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SPOILERS: season 4 spike
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Good Nurse


1 Good Nurse

Xander stomped down the steps holding his bleeding arm. Great. Spike was listening to music too loud again. His parents would have a fit.

"Spike!" No response.

"Spike!" Xander yelled again, catching the vampire's attention.

Spike turned the volume down. "What the hell happened to you?"

Xander shrugged his shoulders "Got ripped. Something with a claw." He made his way to the bed and took a seat, grabbing a towel from the floor on his way down. He placed the towel on his arm and glared at Spike. "And what have you been doing while I was out-"

Spike snatched the towel away.

"Hey! I need that! Sopping up blood, here!"

"Bloody dumb git! Know where this thing has been? No? Well, you don't really want to if you're gonna slap it on an open wound! Get up!" Spike grabbed Xander and led him to the sink next to the washer. Xander watched, too shocked to speak as Spike turned on the hot water tap and grabbed the soap.

The sight of the bar of soap in the vampire's hand was enough to get Xander's vocal chords working again and he snatched his arm away. "No! Nope. Soap and hot water is gonna hurt!"

Spiked again grabbed the boy's arm and pulled it towards the hot water. He was pleased to note that this action didnít set off his chip. He grinned at Xander. "Believe me pet, this will hurt much less than the amputation due to infection," he said as he added a bit of cold to the steam of hot water.

"I'll be out for the amputation!"

"Take it like a man, Xander." With that, Spike pulled the boys wounded arm under the stream of hot water and began to soap up the wound.

"Shit! That hurts!" Xander yelped, trying to pull his arm away. Spike held fast. "Shouldn't you be getting a migraine from this intentional infliction of pain? I know I am!"

Spike scrubbed at the wound and grinned at the brown-eyed boy. "I'm not trying to hurt you pet, I'm being all helpful like." He scrubbed a little harder. "Guess that makes all the difference."

"Well, can I just put in an ow clause! Cause ow! You're hurting me!"

Spike ignored him and began probing the wound, looking for foreign matter. Humans got sick from the smallest specks of dust. He rolled his eyes at the thought. Weaklings.
"And what was the slayer doing while you were getting ripped open like a ripe piece of fruit?"

Xander was looking at Spike's head while he bent over his arm. He had been following the wavy patterns of bleached blonde hair and wondering if it would go crunch if he touched it. He tore his eyes away and looked up into a pair of piercing blue eyes. "Huh? You say something, Spike?"

Spike found himself caught in Xander's eyes. He pulled the boy's arm towards his mouth and, keeping his eyes on Xander's, ran his tongue up and along the boys wound. He felt his cock stir at the boy's shiver and the sweet taste of his blood. He locked his fingers with Xander's and licked his way down the wound. He tightened his hold on his hand and began short hard licks across the cut.

Xander stood immobile as he watched Spike lick at his arm. Each rough tug of the tongue across his arm sent jolts of electricity through out his body. Spike stopped licking and looked into Xanders eyes.


Xander gulped in a breath. "Yes." Xander shook his head. "I mean, what?" He took in another much needed breath. "What? Huh?"

Spike smiled and began walking him backward towards the bed. "Where was the slayer when this happened?" When the back of the boy's knees hit the edge of the bed Spike pushed him over and onto it.

"Slaying?" Xander ventured. His mind was fogged and buzzing. He scooted over when Spike sat down on the bed, making room for the vampire to sit.

"Humph." Spike placed one pale hand across the boy's throat, rubbing his thumb slowly across the fast beating pulse. "Did she kill it?" He asked as his fingers began to play with Xander's sensitive earlobe.

"Kill what?"

"What ever hurt you, pet. Did she kill it?"


Spike's hand tightened a bit and he raised his scarred brow.

"I killed it." Xander whispered.

Spike's hand loosened. "Well. That's good, then, isn't it?"

"Bad things dying is good. Yes" He nodded, enjoying the feel of Spike's fingers rubbing along his earlobe.

Spike smiled and leaned close to the boy's face. "Sure." His
lips moved close to the boy's. "Xander?" He whispered.

Xander a m a millimeter. "Yeah?" He breathed.

"Where's the first aid kit?"


"The first aid kit? You need stitches or at least butterfly plasters.
Where's the kit? I know you have one."

"Sure." Xander sank into the mattress, wishing he could sink all the way and disappear beneath it. "Over the sink. White box with the big red cross on it. You gonna be okay with the whole cross thing?"

Spike rose and headed towards the box. "I'll be fine with it." He saw it and flicked the box open before bringing it down. He checked the contents while walking back to Xander and the bed. "Yep. Everything we need here."

He sat back on the edge of the bed and with a grin took Xanders arm and raised the wound back to his mouth. He ran his tongue over it again.
"Vampire saliva." He smiled wickedly at the boy. "Very good for healing."

He turned on the bed so the boy's arm was lying across his thighs. He put the first aid kit on the other side of Xander's hip. His arm brushed the boy's ass.

"Let's get you all patched up, then, shall we?"

"Kay." Xander whimpered. He didn't mean to. It just came out as a whimper.

Spike smiled and reached for a butterfly bandage. He ripped the paper open with his teeth. He ran his fingers along the wound, pushing the edges together. He placed the butterfly bandage across the top of the tear in the boy's flesh. He leaned down and placed a kiss on the spot while his hand went to grab another bandage. He placed that one half and inch from the first. It too was followed by a kiss. By the fifth bandage, Spike's hand was fondling the boy's ass on the way over. And the kisses were lingering, wet, and suckling and Xander thought he was just a little insane with lust. And he didn't care.

Xander's body was vibrating with excitement and he no longer cared about the possibility of rejection. His arm was stitched up with the butterfly bandages and each spot where the vampire's lips had been tingled along his nerves. He sat up and placed his good arm around the vampire's neck. He brought his mouth close to his. He didn't move in for the kiss he was dying for, but instead looked into Spike's eyes.


