Parts 31 to 60



Part Forty-Six   Touch

Xander was watching television, mindlessly flipping through the channels waiting for the movie of the week to come on so he and Spike could play MST3K along with the melodrama. It was almost as fun as the classic movies/ history lessons, and this week would be double your pleasure, double your fun holiday drama! Xander bounced just a little giddily as Spike came back in with his mug of blood and box of Weetabix, then stood to get his own snacks.

"You're so tactile," Xander told him, when Spike nuzzled him on the way past him in the living room.

"Nice ten-dollar word," Spike said, and continued nuzzling, setting the snacks out of the way and bringing Xander's hips and hands into the action.

"Really, Spike. I never thought you'd like to be touched so much." Xander began to lick his neck, long strokes from jaw to collarbone.

Spike groaned. "Like to be touched, it's the heightened senses. Makes everything... 'Sides, you like it too." Spike reciprocated, bringing his hands down to cup Xander's ass, pulling him closer. This time it was Xander who moaned, and Spike fought the urge to throw him down and shag him blind on the living room floor.

"Like to be touched, it's the person who's doing the touching." Xander pushed Spike down onto the couch. Spike may be restraining himself, but Xander had other ideas. He unbuttoned his own pants and toed of his sneakers before helping Spike remove his boots.

"So, we fit, then." Spike was shimmying out of his jeans as Xander leaned down over him, covering Spike's body with his own, and resumed kissing every available inch of uncovered skin while Spike added the last black cotton tee-shirt barrier to the scattered pile of clothes in the floor.

"That's all I keep trying to tell you." He grasped one small nipple between his teeth and sucked and bit until it pebbled, then moved his attention to the other.

Spike was writhing underneath him, bucking his hips up, but unable to meet Xander's body, held above his as Xander stayed on his knees, trailing a path of tiny kisses down Spike's defined abs and over his bare hips. He wanted to run his hands over Xander's well-muscled back, but he had his wrists circled by Xander's hands, held down with enough force to not want to break the hold. When Xander's lips remained the only point of contact, Spike gave in and begged, "Please, Xander, so warm, please touch me."

Xander let Spike wait, growing even harder at the sound of his lover begging. He kissed and licked a wet path down his legs, drawing them up as me kissed, bending them so he could reach Spike's sensitive feet, back up again. Finally, Spike wiggled out of his grip and grasped his shoulders, pulling him down onto him. Xander smiled as he gave in and engulfed Spike's cock, already tasting the cool salty precome dripping steadily from the head. Xander pulled back, lips circling the rim, tongue darting into the slit to gather more of the taste on his tongue. Spike began thrusting slightly, and Xander held down his hips. He couldn't yet do that, rarely getting the chance to practice taking Spike like this for very long. Instead, he slowly exhaled through his nose and sank as low as he could, feeling Spike's dick hit the back of his throat. By reflex, he swallowed, and Spike let out a muffled yell as cool seed flowed into Xander's mouth.

He quickly pulled back, trying not to gag and focused on swallowing what he could, the rest dripping down his chin. Spike pulled him up and kissed him, copper flavored tongue chasing his own taste around Xander's mouth. When Xander pulled back to breathe, he saw what had stifled Spike's cry, and where the blood taste had come from. Spike had bitten into his arm when he came.

Spike noticed Xander looking at the rapidly fading bite mark on his arm and rushed to explain. "It didn't hurt. I needed to. It. Sometimes-"

Xander cut him off with a chaste, close-mouthed kiss. "I know. It's okay."

Spike deepened the kiss, grasping desperately at Xander's still hard cock. "That good, huh?" Xander smiled, satisfied that he'd made Spike need something.

"Very good, Xan. Let me show you." He moved to return the blow job, but Xander stopped him.

"No. Keep kissing me."

So Spike continued kissing Xander, tongue thrusting into the boy's mouth in the same rhythm he fisted his cock. When he thumbed over the head, spreading the moisture down the length of him, Xander leaned his head back, baring his throat.  Without thinking, Spike fastened his lips over his pulse point. He grazed the spot lightly with blunt teeth and Xander moaned.

"Please," He whispered. "Drink."

Spike's features shifted, and Xander felt the ridges of his forehead press into his neck. Two points of heat flared as fangs sank through skin and muscle, near enough to the artery to feel the pulse, but not into it. The sharp pain faded almost as soon as it began, replaced by the exquisite feeling of his blood flowing into another, giving life to Spike. Spike bit into his own wrist yet again, just enough to aid Xander in breaking the skin, before he held it to Xander's lips. He felt the human latch on, probing with his tongue for more. Xander came hard, shuddering with each stream of hot seed that spilled over Spike's hand. He fell limp on top of Spike, grateful that he didn't have to worry about moving anytime soon. Even if he'd been able to form coherent thought, he wouldn't have wanted to.

Spike continued to lave at the wounds, capturing each drop of blood that rose sluggishly to the rapidly healing surface. Once the wounds were closed with the aid of a drop or two of his own blood mixed into his saliva, Spike asked, "Nice?"

