then, he was a dead vampire guy.

“Welcome back, pet.”

Xander turned around to see a blond lying next to him, watching him proudly and the wanting surged. And look, the blond was naked too! He felt his cock harden and suddenly all he wanted was to have this man. Which could only lead to one conclusion: he was a gay dead vampire guy.

“Sire?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah, luv, that’s me. Spike.” The blond answered, seeming very happy about that fact.

Xander nodded, as if that made perfect sense.

“I’m hungry.”

“I know, pet. Got you a right nummy dinner though,” his sire said and pointed towards the girl. “Go ahead and eat, luv. We can take care of the rest later.” He leered and cupped Xander’s crotch.

Xander moaned and thrust a little against his sire’s palm. The moment the hand was removed, Xander was at the other side of the room holding the redhead up and tilting her neck. She looked a bit familiar, he thought, before sinking his fangs in her neck and drawing her blood in his mouth with deep frantic sucks.

Spike leaned against the headboard and watched his childe drain the girl, proud to have created such a fierce creature. The ease with which Xander had accepted his new status, his reaction to Spike’s touch and the pleasure with which he drunk that girl down were all good indications of the vampire he would turn out to be. His childe would be a master, no doubt about that.

When there was nothing else to drink Xander let the body drop to the floor and returned to his sire.

“Are you full now, childe?” Spike asked indulgently.

Xander nodded as he climbed on the bed and kneeled next to his sire, leaning forwards to kiss him.

Spike easily held his childe away, denying him his prize. Being caring was all well and good but Xander still had to learn his place.

“Ground rules first, pet. I’m your sire. I will love you and take care of you and teach how to become a master but make no mistake I made you and I am your master. Do you understand what that means, Xan?” he asked gravely.

Xander looked at Spike thoughtfully. This guy had literally made him what he was and he was going to offer him everything his human family never had. And all he had to do was submit. It didn’t seem to be all that different from what he’d had going with Buffy.

“Means I submit to you.” Xander said and Spike nodded.

“Can you do that?” Spike asked, looking carefully at his childe, trying to gauge the truthfulness of his response.

“Yes. Yes I can.”

Seeing the total honesty in Xander’s eyes Spike grinned and grabbing his childe by the back of the neck he dragged him forward for a kiss.

“Straddle my lap, pet. We’ll see how good you are at following orders.” Spike said hoarsely. He hadn’t expected to be so affected by a simple kiss, his childe was better at this than he’d thought.

Xander obeyed his sire and watched as the blond opened a tube of something. When Spike cupped his nape again, he eagerly bent forward to kiss him. He felt Spike reach around him and something cool was rubbed between his cheeks. He wriggled questioningly and tried to pull his head back but the hand at his nape kept him in position. He felt a slick finger breach his hole and moaned into the kiss, trying once again to pull his head back.

“Please, sire. I don’t understand,” he whimpered as the finger pushed all the way in.

Spike smiled at his childe’s innocence. “It’s fairly simple, luv. I shag you, claim you and then… well if I do this right, then you sleep.” He smirked.


“Just lie down pet, I’ll tell you what to do when it’s time to do it.”

Xander lay, flush against his sire’s body and buried his head against Spike’s neck. The finger kept pushing in and out and the feeling transformed from weird to good. Then Spike rubbed against something and it went from good to fucking brilliant...Xander moaned again and pushed against Spike’s hand, trying to recapture the feeling.

“Like that, did you pet?” Spike laughed and added a second finger, pumping them steadily in and out his boy’s ass. Xander kept moving, pushing back and forth, the movement making his cock rub against Spike’s body.

Then three fingers where pushed roughly inside and oh god that hurt, Xander whined and tried to pull upwards but Spike brought his other hand down to hold Xander’s waist and keep him still while he pushed all three fingers in fully.

“Just relax, pet. Let yourself feel, the pain can be just as good as the pleasure,” he soothed, speaking softly, glad to see that Xander immediately tried to follow his command. When Xander was as relaxed as he was going to get, Spike scratched his prostate. He couldn’t help but laugh softly when his childe immediately pushed down, trying to get more. Such a little sensualist, his boy was, eager for each scrap of pleasure.

Xander clenched his fists against the bed and moved against the fingers invading him, helping Spike stretch him wide open and trying to have as much contact with his prostate as he could get. He pressed his whole body down on his sire, rubbing their cocks together and licking the blond’s skin, anywhere he could reach. All the while, Spike was praising him, telling him what a good childe he was to ride his fingers so hard, asking him if it felt good to fuck himself against his sire and all Xander could do was moan incoherently and move faster.

He could feel himself reach the precipice and pushed back harder, but suddenly the fingers were all gone and Spike was holding Xander’s hips still and pushing them away from his body. Xander whimpered and opened his eyes to look pleadingly at his sire.