Spike looked into his eyes and chuckled. Xander felt the breath leave his body and felt his heart freeze. "Always the gentleman, aren't ya, mate? No need to be."

Xander's heart unfroze anf began to beat a mile a minute as the vampire's cool lips met his and he felt his hands sink into his hair, cupping his head and pulling him close. Xander's mouth opened for Spike's probing tongue. Xander groaned and gave into the feelings crashing through his mind and body. He wrapped his arms around Spike's shoulders and leaned back against the pillows. Spike followed suit and threw a leg over Xander's hips. He tore his mouth from his and began to kiss and suckle along his jaw line, down his chin and to his neck. Spike moved his body, so he was laying over Xander fully as he continued to kiss, nip, and suckle at the boy's neck. Xander's hips rose, grinding himself into Spike, and he reached his hands down to pull the vampire's T-shirt from his jeans. He groaned again when his hands met the cool smoothness of Spike's back. Spike growled and pulled away from Xander's neck. Xander whimpered at the loss of Spike's mouth at his neck. Spike chuckled and sat up, straddling Xander's hips. He ground himself against Xander's erection.

Spike grinned down. "Patience, pet." He pulled his T-shirt over his head.

Xander smiled at the sight of naked vampire chest and ran his hands from waist to shoulders, thumbing the nipples. Spike scooted back causing Xander 's hands to fall away and making the boy whimper again.

"Sit up." Spike told him. Xander did. Spike quickly divested the boy of his shirt, coming down for another kiss. Spike's tongue quickly took possession of Xander's mouth while his hands began to roam the now naked chest. He rubbed the smooth planes of Xander's chest, taking special interest in his nipples while he kissed, sucked and licked at the boy's mouth. Spike drove his pelvis hard against Xander's as he bit at Xander's pouting lower lip. He moaned out loud when he tasted the boy's blood. He licked at the wound and brought his hands down to Xander's waist, working at the button and the zipper. Xander pushed his own arms against the mattress, trying to make it easier for the vampire to rid him of his pants. Spike grinned against his mouth in reward and ran his tongue across his lips.

When Xander's pants were open he gasped in pleasure and rose a bit to push them down and over Xander's ass. Xander's groan joined his when he settled his jean clad erection over Xander's naked one.

Spike moved his mouth back to Xander's his tongue sweeping inside, running along ragged edge of teeth, and them moving up to taste the roof of his mouth. Both groaned in pleasure. Spike tore his mouth away from the hot depths of the boys' and rolled off. He moved off the boy and stood beside the bed. Xander cried out and sat up. Spike placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back down.


Spike moved to the foot of the bed and removed the boy's shoes. He tossed each over his shoulders and pulled away the socks. Spike grabbed a foot and ran his tongue from heel to toes. He chuckled at the boy's pained whimper. He grabbed the legs of Xander's pushed down jeans and pulled them off as well. Those, too, ended up on the floor as Spike stood back and admired Xander's steely erection.

He walked-sauntered, really-to the head of the bed and stopped. He reached a cool hand down and grasped Xander's cock, running it firmly from sac to slick head.

"For me, pet?"

Xander arched up into Spike's hand and said nothing. He instead reached for the fastening of Spike's jeans. When the button and zipper went down, and Spike's hard length sprang free, he pushed the jeans down Spike's hips as best he could with one hand, before he rolled on his side and took hold of Spike's hard cock. He looked up into Spike's eyes and let his other move down, his thumb rubbing across Spike's tightly drawn sac. Still looking into his eyes he brought the head to his lips and kissed it. He swiped his tongue over and around the head. When the vampire growled deep in his throat, Xander grinned and wrapped his lips around the head and sucked.

When Spike whimpered and his knees buckled at bit Xander sank down on his length, taking him deep into the hot recesses of his mouth. He paused, relaxing against the urge to gag, and took him in deeper, pushing him down and into his throat. He swallowed, working his throat muscles along Spike's cock. Spike's hand tightened around Xander's cock and his knees bent a bit more. He thrust against Xander's face, not really meaning to. Xander pulled his mouth off, gulping in air, and ran his tongue over the head and then sank back down again.

"Pet." Spike whimpered. "Too good, pet."

Spike pulled away and quickly removed his boots and pants. He came over Xander once more, his mouth once again fastening upon the boys. Spike's knees came to rest tightly against the boy's hips as his mouth began to roam his face and neck. His hands followed the path of his lips, thumbs and fingers learning and memorizing the planes of Xander's face and chest.

Xander's hips began to rise and fall, rubbing his hardness against Spike's as his hands learned the shape and feel of the vampire's body. Thumbs brought nipples to hardness and stayed to play. Hands grasped shoulders and pulled him closer. The same grasping, greedy hands learned the slope and texture of the vampires back before grasping and pulling at his perfectly rounded ass cheeks.

Spike kissed his way down the boy's chest, causing a whimper of dismay as he moved his ass away from the grasping hands. Spike ignored Xander's pleas and kept on learning, with hands and tongue, the shape, feel, texture, and taste of the boy's chest and stomach. He smiled when Xander's throbbing cocked poked him in the chin. He wrapped his mouth around it and sank down deep.

Xander cried out and arched up, pushing himself even deeper down the vampire's throat. Spike purred deep in his throat as he continued to suck at he boy. He reached his hand down and cupped his tightly drawn sac. Xander thrust again and Spike pulled his mouth free causing Xander's cock to slap against his stomach and him to cry out at the loss.

"Spike!" He moaned.

"Not yet, pet. I want to be inside you when you come."

Spike was shocked when the boy scrambled way from him. He was close to anger when he noticed the boy was not leaving the bed but only reaching under it. He came back up with a grin and a bottle of astroglide.

