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This is just a fluffy fic for the boys to round out my series.
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Feels Like Heaven, Hurts Like Hell Round Two Winner (October 6, 2003

How? Why? Bloody Hell, Yes!


1 Happy Anniversary, Luv

Xander entered the apartment, throwing his keys onto the small table by the door. It had been a long day at work, and he'd barely had time to stop and pickup his purchase before the store closed.

The apartment was quiet, though he could smell the tangy scent of marinara sauce permeating the air. "Spike?" He poked his head in the kitchen but didn't find anything but simmering pots of pasta and red sauce.

His next stop was the bedroom, but as he made his way out of the kitchen he heard the click of the stereo go on. He veered off toward the living room instead, finding his lover waiting for him.

Xander caught his breath. Spike was decked out in black slacks that hung low on his hips. His usual black t-shirt was covered with what looked like a smooth black silk dress shirt, open of course so that Xander could see the taut muscles the t-shirt clung to. As Xander's eyes swept lower he noticed that Spike's feet were bare, and for some reason it made him smile.

Only Spike could create such a look of relaxed abandon wearing slacks and a silk t-shirt. The goofy grin spread as his lover opened his arms and whispered a quiet, "Happy Anniversary, luv." Xander quickly moved into the embrace and they both fell into a soft but passionate kiss.

"Happy Anniversary, Spike." Xander answered as soon as they'd pulled apart. He gave Spike another quick peck on the lips before releasing him completely. Running a hand through his hair, he realized that he was seriously under dressed for this party. "Sorry I'm late." He gave Spike a sheepish grin.

"No worries luv. Go clean up and I'll get supper on the table."

Xander hurried to the bedroom and grabbed a clean set of clothes before heading for the shower. He made sure to transfer the package from his jeans pocket to his slacks before dumping his dirty clothes into the laundry basket by the door. He could hear Spike humming along to the radio while he clattered around the kitchen, and the goofy grin spread across his face again.

Spike was happy. As he set the table and put out the food, he realized that he could actually make the statement and believe it. He didn't think that was something he could ever have said before. Spike made sure to light the candles and turn down the overheads. He wanted to set the mood not that he and his Xanpet needed it, but it was a special occasion after all.

They had a quiet dinner, stealing food from each other's plates and quick kisses now and then. Until the kisses weren't enough anymore and the plates were abandoned in favor of 'dessert'.

Stumbling into the bedroom, Spike tugged on Xander's shirt until it was free of his pants. With infinitesimal patience, Spike undid each of Xander's buttons until he could slide the shirt off his lover's body without damage. Xander helped the process along by unbuttoning and lowering his slacks. By the time Xander had removed his pants, Spike had already stripped down and lay naked on top of the bed covers. The sight he made had Xander's mouth watering.

He crawled up Spike's body running his fingers lightly over cool skin, causing the vampire to shiver. Spike could feel the small hairs on his body rise, as if reaching out for a firmer touch from his lover. He groaned in impatience, until Xander finally covered his mouth with his own. They kissed for long minutes. Xander's tongue weaving in and out of Spike's mouth. Running the hot muscle over Spike's teeth, paying special attention to the now elongated fangs.

Spike's cock twitched and tapped at Xander's stomach. Causing the younger man to break the kiss and grin hungrily down at the vampire. "Do you want something Spike?" Xander teased.

"Always luv." Was the quick reply.

Xander kissed him again, and then snaked back down his body. When he reached the wet tip of Spike's penis he flicked his tongue out to collect the next drop. Spike moaned, and bit down into his bottom lip. The blood trickling on to his tongue an unnecessary aphrodisiac.

Spike's hips thrust almost lazily into Xan's mouth. The motion a reflex reaction to the familiar sensation of having Xander's warmth surrounding him. Soon he was tugging on Xander's hair, silently begging him to spur their lovemaking on.

Xander was more than happy to comply. He reached out for the lube they kept in the nightstand drawer, finding it easily. Coating his fingers in the slick substance he reached down to play with Spike's small opening. Running his thumb back and forth over the aperture he delighted in the shudders that rent his lover's body. Deciding to take pity on his vamp, he pushed one digit in as he brought his mouth down to lave at one of Spike's distended nipples.

"Love your touch Xan." Spike breathed out.