"Oh, yeah." Xander shifted, spooning with Spike's back to his chest, his back sinking into the soft leather of the sofa. "Very nice." He paused for a while, and then pushed Spike forward a bit and smacked him smartly on the ass.


"Seminar!" Xander hissed. "Hickey!" Xander felt Spike smirk. "Don't give me that! This won't be healed by Wednesday, and no one will be... You're laughing."

"Vampire, Pet." Spike pressed backwards and felt Xander's vampire-blood enhanced reawakened erection.

"Pfft. Soul, Spike. You're supposed to be a good guy, remember?"

"Are you saying it wasn't good?"

"No fair that I can feel you pout, Spike." Xander pulled him close once again.


"Yes. Good."

"It'll heal, you know."

"No way. You bit me pretty deep that time."

"I know I did. I marked you for good. It'll scar, just a bit, but it will be all healed by tomorrow or so." Spike shifted slightly, and Xander could tell that he was uncomfortably waiting for Xander's reaction.

He was marked. For good. For everyone to whom things like Marking mattered to see, or smell, or however it is that Markings were picked up. They would all know that he, Xander-no-powers was with Spike. Really with him. "Hey, Spike?" Xander went with the only thing he could possibly say through the dopey grin on his face.


"Happy New Year."

"Not yet. 'S only 11:30."

"Oh. So, do you think if I do this," Xander trailed his hand down Spike's belly as Spike began to squirm, "Do you think we'll stay busy until midnight?"

"No. I think we can go long past then." Spike rolled over, pushing Xander farther down the sofa.

Part Forty-Seven   Frustration

Spike was bored.

He had always been an active vampire, finding that strangely, his immortality made him even more impatient than the knowledge of his impending death had when he was human. He had things to do and things to kill and things to eat and things to shag and things to see. Now he didn't have any of that, he only had four walls and sunset, Xander and sleep.

It was good, but he'd kill for something to do. He winced at the phraseology, and then continued to brood.

His boredom was compounded by the fact that he was sleeping nights, always a hard thing for him to do, even after all this time, trying to coordinate his schedule as much as he could to be part of 'that world'. But he wanted to be with Xander, and even thought he woke later in the mornings, later on nights he slipped out of bed to go hunting on his own, but still hours before sunset, he was confined to the windowless apartment until the sun went down. The town's sewer system had obviously not been designed with a nod to demonic traffic, and there really was no other choice.  He had taken over the household chores, and there was little on television worth watching once the soaps went off. Mostly his days consisted of smoking, pacing, cleaning, pacing, smoking, reading, pacing, watching telly, and occasionally cooking dinner.

So today he cooked dinner.

Xander brought home pizza.

"What the hell is that?" Spike waved his cigarette at the box.

Xander handed over the cooler full of blood, half of it human, that he picked up on the way home, and patted the extra-large pizza box. "Dinner."

"No, dinner is on the table." Spike tossed the cooler into the refrigerator to be unpacked later. Like, tomorrow, during the day, when he would level the packets out and categorize them by type, date, first alphabetically and then chronologically, oldest in front, like some kind of obsessive-compulsive nutcase. He felt the demon's anger threaten to rise out of his soul's control. A multiple-personalitied, obsessive-compulsive nutcase.

"You cooked?" Xander took the pizza into the living room, bypassing the kitchen altogether.

Spike rolled his eyes. "No. I've got four young virgins strapped to the table."

"Not funny." Xander bit into the pizza. Pizza that could have been reheated the next day for breakfast, Xander's favorite. The fritatta, which was not nearly as good when reheated, was currently growing cold on the kitchen table. Fritatta, for god's sake. It was fragile, with all the eggs. He'd timed it perfectly, but no...

"You're going to eat that." Spike stated coldly.

Xander gave him a look that clearly said, 'Do you not see the pizza in my mouth?' What he actually said was, "Dyunzeedpizmuf?"

Spike grabbed his duster and slammed the door on the way out.


When he came back, covered in four vampires worth of dust and yellow slime from... something, Xander was already in bed. Spike showered loudly, dropping the shampoo bottle several times so the sound reverberated off the tile floor and hopefully right into Xander's peaceful sleep. Then he lay down on the couch, wet towels on the floor, muttering under his nonexistent breath that he was not going to go in and cuddle with Xander, no matter how much he wanted to and no matter how ridiculous he was behaving.

Xander listened to all this from his spot in the too-big, too-empty bed, still clueless as to why Spike had left. He'd gotten the toppings right, made sure there was no garlic, and how was he supposed to know Spike had cooked? He sighed and got up. He knew that he would always have to make the first move to resolve an argument. At least that was familiar territory. He joined his lover in the living room, picked up Spike's feet to sit at his end of the couch, and then tried to place them in his lap, but Spike yanked them away, curling into a very small, very uncomfortable fetal position.

"You're still mad at me?"