Xander lay back down with his legs spread and Spike between them, the bottle of lube held out for him. Spike took the bottle and leaned down to kiss him.

He flicked the bottle open with one hand as he continued to kiss the boy. He flipped it open, one handed, and squeezed some onto his fingers. Spike rolled on his side and placed his lube-covered fingers at Xander's puckered entrance. He deepened the kiss as he pushed one and then two fingers into the boy. Xander gasped and pushed down at the intrusion. Spike licked at the boy's ear.

"Want me, Xander?" He whispered as he pushed a third finger in.

Xander nodded his head and moaned. Spike began to move his fingers in and out slowly.

"Tell me. Tell me you want me."

Xander gasped and moaned, thrusting down upon the fingers. "Yes! Yes, I want you Spike. I want to feel you in me. Please." He turned his head and latched his mouth on Spike's, thrusting his tongue deep.

Spike grasped the bottle and squirted some into his hand and coated his cock. He tossed it to the floor and rolled back over Xander. He grasped Xander's knees and placed them over his shoulders. He leaned down to kiss the boy, reached down and guided the head of his cock to the boy's opening. His tongue thrust into the Xander's mouth the same moment the head of his cock pushed past his tight ring. He stilled and continued to lick and suck at Xander's mouth. When he felt the first tentative rise of Xander's hips he sank himself fully into the boy.

"Oh, god"

"Oh, hell"

"That feels so good" Both whispered, each paused to feel.

Spike leaned down for a kiss as Xander rose for one.

Spike began to thrust, slow and steady. When Xander's legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him tight and close, he began to speed up.

Xander's hands sank themselves into the short bleached blonde locks and he latched his mouth on to Spike's shoulder as he began to rise faster and faster against Spike's thrusts. He was whimpering and moaning and Spike could no longer hold out against the incredible pleasure of Xander's hot tightness and he grasped the boy's cock tightly in his still lubed hand, working it hard and fast as he pumped faster and harder into the boy's ass.


Spike worked at Xander's cock until he felt Xander's hot release shoot into his hand. Spike released Xander's cock and leaned down to kiss Xander until he too came, with cool, soothing jets into the boy.

Xander's legs tightened around his hips before becoming boneless and sliding down to rest upon the bed. He thrust up once more and moaned.

"Spike." He murmured.

Spike vamped out and sank his fangs into the boy's neck. When the pain straight from hell didn't knock him out, he supped a bit. Xander moved his head a bit, giving him better access, enjoying the slight pain. Spike withdrew his fangs as his orgasm finally subsided. He rested fully upon the boy and licked at his neck wounds as he felt his cock slip from Xandess.

Spike began to purr and Xander's hand reached up to pet him as he continued to lick his neck.



"You're a good nurse."

2 The Morning After

you take my money
you think you're great
you think it's funny
I hate your face

Xander jolted awake and reached for the snooze button. He couldn't reach it. Okay. Fine. He went back to sleep.

you got your Jesus
and I got my space
you got your reasons
and I got my case

Shit. Too damn loud to sleep through. He reached for the snooze button again. Fuck. Who moved it? He reached a little further, feeling around with his hands, still not opening his eyes. Nothing.

you just gotta sit yourself down
to contemplate
you get yourself a nice cold beer
and drink yourself away

Damnit was a loud song. He tried to roll over to better reach the snooze bar. He was blocked. He opened his eyes and stared into the sleeping face of Spike. He groaned. He shut his eyes. He opened them again to face the same sight. A naked Spike. A naked Spike he had made love with last night. No. Had sex with. No. Made love with. Hell. It was a naked Spike and he had had a damn good time with him last night. A wonderful night. Sex and caring. There had been caring. Spike had taken care of him. And taken care with him.

Xander groaned and rolled over onto Spike reaching to turn the alarm off. He then rolled back over on to his back and stared at the ceiling. He stayed close to the sleeping vampire. Yes. Love. Sex. Caring. What? He swiped a hand down his face. He didn't know. Wasn't too sure he wanted to know. What do you do now, after all? After the hot and mind blowing sex with the vampire is over? The hot mind blowing sex with the male vampire. Do you wake up gay? Do you wake up with necrophilia? Do you wake up bi-sexual? Do you dare call Jerry Springer? Nope. You're too nuts for Jerry even. Sure I'd like to be on your show, Jer, but we have to tape at night, because my vampire lover can't come out during the day. You're okay with that? Cool. But I'm not too sure if he'll show up on camera. . .well, see, because I've never really asked that question. I used to just stake them. This is the first time I've fucked one. Oh, yeah.
It was really good.

"Shit! Cut it out, Xander!" He mumbled out loud.

Spike moved, wrapping an arm across his chest, snuggling. Xander moved a bit closer to him, thinking he was still asleep.

Spike crooked his arm up and rested his head on his hand. He grinned, looking into Xander's startled eyes. "Yes. Do cut it out Xander."


The vampire smiled and leaned down to kiss Xander on the lips. Lightly.

With care, The thought popped into Xander's head.

"And what are you thinking about so hard, you have to chastise yourself for, then, pet?"

"Jerry Springer." Xander blurted out. He grinned sheepishly. He hadn't meant to say that out loud. The damn vampire was always making him blurt out his thoughts with out censor.

Spike laughed delightedly. "Sorry, pet. Not going on the show with you."

He kissed him again, bussing his lips in an almost comical fashion.

"Although, I quite fancy the idea of being behind one of those screens with a fake wig on. Oh, and having my voice electronically distorted. It'd almost be worth it, eh, pet?" He snickered. "Nope. Sorry. Thought about it. Not gonna be your shameful secret lover. His eyes narrowed and he looked into the boy's confused eyes. His hands slid into the dark locks and he rolled over and on to him.

Spike's mouth settled over Xander's, his tongue pushed its way inside, demanding and receiving a response. He purred deep in his throat when Xander's hands came up and clenched over his shoulders. He felt Xander's cock stirring, and his own began to grow hard in response. Spike pulled back from the kiss.

