Who? What? Huh?


7 In His Shoes

Spike woke for the second day in a row snuggled next to Xander. After Xander had passed out last night Spike had gotten up and cleaned them both off with a wet washcloth. But they were both still naked, and he could feel Xander's cool skin pressed up against him.

He'd assumed that Xander had never been with a man before, but from his actions last night Spike wasn't sure anymore. As he contemplated this idea, Xander's eyes blinked open and stared owlishly at him.

"Mornin' luv." Spike couldn't resist leaning in for a quick kiss. Xander shied away, pulling himself free from Spike's arms.

"Is this where you tell me you'll stake me if I tell anyone?" Spike asked bitterly.

Xander could hear the hurt in Spike's voice and it made him pause. Was Spike just playing with him? How much did this mean to the vamp? WHAT did any of this mean?

"Spike, what happened last night?" Xander asked tentatively.

"We fucked. What do you think happened." Spike's voice was angry as he turned away and sat on the edge of the bed.

"No!" Xander reached out to place a hand on Spike's shoulder. "I mean…are you just playing…or…" Xander struggled for the words. "You were so…gentle…I just…" He sighed and then frowned. "I don't know what I'm asking."

Spike turned back to see Xander staring resolutely down at his clasped hands. He reached out to place his own atop them before speaking.

"No luv. I'm not just playing. I'm not sure what's happening, but I don't go in for those kinds of mind games. That was always Angelus' idea of a good time. I told Buffy once and it's true. I'm love's bitch." Spike tried to explain.

Xander's eyes widened even further. "Y-you love me?"

"No you git!" Spike chuckled. "At least, I don't know."

Spike returned to his seat next to Xander. He tentatively snuggled up to the boy, nuzzling his soft curls. "Don't hate you. Wanna fuck you." He waited for Xander to look up at him. "Could maybe one day fall in love with you." If I haven't already, Spike thought.

Xander relaxed. "Well, I'm not sure what's happening either. I've never…I mean, it's not like I've had a lot of relationships to begin with. Definitely none with guys though."

"Is this a relationship luv?" Spike asked almost shyly.

"I…I…" Xander looked up into Spike's entreating eyes. "I…" He gulped. "I want it to be."

Spike smiled and leaned down for a kiss. "Good. I want it to luv."

Xander closed his eyes and let Spike's mouth caress his own. It wasn't a passionate kiss. It was tender and sweet, and promising. When he opened his eyes, Spike was staring down at him with a soft expression.

"Can I ask you something Xan?" He nodded.

"You said you'd never been with a bloke?" Xander nodded again. "Then how did you know what to do? When you made me cum I mean?" Spike was curious.

Xander knew he would be blushing if he were still in his own body. "I've played around a little." He murmured before turning away. "With myself I mean."

At Xander's soft confession, Spike's morning erection surged to life. An image of Xander with his own fingers in his arse brought him to full hardness. He groaned.

Xander turned back when he heard Spike's groan. He saw his hard on tenting the sheets.

"You…You like that idea?"

"God yes luv! You've got such a sexy body. And to think of you playing with yourself, making yourself hard. Cumming." Spike shuddered. "God I can't wait until we're back in our own bodies, so that I can see your face when you cum."

Now Xander was hard. He'd never had anyone want him so much. The way Spike described him…he didn't think anyone thought of him that way.

Xander reached out to place his cool hand on Spike's chest. Before he could make any other advances the alarm clock began to blare.

Spike's hand swung out to pound on the off button. "Fuck!"

Xander smiled ruefully at him. "You'd better go. I don't wanna get fired."

"Why don't you hop in the shower with me luv?" Spike asked, not willing to let their fun end.

"Can't Spike. You know you'll never make it out of here in time if I do. And I really don't wanna get fired." Xander repeated.

Spike sighed and stood up. "What do you want to do about Chris?" He asked casually.

"What about him?" "He thinks you’re my boyfriend. Do you want me to tell him I was drunk?" Spike asked as he rummaged through Xander's dresser for some clothes.

"No. Why would you do that? Then we'll just have to explain that we're together later." Xander was confused. "Unless you don't want people to know about us?"

"No luv." Spike rushed to reassure him. "I wasn't sure YOU wanted people to know about us."

"I'm not going to hide Spike. I don't want to have to sneak around in secret. If we're going to have a relationship then I want it to be open and honest." Xander was firm.

"Even with the slayerettes?" Spike queried.

"Especially with them! How am I supposed to get relationship advice from Wills if she doesn't know I'm having one?" Xander smiled. "And it's not like she's going to care about the gay thing."

"Thanks luv." Spike gave him a quick peck on the forehead before heading toward the shower.

"For what?" Xander asked.

"Just for being you Xan."


It was an uneventful day on site. Spike got some good-natured teasing from Chris about his boyfriend, but that was about it.

Spike was on his way home from work and was unabashedly excited to be seeing Xander again soon. He was half hard all day thinking about the whelp, even after his jerk off session in the shower.

He was thinking about maybe having a few minutes with Xan before leaving for the Magic Box when he ran into a man.

"Excuse me mate. Wasn't watching where I was going." Spike apologized automatically.

"That's because you're a worthless piece of shit, moron!" The man answered.

What the fuck? Spike looked up into the man's face only to see an older version of his lover. The man's breath reeked of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot.

"Dad?" Spike asked tentatively.

