Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Spoilers: none really
*Warnings*: teeny tiny bit of bondage
Word Count: 2,340

Summary: It was in a weird shape, kind of like a really big piece of candy. Spike had said that it wasn't a regular present, that it was something called a “Christmas Cracker”.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. And I'm totally not making a profit.
Author's Note:

Thanks to the lovely [info]lazuli_kat for the read-through and the beta and the chance to participate in this year's spander Christmas celebration at Excessant. This was written for the Spander Christmas Cracker this year.

A Very Naughty Christmas


The Christmas tree was up and shining brightly with the lights Xander had strung across the branches. There were presents, too, all stacked haphazardly around the base. Some were for the girls, and Giles. Xander would take those over to Giles’ for the party tomorrow night. The rest were for Spike or from Spike, and Xander was proud of his ability to resist temptation while Spike was away.

They'd agreed that they would wait until Spike returned from LA to open their presents together. Xander tried not to resent Angel for it, but it was hard. He knew that it had been Spike's choice to go when Angel had called, but that didn't make Xander feel any better.

He'd hated Angel when he'd just been crushing on Buffy, but now... now knowing the kind of hold Angel had over Spike... Xander's hate mixed with jealousy that left him feeling angry and vulnerable at the same time. Spike loved Xander, he knew that. But Xander also knew that there was something that would always bind Spike and Angel together.

Xander picked up one of the brightly packaged presents Spike had left him. It was in a weird shape, kind of like a really big piece of candy. Spike had said that it wasn't a regular present, that it was something called a “Christmas Cracker”. There were a couple of them under the tree, in fact.

Xander picked it up and shook it lightly, hearing a soft whooshing sound inside. It intrigued him and made him want to pull the cracker open (he'd looked up how on the internet after Spike had left), but he knew Spike wanted him to wait.

And he really didn't want another spanking. Really. Sort of.

Xander blushed. Spike had convinced him to try some new things lately, things that... he liked a lot. Even if he couldn't exactly admit it yet.

The phone rang, startling him and he hurried over to the portable, snatching it up. “Hello?”

“Hello, luv.”

“Spike,” Xander said, smiling as he sank onto the couch still holding the Christmas cracker in one hand. “Hey.”

“Miss me?”

“Yeah,” Xander said, sounding a lot more despondent than Spike's teasing warranted. Xander couldn't help it though. Christmas wasn't exactly his favorite holiday. He'd spent too many nights in a cold sleeping bag to have fond memories and he'd thought that this time he might actually have a good one. Until Angel had called, that is.

“I'm sorry, Xan,” Spike said sincerely, making Xander feel bad he'd brought it up.

“It's okay,” Xander said, trying to sound more cheerful. “I guess that's what I get for having a white hat for a boyfriend.”

“Still the Big Bad, luv,” Spike growled into the phone, making Xander laugh. “Or do you need another lesson about who's in charge?” Spike's voice dropped sexily.

“I, uh,” Xander stuttered, already getting hard. “How can we? You're not even here,” Xander said, breathless.

“Left you a couple of surprises underneath the tree, Xan. Go on and get them. Just the Christmas crackers, yeah?”

Xander laughed. “I, uhm, already have one in my hand,” he admitted.

“Go get the others. There should be three in all.” Spike ordered.

Xander hurried to get the crackers, following Spike's next instructions to bring them to the bedroom.

“Now strip for me, Xan. Want you naked and hard on the bed when you open your pressies.”

“God, Spike.” Xander groaned at the command in Spike's voice. He'd never realized how much he liked that kind of thing until Spike had suggested they start experimenting. Xander didn't have to work at being hard, his erection was already leaking by the time he laid down on the bed. “Okay, I'm ready.”

“Good boy.” Spike purred over the speaker phone. “Now open the green one, luv.”

Xander grabbed the two ends of the cracker and pulled, twisting as he did. There was a large pop and a flutter of colorful paper. When he sifted through it he found an adjustable cock ring. His cock throbbed, and for a second Xander lost the power of speech. Then all he could say was, “Spike.”

“Put it on, Xan. You know you want to. Want to be good for me, don't you, luv?”

“I don't... God, Spike, I'm so hard,” Xander said, even as he moved to obey Spike.

