Who? What? Huh?


4 Confessions

Xander stepped into the bar and peered around the smokey room. He knew that his co-workers sometimes hung out here after work. He'd already searched Willie's bar and Spike's crypt. This was the only other place he could think of for Spike to have gone.

He heard a laugh from the back room where the pool table was located. A very familiar laugh. His mouth formed into a grimace as he stomped across the room.

When he stepped into the back room his frown deepened. Spike was playing pool with Chris. They both seemed to have drunk more than one or two beers, and it looked like the rest of the crew had gone home.

They seemed to be having a good time, judging from the loud guffaw he had heard earlier, and the smile gracing Chris' lips. That only made Xander madder. Where the hell does Spike get off having a good time with Xander's coworkers?

"Spi -" Xander stopped himself just in time. "Xander!"

Spike's head snapped up at the sound of his voice. "Hey mate."

"Where the hell have you been? I was waiting for you to come home so that we could meet the girls."

"Sorry pet. Just having a drink with a friend. Didn't think you'd mind." Spike placated.

"Well I do mind! You know how important this meeting is!"

Spike turned toward Chris with an apologetic shrug. "Sorry Chris. Looks like I have to get going. We'll finish the game some other time." Spike turned to put his cue stick away.

"Who is that? Your boyfriend or something?" Chris asked under his breath.

Xander's new hearing was able to pick up the quiet question. He was horrified. Chris thought Spike was his boyfriend!?

"NO!" Xander answered without thinking.

"It's cool man. I'm not one of them bigots. If you guys swing that way, it's no skin off my nose." Chris shrugged at them.

Xander was still trying to shake off the image that Chris had produced, when Spike sauntered over toward him, an evil smirk on his face.

"Yeah pet. Chris is a good 'un. We don't have to hide in front of him." And with that Spike leaned in to press his lips to Xander's.

The kiss was brief but Xander found himself leaning forward as Spike pulled away. When he caught his movement he pulled back, eyes wide in his face.

"Let's go!" He grabbed Spike's arm and pulled him toward the exit.

"See ya Chris!" Spike called out as Xander dragged him through the door.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Xander demanded once they'd left the bar behind.

"What do you mean pet?"

"What do I mean?! What do I mean?!" Xander's mind was stuck on replay. What just happened?

"Just havin' a spot of fun luv. No need to get your knickers in a twist."

"Fun?! Kissing! There was kissage!" Xander accused.

"Yeah so? If you're worried all the manly men will think you’re a nancy boy you can just tell them that you were drunk off your ass."

Xander was fuming.

"Did you get me fired today?"



"No Xander. I did not get you fired. Your precious job is safe and sound." Spike answered shortly.

Some of Xander's bluster left him. He'd been worried and stressed all day about things beyond his control. And now that he at least knew he had a job to go to tomorrow, if he were back in his own body by then, he relaxed slightly.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome mate."


The boys entered the Magic Box to find all four girls sitting around the research table. When the bell jingled the girls looked up with apologetic smiles.

"Still nothing huh?" Xander asked.

"Sorry Xan. We're trying but there have been a few more attacks surrounding the Sunnydale Lake. It looks like we're going to have to tackle the dragon issue before we can really focus on your…situation." Buffy answered.

"Fine." Xander puffed out as he took a seat next to Dawn. "Did you at least find out how to get rid of the dragon?"

"Yes. There's a spell that we can use, but the only problem is that we need a talisman from the dragon's nest." Willow replied.

"And why is that a problem?"

"Well his nest seems to be located on the small island in the middle of the lake. Someone must swim out and retrieve the talisman before the spell can be performed." Giles explained.

"Okay then. What's the plan?"

"Well Will and Tara are going to gather all the ingredients we need for the spell tonight. Tomorrow we were thinking that I would attack the dragon to get its attention. Tara, Will, and Giles would be with me keeping the dragon distracted while you and Spike swim out to get the thingamajig. Once you bring it back to shore Willow will start the spell." Buffy outlined.


Heads swiveled to glare at the now brunette menace. "Don't worry Spike, we'll pay you." Giles reassured him.

"It's not that mate. I just don't want to tangle with a dragon." Spike answered. He got up from his stool and strode toward Buffy's training room.

"Spike not wanting to tangle with another demon? What's that about?" Buffy asked, a confused look on her face.

"Don't worry about it. I'll talk to him." Xander stood and followed Spike out.