"What do you want shithead? You better not be about to tell me that you can't make the rent this month." Mr. Harris leaned menacingly forward.

"No! I mean no, I'll have the rent." Spike answered quickly.

"Fine." Mr. Harris sidestepped Spike and began walking further down the sidewalk. "Good for nothing loser." He mumbled as he staggered down the street.

That was Xander's dad? Spike shook his head, trying to clear it. When he looked up toward the house he could see Xander's face peering out the basement window.

He strode toward the basement quickly, searching for Xan as soon as he entered the door. He saw him sitting on the barca lounger looking forlornly in the opposite direction.

"What's wrong luv?" Spike asked, placing his hand on Xander's knee.

"I guess you met my dad huh?" Xander asked, chuckling bitterly.

"'S not the nicest bloke I've ever met, but yeah."

"He usually isn't that bad. It's just that he didn't know you weren't me. If he had thought you were someone else, he would have been more polite." Xander tried to explain.

"Xan, you don't have to make excuses for the bastard." Spike's face was a mask of anger. "He doesn't have any right to treat you that way. And you have no reason to believe him."

"No reason? I am a useless loser." Xander's eyes had dropped back down to his clasped hands. "I'm the zeppo remember?"

"That's not true luv." Spike stroked his leg as he spoke. "You're the heart of the whole bloody gang. You keep everyone going, and that's more than the rest of 'em can say."

Xander still refused to look at him, so Spike cupped his chin and forced their eyes to meet.

"You're not useless Xan. You're clever, intelligent, brave, and bloody marvelous. You don't need slayer powers or mojo to make you special or necessary. The scooby gang couldn't last a day without you. They need you." He leaned in to give Xander a reassuring kiss. "I need you."

Xander smiled tentatively when Spike pulled away. "Thanks."

"You're welcome luv." Spike stood, taking Xander with him. "Now let's go dragon hunting."

8 Dragon Hunting

They were all standing on the shore of the Sunnydale Lake. Spike and Xander were stripping down to boxers for their swim. Xander refused to allow Spike to wear the speedos in front of the girls!

"Okay guys, do you know what you're looking for?" Willow asked as they pulled their jeans off.

"Yeah, yeah. Big green gem. Shaped like an egg. Got it." Spike muttered, he'd really rather be at home with Xander seeing what else the whelp had played at.

Xander gave him a quick slap on the arm in reprimand. "Sure Wills. No worries. Big green egg gem. We'll get it." He smiled a goofy grin at her.

Willow raised an eyebrow at the familiar interaction between the two, but remained silent. She nodded and then hugged Xander. "Be careful you big goof!"

"Right back at you Wills!" Xander called as both he and Spike turned to dive into the water.

The girls and Giles headed toward the north shore after the dragon. It didn't seem to be all that large, probably the size of a big puma. Buffy would start off with a direct physical assault. Tara and Willow would be there to help with a spell or two if needed. And Giles would be there to backup all three.

Once the guys brought the egg to shore, Willow would start the spell. It would open a portal to the dragon's home dimension and Buffy would herd it through. As plans went it was actually one of their better ones, Xander thought.

They reached the central island with little difficulty. Xander had watched Spike carefully for any hesitancy or faltering, but none had appeared. As they stepped onto land Spike took a few deep gulps of air.

"You okay fangless?" Xander asked concerned.

"Just trying to catch my breath Xan." Spike answered in between puffs.

They searched the island and finally found a small nest on the western shore. It was made mostly of seashells and a few obviously no longer occupied clam and crab shells. They waded through the debris and finally found the gem.

It was only about the size of an ostrich egg. It wasn't faceted but smooth, and it sparkled in the moonlight.

"Do we get to keep it after the spell?" Spike asked appraising the gem.

"Don't know, didn't ask." Xander answered absentmindedly as he stuffed the gem into the small shoulder bag he'd swum with.

Before they could head toward the water again, Xander felt a tingling at the back of his neck. He sniffed the air and noticed that there was a strange odor floating along the wind.

He swiveled quickly and was confronted with a dragon.

"Shit!" He threw a glance at Spike who was already in fighting stance.

"Spike!" He waited to make sure he had Spike's attention and then he threw the shoulder bag in his direction. "Swim for it! You need to get that back to Willow."

"What? Fuck no! I'm not leaving you here."

"Don't worry I'll be right behind you! I'm just going to distract it long enough to give us both a head start." Xander replied. "Don't forget that your just mortal me now. I have your vamp strength, so get going!"

Spike still looked uncertain.

"GO! NOW!"

Spike spun and dove into the water. He swam a few strokes out and stopped. Dog paddling, he turned to look back toward Xander.

Xander wasn't dumb. He knew that he didn't have the fighting skills to take on a dragon, but he also knew that Spike fighting with only Xander strength didn't have a chance either. He didn't want Spike to make a dusty mistake just because he overestimated his strength.

His gaze traveled around trying to find a likely weapon. The closest thing he could find was a long branch that had drifted in and landed on shore. Unfortunately it wasn't a very sturdy branch and the water had caused it to weaken even further.

He hefted it anyway and started toward the dragon. Xander figured an offense was better than a defense in this case. He needed to attack fast, hopefully disable the dragon for a few minutes long enough for him to get out into the water and after Spike.

As he got closer the dragon opened its mouth and Xander prepared to dodge fire or whatever else it wanted to spew at him. Unfortunately he wasn't fast enough.

