The Contract


Part One

Spike's lip curled in disgust as he watched them all together. They were laughing and teasing each other and ignoring him as if he were nothing more than a fly on the wall. The only time they ever acknowedged his presence was when they needed something. Needed his fists or his fangs or his fucking knowledge of the local demon scene.

Well, he had a surprise for them. He wasn't a fucking neutered pup anymore.

His eyes fixed heatedly on the boy. He'd filled out some lately, lost some baby fat and gained some definition. He remembered Buffy catching him eyeing Xander's new musculature once. Remembered her biting remarks. She'd thought he'd been eyeing a potential snack, she'd no idea what he really wanted. She'd taunted him with the fact that he'd never have any of them, never have Xander. He hadn't cared about the others. But Xander... hell, every time he'd seen the boy lately all he could think about was sinking his cock balls deep into that tight arse. Tearing into the warm flesh at his throat and drinking him down. He didn't want to drain the boy. Hell, no. He wanted him hot and hard and alive and fucking.

But, fuck if he didn't want at least a taste.

And now he was going to have it.


"What do you want fangless?" Xander asked when he found Spike leaning against the wall beside his door.

"Just need a place to kip for the night." Spike answered casually.

"And what makes you think I'll let you stay here?" Xander said. Not that he wouldn't, but he had to give the token resistance right? He didn't bother waiting for Spike's answer though, just unlocked the door and waited for Spike to follow. He didn't need an invite since this wasn't the first time Spike had had to stay the night. "And what was wrong with you tonight? Or lately for that matter." Xander shrugged off his jacket and tossed it onto the couch. "You've been mister broody, and I thought that title was already taken."

"Just been... thinking, luv." Spike said silkily, moving stealthily up behind Xander.

Xander frowned, turning at Spike's use of his token endearment. "Since when - ergh!" He didn't get to finish the thought because Spike had him pinned against the wall. "The hell?! Spike!"

Spike vamped, his eyes glowing yellow as he leaned in to press the tips of his fangs against Xander's throat. "I've got a proposition for you, Xan."

Xander's pulse tripled and his heart threatened to burst from his chest. "What are you doing? Spike you can't!" He said the words with more hope than conviction.

"Ah, but I can, luv. Have been able to for the past two months now."

"Two months?" Xander's throat went dry. "Then why haven't - ?"

"Why haven't I killed the lot of you?" Spike scraped Xander's skin, then licked at the red scratches he'd made. He smiled when Xander stifled a moan. "Been biding my time. Got me some minions, set myself up nice and smooth as the new Master."

"Oh, god." Xander wanted to kick himself. He'd actually begun to like Spike. He'd even been having naughty, bad, wrong thoughts about the vampire. And this whole entire time Xander had been waking up in a sweat from dreams of creamy pale skin, Spike had been planning their painful, torturous deaths. He closed his eyes and turned his head, inadvertently giving Spike even more of his neck to nibble and taste. "Just... don't turn me, please." Xander's whisper was laced with a kind of resigned desperation.

"Not gonna turn you, luv." Spike licked a long line up Xander's throat, then bit almost playfully at his jaw. "Not yet, anyway." He couldn't resist taking Xander's mouth in a bruising kiss, stroking his tongue in for a nice long taste. He smiled against Xander's lips when he felt a distinctive bulge against his belly. "Got a proposition for you, in fact."

"A p-proposition?" Xander repeated dumbly.

"Yeah." Spike lay a wet kiss beneath the shell of Xander's left ear. "Got a pack of my boys watching each and every one of your girls. Got another set for the Watcher. One word from me and they'll... go for the throat, so to speak." Spike smiled at his own cleverness. "Slayer might get away." He shrugged, knowing it for the truth. Even outnumbered twenty to one chances were Buffy would make it out alive. "But the others. Willow? Sweet, shy Tara?" Spike kissed Xander's temple, his hand snaking between their legs to cup Xander's groin. "Dawn?"

For a moment Xander had actually believed him. He knew Spike had no qualms about killing Buffy, or even Giles. But, Dawn? Xander stopped himself before he could shake his head in disbelief. Spike obviously wanted him to believe the threats, wanted him to hear whatever it was Spike had to say. "What do you want, Spike?"

