The Contract


Part Six

Spike woke with Xander curled up beside him, his cheek resting on Spike's shoulder. Without thinking, Spike reached out and began to pet Xander's hair, letting his fingers run lightly through the soft strands. Xander murmured, but didn't move away.

He was hard, and he couldn't resist stroking himself with his free hand -- just enough to wet the tip, just enough to collect a few drops on his fingertips.

Then he raised his hand to Xander's mouth, groaning as Xander, still asleep, began to suck lightly.

“Oh, fuck,” Spike whispered as each pull of Xander's mouth on his fingers made his cock throb.

Xander's tongue was licking at him, soft and wet and warm, as if he couldn't get enough. Spike knew that it was probably a reflex, the sucking, Xander was still asleep after all, but that didn't make it any less hot. It didn't make Spike any less hard, either.

He still couldn't believe how perfectly his plan had turned out. How perfect Xander was for the role Spike wanted him to play, the role that Xander apparently wanted to play.

He slid from the bed, quietly so as not to wake Xan, and went out into the living room. He'd brought a bag with him, hidden inside his duster, when he'd followed Xander home last night. Spike had wanted to be prepared.

He found the bag and grinned, skin already tingling with arousal as he made his way back into the bedroom and onto the bed. He'd already retrieved the lube and placed it on the pillow beside Xander's head. Now he pulled the butt plug and the dildo he'd bought free and place those, too, on the pillow.

Then he leaned down and kissed Xander awake. Xander's lips were bitter from the precome Spike had spread there earlier, and his breath was foul, but Spike didn't care. He kissed Xander until the boy was moaning and clinging to him, pulling away with a tender but patronizing smile.

“Hungry again so soon, pet?” Spike whispered, hand gently petting Xander's hair as the boy flushed with embarrassment. Spike noticed, too, how Xander tried to shift and hide his erection. “Unh, uh, Xan,” Spike said, slapping Xander's thigh hard enough to make his legs fall open again. “Who do you belong to, pet?”

“You,” Xander said, but it was barely a whisper. If Spike hadn't had a vampire's hearing, he doubted he would have heard it.

“Who, luv?”

Xander cleared his throat. “You.”

“That's right,” Spike said sweetly, his hand rubbing at the red imprint he'd left on Xander's leg. It was still such a fucking thrill to be able to hurt again, to not have to hold himself, his demon, back anymore.

Xander's breath hitched as Spike shifted his hand a little higher.

“So, whose pretty little clitty is this?” Spike asked, curling his fingers around Xander's cock.

“C-clitty?” Xander looked cornered, eyes darting everywhere but at Spike.

“Yes, pet,” Spike cooed. “Makes you feel good, yeah? Your little love button, isn't it? Love it when -- ” Spike held his breath for just a second before continuing. “Daddy pets you there, yeah?”

“I -- “ Xander looked confused again, and Spike loved it. “It's not little,” he offered, half-heartedly, even as he arched into Spike's touch.

“Oh, pet,” Spike sighed. “You're perfect, you are. Just right for your daddy.”

“S-Spike?” Xander panted, eyes shuttering closed as his body gave into Spike's ministrations.

“Who, pet?”

“I, uhm, you?” Xander said, eyes blinking open slowly. Xander stared at him, and Spike saw the little wheels in his head turning. “D-daddy?”

“Yes, luv?” Spike answered as if Xander had never stumbled over the moniker. “Do you want daddy to make you feel good? Want him to rub your pretty little clit until daddy's fingers are wet and sticky with your come?”

“Oh, god.”

“Tell me, luv. Daddy wants to hear it.” Fucking hell, Spike was hard.

Xander shook his head, a mulish tilt to his mouth.

Inside, Spike grinned. He liked that Xander still had a little fight in him. Outside, he snarled, fingers tightening around Xander's erection a little too roughly. Xander grunted, body jerking at Spike's treatment.