“'S why you need it, luv. Don't want you coming too soon.” There was silence as Xander slipped the ring on, the sound of his own heavy breaths the only noise in the room. “Now the gold one, luv.”

Xander reached for the next cracker, ripping it open just like the first. It was the cracker he'd been holding when Spike had called, and this time, when he sifted through the confetti he found four long black silken ties. “Spike, what am I - “

“If I were there with you, luv, I'd tie you up and torture you with pleasure,” Spike said, his arousal clear. “But for now, I want you to tie your ankles to the bed. Spread your legs wide, leave yourself open for me.”

“I don't think... I'm not sure I can.” Xander's voice trembled. He wanted to, but this was all so... different. And Spike wasn't actually here to reassure him.

“Sure you can, luv. Just imagine me there, watching you. I'd be stroking myself, anticipating the way you'd look, open and ready for me. All mine. You know how much it turns me on to know you'd do that for me, Xan? Know you'd give yourself to me that way?” Spike's voice stroked over him like a physical caress.

Spike,” Xander moaned. The silk ties teased his flesh as he shifted to tie his right ankle to the bed post. When he was done tying himself down, he tested the bonds, trying to close his legs with a sharp tug. The knots tightened but the silk was too soft to really hurt him. “Okay.” Xander's voice was barely a whisper. “It's done.”

“Oh, fuck.” Spike groaned.

Xander could hear the wet slide of flesh on flesh. “Are you touching yourself, Spike?”

“Can't help myself, luv. Can just picture you there, waiting for me. Hard and beautiful and mine.”

“Always yours,” Xander said, stroking his own cock as he pictured Spike doing the same.

Spike made an indecipherable sound at Xander's words.

“You've got one more pressie, luv. Open it for me, yeah?”

Xander nodded, even though Spike couldn't see him and tore open the last cracker. A soft black blindfold fell out. It was silk, like the ties, and looked like it had all come in a matching set.

“Put it on for me, Xan. Then I want you to touch yourself. Rub those gorgeous hands all over your body. Pretend it's me pinching your tight little nipples, cupping your sensitive bollocks.”

“Oh, god.” For some reason, being blindfolded made every touch more erotic, more sensitive. Spike's sensual voice only added to the eroticism.

“That's it, luv. So perfect. So good. Get yourself ready for me.”

Xander moaned, reaching down to rub a finger over his hole. He was about to remove the blindfold so that he could find the lube when he felt warmth dripping over his balls and down his crack.

“Spike?” Xander gasped, reaching for the blindfold again.

“No.” Spike said, wrapping his fingers around Xander's wrist and stopping him. “Don't be naughty, luv.” Spike tsked at Xander. “Guess that means I'll have to do it myself.” He pulled Xander's wrist up toward the end of the bed, wrapping the silk tie around it, and tying it tight. He did the same to the other.

Then he spent long minutes just staring down at the picture Xander made. “Oh, luv.” Spike took one of Xander's hardened nipples between his fingers, pinching and twisting it lightly until Xander was writhing at the touch.

“Spike, please,” Xander said, hips moving restlessly. “Please.”

Spike grinned predatory and lustful. He traced a finger over the soft rubber ring snuggly wrapped around the base of Xander's cock. “Such a good boy, giving Spike everything he wants.”

Xander trembled at his touch, legs shaking as he tried to spread them even wider.

Spike laughed, letting his finger dip down into the sweet valley between Xander's arse cheeks. When he traced the puckered entrance to Xander's hot body, Xander shuddered, a desperate whine escaping his throat. “Such a needy boy,” Spike said, pressing a finger inside, and making Xander groan. He poured a little more oil over Xander's hole as he fingered him, stretching his opening in preparation. It didn't take long for him to slide a second finger in alongside the first, the silky heat of Xander's body making his own cock ache.

He was already naked, having stripped down in the living room as Xander had tied his ankles to the bed. Spike pressed a thumb to Xander's perineum as he finger fucked him. Every muscle in Xander's body tightened, the thick veins in his cock throbbing at the touch. “Such a hungry hole you have, luv. Want my cock filling it, don't you? Want me to fuck you long and hard. Fuck you until you’re screaming.” Spike pulled his fingers free, moving to lie between Xander's spread legs, their cocks rubbing together almost painfully.

“Spike, oh, fuck. Yes. Need you, please. Inside me. Please,” Xander's words came out in a sob as he tried to buck up against Spike.