"For not eating your dinner?"

"Your dinner. No."

"For not bringing home virgins?" Xander smiled weakly even though he was obviously still confused.

Spike's scowl lessened slightly. "No."

"Okay." Xander reached for Spike's feet again, but the vampire chose to sit up, squishing his admittedly smaller-but not that small- frame into the corner of the sofa. "I'm going to play the dumb-guy card and say,'huh?'."



"I can't play the guy card, as you oh so elegantly put it, because you made me argue. Like a ... a moron!" Spike completed his rant by stalking over to his duster and rummaging for his cigarettes.

"First of all, I said dumb-guy, secondly, huh?"

"Dinner? I waited around all day and cooked you dinner and would you listen to me? I sound like a girl! And you!"

"I what?"

"You treat me-"

"I have never treated you any differently than I treat anyone I loved."

"All bloody women!"

"That's what this is about?" Xander's tone suggested he knew it wasn't.

"No." Spike sank down next to him on the couch.

"What then?"

"I'm bored."

"With us?"

"No! Course not. Just bored. I've got nothing to do all day but wait for you to come home, and then when you are here, I don't want to go out, now do I?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry."

Spike made a dismissive gesture with his hand.

"Maybe you should go out more. You can do your hunting at times other than after I've fallen asleep. You don't have to spend every moment with me, you know."

Spike kept his back to Xander, determined not to let his human see how insecure these words made him. "No. I don't have to."

"Wanna fix it?" Xander accepted Spike's quiet acquiescence and moved on.


"Make up sex?"

Part Forty-Eight   Make Up Sex

Xander pulled Spike up off the couch and back into bed. Spike was already nipping at his lips, pulling at the waistband of Xander's sweat pants, running his hands all over Xander's exposed skin, and some that wasn't so exposed. Xander slowed him down with a hand on his and a soft kiss on the lips.

"Calm down, this is supposed to be me, making it up to you. Hold still. Let me," He kissed Spike's lips again, softly, "apologize."

Xander pushed Spike down on the bed slowly, and followed after him, crawling up Spike's body, kissing him, knees, belly, nipples, neck, shoulders, forehead, cheeks. His fingers played with Spike's nipples until they were tiny hard peaks, and then followed with his mouth, laving at his chest before dipping down to his navel again and the hard muscles of his stomach. Spike lay back, as still as he could make himself. Xander moved back up to his nipples and bit down gently, and Spike forced himself not to writhe under the contact.

Xander frowned slightly before upping his attention to all of Spike's hot spots, biting his neck, teasing his nipples, stroking lightly over that spot just behind his balls, but still the vampire was rigid underneath him, eyes screwed shut tightly.

Xander sat up. "Okay. Time for another parameter-defining discussion. What's wrong?"

Spike opened his eyes, but did not move. "Nothing. Keep going."


"You told me to hold still."

"Well, yeah." Xander ran a hand through his hair. "But I didn't mean to not do anything."

Spike looked confused, then ashamed, knowing he had done something wrong. Again.

"Spike, do you like being bottom? Or do you think that's the only way I'll want you?"

"I've had my fair share of topping."

"You've had yours, mine, and about seven other people's fair share at it. But do you like it?"

"I like it," Spike replied, unconvincingly.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

Spike hesitated, not sure what answer Xander wanted.

Xander rolled onto his side, and propped himself up with his elbow beside Spike. "I'm asking you. I'm not going to be upset, as long as you're honest."

"No. I like this better." He said softly.

"Why so quiet, then?"

"It's backwards."

"Backwards?" Xander frowned again, and then made the connection. "Because you're a vampire, you mean?"


"And you started paying attention to tradition when?" Xander smiled softly, hoping that this would lighten the mood and get them back to the having of the sex.

Spike smirked back at Xander. "Got a point there."

"So, can I go back to pleasing you now?"

Spike's grin faltered. "I'm supposed to please you, Master." He slipped into the wording without realizing it.

Xander pushed his shoulder back gently and followed as Spike sank back onto the bed. "Let me do this for you." Xander continued where he left off.  "That will please me." He rolled a still-hard nipple between his teeth before continuing. "I'm going to tease you, and taste you, and make you so hard you can't stand it." He pulled Spike's sweat pants all the way off and kissed his way back up his legs. "And then I'm going to make you come, make you come so hard you think you'll never stop." He spent a long time on the crease where Spike's thigh met his hip, and had to place a hand on the vampire's belly to keep him from thrusting into him. "And the whole time, I'm going to be watching you, and just the sight of you is going to get me off. I'm going to come so hard because you let me do this for you. You want that don't you?"

"Yes. Please, yes, Xander, yes." Spike begged, words tumbling from his mouth in time with Xander's mouth bobbing up and down on his cock. He couldn't keep his hands off Xander, though, clutching at his shoulders, grasping his hair. With one last lick, Xander released Spike's cock and smiled at the groan of displeasure he heard.

"Get up," Xander said.