And Xander marveled at the effect he had on his lover. A second finger came into play as he continued his assault on Spike's nubbin. Biting down he pulled and worried at the nipple until Spike was nearly crying from the sharp, but oh so good, pain he created. And then he moved to the other nipple.

Finally, after several more minutes and a third finger, Spike was stretched and begging for Xander to take him. Pulling his fingers out, Xander reached for the small tube once more. He coated his cock, taking care not to over-stimulate the already painfully engorged member. He was careful to keep hold of Spike's gaze as he slipped the head in, and then slowly pushed all the way through until his balls were resting against the pale globes of Spike's ass.

He loved the look in his lover's eyes as he filled him. The blue speckled with gold only one expression of the intense emotion Spike felt. They made love slowly. Xander slipping in and out with a single- minded focus. Intent on pleasuring Spike as much as humanly possible. Spike pushing up to meet each of Xander's thrusts.

Although he never told Xander this, Spike loved these bouts of passion the most. The slow and steady way his lover pushed into him. The naked emotion he saw etched across Xander's face as he focused on Spike's pleasure instead of his own. The sweet ache of his own emotions as love, want, and need for Xander suffused his body.

Spike felt the nudge at his inner gland and knew it was too much. His balls tightened, and his sac rose. His cock filling and then pumping out the sticky evidence of their lovemaking. He felt his ass tighten around Xander's cock with each pump, and heard his lover groan at the feel of it. Then he felt Xander's own cock twitch and coat his inner walls with spent seed.

They kissed until Xander softened and pulled out. Sighing contentedly he nestled into Spike's embrace and fell into a light doze. A few hours later he woke, happy and sated. Spike was asleep beneath him and he smiled at the picture of debauched innocence his vampire possessed. Slowly he extracted himself from his lover's embrace, searching the floor for his discarded slacks. Reaching into the pocket he pulled out the small box there.

"What are you doing luv?" The sleepy query floated from the bed.

"Just getting your present Spike." Xander answered, slipping back under the covers.

"Pressie? You got me a pressie Xan?" Spike looked like he couldn't decide between bouncing and pouting at the idea. "I thought we weren't doing pressies this year Xan."

"Well, this is sort of a present for both you and me." Xander hedged.

Spike wiped the last vestiges of sleep from his brow. Focusing on the now blushing man before him. "What is it Xan?"

Slowly Xander unfolded his hands to reveal the small box he held. "Spike." Xander's eyes were focused on the box rather than his lover. "I…I love you."

"Know that pet. Love you too." Spike prodded him.

"I know. It's just that…well I thought it was time, you know…Demons know, but I want everyone to know." Xander was stumbling over his words. "Vamps, they can sense the bite, but humans…I just thought it'd be nice to, you know…make it official?" Xander's last statement ended in more of a question than anything else.

"Official luv?"

Xander reached over with his other hand and opened the small box. In it sat two platinum bands. "Spike, do you wanna marry me?"

Spike was speechless. A state he didn't find himself in very often. "How?" His mind was reeling with the fact that Xander must have been planning this for quite sometime since both bands were etched to match and he was sure already sized to fit each of them. "Why - ?" He cut the question off immediately when he saw his lover's face crumble. "Bloody hell, YES!" Spike pulled Xander to him, and crushed their lips together.

When they pulled apart, Xander's expression was still anxious. "Spike, you don't have to - "

Spike cut him off with another kiss. "I know that luv. Course I want to. How could you think I wouldn't?"

"Don't know. Thought maybe you'd think it was a stupid human custom or something." Xander shrugged.

"Xan, anything that lets the world know that you are mine is bloody brilliant. Vampire luv, remember? We're a possessive lot." Spike wrestled the boy back into his embrace. Kissing the crown of his head, Spike ordered the boy back to sleep. "Now rest luv. We'll go over the details tomorrow."

"'Kay. Night Spike. Love you."

"Night Xan. Happy Anniversary, luv."

They fell asleep together. Xander reveling in the feelings Spike's answer evoked. Spike wondering at the feelings Xander's question engendered.

2 Visiting Friends

He tried to come at least once a month. Just to talk. He wanted to make sure she knew what was happening in their lives, and how much they missed her.

He always replaced the flowers in the small vase they kept by the marker. They'd usually wilted and browned weeks before he got there. Unless Dawnie or Wills had come by recently. He knew each of them had their own visiting cycles. Even Spike occasionally stopped by.

