Rating:  NC-17 (for the naughty sex parts)
Pairing: X/S
Spoilers:  None really.

Summary:  This is a happy X/S fic way back when they first met while Xan was in high school.  Mostly Xander's POV.

Dedicated to Hope who asked for a fic to cheer her up.  Don't listen to that loser!

Disclaimer:  I don't own anything.  Joss owns it all damn him!



Xander was drumming his fingers on the table nervously, shooting a querulous grin around the room.  Nothing up here.  Nope.  Not thinking about sexy bleached vamps.  Nope.  

Only nights before Xander had been trapped in this very library while said vamp was outside stalking his friends.  Giles had insisted he run for help, so he had gone out the back way in search of Angel, said vamp's sire.  Whatever the hell that was.

Things had not gone well.  The second they'd entered the school Angel had grabbed him and served him up to Spike.  Yeah.  Spike.  Cool name.  Angel had held him down his neck exposed to the world and offered him up.  Offered him up to the bleached blonde menace terrorizing their school.

That was Xander's first really good look at the guy. Vamp!  He was definitely a vamp.  Not that that was the first thing Xander noticed.  Nope.  The first thing Xander noticed were the cheekbones.  Too busy staring at those damn sexy cheekbones to worry about his fangs.  And then his eyes swept lower and took the lanky form covered with a supple black leather duster.  The duster framed his form and accentuated all his features.

Xander had swallowed hard, not wanting either vamp to notice that he'd gotten hard at the sight.  He mentally slapped himself at the thought.  This was a vamp for god's sake!  The fact that he was being offered as a tasty treat should have clued him in.  Should have terrified him, not aroused him!

Xander had run out of that hallway as fast as his legs could carry him.  He'd pushed past deadboy and slammed through the metal doors.  He was too busy running for his life to think anymore about what his reaction had been.  But once he'd gotten home, once the night had ended he couldn't think of anything else.  The Billy Idol wannabe would not leave his head.  It wasn't the first time he'd touched himself while thinking about another man.  But it was the first time he'd done it while thinking of a vamp.

Ever since that night he hadn't been able to stop thinking about it.  About him.  And now here he sat, twiddling his thumbs in the library and remembering that night.  The last few days had forced Xander to admit some things to himself.  His reaction to Spike had blown through him like a hot wave, and it hadn't lessened any since that night.  His thoughts were constantly on the vampire, and not in a "need to dust him" kind of way.  In fact, Xander had to admit that he had a crush.  An old fashioned, honest to goodness crush on the evil undead.

Xander heard some rustling to his left and turned swiftly, but not fast enough.  He found himself pinned to the table, his head held down and his arms trapped beneath him.  The hand on his neck was cool, and the flash of skin he'd seen before he'd been thrown down had been pale.  He gulped.

"Hello pet."  Spike drawled out.

Xander hardened immediately, blushing furiously.  "What do you want?"  He tried to sound demanding, but probably only sounded breathless.

"What do you think I want luv?"  Spike punctuated his question with a thrust of his hips.  His erection poked hard against Xander's ass, causing the dark haired boy to moan and press back against him.  "I can smell you pet.  Just like I did that night."

Xander's blush deepened.  He knew it!  Spike had known since that night what his reaction had been.  How hard he'd gotten, how aroused just being that close to him had made him.

"Are you g-going to drain me?"  Xander didn't want to sound scared, but he doubted that the vampire would believe he wasn't.

"Not if you're good pet.  Might want to keep you around for a bit."  Spike leaned forward and licked the salty sweat from the back of Xander's neck.  "Now what's your name luv?"

Xander shivered at the touch of Spike's cool tongue.  He could feel his cock leaking pre-cum at the thought of Spike touching him, licking him, tasting him.  "X-xander."  He answered quietly, already capitulating to the feelings coursing through him.

