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Summary:Spike uses his Thrall to get what should always have been his.
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Xander was trembling in Angel's grip. The sight of the vampires around him and the rush of adrenaline still coursing through his body made him shudder and groan. He shut his eyes tightly somehow hoping to block out the danger he was in.

He berated his own stupidity, he'd known he couldn't trust Angel! What the hell was he thinking? Lifting his head he dared a quick look at the newest vampire in town. Spike. What the hell kind of name was that anyway?

His eyes swept up and down the lanky form of the bleached blonde monster. It was difficult to tell what lay beneath the black duster, but somehow he knew the covered body was lean and hard. And then for an instant Xander's blood froze in his veins. He'd been surreptitiously studying the vampire when his eyes had drifted upward and met Spike's cool ice blue gaze.

He lost himself in those eyes. Unconsciously he straightened, crooking his head to the side he bared his throat. But before he could make any other moves Angel had gripped him hard, forcing him forward and lifting the collar of his shirt. Goose bumps erupted all over Xander's body at the thought of what Angel was doing. At the thought of being a sacrifice. Of being an offering.

Several years later

Xander had been asleep for maybe three hours before he felt a slight buzzing around his ears. He tried to swat at the fly but for some reason he couldn't raise his hand far enough. Then he realized the buzzing at his ear wasn't the annoying drone of a fly, but the soft whisper of someone's voice. His eyes flew open and he jerked up into a sitting position. Or at least he tried. He was only able to move about an inch, considering that both his wrists and ankles were bound to the bedposts.

Oh, fuck.

"Mornin', luv." The voice whispered in his ear. Xander closed his eyes tight, praying that this was only a dream. "You're not dreaming, pet. I'm here to claim what's mine."

Xander began to shake. Whether it was from fear or anticipation, he wasn't sure. To his surprise, Spike's voice softened as he felt the weight of the vampire's body sinking onto the bed beside him.

"Shh, luv. You know this is what you want. What you've been dreaming about." Spike gently ran his fingers through Xander's hair, soothing the mortal. "You're mine. And it's about time I claimed you."

Xander swallowed hard, his mind racing. How had Spike known that Xander's dreams were filled with that day? That moment when he had looked into Spike's eyes and gladly bared his throat for his master? Xander's eyes were still closed, and he tried not to hum in satisfaction at the feel of Spike's fingers massaging his scalp.

"You're already hard for me, pet. Your body's been waiting for me, waiting for my touch." Spike proved his words by skimming the fingers of his left hand down Xander's body. The small hairs on Xander's skin stood on end, as if reaching for the cool fingers. And now that Spike had said the words aloud, Xander recognized the fact that his dick was throbbing. He whimpered.

What was happening? Yes, he'd dreamed about Spike. Yes, he'd remembered ever detail of that day in vivid technicolor images, but this couldn't be real; this aching, longing, need for him to be with Spike. Spike was a vampire. Whether he was chipped or not had nothing to do with his propensity for evil.

"No. No, you're evil. I'm not evil. I don't want you. Don't want this." Xander babbled, his eyes open now and gazing into Spike's.

Spike's eyes seemed to shimmer and swirl, and Xander lost himself in their depths. He forgot about the fact that he was naked. Naked and hard. He forgot everything except for the icy blue swirl that had captured him.

"Now, pet, I'm going to untie you." Spike spoke quietly, his voice a mesmerizing sound. "Want you free to touch me, to do what pleases me."

"Yes, master." Xander answered, waiting.

A thrill of satisfaction shot through Spike's body. He wasn't entirely sure his plan would work. It had been years since that day at the school, but he knew if he still felt the pull toward the boy, Xander must surely feel it towards him as well. He had never been as good at thrall as Dru, but he'd gotten by. And since they already had a sort of connection, he didn't think it would be that difficult to establish a stronger link. He'd waited, biding his time.

The others had gone out of town. Willow and Tara were on some wicca retreat, while Buffy and Giles had gone to do another vision quest. Since Anya had left months ago to rejoin D'hoffryn, Spike had been waiting for an opportunity just like this.

He needed to catch Xander unawares, so he'd waited until the boy had fallen asleep, exhausted from his second job. He'd slipped out of his ropes and used them to fasten the boy securely to his own bed, after having gotten him naked of course. Then he'd spent the better part of an hour whispering softly into the mortal's ear. He smirked in satisfaction as he watched the boy grow harder and harder at each husky whisper.