"Hey Buff." Xander sat cross-legged on the ground. "How are things in the great beyond?" He asked as he got comfortable. It was almost always his first question, just to break the ice.

"I've got some pretty big news this time Buff. Last night was my three year anniversary with Spike. Did you know that? You probably didn't. Why would you? It's not like you wrote down the date or anything. Besides, how would you even know what day we chose to celebrate as the beginning of our relationship?" Xander mused. "It was the day Willow's spell went wacky by the way. It's not like we could really pinpoint any other time that we actually started 'dating'." Xander did the air quotes around the last word.

Xander sighed and fingered the empty space on the ring finger of his left hand. "I asked him to marry me last night." The words were spoken quietly and followed by a self-deprecating chuckle. "Can you believe it? Me." He pointed at himself. "Mister commitment phobia, and I asked him for forever…well relatively speaking."

For some inexplicable reason Xander felt it necessary to lean forward, as if Buffy would hear him better. "But I did it. And I know what you're thinking." He leaned back once again and sighed. "I know you never approved. Oh…never outright disapproval or anything, you were always really good about that by the way. But I know you always wondered 'why Spike?' But if you could just see him now Buff. If you knew how much he'd changed. How much he's made me change. How good he is. And how much we love each other. I know you'd understand." Now he looked up toward heaven. "I hope you do understand."

Xander sat quietly for a few minutes. Then gathering himself up he stood to go. He placed a soft kiss on two fingers and then gently laid them on her headstone. "We miss you Buffy. I hope wherever you are you get to laugh, and love, and be happy for change. You deserve it." Then he turned and walked out of the cemetery toward home.

He never noticed the bleached blonde vamp step out of the shadows toward the grave. Placing a small spray of wildflowers in with the arrangement Xander had brought, Spike nodded a greeting. "Slayer."

He sat down on the grass in the same spot his lover had just vacated. "The boy's right you know. You do deserve that much, at least. But if you ever tell anyone I said that, I'll deny it."

"Bit's doin' alright. Had that talk I told you about last time. Her grades are starting to go back up again. And her fightin' skills are definitely improving. Not that I'd let her take on anything really dangerous mind you, but just in case yeah?" Spike always liked to make sure Buffy knew that Dawn was safe and cared for. The last promise she'd extracted from him before her fall.

Spike leaned back, resting his weight on his down turned palms. He let his gaze travel over the night sky as he spoke. "Guess you already know the whelp proposed last night. For a minute I didn't know what to make of it. Didn't know what to say. It's still hard sometimes. To believe that he loves me. That he'll keep loving me." Spike shook his head. "Bloody ponce I am."

"And then he goes and does this." Spike stopped his perusal of the heavens to stare at the headstone before him. "He says he wants everyone to know. Wants the world to know that we're mates. That he's mine. That I'm his." Changing position once again, he leaned forward. "Whatever else you think…I want you to know that I do love him. Told you once I was love's bitch." He smirked. "Guess now I'll just be Xander's."

Abruptly he stood, his duster swirling around his calves. "Gotta go. Meeting the whelp at the witches." And he strode off into the night.


"Oh my god!" Both Dawn and Willow exclaimed at nearly the same time. Dawn jumped up to hug both boys, grinning from ear to ear.

"Finally! It took you guys like forever." She admonished them.

Willow on the other hand felt as if everything was happening too fast. She walked slowly up to Xander throwing her arms around him, and then stepping back to look him over. "My little Xander. All grown up." She gave him a watery smile.

"Don't cry Wills." Xander gave her another hug and then looked around her to the blonde witch still sitting on the couch. "Tara?" He prodded her gently. "What do you think?"

"It's wonderful Xander, Spike. Anyone can see that you two belong together." She gave them each a shy smile.

"So Red when are you and Glinda gonna tie the knot?" Spike teased. "Maybe we can have a double."

"Spike!" Willow slapped him on the arm. "Tara and I are very happy just as we are." She turned toward her lover. "Right baby?"

"Right sweetie." Tara's smile widened when faced with Willow.

"Now stop changing the subject." Willow turned back to the boys. "Have you thought about the ceremony? Who's gonna do it? Where are you going to have it? Have you set the date yet?"

"Woah! Slow down Wills." Xander motioned for them all to sit. "I just asked him last night. We haven't had time to make all the plans yet." Xander looked over at Spike and gave him a loving smile, before turning back toward his best friend. "But I do know who I want as my best man, er…person." He gave Willow a querying look.