Tara watched the entire exchange with a curious look. When Xander stood to follow Spike she nodded to herself before returning to the research book in front of her.

"Spike?" Xander entered the training room to find Spike pummeling the heavy bag.

Spike ignored him.

"Hey! Don't bruise my knuckles!" Xander admonished him.

"What do you want?" Spike growled at him. "Just wanted to see what was up with you. Since when do you not want in on the violence?"

"What violence? Buffy's going to have all the fun, while you and I get our knickers wet."

"Is that why you're upset? I'm sure Buffy will let you have a turn kicking dragon ass while Willow performs the spell." Xander tried to reason.

Spike stopped punching the bag, and grabbed a towel. Damn humans sweat a lot! He took a seat on the couch as he tried to catch his breath.

"Well?" Xander prodded when Spike remained silent.

"Czdt syhne." Spike mumbled.

"Huh?" Even Xander's new hearing couldn't catch that one.

"Can't swim." Spike enunciated his confession for Xander.

Xander tried to stop the laugh before it could escape but was too late. "You can't swim? You're like over a hundred." He felt compelled to point out.

"Yeah well it wasn't like there were a lot of swimming pools in my neighborhood when I was growing up! And after I got turned there didn't seem to be a point. No need to breathe means no chance of drowning." Spike answered sullenly.

"So? What's the problem?"

"The problem is that I'm stuck in your stupid mortal breathing body!" Spike shouted.

Xander's laughter died out as he realized what Spike was saying. Of course it would be a problem now. Xander's body needed air, and Spike didn't know how to swim.

Xander moved over to sit beside Spike on the couch. His hand reached out tentatively toward Spike's shoulder and gave him a short squeeze.

"Don't worry Spike. We don’t have to do anything until tomorrow night. Tonight we can go out and I'll give you a couple of lessons. No big. We'll just tell the girls that we're going to head out since there's nothing they can do about our problem anyway. And it's not like they need either of us for the dragon research." Xander soothed.


"Why what?" Xander was perplexed.

"Why would you help me?" Spike asked in a quiet voice.

Xander shrugged not really sure himself. "Consider it payback for not getting me fired today. And tomorrow! Since you have to go back tomorrow."

"Thanks mate." Spike gave him a quick but grateful smile before turning away.

They stood to leave the room together.

"Besides…I want a living breathing body for Willow to switch me back in to!"

5 Swimming Lessons

Xander glanced around the empty building. Of course they had to break into the Sunnydale Park public pool. Spike didn't want to learn at the lake since the dragon was there, and Xander whole heartedly agreed for once! But did they have to actually break the law?

At least there hadn't been any alarms or anything. At least of the non-silent variety. God he hoped there weren't any silent alarms!

Spike stood at the edge of the pool looking nervously around. Xander had already stepped in and was wading at the 3 foot deep end. It was strange for him to be looking up at himself in nothing but his slightly used red speedos.

Did he look that good in high school? He couldn't have. If he had a body like that he wouldn’t have had so much trouble getting dates!

He sighed and motioned for Spike to step down into the water. Spike's expression was still wary but he dutifully took the first step in.

"Bloody hell that's cold!" Spike cried.

"Shh! Do you want us to get caught?" Xander demanded.

"Who's going to hear us whelp? The only things out and about at this time of night are the nasties. And I think we can handle them just fine."

"Just get in the water Spike! It's only three feet deep! You're not going to drown unless I hold you under!"

"Fine!" Spike took the final two steps, submerging himself up to his waist.

Xander let him get used to the temperature for a bit before asking him to wade over to the middle of the kiddie side of the pool.

"Okay. The first thing you're going to learn is how to float." At Spike's pensive look Xander stopped to reassure him. "Don't worry, floating is the easiest part. And if you panic and forget what your supposed to do just roll over onto your back and start to float."

As he spoke Xander pushed down on Spike's shoulder causing him to lay onto his back. He place a hand on the small of Spike's back, keeping him above the surface.

"Just let your body relax. The water will keep you up. Just don't tense up." As Spike began to relax Xander slowly removed his hand. The second they lost all contact Spike tensed and began to sink.

"I said don't tense up!" Xander cried, immediately replacing his hand.

Spike sputtered, spitting out the water he'd accidentally swallowed when his face had gone under. "You let go!"

"Of course I let go. How else are you going to learn how to float?"