Now, Xander was ready. He seemed completely under the vampire's control, the quiet 'master' added to the end of every sentence an obvious sign of his obedience.

Spike pulled the last of the ropes off the bed, leaving Xander completely free. But the boy only lay there, staring up at Spike with a look of expectation.

"On your knees, luv." Spike ordered. Xander quickly scrambled onto his knees and waited. Spike pushed gently on his back until Xander was on all fours, his gorgeous ass quivering in the air.

"Master, please." Xander whispered. In his mind Xander wasn't sure what he was begging for. His body ached making it difficult for him to focus on anything but his need for release. But in a small corner of his brain he was still scared and unsure of the reaction he was having to the vampire. Was he really here, obeying every order, waiting for Spike to touch him? Longing for Spike's hands, lips, tongue on his body?

"Yes, luv?"

"Can I touch you, master?"

Spike's smirk widened into a full fledged smile. "You want to please me, pet?"

"Oh yes, master." Xander answered, breathless. But Spike saw the uncertainty in the boy's eyes and it made him pause.

"First, pet, I want to pleasure you." Spike manipulated him so that he was once again on his back, his legs spread wide.

"But, master - "

Spike's look became stern. "Do you want to please me, pet?" He growled out.

"Yes, master." The response was immediate, though Xander's eyes still flashed with a certain amount of fear.

"Then let me pleasure you."

Spike began by slowly trailing his fingers over Xander's entire body. The boy moaned and shuddered, his back arching when Spike stopped to pinch at his distended nipples. Spike avoided his penis for now, sweeping his cool hands down Xander's inner thighs, massaging the muscles there. Briefly he squeezed at the boy's sac, pulling gently until Xander whimpered.

God, Xander's mind was in turmoil. He'd lost control of himself, not knowing why he was reacting this way to Spike. But the pleasure flooded his system and wouldn't allow much room for doubt. Xander only knew that he wanted, *needed*, more. "Please, master." Xander begged for the exquisite torture to end.

"Patience, pet." Spike stepped up his ministrations by bringing his teeth and tongue into play. He licked at various parts of Xander's body, stopping to nibble at certain irresistible bits. He bit down hard on Xander's right nipple keeping his teeth clamped shut as he drew back. The skin grew taut the pain lancing through the sensual haze Xander was lost in. Spike repeated the process to his other nipple, while his hand slid down to finally grasp Xander's aching flesh.

"Ahh, luv." Spike let out a satisfied sigh at the feel of Xander's hard cock. "Are you hard for *me*, Xan? Is it me you want touching you, sucking you, fucking you?"

Xander groaned and thrust further into the cool grip. "Not yet, luv." Spike released his cock, and then slid down the boy's body, until his face was directly over the juncture of his thighs. He tapped on Xander's legs, pushing them until they were raised at an angle that allowed Spike to view Xander's virgin hole. "Spread yourself for me, luv."

Xander reached down quickly to cup his buttocks. He spread his cheeks wide, flushing at the feel of cool air against his opening. He waited breath held, for Spike to do something, anything. And then Spike's tongue was touching him, circling his hole and then plunging in. Xander cried out and nearly released the hold he had on his own ass cheeks, but stopped himself just in time. Master had said he wanted Xander to hold himself open, so he would. But God, the feelings were intense, and he shocked himself by having enough lucidity to even remember the command.

The tongue piercing his hole stretched him wide. Xander could feel the dull rasp as Spike thrust in and out of him. He could feel his hole constricting, spasming out of control. "Ungh, master." Xander muttered, unable to form complete sentences.

His hips pushed back against Spike's invading tongue without conscious thought. His eyes scrunched closed, shutting off his sense of sight, focusing everything completely on the feeling of Spike's tongue fucking. He'd never felt anything like it, and all he could do was groan and beg for more. Xander's cock was steadily leaking precum, drops oozing almost continuously out of his slit.

One of Xander's hands released his ass reaching out to grasp the base of his cock instead. Instinctively Xander knew that his master wouldn't want him to cum until he was given permission. But before he could wrap a hand around himself, Spike slapped his hand aside. He pulled his tongue out long enough to reprimand the boy. "No touching." Xander groaned in agony, how was he supposed to stop himself from cumming? But then Spike's hand was around him, the strong grip keeping his orgasm at bay.

"Is there something you want, boy?" Spike asked, just a hint of authority in his voice. Xander's nipples tightened at the tone.