For one long eternal moment Xander felt the heavy weight of Spike's gaze on him. It was so intense it felt almost like a physical caress. "You, Xan. I want you."

"Excuse me?" Even though his cock was hard and heavy in Spike's hand, and his skin was wet from kisses, Xander couldn't quite believe his ears.

"You heard me." Spike squeezed and Xander yelped as the vise-like grip clamped around his cock. "I want you. Your body. Your mind. Your fucking soul. I want it all." Spike grit his teeth against the surging lust pounding through him. He wanted Xander, yes, but he wanted him willing, damn it.

"I - " Xander paused, confused. "The chip's gone, right? Why... " Xander wasn't even sure why he was asking this, but he felt compelled to know. "Why don't you just take it? Me?"

"Because I want you willing, Xan. Want to own you. Possess you." Spike growled, grinding his hips against Xander's. "Want you to obey every fucking word from my lips. If I ask you to crawl naked through the apartment on the end of my leash, I want you to drop to your fucking knees." Spike explained, shuddering at the image he described.

"You... you want to own me?" Xander squeaked.

"Hell, yes." Spike answered hoarsely. "And if you agree and you do as I say, I promise to leave the others alone."

"The others? But you'll keep killing random people on the street?" Xander asked, his cock throbbing at the thought of Spike's obvious desire. He wanted to just drop to his knees right now, except for the nagging thought that Spike would be killing other innocents, even if Xander knew he could never hurt Dawn or Willow.

"Is that what you want, Xan? Want me to promise not to kill at all? Then you'll be mine? You'll agree to be mine completely? To let me fuck you? Take you? Use you? And to never let another person touch you again?" Spike was breathing, practically panting, at the thought.

"Yes." Xander mouthed the word, his voice completely deserting him. His cock was so hard he didn't think he'd be able to get the zipper of his jeans down around the throbbing bulge. This was like all his fantasies come to life. Except for the hard edge to Spike's voice, the glint of something... cold in his eyes. Did Spike really want him? Or was this just a game the vampire was playing to get back at Buffy? Use one of her friends. Humiliate and hurt him. Maybe, if Xander was good Spike would start to actually have feelings for him. Would actually start to like him the way Xander had started to like Spike.

Whatever the reasons, whatever the outcome, Xander had made his choice and he supposed he'd live or die by it.

Part Two

Xander was in shock. There were so many things about tonight that he couldn't quite make himself believe. The contract was just one tiny part of it. His finger ached where he'd had to prick it. And god, how B-movie was it that he'd actually just signed something in blood? But at least he'd made Spike sign, too. And he'd added one or two clauses for himself. He'd just wanted to be sure that Spike kept his promises. Not that Xander could even be sure the contract was binding to Spike with Xander's hastily scrawled additions. But even though Xander didn't feel any different, he knew the contract would be binding for him. Knew that Spike must've had all his ducks in a row to have waited two months before making a move.

The contract basically stated that Spike owned Xander. That Xander had no say in how his body was used, displayed, or otherwise engaged. The last part worried him a little because did that mean Spike could pimp him out to his demon buddies? It sure sounded like it. God, Xander hoped that wasn't what Spike wanted. Hadn't he said something about nobody else ever touching Xander again? Did he just mean nobody else of Xander's choosing?

"Get naked." Spike's voice was rough, like an old man who'd been smoking cigarettes more than half his life.

Xander's hands shook as he stripped. He was still half hard, and his skin burned with shame that he wanted Spike even when he was being treated like a slave. He crossed his arms over his chest, burying his hands in his armpits self-consciously.

"Don't do that." Spike slapped at his arms. "Want to see you. All of you. You're never to hide your body from me. Do you understand?"

Xander nodded miserably, his cock twitching against his thigh. His arm stung where Spike had slapped him and for the first time it finally sank in that Spike could actually hurt him now.