“Told you I was gonna shag you pet. Now be a good boy and lower yourself on my cock, yeah?”

The heat in his eyes belied the cool tone his sire used and Xander couldn’t help but nod dazedly. He felt Spike’s cock press against his hole as the vampire positioned him and he pressed down, feeling the his hole stretch wide, wider than before and he whimpered when the head breached him. Thinking back to his sire’s words he relaxed, allowing the pain to turn into pleasure, and pushed down until he was sitting on Spike’s lap, the blond’s cock buried inside him.

Spike petted his boy, running his hands up to his shoulders and down to his thighs, soothing him and letting him get used to being impaled.

“Okay, Xan?” he asked and at the boy’s hesitant nod continued, “Move when you can, pet. No rush, we have eternity to do this.”

A moment later and Xander started moving slowly, raising himself up a little at a time before lowering down. Once again his sire encouraged him, promising him pleasure, telling him how to move to make everything feel better and Xander couldn’t help but speed up, his cock reviving and straining towards orgasm.

“Such a good boy,” Spike whispered and threaded his fingers through Xander’s hair to pull him down for a kiss. “Move faster, luv.”

“Sire, please, I can’t, please.” Xander said, muscles twitching from the exertion. Spike grasped his hips and lifted him up, slamming him down hard. Xander’s eyes grew wide and he moaned at the sudden burst of pleasure/pain.

“Do it, pet.”

Xander hastily complied, pushing himself up and slamming down, whimpering and moaning with pleasure. He tried to ask for more but Spike had let go of his hip and was pulling on his cock and Xander couldn’t do anything but moan incoherently.

“That’s it pet, let go, come for your sire.” Spike purred and used his other hand to pull Xander to him and sink his teeth in his childe’s neck.

The added stimulation was too much for Xander and he screamed his release, as everything went black.

Lost in his childe’s taste, it took a moment for Spike to realize that he’d come inside Xander and that the boy had lost consciousness and was now lying heavy against him.

“Guess I did it right then,” he smiled, brushing Xander’ hair back and hugging him close.


Spike woke up a couple of hours later, feeling perfectly content. He had his childe and he’d caused some chaos in good ole Sunnyhell. Time to hit the tracks before the Slayer found him.

“Xander, wake up, pet. Time to go,” he said softly, nudging his boy awake.

“Five more minutes, sire. Please.” Xander mumbled and tried to hide his face in Spike’s neck.

“Come on, sweet, we have to get going before the Slayer finds us. I tried to slow her down a bit but she’s bound to come knocking on our door any minute now.” Spike said softly, smiling down at his childe. “Now get up and go to the room at the end of the corridor, Angelus left some valuable stuff there that I wanna take with me.”

Xander pouted sleepily and stumbled out of bed. Still looking adorably sorry for himself, he pulled some clothes on and walked out into the corridor and straight into Willow.

“Xander! Oh my God are you okay? I was looking for you!” Willow said anxiously.

Xander stared for a moment before rallying enough to answer.

“Dizzy. Kind of nauseous, too. Do I remember having a fight with Spike?” he asked, hoping that she wouldn’t see through his act. If Willow knew he was a vampire he’d have to kill her to stop her from calling for help and vampire or not he didn’t want to kill her. She’d been the one person in his life that had always been decent to him.

“You do.”

“I won, right? Kicked his ass?” he tried to joke, looking anywhere but her neck.

“You were real brave. Do you need to barf?”

His Willow always thinks the best of him, he thought and smiled sadly. He knew he was never going to see her again. Spike and he would leave town, and by the time he was strong and smart enough to make a childe Willow would be dead. Maybe it was for the best. He’d like to think that she’d have a good life...grow up, have those kiddies she'd always wanted. Okay so he was an evil vampire, that didn’t mean he couldn’t care for someone enough to want what’s best for them. And God, he just wanted to kiss her, just one last time before he went back to Spike and left her for good.

And damnit Spike was going to kill him deader. ‘Cause kissing Willow was bad. He may have only been Spike’s childe for a few hours but he knew his sire had a possessive streak a mile wide. And Cordelia and Oz seeing them? Much worse.

Xander played it out much as he would have done if he were alive. He’d hoped that Willow would run after Oz and he’d just fall quietly behind but Cordelia had fallen and was lying there scared and bleeding and Xander was trying so hard not to go all grrr but the blood smelled so good. He had to get rid of them and he had to do it now otherwise his cover would be blown. He didn’t want the last look Willow gave him to be full of fear!

“Oz, go get help, take Willow with you.”

Damnit, Oz was looking at him funny and sniffing the air.

“Please Oz. Just go, and take Willow with you. Please.” Xander asked again, hoping that Oz will get the message and just go.

After what felt like an aeon, Oz nodded shortly. “We’ll go get help,” he said looking steadfastly at Xander. “We’ll be back very soon.”

