Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: NC-17.
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Summary: Spike catches Xander unawares. And then the tables get reversed.
Spoilers: None really, just another PWP, takes place after Hells Bells though because I wanted Xander in his new apartment, not the basement.
Warnings: BDSM. Lots of it.
Notes: Not sure about a sequel to this. Iíll write one if anyone wants one.



Part One

Oh god, he was so hard! Xander grasped himself roughly, jerking on his aching cock. He groaned at the slight twinge of pain mixed with the pleasure his callused hands provided. It felt like he'd been a walking hard-on for days now. Every time he closed his eyes he pictured the same thing. The same body. He slumped further in his seat, laying his head onto the back of the comfortable sofa, his eyes closed while he ran through the fantasy in his mind.

He could picture the scene perfectly. He'd walk into his apartment, weary after a long day at the site. The room would be dark, darker than it should have been. Glancing up he'd see the curtains had been drawn, and the fading sunlight had been blocked out. Tilting his head he'd walk over toward the windows, intent on re-opening the drapes, when he'd hear a small rustling sound to his right. Turning he'd see him there. Spike.

Xander sped up the rhythm of his hand, moaning slightly as he engrossed himself in his dream lover. Dribbles of precum oozed from his tip as he continued his ministrations. The salty liquid easing the shallow thrusts his hips made into the tight tunnel his fingers had created.

In his mind, the fantasy played on. Xander would walk toward the couch, the pale smooth skin of his lover gleaming in the darkness pervading the room. His fingers would itch to touch, exploring every silky expanse available. The vampire would be lounging naked, legs spread, hands rubbing leisurely over his hardened cock. Xander's own cock would be hard and pressing against the crotch of his tight jeans by now.

Xander's mouth would begin to water the closer he got to his prize, his eyes riveted to the smooth pillar of flesh jutting out from between Spike's muscled thighs. Dropping to his knees, he'd push Spike's hands away, blushing slightly at the vampire's wry chuckle, but intent on his goal. Slowly he'd lick his lips, bringing them down to encase just the head. His tongue snaking out briefly to dip into the slit, already oozing fluid.

Spike would groan and thrust into Xander's hot mouth, begging for more. Xander could almost hear the growl the vampire would emit, and feel Spike's cool hands grabbing his head and pushing down. Trying to force as much flesh into Xander's willing mouth as possible.

Breaking away from the fantasy for a moment, Xander allowed one hand to wander up to his chest, while the other dropped down to his balls. He pinched at his distended nipples, wanting to feel the slight burn of pain. His other hand kneading and massaging his sac.

"Oh, fuck!" The harsh whisper escaped Xander's lips. Wanting to end his own torment, Xander grasped himself with both hands and turned his mind back to fantasy Spike.

Back in the fantasy, Xander was no longer fellating Spike. Now, Spike had gotten impatient and pushed the boy off him, and onto his back. Xander could almost feel the slight rug burn from the carpet beneath him. Spike's fingers circled Xander's quivering hole, while Xander held his breath.

In reality, Xander's own finger was circling that same quivering hole. The tip of his middle finger dipping past the ring ever so slowly.

By now fantasy Spike had two fingers rubbing up and down his slick channel. Xander's hips were bucking, trying to impale themselves on Spike's cool digits. Finally, Xander sobbed with relief, as Spike began to push the head of his penis past the ring of tight muscle.

As Xander's imaginary lover penetrated his body, the finger that had been playing around his opening plunged in and pressed hard against his prostrate. Xander cried out, "Spike!" and came hard. His dick spurting cum onto his exposed thighs and bits of the carpet in front of the couch as well.

Xander was still reeling from his orgasm, when he felt a cool hand press down on his overheated thigh. His eyes flew open and he reared back when he saw the object of his fantasy smirking down at him. "S-s-spike?" He asked, voice squeaking. Had Spike just caught him masturbating while thinking of the bleached wonder? Fuck! He tried to pull away, but the vampire would have none of it.

"Hello, pet." The hand that had been pressing lightly on Xander's thigh moved. He watched in fascination as Spike dipped one long slender finger into Xander's spent cum, and then brought that finger to his lips. "Dropped by for a little snack." The vampire stated just before sucking that lone finger in and licking Xander's juices off. "Didn't know you'd have such a nummy treat for me."

In fact, Spike hadn't known Xander would be home at all. He'd thought the boy would be at the magic box, which is why he'd come by, hoping to make off with some of Xander's Jack, or at the very least find something in the whelp's bloody apartment he could pawn off to Willy. Instead he'd found him hard, horny, and apparently wanking off to thoughts of the Big Bad himself.

He smirked when he noticed Xander's spent cock twitching, while he licked up and down his wet finger. Good. He wanted the boy hard and ready again. Spike's own cock had risen the moment he'd entered the apartment and heard the whelp moaning. He'd almost cum when he walked into the living room and saw the state the boy was in.

