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"Spike, what the hell?!"

Xander managed to fall out of the bed in his haste to move away.

"Hello, pet," Spike drawled, rising up to rest on his arms, "fancy meeting you here."

"Fancy...it's my bed, Spike!"

"So it is!" Spike exclaimed in faux surprise.

Xander scrambled to his feet and pointed accusingly at the bed and its occupant.

"It so is! And you're in it!"

"Very observant, Xander," Spike said approvingly.

"Why the hell are you in my bed?"

Spike said not a word. He did, however, push the sheet completely off of him.

Xander blinked. Spike, naked, in his bed.

"Eh, sure, why not?" he shrugged and climbed in with him.

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"I'm telling you, it's 'cinematic'," Xander insisted.

"A car can't be cinematic," Spike replied.

"Oh, but 'systematic' is fine," Xander rolled his eyes, "What kind of car is systematic?"

"The kind that makes chicks cream," Spike answered smugly.

"Well, it's still stupid."

"Trust me, it's systematic. I should know, I was at the theatre premiere," Spike grinned, "Got to have Kenickie after the show was over. Tasted like apples."

Xander looked horrified.

"I'm not talking about his blood," Spike smirked.


Spike's smirk turned predatory.

"And how do you taste, I wonder."

Xander barely had a chance to gulp.

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