Xander nodded to show he understood and watched them go, making sure they’d left the factory. Kneeling next to the hole he looked down at Cordelia. “I’m sorry Cordy but I have to go. Hope you make it through this,” he said and ran to his sire.


Spike had heard Willow and Xander talking and wisely decided to stay out of her sight. If his childe played this right they could still get out of town before the slayer got here. He waited as patiently as he could, barely holding himself from running out there to protect his childe from the newcomers. When the door slammed open and Xander ran into his arms, Spike let out a sigh of relief.

“They’re gone sire but they’ll be back soon. They’re getting help, we have to go, I can’t lose you now we have to go.” Xander babbled desperately, wishing they were already out of Sunnydale.

Spike smiled at the love he could hear in his childe’s voice. One of his plans had finally worked right, he thought and pulled back from Xander’s arms.

“Right, go grab the bag from Angelus’ room and meet me outside,” he ordered.


The car raced down the highway, Gary Oldman's version of "My Way" blaring on the radio. Spike sang along happily, one hand resting on his childe’s thigh, the other on the steering wheel.

He glanced thoughtfully at his childe and stoppped singing long enough to ask, “You know you’ll have to be punished for kissing the witch, right?”

“Yes, sire.” Xander replied, looking at him soberly.

“Don’t worry about it too much, luv. I’ll make sure you like the punishment.” Spike smirked and resumed his singing.

2 Leaving Sunnydale

Xander kept stealing glances at Spike. His sire was driving and bouncing along to the music blaring from the speakers, his hand still resting on Xander’s thigh. There was no other way to put it: Spike looked cute. Xander giggled at the thought. His sire would get so pissed if he realized that his childe thought of him as cute.

“And you’d be giggling, why, pet?” Spike asked.

“No reason.” Xander grinned, leaning in to kiss Spike’s cheek.

The blond smiled at the easy gesture. He loved having Xander as his childe and he was determined not to lose him. Which was why he was going as fast as the Desoto would go, trying to put as many miles between them and Sunnydale as he could. The Slayer would know by now, he thought and unconsciously speeded up even more.

“Didn’t sound like “no reason” to me,” he said, shifting his left hand so that it lay closer to Xander’s crotch. “Already earned one punishment tonight, love. Let’s not make it two hey?” he continued, still smiling softly.

Ignoring the threat of punishment, Xander shimmied, trying to move his sire’s hand upwards. He’d been hard throughout the ride and Spike’s hand felt like it was burning a hole through his jeans.

“You looked cute. With the bouncing and the singing and the holding of my thigh and could you move your hand up? Please?” he babbled, moving as close as he could to his sire.


Xander pouted, looking at Spike through lowered lashes. “Please?”


He trailed his hand up his sire’s thigh, leaning forward to nibble on his neck. “Pleaaaaaase?” he whined.

“No, pet. It’s part of your punishment.” Spike said calmly, unable to stop a note of fondness creeping in his voice. The boy looked so cute when he was begging. “Now go back to your seat.”

Ignoring Spike’s words, Xander moved again trying to ‘accidentally’ move his sire’s hand only to gasp in pain when Spike’s grip on his thigh went from caressing to fucking painful.

“I said; go back to your seat, Xander.” Spike said, and the brunet knew his Sire had spoken.

Sighing sadly, Xander scooted over as far as he could, moulding himself against the door, and looked steadfastly outside.


A few miles behind them, Buffy was pacing the hospital corridor, trying hard not to burst out crying.

“Oz, are you sure? I mean, you could be wrong, maybe he wasn’t a vampire,” she said for the billionth time.

Oz just nodded sadly, staring at the door of Willow’s room. It had taken her most of the day to stop crying and the doctors finally gave her some sedatives to help her rest. Only family was allowed in to see her, though, and as Oz wasn’t family, he had to wait outside until the doctors said it was okay for him to go in.

“Buffy, Oz has assured you time and again that Xander has been turned. It would be best to accept the fact that we lost him.” Giles replied as calmly as he could under the circumstances.

“How can you be so calm about this? Xander’s a vampire! Do you know what that means? He’s gone, and I have to stake what’s left and I’m not sure I can do this.” Buffy burst out suddenly, tears finally falling as she accepted the fact that she wouldn’t see Xander again. Not the real Xander.

“I am far from calm,” Giles said through gritted teeth, “but there’s nothing we can do now other than wait for Willow and Cordelia to wake up. Maybe one of them knows where Spike is now.” Giles glared at Buffy, anger towards the girl showing clearly in his eyes.


Fifteen minutes later and Xander was still staring quietly out the window. Spike mentally rolled his eyes at his wayward childe. Did he honestly think that a little sulking would get him out of trouble? As if Spike hadn’t tried that himself on both Dru and Angelus. All he’d gotten for his trouble was an extra long beating, something he wasn’t about to give his own boy. Didn’t mean he was going to give in though, Xander would still get his punishment for kissing the little redhead without Spike’s permission.