Spike frowned slightly, not sure what he had done to make Xander stop.

"Come on." Xander grabbed his hand, pulling him behind him though the hallway and to the door of the other room. "This okay?"

Spike nodded, still not sure what happened.

Xander opened the door, and pulled Spike into the room. Spike kneeled quickly in his place, but found himself being pulled to his feet before Xander's customary inspection.

"Good. You're good, look... amazing. Now, to the bed." Spike complied, laying down on his back as Xander rummaged through the toy cabinet. Whatever he was looking for was found, and Spike heard a soft clinking. "Handcuffs."

Spike smiled as Xander sauntered over to him. He raised his hands and grabbed the iron posts in the headboard and Xander snapped one cuff around his wrist, linked it through, then snapped it shut around the other one. Xander sat back on his heels, straddling Spike's thighs. "God, you're beautiful like this." Xander slowly continued to tease Spike, repeating his actions from the other bedroom, this time with a much more enthusiastic response. So enthusiastic, in fact, that Xander sat back yet again, trailing his fingers down Spike's chest while the vampire trembled under his touch. "Can't believe you let me do this," whispered, and Spike almost didn't catch it.

Xander hopped off the bed again, and pulled open the door to the cabinet. He pulled open the top drawer and then shut it, pulled open the second drawer, and shut it as well.

"Damn." He turned around to face the bed. "Are you telling me, all the times I've brought you in here, I've never chained you up except over there?" he waved to the large X in the corner.

Spike shook his head.

"Fine. Ummm, there!" He pulled out a length of silk rope. "I new I ordered this for a reason." He came back over to the bed and pulled Spike down the mattress. He wrapped the rope around one ankle, then the bed post, tying Spike to the bed.

"You can talk, if you want, the whole time we're in here."

Spike nodded. "Knew you liked ropes."

Xander grinned down at him, and then stepped back, admiring the way Spike's arms stretched above his head when his legs were tied to the end posts.

Spike pulled against the handcuffs when Xander dipped his tongue into Spike's navel, and pulled harder when Xander wrapped his lips around Spike's cock. The metal headboard creaked a bit under Spike's strength, and he relented, lacing his fingers together to stop himself from breaking the cuffs. Xander took his time, licking, sucking, and Spike's legs and arms started a tense burn from the strain at being held in one position. Spike struggled briefly when Xander moved lower. Then Xander came back, and Spike was lost again. When he felt Xander take him in deeper, until his head hit the back of his throat, Spike howled and came, just as long and hard as Xander said he would.

The sound and feel of Spike's orgasm was nearly enough to send Xander over the edge as well.  He let Spike's softening flesh slip from his mouth and reached under the bed for the bottle of oil. He gave himself a few moments to regain his composure, then untied and shifted Spike's legs while they were still jellied.

"I love you. I never want to do anything but this." He positioned himself as Spike's eyes fixed on his. "You're mine, and I take care of you. Always. But you take care of me, too. You do it when you go hunting." He pushed his way in slowly, feeling the virgin-tight muscles give way as Spike took him in, velvet and cool and far more perfect that any words could ever describe. "You take care of me when you keep me safe," he pulled back out, then began his rhythm. "You take care of me when you put up with me. You take care of me when you take care of me. You take care of me when you let me do this." Xander's words trailed off as he began to thrust harder, faster, needing Spike to know how much he loved him, how much he needed him and tried to pour his emotions into his actions, the best way of actual communicating he knew.

Spike closed his eyes against the onslaught of emotion Xander was directing at him. He couldn't do this, couldn't take the physical and emotional and all the other ways Xander showed him how much he mattered and process it all at once. It was too much, and he needed it, all of it and more, and if Xander gave any more, pounded it into him, actions and words, any more he just... might... break.

Xander came, filling Spike with a physical warmth to match the emotional one he'd created, and Spike followed, shattered, broken, and not sure what came next.

Xander reluctantly pulled back and lay down, panting, with his head on Spike's stomach. "Still mad?"

"Huh?" Was Spike's intelligent response. Too much, too much and what happened now?

"I'll take that as a no."

"Mmm." Spike mumbled, and Xander unlocked the handcuffs before the two of them drifted off to sleep in much the same position.

Xander woke a few hours later, a cool, wet mouth playing across his belly. He shifted, slightly, giving Spike more room between his legs. Spike moved accordingly, slowly taking Xander's erection into his mouth. He swirled his tongue over the head, and then slowly sank down the length, determined to show Xander, yet again, how good this could be with someone who didn't need to breathe. 

Xander moaned low in his throat and when Spike echoed the sound, Xander thrust up harshly. Spike pulled back and pumped Xander's erection slowly, sliding his finger over the head and collecting the precome there. He pulled up on Xander's knees, spreading his legs a bit more. When Xander opened his eyes and watched, Spike stuck his finger in his mouth, sucking in a mimicry of what he had just done to the rest of Xander's body. With his finger wet, he returned his mouth to Xander's cock, and slipped his finger back, teasing at the tight hole.