"Go sit down in the arm chair by the telly." Spike said, not bothering to make sure Xander obeyed. He knew he would. He turned to stare down at the contract he'd forced Xander to sign. God, he hadn't believed the boy would actually do it. Christ, the contract wasn't even legitimate. It took more than a signature in blood to make the contract mystically binding. There were spells Spike would have to cast. But he wouldn't. He knew Xander didn't need them. That Xander would think the contract bound him to his word and the human mind being what it was... the contract would. Because Xander believed it. And it would be an extra thrill for Spike knowing that Xander really was willing, whether he knew it or not.

He folded the piece of paper carefully and stuck it into the pocket of his duster then followed Xander out to the living room. Xander was seated primly on the edge of the chair making Spike smile. "Not like that, luv. All the way back now." Without meaning to, Spike's voice had become tender, instructional. "Now spread your legs. Wider, pet. Over the arms, yes, lovely." Spike stood back to stare down at him. Spread open like that, with his cock hard the red-veins pulsing up and down its length -- Christ, the boy looked good. He could even see the shadowy puckered entrance, if he tilted his head just a bit.

"Now, just let me look, luv. You're mine now, yeah? To look my fill. Want to see that lovely cock of yours. Been dreaming of it, I have." Spike added absently as he took a seat on the couch opposite Xander. "Embarrassed, Xan?" Spike asked, noting the flushed skin and the sweat on Xander's upper lip.

"I -- yes," Xander croaked.

"No need, luv. You're beautiful like this. Gonna have you like this anytime I want. Spread your cheeks for me, luv. Want to see my beatufil new pussy." Spike laughed when his dirty words made Xander's skin flush even deeper, even as the boy spread his arse open for Spike's inspection.

Spike couldn't resist pulling his cock out of his jeans and stroking once, twice. Xander moaned as he did, and Spike smiled. "You like looking, too, Xan, don't you?"

Xander didn't answer, but he didn't have to.

"Play with yourself." Spike's hoarse voice suddenly demanded.

Xander hesitated for just a moment then wrapped trembling fingers around the base of his shaft. He stroked up, his eyes closing automatically at the sensation.

"Open your eyes! Look at me!" Spike nearly shouted. He didn't want Xander pretending he was alone. Ignoring Spike.

Xander's eyes snapped open, narrowing onto Spike's face as he stroked down. Up and down, up and down, until Xander was breathing heavily, his cock slick and wet with his own juices.

"Now your pussy, Xan. Play with that hot little cunt. Press your fingers in, pretend it's my cock fucking you." Spike's voice was rough and raw with desire.

Xander groaned, so confused over his feelings. He was ashamed. Ashamed and aroused and utterly, utterly confused. But he obeyed. One thick finger pressed at his opening and he fought not to close his eyes as he pressed the blunt tip inside. Even just that much hurt. Burning it's way past the tight ring of muscle. He groaned, mostly in pain.

"Stop." Spike knew it was hurting him. A part of him thrilled at it, but the other part wanted to make it easier, wanted Xander to love it so much he'd never want to stop. "Suck on your fingers first. Get them wet. Nice and sopping, luv." When Xander was ready, Spike directed him to try again.

This time the finger sunk down to the first knuckle with little more than a bit of stretching. Xander groaned again, surprised at the feeling of fullness rather than any undue pain. "That's it. So amazing, Xan. So hot. Finger fuck yourself. Yeah. In and out. A bit faster now." Spike instructed, his own hands moving roughly over his cock as he watched. "Add a second now. Know it hurts, pet. Just do it. It'll feel good in a moment."

Tears of humiliation wet Xander's cheeks. But god, it did feel good. And his cock felt ready to burst. And Spike's words had turned less harsh and more tender. Xander couldn't call them sweet because they were dirty, dirty words. But they didn't have that hard edge to them anymore.

"Now reach for that sweet spot, Xan. A little further, press in, baby, all the way." Spike felt the first bubble of pre-come wetting the tip of his cock. He knew the moment Xander touched his prostate, saw the boy stiffen and jerk, his balls tightening in the cradle of his thighs. "Stroke it, pet. Come for me."

"Spike!" Xander gasped as the world went white and stars burst in his vision.

Part Three

Spike fondled his cock as he watched Xander's chest rise and fall with each long, heavy breath. Christ, the boy had looked good -- his face flushed, his eyes bright -- as he came. His come was still dotting his belly, a few of the drips falling to the chair, Xander's legs still spread wide over the arms.