It wouldn't be so easy.

"Morning after doubts, then, pet? Can't deal with it?"

Xander was a bit dazed, due to the early hour and the kiss. And the question. And the fact that it was the morning after. He just looked into the piercing blue eyes, clear and bright as they always seemed to be, unable to come up with a reply.

"Want to play forget it, then?" Spike's voice was harsher than Xander expected from someone lying naked and hard on top of him in his bed.

"Huh?" It was all he could think to say.

Spike leaned his head down and sucked at Xander's neck. Hard, bruising, marking the area. He pulled his lips away and gave the area a last lick with his tongue. He snorted against the boy's neck.

"You know. Forget it. Is that what you want to play?" He pulled
back to look into his eyes once more.

Xander tossed his head from side to side. "No?" It came out as a question. He didn't know what Spike was talking about and the harshness of Spike's voice only served to make him more confused than he already was.

Spike ground his erection into Xander's and growled in frustration.

"Forget it! The game you play in the morning when you don't want to remember the night before. When you can't deal with the night before. When you wake up and think what the bloody hell am I doing here and who the fuck am I wit-"

Xander cut off the tirade with the simple act of raising his head and wrapping his arms around Spike's neck and pulling him closer. Spike's tongue again found its way into battle with Xander's. The boy raised and then rested his ankles on Spike's calves. He chuckled into the kiss.

Spike pulled back, suspicious. "What's so funny?"

Xander smiled at him. "I have, on several occasions, thought deeply about the best ways to get you to just shut up. Whodda thought all I had to do was kiss you?"

Spike glowered down at him. Then he grinned. "Yes. Who would have thought such a thing?"

Xander smiled at him. He raised his head to kiss his lips and then let his head fall back against the bed. He let out a sigh. "I don't know what I feel. Or I should say I feel all kinds of things: Happy. Worried. Scared. Sexy." He chuckled. "I feel sexy." He repeated, and laughed at himself.

Spike pressed himself down, rubbing his hardness against Xanders'. "You are sexy, Xanpet." He grinned down at the boy.

Xander chuckled, he rubbed against Spike as he continued speaking. "I feel weird. Don't look at me like that! Don't get mad at me! I have a right to feel weird! I've just had the best sex of my life and it happened to be with a vampire that not too long ago would have used my femur bone to bash one of my best friends heads in if he had got a hold of it! A guy vampire, might I add! So don't go all grr when I say I feel weird!" Xander huffed.

"Best sex, eh, pet?" Spike smiled and swiped his tongue across Xander's lips. "I get that all the time, pet. But I like hearing it from you."

Xander butted Spike's mouth with his forehead. "I feel," he paused, searching for the right word. "Befuddled. That's a word, right?"

Spike raised his head to nip at Xander's lips. "Yes, Xanpet, that's a word. And just to make you feel a bit better, you look befuddled."

"Thanks. But it doesn't really help." He closed his eyes for a moment.
When he opened them again they were clear and serious. "But I don't want to play 'let's forget'. I don't want to forget last night. I couldn't forget last night."

Spike smiled. "Well, that's good, then pet, cause I wouldn't have let you." He grinned an evil grin at the boy.

Xander raised an eyebrow at him in question.

Spike raised his scarred brow in echo and snickered. "Ah, pet. I'd have run to the witch and told her how you had used me and tossed me aside. I'd have told the slayer how you came at me, all raging hormones and hard dick, and fucked me, and me all helpless with this bleedin' chip in my head and then I'd have gone to the watcher, for protection, you understand, and told him my tale of seduction and betrayal-"

Xander's giggles could no longer be contained and they burst forth in a bubbling font of mirth. He reached up and kissed Spike. Spike returned the kiss passionately, before pulling back to grin at the boy.

"I'd have done all that and more, Xanpet."

Xander nodded his head. "I know, Spike. You'd have hurt me bad. The best way you could have."

"So. We'll just take the rest as we see it. As it comes, if you will, Xan. We'll deal." Spike leaned down for a kiss but popped his head back up with a scowl.


"Did you bloody hear me? 'We'll deal.' I'm even sounding like you bloody do-goodding sods!" Spike jumped off the bed and went in search of his jeans.

"What are you doing?" Xander demanded.

Spike looked up while putting on his jeans. "Oh, pet. I've got to go kill something. And fast."

2a Later That Morning

"You can't go out killing, Spike." Xander said, sitting up naked in bed, watching the vampire dress.

Spike zipped up his jeans and stood glaring. After a moment he raised his scarred brow. Still he said nothing but Xander felt as if the room temperature had dropped several degrees. Talk about an icy stare! He hid his smile. A smile woulda been a bad thing right about now.

"I beg your pardon, pet. What did you just say to me?"

Xander fought his grin. "You can't go out killing." He repeated the, very embodiment of reason. He tucked his hands behind his head and lay back.

"Now look here, pet. Don't think I'm going to let you tell me what to do just because we-"

"It's day." Xander interrupted the tirade. He was sure he didn't want Spike to finish whatever it was he was going to say. He wasn't ready to handle the vampire telling him that what they had shared didn't mean anything but a good time. Didn't want to hear that he had no say in Spike's future actions. No say in his future.

Xander watched a small smile cross Spike's face as his earlier anger seemed to deflate. The vampire grinned at Xander.

"Well. Fancy that. Can't do much, then, can I?" Spike said.

Xander sat up, his back resting against the head of the bed. He watched Spike a little warily, wondering what his next move was going to be.

"Took the wind right outta my sails, didn't ya, pet?"

Xander smiled a bit. "Guess I did. It is daylight, after all. Nice of me to remind you of that, instead of just letting you storm outside and become a crispy critter."