"Thinking of me, luv?" Spike asked, as he let his fingers drift down to Xander's lengthening penis.

Xander jumped at the feel of foreign fingers along his sensitive flesh. "W-what are you doing?"

"Only what you want me to do, luv." Spike answered, shrugging out of his duster. He knelt on the floor before Xander, and took the soft cock into his mouth. Just for the thrill, he vamped out and let his fangs graze along the sides of Xander's dick, making the boy jump.

"Spike!" Xander cried, trying to pull away. But instead of breaking free, Xander was embarrassed to find himself hardening even faster. Did he like the idea of being with a vampire? Or was it just being with Spike?

Xander moaned when he glanced down and saw that while Spike was busy swallowing Xander down, his hands had opened up the tight jeans he wore and taken his own hard cock out. Spike was hard? For him? The sight undid him, and Xander found himself reaching for the vampire to pull him off his erection. When Spike finally complied, Xander pulled him onto the couch where he could crush their lips together.

"Fuck, Spike! I've been wanting this forever." He breathed out between kisses.

"Yeah, luv?" Spike asked, brown raised in a sardonic question. "You've been hot for me? Wanting me to fuck you? Wanting to fuck me?"

"God, yes!" Xander cried, thrusting his hips forward.

"Since when?" Spike asked, pushing at his jeans and pulling off his shirt until they were both pressed together naked.

"I don't know." Xander answered, eyes closed as Spike explored his body with cool lips. "Since that day at the school when deadboy offered me to you?"

Spike pulled back and studied the panting boy. "So, you want to be mine? You like the idea of belonging to me?"

Xander didn't reply, but his groan and the dribble of precum that oozed from his cock head were answer enough.

Spike snarled and pounced on Xander. He pushed and manipulated the boy until he was on his knees, legs spread, and head hung low. "You're mine boy!" Spike growled low, his arm banding around Xander and pulling him close.

"Yessss." Xander hissed in reply. Spreading his legs further he wiggled his ass in invitation. "I'm yours."

Xander almost cried at the first touch of Spike's finger against him. His hole was already stretched from his earlier finger play, but Spike wanted to be sure it was wide enough to take him. So he pressed in with first one, then two, then three fingers, scissoring them wide. He purposely kept from brushing against Xander's prostate wanting to force the boy to wait. He didn't want anything but his own hard cock pressing against Xander's sensitive nub.

"Say it again!" Spike demanded.

"Yours." Xander sobbed out, wanting to cum so badly.

"Again!" Spike cried out as he readied himself positioning his cock at Xander's stretched opening.

Xander hurt all over, every muscle tensed and waiting. He tried to push back onto Spike's probing dick, but was rebuffed. Instead Spike pressed the smooth head along his crack, driving him wild with each pass over his puckered hole.

"Yours!" What else did Spike want to hear? He'd say anything, do anything to have Spike's hard cock impaling him. "Yours, master, yours!"

And then Spike was ramming into him. At first the breach was painful and searing, but the moment he felt cool flesh press against his prostrate Xander forgot everything else. He pushed back, humping himself against Spike as much as possible. He wanted to have as much of Spike inside him as he could, and he cried out as much with each thrust.

"Yes, Spike, yes! Harder. Go deeper. Fuck!"

"What did you call me whelp?" Spike asked as he thrust himself deeper.

"Master!" Xander cried as he felt his orgasm tightening in his balls. His sac drew up and he felt the first jettison of sperm launch from his cock.

Spike let loose his own orgasm when he felt Xander contract around his dick. The boy practically milked the cum out of him, until they were both spent. They collapsed together on the sofa, breathing harshly. The room was silent while they regained their senses.

In the silence Xander blurted, "I can't believe you caught me doing that!" While a red flush spread across his face and neck.

Spike smirked at his boy's bashfulness after what they'd just done together. "That's right boy. I caught you. And now you're mine."

"Yes, master." Xander answered, eyes already dilated with remembered and renewed desire.

Part Two

Spike lay on his lover's bed. Xander had left for work hours ago but had immediately offered Spike the use of his apartment while he was gone. The vampire had demanded a lengthy kiss and grope before he would allow the human to leave. And Xander was more than willing to comply. In fact, since Spike had arrived unannounced yesterday, Xander had been more than compliant about every one of Spike's desires.

Master. The boy had called him Master. And he'd meant it.

A heady rush of power surged through Spike. It had been a long time since he'd felt that rush. Since even before getting that bloody chip in his head; constantly beaten by that idiot Slayer, and then having Dru reject him for a horny Fungus Demon. It had been years since he'd had anyone obey him, want him, as much the boy seemed to.