Xander gasped, and pushed down against the finger. Spike held him down gently, surprised that he was so enthusiastic, and reached under the bed for the oil. He coated his fingers quickly, and slowly inserted one, feeling the tight heat and clenching muscles, stretching and teasing, and when Xander was fully relaxed around it, followed with another.

"Oh, God, Spike," Xander moaned. Spike waited for Xander to relax again, and then crooked his fingers searching and reaching the cluster of nerves that sent stars shooting behind Xander's eyelids. He brushed against it again, thrusting and twisting gently, not wanting to hurt, god, never, ever hurt, and Xander was coming, hot semen shooting down Spike's throat. Spike sucked and swallowed, taking all that Xander gave him and then continued sucking the sensitized flesh until Xander slipped from his mouth. When Xander regained control of his limbs, he pulled Spike to him and kissed him, searching his mouth and tasting Spike and the last traces of his orgasm. Spike began rocking against Xander's hip, and far sooner than even he thought he would, he was coming, his cool seed shooting out across Xander's hot skin.

He couldn't stop himself, and he brought his fangs down to Xander's neck. Xander nodded, beyond words, and Spike bit, gently and sucked for the shortest of moments to bring the taste of Xander's blood into him. Xander, too, had found his spot, his spot on Spike's neck and bit as well, feeding off Spike as Spike fed off him. It was possibly the best feeling ever. Xander felt his body open to the feelings Spike always created in him when he bit him.

They fell back against the bed, and Xander closed his arms around Spike, holding him closer than Spike imagined would be comfortable. But it was, and he began a low purr that continued long after Xander fell asleep.

Part Forty-Nine   Hide And Seek

Spike was still bored.

While the sex had certainly occupied his body for the remainder of the night, and the memories kept him busy in a longer-than-usual shower that morning, and again twice after his nap thanks to the vaunted vamp recovery time and the look on Xander's face when he'd gotten to touch him, but he was now restless and listless and bored. And studiously ignoring any of the desires to replay last night in his head. Again.

When he finally ventured out into the living room, he was surprised to see there was once more a note taped to the television. At least the afternoon had started well. Spike picked up the note, which was written on the outside of an envelope in Xander's typical blue ink chicken scratch handwriting.

That Good thing I'm going to be alone in the office most of the day, because, wow. I've got to get caught up on some stuff, so I'll be late tonight. Did I mention, wow? I'll meet you over at the park at sunset tonight. We'll do something... fun. Don't open the envelope until dark. It's a surprise. Love -wow- you,

Something fun? Spike was pretty sure that his idea of nighttime fun in the great outdoors differed greatly from Xander's. Still. He checked the clock, and the note on the outside of the envelope. Four in the afternoon. At least it was still winter, so sunset happened early.

He made it al the way to 4:53 before tearing into the envelope.

  Go on over to the park at sunset. You're going hunting. For me. Love you,

Spike groaned, and rolled his eyes. Xander obviously had no idea how easy it would be to 'hunt' him. Spike could distinguish his lover's heartbeat from others. He knew his scent better than his own. He could pick him out blindfolded and handcuffed and... maybe he'd make just one more stop in the bedroom before he left. It wouldn't do to set off without a clear head. Xander was trying to make Spike feel better, and the sentiment touched him, even though he'd never admit to it. So Spike would go to the park, find his human in about five minutes, and bring him home and teach him a thing or two about 'wow'. Hopefully then employing the handcuffs and blindfolds.


Spike left the apartment as soon as the sun was low enough, keeping to the shadows created by the office buildings in this part of town, and then the trees later on in the subdivisions. He walking the few blocks to the park in that odd late-dusky pinkish light that made everything look like it had been dipped in blood. He stopped, frozen, and shook his head, trying to will the demon back down into its cage. Usually it wasn't a terribly difficult struggle, one was always aware of the other, demon and soul, and he'd always been able to control it better than most, even before the soul, or even the chip. He just never was the sort who wanted to end the world, what was the fun in that? Occasionally, though, a smell or a thought or a phrase brought one or the other to the fore. Previously, it had always been the soul commanding control of him, heart-wrenching guilt and remorse bringing him to tears while the demon in his head snickered and howled. With Xander's help, moving off the Hellmouth and Xander's Mastery of him he had been able to control it easier, and it was becoming less of a fight, mostly equalled out until he felt almost comfortable in his own skin. But this time, and more often lately, the demon wrestled for control, and put up more of a fight before settling back down again.

He pulled himself together and continued on, entering the park as the last of the ambient sunlight faded away, leaving only pools of artificial light and ever-increasing areas of shadow. His Pet had picked a wonderful night for the game, crowds of people enjoying the unseasonably nice February weather and milling about, providing ample cover for the human he was after. Spike scanned the park, first inspecting the playground equipment on the right. It was the most logical starting place to look for his ever-youthful mate. Xander was not there, and so he let his eyes travel in a circle, to the woods in front of him, no way he'd be over there this far after sunset; then the open expanse to the left: picnic area, baseball diamond and various playing fields beyond that. Nope, no Xander there. His gaze stopped on the small pick up game that seemed to be winding down, but none of the players were his. Seeing him nowhere, he walked around the public buildings behind him, sniffing the air for a familiar scent.

