So this is the companion piece to A Million Miles from Evertyhing. It's very different in tone (this is way, way lighter) and format. It's set at some random time before the other story. I'd say a few weeks at least.

I hope you like it because reading it cracks me up.

Title: yeah
Fandom: Buffy
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: hard R
Beta: [info]silvertedy



xandman: hey
bloodywilliam: hey
xandman: got your email. how's it feel to be a watcher?
bloodywilliam: fuck you
xandman: maybe later
bloodywilliam: you find your girl?
xandman: yeah. her dad called me the devil and threw me out
bloodywilliam: smart man
xandman: fuck you
bloodywilliam: maybe later. when you coming home?
xandman: don't know. giles is sending me to kenya
bloodywilliam: nice there. you'll like it.
xandman: i wanna come home.
bloodywilliam: miss me, don't you?
xandman: oh yeah. the last time i saw you, you hit me.
bloodywilliam: you were being an ass
xandman: know what I miss? I miss the chip. you couldn't hit me then.
bloodywilliam: you'll be happy it's gone when i'm balls deep and you're begging me to fuck you harder and faster

bloodywilliam: xan?
xandman: yeah?
bloodywilliam: thought you lost your connection or something
xandman: nah, just ... had to adjust my pants
bloodywilliam: *g* yeah?
xandman: yeah.
bloodywilliam: you like that idea? me shagging you hard and fast?
xandman: yeah
bloodywilliam: you got my email?
xandman: yeah
bloodywilliam: can you say anything other than yeah?
xandman: fuck you
bloodywilliam: ooh, good one. that's just what I did after I wrote that email
xandman: What?????????
bloodywilliam: took that big fat dildo I told you about and fucked myself real good with it

bloodywilliam: *g*
xandman: fuck me
bloodywilliam: soon as you get home, xan. promise.
xandman: i hate waiting
bloodywilliam: you know ... you don't have to wait for me. no obligations, xan.
xandman: i know. i just ... i'm not ...
bloodywilliam: okay
xandman: can we go back to the sex talk?
bloodywilliam: *g* take your cock out
xandman: it's out
bloodywilliam: mmm. good boy. are you touching it?
xandman: yeah
bloodywilliam: stroking it nice and slow?
xandman: yeah
bloodywilliam: i wanna taste you.
xandman: oh god
bloodywilliam: can suck you forever, xan. nice thing about being a vamp -- don't have to breathe
xandman: reminding me that you have fangs while talking about putting my dick in your mouth is not a good way to keep me aroused
bloodywilliam: lol. oh but the things I'll do to you with my mouth. i can take you all the way in. no gag reflex. then i'll open you up and shove my tongue deep inside you, get you all loose and ready for me.
xandman: fuck
bloodywilliam: exactly. you still touching yourself?
xandman: yeah
bloodywilliam: if I were there, I'd be sliding my mouth up and down your cock, sucking you hard. Slip a finger or two in your ass. make it real good for you
xandman: want you
bloodywilliam: want you too. come for me. fuck your hand and come for me.

xandman: brb
bloodywilliam: wtf?
xandman: had to get tissues
bloodywilliam: well then, guess you came
xandman: yeah
bloodywilliam: we need to work on your typing skills. every other line is yeah.
xandman: fuck you
bloodywilliam: soon as you get home
xandman: right. well, i better get to bed. i'll try to get online tomorrow.
bloodywilliam: night
xandman: night

xandman has signed off

The End

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