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A Lesson In Respect


Xander marched into the apartment looking decidedly pissed off.

“I can’t believe you did that, Spike. Pretending not to be together is one thing, putting me down so completely in front of my friends is a whole other matter,” he yelled as he stormed into the bedroom and kneeled next to the bed, reaching under it to drag a small chest out.

Spike trailed in behind his lover, trying desperately to apologise.  When he saw what Xander was doing, he immediately stopped.

“Come on, Xan, I wasn’t that bad!” he protested.

Xander glared at him and went back to unpacking the chest, taking out a cane, a paddle and a pair of black leather cuffs. He’d always liked the way the dark colour looked against his lover’s pale skin.

“Not that bad? You said that I was only good for getting in the way. You said I had the fighting skills of a garden gnome. You said I wasn’t even good for a shag. You said I was beneath your notice.”

Spike saw the hurt lurking behind the anger on Xander’s face and tried once more to apologise.

“I’m sorry, luv, I didn’t mean to say all that, it just…it just flew out of my mouth.”

“Well, sorry isn’t gonna cut it this time Spike.” Xander said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Assume the position.”

Spike closed his eyes a moment, then tried again. “Xander, please just listen to me.”

“Do not make me repeat myself.” This time the human’s voice was carefully devoid of any emotion.

“Yes, sir,” Spike said, and quickly undressed himself before standing with his legs shoulder-width apart and his hands behind his back, eyes lowered to look at the floor.

“Do you understand why you have to be punished?” Xander demanded.

“Yes, sir,” Spike replied softly.

“Tell me.”

“I insulted you in front of your friends, sir.”


Spike kept staring at the floor, trying to figure out what had hurt Xander more.

“I… I implied that I’m too good for you, sir,” he said quietly.

Spike heard Xander walk around behind him but kept perfectly still, his eyes glued on the floor, waiting for further instructions.

“Put the cuffs on, hands in front of yourself. Then step close to the wall and brace your arms against it.”

The moment the sentence was finished, Spike followed Xander’s instructions, knowing that any pause or delay would add to the punishment. Xander followed Spike and stood behind him, softly caressing the blond hair before bringing the cane down to land the first blow on his back. Several blows followed in quick succession, barely giving Spike enough time to absorb the pain of one before the other landed, causing even more.

“Do you think I’m a nancy-boy now, Spike? Am I poncy now?” Xander asked calmly.

“No, sir,” the blond replied as respectfully as he could. Xander nodded, and went back to his task, careful to cover all of Spike’s back, starting at the shoulders and moving down to his thighs an inch or two at a time. After the initial flurry of blows Xander went slow and steady, making sure to land at least two blows in a row on the same spot.

Spike tried to remain quiet and still. He was a master vampire and, submissive or no, it was a point of pride not to just give in and show pain. But by the time Xander reached one hundred strikes he couldn’t help but squirm, and he had to grind his teeth to stop himself from making a sound. At a hundred and fifty he was openly moaning, his back a fiery mass of pain.

Xander finally stopped, and reached between Spike’s legs to cup his throbbing balls.

“Like it do you, Spike?” he taunted. “You love having me punish you, don’t you?”

Spike could only moan weakly, unable to offer anything more intelligent.

“Want more, baby? Want to feel my hand on you?” Xander whispered the last question right in Spike’s ear. “Answer me, Spike.” he ordered when no reply seemed forthcoming from the vampire.

“Y-yes, sir.”

Xander smirked and resumed Spike’s punishment, this time spanking the vampire with his bare hand. Under normal circumstances this would only cause mild discomfort but Spike’s ass was already sensitive from the caning and some of the blows had split the skin. Every strike of Xander’s hand aggravated the injuries, making Spike flinch and moan softly.

Twenty smacks later Xander finally stopped and laid his hand gently on Spike’s abused back, trailing it down to cup his ass. Spike felt him move away and heard some rustling noises. Then Xander was back and a slick finger was roughly pushed inside Spike’s hole.

Xander did no more than was strictly necessary before rubbing traces of lube on his cock and slamming into Spike.

“Do you still think I’m beneath you, baby?” he asked, drawing back and slamming forwards again.

“No, sir!” Spike replied instantly, biting back a moan as Xander’s cock brushed against his prostate.

“Are you ever going to even hint that I am?” Xander asked again, every word punctuated by a rough thrust.

“No, sir, never.” Spike vowed tremulously.

“Good boy, such a good boy for Xander.” The brunet groaned and fucked him harder, pushing Spike flat against the wall. He didn’t even try to bring pleasure to his lover; this wasn’t about Spike’s pleasure, this was about punishment and atonement. When he reached the edge Xander pulled Spike’s head to the side, leaving the blond’s neck open and vulnerable. Leaning down he bit hard at the juncture between neck and shoulder, and at the first taste of his Spike’s blood, he came.

Spike relaxed, letting the wall support their weight, and waited patiently for Xander to recover. A few moments later he was pulled back, and the cuffs removed.

“You took your punishment so prettily I’m going to give you a reward,” Xander said, and settled himself on the bed, back resting against the headboard. “Come and lean on me.”

Spike climbed onto the bed, sat between Xander’s legs and rested his back against his lover’s chest, wincing a little from the contact on his abused skin. He was allowed a few moments to get used to the sensation and then Xander told him to spread his legs. Finally realising what his human was up to, Spike happily complied. A warm hand trailed down his chest to cup his balls while another wrapped itself around his hard cock, pulling and stroking softly. Spike tried his best not to push into the hand. The punishment might be over but Xander was still in charge. He let his head fall back onto Xander’s shoulder and moaned.

Xander smiled softly, anger gone now that Spike had learned his lesson. He tightened his hand and started pulling faster, revelling in the moans and whimpers coming from his lover.

“Fuck my hand, baby. Wanna see you come in my hand,” he whispered, and Spike immediately started moving his hips, frantic to reach his release. Xander watched Spike’s face contort in pleasure, and felt his balls tighten.  “That’s it, baby, come for Xander,” he said, and squeezed softly.

Spike arched into the touch and came for his Xander.

The End

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