He soon picked out the smell of a certain subtle cologne, and followed it around the corner, coming face to face with... not Xander. He growled and grumbled under his breath, ignoring the odd looks he received, and set off searching out another smell he recognized. The wind shifted, picking up suddenly before dying back down to the gentle breeze that had swirled around him all evening. On it, he found the smell of their soap, and followed it to the source, some young couple that was also not Xander.

Again he growled, and slumped down on the nearest park bench. He was a master vampire! Territorried in this town! How could he not find one simple human, his human, even in a slightly crowded park? And that's when it hit him, what Xander was doing. For once, he could thank the demon's voice muttering just under his consciousness. The voice that was screaming at him not to find Xander. He wasn't supposed to find Xander. He was supposed to hunt him. This was a game, a bit of the soldier training in maneuvers, or the hyena spirit he'd once mentioned coming back for an encore. Or maybe Xander just knew what Spike seemed to need, even if the vampire couldn't put it into words.

Spike willed himself to relax, and to think. He had spent so much time repressing the wants of the demon, at first because of the mind-numbing pain caused by following those urges, and now because of the mind-numbing guilt associated with them. But now that he was being asked to draw on them again, he found the knowledge still within easy reach. He thought back to what Angelus had taught him about the hunt. Spike was impatient when it came to plans, that much was true. But when it came to hunting, for sport, not for food, he had learned from the best. Being an apt pupil meant more of his Sire's much-wanted attention, and with that in mind, Spike had been trained well. Of course, he got sloppy once he was out on his own, impatience and relative youth winning out without the disciplinarian there to enforce the boundaries, but the knowledge was all still there.

Spike let himself get into the spirit of the game, knowing now what it was all about. He was pulled from his reverie by a flash of dark hair. That was always first, find something pretty to play with. Spike always did like brunets... except when he liked blondes. And then there was that whole punk-purple phase he went through in the early nineties. Spike stood, seeing immediately that the haircut was wrong, and the man's body much too slender to be his Xander, and refocused.

Rule the second, when playing rather than feeding: know your target. Xander set this up, and knew he was looking for him, so he would try to blend in. With that logic, Spike scanned the crowds again, skipping over small families and preteens trying far too hard to look like that wasn't a parent ten paces behind them. Finally he spotted a group of college students, taking the short-cut from the community-campus to the movie theater through the park. And there, at the back, only conspicuous if looked for, was Xander. Still young enough to blend in, his newer, more sophisticated wardrobe helping tremendously. He was laughing at something one of them had said, coming back with some smart-ass remark that had them all smiling and rolling their eyes at him. Spike repressed a snarl, and quickly jumped to his feet. It was time to end this.

The game could have been over then, except Xander left the pack and stepped around the small grove of trees, hiding from view, hoping to once again spot the vampire he'd lost track of when the kids asked him, as an impartial third party, to break the tie over which movie to see. Spike stalked him, slowly, letting the anticipation build. The wind shifted again, and Spike realized another reason it had been so hard to find his boy. Sometime during the day, he had changed out of his typical work clothes. His usual musky scent was also gone, replaced by a spicier, fruitier blend; Xander had changed shampoo, soap, even cologne to mask his scent.

Spike closed his hands around the boy's throat gently, leaning in to whisper inhis ear, using the voice that had lured many of his victims to the shadows with him. "You tried to trick me."

Xander turned slowly, grinning. He placed both hands on Spike's shoulders, as if closing in for a kiss. Then he threw all of his weight into the shove. "Worked, too."

As Spike tried to regain his balance, Xander took off at full speed. He called, "You're it," over his shoulder, and then ran even faster, leaving the park before Spike was fully back on his feet. He used every trick he picked up in Sunnydale, ducking down alleys, dodging people and overturning trash cans to prevent Spike from catching up to him. His practice paid off, as even with vampiric speed, they reached the lobby of their building before Spike caught up to him.

Xander's lucky streak continued as the elevator doors slid closed behind him, leaving Spike to pound futilely against them before remembering the stairs.

Xander was breathing heavily in the hallway outside their apartment, fumbling with the keys as his hands shook with his deep, panting breaths. He surprised Spike again by grabbing his shoulders and slamming him against the wall, grinding his body into his. "Still... bored?" He panted, inches from his ear.

Spike shook his head slowly, not able to think past Xander's hand working him through his pants.

"You're all... grr."

Spike tried to focus, to will the demon back down into its cage. Xander stopped him. "No. Stay like that."