"Eee!" Willow squealed. "Of course I'll do it!" Then her brow scrunched in concern. "You are asking me right? You weren't talking about someone else right?" She babbled.

Xander couldn't resist leaning forward and giving her a quick peck on the cheek. "Yes, you wacky wicca. I was asking you."

"Goodie." Willow answered.

"Ahem." Spike wanted to get everyone's attention. "I know who I want to be my best…person also." He turned toward Dawn as he spoke.

"ME?!" The word was squeaked out. And then Dawn was across the room, throwing her arms around the vampire. "I'll make sure you're not sorry! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"OOOH! Does this mean we get to plan the bachelor parties?" Willow exclaimed.

"Bachelor parties?" Xander repeated.

"Well, yeah of course." Dawn answered. "I can plan Spike's and Willow can plan Xander's."

"Why can't we just have one party for the both of us?" Spike asked.

"That's not how it works!" Willow rebuked. "You can't go against tradition."

Spike smirked at her. "Pet, I think the fact that Xan's marrying a man, that also happens to be a vampire, may already be doing that." He smiled at his lover, who smiled back one of his goofy grins.

"Doesn't count." Willow stated absently, already working on ideas for the party. "Now you two shoo. Dawn and I have some major planning to do."

The boys were ushered out of the house, finding themselves standing on the front stoop before they knew what was happening. Shrugging, they shared a brief kiss before heading home.

3 Fittings

Xander was just wrapping the cummerbund around his waist when Spike walked in. He looked up at his lover, soon to be husband, and smiled.

"I don't think we're supposed to see each other in our tuxes before the wedding Spike." Xander admonished him.

Spike just stood a few feet away and raked Xan over with his eyes. Xander in a tux was a marvelous sight to behold. Without the jacket on he could see the tight dress shirt hugging his biceps as he maneuvered the silk around his waist. Spike felt his cock twitch in his own trousers and reached down to adjust himself.

Spike's tongue peaked out to wet his lips before speaking. "You're bloody gorgeous Xan." He whispered as he walked toward his fiance.

Xander gulped. He could see the hard bulge in Spike's pants and began calculating the cost of any damage they were about to do to the tuxes they were wearing. The predatory way Spike was stalking him gave away the fact that he wasn't getting out of that room without a good hard shag.

Spike saw Xander's eyes dart toward the dressing room door. "Don't worry luv, I've locked it good and tight." His voice was husky as he made his way over to the dark haired man. "No one's going to bother us Xan."

"Spike!" Xander backed away slightly, holding his hands out in front of him. "These are expensive tuxedos…" His voice trailed off as Spike reached out to grab him around the waist and haul him into his embrace.

Xander's reluctance dissipated as Spike brought their lips together. He could always get lost in Spike's kisses. They were somehow soft and rough at the same time. And they always carried a sort of urgent need in them.

"Mmm..ungh." Xander's happy sigh turned into a grunt of arousal as Spike thrust his groin into Xander's hip. Xander's own cock was beginning to fill and he felt the first delicious tingles that came with the knowledge that Spike would soon be inside him. His own hips began slowly thrusting into his lover as Spike's hands came up to unbutton him dress shirt.

For his part, Xander was already reaching down to unbutton and unzip Spike from his trousers. Their clothes slid off with practiced ease, Spike keeping hold of Xander's cummerband, an evil smirk on his lips.

"Spike?" Xander's expression was one of confusion. "What are you doing?"

"Hmm?" Spike let out the question in between nibbles on Xander's neck. "What's that luv?"

"What are you doing?" Xander tried again. "What's with my cummerband?"

"Oh this?" Spike held up the silky material absently, his lips now trailing down to one of Xander's nipples.

"Yesssss." Xander's answer turned into a hiss as Spike took a nipple in his mouth, gently licking then biting down on the pebbled flesh. While Xander was distracted, Spike's other hand came up slowly, the soft silk wrapped around it like a glove. He reached out and began to drag the material over Xander's other nipple causing the man to cry out and arch into the touch. "Fuck!"

"Like that luv?" Spike smirked at him.

"Plrgl." Xander answered. Spike's smirk got wider.

Slowly Spike began to run his silk covered hand all over Xander's sensitive body. He made sure to rub each nipple gently, and was rewarded with quiet shudders from his partner.