“Please,” Xander said, something dark and sad in his eyes. “Don't make me do this, Spike,” Xander added softly.

Spike released Xander's cock, cupping Xander's chin instead. He rubbed his thumb along Xander's cheekbone, then leaned in for a kiss. He took his time, waiting until Xander relaxed beneath him, until Xander was chasing him for more kisses as he pulled away.

“Not making you do a thing, luv,” Spike said, gesturing toward the contract he'd lain on the bedside table last night. “You volunteered, remember?”

Xander blinked hard, then nodded slowly.

“Now, who am I?”

“Daddy,” Xander said without stuttering this time, though he lowered his eyes.

“And what do you want?” Spike kept his voice soft.

“I want to come.”

And Spike knew how true that was. The boy hadn't lost his erection the entire time he'd blushed and stammered and pleaded.

“Do you, pet?” Spike let his fingernails brush lightly over the sensitive head of Xander's cock.

“Yes,” Xander hissed. “P-please.” And this time Spike knew that the stammer was from arousal rather than shame or reluctance.

“Then tell me, pet. How? How do you want to come?”

“With... with your hands... rubbing... rubbing me,” Xander was babbling, thrusting against the light touch that Spike permitted. “Please, daddy.”

“Of course, luv,” Spike said. “Since you asked so nicely.”

Spike pulled away just long enough to lube the fingers of both hands. He used one hand to stroke Xander, to keep him on the edge, and pressed the others to his (probably) sore opening.

Xander sucked in a hard breath as Spike slid in down to the first knuckle.

“Daddy loves his baby's pussy,” Spike said hoarsely, as Xander began to really thrust. “So tight and hot. So hungry.”

Spike's eyes flitted briefly to the pillow and then back. He loved watching the way Xander's body swallowed his fingers, so desperate and ravenous. “Daddy's got some toys for you, pet. Gonna make you feel good and keep you ready for daddy all the time.”

Fuck.” Xander dragged the word out until it ended on a croak.

“That's it, pet. Come for daddy. Squeeze daddy's fingers with that hot little pussy.”

Xander groaned, gasping for breath as his body bowed at Spike's words. His cock pulsed in Spike's hands, come splattering Xander's still spasming body and Spike's fingers.

“Such an obedient little slut,” Spike praised. “Such a good baby girl.” He waited for Xander's reaction to that, only relaxing when Xander curled against him, still breathing hard.

“Now, pet,” Spike said, kissing Xander's temple and then shifting him onto his back again, spreading his legs. “It's daddy's turn,” Spike said, reaching for the dildo.

Part Seven

Spike took a moment to study Xander. Still hazy from his orgasm, he'd sprawled onto his back with his legs open, wanton and gorgeous. He was the epitome of debauched. Spike loved seeing him this way. He loved knowing that he'd been the one to make Xander lose control, that he'd been the one to make Xander admit what a cock whore he was, or wanted to be.

Grinning, Spike ran a blunt fingernail across Xander's inner thigh, watching as Xander trembled and spread himself even wider. Spike brought the tip of the dildo up to Xander's lips, making Xander's eyes fly open.

"Suck on it, pet," Spike said. "Get it nice and wet for daddy."

Obediently, Xander's lips parted and his tongue snuck out to lick the rubber cock head. He grimaced at the taste, but opened his mouth wide when Spike pressed the in first inch of the dildo.

Xander's eyes were wide now, his nostrils flared as Spike began to fuck his mouth with the toy. Spike reached to play with Xander's pussy, amused when Xander's eyes fluttered with the first thrust of two fingers. Spike slid his fingers in and out at a slow, steady rhythm, feeling hot and aroused at the sight of Xander taking a cock in his mouth and Spike's fingers ins his pussy. He was even more excited by the fact that Xander was enjoying it, even when Spike knew he wished he wasn't.

"That's it, luv. Fuck yourself. Such a pretty slut you are."

