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First Christmas


It must have been the mistletoe
The lazy fire, the falling snow
the magic in the frosty air
that feeling everywhere

On Christmas Eve my wish came true
the night I fell in love with you
it only took one kiss to know
it must have been the mistletoe.

Xander carefully secured the mistletoe over the bedroom door. He climbed down the ladder and took a step back to admire his handiwork, smiling happily. The tree was standing, multicoloured and proud in the corner of the room, Christmas knick-knacks covered every available surface and the windows were twinkling merrily with fairy lights.

The apartment finally looked perfect, Xander thought, for his first Christmas with his boyfriend. Well…if you wanted to be technical it was their second Christmas together.

Xander smiled as he remembered the shock on Spike’s face when he’d finally confessed his feelings. After Sunnydale was destroyed Xander had been shocked at how much he’d missed Spike as well as Anya. He’d spent his entire time in Africa mourning Anya’s death and regretting not speaking to Spike about how he felt.

Then, a couple of days before Christmas, Andrew had finally found the courage to tell him that Spike was not as dead as everyone thought. Xander had taken the first plane out of Africa and landed in LA on Christmas Eve. He’d been determined to tell Spike everything he felt bout him and so he did. He searched the entire evil lawyer building until he found the vampire, sitting alone in a conference room.  He burst in the room and before Spike had time to speak, he blurted out everything, from his pain and confusion at losing him to the feelings he’d seemed to have developed for the blond.

Spike had just stood there, staring at him until Xander, sure that he was being rejected, nodded sadly and turned to leave. Before he reached the elevator he was twirled around and soundly kissed.

“Give a bloke a chance to speak, yeah?” Spike had said and those were the sweetest words Xander had ever heard.

So yeah, second Christmas in a way, but their first one celebrating together properly, as something more than the possibility of a good relationship. They were real and they were together and their first Christmas would be absolutely perfect.

The End

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