Xander's eyes remained closed the entire time. He was enjoying the fact that he had no idea where Spike was going to touch him next. His cock was so hard from the very idea that he thought he might explode if Spike got anywhere near his crotch with that heavenly silk. Suddenly Xander gasped, almost falling to his knees as Spike swiped the silk band over his puckered opening.

Spike caught Xander before he could fall. The reactions he was getting from Xander more than what he'd originally expected. But the idea that his boy was so aroused, so inflamed, that he couldn't even control his own body was enough to have Spike's own cock head weeping softly.

"Gotta have you now luv." Spike whispered urgently into his ear as he pulled out a small tube from his discarded trousers. He quickly squirted some slick into the palm of his uncovered hand and began to rub it up and down Xander's crack.

Slowly he pushed one digit in, twirling it around until Xander's muscles relaxed. He pulled out and squirted some more lube into his hand before inserting a second finger. "Yes Spike, more." Xander breathed out as Spike's fingers began to scissor inside of him. His hips began thrusting backward onto the questing fingers.

Spike began to pepper Xander's back with soft kisses as he continued to widen his opening. Xander's body was going into sensory overload. His back was arching into Spike's lips, begging for more contact, while his hips were desperately thrusting down onto the wriggling fingers inside him.

"Spike!" Xander cried out as Spike began to finger his prostate.

"Please." He was nearly weeping for more.

Spike pulled his fingers out, and then positioned himself at Xander's entrance. He pushed the head of his penis toward the hole and reveled in Xander's moans before pushing the tip through the tight ring of muscle. He pulled out quickly and then began to run the head of his cock up and down Xander's crack until the boy nearly broke down.

"Spike please!" Xander was on the verge of tears. "Fuck please! Don't tease me anymore. I need you inside. I need your cock in me. Please!" Xander was thrusting back trying to force the cock into his waiting hole.

Finally Spike was back at his opening, pushing his way through. He sighed in happy contentment when he felt Spike's balls brush against his ass. He gritted his teeth, trying not to come as Spike began to slowly pull back out, then plunge back into his slick tunnel.

Spike reached down and placed a soft kiss on Xander's neck, laving the area with his tongue. Xander shuddered and clenched his ass around Spike's girth. "Yeah luv. You're so tight around me." He continued to thrust in and out. "Feel so good. So warm and slick. So fucking incredible." Spike's voice was filled with awe and love.

"Gonna cum soon Xan. Cum with me luv." Spike began to thrust faster, his hips slapping into Xander's sweaty flesh. His silk wrapped hand came around to grasp Xander's erection and pump.

"Oh my god!" Xander cried. The feeling of the silk wrapping around his cock was incredible. Coupled with the sensation of being filled by Spike was too much. Xander began to cum, jetting out long streams of semen as he continued to flex and clench his muscles around Spike.

Hearing his lover's cries, and feeling Xander's muscles clench pushed Spike over the edge. His cock pulsed and he began to fill Xander's ass with cool jets of cum. The shudders ceased and he collapsed, making sure to roll off of Xan before crushing him completely.

They shared long lingering kisses, as Xan's heart rate slowed and returned to normal and Spike shook off his post-orgasmic haze. "So…you liked that did you?" Spike asked.

Xander smiled and nodded vigorously. "It felt incredible. While you were rubbing me all over I couldn't stop wanting it everywhere. And then when you started pumping my cock, I couldn't believe the feeling! It was like being inside you. All silky, cool, and tight. And to have you inside me at the same time…" Xander's voice trailed off. He could already feel his cock twitching again, but they really needed to clean up and get home.

"Come on." Spike stood and extended a hand to his love. "Let's get you home Xan."

Slowly they changed back into their regular street clothes. Xander took a look at the ruined mess of his cummerband as he put the rest of his tuxedo back in the plastic. "Ugh. Spike, what are we going to do with this?"

"We'll just buy it luv."

"Obviously! It's not like they're going to want it back like that." Xander made a face.

Spike smirked. "Well luv, buying it does come with at least one advantage."

"What's that?"

"We get to take it home with us."

The light bulb in Xander's head click on, and he felt his face flush, even as he stuffed the silky band into his jeans pocket.

"Next fitting we are so coming separately!" Xander admonished.

Spike's smirk got bigger as he stared at his lover until Xander flushed again after realizing what he'd said. "Whatever you say luv." Spike answered as he strolled out of the dressing room door.

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