The ichor landed on his chest and arm. Eew! He tried to wipe some of the muck off, but soon it began to itch and burn. He screamed.

Spike began swimming back to the island as soon as he saw the dragon open its mouth. As he was scrabbling back onto shore he heard Xander's scream.

Xander had dropped the branch at his feet as soon as the burning had begun. He watched in horror as Spike ran up and seized the branch. He screamed once again, this time trying to stop his erstwhile lover. "Spike no!"

Spike wasn't paying attention his thoughts focused on getting both he and Xander off the island and back to the relative safety of the slayer and witches. He heaved the branch as he ran at the creature and shoved it as hard as he could at the dragon's left eye.

The branch speared through the membrane causing the dragon to howl.

Spike dropped the dead wood and ran back to Xander. He grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back into the water, rubbing at the ichor as he went. The ooze burned at his palms and fingers, but he continued until they were able to wash it off in the lake.

They were halfway back to the north shore when the dragon came after them. It was hampered by its injured eye, but still was able to swim at a good clip.

"Faster Spike!" Xander urged Spike on, knowing that he was tiring. The fight and the first swim having taken a lot out of him.

They could see Buffy fighting off the second dragon on shore. As they reached land, Xander hauled Spike out of the water and shoved him toward the girls.

"Go get them the gem!" He screamed as he turned back around to face off with the oncoming dragon.

Spike shot forward reaching his hand in the bag as he went. He threw the gem at Willow. "Red! Catch!" And then spun around to return to Xander.

He didn't bother warning them of the second dragon as they were sure to see it on there own. He picked up another branch as he made his way back to Xander heedless of the fact that he was now mortal.

Xander could here Willow chanting in the background. He only needed to distract the dragon for a few more minutes. Then the portal would be open and they could send them back to whatever hell dimension they were from.

He dodged around a small boulder, the dragon's ichor landing with a splat on the hard rock surface.

"Xander get ready!" Buffy cried as a large crash resounded and a ball of white light appeared to the south.

Buffy was already going on the offensive, herding her dragon with quick kicks and punches. The dragon let out what sounded almost like a sob as it was shoved through the portal with a final combination kick that Xander could never pull off no matter whose body he was in!

Xander was ready to throw a few punches himself to herd his own dragon through the portal when it let out a matching sob and ran in after its mate.

Willow chanted a few final words and the portal closed with another crash.

"Well bugger." Spike let out as soon as silence descended. He dropped the branch and walked the rest of the way over to Xander.

"You okay luv?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah. Just a little itchy I guess." Xander patted his body down searching for other injuries. "Otherwise I'm good."

"Good job guys!" Buffy cheered as they gathered around Xander. "Way to work the magic Wills!" She gave her best friend a quick hug.

" This definitely deserves a pizza…or chocolate! Definitely chocolate." Xander insisted.

"Xan why don't we let them go ahead and you can wash the rest of the muck off in the lake. We'll walk back after." Spike suggested.

Xander raised his eyebrow in question. "Why? I can just shower at home."

"This'll be faster and you won't have to itch all the way back." Spike answered giving Xander a look.

"Oh." Xander was having trouble keeping his thoughts and his words coherent. From the look that Spike was giving him it didn't seem like they were going to be taking just a quick dip. "Uhm…okay."

The three girls traded looks before Tara asked, "Are y-you sure?"

"Sure ducks. No worries." Spike answered for them.

Giles looked vaguely confused but the girls smiled and turned back toward the car. "Okay! See you guys later!" Willow called as they made their way back.

Spike turned to face Xander. He ran his hands down Xander's chest where it was still red and irritated. "My poor brave Xanpet. You’re my very own white hat."

Spike leaned down to follow the trail his fingers had made with his tongue. Xander shivered.

"Spike! We're in public. We can't have sex in public!" Xander tried to protest.

"So? That's what the lake is for. No one has to know pet." Spike whispered in his ear in between nibbles, pushing him back toward the water as he spoke.

By the time Xander's legs hit the water, he welcomed the cool sensation on his throbbing cock. He was surprised when Spike stopped teasing in order to give his whole body a rub down.

"Want to get all the muck off. Don't want it to burn anymore." Spike answered his questioning look.

"I don’t need it anyway." Xander replied causing Spike to look up in query. "You make me burn."

Xander hauled Spike toward him and mashed their lips together. The close contact causing their erections to collide. They both moaned and ground their hips together.

"Fuck luv! You make me so hard so fast." Spike was nibbling his way down Xander's neck causing more incoherent mumblings from his lover. "I want you so much my whole body aches. I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel you surrounding me. I want to make you moan and beg."

Spike's hands weren't idle as he described his desires. He took Xander's left nipple and pinched and pulled. Xander threw his head back and hissed. "Yes Spike…ungh…fuck…harder…make it burn."

Xander's own hands reached around to cup Spike's ass and squeeze, causing Spike's hips to thrust forward reflexively.

"Need to feel you." Xander's hands were working Spike's boxers off. He toed his own boxers off as Spike pushed them toward his ankles.

Finally they were both naked. Xander reached down and took hold of Spike's erection. He gripped the base and then pulled up roughly.

"Xan!" Spike was nearly incoherent. Xander's rough play was making his head spin.

"Do you like that Spike? Do you want it harder? Faster? Tighter?" Xander asked, enjoying the sensation he got from causing Spike's reaction.