Spike sat back down on the bed. "Pile of ash." Spike corrected. "And you are a sweety, Xanpet." He draped an arm across Xander's shoulders and began playing with Xander's earlobe. Spike let out a sigh. "Still wish I could kill something, though, pet."

"Maybe later." Xander offered. "I'm sure there's some demon thing out there just waiting on you to kill it."

A thump came from above and Spike's eyes lit with an evil glee. He rolled over onto Xander and kissed him. Xander opened his mouth to the kiss, surprised but delighted at the urgency. He let Spike's tongue ravage his mouth, before letting his own come into play. He had rapidly become addicted to the taste of Spike, the feel of him. God, but Spike knew how to kiss. He was thrilled when the vampire began to hum in pleasure as their tongues twined.

Xander clutched short, bleached locks, holding Spike's head still as he slanted his lips across Spike's and deepened the kiss. Xander let his tongue slide along Spike's before moving up to dancing along the roof of Spike's cool mouth. He drew back a to run his tongue along the edge of the vampire's perfect lips. Run along his smile.

Xander pulled back to look at Spike.

"And just what is that smile for." Xander asked him.

Another thump came from upstairs.

Spike's eyes sparkled and the grin threatened to split the vampire's face in two.

"What?" Xander asked again.

Spike let his eyes drift up towards the ceiling. They lingered a bit. He looked back down at Xander.

"What say I do in your parents, pet?"

"Huh?" Xander's thoughts were still in the kiss.

"Your parent's, pet. What say I kill them?"

Xander remained nonplused for a moment. "What? Kill my parents?"

Spike kissed the boy's open mouth. "Yep." Spike snickered. "Can I?" Spike kissed both cheeks while sliding his hands into Xander's hair before bringing his lips back to the boys' slack jaw. He ran small biting kisses from the corner of Xander's mouth to his earlobe, causing Xander's heart to speed up and his blood to start to zoom in his veins. Spike bit down softly. He chuckled into Xander's ear before running his tongue along the outer shell. Xander shivered. Spike ran his left hand down the side of Xander's head, letting his thumb run over the boy's eye and down to trace the lift and fall of his nose, the up and down turn of his lips. Xander nuzzled his face up and into Spike's hand, loving each and every soft sweeping touch.

Spike continued the slow touches. He let his thumb sweep across Xander's lips as he kept suckling at the boy's ear, to his chin and down his throat to rest at his collarbone. He slid his thumb across the bone, back and forth as he suckled and chewed at his ear. He brought the thumb back to rest at Xander's fast beating pulse. He pressed down a little.

Xander didn't move a muscle, afraid Spike would stop and unwilling to be the cause of such a travesty. His skin came alive and tingled under the soft sweet caresses.

"Your parents, Xanpet. May I kill them?" Spike whispered seductively.

"Kay." Xander murmured without thought. You can do anything you want. Anything. Just don't stop touching me. It took a moment for what he had just agreed to register. He stiffened.

"Hey! No! You can not kill my parents!" He pushed at Spike's shoulders and slid from beneath him. He turned on his side to stare at Spike in shock. "What are you? Crazy?"

Spike snickered as he faced the indignant mortal. He picked up Xander's left hand, bringing his pointer finger into his mouth to suckle.

"Nope." He replied around the boys' finger. "I'm evil." He sucked the finger all the way down and into his throat before slowly sliding it out and placing a kiss on the tip before dropping it and taking Xander's middle finger deep into his mouth.

Xander just stared, letting the vampire continue to suckle his finger.

Sure. Okay, maybe he had thought about killing his parents a time or two. But what kid hadn't? But not seriously. Definitely not. Nope. Besides, his thoughts of murder and mayhem had usually turned around to the old "boy, I bet they'd be sorry if I died", kind of kid-thinking. He wasn't bad. Nope. Not bad at all. Certainly not homicidal. Well, yeah, sure, he'd killed vampires and a few demons. Bad things. Of course, there were lots of times his parents could have gone into the "bad things" category. But he wasn't about to let Spike-his thoughts flew out of his head when he felt Spike bite down low on his finger while it was deep in his wet mouth.

God, that felt good.

Xander watched as Spike grinned and bit down a little more. He kept his finger in Spike's mouth and the vampire sucked a little harder while his other hand came up to play in Xander's hair. Xander watched Spike smile as best he could around his finger. Spike slowly pulled back, flicking his tongue along his finger as he did. When it was out Spike leaned his head towards Xander's. He didn't move away and Spike placed his lips on Xander's.

Just a soft peck.

"I." Kiss. "Want." Kiss. "To." Kiss. "Kill." Kiss. "Your." Kiss.
"Parents." Kiss. "Can't I, pet?"

The next kiss was hard and deep. Spike rolled Xander onto his back and came over him. He slid one jean-clad leg between Xander's thighs and slid his arms under Xander's neck as he let his tongue slide into Xander's mouth. He let Spike taste his excitement. He hoped Spike could taste his excitement. Spike grinned against his lips and brought a hand down to caress Xander's erection. Spike moved his lips back to Xander's ear and he let his body slide down so it was resting along Xander's side. His hand went down his body to caress Xander's growing erection. Xander groaned aloud in pleasure.

"Come on, Xan." He whispered and rubbed. "What have they done but hurt you, pet?"

Xander raised his hips into Spike's hand as he listened to the seductive words.

"What gives them the right to hurt you, luv?" Spike licked at Xander's ear as he cupped his sac.

"I just want to make you feel good, pet." His hand slid up, holding hard and fast. He ran his thumb across the weeping head of Xander's cock before sliding down, keeping a tight hold.

"I'll protect you, pet. I won't let anything happen to you." He whispered as he kept a steady rhythm going. He licked and kissed at the ear he was whispering into.

"We can make it look like a fight got out of hand." Spike moved his kisses down Xander's neck and back up again, all the while working at Xander's cock.