"You should have warned me!" Spike was indignant.

Xander was losing patience. But he could tell from Spike's tone that he was more embarrassed than anything else. And Xander supposed he could understand that. Spike was a master vampire. Used to being feared and obeyed.

Now, without his bite he'd lost all that. And to top it all off he'd had to go to one of his enemies for help with a problem that most 10 years olds don't even have. It must be pretty humiliating for the guy.

"OKAY. I'm sorry." Xander gritted his teeth. "We'll try it again. I'll hold you up for a few seconds and then let go. Just stay relaxed and you'll float without a problem."

Spike still looked unsure, but he did as Xander asked.

"I promise." Xander tried to reassure him.

Spike relaxed minutely and lay his head back into the water.

"Good job!" Xander praised him after about five minutes of floating on his own. "Are you ready to try something new now?"

Spike stood back up and nodded his head. Xander was actually being nice about this lesson. He had come prepared for the whelp to be a git and use this whole thing against him. But so far he'd been reassuring and complimentary whenever Spike had followed directions correctly.

"Now I want you to lay down on your stomach, and I'll hold you up. You're going to kick your feet and paddle your arms, just to get used to the feeling."

Spike panicked. He had to put his face in the water?! "How the bloody hell am I supposed to breathe pet?"

"Don't worry Spike. Just hold your head up so that your face doesn't hit the water. A lot of people swim without dipping their head in, but we'll do a lesson on that later before we leave. Just so you know both ways."

After a few minutes of this Xander decided it was time for Spike to actually start to swim. "Okay, don't get nervous. I’m going to let go now and you can swim to the edge of the pool. It's only a few feet away. You can do it."

Spike steeled himself against the fear. He was not going to keep panicking in front of the whelp! He was the Big Bad!

He felt Xander's hand slip away and his face began to fall toward the water, his arms and legs continued their movement automatically. He snapped his head back up before he could breathe in any fluid and then his hand hit concrete. He'd done it! He was at the edge of the pool.

He turned back toward Xander with a grin on his face.

Xander smiled back automatically but also in surprise. He didn't think he'd ever seen that expression on Spike before. It wasn't one of his usual smirks. It was actually a sincere smile!

"Great job! Why don't you walk back here and you can swim back to the edge a couple more times."

They continued the lessons for another 15 - 20 minutes until Xander was reasonably sure that Spike was comfortable with his skills.

Xander had found that Spike was a fast learner once he got over the fear of drowning. I guess if you've had a fear for over a century it would be a little hard to suppress, Xander thought. He was actually surprised that Spike was able to overcome it with such little distress.

"Okay one last lesson before we call it quits." Xander called out to Spike as he reached the edge of the pool once more.

"I'm going to teach you how to breathe under water." Xander explained once Spike was by his side.

"I'm not stupid you git! You can't breathe under water!" Spike didn't appreciate Xander's teasing.

"Calm down fangless! I'll rephrase." Xander shot him an annoyed look. "I'm going to teach you how to breathe OUT under water."


"What you need to do while swimming is to breathe IN while your head is above water and then breathe OUT while your head is under." Xander had maneuvered Spike back into the position he'd been in when first learning how to kick and paddle.

"Okay, just take a deep breath and then when you dip your face into the water breathe out through your nose slowly." Xander instructed.

Spike did as Xander described, finding that if he was constantly breathing out while below the surface he wouldn't accidentally suck any water in. They did this for a few minutes before Xander asked him to add the kicking and paddling to the routine.

"You're not going to let go?" Spike asked warily.

"Not yet. Just get used to the breathing while kicking and paddling okay? I'll warn you before I do anything else." Xander gave him a reassuring look.

Spike did this for a few minutes before Xander decided it was time for him to try it on his own.

"Remember that as soon as you think you're out of breath, just lift your head to the side like we practiced and take a breath in. You can do it."

Xander let him take a few breaths while in his arms before letting his hand slip away once again.

Spike swam to the edge of the pool with ease. He was surprised at the speed, since it had been a lot slower with his head above the water.

He grinned triumphantly and turned back to Xander. "Wanna race?"

Xander laughed and shook his head. "Why don't you do a couple more laps before we get out of here? I think I’m starting to get hungry again."

Spike nodded and turned to launch himself back under water. Xander had told him about the blood lust he'd felt earlier in the day and what he'd had to do. Spike knew the feeling and was actually surprised that the whelp was able to hold out as long as he did.