"Please…Xan…ungh…Xan…need…" Spike trailed off, unable to finish his thought.

Xander was pulling roughly on Spike's cock. Squeezing impossibly tight on the down stroke. On each up stroke he would pull fast and hard, tweaking the cock head each time. The slight sting of pain was causing Spike's eyes to dilate to almost impossible size.

Xander's endorphin level was incredibly high. He was still coming down from the dragon fight, and now his lovers words and loud pleas were egging him on.

Spike reached out and pulled Xander to him. Their lips met and Spike's tongue snaked out to leave a moist trail on Xander's bottom lip.

Xander opened up obediently and Spike thrust his tongue inside. He found Xander's own tongue and began to lave it with his own. They worked their muscles against each other for a few minutes as their hands explored each others bodies.

Spike thrust his tongue in and out of Xander's mouth mimicking what he wanted to do with his cock in Xander's ass. He moaned at the thought causing a moan to erupt from Xander as well.

Finally he applied enough suction to get Xander's tongue into his own mouth. When it was there he lightly sucked and then bit down gently. Xander cried out as his knees buckled.

Spike caught him, chuckling, Xander's head to Spike's chest. Xander turned slightly to suck one of Spike's nipples into his mouth. Spike's chuckle turned into another moan as the cool wet sensation of Xander's mouth encased his swollen nub.

Xander worked his way to the other nipple, his hands squeezing and caressing Spike's buttocks as he went. After a few minutes Xander decided it was time for a bigger step.

He headed south, closing his eyes as he dipped below the surface. Spike's cock was hot and pulsing. Xander reached out and surrounded the head with his mouth applying a light suction.

"Fuck! Xan!" Spike was trying desperately not to thrust.

Slowly he worked more of Spike's flesh into his mouth, until the head bumped the back of his throat.

"Mrhdis!" Spike mumbled incoherently when he realized that Xander was going to deep throat him.

Then Xander swallowed.

Spike cried out, unable to stop the thrust. Xander swallowed again and Spike was lost. His orgasm came crashing through him, his thrusts fast and hard. He spurted his cum down Xander's throat, his orgasm prolonged by the thought that Xander was swallowing his sticky semen.

When Xander resurfaced Spike took his mouth in another bruising kiss. He could taste himself in Xander's mouth and it made him moan.

He reached down and grabbed Xander's cock as he continued the kiss, fisting the hard muscle as tightly as he could. Xander began to thrust into his hand, his eyes closed and his head thrown back.

Spike couldn't resist leaning forward and biting down on the point where his neck met his shoulder blade. He bit hard enough to draw blood, licking up the few drops that appeared on Xander's pale skin.

At the first touch of Spike's teeth Xander could feel his orgasm explode. He cried out, "Spike!" and thrust into Spike's hand until the seizures subsided.

They kissed again. This time soft and gentle. When they pulled away Xander was smiling. "I'm going to miss that."

"What?" Spike asked.

"Not needing to breathe. Allows for some interesting fun."

"Don't forget luv." Spike teased.

"Forget what?"

"It's fun for both sides. Who knows? You might like it even better the other way 'round." Spike leered at him.

At the image that Spike invoked Xander felt himself hardening once again. Another thing he was going to miss. Vamp stamina!

9 Coming Out

After several more kisses and a few minutes of drying off, Xander and Spike began their walk back to the Magic Box.



"I think the girls might suspect."

"Suspect what Spike?"

"About us you git!" Spike answered.

"Oh." There was silence for a few moments.

"What makes you think they do?"

"Just a feeling. The looks they been givin' each other." Spike shrugged.

Xander was silent.

"You mad?"

"Why would I be mad?" Xander was confused. "I told you I didn't want to keep it a secret."

"I know that's what you said." Spike began. "Just wasn't sure it was what you meant."

"Of course I meant it Spike! Why would I say it if I didn't mean it?"

Spike shrugged. "People say all sorts of things they don't mean."

Xander stopped and took hold of Spike's arm. He forced him to turn and meet Xander's eyes. "I won't ever lie to you Spike. Not about this. Not about us."

They stood there for a few moments, each looking into the other's eyes. Finally Spike nodded.

"Okay luv." Spike leaned in for a brief kiss. "Just needed to be sure." Another kiss. "I'll always give the same back."

"I know Spike." Another kiss. "Now let's get going. Might as well come out with it and confirm whatever suspicions the girls already have." Xander grinned as he tugged on Spike's arm.


The door jingled as they entered the shop. The girls already seated around the research table pizza box mostly plundered. Giles was apparently out since he was nowhere to be seen.

"Chocolate!" Xander yelled as he spied the box of brownies on the cash counter.

"All for you Xander." Willow smiled up at him.

He grabbed the box and turned to Spike offering him first dibs. "Chocolate!" He repeated as he thrust the box at his lover.

"Now we know you're in love!" Buffy laughed.

To Spike's complete embarrassment and Buffy's complete amusement, Spike's face turned a deep crimson.

"Huh?" Xander replied.

"You offered him your chocolate even before you'd had a taste. That is the mark of a man in love." Willow added. "At least when you're the man." She smiled at him.

Xander smiled back.

"And d-don't think we haven't n-noticed the lack of insults these last few days." Tara stated.

"Okay guys." Xander swept his gaze around the room stopping to give each of his friends a serious but sincere look. "I guess there's no point in denying it. Not that I was going to anyway." He shrugged. "Spike and I are seeing each other."