They'd spent most of the night shagging. He even let Xander take a turn puttin' it to him. He remembered the feel of Xan's hard cock pushing into him, filling him. It'd been a long time since he'd had that feeling as well.

Spike could feel his erection twitching to life. Just thinking about the boy got him hard. Who would've thought that the whelp could be so hot? So wantonly sexual? The desire that Spike remembered seeing in Xander's eyes was enough to bring him to full attention.

Leisurely Spike reached down and began to stroke himself. He closed his eyes, picturing the boy as he'd discovered him yesterday. Lying prone on the couch, legs spread, cock hard, touching himself and groaning.

The fantasy Xander in Spike's mind opened his eyes and Spike was slammed with a fist of desire. The look in Xander's eyes, the want, need, was enough to make Spike groan.

Spike's hand pumped faster, his hips thrusting up into his own tight fist. A growl built up in the back of his throat, sending reverberations throughout his chest. He pictured himself forcing Xander down onto his knees, kicking his legs open and thrusting hard into his tight hole.

"Fuck, Xan!" Spike cried, his orgasm building. He pumped harder, faster, tighter. "Mine!" The cry was wrung from his lips as he shot his load into the air. Droplets of cum landed on his chest and stomach. Spike was still recovering when he heard the soft whisper.

"Yours." Xander stood in the doorway, rock hard, and completely naked. He'd come home during lunch hoping to have an hour or so with Spike. Having been half hard all day, he wanted to get back to his lover as soon as possible. When he walked in to find Spike touching himself, he'd been blown away. And when he heard Spike call his name and declare his ownership, he'd very nearly cum all over himself.

Xander reached down to touch himself, but immediately withdrew when he heard Spike's harsh command. "Stop!"

"No touching what's mine, luv."

"Yes, Master." Xander answered obediently, his heart hammering in his chest.

"You're home a bit early, Xan?" Spike made the statement a question.

"I couldn't stay away Master. Wanted to see you." Xander answered, his cock throbbing. God, the way Spike was looking at him, he wouldn't have to touch himself to cum.

"Did you now?" Spike leered at him, stepping off the bed and closing in on Xander's trembling body. He took one cool digit, slipped it in his mouth and slicked it down before trailing it along Xander's cheek and then down his neck until he reached Xan's muscular chest.

Xander shivered, waiting. "Please, Master." He whispered.

"Please what, boy?"

"Please..." Xander looked up at him with big chocolate pleading eyes. "May I cum, Master?"

Spike nearly caved in right then. But instead he said, "No. I'm not through with you yet, pet."

"Yes, Master." Xander bowed his head.

"Get on the bed." He shoved Xander forward, watching as his pet's hard dick bounced eagerly with every step. "On all fours, luv."

Xander knelt on the bed, ass in the air, waiting. He felt a sting as Spike's open palm came down hard on his exposed ass cheek. Xander couldn't help letting out a small grunt of pain, but this only seemed to amuse and arouse Spike even more. "Who do you belong to, pet?" Spike demanded.

"You! Master, you!" Xander was quick to answer, but the blows kept coming. His butt was turning a rosy shade of pink, the sting lasting longer and making his skin tingle.

"Did you enjoy the show, pet? Enjoy watching me get my knackers off?" Spike's own hand felt the slight sting with each hard slap. The warmth of Xander's skin was seeping into his hand and traveling up his arm making the vampire shiver.

"Yes! No!" Xander didn't know which answer Spike was looking for. "Please, Master!"

"Well, was it a yes, or no, pet? Did you know I was thinking about you, Xan? Thinking about opening you up, fucking you?"

Xander's whole body shuddered at the image that popped into his head at Spike's words. Tears sprang to his eyes as Spike continued the assault on his ass. Xander needed to cum so bad he ached. He shook his head trying to relieve some of the pain he was feeling.

"Well, Xan?" Spike demanded. "Yes, or no?"

"Yes!!" Xander screamed, finally deciding to go with the truth. It wasn't as if Spike couldn't see how hard he'd been. How turned on watching Spike cum had gotten him.

And just like that the spankings stopped. Xander sobbed with relief, and then cried out with lust when he felt Spike's tongue bathing the reddened skin.

"Good, pet." Spike praised him in between licks. "You don't lie to me, ever, you hear?"

"Yes, Master." Xander groaned and pressed back against Spike's cool tongue.

Spike licked Xander's bum until it was shiny with his spit. Then he pursed his lips and blew lightly drying the pink tinged skin. Spike's renewed erection jumped as Xander shivered at the sensation.

He kissed Xander's ass, trailing his tongue lightly over the skin, until he reached the cleft between Xander's cheeks. Spike spread them gingerly; his mouth watering as he spied Xander's quivering hole.

Spike let his tongue take one long sweep over Xander's puckered opening, feeling the muscles in Xander's butt clench at the onslaught. Spike took his time, circling the hole with the tip of his tongue before letting himself dip into Xander's tight tunnel.

