A Bit of Truth

Spike stood at the bedroom door and watched his pet. Xander had stretched an arm through the bars of the cage and now tortured an ant with his thumbnail. Spike leaned against the side of the door as he watched the tiny beast change direction again, and Xander moved his thumb to block the new escape.

Might be that he'd left Xander in the cage a little long this time, but he'd had chores, and he definitely didn't want Xander forgetting that he was owned. Prized possessions got locked up when their owners weren't around to keep 'em safe, and so his boy had gone in his cage. He almost had room to stretch out on the cushioned bottom, but his bare feet and calves stuck through the back bars. Of course, Spike enjoyed the view of that bare, plugged ass much more.

Xander shifted to block a new ant-escape plot. Boy definitely needed some time outside the cage, and Spike needed a bit of time with that human heat curled up against him. It had been a hard day. Spike could only hope that his new plan worked because he was clean fed up with the slayer and her assorted shit. They'd stayed close enough that Spike could keep an eye on the old group since Spike firmly believed in the friends close and enemies closer bit, but he was bloody ready to move on, and the morons still hadn't stopped their soddin' schemes.

If Spike hadn't feared turning Xander into another Dru, he would have slaughtered them all and left their broken bodies scattered across that damn town. Of course, if he turned Xander, the boy would probably do some of the slaughtering himself. Problem was that turning someone never really turned out the way you planned it. Considering his own track record with luck, Spike wasn't taking the chance, not before he had to anyway.

Right, so the new plan would work, the wankers would give up on trying to pull some stupid shit like hiring necromancers, and he could take his pet far enough away that they didn't have to think about the others anymore. Either that, or Spike would just slaughter them all and then keep him too sated to watch television until the murders wouldn't show up in the news.

Hell, no wonder Dru starved her birds; pets were a lot of work.

"Gaaah!" Xander yelped as he jerked his hand back and managed to slam his arm against the bars. "Shit. Don't go sneaking up on a person!" he complained, and Spike just gazed down at his caged pet.

"Unless you want to sneak up, since you're master and all, but I'm bored shitless here." Xander went from apologetic to complaining with no break between.

"Oi, ya better still have all your shit on the inside because if you did human business in that cage, you're cleaning it up," Spike answered as he crossed the room. He reached through the bars at top to ruffle Xander's curls.

"And I'm thinking you already know I didn't, but unless you want your sensitive vamp nose assaulted by human pee, I really need out. Seriously need out," Xander added, and Spike pulled a key out of a pocket.

"Mouthy git," Spike accused his pet as he opened the padlock and pulled it out so that the front of the cage swung open. Xander crawled out of his cage, his muscles rippling, and if he hadn't complained about needing to pee, Xander would have found himself pinned to the ground. Tonight's hunt had left Spike itching for sex, and he reached down and tugged at his crotch.

"Hurry up, then," Spike ordered, and Xander got to his feet and padded toward the bathroom, but not before adding a rolling twist to his hips.

Spike waited while the sound of falling water trickled off, and his boy truly had needed to pee. As soon as the toilet flushed, Spike stalked forward, unzipping his pants as he crossed the threshold into the white-tiled room. Xander stood at the sink rinsing his hands, and Spike slid his hands around his boy's waist.

"Horny master," Xander observed as he pressed back. Spike hissed as Xander pressed his ass into Spike's hard cock, ratcheting up the pressure until a delicious pain snaked around Spike's hips. "You wouldn't be so horny if you wouldn't leave me by myself all night."

Spike answered with a slap on Xander's ass that sent him rocking forward and bracing himself on the counter. Without prompting, Xander spread his feet on the pale linoleum, and Spike reached down and pulled out the plug.

Spike thrust in without warning, and Xander grunted as he threw his head back. This is how Spike liked his pet, wanton and squirming and taking everything Spike could hand out. When Spike pulled out, Xander made that small whine that he made during sex, and Spike drove back in again, this time using enough of his supernatural strength that he crushed Xander between himself and the sink.