The blond’s thoughts were interrupted by a squirming bundle jumping on his lap as Xander hid his face in his sire’s neck and whimpered. After trying desperately to take control of the car Spike growled menacingly at his childe.

“The hell is going on, Xan? Didn’t I tell you to stay on your seat, boy?” he roared angrily.

Xander whimpered and tried to get even closer to his sire. “It hurts, Sire, please don’t be angry, it hurts,” he mumbled and suckled on Spike’s neck, careful not to break the skin.

Switching abruptly from anger to worry, Spike tried to understand what had made Xander panic so badly. He gradually realized that the sun had breached the horizon and they were protected only by the blackened windows of the Desoto. An older vampire would get the warning tingle but, like Spike, he’d be able to ignore it if he knew he was safe. With a fledge like Xander though, the warning would only become stronger until the body realized it was safe. With a flimsy coat of paint being the only thing keeping Xander from dusting, the boy must be going crazy with fear.

“Hush, pet. The sun can’t get you in here.” Spike tried to reassure him, but the trembling wouldn’t stop and Xander’s suckling had become even more frantic. They’d have to stop somewhere for the day, Spike thought resignedly. He’d forgotten how hard it was to travel with a fledge. He’d wanted to put even more distance between him and Sunnydale, but he couldn’t very well let his boy panic himself to a second death.

He pulled over in the next motel and tried to disentangle Xander from him so he could go get a room. Taking a trembling, crying Xander inside with him would only draw attention they didn’t need right now. Unfortunately, his childe refused to unlatch and Spike finally had to order him to stay in the bloody car.

The minute his sire left the car, Xander curled himself into a ball and slid down between the seat and the dashboard, hiding his face between his knees and sobbing his fear. He didn’t understand what the hell was going on, but he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was going to die and his sire didn’t seem to care.

Before the thought had time to settle in his head, the door opened and his sire slid inside, smoking slightly.

“Please, Xan, calm down a bit. We’re nearly there okay? Just calm down.” Spike said and Xander tried to obey; he tried so hard, but the feeling was still there and he couldn’t help but shiver and cry. He was going to lose his sire. He was going to die and leave Spike and then his sire would find someone else to love, and Xander would be dead and all alone and he wished that Spike could save him.

He was so caught up in his pain; he hadn’t realized the car had come to a stop until he felt himself being lifted in Spike’s arms. Whimpering softly, he held on to his sire, lamenting the fact that he would lose him.

Thanking every god and demon that he’d managed to park in the shadow, Spike sprinted for the room, holding Xander close to him. His childe’s whimpers were driving him crazy with worry. He sounded like he was dying. Spike crashed into the room and laid Xander on the bed, allowing the boy to draw him close and murmuring words of comfort.


Willow sat in her bed, listening to Buffy and Giles rage at Xander’s fate and threaten Spike with all kinds of bodily harm. She was still trying to understand what’d happened. Fearful of the full moon, Oz had already gone to lock himself up but he’d been adamant that Xander was a vampire when they left the mansion. But he’d let them go. He’d kissed her like Xander did.

“Please Oz. Just go, and take Willow with you. Please.”

He’d begged Oz to take her away. But he was a vampire, he wasn’t supposed to care about her. He was supposed to kill her. He was not supposed to kiss her and let her go.

Blocking out the sound of Buffy and Giles arguing, (Why did they do that anyway? They never argued, not like this), Willow tried hard to think. When he’d walked out of that room Xander seemed...happy. And when he saw her he was worried. About her? Why would he be worried about her if he was a vampire. About himself? He could have just killed her. Unless he didn’t want to do that. It just didn’t make sense.


Xander gradually relaxed and became more aware of his surroundings. He opened his eyes, immediately reaching for his sire and pulling him even closer.

“Sire?” he asked timidly.

“Oh thank fuck you’re back, pet.” Spike breathed a sigh of relief. “You scared the hell out of me, moaning and mumbling about leaving me.”

Xander frowned, trying to remember how they got into a motel room.

“What happened? I thought I was… I was dying wasn’t I?” he finally asked.

“No, pet. It was just your warning system going crazy. Didn’t feel safe in the car with the sun shining down.” Spike explained running his hands up and down Xander’s body as if trying to warm him up.

“Oh. Well that’s not good then.” Xander said, still trying to figure out what happened.

“Never mind that, luv.” Spike reassured him, shifting around the bed to spoon against the brunet’s back. “Sleep a while, we’re leaving again at sundown and I wanna get your punishment done before that.” The younger vampire tensed a little until Spike repeated once again that it wouldn’t be so bad, “You’ll like some of it, pet. Just don’t go thinking all punishment will be like that,” he murmured and Xander finally allowed himself to relax enough to sleep.

