Rating: NC-17 (for the naughty sex parts)
Pairing: X/S

Summary: I don't know. I like the idea of a psychic link through a Claim, and the plot devices bringing back the Initiative can do for you. So I put the two together.

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Author's Note: ** Warning ** This fic may get a little dark in the angst and torture of Xander and Spike sort of way. Nothing too physically bad (at least that I will describe, your imaginations are your own), but the mental anguish may hurt a little…

Okay - in my world X/S are together already. Spike has claimed Xander, and created a psychic bond between them. Spike is chipped. Anya doesn't exist. And Buffy has accepted and understands X/S's relationship. It's pretty much AU, and I have no idea where exactly it would fall in the timeline of the show…Sometime after S4 but before Buffy dies in S5? Or something like that.

Lost in the Dark, Cleansed in the Flame


Part One

Xander woke groggy and stiff.  He'd apparently slept on the floor for what felt to him like days.  He sat up slowly bringing his knees up and resting his head between them.  He took a few deep gulps of air trying to wrest the nausea out of his system.  He squinted as he peered around the room, the brightness shining off the walls causing his headache to pound even harder.

The room was completely bare.  Floor, ceiling, and walls were all white.  Upon further investigation he noticed a small seam in the wall behind him.  He followed it with his eyes as it outlined what appeared to be a door.  Of course there was no knob on his side of the entrance.

His headache was receding slowly.  He was finally able to stand without a strong need to bend over and heave.  He walked the room, running his hands along each wall, finding nothing more than the initial seam he'd discovered with his eyes earlier.  

He turned with his back to the wall, and slid slowly down.  When he felt his ass make contact with cool stone, he had to suppress a sob.  How had he gotten into this situation?  His mind tried to retrace the steps he'd taken last night, or at least the last night he remembered.  No telling how long he'd actually been here already.

He hadn't done anything abnormal that he could remember.  They hadn't even gone patrolling last night.  Instead he and Spike had headed over to the Bronze to shoot some pool.  Taking one night off to relax and just be together.  He smiled at the remembrance of that night.

Spike had been particularly horny.  And in between shots Xander had to frequently bat his lover's hands off his ass.  Finally after three games of pool and several beers, Spike hadn't been able to wait any longer.  He'd grabbed Xander's hand and pulled him outside and toward the east alley.  Once there, Spike hadn't wasted any time.  He dropped to his knees, unzipping Xander as he went and pulled the not quite shocked man's penis into his mouth.

Xander had offered half-hearted protests, while casually thrusting into the cool wetness surrounding him.  Before he could climax, Spike released him.  Groaning in complaint, Xander pouted at his mate.  Spike only smirked, pulling his own hard cock out of his jeans.

Thrusting forward, Spike took both their cocks in his hand and began fisting them together.  The smooth feel of Spike's palm contrasted deliciously with the feel of his penis' rough ridges.  Each pull causing Xander's head to loll back as his climax drew nearer.

Forcing his eyes open, he leaned forward until he was capturing Spike's lips with his own.  He slowly traced the soft puffy lips before plunging his tongue in to taste the remains of his own precum.  Tasting himself in his mate's mouth always made his arousal double, sharpening his pleasure to a near pain.

Within a few moments they'd both cum.  Spike removed his button up to clean them both off a bit, tossing it into the dumpster at the end of the alley.  They shared a few more quick kisses, before Xander pushed Spike back in the direction of the club.  

"You need to go pay for the last round."  Xander insisted.  

"Don't wanna go back luv.  Let's just go home and have a proper shag."  Spike leered at him.

"We will."  Xander again directed Spike back to the Bronze.  "Just as soon as you pay for the last round."

"And just what are you going to be doing while I'm gone Xan?"

"I'm going to be standing in the shadows trying not to let anyone see my cum stained shirt and jeans, while I wait for you!"  Xander answered back, trying to hurry the vamp along.