Xander reached across to grab Spike's hand in his own and squeeze. The brunette's face was returning to its normal shade, but Xander could still feel Spike's nervousness through his sweaty palms. He gave another squeeze and a tug to bring Spike closer.

The girls all exchanged another series of looks. Finally Willow nodded and stood.

"Well, we can't say that we hadn't already guessed. And I'm not sure that we all approve." Willow raised her hand to keep either of the boys from interrupting. "But we know that you don't need our approval to live your lives."

The boys nodded relieved.

Willow then turned to Spike, pointing her finger in his face and leaning menacingly forward. "But if you hurt Xander in anyway…just remember…I have a shovel and I know how to use it!" Then she sat back down and grabbed another piece of pizza.

Xander grinned goofily. "Thanks Wills!"

Then he grabbed a piece of brownie and shoved it into his mouth.

Spike watched as his boy stuffed the chocolate in with one big push. He watched as Xander's tongue came out to lick up all the stray chocolate around the rim of his mouth. Now that his initial nervousness and embarrassment were wearing off, he realized that arousal was quickly taking over.

The gang now knew that he and Xan were together. They didn't have to hide, and Xander was perfectly willing and happy to make sure that they didn't remain a secret. That by itself was a turn on. Xander's unknowing show as he enjoyed the chocolatey goodness was just an added bonus for his libido.

Spike's arm snaked out to grab Xander and start pulling him toward the door. "Time to go luv."

"What? We haven't even asked about the reversal spell." Xander tried to stall his lover.

Spike stopped pulling and abrupty spun on his heel. "Red? Have you figured out a spell yet?"

Willow nodded her head. "Tara found one we can use. We're basically going to - "

"Don't need the details luv, just the date and time." Spike hastened her.

"Oh. Uhm. Giles is out getting the ingredients will need, but we probably won't be able to do it until tomorrow…" Willow found herself finishing her conversation with empty air. "Sun's almost up anyway."

Spike pushed Xander out the door, still clutching his box of brownies.

"What are you doing Spike?"

Xander found himself shoved up against the wall of the Magic Box. Spike's erection grinding into his flaccid, but quickly rising penis.

"Want you." Thrust. "Need you." Thrust. "This may be my only chance." Kiss.

Xander broke the kiss. "Your only chance? This isn't a one night stand Spike."

"I know that luv. But…" Spike kissed him again groaning as his hard on rubbed up against Xander's now aching cock.

"This could be my only chance to be in you. For awhile at least." Spike tried to explain. "I know you’re a virgin luv. And the bloody chip'll go off if I try to bugger you when I'm myself again."

"I'm not a virgin!" Xander's mind stuck on the one sentence.

Spike trailed his tongue down Xander neck. "I know you're not a virgin to shagging luv. But you are a virgin to buggering."

"Uh..yea...mmm." Xander answered as best he could.

"Will you let me pet?" Spike whispered in his ear.

"Let you?"

"Let me bugger you?" Spike reached down and rubbed Xander through his jeans. "Let me feel my hard cock sliding in your tight arse? Let me show you what it's like to feel so full? To feel my cock splitting you open and teasing you just right?"

Xander moaned, his head hitting the brick wall as he attempted to throw it backward. "Ouch!"

"Let's go home luv. Let me show you. Let me teach you." Spike urged. Soothing Xander's head with his warm hands.

"Yes." The word was barely a whisper as Xander surrendered.


They were lying in bed. Spike was trying to soothe Xander's nerves with quiet words as he efficiently stripped him to his skin.

"Relax luv. I'm going to make you feel so good. I'd never hurt you pet."

"I know Spike." Xander assured him.

They were both naked now. Spike spent some time just kissing and petting his lover. When Xander's moans became incoherent babblings he decided to move on to stage two.

He leaned Xander down onto his back, lifting his legs up and spreading them apart. Leaning down he pressed his lips to Xander's now exposed opening. He gave it a quick peck before bringing out his tongue.

He laved the small hole until Xander began to squirm. And then he thrust it in as far as it would go.

Xander's hips leapt off the bed. "Fuck! Oh god that's incredible!"

Xander thrust down onto Spike's tongue, trying to get more of it embedded within his body. Spike began thrusting in and out, his hand reaching for Xander's balls. He twirled them together, squeezed, and pulled. Xander's moans became continuous. Drawing out into one long moan.

Slowly Spike pulled away, moving his body forward so that he could kiss Xander's pouting mouth. "Don't worry luv, we're not done yet."

His other hand reached out to grab the tube of lube that he'd pulled from his pocket earlier. He spread the slimy substance around his middle finger. Then as he kissed and thrust against Xander he reached down and slowly inserted that finger into Xander's tight opening.

"Ungh! Oh fuck!" Xander could feel Spike's knuckle scraping against his inner walls.

"Okay luv?" Spike asked.

"Yeah Spike. God don't stop!" Xander begged.

"Okay Xan. Just keep relaxing."

Xander groaned as Spike began to gently thrust his finger in and out. Before he knew what was happening Spike had inserted a second and then a third finger.

Xander tried to keep his muscles relaxed as Spike stretched him wide. His body was on sensory overload and every touch burned.

"Spike please!" Xander thrust down onto Spike's intruding fingers. "Ungh…want you…fuck…please…now!" Xander cried out.