"You want that, don't you, baby?" Xander just hummed, moving his erection up and into Spike's hand.

"You want to come, don't you baby?"

"Yes, Spike."

"'Course you do, pet." Spike began to suckle at Xander's neck as his hand went to work on the boy's cock. Xander's own precum gave him the
lubrication he needed to work faster. He went back to whispering into the boy's ear.

"So, my Xanpet, I can kill them and it'll be no loss. It'll be okay, huh, pet? You want that don't you pet?"

Spike leaned over to kiss him, pushing his tongue into Xander's mouth.
Spike pulled his mouth away from the Xander's and went back to whispering into his ear.

"Come on." Spike worked faster at the straining erection in his hand.

Xander turned onto his side, surprising the vampire.

Okay. Xander wasn't so far gone he couldn't tell a flat out seduction. No way was he going to let Spike fuck him into killing his parents! He reached his hand down and pulled Spike's own straining cock from his quickly unzipped pants. Xander placed his mouth over the vampire's surprised one and thrust his tongue in.

Spike quickly recovered from his shock and threw himself into his once seductive hand job. Seduction was no longer the objective as he let Xander ravage his mouth while his hand worked at his cock. Coming was the only objective now.

Xander coming.

Spike coming.

"Fuck." Xander heard Spike mutter as he worked his hips into Xander's hand and let his tongue play in Xander's mouth.

He growled as Xander pulled away. "Spike?"

Spike placed his mouth back on the boy's and worked his hand faster,
plunging his tongue back in. He hummed his pleasure when Xander matched his pace. Xander moved in closer, working his cock faster in and out of Spike's hand. He felt Spike do the same. He clutched his hand into Spike's hair as he felt his hot release spill out onto their closely pressed bodies. Spike purred louder and his cool seed soon joined.

"Spike?" Xander's breath was still coming in fast and short pants. He didn 't move away from the vampire, but stayed close, pressed against his side. Spike's eyes were closed.

"Humm?" Spike asked. He didn't open his eyes.

"You can't kill my parents."

Spike smiled but stayed silent.


Spike sighed "Yes, Xander. What is it?"

"You can't kill my parents."

"And why not?"

Xander stayed silent. Why not? Now here was a question. Who'd care? What, exactly, would the cost be? And just why shouldn't he-Xander's thoughts were cut short when he noticed the grin on Spike's face. Damn him!

Of course he couldn't let Spike kill his parents!

"Because it's wrong!"

Spike nodded and reached up to pet Xander's head. He opened his eyes to stare deeply into Xander's.

"Why can't I kill your parent's?" He leaned over to kiss Xander on the lips. He pulled back with a grin. "I should just go on up stairs and break their soddin' necks. Why shouldn't I? They've hurt you. Why shouldn't they die for that?"

Xander blinked. He was a little ashamed of the bubble of happiness that rose in him at the thought that Spike wanted to murder his parents for having hurt him in the past.

"Is that why you want to kill them?" He couldn't help but ask.

Spike petted Xander's head again, and let out a sigh. "No, Xander. Your dad cut me off once, a few years back on the road, whilst we were both headed back to Sunnyhell. Of course that's why I want to kill them! Well that and it'd just be good fun."

Xander just smiled, basking in the caring.

"Spike?" He ventured after a moment.

"What?" Spike snapped. "You know, pet, you're a whole helluva lot o' work!"

Xander grinned.

"And what're you smiling 'bout?" Spike demanded.

"Well, I'm kinda glad you think I'm a lot of work."

"And that makes you happy? Why is that, then, pet?"

"Well, I was worried you might think I was easy. What with all the sex and everything."

Spike snickered, but said nothing.


"What is it now, Xander?"

"My parent's are human. You can't kill them. It would hurt you."

Spike went back to petting Xander's head. "You know, pet."

"What?" Xander asked.

"You could kill them. I could have a good time just watchin'!"

Xander grinned. Of course he felt bad for thinking about it. "No. Can't kill my parents."

Spike sighed. A very put upon sigh. "You'll be the death of me, pet." He chuckled evilly.

"What!" Xander demanded to know.

"When I get this chip out of me 'ead."

"Yeah, yeah. . .you'll kill Buffy and Willow and me, I think I know that."

"What! Think you know me, then, pet? Well, you don't!"

"Okay. Who will you kill first?"

Spike smiled up at the ceiling as he continued to pet Xander. "First I'll kill you." He snickered at Xander's intake of breath.

Xander couldn't believe it. Okay, yeah, he could believe it but he was still hurt. Maybe this-whatever it this was-didn't mean anything to Spike, but still! He thought he'd go way down of Spike's list of whom to kill.

"Oh, yes pet." Spike continued, seemingly unaware of the Xander's thoughts. "You first. Then I turn you and make you all mine. Then I'll turn you loose on your bloody mum and dad! Then I'll go kill the slayer. "Then I turn the witch. I know you like her. I'll let you keep her, cause I too am a sweety." He giggled gleefully. "Then rip the bloody Watcher's head off and piss down his soddin' neck! Then-"

"Spent much time thinking about this, Spike?" Xander interrupted him. Okay. He was grinning now. How sick was he? Here he was all happy because Spike wanted to turn him and not just kill him. He let out a sigh. He was pretty damn sure he was way sick.

Spike grinned at him. "What is it, Xanpet? You didn't think I'd let you go did you?" He leaned over and kissed him soundly on the lips. He pulled back to smile evilly at Xander. "I am so gonna turn you!" Spike grinned then quickly scowled. "Did you bloody 'ear that?! Again! I'm doing it again! I'm starting to talk like your band of bleedin' do goodders!"

Xander smiled. Spike still had the chip and couldn't hurt him, so he said: "If this helps any, you look as cute as you sound."

He didn't try to break his neck, he only tried to kiss him to death. Xander didn't mind at all.

Spike pulled away to smile down at him. "Xanpet?"