Rather than complain, Xander just groaned low in his throat and curled his fingers around the edge of the counter. The boy trembled and Spike turned his lust loose as he pulled out and thrust in again and again only to have Xander take every thrust and finally drop his head to one side. A constellation of pinprick scars called to Spike's demon, and he drove his fangs deep into the vulnerable flesh as he rammed into his pet one last time.

The orgasm and the taste of his boy's willing blood left Spike vaguely light-headed as he stopped drinking but left his fangs sunk into the flesh. The smell of Xander's release echoed off the walls, the musk hanging heavy in the air even as Spike pulled out. Fading back into his human face, Spike kissed the twin marks.

"Horny master," Xander muttered, as he braced himself on his forearms. For a moment, Spike lay on his boy's back, soaking up the heat that radiated off that large frame.

"Always, pet," he finally agreed as he pushed himself up. "Stomach down on the bed, pet."

"Master, you do know I've gotten the point, right? I'm yours, you're not giving me up. Really, I'm point boy here," Xander complained, but he also wandered out of the bathroom and lay on the side of the bed on his stomach as he waited for Spike to pick the bondage of the day.

"Exactly, you're mine, and I like seeing those strong arms bound with steel or leather," Spike pointed out. He walked past the bed and opened a chest with a tangled nest of chain and cuffs.

"Dalton!" Spike yelled. The girl's name wasn't Dalton, but he'd taken to calling her that since, like that long dead bookish vampire of Drusilla's, she'd shown some usefulness. She hurried around the corner, her lanky body almost sliding into the shadows as she scurried into the room. "These are a bloody mess," Spike complained.

The minion darted past him without taking her eyes from the floor and went to her knees as she quickly sorted the ankle chains from the wrist cuffs from the leashes. Spike waited for his favorite to appear from the trunk as she laid pieces out on the ground, and then he grabbed it.

"Place is a soddin' mess. Need to have some more minions around, or else better ones," Spike complained, and the minion he called Dalton simply sorted more quickly, pulling leather strings out of the links of the mesh net he sometimes used to trap Xander's cock and balls. Turning his back on her, Spike turned to the bed, and Xander had already put his hands behind his back.

Smiling at the obedience, Spike attached the leather strap to the back of Xander's collar where it lay along his backbone, and then he took each wrist and bucked it into the attached cuffs before giving that vulnerable ass a slap.

"So, think we should gag you today?" Spike asked even though gagging Xander wouldn't fit his plans.

"Whatever pleases you, Master," Xander answered quietly. He'd learned early on that getting mouthy in front of the minions meant one less minion in the house, and Spike praised Xander's answer with a fingernail run lightly down his flank. Xander shivered.

"Think you need to remember you're a pet." Spike went over to a dresser and pulled out a long tail attached to a thick, bulbous butt plug. He'd shopped a dozen places before finding one with the curls that matched Xander's own, and as he stepped closer, Xander opened his legs wide.

Oh yeah, Spike's demon purred at the perfect submission. Harmony had tried to please him, but she'd cared more about herself that making him happy. But Xander yielded to Spike's every whim. Even when the boy disobeyed, it was usually because he was trying to please Spike and just bollocked the whole lot up. Like that mess in the graveyard.

The news that the slayer had Dru had turned Spike around so badly that he hadn't thought to tell his boy, but when Xander whispered his name—not Master but 'Spike'—he knew exactly what the boy was thinking. Boy was ready to throw himself on the sword and go back to a life he hated to make Spike's life easier. No way would Spike ever let go of that kind of loyalty.

Spike lubed the new plug. This one was so thick that Xander would have to walk with his legs splayed, and sitting would be out of the question, but then again, Spike enjoyed watching his boy squirm to get comfortable.

He started with three fingers, working the loosed hole. Even pressing his face to the pillow, Xander couldn't totally hide the muffled grunts as he spread his legs just a little more. His bound hands fisted and stretched and curled, and the muscles of his legs corded. Spike pulled his hand out and pushed the base of the plug against the hole. At first, the nearly fist sized ball refused to go in, and Spike pressed harder until it plopped into place… Xander made a stifled moan.