"Clean yourself up." Spike's voice was hoarse. He forced himself to remain calm, to keep his body relaxed, though there was nothing he could do about his hard-on. And when Xander began to shift as if he were going to leave his seat, Spike immediately halted him. "No."

Xander looked up confused, his orgasm leaving him hazy and a little dazed. "I thought you wanted me to clean up."

"I do." Spike said. "Use your fingers. Then lick them clean. Want to watch you taste yourself."

Xander's face exploded with heat. "I... I can't do that."

"I don't believe you're allowed to say that to me, luv."

"But... " Xander couldn't deny how turned on it had made him to have Spike's eyes on him while he masturbated, but... he couldn't. He'd never done anything like that before. Never... tasted his own... "Spike, please."

"Are you breaking the contract already, Xan? Going back on your word?" Spike arched a brow at him. "I guess that means I don't have to keep my word either, then, yeah?"

"That's not fair!" Xander said angry, and a little hurt.

"What's not fair? I thought the terms of the contract were pretty clear, luv. You tell me what you think I've done wrong. Have I broken any of the agreements on my side?"

"It's only been a few hours!" Xander said, knowing that Spike hadn't yet had time to go out and kill or do any of the other things he'd promised not to.

"Exactly. And you've already broken your part of the agreement."

How ridiculous was it that Xander was having a screaming contest with Spike while he was naked, his legs spread wide, exposing himself to the vampire. He sat, chest heaving as he fumed. Though Spike was technically correct, Xander hated him for it. And maybe he hated himself a little, too.

He'd agreed to Spike's terms, not fully believing that Spike would enforce them so strictly. And why hadn't he believed it? Because he'd liked Spike. And somewhere, deep down inside, he'd thought that maybe Spike liked him, too. Obviously he was just a stupid sex toy. Something Spike would use for his own pleasures, with the added bonus of taking them out on one of the Slayer's friends.

Realization sunk in and Xander gave in. Without another word, he trailed one finger through the sticky, swiftly congealing come on his belly and then raised it to his lips. He closed his eyes, trying to pretend he was anywhere else, doing anything else. He gagged at the first taste of it on his tongue, bitter and salty and gross. He heard Spike's groan and the softly whispered command to continue.

It seemed to take hours to eat it all, and by that time Spike was panting roughly. When Xander opened his eyes, Spike's return gaze nearly scorched him. Blue eyes were half-lidded with lust, the red tip of his cock was wet with pre-come and his balls were hanging low and heavy. "Come here." Spike demanded and Xander found himself sliding off the chair and crawling to Spike's side.

"Lick my balls." Spike cupped them and offered them to Xander. Despite the curling resentment he felt in his gut, Xander couldn't help the twinge of arousal the sight caused. He leaned in and gave the sac a tentative lick, arousal swelling at the growl the action forced from Spike's chest.

"Take them in your mouth, Xan. Suckle them." Xander hated that Spike's orders brought even more lust forth. He opened his mouth wide and let Spike stuff him full of the sensitive sac. He sucked softly, then sharpened it when Spike gasped.

They tasted sweat-salty, the wrinkled flesh soft against his tongue. He pursed his lips, tightening them around the base of Spike's ball-sac and pulling away just the tiniest bit. Spike groaned and he did it again. Then he released them completely and licked at first one then the other until Spike's hips were thrusting uncontrollably.

"Stop." Spike moaned, and Xander straightened up and away from him, sitting back on his haunches.

"Just like that, luv. Stay still and perfect for me, yeah?" Spike jacked his cock, pointing the tip toward Xander's face. Xander closed his eyes, knowing what was coming, only to yelp and open them again when Spike pinched one of his nipples hard. "Look at me. Want you to know whose come you've got dripping down your cheeks." Spike said harshly, just as the first splatter of come landed across the bridge of Xander's nose.

Four or five spurts later and Xander's face was dotted with white, fat globs of come dripping slowly down his skin. "Beautiful." Spike said, leaning down to kiss Xander's lips, tasting himself in the process. "Marked you good and proper. Got my scent, my come, sinking into your skin now. Gonna be a part of you, luv. Always going to be mine, and now everyone will know it."