Xander whined around the cock, his eyes pleading.

Spike shook his head, leaning forward to lick at one of Xander's nipples. The boy jerked beneath him, arching involuntarily.

"Daddy loves playing with his new little fuck toy," Spike said, licking at the other nipple and pulling the dildo free from Xander's mouth. "Tell daddy how much his girl likes having her titties licked and sucked."

Color flagged both Xander's cheeks, his eyes bright with need. He was staring down at Spike, hard nipples asserting his desire, even if he momentarily refused to say the words.

Spike tsked at him and shook his head. "Thought you wanted to be a good girl, pet. Thought you wanted to be good for daddy."

"Spike, please," Xander begged.

"Such a disappointment, pet," Spike said, crowing silently when Xander's face fell. The boy looked crushed that he'd displeased. Spike dipped his head, biting down hard on Xander's nipple. He pulled back, stretching the sensitive flesh enough to make Xander cry out, back bowing.

Releasing Xander's nipple, Spike bit back a grin as he soothed the sore nub with his tongue. Xander was sobbing softly beneath him, cock already half-hard again.

"Now, one more time, pet. What do you want daddy to do to these sensitive little titties?" Spike bit the other nipple, softer this time, but still hard enough to sting.

"S-suck me, daddy!" Xander cried out. "Suck my titties, daddy, please. Suck me and lick me and m-make me feel good. Oh!" Xander sighed when Spike complied, suckling softly.

Spike sucked and bit and laved Xander's nipples until they were both so hard and sensitive that Xander's whimpers sounded more pained than aroused. "All right, pet," Spike said, pulling his fingers free from Xander's hole and slapping his thigh. "Up and on your knees, luv. Show daddy that sweet pussy."


Xander groaned, rolling onto his stomach and then lifting himself onto all fours. He spread his knees wider apart when Spike slapped him again, bending forward even further to open himself up.

"Lovely, pet."

Xander swallowed hard, jumping only slightly when the cold head of the dildo pressed against his opening.

"Push back, baby. Just like when you're taking daddy's cock. Open yourself up for me," Spike said, the low murmur sending a shiver down Xander's spine.

God, why did this make him so hard? How could he like this?

Xander groaned as the first two inches slide inside him, the burn and stretch not as bad as it might have been if Spike hadn't been finger fucking him for so long.

"You're a beauty, pet. Such a sweet slut for me. Love watching your hungry pussy swallow cock. Fuck, that's hot."

Xander thought it sounded more like Spike was talking to himself than Xander, so he tried to ignore the words, tried to ignore everything. But he couldn't ignore the dildo filling him, hitting him just right as Spike thrust it in all the way.

He moaned, and wished he could take it back, wished he could keep himself from reacting.

"All right, luv," Spike said, just letting the dildo rest fully in Xander's ass. "If you want to feel good, if you want daddy to tickle that sweet spot inside of you, you're going to have to show him. Want you to fuck yourself on the dildo, pet. Want to watch my girl being the cock hungry slut she is. Want to feel good, don't you, pet?" Spike's free hand was rubbing Xander's ass, caressing the curve of one cheek. "I want to watch as you stuff that sweet cunt of yours with cock."

Xander whimpered. Spike was going to make him do it all? Xander was supposed to fuck himself on the dildo, like it was his idea? Like he was the one who wanted it? Except, Xander's cock was hard and his skin felt hot and tingly. It did feel good, and he did want it. He wanted Spike to thrust it inside him, to make him see stars again.

A sharp sting, the flat of Spike's hand against his ass, brought Xander back to himself.

"Now, pet."

Xander nodded, and lifted himself a little higher on his elbows. He pushed back against Spike's hand, groaning loudly when the tip of the dildo hit his prostate. Then he pulled away and pushed back again, his ass tightening involuntarily as he found a rhythm that made his cock leak and his balls draw up.