Wiping his one hand on the bed sheets, Spike used his other to arrange the long curls of the tail over Xander's legs.

"Know a demon who does modifications. Might give you a tail for real, something you can wag when I come home," Spike commented as he stroked the hair and the warm legs below it. Xander didn't answer, but Spike didn't miss the musk of desire the floated up from the bed. "Would you like that, pet?"

Xander hesitated for only a brief second before answering, "Yes, master."

"Maybe for Christmas. Right now, I'm missing a marathon of 'Allo 'Allo," Spike said as he gave Xander's ass a sharp enough slap to leave a red mark behind. "Move your arse," Spike ordered as he headed toward the living room door. Dalton darted out the door just ahead of him, and Spike ignored her desperation to not be alone with Xander… hardly surprising given the number of minions Spike dusted for looking at his pet wrong.

Right now though, he was more interested in watching Xander struggle his way off the bed, his arms bound flat against his back, and the large butt plug making it difficult for him to close his legs. He ended up throwing a leg off the bed and using it to scoot himself off the edge before standing. Despite his complaints about missing his show, Spike really preferred the view of Xander, chest thrust out and legs spread as he awkwardly headed toward the door.

"Someone's not movin' very quick. We'll have to add a mile to your exercise run," Spike commented, and Xander shuffled a little faster as Spike headed out toward the couch. "So, what do you think of that, pet?" Spike asked.

"I'm thinking I wish you would gag me before asking stupid questions that are just designed to get me to fall for the foot-in-the-mouthitis. I'm good enough at getting in trouble without you helping," Xander complained. Spike dropped onto the couch, one leg crooked up against the back and the other hanging off onto the floor as he grabbed the remote.

"If ya need something to gag yourself with, you know where to find it," Spike commented as he grabbed his crotch.

"I think someone's master has been dipping into the Viagra again," Xander said with a sly smile as he sank to his knees on the other side of the couch, shifting carefully with his legs spread.

"I think someone's mouthy when the minions aren't around," Spike observed.

"Well, duh. If I get mouthy around the minions, you get staky, and then you go out and get more minions, and I'm not okay with the getting of minions," Xander pointed out as he squirmed around and start lowering himself toward Spike's lap. "And I'm also thinking someone isn't going to get used as a gag unless he washes up because I know where that cock's been," Xander said as he finally got in position, and let himself drop onto Spike.

Spike grunted. "Oi, getting kinda big there, pet."

"Yeah, yeah, all the more of me to generate heat for you," Xander answered as he squirmed into position, his head on Spike's chest and his body between Spike's legs. "Oh god," Xander exclaimed as he looked at the screen. "How can you watch this?"

"How can we watch it?" Spike corrected him.

"I know how I watch it; I watch it tied up," Xander pointed out. "You, however, have two hands that you could use to change the channel and we're still watching René the idiot trying to outsmart Nazis and resistance fighters. This was old when Hogan's Heroes was around."

"You know the first rule in the vampire world, pet. If you're strong enough to take the remote, you can decide what we watch." Spike brought his leg down on top of Xander, pressing his boot into the back of Xander's thighs in a reminder of who had the power.

"Oh goodie; I wonder if the Nazis will still be stupid this week," Xander complained with mock interest, but his body molded itself to Spike, Xander's hands relaxing and uncurling as he settled in.

"So, do you really want the tail?" Spike asked, listening carefully to see whether his plan was getting any results at all.

"Maybe," Xander said carefully. "I'm kinda wondering what a demon would use for a tail because I'm not okay with having a demon tail.

"Silly git. Don't want ya waving some Tarkta tail at me and stinging me half the time. They'd use hair that matches yours… stretch out the skin over your arse, put a stump of a bone under the skin and then pop the hairs in so they grew just like on your head." Spike reached up and tugged a curl. He'd trimmed Xander's hair, but from the first day when he'd glued Legos on that sleeping body, he'd never allowed Xander to cut it. Now soft curls would tangle around his fingers and fell like a mane to just past Xander's shoulders.