"Okay luv."  Spike gave him a quick buss on the cheek before striding through the entrance of the club.

That was pretty much the last thing that Xander remembered.  He'd leaned back against the wall trying to get comfortable as he waited, and then…nothing.  He scrunched his brow trying to force more memories to the surface, but it did no good.

{Spike?}  Xander tried to reach his mate.  It wasn't the first time.  He'd been calling to Spike since almost the moment he'd woken.  For some reason this last attempt seemed a bit more final.  Xander felt the first tear as it trickled down his cheek, not bothering to wipe it away.


Spike was frantic.  When he didn't find Xander after exiting the Bronze, he'd assumed that his lover had just headed home.  Probably too ashamed to wait outside in case anyone noticed the wet stains on his clothing.  Spike had smiled at the thought that his Xander could be so shy in public, yet so brazen in bed.  There was no doubt that his Xanpet was a contradiction, a delicious one at that.

When he had reached the apartment and found no sign of Xander he tried calling out to him through the bond, but received no response.  This was the first time since he'd Claimed the whelp that they hadn't been able to reach each other.  For one brief agonizing moment, Spike thought Xander must be dead.  He slumped to the floor, his will gone.

Then his head snapped up.  No!  If Xan were dead, he'd know.  He'd have known the moment it happened.  With that thought firmly planted, he quickly stood calculating the amount of time he had before sunrise and the distance it would take to reach the slayer.  He left their apartment building at a dead run.


The click of the door brought Xander to his feet instantly.  He waited as the door swung open revealing a middle-aged man holding a clipboard and wearing a white jacket.  There were two large men behind him in military garb, obviously meant as protection.

Xander felt a perverse sense of pride that they were worried enough about him to bring two guards.  Or maybe that was just standard procedure?  The tiny spark of pride was quickly becoming replaced with a deep foreboding.  At least Xander now knew who had taken him.  Now he just had to worry about why.

"# X2573 please follow me."  Without looking up the doctor turned on his heel.  The guards approached him obviously intent on forcing him to follow whether he wanted to or not.  Rather than allow them the satisfaction, Xander quickly stepped out of the room moving in the same direction the doctor had gone.  He made sure to sweep his eyes up and down the corridor before following, looking for any possible exits in case he had the opportunity to flee.

He felt the jab of a soldier's gun on his back at his delay.  Turning quickly he followed the doctor, trying not to imagine what lay ahead.


Buffy opened the door to a disheveled and panting Spike.  Quickly she ushered him into the living room and out of the rising sun's path.  

"Spike?  What's going on?"  Buffy asked, settling the vamp on the couch.  Her heart was racing at the thought of something bad enough to scare the vampire into such a state.  When he finally looked up, Buffy's breath caught in her throat.  The look he bore was one of quiet despair.

"Xander's gone."

Part Two

Xander tried to force the panic he was feeling down into the pit of his stomach. He'd followed the doctor to a room at the end of the hall. Once there the two guards had strapped him down into what looked like a dentist chair and then all three had left him alone.

{Spike!} Xander's mind screamed.

It was the waiting that was really getting to him. His own imagination was running wild and the images he created were anything but comforting. The worst part was he wasn't sure what had happened to Spike. Had they gotten him too? Why wouldn't he answer Xander's call? Was he unconscious somewhere? Or worse yet. Was he dust? Xander refused to believe that.

Xander closed his eyes and tried to concentrate his will. He'd never had to really focus when trying to reach his mate. Normally Xander could feel him there all the time, buzzing in the back of his mind. All he had to do was think about Spike for the connection to snap forward and communicate his thoughts to his lover. But this time Xander focused his whole being on making that connection. He began to take deep breaths counting each one until he felt his muscles relax.

With each breath he brought forth a different detail about Spike. The feel of his cool hands, the tickling of his breath, the sight of his ice blue eyes. Until all of Xander's being was focused on the mental picture of his mate.