Holy fuck, Spike was surprised he hadn't blown his load already. Xander was really enjoying it. He was moaning like the slut Spike kept calling him, leaving a dark, wet spot of pre-come on the sheets as he fucked himself on the rubber cock.

"Oh, luv," Spike said without even realizing it, one hand tightening around the base of his cock. He didn't want to come until he was inside the boy.

"Please," Xander moaned, and Spike could tell he was close, that the only thing keeping him from coming was the fact that he'd only just come so recently. He needed that little extra... something to push him over the edge.

"Beg for the real thing, pet. Beg daddy for his cock. Beg daddy to fill that hungry pussy. Such a slut, such a fucking whore." Spike growled the last, already pulling the dildo free as Xander's pleas began.

"Please, daddy, please. Oh, god!" Xander was rocking, hard and fast, whimpering as the dildo came free. "No, daddy, please. Need... need, please!"

Spike could tell Xander wanted to touch himself, wanted to strip his cock until he could soothe the sweet ache that Spike had caused.

"Go ahead, luv," Spike said, touching the head of his cock to Xander's hole. "Frig your clit while daddy fills your pussy." Then he thrust inside, sliding home in one sweet glide. Xander was hot and tight around him, stretched but still tight enough to grip Spike's cock, practically sucking the orgasm from his body.

Xander cried out, shuddering as he came. Spike thrust once, twice more and then he was spilling himself inside Xander. His cock pulsed, Xander's arse squeezing him again and again as aftershocks from his own orgasm wracked Xander's body.

Spike leaned over, covering Xander with his body and pressed a kiss to Xander's nape. "Good girl." Xander shuddered beneath him, the reaction satisfying Spike almost as much as his climax had.

He reached under the pillow for the plug that had rolled beneath. Then he slowly pulled free, plugging his come inside Xander's pussy before even a drop could escape.

"Daddy knows how to take care of his girl, doesn't he, pet? Gonna keep you full of daddy's come, let it sink into your skin and become a part of you, yeah? That what you want, girl?"

Xander whimpered and burrowed against Spike's side, burying his face against Spike's chest.

"Don't have to say it, sweet. Daddy knows."

Spike kissed Xander's crown, inhaling the scent of sweat and sex. Christ, he felt good. This was turning out even better than Spike had imagined.

Xander was fucking perfect.

Part Eight

Xander's pussy was full of come, the soft, rubbery nub of the plug sealing Spike inside of him. He wriggled a little, feeling the fullness of it.

Shame swamped him.

Xander had liked it. He did like it. Spike had made him hard, made him come like... like he never had before.

He wanted to hate Spike, but Xander knew that he couldn't blame Spike entirely, no matter how much he wanted to. He'd wanted Spike even before the contract.

Xander rolled over, curling in on himself. His cock was already half-hard again as he thought about Spike and the things he'd done. He reached behind himself and pressed lightly on the plug, gasping as it shifted inside him.

"What's this?"

Xander jerked his hand away and curled even further into himself.

"What an insatiable slut my girl is," Spike said. Xander couldn't help groaning as Spike pushed on the plug, much harder than Xander had been doing. "Such a hungry little cunt."

Xander blinked, feeling his eyes fill because he knew it was true.

"Say it, luv," Spike said, somehow knowing exactly how to humiliate Xander even further.

"I'm a hungry cunt," he said obediently, trying not to sniffle loud enough for Spike to hear.

"Hey, now," Spike said, pulling at Xander's shoulders until he was lying flat on his back.

Tears leaked when Xander's erection slapped against his belly. He tried to throw an arm over his face and turn away, but Spike wouldn't let him.

"Not supposed to cry, luv." Spike swiped at Xander's cheeks, his touch confusingly gentle. "Not unless daddy gives you permission."

"Sorry, daddy," Xander said, choking on a sob. He was done questioning Spike, even if he couldn't stop questioning himself. "I'm sorry," he said again, this time twisting until he could curl against Spike's side.