Xander felt tears mix with the come as his cock hardened and Spike massaged the sticky fluid into his skin.

Part Four

Spike had granted Xander the luxury of a shower. He could hear the water running, could picture his boy, his boy, slick and shiny with soap. Spike was tempted to join him. Tempted to finally take Xander's sweet arse, but he didn't. He'd seen the surprise in Xander's eyes when he'd granted permission for the wash, had known that Xander hadn't expected any concessions. But he knew that no matter how long Xander scrubbed or how hot the water ran, Xander would never be rid of his scent. Xander was his, would always be his.

Spike adjusted the erection his thoughts had conjured up.

Yeah, Spike was going to fuck Xander tonight, no question. He was going to spread those sweet cheeks and take what was his.

He ignored the tug he felt to wipe that look of misery he'd seen on Xander's face away. He replaced the image in his mind with the sight of wide brown eyes and flushed cheeks covered with come. Spike shuddered, palming himself as he waited for Xander to reappear.

When he did, he was shivering, despite the towel wrapped around his waist.

"What are you doing boy?" Spike demanded.

"What?" Xander looked so clueless and confused that Spike almost felt sorry for him.

"Did I tell you that you could wear a towel?" He raised a brow as he nodded at the offending material. "I told you. I like looking at you," Spike said, unable to stop his voice going just a little softer when he added the word, "Pet." Spike felt that endearment ridiculously appropriate for Xander, for the role Xander was now going to play.

"S-sorry, Spike," Xander said, and Spike mentally kicked himself for moving to Xander's side so swiftly. He placed a hand over Xander's before he could release the knot in the towel.

Spike leaned in to lick a wet line across Xander's throat as he surreptitiously worked the knot and dropped the towel. His cock throbbed at the way Xander's eyes automatically closed and his head fell backward to give Spike more access.

"From now on, when we're alone in the apartment, you'll go naked. Understand, pet?"

"Yes," Xander breathed, leaning into Spike's kisses.

Spike laughed and pulled away, watching the shame darken Xander's eyes. "Do you know why, luv?" He waited until Xander shook his head, eyes downcast. Then he reached out and put a finger to Xander's chin and forced him to meet Spike's gaze. "Because I want you to."

Even without looking he knew that Xander's cock jerked at that.

Inwardly, Spike marveled at all of Xander's responses. He'd known he could make the boy like it, make him beg, but it had seemed almost from the very beginning that Xander had already wanted it. Spike had felt the hard bulge of Xander's erection from the moment he'd pressed him against the wall, before he'd even explained how things were going to be from now on.

“All right,” Spike said, slapping the curve of one of Xander's pale cheeks. Xander yelped, so Spike left his hand there, rubbing lightly to smooth the sting, grinning when Xander shuddered at his touch. “Into the bedroom now, pet. Want to see you stretched out on that big bed of yours.”

“S-Spike.” Xander's voice was shaky, but his cock was already half hard as Spike pressed him toward the bedroom.

“Shh,” Spike whispered, leaning in so that his breath tickled Xander's ear. “Promised didn't you, luv? Want to keep your girls safe, yeah? The Watcher, too. 'Sides, saw how much you liked it. How hard you came with your fingers right,” Spike said, letting his own play in the crease of Xander's arse. “Here.” Spike pressed just the tip of one finger against Xander's entrance, hearing Xander's breathing go hot and heavy with the touch.

“'S my turn now, pet,” Spike said, just as they reached the foot of Xander's bed.

“Your turn?” Xander asked, voice still trembling.

“To fill that pretty pussy,” Spike said, guiding Xander onto the bed.

Xander scrambled onto the far side, against the headboard, eyes wide as he stared at Spike's erection. “Spike, I don't... “ Xander looked at him pleadingly. “Please?”

“Please, what, luv?” Spike ran his tongue over his teeth as he followed Xander, placing a hand on Xander's naked thigh. “Not gonna hurt you, Xan,” Spike coaxed, reaching for the lube he'd put on Xander's bedside table while the boy had been showering.

