Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC-17
Warning: PWP
Spoiler: General BTVS Season 7, specifically “Him”
Distribution: My site, all others ask and ye shall receive.
Disclaimer: Totally not my characters. Still. But I have nothing to gain so.
A/N: I wrote this for Ladycat and got a heaping helping of wonderful beta work from her for the trouble. Thank you girl, this is for you!

d 03/16/03

Going To


Xander. Here. Naked. Now.

Little thoughts. Simple really. Spike smiled. He danced his fingers over his bare chest. Grazed his nipple with his thumb.

The room was dark. Always like this. Always the dark. Always nothing. No light penetrated the heady haze that filled the room, the haze of the smell of Spike. His smile tightened into a wicked grin and he squeezed his nipple hard.

He laughed in the close darkness.

Xander. On me. In me. Naked. Hmmm…

Spike’s nipple ached as he dug into it brutally with the heel of his hand. His harder bit struggled against the confines of his jeans and he scraped his free hand down his belly on the way to opening the offending denim.

Spike groaned under his laughter. He laughed at himself and the extreme to which he was quickly going to. Going to.

Going to… he glanced at the clock, pinched his bare nipple and his covered cock …in three minutes. Going to fill him up and rummage through him and leave my mark on every place I can touch in… two and a half minutes… Going to… Xander…

Spike slipped his hand into his jeans, found himself waiting there, waiting to be discovered like the New World… Someone had been there before, but suddenly he got all the credit. He moved his hand lower, pulled on his balls, still bound in his jeans and moaned, the laughter gone somewhere else.

He looked at the clock again, felt his balls tighten even as he pulled on them… one minute. Just one more… Min… ute…

And he let go of his nipple, tugged on himself again, bit his hand and…

“Spike, I’m home.”

Spike heard Xander through the closed door to his closet, his orgasm miles away just by thinking it so. Gotta save myself for the boy.

Xander opened the door. Spike took in the sight before him, which was Xander, naked, his body already hard in his hand as he stepped into the room, closed the door behind him.

Spike lay back, watched Xander grope through the darkness. He watched as Xander kneaded the air toward the sound – the hardness – Spike knew he could feel across the tiny room.

Spike felt the weight on the small bed grow, felt his jeans pulled down to his ankles. He started to kick them off, but his legs were pinned to the mattress by the time he thought to move.

And with his legs pinned, all Spike felt was the tightness around him and all Spike heard were the hard moans coming from above him somewhere in the darkness. He didn’t look because Xander couldn’t see.

The body that pinned Spike rose once, slowly. He felt the air against his hardness, felt himself slide out until only the tip of him grazed the entrance. Xander’s body came down hard, fast, swallowed Spike’s shaft deep inside of it. Hands pressed hard on Spike’s chest. He rose to meet the downward pressure and raised them both off the bed.

Xander’s tight ass rested on Spike’s hips. Spike’s cock throbbed inside and Xander just ground down harder, flexed his tight muscle until Spike didn’t think he could take it anymore and then began to find his rhythm.

Spike lay back. Xander’s weight pressed through his hands hard on Spike’s chest. Spike’s hands played across Xander’s hips and legs, the boy rode him up and down, slow but constant. The distance between them disappeared completely as Xander leaned forward and Spike leaned up. Xander was sitting on Spike’s lap; his cock bound up between their bellies, Spike’s cock sheltered deep within the hot pressure of Xander’s body.

Xander broke the rhythm, rose up off again. Spike felt himself sprung free for a moment as Xander lowered back. Spike knew he wasn’t lined up right anymore. He could feel the back of Xander’s ass riding over his cock, but not the entrance.

Xander lifted his hips again, moved them back, just so. Spike slid home deep inside Xander, heard him call out then tighten then scream and Spike pressed his face hard into that hot chest, licked away the sweat that formed on the soft, tight skin. Spike bucked and Xander writhed with the strength of the new assault penetrating him, marking him, from beneath. From inside.

Spike moaned as Xander’s speed increased, became frenzied. Fixed, focused on the body riding him, somehow Spike actually became the being he was pressed so tight and hot inside. And the body above seemed to scream Spike’s name and he lay back again. Flung himself back, head deep into pillows and Xander’s weight returned to Spike’s chest. Xander’s cock twitched, and with it the ring - the home - around Spike tightened. He arched his back, felt all of Xander shake as Spike found the spot and Xander screamed and covered the front of Spike with his come and Spike moaned, raised a hand to his mouth and bit it and…

“Spike, I’m home.”

Spike lay quiet in the dark, felt the come in his jeans run down between his legs and he opened his eyes, laughing in the dark.

Xander, naked… One of these days. I’m going to.

The End

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