Xander opened the door clumsily, dragging Spike through the apartment and throwing him down on their bed. "So fucking beautiful like this." He traced the ridges of Spike's brow with his fingers, down his nose and settled them on his lips. Spike's tongue darted out to lick at them and Xander covered his mouth in a bruising kiss, not holding back even with the fangs in his way. In fact, he ran his tongue gently across the edge of the fang and felt Spike shudder.

"Like that?" He asked huskily.

"Mmm." Spike pulled him back down and Xander took that as a yes. Xander did it again, and Spike moaned again and thrust his hips hard into Xander's. Xander pushed him back down, and pulled his shirt off, surprising the both of them with his ferocity, then removed Spike's. With his chest exposed, Xander nipped and licked and bit his way down, pulling off Spike's jeans as he went. Xander left his own on, and when he pressed full length against Spike's body, the vampire gasped at the feel of rough denim on his sensitive flesh. He reached for Xander's head, fingers tangling in hair, intent on getting more of those wonderful possessive kisses, but Xander took control, and continued biting, not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough to leave red marks, and in some places, the impressions of his teeth. Each bite had Spike gasping and writhing, his cock dripping onto his stomach. Xander unbuttoned his fly, pushed his pants down far enough to expose his own blood reddened flesh and pulled Spike to him by the legs.

Spike complied quickly, throwing one ankle up over Xander's shoulder and wrapping the other around his waist, exposing himself more fully to Xander's probing fingers. Xander fumbled under the bed for the ever-present bottle of oil and poured it over his hands and Spike's thighs and belly, massaging it in until Spike's gasps and his own wants forced him to stop. When he was slicked, Xander pressed one finger into Spike, breaching the tight ring of muscle and then in, muscles contracting around him. When Spike relaxed, he worked in another, and then a third, taking his time and finger-fucking his vampire slowly, completely in counterpoint to how he felt, making it that much sweeter, stretching him until Spike was panting and writhing and begging even more. He was swept by a wave of possessiveness and positioned himself quickly. Spike was all ready pushing back against him, wanting him.

"Mine." Xander growled as he pressed himself full length into Spike's cool channel. Spike met his thrusts and soon both of them were wracked by fierce orgasms, too worked up from the hunt and the chase for it to last any longer. Xander's hot seed spilled into Spike as Spike's shot over his stomach. Xander collapsed onto Spike and lay there, not moving, not able to move, and not willing to give up the feeling of Spike beneath him, sheltered and safe because of him.

"You always call me beautiful." Spike broke the silence with an awed whisper.

"You are beautiful." Xander replied immediately. "Gorgeous, beautiful, artful, perfect." Xander punctuated each word with a kiss.

"And you always want to be face to face with me."

"Of course I do."

"You really want it to be me." Spike whispered too quietly to be a question, too full of insecurities to be a statement.

Xander wasn't sure how to respond. He wanted to reassure Spike, but he knew that overly worded speeches on exactly what he meant to him would have the opposite effect. He rolled off of Spike and pulled him close, settling into their usual sleeping position, Xander on his back with Spike's body draped along his side, head pillowed over his heart. "Only you."

Part Fifty   Sex Shops

As Xander stopped the car, Spike glanced warily around the run down neighborhood. The glaring neon sign wasn't the only way he knew where they were.The scents of whores and drugs and all sorts of unsavory activities hung heavily in the air, so thick that he was sure even Xander could smell it. He raised an incredulous eyebrow and turned to face Xander as the brunet locked the car door securely.

"Are you telling me that you drove us 90 miles out of town to go to a sex shop? Where do you buy our lube, Oregon?"

"No, actually I go to the little import shop where I get the good coffee and your Weetabix. They've got a great selection," Xander replied casually as Spike climbed out of the car.

"Oh, god." Spike sighed.


"We're a right couple of poofs."

"Good job, Holmes. You figure that out before or after I had my dick up your ass?"

"You buy our lube, among other things, at an imports store! Ninety miles, Xander?" Spike returned to his original line of thought by way of completely ignoring any sort of transitional phrase. And Xander followed without question his pattern of speech.


"You couldn't stay in town?"

"Right, because every small California town has an S&M shop specialized to custom make leather cuffs strong enough to restrain my vampire sub."

"Oh." Spike had the decency to look sheepish.

"Thank you." and Xander, against every instinct he possessed, chose not to tease the vampire about it.

They entered the store, and Spike automatically took his position a step behind and to the left of Xander. Xander smiled. He loved this. At home was great, but Spike defering to him in public, well, that was a whole new high.

Spike was hit with the smell of leather and the thrumming sounds of bass pumping into the store. The quality of the merchandise was obvious, even without the really great music, and Spike could understand making the trip here. They were rough on their toys; cheap ones wouldn't last at all. Xander followed the shopkeeper to the back room to inspect what he came to pick up, and Spike perused the collars in the display case by the cash register. They ranged from simple to ornate, and Spike wondered if Xander would ever think of taking that step with him.

So engrossed in his thoughts, he didn't even notice the shopkeeper's return. "He's a good Master."