All too soon, his sire woke him up again. Mumbling sleepily, Xander tried to hide under the covers and go back to sleep but four little words woke him right up.

“Time for your punishment.”

Spike watched as his boy went from relaxed slumber straight into tense anticipation. Good. No need for Xander to get too cozy.

“Undress, pet and then get on the bed on all fours,” he ordered, using his ‘sire’ voice.

Xander immediately jumped out of bed and stripped as quickly as he could.

"Get on the bed, Xan.” Spike prodded when he saw the boy hesitate.

Xander just stood there looking at him sadly.

“Now Childe.” Spike growled.

Xander winced at his Sire’s tone and immediately clambered on the bed. He hadn’t meant to disobey, but the thought of what the punishment could be scared the hell out of him. He’d read the Watchers’ Journals and he knew what kind of punishment Angelus loved to inflict on his childer. Despite Spike’s assurances to the contrary, Xander was still terrified of what lay ahead.

He knelt on the bed, ass in the air, waiting. He shivered as he felt the bed dip and a cool hand pat his ass.

“Ready for your punishment, Childe?” Spike asked and Xander screwed his eyes shut as he nodded.


Buffy and Giles were so intent in their billionth argument of the day, that they didn’t even notice Willow sneaking out of the hospital room. After hours of thinking and analysing everything, Willow had decided that the best course of action was...well…action! All she had to do was wait until yet another argument broke up between slayer and watcher and make a quiet exit. She didn’t know why those two were arguing so, but it would have to wait until she fixed Xander. A witch can only do so much at one time, she thought as she made her way to Giles’ apartment.

Finding the necessary ingredients for the spell was easier than she’d thought. Giles was too busy arguing with Buffy to help, she told herself as she started casting the spell. Besides, she knew what she was doing. She’d done it once before, after all.


Xander felt a sting as Spike's open palm came down hard on his ass. He squealed in surprise, and Spike laughed at the sound before raining more blows down on him. After the initial squeal, Xander took his punishment quietly, grunting every so often when Spike smacked a particularly sensitive spot. His sire made sure to spread every slap evenly, making sure that each centimetre of his ass was given the same treatment.

At first, Xander had gotten gradually more aroused by the spanking, pushing against his sire’s hand and moaning in pleasure. He thought he’d gotten off lightly but as the smacks kept coming down and the pain just increased with each hit, he revised his opinion. By the time Spike spoke again Xander’s cock was flaccid, his ass was bright red and he was trying hard not to cry.

“Why are you being punished, Childe?” his sire asked, hand still relentlessly smacking Xander’s ass.

“B-because I kissed Willow,” he managed to gasp out, stubbornly holding the tears in.

“Good boy. Why would you be punished for that then?” Spike demanded.

Xander didn’t reply immediately and suddenly the smacks came harder and faster.

“Fuck. Please sire…because I belong to you!” he burst out, tears finally coursing down his cheeks.

“And I am?” Spike insisted, slowing down a bit.

“My sire, my everything.” Xander sobbed out, openly crying now. “Please sire, I’m sorry. Please stop.”

The blows tapered down to nothing and Xander felt strong arms draw him to his knees and gather him close.

“Good boy, such a good boy. Won’t ever do that again will you now?” Spike asked softly.

“No, sire. I promise,” he whimpered and held on tight, burying his face in the blond’s neck.


Willow sat back and smiled in satisfaction. The spell had worked! Now all she had to do was find Xander. Grabbing Giles’ car keys had been way too easy, she giggled as she climbed into the car and carefully placed the orb on the passenger seat.

A part of her was still expecting Xander to pop in the car with her, off to save the world again. But he was gone now and she had to do what she had to do. Whatever the cost, Xander came first. Wearing her resolve-face she started the car and drove off to find her friend.


“Lie down, pet. Let’s see if we can cool you down a bit.” Spike said and Xander was relieved to hear the return of his sire’s more caring side. He eagerly climbed on the bed and lay onto his front, relaxing as much as he could with his ass throbbing in pain.

Xander wasn’t sure what he was expecting but it definitely wasn’t the feel of Spike’s tongue licking his cheeks. Moaning softly he arched his ass against the blond’s cool tongue, feeling his cock harden again.

Spike licked and nibbled on his boy’s ass, enjoying the taste and feel of the soft skin. He made sure to cover every inch of reddened skin before making his way to the cleft between Xander’s cheeks.

“Spread your legs for me, pet,” he growled against the skin, smirking when his childe hastened to obey him. “Good boy, now reach back and hold yourself open. Didn’t get a chance to play with you last time.”

Spike settled himself between Xander’s spread thighs, marvelling at the beauty of his childe, laid out before him like that, open and wanting. He could practically see the boy’s hole twitch in anticipation. Grinning to himself, he leaned down and licked at the strip of skin just behind Xander’s balls, feeling the brunet tense and immediately push towards the sensation.