Spike was running his fingers through Xander's hair, crooning words too soft for Xander to hear. He was taking care of Xander, just like he said he would, just like a daddy was supposed to.

"'M a slut," Xander admitted, burrowing closer, rubbing himself against Spike's thigh. He snuffled, wiping his tears onto Spike's shoulder.

"That's right, luv," Spike said, petting the back of Xander's head. "And daddy's proud of you for admitting it."

"You are?" Xander said, feeling young and small. It felt as if Spike had known the truth all along.

"'Course, I am, pet. Such a brave girl to tell daddy what she wants. So smart, too, knowing what you need, understanding that you'll never be happy without daddy's thick cock stuffing that hungry pussy of yours."

Xander whimpered, nodding his head in agreement. "Daddy knew," Xander said, amazed that Spike had known all his secrets.

"That's 'cause daddies know how to take care of their sweet little sluts." Spike reached between Xander's legs to scratch a blunt nail over the crown of Xander's clit.

Xander cried out and arched into the touch.

"Now, luv," Spike said, using his thumb to swipe at the last of Xander's tears. "Know you're a dirty girl, but you don't have any nappies for daddy to change. So, daddy's going to give you a binky instead. You want that, luv?"

"Binky?" Xander said, automatically tilting his face up for a kiss. Spike obliged with a chuckle, pressing his lips to Xander's in a surprisingly chaste kiss.

"Something to suck on, yeah? Something to make my girl feel better."

"Oh," Xander said. He blushed, embarrassed for some reason that he hadn't understood.

"Such a pretty girl," Spike said, tracing a finger over Xander's cheeks. He kissed Xander again, this time teasing Xander's tongue with his own.

And then Spike as pushing on his shoulders, pressing him down until Xander's cheek rested against Spike's thigh. His daddy's cock was right there, close enough so that if Xander stuck out his tongue as far as it would go he could just lick the shaft.

Spike tapped on Xander's cheek. "Open up sweet girl."

Xander opened his mouth wide, closing his eyes and sighing happily when Spike pressed the head of his cock between Xander's lips. He closed his lips around the shaft and began to suckle, feeling almost immediately calmer as Spike's salty flavor burst across his tongue.

He didn't suck hard, didn't try to get daddy off. Daddy hadn't told him to and he'd said that this was to make Xander feel better. So, he just kept his eyes closed and suckled softly, letting the feel of daddy's cock and his own rhythmic sucking lull him.

"That's right, pet," Spike said, once again running his fingers through Xander's hair, letting his fingernails scrape Xander's scalp. It made Xander tingle, made all his muscles relax. "Baby girls need their binkies, yeah?"

Xander murmured agreement, never taking his mouth off daddy's cock. "Sleep now, luv. Daddy'll watch over you."

The knot in Xander's tummy loosened and he found himself doing exactly as daddy said. He could feel sleep stealing over him, the taste of daddy on his tongue, the feel of him all around.


Spike laughed softly when Xander's breathing evened out. Even in sleep his lips tightened every few seconds, suckling, just like a baby.

God, it was fucking hot knowing that Xander was sleeping with Spike's cock in his mouth. That he'd fully accepted his new role. He was Spike's slut, a baby girl whose mouth and pussy were there for nothing more than Spike's pleasure.

Spike dismissed the fact that he'd genuinely wanted to make Xander feel better. That the sight of Xander's tears had done something to Spike, made his chest tighten. It wasn't that he minded making Xander cry, but hell, he hadn't meant to do it just then. And just like he'd told Xander, the little cunt wasn't supposed to cry unless Spike willed it. Hell, he wasn't supposed to breathe, wasn't supposed to sleep or come or shit without Spike's permission.

Spike closed his eyes, letting himself enjoy the feel of Xander between his legs.

He fell asleep, Xander's mouth on his cock, not even realizing that he was still gently petting Xander's hair.


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