Tentatively he sent out a querying thought, {Spike?}. No answer. He tried again. And again. Until finally he was just repeating a pleading chant in his head. {Please Spike. Please Spike.} Begging for reassurance that his lover was whole and safe.

Xander almost cried out in relief when he felt the first soft whisper of Spike's mental touch.



"Fuck all Buffy! I don't bleedin' know!" Spike screamed for the tenth time that morning. "Do you think if I'd heard anything, or seen any signs of danger I would've left Xan alone?!"

Buffy placed her hand gently on the vampire's shoulder. Turning him until their eyes could meet. "Spike. I know you would never have let anything happen to Xander if you could help it. I’m not accusing you of anything. I'm just trying to see if there's something that you hadn't noticed as strange at the time, but now…" She trailed off.

Spike slumped onto the sofa, defeated. "No." He shook his head wearily. "Nothing."

When he looked back up at her there were tears in his eyes. "Why can't I feel him? I can't hear his voice anymore. He's gone." The words left his mouth in a whisper as the first tear fell.

Buffy was by his side in a second, one arm wrapping around his waist, the other moving up to bring his head down onto her shoulder. "There maybe plenty of reasons you can't feel him right now. Maybe he's unconscious. Or maybe they drugged him and it's messing with his head." She felt Spike's growl at the offered explanations.

"Don't worry Spike. We'll get him back. And then we'll make whoever's taken him pay." She vowed as she continued to soothe the troubled vamp.

Suddenly Spike stiffened. Buffy tensed as she saw the play of emotions running across his face.


{Spike?! Thank God! I thought you were dust!}

{Luv, what's happening? Where are you?}

{You have to get out of town Spike. Hurry. They'll probably be looking for you next.} Xander tried to imbue his thoughts with urgency.

{Not leaving without you luv. 'Sides, the Big Bad doesn't run scared.} Spike answered. {Now where are you?}

{Don't know Spike.} Xander was torn. He desperately wanted Spike to save the day and rescue him from whatever mess he'd gotten into. But he was also afraid. He knew what the Initiative had done to Spike the first time, and was scared of what they'd try this time around.

{Who is it Xan? Who took you?} Spike demanded.

When Xander didn't answer Spike was afraid they'd lost touch once more. But no, he could still feel the slight buzz in his mind that told him his lover was still there. {Xan?} He prompted.

{It's the Initiative Spike.} The words sounded hollow and far away making Xander's mental voice seem scared and alone. Something he'd never heard from Xander before, not since they'd taken up together.

{Bloody wankers! Don't worry Xan, we'll get you back. And then we'll make the bastards pay.}

Xander's concentration began to falter. He could hear the tap tap of someone's steps coming closer to the room. {He's coming back Spike.}

{Who luv?}

{The doctor.}

{What doctor luv?} Spike felt his own panic rising. He'd had his own experiences with Initiative doctors, and knew that whatever they'd planned for Xander couldn't be any better.

{I don't know Spike.} Xander could feel the connection fading in and out. {Spike?} He tried calling out once more. {I'm scared.}

The whispered words cut Spike to shreds. His own reply lost as the connection was severed. NO! {Xan?! Xan?!} But his lover was gone.


The two men watched their prisoner with detachment. They knew the moment the connection had been made, the tiny monitoring sensors going unnoticed by the boy.

"I thought the whole purpose of the drug was to keep them from speaking." The younger man pointed out.

The older man sighed inwardly. Exasperated at the thought of having to work with the man next to him. "We only had to keep them apart for the initial test. Once we establish how strong the connection is we'll need to bring the other in anyway. His knowing who has the boy won't change that."

"What if he attempts a rescue?"

"Do you think that you're working with a fool?" The older man spit out. "I've got a man watching him. If he tries anything he'll just be making our jobs easier. Instead of having to track him down, he'll come straight to us." The older man grinned. "If the connection works the way we think it does, I'd be surprised if he could stay away."