Spike slowly pulled his fingers free. He reached up to kiss Xander as he positioned himself at his lover's entrance. They kissed for a few minutes, Spike letting Xander relax further, before he began to push the head of his cock in.

He'd made sure to stretch Xander wide. Spike had been a virgin when he was turned, so his arse was extremely tight. And Xander's cock was wider than most, so he'd wanted to make sure that he wouldn't hurt his lover.

As the tight ring opened up to allow the mushroom head through both men groaned.

"Xan so tight!"

"God Spike!"

Spike moved forward slowly, allowing Xander time to adjust to the size. Finally he was in balls deep, his sac bouncing against Xander's tight ass.

He remained like that for a minute, rubbing soothing circles on Xander's belly and chest. "Just tell me when it's okay Xan."

Xander had never felt so full in his entire life. Spike's cock was like a hot poker searing his insides. He could feel every vein pulse as Spike pushed further into him.

He slowly relaxed his muscles. After a moment he thrust upward experimentally and he felt his head explode in lights.

At Xander's experimental thrust Spike could no longer control his lust. He would never hurt Xander, but it was obvious that the boy was ready and willing to be fucked.

Spike grabbed a hold of Xander legs and placed them higher onto his shoulders. He lifted himself up onto his knees and slowly pulled his cock out until only the head remained.

He thrust forward hard, hitting Xander's prostate. Xander moaned and his cock twitched. Spike slapped his hand away when he reached down to fist it.

"Mine!" Spike growled.

Spike continued to torture him, pulling out slowly and then thrusting in hard. Each time Spike hit his prostate Xander thought he was going to die. The pleasure was so intense it was almost painful.

Spike's hot hand surrounding Xander's cool flesh was somehow calming. It caused him to split his focus in two places and allowed him to hold off his orgasm just a few moments longer.

But those moments were pitifully short and soon Xander was crying out and thrusting his spurting member into Spike's hand.

As Xander climaxed, Spike shifted his weight and shoved Xander's legs off his shoulders and up towards Xander's head. He began to thrust deep and fast, Xander's words spurring him on.

"Yes Spike! Harder! Cum inside me. Mark me as yours!"

Xander reached out and cupped Spike's ass. He squeezed and massaged the buttocks while Spike rammed into him. Going on instinct Xander pulled his hand up and brought it down hard on Spike's left butt cheek.

The slap stung deliciously and Spike grunted approval. "Yes Xan! Again!"

Xander pulled back and slapped his other cheek hard. Then he took a chunk of Spike's ass between his two fingers and pinched as hard as he could.

"Xan!" Spike cried out as his hot cum coated Xander's walls. He continued to thrust until his spasms ended and his penis went soft.

Slowly he pulled out and then he turned them both so that he could spoon Xander's body.

"You okay luv?"

"More than okay Spike. That was incredible."

"Glad you enjoyed it luv." Spike nuzzled into Xander's soft curls.

"I more than enjoyed it Spike." Xander turned to place a gentle kiss to Spike's lips. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me luv. The pleasure was mutual." Spike answered.

They lay wrapped around each other, quietly dozing off.

"Spike?" Xander asked muzzily.

"Yeah pet?"

"Just thought of something." Xander tried to bring himself back to consciousness. "I hit you."

"No worries luv. I enjoyed it." Spike answered absently.

"No! I hit you." Xander repeated. "I hit you and the chip didn't go off."

Xander's words finally penetrated Spike's post-orgasmic haze. "Bugger! You're right."

Spike sat up and focused his eyes on Xander's face. "Maybe I won't have to wait as long as I thought to bugger you as myself."

Xander watched fascinated as Spike's face lit up with lust.

10 The Reversal

"Maybe we should try a few experiments?" Xander suggested.

"Like what Xan?"

"Well let me try to hit you again now and see what happens." Xander pulled his hand back.

"Wait!" Spike's hand shot out to stop him. "I don't want you to get hurt luv. If you've forgotten the chip is bloody painful."

Xander leaned in for a kiss. "Don't worry Spike. I can take it. If this hurts then we know the chip works when…well I guess…when we're not having sex." Xander shrugged.

Spike still had a worried look on his face.

"Besides if it fires then I have you here to take care of me, right?" Xander questioned.

"'Course luv!"

Reluctantly Spike took his hand away, allowing Xander free range of movement. He watched as Xander's hand came down fast, only to crumple toward his body when the pain hit.

Xander was in agony, but he struggled not to cry out. He didn't want Spike to feel anymore guilty than he already did. He did let loose with a few whimpers though.

Spike was stroking Xander's hair and trying to quiet him. He peppered his face and neck with little kisses, until the whimpers died down and Xander uncurled.

"I'm okay."

Spike continued to pepper little kisses over Xander's face murmuring quiet 'I'm sorries'.

"'S not your fault Spike. It was my idea." Xander insisted.

Spike's comfort kisses began to turn into something more as he allowed his tongue to peek out and dab a wet trail down Xander's neck and chest. He stopped at an already hard nipple and began to lightly suck at the peak.

Xander's body arched as Spike bit down gently and then pulled. Xander groaned.

After releasing the nipple from his teeth Spike laved it with his tongue to soothe the pain he had caused.

Spike traveled back up Xander's body to whisper in his ear. "Xanpet?"


"Will you try something else for me?"

"Whazzat?" Xander asked.