"Mmmm."  Spike breathed in the heady aroma of Xander's arousal.  "My Xanpet.  I like it."  Spike reached around and grabbed both of Xander's wrists.  He pulled them forward until the boy was holding onto the other side of the table, his knuckles white from the tight grip.  Then he slid his hand back down toward Xander's abdomen and reach underneath his shirt.  His hand made it's way up toward Xander's nipple, pinching and twisting once he found the pointy flesh.

"Ungh."  Xander writhed in the limited space he was allowed.  "Fuck yes!"  The sensations spinning through him were making him dizzy.  The sharp points of pain were mixed with pleasure as more blood flowed to fill his throbbing penis.

Xander felt as Spike's other hand came around to undo the button to his jeans.  The denim felt rough moving down his skin.  The cool air fell on his skin and it gave him a brief moment of lucidity.  What was he doing?  This was a vampire!  A bad, bad, bad vampire.  One that had only recently tried to kill them all.

And then Spike's hand was on his dick and all thoughts scattered.  The leaking fluid made his cock slippery and so he was able to easily thrust in out of the Spike's firm grip.  "Ungh.  Gods!  Tighter!"  He wanted more friction.

And then he was exploding his hot cum dripping all over Spike's cool fingers.  His breath was ragged as he came down from his climax to the feeling of Spike's now cum covered digits probing his virgin hole.  Xander shuddered and spread his legs wider.

His body tensed at the first breach, and he gasped at the sensation.  "Relax luv.  Let me in."  Spike whispered roughly in his ear.  Slowly the slight burning sensation subsided, leaving only a warm tingling behind.  The fingers moved back and forth slowly, first one, then two, and finally three.  At the first touch to his prostate, Xander howled.

"Like that luv?  Want to feel more Xanpet?  Want me inside you,
touching you there?"  Spike asked an incoherent Xander.

Xander was already half hard again, the new sensations he was feeling sky rocketing through his system and sending all the blood he had left soaring to his groin.  Xander only nodded, sobbing out in relief when he felt Spike's mushroom head pushing against his stretched opening.  He groaned when the head breached the first tight ring of muscle.  "Fuuuck!  Spike!"

"That's right pet.  Scream for me.  Beg me to fuck you."  Spike was all the way in now.  His balls resting against the skin of Xander's buttocks.  Xander waited for him to move, to thrust but he refused.

"Spike, please!  Please!"  Xander cried, tears forming in his eyes.  

"Please what Xanpet?  What do you want?"  Xander didn't have to look to see that Spike's smirk was pure evil.

"Move!  Fuck me Spike.  Please."  Xander sobbed.  "Please fuck me."  The last words were whispered on a harsh breath.

Xander heard Spike growl, and then the sensations were overwhelming him.  Spike's cock was thrusting in and out at a furious pace.  His balls slamming into Xander's backside, the smack echoing through the empty library.  Every now and then Spike's angle would be such that he would brush against Xander's prostate and make the
boy scream.  With each scream Spike's pace increased, until Xander knew he would have bruises.

Xander's newly risen erection was painful.  Overly sensitive from having just cum, the head was an angry purple and steadily leaking.  Each thrust made his penis ache, and his balls tighten.  Finally he felt the rush as his orgasm overcame him.  "Oh fuck yeah!  Spike!"  He screamed as another gush of semen spilled out of his body.  His anus contracted with each spurt, causing Spike's own orgasm to hit.  The vampire washed Xander's walls with his cool cum, until they both slumped to the floor spent.

Xander woke with a start when the library door banged open.  "Fall asleep again Xan?"  Buffy asked with an exasperated smile on her face.  "Sorry Xan.  Patrol ran late, but I dusted a new nest.  Nothing much to go over tonight.  I caught Giles on the way in and let him know.  You can go on home, we don't have any research tonight."  And with that she turned and walked back out the door.

Xander was still shaking his head groggily, looking around the room in confusion.   Had he dreamed it all?  Was he going crazy?  Was this what his crush was coming too, wet dreams in the library?  And then he saw it.  A small slip of paper lying folded, just under where his arm had been.  Unfolding it he sighed in relief.

Xanpet - Decided to keep you around for a bit.  Spike

Well, at least he wasn't crazy.

The End

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