They watched as the doctor reentered the room, noting how each muscle in the boy's body tensed. Leaning forward the younger man turned on his microphone. "Begin the testing for subject X2573. All recording devices have been activated."


Xander screamed as another shock passed through him. He'd lost all feeling on the left side of his body about 2 hours ago, and was surprised that his right was still functioning. What were they doing? What were they testing for? Xander tried to pay attention, tried to figure it out. But his body was exhausted and his mind was weary. Tears streamed down his face, but he could no longer feel them. Now he just prayed for the bliss of oblivion that unconsciousness would bring.


Buffy had called Giles soon after the vamp had appeared on her doorstep. Hearing his car pull into the drive she gently moved Spike's head out of her lap to answer the door.

"Buffy? What's going on?" Giles asked immediately upon entering the house.

"Xander's missing. Apparently the Initiative's back, and they've taken Xan for some reason. He was able to tell Spike, but then something happened. I'm not sure." Silent tears fell down Buffy's cheeks as she spoke. "I think they're hurting Xander. Spike…Spike cried out and had some sort of seizure." She pointed at the limp form on the couch. "I can't get him to wake up."

"Dear Lord." Giles' face was ashen. What must they be doing to Xander to cause such a reaction in Spike?

Moving quickly Giles stepped into the house, shedding his coat as he went. He headed for the kitchen and grabbed a few bags of blood from the fridge, glad that Buffy still stocked up for Xander and Spike's visits. He heated each bag before returning to the living room.

"Call Willow and Tara. We're going to need their help." Giles instructed as he punched a hole in the first bag, letting it ooze into the mug he'd brought from the kitchen. "Tell them to stop by the Magic Box and get whatever they need for a location spell. They might also grab volumes 1 through 4 of the Hentarii text and the trunk in my office with the Watcher's diaries. They could prove useful."

Buffy sped off to call the girls, while Giles attempted to force feed Spike the much needed blood. He let out a relieved breath when he felt the slight suction as Spike began to sip from the straw in his mouth.


Xander was floating. He tried to look around but discovered he was covered in darkness. Was he dead? This sure didn't feel like heaven. Of course he'd mated himself to the evil undead, so maybe saint Peter had revoked his pass. So was this hell?

Either way he was free from the pain. At least for a little while.


The phone rang in the small observation booth.

"Yes?" The older man answered.

"He passed out 22 minutes ago sir. And he's still unconscious. The Watcher arrived and appears to be feeding him blood." The voice reported.

"Well that wasn't wholly unexpected." The older man stroked his chin in thought. "Good work. Remain at your post and be sure to notify us immediately when the vampire goes on the move."

"Yes sir." The voiced clicked off.

The older man turned toward the younger, a small smile of satisfaction curling his lips. "It's begun."

Part Three

Spike fought his way back to consciousness, his first and only thoughts for Xander. He found himself game faced and growling, having to restrain himself from attacking the Watcher and Slayer watching over him.

Someone was hurting Xander. Attacking his mate. Someone he couldn’t get his hands on. His fists clenched at his sides, the nails digging into his palms and leaving small crescent shaped pools of blood. The only thing stopping him from chasing the bastards down was the fact that the sun was still shining.

He listened half-heartedly to the Watcher’s plan, nodded a curt greeting to the witches when they arrived, and dutifully drank the rest of the blood he’d been given. All of this he did in an off-hand cursory fashion. His focus remained centered on two things. The faint awareness he still had of his lover, and the internal clock that told him exactly how much time he had before the sun would set.

Upon waking he’d found that he had not completely lost the connection with Xander. He could tell that his mate was unconscious, only because he no longer felt any of the echoing pain they’d shared only hours before. He tried to send reassurance and love back through the bond, hoping it would help to comfort his Xan.

Eventually he convinced the gang that he still wasn’t up to par. Asked if he could lay down for awhile in a room upstairs. He knew that they would never allow him to go after Xander, and he also knew he could do nothing else. So he let them believe that he agreed. That he would wait, too weak to do much more than that anyway.