"Yes, master. So hard, ungh. Please, master." Xander cried out, his hips thrusting involuntarily.

"What do you want, Xan?" Spike's voice softened. He knew that Xander was his completely now. The boy couldn't think beyond his need to cum. "Want to cum, luv?"

"Yes!" Xander sobbed the word out, tears leaking from his eyes. "I'm so hard, master. Please." He was begging through the tears. "Need you inside. 'S not enough, master. Please."

"Turn over, Xan." The boy obeyed immediately, landing on all fours, ass in the air.

Then Xander felt the first rush as Spike pushed the crown of his cock against the tight opening. The rimming that Spike had performed hadn't stretched him fully, and he felt a slow burn at the invasion. "Oh God, yes!" Xander screamed as he was breached for the first time.

Then Spike was all the way in. Xander felt as if he was being ripped in half, the pain screaming through him. But Spike stopped, letting him adjust to the size of his cock. Letting his walls stretch to accommodate the hard staff. While he waited Spike reached around and cupped Xander's balls, massaging them slowly.

Finally Xander whimpered and began to push back against Spike. "I'm ready, master." He needed Spike to move, needed to feel him thrusting, filling the emptiness inside. Xander almost sobbed when Spike began to pull out. "No, master, please. I'll be good. Anything, master, anything!"

"Shhh, Xan." Spike soothed the distraught mortal. "Not going anywhere, luv." Spike thrust hard, forcing himself back in, all the way to the hilt. Then he was pistoning his hips, slamming into Xander as he sought his own release.

"Want me to fuck you, luv? Want to feel me shoving myself inside? Stuffing my hard cock into your tight hole?" Spike loved to talk dirty. Loved knowing that Xander wanted all those things and couldn't help but beg for them.

"Yes, master, yes! Need you inside me. Need your cock. Need to feel you fucking me. Harder, master, please!"

Spike complied, thrusting harder, leaving bruises where his fingers grasped Xander's hips. Spike could feel the tension in his body mount, felt his balls tighten, and his dick pulse. "Mine!" Spike growled, his fangs descending on Xander's neck.

The moment the vampire's fangs broke through his flesh, Xander screamed. "Master!" He felt himself let go, felt his orgasm crash through him as his life's blood leaked through the tiny punctures Spike had made. He convulsed, his cock spewing cum all over the bed sheets, his ass tightening around Spike's shaft.

When it was over, Xander was breathing heavily. He collapsed on top of the cum covered sheets, not caring about the mess. Xander's body ached, his neck was sore and his ass was on fire. But he couldn't remember ever feeling more sated, or more complete. Xander could still feel his master inside him, but felt as his cock softened. He could feel Spike's cool cum leaking out of him.

Xander groaned his disappointment when the vampire finally pulled out. Spike turned his boy over, eyebrow raised at the sticky cum spread across Xander's sweaty body.

"Who do you belong to?" Spike asked quietly, already knowing he would get the answer he wanted.

"You, master." Xander answered without hesitation, looking deeply into the vast pools of Spike's eyes. The blue swirled and Xander felt almost a tangible link to his master.

"Too right." Then Spike leaned down and kissed him hard on the lips. Pulling away, he stared back down into Xander's eyes. "Now, pet. Did I give you permission to cum?"

"No, master." Heat suffused Xander's body. "Sorry, master."

"I'm afraid that's not good enough, luv." Spike answered, though his eyes softened at the obvious anxiety his new pet felt. "I'm afraid you're going to have to learn what happens when you disobey me, pet. When you cum without permission."

"Yes, master." Xander bowed his head, ashamed that he failed his master so soon.

"Look at me, luv." Spike waited until Xander raised his eyes once more. "Are you ready for your lesson, pet?"

"Yes, master."

Spike stared hard into Xander's eyes. He searched for any hesitation, any leftover doubts, but found nothing. The boy was completely and utterly his. The mortal's heart was racing in anticipation of his punishment, but other than that small physiological sign of distress, Xander wanted nothing beyond what would please his master.

Spike leant down and kissed him savagely. Not bothering to be careful of his fangs, he cut Xander roughly. The taste of the boy's blood mingled with their saliva and Spike savored it. He also delighted in the shiver of excitement that flashed through Xander at the rough treatment. Spike pulled back, once more staring into Xander's eyes.

"Yes, luv. I do believe you are."

The End

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