Spike's head whipped up, and he growled at the little balding man standing behind the counter.

He backed up, holding his hands out defensively. "I just meant that he takes good care of you."

Spike relaxed slightly, knowing that this man was not a threat to his place at Xander's feet.

"He comes in often, once or twice a month, calls even more than that, and he's always asking questions, making sure he knows everything about it before he buys it. He inspects everything so carefully, a real stickler for quality. That suede flogger he bought about three months ago, yeah, right around Thanksgiving? Took me four visits before he was satisfied; it's too soft, it's too stiff, the handle needs to be longer, give it more straps... You're very lucky."

Spike relented slightly. "Yes. I am." He stated coldly, although warmed at the new information about Xander. He could just see him intimidating the little man into making one of his favorite toys just right. In fact, he almost hoped the poor fool screwed up something fierce on the cuffs; he'd really like to see that Xander for himself.

"What are you going to do when you turn him?"

Once again, Spike turned incredulous eyes on the shopkeeper as he began to growl.

"It's just that Sires aren't known for submitting to their-" He started out conversationally, but stopped when Spike interrupted.

"That's not... I won't..."

The shopkeeper nodded decisively, drawing his own conclusions and digressing rapidly. "Do you think he'll get you something special for Valentine's day? Or is that what that is?" The shopkeeper gestured to the back just as Xander emerged, box in hand.

"These are great. And we're not big with the festivities." He turned to Spike. "See anything you want?"

Spike's gaze flickered to the collars quickly, before he met Xander's eyes. That wasn't the sort of thing he could ask for. "No, Master." He was sure to give Xander the respect due him in this circumstance, and to show the balding nosy git behind the counter that he knew what he was doing even without his interference.

"Ready then?"

Spike nodded, and Xander rang up his purchases. Spike pretended not to notice the three-figure total.

As they left the shop, Xander glanced around, inspecting their surroundings for any possible threat. He noticed Spike do the same behind him, and wondered if what he learned in Hellmouth 101 would ever leave him. He hoped not.

Spike hesitated, just before they got to the car. He wanted to ask Xander something, something about what the shopkeeper had said, not sure how to go about it.

"What's wrong, Spike?" Xander tensed, ready to fight if Spike had noticed something he hadn't.

Spike tried to vocalize his feelings, but he couldn't quite get the words right in his head. "You. Back there. Do you want..." Spike trailed off and searched his pockets of his cigarettes. Before he could find one, though, Xander's hands closed on his shoulders, pushing him back against the car.

"You're mine, Spike. Mine."

"Please." Spike asked, begged for Xander to claim him again.

Xander saw the fear, the anxiety, and the need in Spike's eyes, and his fierce determination not to ask such questions of his Master. He'd heard snippets of the conversation inside the shop, as well, and hoped he knew what Spike needed. "You don't need to worry, okay? You're mine, and I'm not giving you up, not taking anyone else. Not ever"

"Master," Spike moaned as Xander turned him around, pressing him against the car and nipping at the back of his neck.

"Want me to prove it to you, Spike? Take you right here in the street, where everyone can see? Show them all that you're mine as I pound into you? Make you scream? You want that?" Xander growled, already unfastening his jeans.

Spike thrust his hips back in answer, needing Xander to take him, claim him. Xander had always been so cautious with him, usually making love to him, tender and gentle, until recently, and Spike wanted it again. Spike needed to belong to Xander, needed to know that nothing had changed.

Xander gave another cursory glance to their surroundings. In this part of town, this sort of thing wasn't exactly uncommon, but he was less concerned about public indecency charges than the other sorts of people attracted to the dark alleys. He saw nothing, and flicked open the cap of the tube he'd purchased in the store. Quickly slicking his fingers, he thrust one inside Spike, followed by a second almost immediately.

Spike keened and his head fell forward in his pleasure. Soon he was thrusting back on Xander's fingers, and felt a third enter him smoothly, brushing his prostate and making his knees weak. "Now, Master, now, I need you, have to feel you, need you inside me."

Ready to come from the sound of Spike's begging alone, Xander slicked himself and pressed at Spike's barely loosened entrance. He didn't want to hurt Spike, but he knew in this state, this was what he needed. He pushed in slowly, feeling Spike's muscles clench around him with each further movement. He pulled out again, and set a fast rhythm, knowing he wouldn't last much longer. Grabbing at Spike's rigid flesh, he sped and soon Spike came, cool and sticky on his hand. The risk factor combined with the sound of his vampire calling his name, brokenly, on each thrust sent him over the edge. He bit down on Spike's neck, right at the juncture of his shoulder and Spike howled. Savoring the small amount of blood that rose before the wound closed, Xander pulled out and set about righting his clothing. Spike, still bent over the back of the car, watched him.

"You don't stop looking at me like that, and we're not gonna make it home." Xander held his hand and kissed each fingertip before straightening Spike's shirt for him.

"That's supposed to make me stop?"

"Pull your pants up, Spike."



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