He was sorry that he hadn't been around to see him drink the blood though. Xander's face must have been priceless!

Before Spike realized it, thoughts of Xander drinking blood caused him to harden in his speedos. The feeling had come up rather suddenly and caused Spike's movements to falter. Before he could right himself he began taking in gulps of water and coughing.

Xander was at his side in an instant. Grabbing Spike up he held him in his arms and drew soothing circles on his back, occasionally patting him when the coughing became too rough.

"What happened? Did you just get tired? I shouldn't have told you to swim any more laps! We've already been here over an hour." Xander babbled comfort.

"No. 'S not your fault. Just got distracted 'S all." Spike answered, making no move to retreat from the circle of Xander's arms.

After a few minutes, Xander became aware of the position they were in. He had Spike wrapped in his arms and their bodies were flush against one another. Neither of them were wearing much of anything and so were mostly skin to skin.

Xander felt himself shudder and begin to harden in his boxers. The cool water doing nothing to help him with his problem.

Spike felt the twitch against his thigh and looked up into Xander's eyes. Deliberately he thrust forward pushing his own erection against Xander's hip. They both groaned at the contact.

Suddenly Xander pulled away, walking toward the water's edge. He pulled himself out and grabbed one of the towels laying near the pool.

"We'd better get going. I really need to feed, and you need to get some sleep if you're not going to get me fired tomorrow." Xander called out without looking back at Spike.

Spike watched Xander exit the room and sighed. He followed in Xander's footsteps, grabbing the second towel along the way. He was horny, but it didn't look like the whelp was interested in playing just yet.

6 Ready or Not

When they reached the basement Xander's mind was still reeling from the incident at the pool. The concern that he'd felt had been a shock. When Spike had lost his bearings and began to flounder, Xander was immediately assaulted with the thought that he'd pushed the vampire too hard.

He hadn't hesitated to take Spike into his arms and offer comfort. When had his disgust with the vampire turned into affection? Just a few days ago he'd been ready to stake the undead jerk. Now he was worried that he'd swallowed some water?

And what the hell was that body rubbing all about? He did not rub bodies with other males. He was a female body rubber!

The feel of their bodies together had been intoxicating. Once he'd realized how close they were he hadn't been able to pull away. At least not before Spike had rubbed the evidence of his arousal against Xander's mostly naked body.

He suppressed the groan that the memory evoked as he walked over to the refrigerator. The quiet ding of the microwave brought him out of his thoughts, signaling his warmed dinner was ready.

The deep ache had begun to return. Xander had found that the ache never entirely disappeared. It just dulled after a feeding, only to grow stronger when his body felt that he'd gone too long without nourishment.

It wasn't as bad as it had been earlier that day, but Xander still hurried his movements bringing the mug to his already parted lips. He groaned at the first taste.

Spike was instantly hard. He'd been watching the whelp's mechanical movements as he prepared his mug of blood. It was obvious that the boy was deep in thought. Probably brooding over the little interaction they'd had at the pool.

At Xander's pleasured groan, Spike lost all control. He was still half hard from their earlier encounter, the walk home having done nothing to alleviate the ache in his groin. Xander's obvious pleasure caused his cock to harden to its maximum length.

He was across the room in seconds, pulling the mug from the boy's lips and replacing it with his own. He licked all traces of the remaining blood from Xander's mouth, delving deep with his own tongue.

Xander groaned again, his hips thrusting involuntarily against Spike's jean clad erection.

What the hell was going on? Spike was macking on him! Their lips were smashed together! Spike's tongue was in his mouth!

And he was liking it?!

Before he knew what was happening Spike had removed his t-shirt and had latched on to one of his nipples. There was a sting as Spike bared his teeth and raked them across the peaked nub. Xander's knees buckled as all the blood rushed to his groin.

Spike's arms wrapped around Xander's waist keeping him upright. He knew how sensitive his own body's nipples were and so continued to lave attention on them. Xander was babbling incoherently and had apparently lost the ability to balance his swaying form.

Spike smirked and continued his way down toward Xander's navel. When he reached the tiny hole he thrust his tongue in and out quickly, then pressed his lips down and sucked.

Xander's hands came around to grasp his head and press it closer.