"I had you thinking about killing your parents."

Shit. He had. "Ah, Spike. They're just drunks. Unhappy drunks. No need to waste your time on them."

"That's where yer wrong, Xan. They made you unhappy. That's plenty of reason."

And fuck, Xander thought, wasn't that the sweetest thing, ever?

3 That Afternoon

Spike watched as Xander began to doze and finally drift off to sleep. He knew the boy was sleepy. Had to be. He grinned. Yep. He'd worn the boy out. Spike turned to reach for the radio's on switch, turning the volume down quickly as BUSH came blasting out. He grinned when "comedown" came on.

love and hate get it wrong
she cut me right back down to size
sleep the day let it fade
who was there to take your place
no one knows never will
mostly me but mostly you
what do you say do you do
when it all comes down
I don't want to come back down from this cloud

He snickered to himself and picked up a lock of Xander's hair, sniffing it.

"Bloody hell!" He muttered out loud. "I've gone all soft and mushy over the whelp!" He let go the lock of hair and, instead, began to run his fingers through Xander's hair as he studied the sleeping boy's face.

He was cute. Spike pressed himself closer to Xander's sleeping body.

And snugly, he thought as Xander moved closer to his body and threw an arm across Spike's waist.

Spike smiled.

Well, so what? So bloody what?

Spike liked to cuddle.

Damn it all to hell! Could he help it if he just happened to love to cuddle? He had liked it when he had been alive and he had loved it since his turning. Nothing nicer than snuggling up to a nice, cuddly, body, he thought to himself. Human bodies were a big plus. Warm. Hot, even. All that lovely body heat. Of course, he had usually ended up draining his human snuggle bunnies and leaving their quickly cooling bodies in a ditch or alley somewhere, if now their own homes, but that was beside the point. He felt no desire to kill Xander. And it wasn't the implant at work.

He liked the boy.

He grinned again.

He wanted to turn the boy. Make his his childe. Not just a mindless
minion, but a true childe. Spike had never felt the desire to have a childe before. Too much work. Too much time. Spike preferred the easy come, easy go relationship he had had with the minions he had made in the p Lo Lose one? Oh, well, sod it all, but no big matter, just make another. But he wanted Xander to be his. Bound to him for all time.

And wouldn't that just piss off the slayer to no end?

Spike leaned down and licked across Xander's neck. Right across the spot he'd like to sink his fangs in.

He grinned when Xander moaned and rose to his touch, still sleeping.

But this whole Xander-pet thing was good, too. Spike continued to suck at Xander's neck while the boy slept. He felt Xander's pulse speed up beneath his tongue. His fangs came down and he ran them lightly across the boy's neck. He licked up the small amount of blood that came forth.

Excited, Spike leaned down to rip into Xander's throat.

Pain. Incapacitating pain.

Spike pulled back and clutched at his head.


Chip is still working. Okay. Just checking. Just soddin' checking!

Spike growled as he held his head. Xander didn't wake, but moved toward him and snuggled closer, murmuring soft sounds and rubbing his lips against Spike's chest, as if sensing Spike's distress and pain. Spike sighed and closed his eyes against the pain and the desire to turn the boy. He wrapped his arms around the boy and rested his chin atop Xander's head.

He would turn Xander. He picked up a lock of the boy's hair and began to suck on it.

Thumps came from upstairs. Spike was ready to roll off the bed and under it when he heard, and then recognized, the soft foot falls of the little witch.

He moved closer to and held tighter to Xander.

This could be fun. He closed his eyes and feigned sleep. He still had Xander's hair in his mouth.

"Xander? You down here? It's almost three in the afterno-OHMYGOD!"

"Whazit?" Spike said, sitting up and hiding an evil grin.


"Huh? What? Really. Calm down, witch. You'll wake him!" Spike snickered, grinning at Willow. "And I dare say, the boy needs his rest." Spike leaned down to kiss the top of Xander's head. He looked up to smile at Willow once more. "He really does need some rest. I am afraid I wore the sweet boy out."

Spike watched with glee as Willow turned beet-red. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. He watched her as she swayed a bit and fell flat on her ass on the steps. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth and her eyes bugged out a bit. Spike was loving this.

Okay, then, but, this was fun!

He ran his hand across Xander's chest, stopping to rest his palm over Xander's right nipple, while he stared at the witch with wide, innocent eyes. Or at least trying for wide-eyed innocence.

"What is it, pet? Not another spell gone bad, is it, chit? I do so hate it when your mojo goes wacko." He kissed Xander's slightly parted, sleeping lips. His grin grew wider when Xander puckered and the witch gasped.

Spike watched the witch try to stand and watched the witch fall back down.

"Um. . .no. No bad spell. I, um, I just wanted to talk to Xan-Spike?"

Spike kissed Xander again. "Yes?" He drew away from Xander's head but stuck his tongue out to lick along the outline of the sleeping boy's lips.

A nice show for the witch.

"What are you doing?"

"What'dya mean, witch? Right now? I'm licking Xander. He tastes good. Just before? I was petting Xander. 'Es very pettable. Like a big tomcat. Before that? I was shagging him senseless. 'Es very shaggable, too. I'm afraid I've tired the sweety out." He traced Xander's lips with his tongue once more. "Why? Did you need him for something?" He kissed the boy once more before turning to look at Willow. He smiled. "Or can I help you with something?"
Willow stood quickly. Spike watched her sway a bit. He grinned.

"Umm. . .no! Really! It was nothing! I just wanted to talk to Xander. But you're-he's-umm. . .you guys are busy and I can come back later. Or never. I mean, I'll call next time. Or knock. Or-just tell him to call me, kay?" Willow turned and ran back up the steps.
She slammed the door.