He lay, listening for Xander’s voice. Waiting to hear that his lover had regained consciousness. He got nothing but silence. Spike gritted his teeth, hating his weaknesses. Hating the sun, preventing him from going to his Xan.

Slowly, as the sun crept below the horizon, Spike made his way out the second story bedroom window. Dropping to the ground, he swept the street with his eyes, finding nothing he headed east following the pull of the Claim.


“Hostile 17 is on the move sir.”

“Follow him. Make sure to keep all recording devices activated. We’ll have a unit meet you at the perimeter.”

“Yes sir.”


The fight was brief but fierce. Five men came out of the shadows, circling Spike as he snarled and spat at them. The first man attacked, Spike lashed out falling to his knees at the first zap from the chip. Ignoring the pain he stood again, taking down the first man with a well placed kick to his midsection.

Behind him three men attacked at once. Two going for his arms to hold him in place while the other came forward with one of their stun guns. He knew what it was immediately, having been on the receiving end more than once. In a sudden blaze of movement he clapped his hands together, throwing the men on each arm into one another. They collapsed in a heap on the ground before him.

But the combined pain from the chip and a blast from the stun gun had rendered Spike unconscious. The remaining men dragged him through the woods not bothering to carry him fully.


“The subject has been captured sir.”

“Very good. Bring him in for the procedure.”

“Yes sir.” The soldier clicked off.

The younger man again voiced his concerns. “Are you sure this is wise?”

“The wisdom of the course is irrelevant. It is necessary.” The older man admonished.

“But to free him from his chains – ”

The older man interrupted. “It is necessary.”

For a moment there was silence between the two.

“They are the strongest of the pairs so far.” The younger man offered.

“Yes. They are our best hope.” The older man turned to face the younger once more. “Time is running short.”


Spike woke to the feel of metal slicing through his skin. Immediately he vamped out. Tears pricked his eyes, but he refused to cry out as he felt warm fingers prise the cut open further. The slick feel of his skin being peeled off the back of his head made him shiver.

He tried not to react as he felt those same fingers reach in to root around his gray matter. But his body betrayed him. Shudders wracked his frame and he gave an involuntary howl as pain shot through him with the first slice. Eventually he passed out.

In a white room a few doors down from the operation Xander’s young body thrashed and squirmed. Still unconscious he was nevertheless aware of the sustained torture his mate was in. The recording devices, having been set to run 24 hours, captured the last whispered word before his body finally lay still.




{You shouldn’t have come Spike.}

{Had to luv. You know that.}

{I know.} He smiled, despite the fact that the surrounding darkness would not allow his mate to see. The smile was soon replaced with a frown. {They hurt you.}


{Will they kill us?}

{Don’t know luv. Don’t think so. Would have done already I think.}

{I’m sorry Spike.}

{Not your fault pet.}

{Should have been paying more attention.}

{No luv. Wouldn’t have mattered. They’d of got one of us eventually.}

They were silent for awhile, just basking in each other’s essence. Soon, too soon, Xander felt Spike slipping away. {Spike?}

{Come back with me now Xan.}

{I like it here.}

{I know luv. But the others will come for us soon. We need to be ready.}

{Don’t leave me Spike.}

{Never luv. Just come with me.}

Reluctantly Xander followed.


They woke in each other’s arms, still in Xander’s white room. Though he supposed it was his and Spike’s now. He breathed a sigh of relief. At least they put them together.

He was watching as Spike’s eyes fluttered open. His face was paler than normal, and it worried Xander. He could see the white bandage taped to the back of his lover’s head. What had they done this time? Another chip? What the hell for?

“You okay Spike?” He whispered, stroking his lover’s cheek.

“Yeah luv.” Spike answered hoarsely. “Don’t suppose they left any blood out for me?”

Xander sat up, glancing around the room. It was still as empty as it had been the first time he’d woken up here. “Nope.”