"Need to feel you inside me luv. Can't wait for tomorrow night. Need to feel you thrusting in me, filling me." Spike whispered urgently grinding his erection against Xander's hip.

Spike was at least reasonably sure that the chip wouldn't go off. If Xander could spank and pinch him as hard as he had, he should be able to stretch him gently enough to get by the chip.

When Xander hesitated, Spike tried one more time. "Please Xan?"

Spike's quiet plea made up Xander's mind. He leaned in for another kiss breaking away to say, "Okay Spike. Anything. I'll do anything for you."

Spike deepened the kiss, grabbing the lube from the night table. He coated Xander's fingers, kissing him in between explanations.

"Xan, just…" Kiss. "Take one finger and push…" Kiss. "Yeah luv, just like that."

Xander was gently moving his finger in and out searching for the spot that had made him see stars.

"Fuck!" He must have found it.

Spike bucked forward but quickly pushed back against Xander's finger. He was panting hard, watching the look of concentration on Xan's face. He moaned when Xander's pink tongue peaked out to lick at his bottom lip.

"Add another now luv." Spike prompted.

Xander was careful as he slipped in a second finger. He moved them carefully in and out and then began to slowly scissor them. Spike's body began to quake and shudder as the sensation of being stretched nearly pulled him over the edge.

After a few moments of recovery time Spike pulled on Xander's arm, causing his questing fingers to slip out.

"Okay luv. I'm ready." Spike pulled Xander into position. Raising his legs atop Xander's shoulders he guided Xander's cock to his waiting entrance.

He could probably use a bit more stretching but Spike couldn't wait any longer. He moved his hands back to cup Xander's arse and pulled him forward.

The head of Xander's cock pushed up breaching his tight hole. They both moaned incoherently as Xander squeezed through and in Spike's channel.

Xander had never felt anything squeeze him so tight before. Not his fist. Not a mouth. Not any woman he'd ever known. Only Spike. Spike made him feel this excruciating pleasure, this deep ache that filled him just as he filled Spike.

He stopped when he was fully sheathed within his lover. Allowing Spike time to adjust to the intrusion, Xander leaned forward and took one of Spike's nipples into his mouth. He knew how sensitive his nipples were so he sucked the nub in and then scraped his sharp teeth against it hard.

His tongue came out to soothe the scratches and tease Spike until it was almost painful. Spike began to beg and plead for release.

"Xan! Fuck! Please…" Spike's head thrashed on the pillow. "Bite it! Fuck! Harder!"

Spike thrust down onto Xander's cock as his lover bit into his sensitive flesh. Xander moaned sending small vibrations through Spike's chest.

Slowly Xander began to swivel his hips. The head of his cock pushing and rubbing against Spike's prostate each time.

"Ungh! Luv, you're so full inside me. You're splitting me in two. Cooling me from the inside out. God! Don't stop! Faster luv! Need to feel all of you." Spike whimpered.

Xander raised himself higher and began pistoning his hips at maximum speed. His dick burned with the heat from Spike's walls.

Xander cried out as he felt himself shift into game face. He could feel Spike's blood calling to him, the rhythm of his heartbeat pounding loudly in his ears.

Without conscious thought Xander began to lower his fangs to Spike's neck.

"Wait luv!" Spike pushed back on Xander's shoulder, effectively pulling Xander out of his hypnotic state.

"God Spike I'm sorry!" Xander exclaimed.

"Don't be sorry Xan. Just wanted to make sure you knew what you were doing."

"What do you mean?"

Their movements had slowed in order to concentrate on their conversation, but Xander continued a slow swivel of hips.

"Ungh…just that…fuck! That you were about to claim me." Spike managed to get out.

"What does that mean?" Xander leaned down and kissed Spike on the neck, just where he'd been about to pierce him with his fangs.

"Means that you'd leave a mark, showing that I'm yours."

"Shit! I'm sorry Spike. I didn't mean to do that." Spike could sense Xander's mood shift. "I understand why you might not want me to." Xander tried hard not to show his disappointment.

"No luv!" Spike kissed him hard. "'Course I want it." Another kiss. "But I wanted you to remember that when we switch back that means you'll be wearing my mark. That you'll be mine."

Xander felt the growl emanate from his throat. "Yours!" He cried easing them both into a hard fast fuck.

Xander had lost all control. The knowledge that Spike HAD wanted his mark made him feel incredible. And the idea that he would be bearing Spike's mark made his dick swell even further. Something he hadn't thought was possible.

He continued to thrust hard, hitting Spike's sweet spot every time. He wanted to make his lover cum, so he reached down and began to fist Spike's erection in counterpoint to his thrusts.

Even without his vamp senses, Spike thought his mind was going to shut down on overload. The feel of Xander thrusting into him, the sting of his fangs as he scraped them along his neck, and the tight circle of his fist as he pumped his cock was all too much.

Soon Spike felt his balls tighten and draw up. Then he was crying out. "Xan love!" He gasped for breath as he spurted all over Xander's hand and his own chest. "Love you!"

The feel of Spike's muscles contracting around him made Xander grit his teeth. While Spike was still spasming in his hand he leaned over and bit down hard, the sweet taste of Spike's blood seeping into his mouth. He felt his own climax starting and he growled as he lapped up the trickles from Spike's neck.

"So sweet! So hot!" He nuzzled at the wound he'd created. "Fuck! Can't get enough of you Spike." He licked the wound as it closed. "Mine!"