“Such a little slut, aren’t you, pet? Just for me though. Isn’t that right?” Spike asked softly, placing little licks around Xander’s pucker.

“Yes, only yours. Nobody else, please Spike, don’t stop.” Xander moaned and thrust down again.

Satisfied at his childe’s response, Spike pushed his tongue inside the puckered opening, dragging it along Xander’s clenching passage. Moments later, the brunet was practically on his knees again as he pushed back, trying to get even more stimulation. Spike went on sucking and licking his ass relentlessly until he felt his childe trying to rub himself against the bed.

“None of that now, pet,” he commanded harshly, grabbing Xander’s hips to keep him still.

“Sire, please, I need to come, please Spike need it so bad,” the boy babbled madly abandoning his efforts to find friction and pushing back into Spike’s hands.

“Want me to fuck you, Xander?” the blond teased, dropping his head to lick at the now thoroughly wet hole.

“Yes, oh God yes, please Spike!” Xander moaned and writhed in response.

“Back on all fours, luv.” Spike smiled at the desperation in his boy’s voice and quickly undressed himself before returning to the bed. He slicked up two fingers and without giving Xander any notice he slammed them inside the loosened hole.

Xander screamed when he felt fingers thrust inside him and immediately started moving back and forth, fucking himself against them. All too soon the fingers retreated and the brunet moaned in disappointment.

“Let’s make sure you learned your lesson, pet. Who do you belong to?” Spike asked, just as Xander felt something blunt brushing against his hole.

“You Sire, no one but you,” he swore and pushed back hoping to slide Spike’s cock inside him. All he got for his effort was soft laughter as the blond followed his movement, his cockhead still teasing Xander.

“Good boy, now time for your reward.” Spike whispered and suddenly Xander was full of his sire and it burned–oh God it burned–but it felt so good to feel himself being forced open like that.

“Want to come, pet? Want me to wrap my hand around your cock and bring you off?” Spike asked, barely moving after the initial thrust.

“Damnit, Spike don’t tease me!” Xander growled slipping into game face and glaring at his sire over his shoulder.

“Tsk tsk tsk, not the right answer, Xan.” Spike drawled and Xander growled harder when the movement slowed down even more.

“Please sire, I need to come,” he begged, wriggling his ass, trying to get Spike to move.

“See? All you had to do was ask nicely,” Spike said and immediately started fucking him hard and fast, thrusting in with such force that Xander had to use all of his strength to stay on his knees.

“Spike, please touch me, please.” Xander moaned, voice trembling with exertion.

Spike leaned forward laying himself flat against Xander’s back and reaching under his childe to his cock, jerking him off in time with his thrusts. He felt Xander clench around him and groaned against the brunet’s skin.

“Yes, pet, just like that,” he moaned when Xander tightened his muscles again and sank his fangs in his boy’s neck.

“Oh fuck, yesssss.” Xander hissed, his sire’s bite pushing him over the threshold.


Willow looked at the motel room door, holding the orb carefully in her hands and psyching herself up. She had to do this. It was for Xander’s happiness. He was her best friend and he deserved this. Taking a deep breath she slammed open the door and marched into the room.

The moment Xander saw his friend walk in he thanked every God and demon in the world that she hadn’t walked in a few moments earlier. Then he grabbed hold of his growling sire, trying to keep him from attacking Willow.

“Are you insane? What the hell are you doing here anyway?!” he yelled over Spike’s growling and watched in horror as his sire easily broke his grasp and launched at Willow.

Horror turned into puzzlement when Spike bounced back without even touching her.

“I may be insane but I’m not crazy. I brought protection!” She grinned at Xander and showed him the glowing orb. “Personal space turns into home and vamps can’t come in without an invite. I tried it once before and it worked!” she explained proudly and Xander couldn’t help but smile at her. That’s his Willow, always looking for the solutions.

“You are not getting him back.” Spike growled angrily, putting himself between Willow and his childe.

“I don’t want him back!” Willow exclaimed and, seeing Xander’s crushed look, rushed to explain. “I mean, I do want him back but I want him to be happy more. ‘Cause I know his soul’s gone, but there must be a bit of Xander left, right? Because he still loves me. Otherwise he would have killed me back in Sunnydale, he wouldn’t have made Oz take me away but he did so he still cares for me so he’s still Xander. Just missing the soul, right?” She looked at Xander beseechingly, sighing in relief when he nodded.

“So I figured, his soul must be in heaven, cause where else would Xander go? But the rest of him? I want that to be happy too. I just wanted to be sure he was happy. So I cast a locator spell and I found you and I just wanted to say that if you make him unhappy, I will know and I will hunt you down and bring the slayer with me.” She glared at Spike, making sure he understood she meant what she said.

The blond stared at her in amazement. Fucking, hell how does she breathe? he thought and made a mental note to ask Xander about that. He’d thought his boy could babble on, but this one, she beat even him!