"Could I actually… you know… wag it?" Xander asked.

"Yeah, they hook it to the muscles on either side, so you could wag it. Well, unless I have it tied up," Spike mused. "You looked a right treat with that leather braided into your hair and tied to your wrists. Loved the way you struggled to not move as I plowed into you, and then yelped every time you pulled bits of your own hair out when you just couldn't keep from squirmin'."

"So you're planning on using a tail for more Xander-torture."

Spike listened to a muffled sound in the distance, but luckily human ears couldn't have heard.

"Hell yeah," he finally answered. I'll braid your tail up and tie your feet to it while I suck down your cock. You'll want to kick those legs out so bad you'll get cramps all the way up to your brain, but every time you move, you'll feel those tender hairs ripping out. So, you think you might want one?"

"Yeah, if we can find one to match my hair," Xander agreed as he rubbed his face against Spike's chest in search of an itch.

Spike settled back and watched television for a while, laughing, and feeling Xander's twitches as he laughed at the oh-so-very gay Nazi officer despite the boy's earlier complaints. Eventually, Xander fell quiet, his breathing regular as he half dozed.

"Ya ever think about that first night, pet?" Spike asked softly, hoping this plan worked because he was running out of plans and patience. Please just let the universe be on his side this once, he prayed, wondering where vampire prayers ended up going.

"Yeah," Xander answered sleepily. Sun was just about up, and time for good little vampires and pets to get some sleep, especially since the boy had to do an extra mile tomorrow.

"I sometimes wonder what would've happened if I hadn't gotten bored."

Xander snorted. "You always get bored," he pointed out with a sleepy laugh.

"Oi, cheeky git. Careful or you'll end up over my knee."

"I'll end up there eventually, anyway," Xander pointed out without bothering to move. "Just like I would have eventually ended up here anyway."

"Ya mean, my lap?" Spike asked.

"Maybe not here-here since you scared me shitless and annoyed me, and really I hated you for getting all tied up by Buffy when I would have happily staked you and taken your place on that chair. But here-tied up for kinky fun-here."

"Thanksgiving," Spike finally made the connection.

"Oh, yeah. I mean, before that you were the monster of the week, and yeah, I both feared you and had a dirty dream or two, but then you came into our lives, and Buffy paid you more attention than me and tied you up, and I was still deep in the Buffy-love at that point."

"And you're not now?"

Xander's hands twitched, and the body that had melted into Spike's own a second earlier stiffened some. Boy wasn't stupid; he smelled a trap when Spike laid one out in front of him and led him to it. "I still love Buffy and Willow," Xander said slowly. "They're my family."

"Wot am I then?"

Xander twisted so he could look up, and Spike gazed at his boy, waiting for an answer. "You're my master and my lover and my family," Xander finally answered, "but it's like the Harrises and the LaVelles… family, but not so much with the family love. More of the keeping them in separate corners any time the family has to come together, and did I ever tell you that I was happy the graduation was interrupted by a demon attack because it gave me an excuse to not have to deal with Tony Harris versus Grandmother LaValle round 206."

"Just as long as they're the in-laws," Spike soothed his boy as he stroked a bound arm.

"Yeah, you're the main family and Buffy and Willow are definitely the LaVelles," Xander answered, but his voice carried some sadness. "Beside, the LaVelles were much more of the socially acceptable crowd, which is definitely not us."

"Are you sorry?"

"Sorry that we couldn't ever seem to do the right things for each other," Xander answered after a long pause. "I hurt Willow so much with the whole Faith thing, and when Buffy came back from LA… I don't even like to remember what I said to her, and we're not going into Cordy because you can not afford the therapy and I don't want you going out and turning some psychiatrist for me," Xander laughed bitterly.