"Yours." Spike answered softly, waiting as Xander came back down to reality.

They snuggled for a few minutes, both sleepy and sated. Once again Xander struggled out of his drowsy state.


"Yeah luv?"

"Did you say you loved me?"

Spike's eyes blinked open as he realized what he'd said. "Uhm. Yeah." He answered warily.

There was silence for a few moments before Xander responded. "Just checking." And then snuggled closer to his bedmate.

"That it then?" Spike questioned.

"Huh?" Xander responded dozily.

"That all you're gonna say?" Spike's body had stiffened, waiting for the inevitable.

"Uh…goodnight?" Xander tried.

"Right then." Spike turned on his side, facing away from Xander.



"What did I do?"


"Then why are you mad at me?"

"Not mad. Go to sleep Xan."



"No. Tell me what I did wrong."

Spike sighed. "Nothing luv." Spike gulped at the term of endearment. "Don't want you to think I expect anything from you. Least you didn't kick me out when you realized." He hung his head. Could he sound anymore like a poncey nancy boy?

"Realized what?" Xander was extremely confused.

"That I love you! You stupid git!" Spike yelled abruptly.

Epiphany. Xander finally understood what Spike was getting it. He reached over and wrapped his arms around Spike's waist spooning his lover's body.

"Spike I wouldn't kick you out for that." He kissed the back of Spike's neck softly. "I love you too."

Spike pulled away, out of Xander's grasp. "Xan you don't have to say that." Great now Xander was feeling sorry for him.

"Spike you're the one being a git!" Xander insisted. "I'm not saying it." He once again wrapped his arms around his lover. "I'm feeling it."

Spike turned to face Xander, searching his eyes for sincerity.

"I told you I'd never lie to you." Xander reminded him. The lines on Spike's face smoothed out and anger and embarrassment were replaced with looks of longing and need.

"Why didn't you say it before?" Spike asked, needing to know the answer.

"I thought you already knew. I claimed you. I wanted to bear your mark. I wanted you." Xander answered. "I told you I didn't have much experience with relationships. Guess I need to brush up on my communication skills?"

They kissed again. Sweet and slow. Their lips pressing into one another, caressing.



Spike maneuvered them so that they were snuggled back on the bed. Limbs intertwined and arms wrapped around each other.

"Let's go to bed."

"'Kay. G'night Spike."

"Night Xan."


Willow was explaining the spell to them. They were going to use the same spell she'd used to separate them the first time. Then they were supposed to each concentrate on their own bodies and Willow would chant the spell to return them.

While they were researching what had happened, Tara had realized that she and Willow had been holding hands when the switch had first occurred. She hadn't thought much of it at the time, but after Willow's repeated assurances that she'd used this spell plenty of times before with completely different results, Tara thought it would be worth mentioning.

Giles figured out that it was the combined strength of Willow and Tara that had caused the spell to overload and separate Spike and Xander's essences instead of their physical bodies. So they just had to repeat the spell, while holding hands for the same effect to take place.

Spike and Xander prepared themselves. Giving each other reassuring looks as Willow and Tara took hold of each other's hands.

"Ready guys?"

They nodded.


Xander looked curiously around as he once again experienced the sensation of watching himself in a dream. Both he and Spike had thought ahead and were lying down on the floor before Willow had performed the spell.

He felt that same curious presence that he had the first time this had happened. Except now he knew what it was. Spike was there with him. He could feel him, and knew that the presence couldn't be anything or anyone else.

Xander basked in the warmth emanating from his love, before turning back to concentrate on his own body. He hoped that Spike was doing the same.

"Reditus!" Willow exclaimed her eyes flashing.

Both boys groaned as one. Spike was the first to recover, having more experience with excruciating headaches. He sat up and patted his body down, making sure that he'd been returned to the proper one. Then he leaned over to check on Xan.

Xander's head was throbbing. His whole body ached, and he thought the room might be spinning. Wait a minute. His whole body ached. He was back in his own body! Yay Wills!

He opened his eyes to look into the concerned blue of his lover's. "You have no idea how beautiful your eyes are." He stated absently.

Spike smiled and leaned down for a kiss. "Thanks luv." Spike rubbed his hands up and down Xander's arms as he helped him stand. "You okay?"

"Yeah. I think I'd like to just go to bed though."

"You read my mind luv." Spike leered at him.

"Okay. Let's go bleach boy." He grabbed Spike's hand and began to walk toward the exit. "Thanks guys!"

"Excuse me?"

The boys turned as one at Giles' soft query.

"Yeah G-man?"

"You're taking Spike home with you?" Giles asked.

"Of course."

"Even though you don't have to?" Giles persisted.

"I know I don’t have to. I want to." Xander looked at Giles in confusion. "Do you really want the sordid details G-man?"

At Giles' horrified look, Xander slapped himself on the forehead. Giles hadn't been in the shop last night when he and Spike had come out to the girls.

"Sorry G-man. Guess we kinda left you outta the loop." He grabbed Spike's hand and squeezed. "Spike and I are in love." He leaned over and gave Spike a quick peck on the lips. "And now we're going home." With that, Xander and Spike exited the shop. The girls smiled.

Giles felt as if he'd been hit by a truck. He turned to the girls and quietly asked, "Who? That is…What? I mean to say…Huh?"

The End

Where? When? Gah!

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