"Spike!" Xander groaned at the name without thinking. The rimming he was receiving short-circuiting all his remaining brain functions. When Spike pulled away from him, he had to force himself not to collapse into a ball and cry.

"What did you call me, boy?" Spike demanded.

"Master! I'm sorry, Master!" Xander cried out, praying for forgiveness.

"Who do you belong to?!"

"You, Master!"

"That's right, pet. You're mine." Spike positioned himself behind the trembling boy, his cock head brushing against Xander's slicked hole. "Mine!" Spike roared as he plunged into Xander's body.

Spike took him hard, thrusting powerfully. Xander was shaking from head to toe, doing everything in his power to keep from cumming, to keep from touching himself. But Spike kept brushing against his prostate, making Xander's dick pulse and his balls tighten.

"You want to cum, luv?" Spike whispered in Xander's ear before biting down hard on the lobe.

"Yes! Please!" Xander begged, sure he wouldn't be able to hold off much longer.

Spike reached over, caressing Xander's cock gently before taking his sac in hand and pulling hard.

"Ahhh!" Xander cried out at the sting of pain, but was relieved to find his imminent orgasm receding.

Xander felt Spike nibble kisses up and down his neck, every once in awhile grazing his fangs against Xander's skin. Xander couldnít do anything but hump back on to Spike's dick, searching for more, begging Spike to go deeper, harder.

Spike longed to sink his fangs into Xander's hot flesh. But knew that, that would be going too far. He was already surprised that the chip hadn't fired during the spanking. He'd even gotten carried away enough to bite down on the boy's delectable ear. Spike had the idea that he might be able to get away with biting Xander, as long as it was something the boy wanted. But he didn't want to take the chance, at least not now. Now, all he wanted was to cum.

Spike rammed himself into Xander, grunting his pleasure as the boy clenched around him. "Yes, luv. Just like that!" Spike cried out as he felt himself lose control.

This time when he reached around to grasp Xander's dick he created a tight tunnel of friction for the boy. He jacked him hard, matching the rhythm of his thrusts. Xander was moaning incoherently, shaking his head, no doubt trying to stave off his orgasm. But Spike was almost there, ready to shoot out his pleasure and he wanted Xander there with him. Leaning forward he licked at the spot of skin just below Xander's ear and then whispered seductively, "Now, luv, cum now."

"Yes!" Xander cried out, letting loose his release. His cum pulsed through his cock, the pleasure was so extreme that it turned into a kind of pain. Xander felt as Spike reached his own climax, coating his walls with cool cum. The feeling of Spike's cock throbbing inside him was enough to keep him cumming, even after going dry. "Ahhh! Fuck! Fuck!" Xander screamed as the feeling became too intense and pain lanced through his sensitive cock.

Later, Xander woke to find Spike leaning over him. "Blacked out, luv." Spike answered his unspoken question. Xander could have sworn he'd seen a flash of concern behind Spike's ice blue eyes before the vampire covered his _expression with one of boredom.

"Sorry, Master." Xander answered automatically.

They lay together on the bed for awhile, Xander wondering what he was going to tell his boss since he never returned from lunch. Xander had almost made up his mind to get up and call in to work, when Spike reached for him and pressed their lips together.

They kissed for what seemed like forever. Xander loved the way Spike kissed. Like he enjoyed kissing, just for the sake of kissing, whether it was going to lead to sex or not. As if Spike put everything he had into his kisses. It made Xander dizzy and hard at the same time.

"Mmmm." Spike pulled away to stare into Xander's big doe eyes. "So you liked watching did you, pet?"

Xander blushed and murmured a quiet, "Yes."

Spike was intrigued to find that Xander could still blush after all the things they'd done and said to each other in the past twenty-four hours. He smiled and kissed Xander again. "So do I, luv." Spike's hands began to wander of their own volition, touching Xander in all his most sensitive places. "We'll make sure to do a lot more of that when we play, okay, luv?"

Xander's blush deepened, amusing Spike even further, but he answered with a heartfelt, "Okay." Before kissing Spike again.

"Okay, what, Xan?" Spike demanded sternly.

Xander bit his lip hard, drawing blood, at his slip. "Okay, Master. Sorry, Master."

Spike leaned down, deciding to forgive his lover the slip, and took Xander's bloody lip into his mouth. He suckled gently before letting him go. "Mine!" He growled softly.


God, Xander's blood was a heady rush through his system. Spike wanted more. More of Xander's blood and more of Xander's body. Maybe it was time to test his theory? Spike was itching to sink his teeth into the boy. He couldn't remember the last time he'd wanted someone so badly.

"Ready to play another game, luv?"

"Yes, Master." And so was Spike.

The End

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