"Doesn't matter any more, and they did more hurt to you than all the things you ever dreamed of, pet," Spike reassured Xander. "But it's time for good little pets to get showered and head to bed," Spike said as he shifted, lifting Xander's body easily, and immediately missing the warmth. Xander gasped as he forgot and brought his legs too close together. Looked like Xander Jr. was making a return to life. Xander turned, and Spike undid the buckles around his wrists, unhooking the clasp to the heavy collar Xander always wore.

"Plug in or out?" Xander asked as he stood rubbing his wrists, his legs still shoulder width apart and his cock starting to thicken.

"In. Gotta get you used to having a tail," Spike said as he waggled his eyebrows.

"Yeah, yeah, as opposed to you just having some weird fetish where you've always liked seeing me waddle?" Xander asked as he headed for the bathroom, and that definitely was a waddle.

"Cheeky brat," Spike shouted just as Xander turned the corner into the bedroom. A two fingered salute came back around, and Spike was definitely going to have to give his boy a good spanking for that one. But plan first.

Spike waited until the water started since he knew the plug meant he'd have quite a bit of time as Xander struggled to shower and shave with it in place.

Leaving the couch, Spike headed for the small storeroom next to the garage. All the lights were off, and without windows, the dark was so deep that human eyes couldn't have seen inside. However, Spike watched Rupert's suspicious eyes follow him as he stepped up into the room. The man had a perfect view of the couch, and if he hadn't been gagged with the pair of briefs Spike had found on the motel chair, he might have called out to Xander.

"So, are you seein' my point here, Rupes?" Spike asked with a smirk. Giles shifted a little, the rope holding him uncomfortably upright with his back against the grid of bars Spike would sometimes use to tie his boy in place. He stepped closer and leaned against the metal as he grabbed a pack of cigarettes off a shelf and pulled the wrapping off the top.

"I'm starting to think you're a kleptomaniac—always trying to nick my pet. But I'm hoping that this time you get my point, because if I can't make you see, then I have no chance with the slayer and the witch. They aren't wise to the world the way you and I are," Spike commented as he pulled one out and lit it. The duct tape covering the lower half of Giles' face rippled as though the watcher were trying to say something. Then again, maybe he was just struggling to breathe because with his arms tied so tightly behind him, sometimes breathing did get a little tricky.

"So, this is my last attempt to teach you lot some manners. I figure you can dissuade them from making my unlife miserable, or I can just kill 'em and get it over with. I assume you've figured out the only reason why you aren't all dead already."

Spike blew smoke into Giles' face, and the man could only close his eyes against the sting and then glare at Spike once the air cleared.

"If you don't pull your head out of your arse, I'll just blow up the Magic Box with all of you in it," Spike warned seriously, tapping his finger against the duct tape on Giles' face. "So, you understand the deal?" Spike asked. The ropes around Giles' neck didn't allow much room, but he gave a small nod.

"Good," Spike answered as he pulled out a knife. He sliced through the rope holding the watcher to the wall and pulled him out of the room. Giles stumbled awkwardly, sucking through his nose in either an attempt to get more air or to ease some pain. Being tied that tightly could cause some pretty bad muscle cramps; however, Giles' mouth was stuffed full enough to keep any complaints silent as Spike pulled him toward the white panel van.

"Get him back to his hotel room, and make sure he's in perfect health," Spike warned the Jark demon he'd hired to help with the kidnapping. The reddish man bobbed his head in agreement as Spike walked Giles over to the open door and shoved him inside. Giles rolled helplessly and then settled onto his stomach, his face still turned toward Spike.

"He's mine, watcher. I'm going to take care of him better than they would have anyway, so it's time for you to let go," Spike said more kindly. In another world, the watcher would have pulled his head out of his arse earlier and seen what the boy needed, but in this world, Spike had won the prize, so the rest of them needed to sod off. Spike slammed the van door shut and walked back toward the living space as Dalton pulled the garage door open, the first grey edges of dawn appearing in the distance.

Right, time to get back to his pet and deliver that spanking, Spike decided as he headed for his pet.

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