Spike grinned as he watched her run out and then looked back down at Xander. That had been fun. He knew his little Xanpet might be miffed at him later, should the little witch ever get the nerve to tell Xander about it but hell. He knew, better than most, fun had its price. And who knew? Xanpet might be the type to withhold his affections when miffed. Better have fun now. Just in case.

With that thought in his head, he leaned down and swiped his tongue across Xander's nipple. Hard. He grinned when the boy rose up. He began to suckle. He let the distended nipple go and slid his cool, wet tongue across the boy's chest to his other nipple. It too received loving attention.

Spike threw the covers down and off of Xander's body. Spike's hand went down Xander's body, to slide along and then hold Xander's rapidly rising cock. He loved the way Xander responded immediately to his each and every touch. Spike pressed his body closer to Xander's and began to lick at his ear, while he worked at the still sleeping boy's growing erection. Spike smiled and reached into the bedside table, pulling out the bottle of lube he had placed there earlier. He was going to need it. He flicked the bottle open and left it waiting.

He rolled onto Xander and kissed him. He kept his eyes open and watched as Xander's eyes opened to look into his. Glassy with sleep at first, but quickly becoming sharp with wanting.

"Hi, Spike." Xander muttered against his lips.

"'Eh, pet." Spike pulled his lips away from Xander's to speak. "Give us a nice kiss 'ello, then, wont ya, pet?"

"'Kay." Xander nodded his agreement and reached up to press his lips to Spike's mouth.

Spike clutched his hands into Xander's hair. He ground his hardness into Xander's and let his tongue twine with the boy's. Seeking, tasting. Loving. God's below, but this boy tasted good. Spike spent a moment more at the teen's mouth before pulling away and running his tongue down to Xander's neck. He went straight to the fast beating pulse. He ran his tongue back and forth over it, loving the hot slick feel of the boy. He wanted to sink his fangs in. He wanted to tear and render the flesh, wanted Xander's blood to pulse into his waiting mouth. Feel it splash onto his tongue and down his throat. He contented himself with sucking hard and drawing the boys flesh into his mouth.

He felt Xander wrap his legs around his thighs and rise up. Spike reached, blindly, still sucking at Xander's neck, for the bottle of lube. He squirted a good amount onto his fingers. Spike placed his mouth over Xander's as he pushed his tongue and two fingers into him. Xander cried out and pushed up against Spike's invading digits.

"Xan." Spike muttered. He wanted him so bad. Spike wasn't too sure he cared for this desperate need that was gripping him, but he was damn well going to ride it out and enjoy it.

"You want me, don't you, Xanpet?" Spike pushed his fingers in a little deeper before drawing them out quickly and pushing them back in.

He was immensely gratified to hear the boy's gasping, "Yes! God yes, Spike! I want you. Please." Xander placed his mouth back on Spike's pushing his tongue in and swirling it around almost frantically. "Please, Spike." Xander rocked his head back and forth, his mouth still at Spike's. Spike felt him spread his legs wide.

"Don't tease me. Don't." Xander bit Spike's lip hard enough to break the skin and draw blood. Spike withdrew his fingers and quickly ran his lubed fingers over his hard cock. He placed himself at Xander's opening and pushed into the boy hard, fast and deep. He sucked at his own lip for a moment, before going to Xander's open mouth. He slid his tongue in and out of the boy's mouth at the same pace he slid his cock in and out of the boy.

So hot.

So tight and good.

"You feel so good, Xander. I love the way you feel. Take all of me. All of me, pet? More. Take more of me. Yes. You can do it, pet. Just like that. Wrap your legs around me. Your arms. Hold me. Oh, hell, yes. Xander. Yes. Xander. Xander. Xander." Spike wasn't even aware of the hot words he whispered into Xander's ear. Just the feelings. The wonderful feelings, as he continued to pump himself into the hot, willing boy.

"So good. You feel so good, Xan." Spike reached a hand down to grasp Xander's hardness. He began to pump it to the same rhythm he used to slam himself into the boy's hot depths. Spike suckled hard at the boy's pulse while he fucked him. He wanted so badly to bite down. He pumped harder at the boy's cock as he slammed in and out of him. He wanted so badly to turn him. The desire to turn almost overrode the desire to cum. Almost. Spike sped up his thrusts into the boy and his movements at the boy's cock.

"I want you to come for me, Xander. I want you to come with me." He thrust even faster, sucking Xander's earlobe into his mouth and giving into the need to bite down. "Yes!" He cried out when Xander's legs wrapped tighter around his hips and he pushed his ear towards Spike's mouth. "Fuck me Xanpet. Harder! Come on, pet!" Spike lost himself into his rhythm and bit down hard into Xander's earlobe as he came. He vaguely felt Xander's hot cum against his stomach. "That's my Xander. That's my Xanpet." Spike muttered against Xander's neck. He lay heavily on the boy and just rested.

"You liked that, Spike?"

"Um. . .yeah."

"You loved it, Spike?"

"Umm. Yeah, Xanpet. I loved it." Spike nuzzled his mouth along Xander's shoulder.

"Love me?"

"Umm. . .Yes." Spike was ready to drop off to sleep. He felt Xander chuckle beneath his cheek.

His head popped up.

"What did you just say?" Spike demanded. He pulled his head back and away to look into the boys laughing eyes.

Laughing. At him!

Spike snarled.

The boy just gave him a grin. "Nothing." Xander brought a hand up to pat down Spike's unruly hair. "It's okay, Spike." He grinned.

Spike snickered down at him. "Your witch came by, pet. But she could see you were indisposed. Maybe she'll come back later. She did say she'd call, or at least knock first."

Spike gave Xander an evil grin.

Vampire: one. Mortal: nice try.

"Dammit, Spike! What did you *say* to her-"

Spike placed a finger across Xander's lips. "Shh. It's daylight! Sleepy time for vampires!"

Spike yawned widely. "I'm very tired. Night night." Spike snickered and dropped his head down on Xander's chest, falling fast asleep.

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