“Can't I... don't you... Spike,” Xander was babbling, but he didn't really try to fight Spike when he reached to part Xander's legs. “I'll suck you!” Xander said all in a rush, almost shouting the words. “I mean, don't you want me to?”

“'Course I do, pet,” Spike said, willing to let Xander stall for just a few more minutes. Even though the chip was gone and Spike didn't have to worry about any payback if he hurt the boy, he still wanted him willing. Wanted to hear Xander beg and moan. Wanted to see him writhing and desperate. He leaned back against the headboard and spread his thighs, grinning when Xander moved tentatively to take Spike in his mouth. “Such a pretty cocksucker. Always knew you'd be a good one, luv. Knew that once you got a taste, you'd be hungry for more. Isn't that right, pet? My very own cock hungry whore, yeah?”

Xander moaned, Spike's cock pulsing and throbbing at the vibration even though Xander had only taken the head in so far. Spike wanted to laugh out loud at the way Xander lapped up the dirty, debasing words Spike was spouting. He knew that Xander was afraid, had seen the look in Xander's eyes when he'd been staring transfixed at Spike's cock. But he also knew that Xander wanted it, had seen that look, too.

Spike groaned when Xander forced himself to more of Spike's shaft, going down just about a quarter of the way.

“That's it, pet. Such a good boy, good little slut. Suck on me now, pet. Just like that. Yes, luv.” Spike's fingers curled around the back of Xander's head, pressing him forward, urging him on. Spike rocked his hips a little, thrusting up into Xander's mouth, watching as Xander's eyes began to glaze with lust. “Oh, pet,” Spike moaned, feeling his body tighten with need.

He pulled away, pressing Xander onto his back and tasting himself on Xander's lips. Fucking Hell, it was good.

“Gonna fuck you now, pet,” Spike said, rubbing himself against Xander's own erection as he played . “Feed that hungry cunt all the come it wants, yeah? Make you beg and moan and come with my cock inside of you.”

Spike lubed a single finger, pressing it to Xander's hole, teasing him.

“You want that, don't you, luv? Want to have my cock stuffing your hot little cunt?” Spike asked as he scraped the tip of his finger over Xander's prostate.

“Oh, god,” Xander gasped, arching.

“Well, pet? Tell me you want it. Tell me you want me fucking that pretty pussy,” Spike said, already so hard and ready he was aching.

“Oh, god,” Xander said again, pressing back against Spike's finger now. “Spike, I... god.”

“Tell me,” Spike demanded, pulling back and adding a second finger.

“Yes!” Xander said, as Spike thrust in fast and hard.

Part Five

It burned. That thought kept circling in Xander's head, but it didn't stop him from moaning and pushing back against Spike's fingers. Because, yeah, it burned, but whenever Spike's fingers touched that spot, that place deep inside him Xander actually saw stars.


“Yes what, pet?” Spike's voice was silky and soft. It made Xander shiver, made him feel as if the words were some kind of... caress.

“I... “ Xander gasped. Xander couldn't understand how Spike was making him so... so crazy. Yeah, he'd had wayward thoughts about what it would be like to maybe kiss, or, you know, do other stuff with Spike, but this was insane. Spike's fingers were in his ass, and soon Spike's cock would be there, too. And Xander had never thought about what it would be like to have Spike own him this way.

Xander groaned. It was so wrong.

“Say it, Xan,” Spike demanded, husky and low, as he pulled his fingers free and began to coat his cock with lube.

“Oh, god,” Xander said again, shaking his head. He wasn't even sure what he was saying no to, or if he was just trying to shake his thoughts loose. “I don't... what? What do you want me to say?” He was breathing heavily, and he could feel the sweat beading on his upper lip. Xander licked it away, eyes darting to Spike's when he heard Spike's moan.

“I want you to tell me what you want,” Spike said, leaning in to press his lips to Xander's throat. “Want you to tell me what you want here.” Spike's fingers twisted and pressed until Xander was gasping. “What you want stuffing that hungry little cunt of yours.”

Xander bit down hard on his tongue, tasting blood as Spike spread his ass, adding another finger.