“Buffy is so going to want a piece of you, well, when she gets done arguing with Giles, she will. He seems to be happy, and that’s how Xander should be and oh look you’re naked, so I think I’ll go now.” Eyes wide open as she suddenly realised what she had walked into, Willow rushed from the room.

Xander leaped out from the bed and ran to the window to watch her go, waving at her as she passed by their room in Giles’ car.

“She wants me to be happy.” He declared, grinning at his sire. “She drove all the way here because she wants me to be happy! And hey! Since when does Willow drive?!”

Spike smiled, content to see his childe excited and happy. “Sun’s almost down. Where do you wanna go next, then?” he asked, reaching for his jeans.

“Egypt! Always wanted to ride a camel. Or, oh! Can we go to India? I wanna see the elephants!” Xander babbled as he got dressed, happily contemplating his future. Maybe he’d send Willow a postcard every now and then, let her know he was still happy. He’d send one tomorrow in fact; tell her all about the subjects of the spell Spike had made her cast. Grinning at the thought of the Scoobies’ reaction to that bit of news, he followed his sire out into the night.

3 Postcards from Europe

We get it on most every night
When that moon is big and bright
It’s a supernatural delight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

We get
Everybody here is out of sight
They don't bark and they don't bite
They keep things loose they keep it tight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody’s feeling warm and bright
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

We like our fun and we never fight
You can’t dance and stay uptight
It’s a supernatural delight
Everybody was dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody’s feeling warm and bright
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

We get in on most every night
And when that moon is big and bright
It’s a supernatural delight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody’s feeling warm and bright
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight


Xander giggled as he pushed the card through the slot. He'd promised Willow to write and he was going to do it, even if it was only a few hours since he'd last seen her. Spike stood next to him, shaking his head at the silliness of his childe. Writing to a human, a friend of his human self at that.

"Always drawn to the crazy ones," he muttered, grabbing Xander's hand and dragging him towards the gate.


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Hey Wills!

We finally made it to LA and I wanted to drop you a line to let you know about the spell Spike made you do. The subjects weren't Spike and Dru, they were Buffy and Giles! Are they all lovey-dovey now? Is Deadboy all upset that his 'true wuv' is all fancying of the Watcher? You know I would enjoy that even if I wasn't evil, right? Cause Deadboy angst is always of the good!

We're in the airport now, off to see the camels. Spike promised to show me the world!

Still happy Wills.



They'd landed in Egypt at night, caught a taxi and went to the most expensive hotel they could find. Spike was good at forging signatures and documents and Angel had paid for a lovely one month vacation. Xander was so excited he babbled on and on until Spike shut him up by making him use his mouth in more interesting ways.

He licked his lips at the memory, handing the card to the concierge with clear instructions to post it immediately.


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Oh my God Willow I rode a camel! For real! And okay, then I bit the camel but it tasted kinda funky and it kicked me. Spike's still laughing at me about that. How was I to know that camels kicked like that? Egypt is so cool, Willow. We went to the pyramids, Spike knew someone who knew someone and they opened them up for us at night. It was so creepy in there, I got shivers down my spine! You would have loved it. I even learned stuff!

Spike says to tell you he's taking care of me but not because he's afraid of you or the Slayer.

The camel in the picture is the one that kicked me. Could you do some mojo and curse it? Never being able to spit again would be a nice curse for a camel.

Still happy Wills.



Xander ran into the post office, slamming the card into the slot in the wall. He grinned at the guy there, uttered a short "Thank you" and ran outside and into the car Spike had stolen.


Hey Willow.

Don't have much time to write, we're being chased by a mob! Who knew people still believed in vampires over here. We're leaving Egypt tomorrow. Spike wants to go back to civilization where people are firmly in denial. He told me to tell you that we have a post-box in London if you want to send me anything. I scribbled the address on the other side of the envelope. Drop me a line, tell me how you're doing. Are Giles and Buffy still in love? Still feeling muchly gleeful about that scheme!

Still happy Wills!



Xander walked to the post office, relishing the burn in his ass, the way his skin felt hot and achy as his jeans rubbed against it. His cock twitched with each step, each reminder of the way he'd spent the day. He held the card firmly in his hand and walked a little bit faster, anxious to post it and go grab dinner, maybe relieve himself a little before he went back to his sire.

He was allowed to play with his food, so long as there was no kissing and he cleaned up his plate. A small snicker escaped him at the thought. He had the best sire in the world.

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we're...actually I've no idea where we are. Spike keeps telling me the name of the place but it's long and has a lot of vowels in it. Sitting at a demon bar right now, having a drink while Spike fleeces the locals in poker. He's cheating as always. beats up the locals for daring to imply that he cheats. Man he looks hot when he fights. He gets all pumped up and energetic and then I get extraspecialhot sex complete with spanking. Which okay, maybe you didn't want to know but I'm an evil vamp, other fledges kill their families the least I can do is make you blush!