“Didn’t figure.” Spike answered, also sitting up. Though he was a bit more wobbly than Xander.

Without preamble Xander lifted his wrist to his mouth and bit down hard. Spike’s nostrils flared at the first scent of his mate’s blood. “Xan! You shouldn’t have done that.” He admonished.

“You need it.” Was Xander’s only reply as he lifted his bloody wrist to the vampire’s mouth.

“So do you. You’re weak and injured as well.” Spike protested, but instinct soon took over and he lapped at the dripping blood. As soon as the bite was cleaned and the bleeding had stopped, Spike brought Xander forward to kiss him gently on the lips.

“Thank you luv.” He trailed wet kisses down from Xander’s mouth to his neck. Nipping and licking in especially sensitive places. “Now your turn.” Quickly he dropped his fangs and scratched a short gash along his forearm, bringing the cut up to Xander’s lips. “Go on. It’ll help you heal.”

As soon as Xander had licked the last drops clean, they lay back down together. Spike gathering the young man into his arms, Xander’s head resting on his chest. It was in that position that they both fell asleep.


“Do you suppose that’s how they got around the chip the first time?” The younger man asked.

“No. For the Claim to take hold, the vampire must make the bite himself. He must have forced himself to endure the pain.” The older answered.

“Maybe we didn’t have to remove the chip after all.” The younger suggested.

“Don’t second guess me!” The older spat out.

The younger didn’t answer. But the seeds of doubt, already firmly planted, had begun to take root.

Part Four

"Why are we taking orders from a civilian?"  The committee had been debating this issue for several hours.

"He had the knowledge we needed."  One answered.

"'Had' is the operative word there.  He led us to the pair, what do we need him for now?"

"He knows what to look for in the testing.  He knows the pair best, has been studying them for years."  Another voice spoke out.

"Do we really believe all his…all his talk of doom and destruction?  Magic and prophecy?"

"If it weren't for him, we would never have known about the Claiming."  An older man defended.

"Ah yes, the Claiming.  What do we need this pair for?  We can and
we have created our own."

"You haven't seen them in action.  Watch the tapes.  This pair is…unique.  Their bond is stronger than any we've seen."

"The pairs we created are nothing compared to them.  We had hopes that a Claiming would be another way to curb the hostiles, that the human partner would be able to control the other.  But it hasn't worked.  So far all of our soldiers have been the ones made to submit."

"Maybe it's just that their bond has been established for much longer."  One suggested.

"Or maybe it's because they entered the Claim willingly."

"Our men were all volunteers."  Another answered.

"But none of the hostiles were."  

"Who cares about the hostiles?  They don't get a choice."

"But this one did."

Silence for a moment.

"The man is insane."

"Yes."  Weary resignation.  "But we need him."


Xander woke to a growling stomach.  The pain he'd felt the previous day was nearly all gone.  The perks of vampire blood and the slightly accelerated healing of a Claimant.  Now most of the pain he felt was from hunger.

"Have they fed you anything pet?"  Spike asked softly.

Xander shook his head.

Suddenly Spike was standing and staring up into the corner of the room.  "Bloody bastards!  Bring him some food!  You want us around for your bloody tests, you keep him fed dammit!"

"Spike, what are you - "

"Camera luv."  Spike pointed to the corner.  Xander squinted finally seeing the tiny hole in the ceiling.


They both turned as one as the door clicked open.  Five men entered the room.  Spike was immediately standing in front of Xander, growling at the soldiers before them.  One man carrying a tray with some food and water.

"Where's Spike's blood?"  Xander asked, noticing none on the tray.  In reply the soldier raked Xander's body with his eyes.  


"No."  Spike was adamant.  "I can't keep drinking from him.  He's too weak already."

The soldier turned without answering, leaving the tray on the floor at their feet.  Spike made a move to lunge at the hapless man but stopped as several guns were pointed his way.  He settled instead for a subsonic growl that made his whole body vibrate.