“What a lovely little slut you are, Xan. So greedy. So desperate for me.”

“Am. Am, Spike,” Xander moaned. “Want to see you, Spike. Please?”

The 'please' had an underlying whine to it that made Spike shiver with arousal. “All right, luv,” Spike agreed, pulling the blindfold off. “But the ties stay on.”

Xander's eyes were shining as they stared up at Spike, his cheeks rosy with color. “Can't believe you're really here.”

“Believe it, Xan,” Spike said, using one powerful thrust to slide all the way inside Xander's hungry hole.

It was amazing and hot, and perfect, as always. He loved the feel of Xander around him, loved the look on Xander's face as they moved together. It was so good. So right. “Xan.”

“F-fuck, yes. God,” Xander cried out, pulling at his bonds, writhing beneath Spike. “Oh, Jesus, Spike. Love – L-love you,” Xander stuttered as he arched, pressing his head back against the pillows.

Spike lunged forward, covering Xander's mouth with his own. He kissed Xander as if he were starving for the other man, eating at his mouth, just as desperate and needy as Xander. Xander kissed back, sucking Spike's tongue into his mouth and massaging it with his own. It was a greedy kiss on both their parts, and Spike couldn't stop himself from pressing into Xander's arse deeper and faster. Couldn't help really fucking him.

Wriggling a hand between them, Spike stroked Xander's cock. He could feel Xander's balls snuggled tight against the ring holding back his orgasm. Xander began to shake, the noises he made no longer even resembling words.

“Want to come, pet?”

Xander nodded desperately.

“Are you a good boy, Xan?”

Xander nodded again, eyes bright with need.

“My good boy?” Spike stroked the sensitive skin of Xander's sac as he waited for an answer.

Xander threw his head back with a groan.

“Answer me, luv.”

Yours,” Xander said, voice throaty and broken.

“Perfect,” Spike whispered, pressing a kiss to Xander's pulse point as he tripped the quick release on the cock ring.

Spike,” Xander cried out, body bowing as far as his bonds would allow, as he came so hard he nearly passed out.

Spike buried his face against Xander's neck as he felt Xander spurt hot come between them. He pistoned his hips, pounding into Xander until he couldn't hold back any longer. He vamped out, scraping his fangs against Xander's flesh, careful not to break skin, as his cock pulsed and he filled Xander with his own climax. He nuzzled Xander's neck, licking at the salty sweat that had formed at the base as they both rode out the aftershocks of their orgasms.

“Xan,” Spike said his name like a promise.

He slid carefully free, moving to undo Xander's ties. Xander's arms came around him almost instantly and Spike found himself holding the other man just as tightly back.

“Thank you,” Xander said, voice thready.

“Luv,you don't --”

“For coming home.” Xander interrupted, pressing a kiss to Spike's shoulder.

Spike pulled back enough so that he could steal another soul searing kiss from Xander's lips. “Couldn't let my boy spend Christmas Eve alone, could I?”

Xander stared up at him, eyes big and vulnerable. “Yeah,” he said. “You could have.”

Spike felt his chest tighten at Xander's tone.

“But you didn't.” Xander pressed his forehead against Spike's, closing his eyes. “Thank you.”

“Take care of what's mine, don't I?” Spike said, but his voice sounded suspiciously hoarse.

“Yeah,” Xander agreed, pressing his face against Spike's shoulder, body still trembling slightly. “Really good care.”

Spike sighed, shifting them both so that he could pull up the covers. “Love you, yeah?” Spike said, pressing a kiss into Xander's mop of brown locks.

Xander's arms tightened, then he said, “Yeah.”

“All right,” Spike said, clearing his throat. “Time for all good little boys to be in bed, luv.”

“I think Santa already gave me my present this year,” Xander said, but his voice was slurred with exhaustion.

Spike chuckled. “Still need to exchange gifts tomorrow, yeah? And then head over to the Watcher's. Might as well get some sleep now.”

“Love you, Spike,” Xander whispered, snuggling further into Spike's embrace.

“Love you, too, pet.” Spike said, shaking his head, even as he brought the blankets higher, making sure Xander was warm and comfortable. “Happy Christmas.”

“Mmmm,” Xander murmured contentedly.

They fell asleep, sated and warm beneath the covers.

The End

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