Xander looked nervously at the postcard. He had it all written out, as clearly as he could.

"Well, are you going to post it, pet?"

Xander glared at Spike and took a step towards the post-box. He made no move to push the card through the slot, fighting the urge to fold it and put it in his pocket.

"What if she says 'no'?"

"Then it's her loss, Xan," Spike replied promptly and grabbed the card, feeding it to the box.

"Hey! I wasn't ready to do that!"

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Dear Willow,

You are you know, dear to me. I guess I got my sire's humanity thing because I can't seem to stop caring for you.

We're going to London next. I hope you wrote me something.

If you want me to stop writing just write a note okay Wills? I know I'm not the human me but I still love you, I don't want you to feel bad.



Xander stared at the letter and postcard he held in his hand. They’d arrived in London two hours ago and Xander had insisted they come straight to the post-office, anxious to see whether Willow still wanted him to write. He stared at the post-card, smiling faintly and trying to work up the courage to turn it around. She’d written him a letter so that must mean she didn’t hate him, right? Right. All he had to do was turn the card around and see. So he would…any minute now he would turn the card around. Aaaaany minute now….

He thrust the post card at Spike.

“Read it for me.”

Spike sighed at his childe’s antics and turned the card around. He immediately started growling, eyes flashing gold.

“I knew it! She hates me!” Xander declared, grabbing the card to see for himself. He looked at the familiar handwriting, reading it once, twice then looking up at his sire.

“Spike? Why are you growling? She doesn’t hate me! It’s good news!”

If you so much as think of not writing me anymore I'm turning you into a toad.

Just so you know :)

Things here are pretty much the same, monsters come in, we research, Buffy slays.

Love you Xan, even if you are evil.


P.S. Hope you like the postcard!

“She doesn’t hate me Sire! And she wrote me a letter!” Xander bounced happily, waving the envelope around. “Spike! Stop growling already, I’m telling you it’s good news!”

Xander rolled his eyes at Spike and settled down on the bed to read his letter, still bouncing.

Dear evil!Xander,

I miss you a lot. I mean, I miss the human you. Not that the vampire you isn't missable but I loved human Xander so much.

Thank God you sent me that first card because I had no idea what was going on with Buffy and Giles! When Spike made me do the spell I changed it a bit. As if I would let the evil undead use magic! Ever since the spell they started arguing and they wouldn't stop. Poor Angel tried to calm them down and Buffy threw a stake at him. She nearly hit his heart! The only reason she didn't was that she was too angry to aim well.

After I fixed them I told them I'd found you and told them you left. Buffy and Giles nearly had matching heart attacks. Cordelia said that it's the only explanation for you choosing me over her. Oz was his usual stoic self. He told me later that he already knew about it. He was upset about the kissing thing but he said that he could forgive us, if only cause you're dead and I'm really, really sorry. I may have played the my-friend's-dead-I'm-all-upset card a lot but I do love him so much Xan. We're working things out. He's not very good at talking, not like you. Even your postcards are full of babbling!

I'm happy you're happy Xan. Please don't kill any good people okay? Do bad people taste different to you? You could maybe only take a little from the nice ones.

I'm sorry. I couldn't help but ask. I love you anyway.


Spike looked at the writhing form on the bed, smiling at the picture it made.

“Just need to run an errand, pet. I’ll be back soon.”

Spike pressed a button on the remote he held and, ignoring the strangled groan coming from the bed, left the apartment.


threaten my boy again and I’ll use your guts to decorate the Slayer’s porch.

William The Bloody

Xander glared at his sire, fighting the urge to smile at the sullen expression on his face. Spike had confessed that he’d sent a threatening card to Willow and Xander had yelled and screamed and in general told his sire off in no uncertain terms. He was now calm enough to let it go but he still wanted Spike to make it up to him.

With a huff and one last glare, Xander left the apartment.

Click for full size image
Click for full size image

Hey Wills,

Ignore the card from my idiot Sire. He’s a little overprotective. Imagine me rolling my eyes now Willow cause I am. :o) I told him never to do that again or there’d be no nookie for a whole week.

I was so happy to hear from you Wills. I was bouncing all day. Spike had to tie me up to get me to stay still. Of course, then he had to fuck me until I broke the ropes. He’s making it up to me tonight.

I think I’ll be happy for a while, Wills.



When he got back, Spike was on the roof, putting the finishing touches to the scene. The roof was full of candles, all lit up and casting a soft glow throughout and music was playing from somewhere Xander couldn’t spot.

“This is a fire hazard you know,” he said casually, smiling at his sire.

“They’re spelled. Now shut up and come dance with me.”

Xander’s smile widened and he slowly moved into Spike’s arms.



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The End

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