Spike pulled back from Xander's throat with a jerk, his nostrils flaring and his eyes immediately going to Xander's mouth. He growled, the sound sliding down Xander's spine like molten lava, and then he lunged for Xander, his tongue invading Xander's mouth in a brutal kiss. Copper and spice, Xander lost himself in the hungry way that Spike was tasting him.

Xander didn't realize his arms had circled around Spike until he pulled away and groaned in Xander's ear. “Fuck yeah, luv.” Spike's whisper was broken as he arched against Xander. It was only then that Xander realized he was digging his nails into Spike's back, begging without words for more.

“Knew you'd taste fucking sweet, pet,” Spike said, licking his lips, eyes hot and blazing as they traced the curve of Xander's mouth. His fingers slid free, slick and strange as he pulled out so slowly that Xander couldn't help but close his eyes and inhale sharply. “Gonna be so good, Xan,” Spike purred, lifting Xander's ankles to his shoulders.

Spike.” Xander had been floating on a wave of lust and pleasure, but now panic began to seep back over the edges.

“Shhh, pet,” Spike soothed, eyes licking their way up and down the length of Xander's naked flesh, before his fingers followed in their wake. “Don't pretend you don't want it, luv.” Spike's knowing smirk made Xander blush. “I've seen you watching me. Wanting me,” Spike said, hand circling the base of Xander's cock and making him jerk in surprise and arousal. “Bet you've dreamed about having my cock splitting you open. Dreamed of how it would feel to ride me, grinding that sweet pussy onto the only thing that can scratch that itch for you.”

“H-how,” Xander stammered. Xander's mind reeled. He'd barely even acknowledged the dreams to himself...

“How did I know, pet?” Spike said, the tone of his voice suddenly making Xander feel small and vulnerable. “Because Spike knows how to treat hungry little cock sluts like you, luv. Knows how you think, what you need. Knows how to give it to you.” Spike pressed the head of his cock against Xander's hole, making Xander's own cock twitch and swell.

Xander couldn't speak, couldn't do anything but whimper as Spike pushed in, the hot burn of it making him go breathless and dizzy. Spike's fingers slid up and down Xander's shaft, the sensation coupled with the sudden swift thrust of Spike's hips too much.

Xander cried out as every muscle in his body spasmed.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck.” Xander was babbling the words, his voice going high and crackling as Spike began to push and pull, the stinging pain of it broken by sparkling bursts of pleasure as Spike hit his prostate again and again.

Spike shifted, maneuvering Xander so that his legs wrapped around Spike's waist. Xander moaned as his eyes shuttered closed, and he felt the scrape of Spike's fangs along his throat. “That's it, luv. Open up for me. Fuck that pussy onto my cock.”

Xander hadn't even realized he was pushing back, that he was reaching to meet each of Spike's thrusts.

He felt a sharp sting as Spike's fangs pricked his skin. Xander wanted to push him away, wanted to yell and scream in protest, but somehow he found himself urging Spike on instead, his heels digging into the small of Spike's back.

“Such a slut,” Spike said with a soft laugh. “Knew you'd be a little cock whore. Hungry for it, aren't you, pet?”

“I... no, I don't... “ Xander said, but his body kept betraying him. He reached for his cock, desperate to come as Spike began to lap at the small punctures he'd made in Xander's neck.

“Can't fool me, pet.” Spike said, smoky and low. “I see you playing with your little clitty. Dying to get off, are you, Xan?”

Oh, god. Why did it make his cock jerk when Spike said things like that to him? Xander whimpered, blinking away the sting of tears as he nodded at Spike's words.

“Go ahead then, pet. Frig yourself. Want to feel you come around my cock, squeezing me with your tight, hot pussy.”

The whine that started in the back of Xander's throat was a surprise, but it only got higher and louder as his hand flew over his cock in fast, tight strokes. Spike thrust in again and again, his fangs digging deeper into Xander's flesh.

A hot rush of arousal swamped him as he felt the hard suction of Spike's mouth at his throat.

“Come for me, pet. Come now,” Spike commanded and Xander couldn't do anything but comply.

His hips bucked and his cock pulsed in his hand as he shot spurt after spurt of come all over his hand and belly. Spike growled, pounding into Xander over and over until Xander couldn't hear anything but the thunder of his own pulse as Spike came inside of him.

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