As soon as the men left, Xander pounced on the food.  Taking the first bite he moaned in appreciation, even if it was just a cheese sandwich.  As he chewed he realized his mistake.  What if the food were drugged?  He looked up at Spike, who smirked down at him.

"No worries luv.  Don't smell any taint on it."  Spike reassured him.

Xander ate in silence, contemplating how he was going to get Spike to feed when he knew the vamp was worried about him.  After finishing the last bite and drinking down the water he cleared his throat.  "Spike?"

"Yeah luv."

"You need to eat."


{You said it yourself.  Buffy and the others will come for us.  You have to keep your strength up so that you can help.}


"Spike, I'm almost healed, and they're feeding me.  So I'll just keep getting better.  A little blood won't kill me."

Spike sighed wearily.  "Okay Xan.  But not today.  Give yourself at least another 24 hours.  I've gone a lot longer than that before.  Okay luv?"

"Fine.  But tomorrow no arguments."  Xander agreed.

Spike only nodded.


"What will we be testing for today?"  The younger asked.

"We'll give them a few more hours together, and then we'll take the boy."  The older explained.  "We need to make sure the range of emotion the bond carries is complete.  They've experienced pain and fear.  The next step is to see whether the opposite holds true."


When the soldiers returned, Xander panicked.  They were taking him away from Spike.  He lashed out, kicking at the first man to come near him, heedless of their weapons.


Spike was on them in seconds.  The fear emanating from his mate, spurring him into action.  He threw the first soldier within reach against the front wall, knocking him unconscious.  Before he could go after the second he was zapped with one of their stunners.  He fell, watching as they carried off his lover.

It was only later that he realized the only pain he felt was from the stun gun.  His chip had never fired.


They strapped Xander down into the same chair they'd used last time.  The panic from earlier returning with a vengeance, Xander cried out once more.  {Spike!}

{I'm here luv.  I'm sorry.}

{Not your fault Spike.  Are you okay?}

{Fine luv.}  Spike would wait until later to discuss his new freedom with his lover.  {Where have they taken you?}

{Same as before Spike.}  Xander glanced around the room.  {I'm scared.}

{Shhh luv.  I know.  I'm sorry.  We'll get out of here soon Xan.}

{They're coming back Spike.  I'll try to block you out so you don't have to feel it too.}

{No Xan don't!}  But Spike could already feel Xander's resistance.

Xander tensed when the doctor approached with a hypodermic needle.  He hated needles.  And the idea of not knowing what they were pumping into him was even more terrifying.

"Why are you doing this?"  He asked.  The doctor didn't look much older than him.  


Xander only looked away as he felt the prick of the needle piercing his skin.  Soon he began to feel drowsy, his eyelids becoming too heavy to keep open.  As he slipped into a hazy slumber his last thoughts were of his mate.


Xander's eyes fluttered open, the feel of cool sheets beneath him making him smile.  He turned toward his lover feeling his groin stir at the sight.  Spike was laid next to him, completely naked, one leg thrown over the covers so that Xander had a nice view of his pale muscles.

He reached a hand out and began caressing up the appendage in wide circles.  His lover stirred and turned toward him, his eyes opening.  "Morning luv."

They kissed for several minutes.  This was Xander's favorite way to say good morning.  He loved the taste of Spike's mouth.  The feel of his tongue rasping against his own.  He could feel himself get harder at the thought of a bout of morning passion.

His hand moved under the covers to grasp Spike's morning erection, pumping slowly as he continued the wet kisses.  Moving his mouth down to Spike's neck he began to suck at the pulse point there, causing Spike to groan and thrust up into Xander's hand.


"X2573 has become aroused sir.  His adrenal gland has also activated."  

"Good.  How is Hostile 17 reacting?"

"No reaction as of yet sir."

Disappointing but it was early yet.  "Keep monitoring them both."

"Yes sir."

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