Xander was moaning non-stop. He gave out a small cry of protest when Spike pulled away, but quieted when he realized that Spike was only trying to divest himself of the jeans confining his straining erection.

Wait! What am I thinking? Spike is getting naked! Spike is getting naked with me!

Spike glanced up to see Xander's panicked look. He left the speedos on in favor of soothing Xander's anxiety attack.

"Shhh luv. We won't do anything you don't want." He wrapped his arms around the boy and rubbed his back up and down.

"Anything I don't want? Anything I don't want?" Xander repeated himself, just to be sure that Spike was listening. "I don't want nakedness! No nakedness!" He cried.

"Okay pet." Spike soothed. "I won't take anything else off." Right now, Spike continued the sentence silently.

Xander calmed slightly. Then he realized that he was still in Spike's arms. He began to fidget and tried to pull away.

"Relax Xan." Spike nuzzled his neck. "Just want to make you feel good." He began to nip and lick at the base.

"And I know all the spots too. It is my body. I know how to make it feel good." Spike's voice was low and seductive as he continued his advances.

The moment Spike's lips had touched his neck Xander's mind had shut down.

He tried to protest. "Mphrgl." But it didn't come out quite right.

He felt his whole body go slack. Well at least 99% of it. That 1% was still achingly hard.

Spike had worked his way back down Xander's body. His jeans were undone and his boxers pulled off before he knew what was happening. When he felt the cool air caress his bare skin, Xander woke from his sex induced fog long enough to realize that Spike had also manipulated him onto the bed.

Before he could protest Spike's mouth engulfed his cock. Xander cried out and thrust upward, causing Spike to choke.

"Damn! Forgot I had to breathe." Spike mumbled before dropping back down to take Xander in again.

The warmth was incredible. It was like a hot furnace was surrounding his dick. He couldn't help the loud moans that erupted from his mouth.

"Fuck! Spike!"

He growled when Spike removed his mouth, only to whimper when he moved down to lick and suck on his balls. Spike pulled both into his mouth and rolled them around with his tongue. The suction he used to pull on them was incredible, causing Xander's eyes to roll to the back of his head.

The loss of contact caused Xander's eyes to shoot open. When he was able to focus he was confronted with his own desire filled gaze.

Spike brought his lips down onto Xander's and pressed firmly. His tongue shot out to lick at Xander's bottom lip in invitation. When Xander accepted, Spike plunged his tongue in and swept the cavern of Xander's mouth.

He'd used the time it took Xander to come back to reality to shed the last of his clothing. As they kissed Spike brought their bodies into alignment, causing their erections to brush up against one another.

He grunted at the feel of their cocks rubbing together. Their precum mixing to ease the friction.

Spike knew he wasn't going to last long. He'd been hard since leaving the park. Sucking on his own cock had been unexpectedly erotic. And Xander's moans and incoherent pleas had him so close to the edge, that he knew he couldn't hold it.

Spike was sure that Xander wasn't ready for any type of penetration during their first sexual foray. As close as he was, Spike was actually okay with that tonight. But ready or not, they were definitely going to have a spot of intense frottage.

When Xander's tongue stroked out tentatively, Spike latched on. He sucked the tongue in and gave it a light nibble. Xander moaned and thrust forward, their cock heads brushing up against each other.

Spike couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled his mouth away from Xander's and pushed his palms into the mattress. He lifted his upper body off the bed, focusing most of his weight on his hips.

He began to thrust in earnest, his eyes closing with the effort. Spike groaned and tried to blink the sweat from his eyes.

He was surprised to feel Xander's hands reach around to caress his back. Pushing down and bringing their bodies into closer contact.

He was shocked to feel Xander's hands roam down toward his buttocks and cup, then squeeze them as their grunts became louder and more pronounced.

He shuddered when he felt Xander's tentative touch and quick breach, with his middle finger, of his tight arse hole.

He came when he heard Xander's quietly whispered words. "You're in MY body. I know how to make it feel good." Accompanied by the crook of his finger.

Xander felt Spike's cum hit his stomach. He thrust a few more times trying to reach his own completion.

When Spike reach down for another kiss, Xander parted his lips automatically. At the first sweep of Spike's tongue Xander tasted the coppery tang of his own blood.

Spike had bitten his tongue before thrusting it into Xander's mouth. The taste shot right through him and straight to his cock. Causing it to twitch and spurt, their cum mingling together as he rode out the orgasm with a few final thrusts.

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